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    The Peasants Tourney

    ((Username)):Anisgar Name: Levislav of Nordengrad Age: 69 Clan (If Applicable): Rosik Title (If any): got none Chosen Event/s: Peasent Duel Tourney
  2. ABDICATION OF JORVIK I RORIK Issued and confirmed by Jorvik I Rorik, Earl of Nordengrad With the most recent events, Jorvik I Rorik, Earl of Nordengrad, deems it fit to hereby abdicate his position as Earl of Nordengrad, to his beloved cousin, Torsten I Rosik, having believed that Torsten will be a much stronger Earl due to his youth, Jorvik has found that he is too old to partake in all the stresses that the title of Earl possesses, thus we formally announce that Torsten I Rosik shall OFFICIALLY be appointed the new Earl of Nordengrad. Long may he reign. WRIT EN NAMEN DE Jorvik I of Rorik, Chieftain of Rorik, Son of Javier Ruric, Bearer of the Heralds blood Torsten I Rosik, High Chieftain of the Eirikssons, Chieftain of Rosik, Earl of Nordengrad, Bearer of the Heralds blood, and Defender of the Norlandic peoples Scribed by Kjartan Arden, Baron of Ardenhall
  3. Anisgar

    Ardenin Militia

    ARDENIN MILITIA Issued and Confirmed by his Lordship Kjartan I, Baron of Ardenhall 19th of the Amber Cold, 1687 The Barony of Ardenhall has forlong withstood without a proper military order to defend the likes of its common folk and nobility family, thus on the 19th of the Amber Cold, 1687 Kjartan has seemed so fit to establish a Clan military, charged with the defence of the barony and its surrounding livestoc The Ardenin Militia is a mere military forced mainly filled with surfs, lumberers, and miners. Surely not a formidable force to fight, but fierce, having love for their Lord and the Ardenin name. Although not all filled with people not familiar with art of blade or axe, many of the old Ardenin men that fought during the Siege of Ashwood have recently filled the ranks as captains and commanders, the Ardenin Clansmen see this as a new opportunity to find glory. RANKS COMMAND BRANCH Lord Commander Overall commander of the entire guard force, normally being held by the current Lord of House Arden Captain Second in command to the Lord Commander, charged with conducting large trainings to ensure the men’s skill are sharpened and overall prepared for combat at any time Officer Two may hold this position, charged with conducting minor trainings, and patrolling the outskirts of the barony to ensure border safety LOWER BRANCH Man-At-Arms Proven themselves during trainings, or raids time and time again to earn themselves the rank of Man-At-Arms, they have seemingly won the respect of their clansmen. Footmen The Classic soldier of the Ardenin militia, having recently risen up from the starting rank of initiate this man has proved themself in the art of sword, axe, or bow and are ready to take on any foe at any time. Initiate The Starting rank of the Clan milia, recently recruited and have yet to prove their strengths to the Lord of the House. RULES All members of the militia force must abide by the simple rules set out by the Chieftain of Clan Arden, and the Captain, failure in following said rules shall result in punishment deemed by the Lord, harshness depending on what rules were broken. I You may not harm any member of the guard force, of citizen residing within the Barony of Ardenhall, or the Earldom of Nordengrad II You may not steal any items from fellow clansmen, or common folk III You must carry out all tasked orders given by your higher ups, no questions asked. IV You must swear an oath of fealty to the Baron of Ardenhall, failing to uphold the oath shall result in a punishment of death of banishment from the Barony and Earldom. WRIT EN NAMEN DE Kjartan I Arden, Chieftain of Clan Arden, Baron of Ardenhall, Lord Commander of the Ardenin Militia, Scrivener of Nordengrad Witnessed by Rae Arden, High Keeper of the Red Faith
  4. Issued and confirmed by Kjartan Arden, Scrivener of Nordengrad 10th of the Malins Welcome, 1687 With that of the death of the beloved Thoromir Ruric, the folk of Nordengrad had called a traditional Norlandic moot to decide who of which was to serve as the new Earl of Nordengrad, on the 10th of the Malins Welcome, 1687 the Chieftains of Nordengrad were called into the Great Rurikid hall, where they casted their vote of who they would like to see reign as the new Earl. After only a few hours, the High Priest announced that Jorvik Rorik was to be named Earl of Nordengrad, having obtained a substantial amount of votes over the other candidates, thus making him the newly appointed Earl of Nordengrad. Long may he reign.
  5. LINE OF SUCCESSION FOR THE BARONY OF ARDENHALL Issued and Confirmed by His Lordship Kjartan I, Baron of Ardenhall On the 21st of the Snows Maiden, 1687 Due to the recent controversy of defining the succession in the Clan of Arden and Barony of Ardenhall: His lordship Kjartan Arden seems fit to set the facts straight on the new laws of succession and it’s current line. The Barony of Ardenhall shall follow the regular laws of succession known as the “Absolute Agnatic Primogeniture Succession.” The eldest heir will take up mantle as the ruling lord, if there is no heir, there shall be a clan vote on who shall take up the mantle as Clan head, whereas the one with the most votes shall become the new lord, effective immediately. If there is some issue with the heir the more eligible pick shall have the choice of requesting a duel between the current heir and theirselves, or they shall solve it by diplomacy with a vote. All of this must be done before the official coronation of the new Lord, otherwise it is seen as invalid. LAWS I After the Coronation of the new lord, no vote or attempt of dethronement will be seen as valid, thus the chance has been missed to force abdication. II Outsiders of the Clan are not allowed to gift the title of lordship onto a different Arden, all actions must be taken within the clan, as it is the duty of the clan to work out their own problems. III Anyone within the clan is seen as eligible to inherit if a vote is called for a new heir, keep in mind that once a vote has been called it cannot be called off, and all must proceed with the proper protocol of the vote, rules can be determined by the challenger and the current heir. IV Only a single vote can be called to determine this new heir. Once it has been decided, there cannot be another unless in extenuating circumstances such as the chosen heir passing away. CURRENT LINE OF SUCCESSION REIGNING MONARCH: Kjartan I of the House of Arden (@Anisgar) LINE OF SUCCESSION: 1) Rae Arden (@Knightie) 2) Xalid Arden (@Xalid) 3) Mira Arden (@Foxdapple) 4) Alexander Leydon-Arden (@DToast) 5) Favian Arden (@Darks099)
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    [Denied][I] Policeali's Game Moderator Application

    yea +1
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    Elevation: Uther "The Old" Grimlee

    Kjartan would nod abruptly, proud of his cousin for all his hard work.
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    Good dude, would be a good asset to the team. He has my +1
  9. The city of Nordengrad bustles with common folk. Sounds ring about the square, including but not limited to the ringing of a blacksmith’s hammer, the sparse chatter of the countrymen, and slightly inebriated villagers irritated with the prices of wheat and milk. making his way to the center of the busy town, one Kjartan Arden stood at the epicenter of the attention, waiting for the voices to calm and the shushes to stop. Once this happened, he had one thing to say and one thing only: “People of Nordengrad, I bear wonderful news! My cousin, Rae Arden, is to be betrothed to Mira Night-Watcher!” Upon the revelation, cheers burst from the onlooking crowd. Whistles, claps and shouts of support for the soon-to-be-wed couple erupted, the noise resonating through the city. Soon, Kjartan continued. “We must make preparations for such a memorable day. Banners must be sewed! Dresses must be prepared! More than ever, we will need all of your help to make this wedding ceremony as wonderful as can be!” Soon after he finished, the clamor started. Ladies and men alike scrambled to merchants, purchasing insane amounts of red and white cloth to be used to sew the banners for the occasion., as well as jewelry for wedding gifts and other necessities. If Nordengrad was known for anything, it was that they knew how to party, and would go absolutely all-out for any occasion in which the opportunity arose. Kjartan steps down from the pedestal, a large smile adorning his face. “A marriage to be remembered.” he’d proclaim happily before taking his leave, setting off to make preparations in his Clan hall. Flyers are posted all about Nordengrad, and letters are sent forth to those of interest to the bride and groom. To the Folk of Nordengrad To the Clan of Ruric To the Clan of Mournstone To The Clan of Fiscere To The Clan of Grimlee Side Note: Ardenin Ale & Wine shall be given out for free as requested by Rae Arden & Mira Nightwatcher. OOC
  10. Anisgar

    Declaration of Fealty, 15th of The First Seed, 1683

    "Strong lad Wilhelm is" would remark Kjartan Arden as he would take another swig from his Ardenin ale!
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    The True Paragon Codex

    "Good Shite!" Says Kjartan as he is getting ready for bed
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    Anisgar's Wiki Team Application

    Username: Anisgar Forum Name: Anisgar Discord Name and Tag: Anisgar#9993 How do you wish to work for the wiki? Writing and Updating lore Have you worked on the Lord of the Craft Wiki, or any wiki before? Yes, I've been working a lot on the LOTC wiki Which lore are you most familiar with? Human Please provide an example of a wiki page you are not satisfied with and list aspects that could be improved https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=House_of_Ruthern -Way too long, no one will actually read it -I'd shorten it up a bit and make it more compact and less lengthy Please provide an example of a wiki page you see as a model example and list your reasoning https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=John_I,_Holy_Orenian_Emperor I think it said this in my last one, but I really do like this page, lots of good lore and what not. https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Aurelius_I,_Emperor_of_Man I also would like to add that i think this page is p good, yet unfinished cause the character is still being played, there is lots of lore and accurate information. Please showcase your abilities with either A short writing on a subject of your choosing, or An example of an 'other' (Already completed wiki pages are a plus!) https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=House_of_Arden https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=House_of_Ruric https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=War_of_Grudges https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Javier_Ruric https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Godden_Ruric
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    Ardenin Engineers

    ARDENIN ENGINEERS Traditional Ardenin Coat of Arms Written and confirmed by Kjartan Arden, Marshal of Nordengrad With the recent reformation of the Red Brotherhood of Nordengrad, the Marshal of the Earldom has seen it fit to introduce a new regiment within the order of the Brotherhood. They have been donned the ‘Ardenin Engineers’. This particular group of men and women are charged with ensuring that the functionality of all siege weaponry in the possession of Nordengrad will never fail, in the event that they should have to be used in conflict. Though rarely seen on the field of battle itself, these elite, knowledgeable, and well-trained soldiers have a job of the utmost importance, and their help will be indispensable and invaluable to the Nordengrad fighting force. During wartime, these Ardenin Engineers will also be tasked with operating the aforementioned siege weaponry in the event of a full-on assault by a large battalion, thus allowing for a more efficient method of dispatching these larger groups to ensure maximum safety and security of all Nordengradic forces involved. They will work like a well-oiled machine, using their arsenal of knowledge on this heavy artillery to use it to its fullest extent. And thus, the 21st of Edvard’s Day in the year of our All-Father 420.2 , marks the dawn of the Ardenin Engineering Regiment, under the command of Kjartan Arden. WRIT EN NAMEN DE Kjartan Arden, Chieftain of the Ardens, Marshal of Nordengrad
  15. Anisgar

    Clan Arden

    ESTABLISHMENT OF CLAN ARDEN  Traditional Ardenin Coat of Arms Issued and confirmed by Kjartan Arden on 9th of the Grand Harvest, 1682  PREAMBLE With the newly created statement declaring that of Clan Arden, a greater clan within the Earldom of Nordengrad, to bare its own holding (clan hall) within the Earldoms capital Nordengrad. As Kjartan Arden deems so fit to bring a new light to the Clan of Arden, after it’s foul mistakes during the Staunton Uprising. He wishes to rekindle the ashes of old and make his family great once more. Thus, He is formally stating that Clan of Arden shall begin an official movement to restore the clan to what it once was back in the good days. Their people to be able to field large swathes of men to do the bidding of their Chief. With the help the Rurikid clansmen, this dream will come to fruition, and thus marks the beginning of a new age for the Clan of Arden. History The family's roots are relatively new; Richard took up the name of Ardenin the early years of Atlas. Having served King Jory Ruric during the Silversteed Rebellion, By infiltrating the Silversteed ranks and breaking them from the inside, He proved himself incredibly loyal, and started House Arden on the Path of Nobility. A few weeks after the duel of kings, Richard went missing for some time. Years after Richard eventually returned as Lord of the House, beginning a large recruitment of Arden men. Upon marshaling a sizable force, he marched into Jornburg, declaring himself Count, and leaving House Arden to be known as a Noble House within Atlas. A few weeks after settling into the fort, Richard reached out to other lords and counts of the idea of vassalization under him. Thus he managed to convince the Baron of Ashwood, the agreement being that they will see each other as equals and friends, as well as the Baron of Driftwood. Finally after many diplomatic talks, Richard formed the Duchy of Nevaria. Richard, who in comparison to these new vassals lacked a sufficient military might, deemed it fit to begin a formation of the first House Arden military order, for which his house could finally have direct soldiers rather than vassals taking up a majority of his military. However, during the duration of the military reformation, Richard heard news that the Stauntons were rising up against the Horens with a hope of destroying them like they did back in Axios. Richard quickly joined the cause, seemingly holding some hope in the cause, Although a few days before the Siege of Whitepeak, the Arden men were held back by small groups of bandits attacking the roads just above Ashwood, preventing them from assisting their Courlandic allies. Directly after hearing the news of the Courlandic defeat, and how all their allies bailed out after the defeat, Richard quickly abadoned Jornburg, and marched his men to the mighty fortress of Ashwood.This would be the beginning of the end of Richard and House Arden, resulting in the blood bath known as the Siege of Ashwood, Richard fought valiantly, but eventually fell to the hand of an unknown Renatian soldier. Leaving the house bent and broken, the remnants of the household fled into the wind, remaining outcasted from the outside world for many years, until a young Arden rose up and began a long hard ride to the newly founded Earldom of Nordengrad, the boys name was Kjartan, he quickly joined the military order known as the Red Brothers, where he quickly rose up the ranks, becoming marshal after only a few years of service. He would then adopt a young man named Rae as an offical family member. Members Richard Arden (@Anisgar) -Deceased His Grace, Richard I of the House of Arden, Duke of Nevaria, Count of Jornburg, Driftwood, and Ashwood, Baron of Ashton Kjartan Arden (@Anisgar) -Alive Kjartan Arden, Chieftain of the Ardens, Marshal of Nordengrad Rae Arden (@Askuzai) -Alive Rae Arden, Keeper of the Twin Hearths of Nordengrad, Patriarch of the Red Faith Alexa Arden (@Zombiefide) -Alive Alexa Arden, member of House Arden Xalid Arden (@Xalid) -Alive Xalid Arden, Sheriff of the Red Brothers Favian Arden (Unplayed) -Alive Favian Arden, member of House Arden Clan Hall Exterior of the Ardenin Clan Hall 1682 Interior of Ardenin Clan Hall 1682 Artifacts Kjartans Bastard Sword Worn by Kjartan Arden during his early days of Nordengrad, proposed to be passed down the family line upon his death. WRIT EN NAMEN DE Kjartan Arden, Chieftain of the Ardens, Marshal of Nordengrad Rae Arden, Patriarch of the Red Faith, Keeper of the Twin Hearths of Nordengrad