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  1. *dosent recall a Norlanders backing out of any fight nor retreating from any battle* ”read up on norland culture inbred” Rollo would laugh at this man
  2. Wow! This is real good stuff. Perfectly balanced!! Would love to see this in the game. +1
  3. A Broken Branch, of an Elder Tree The circulated writings of Aeyn Edvardsson Rurik, Today I take my pen to this page with a heavy heart. For my blood hangs from the Ash Tree. Ancient symbol of our people. My King condemned my kin to a criminal’s death, for he had betrayed our land, our people, our Father. This man was dear to me. Known to others by Chieftain of the Caunters to me he was simply Caylus. He was a good man, with a straight back and kind eyes, who took in urchins and orphans in their time of need. Fed and clothed them. Taught them to read and write. Perhaps his v

    1. Anisgar


      we’re back bb

  5. outnumbered but never outgunned

  6. Issued and confirmed by Alvar I, Earl of Nordengrad Circa 1715 With the recent events unfolding within the Empire of Renatus, it has come to the attention of the great Earl of Nordengrad, that the line of Caunter intends to usurp the throne of Nordengrad with the intention of vassalization to the Holy Orenian Empire more specifically the Kingdom of Haense, having threatened such to the Earl merely an Ash day ago. This of course can not stand, and thus Earl Alvar of Nordengrad, declares that the entirety of the Caunter line be declared illegitimate, no longer holding th
  7. RP Information RP Name: Alvar Ruric Race: Highlander Age: 16 OOC Information MCName:Anisgar Discord(Include #’s): you got it
  8. Alvar signs the document
  9. Treaty of Ash and Gold Issued and Confirmed by His Highness Doran Ruric, Prince of Vilachia and Sovereign Gallahand Harkness Circa 1709 This document will serve to prove that the treaty of Ash and Gold, forged between the Principality of Vilachia and the Sovereign State of Albion, has been declared and effective immediately. Article I: Offensive and Defensive Alliance The signatories hereby establish that both parties agree to support one another with no less of the entirety of their military, should it be an offensive or defensive c
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