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  1. Anisgar

    Narthok's Game Moderator Application

    good guy, would be a valuable asset to the Game Moderation Team. +1
  2. Anisgar

    The Merry Red Brothers of Nordengrad

    Accepted! Report to Nordengrad! Denied Accepted! Report to Nordengrad! Accepted! Report to Nordengrad
  3. Anisgar

    The Merry Red Brothers of Nordengrad

    Accepted! Report to Nordengrad Accepted! Report to Nordengrad
  4. Anisgar

    The Merry Red Brothers of Nordengrad

    Accepted! Report to Nordengrad Accepted! Report to Nordengrad Accepted! Report to Nordengrad
  5. Anisgar

    The Merry Red Brothers of Nordengrad

    Name: Kjartan Clan: None Experience: Fought during the Siege of Ashwood Equipment ((provide a detailed account of your char's slapped together equipment)): A sword Are ye 'o faith?: Aye
  6. He did great the first time, he'll do even better the second. +1
  7. Richard Arden signs the document
  8. knows his stuff
  9. Anisgar

    Faction Forum Section Management Form

    Format:  In-Game Name: Anisgar  Request: Subfourm: Independent Duchy of Nevaria Link to relevant forum sections:
  10. "Losing more and more great men, Santegia is." States Richard Arden as he walks by the Third World puppet nation.
  11. House Arden Coat of Arms Issued and confirmed by His Grace, Duke Richard I of the House Arden To the Citizens of Atlas It is with this missive that the lands of Nevaria hereby declare itself known as the Independent Duchy of Nevaria, all landing and holdings within the duchy shall answer to the House of Arden, and be known as the centre area of the duchy surrounding Jornburg. For the time being Jornburg, shall remain the center of political and military affairs until a more suitable fortress is acquired. Let this document serve as the official recognition and creation of the independent Duchy of Nevaria. Signed His Grace, Richard I of the House Arden, Duke of Nevaria, Count of Jornburg and Driftwood
  12. Anisgar

    JOIN, or DIE.

    "For every age there is a time of trial. The rocks faced such a fire before they were the strength beneath our feet. The plants braved vast winds before their roots could give us life. As a shepherd of our people I have only known one other such great ordeal. Yet the hero it created was a champion for all time..." The voice of Javier recalled to Godden Ruric atop the Citadel of Ruriksgrad. At the dawn of a new day, his grace Godden strode down the Hall of Autumn upon the basin of the Rurikgrad citadel. The weathered orange and crimson leaves fell slowly from the Ashtree and Eldarwood that curled and grew above the young king's path. Deep in thought, his gaze shifted across the city below the sea fortress and the people hard at work securing the young capital city for a war. Upon his hilt sat the Blade of Caius Horen, a gift from his mentor long ago.. the voidsteel gleaming in the waxing sunlight brimming to surface upon the marshlands. He would stand atop the balcony, shouting to those gathered for the clans moot. "The coming days are to be a testament to my reign.. to what my people stand for. It is no longer a matter of winning battles and skirmishes... it has become a war brought to our very doorstep, a clawing battle for survival against the Butchers of Halflings, the Unholy Confederacy of Renatus & Uruk-Hai with a little help from Keebler Elves. They come united in purpose of conquer and war, their only wish to be the harbingers of war and damnation. For that, only the Father of All can show us the light in such a dark hour. My people, stand firm... our enemies crowd around us. The United Southern Alliance continues to stand for what will be the only barrier between unchained chaos and resistance in an Age of War declared upon by such wicked men that have rumored to be sleeping with the Uruk women to breed pure machinations of war.. The Red Faith cannot condone such nefarious creatures to slaughter the flock of the Father, and thusly the Hunt for the Red Scroll is commenced. The only way to win in face of these creatures who breed for war's sake is the recovery of what our people once wielded during the First and Second Siege of the Krag. All sailors and raiders who own a sea-faring vessel are encouraged to sail across the Strait of Thoromir in search of the lost artefact to aide in the coming siege of our home." Godden would clear his throat, concluding his speech to his people. "Those that remain, you are to prepare for war. Your lives and everyone that you care for are what we set out to protect. This is no longer a matter of waging a war across the world, but a war across the roads of your home. Prepare your houses to be used as bases of war, to arm and feed and house our allies that are arriving from the distant lands of Atlas. No longer are we separated in purpose. We Join, or Die." Godden would turn back into the Citadel, a look of determination in his eyes as he makes his way to the war room.
  13. The Royal Keep of Ruriksgrad circa 1660 To anyone travelling the lands near the City of Ruriksgrad, It would appear that the city would never sleep; bustling with activity, the hammers and chisels wielded by thousands of men and women have begun building mighty walls of the city, as well as large traps. The bridges are filled with citizens seeking shelter from the upcoming Renatus Invasion.The Ruriksguard constantly patrol the walls ensuring safety for whomever are sheltered behind them. The farmers of Norland begin to fill it’s warehouses with grain from farms throughout the countryside. King Godden orders every farmstead outside the city walls to be set to the torch, thus preventing any form of agriculture upon the scorched earth. As they make their way into the Capital City, King Godden stands before the Bridge his father set to stone almost half a century ago. With a torch in his hand, and pitch covering the bridge. The whole Rurikguard stand at his back. With a sudden release of his finger the fire engulfs the many bridges that form the old swamp road to the city , as flames dance their way across the planks, smoke filling the air. As the bridges slowly collapsed into the water, so to did the old Regime of Norland. A philosopher once said, “May the bridges I burn light the way.” Now, with the light of old Norland extinguished, a new kindled flame takes its place. Scorched Farmland residing outside the borders of Ruriksgrad While times are tough, such has become a common occurrence for the people of Norland. And why wouldn’t it be? With a coalition of tyranny out for their necks and the prejudice that pervades the hearts and minds of Atlas, any people subject to such troubles would easily lose hope..However, the city, though once desolate and desperate, has seen a resurgence of pride and hope, despite the dire situation they now face. Through the designs and organization of Rodrigo, the walls have been constructed with unprecedented speed and ease. The rallying words of Godden bring more and more young men to the guard with each passing day. Caspian has slept less in the past weeks than ever, running near-constant trainings and teaching these new recruits the skills necessary to defend the new walls. Indeed… much is new in Norland. The Royal Keep of Norland is a bastion of goods, stockpiled with armor, weapons, bows, arrows, and large amounts of food. His majesty has ordered all Rurikguard are to be on the lookout for all those who bear the banners of Black and Purple. Let it be known to all the denizens of Atlas, That the Norlandic folk will not be wiped from this earth, That Ruriksgrad is impregnable- the blood of their enemies will soon testify to that fact- That the Norlandic spirit of Freedom and Resistance courses through the veins of the defenders, who now have Nothing to lose, Little to gain, but Everything to prove. Blood And Honor!
  14. Anisgar

    Treaty of Ash and Steel

    Treaty of Ash and Steel Written and confirmed on the 11th of the Malin's Welcome, 1660 This document will serve to prove that the Treaty of Ash and Steel between the Kingdom of Norland, under King Godden I Ruric, and the Republic of Aarden, ruled by Ser Olaf Sigurdson, has been declared. I. Should either Kingdom of Norland or Republic of Aarden come under attack by any aggressive entity, the other party shall come to the aid of the fighting party. II. Both parties shall retain open borders with one another, giving free access to citizens and authorities to cross through one another's public lands without fret. III. Both parties will ensure their citizens respect the other parties laws at all time. Both signatories should be expected to deal with any disturbers of their respective party. IV. No allies of either party shall be affected should one of the signing parties comes under threat of war. V. Both parties will adhere to a non-aggression agreement against one another. The bond and history of our two nations are undeniable, and as such, this alliance shows the connection of the past and future of both our nations. Signed by, His Majesty Godden I of the House Ruric, King of Norland and Chieftain of the Norlandic People, Jarl of Ruriksgrad, Jarl of Jornburg, Jarl of Ashwood, Jarl of Smol'Krag, Jarl of Foldgrad, Defender of the Red Faith and Bulwark of the Norlandic People. Ser Olaf Sigurdson, Chancellor of Aarden
  15. Norlandic helmet and stone sword squad.