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  1. Peace LOTC, time to focus on new things.

  2. I’ve seen you work on this for a while man, proud of you! This is a hell of a task and some wonderful work+1
  3. A random Cannonist woman prays: “The mouth of the righteous utters wisdom, and his tongue speaks what is just. The law of his God is in his heart; and his steps will not be impeded. Amen” she opens her eyes “May the truth be found in the glory of GOD”
  4. Dearest Good Cassian, You will be dearly missed for your gracious heart, work and leadership that you have exibited May the heavens grasp you in her arms, and GOD’s almighty presece grant you peace For living thorns had periced your skin to soon and yet, you now meet your maker In this we mourn for you, Sweet Cardinal, for you will be surely missed
  5. This is one of the realest feels ever. I came to LOTC about a year ago and first time around I was shelterd from this OOC mess, and when I came back in May my eyes have opened to the mess that is LOTC and it’s nations. I started in Haense, then Norland, then after Ves. All Human RP is exactly the same, it is exactly ran by all these shadow leaders and ooc vindettas and so finally I stoped dealing with this drama and found peace in Llyria, and BAM. The OOC drama with Ioannis and his crew spending weeks plotting to find some reason to war with Llyria and for what? Because people are leaving thes
  6. This war is freaking rediculous. The NL involeved with it, shame on you. Your freaking OOC inspired vindeta has taken the enjoyment of roleplay which the whole damn point of this server. It’s not fun, and it’s freaking stupid.

    Edited by Emmalinea
    1. ABruhMoment


      I do hope this is sarcasm lol

    2. Spoons


      same here LMAO, oh and


    3. Excitedly


      From an outside perspective, complaints in the status updates just make you guys look immature.

  7. And in the blink of an eye LOTC once again killed another player base. 

  8. “Curious to know how Fenn and it’s people knows this whilest we the Nation of Llyria hasn’t an idea of such Spider people. If they’re here they’re not here under our concsent.” The women would say “Ah yes, but Fenn seems to be so war ready like a wild bull with a red flag waved in its face instead of trying to speak to Llyria herself. Is it logical? No. Is it done out of Jelousy? probably. The living are so typical they either chase after another’s success or join in. I see Fenn is chasing”
  9. [OOC] MC Username: Emmalinea Discord Tag (optional): Emmalinea#8179 [RP] Name: Alaria Al-Kassis Act: Singing
  10. Rose Bell: Roselia Isabella Dhoon: Lopunny Klara Caunter: Amaura Bathsheba: Jynx Alice Bell: Delphox Karia Dhoon Caunter: Rapidash Alaria Al-Kassis: Ninetales Aeria Selaria Tathvir: Sneasel
  11. I carved my name on your wall ?

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