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Found 2 results

  1. Event Planners, MC Names: TheCreatorzWink Event Type: Global Event. Event Date: Any time you wish. Factions/Nations effected by the event: Potentially any if they are close enough to the ocean. Event Location: Potentially anywhere if they are close enough to the ocean. Summary: Another peaceful day in Athera. Another fun time. Soon that it when it starts. A day on the beach seems nice but no. Slowly the tides rise and rise and rise slowly. They may say it's a coincidence that it's a little higher but no. The water won't go lower. Every day it keeps going higher and higher and higher. That is when is gets suspicious. The water is never that high. Slowly the water starts going away from the ocean and onto the land. By the time people feel as if they are in danger, it is too late, the water has already reached at a state of no return. The water shall keep rising until the end off the flood. Concept Images/Screenshots: http://i.guim.co.uk/static/w-620/h--/q-95/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2014/2/13/1392311465842/Flooding-In-England-008.jpg http://prntscr.com/6x3ras Other Information: Basically what is happening is the water is slowly coming from the ocean and rising. Do you need the Event Team's assistance?: Of course. If so, do you require actors and/or builders?: Perhaps some builders to help pour the water to make the water rise.
  2. A forceful de-militarization of the South, Naval Superiority ​ ​ The abandonment of the Dwarvish naval port in the East meant the expansion of the Kingdom’s power over their enemies’ water. Thanks to the colonists sent by Lord Franz I of Vladovic, the port town and fort was taken. However, all the ships that were previously at bay were now long gone. They now sit at the closed and vulnerable bay near the Grand Kingdom’s capital. And so it had begun, the counts, barons, and dukes of the Kingdom all took it upon themselves to construct a broad navy spanning to massive galleons to a new breed of warships, the Steam Boat. ​ ​ ​ For strategic purposes, these warships are faster than their predecessors while taking up large amounts of coal to power them. They pack a punch for those witnessing its might, the HMS King Daniel. So therefore, those of the Kingdom of Oren’s mass arsenal set sail for the bay of the vulnerable Dwarvish warships for King and Country, for the Canonist faith, and for Glory! ​ The skies fill with smoke in the Southern Isles as the fleet makes its journey towards the defenseless ships, trapped in the bay. After the passing of Port Davier, the Orenian fleet closes in on its prey. Ever so closely, the fleet makes anchor around a few isles, out of vision, to plot. In the next hour, they raise anchors and perfect the steam engines, rams, ballistas, and catapults, and men-at-arms ready to seize the day. Type of Battle: Pillage Time & Date: 3/8/2015 5 P.M. EST Attacking Forces: Reformed Kingdom of Oren and Allies. Defending Forces: Grand Kingdom of Urguan and Allies Location and Boundaries: Dwarven Naval Port ​ Terms of Victory: Victory for attacking team: If the defenders are all killed or driven out of the battle area. Or. If the defender’s ships are destroyed or occupied by attackers. Victory for the defending team: If the attackers are all killed or driven out of the battle area. Or. If the attacker’s ships are destroyed or occupied by defenders. Battle area terms will be discussed on by the leaders of both sides. Rewards: Victory for the attackers means the attacking force can willingly do what they want with the spoils of war. That includes the remaining ships and structures around the base. (For 1 Hour) Victory for the defenders means the region may not be war claimed for a time based off the suggestions of non affiliated Game Moderators with the consent of both sides. This also includes that they can do what they want willingly to captured ships. Rules: Server rules TNT is allowed Swimming in armor is allowed (For the sake of decency) Ships may be boarded by ladders No new modifications to defenses or ships No team killing No fake statuses No returning to battle No meta-gaming ​ ​All items in this location may not be transferred to another, starting now.
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