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  1. this was a good laugh – back to planning the party decor!
  2. Super neat! Great job guys 😄
  3. Fireheart


    Livia mutters under her breath “That was a weird thing to do anyways...”
  4. It is, but it is a whole circle cycle type of issue. Speaking from the perspective of being on both sides of the coin rules are typically made to stop the 10% of the playerbase from taking things too far and ruining the experience for the other 90%. As the server grows and becomes more diverse you run into more groups of people wanting different things.
  5. Bacon strips or sausage patties for breakfast? DON’T YOU DARE SHORT CHANGE THIS!!! I need to know details like bacon should be crunchy or chewy or the sausage patty should be spicy or mild?
  6. The rumors are true @Josh3738

  7. actually rolling in my grave
  8. “Not a true Vladovic” Livia would remark upon hearing the news.
  9. Stop trying to interview me for admin smh

    1. Kaelan


      Man’s done his time! Let him be free! 

  10. What’s going on, are you stepping down or something-

  11. Does this mean you’re going to be fun again


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