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  1. The notification spam, MERCY!!! q.q

    [Good job <3]

    1. Tigergiri


      My sleeper agent status was activated

  2. Good luck on the recruitment drive! Hope things go smooth and the team is able to add on mods to help with the workload.
  3. Why am I stuck in this wall?!

  4. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/970-moderation-feedback/ If this is a serious feedback post OP should ask to move it to this sub-forum or reach out to itdontmatta directly. This is the standard that was set in CRP rules awhile back. Rules were simplified since then and if rulings are being consistent to those guidelines still in the old rule set then it makes sense why your character died from a 30 block (meter) fall. The whole pking stuff aint cool at all. Accidental or forced suicide doesn't and shouldn't count.
  5. Love the ingame name stuff. Keeps the more important roleplay names half of it still front and center while adding the extra information of mc names. Would be neat to have a toggle where people could cycle through options of just rp names, the rp names large mc names small, or flipping the two so it is mc names large and rp names small. Or even a uci menu to fully customize and turn stuff on and off like Orlanth suggested. Great work on it!
  6. I'm feeling left out :c

  7. Fireheart


    I think it's disabled because of the pvp plugin.
  8. omg who made your profile picture art

  9. I saw your edit mentioning xbox. The server runs on the Java version of Minecraft. Not Bedrock so it will not work for you.
  10. what version of minecraft are you using?
  11. :****( that takes a lot to make that decision. Hope this lifts any burdens off of ya and mad respect and props to you for making the post. All the best! <3
  12. What is the weirdest thing you've come across in RP?
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