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  1. Fireheart

    Raid Rules

    Update Removed wording referencing game moderators and replaced it with just moderators.
  2. Fireheart

    [✗] [In-game Ban] elektroniksupersonik Appeal

    Your appeal date is set for august 5th 2019. Please do not post an early ban appeal. Denied.
  3. Fireheart

    Ladies Night

    Livia would read over the flier and crack a small smile “This will be so much fun!”
  4. Fireheart

    [✗] [In-game Ban] Kevinblabla Appeal

    Your appeal date is set for June 18th 2019. Please appeal at that point and not before.
  5. Fireheart

    [✗] [Admin Ban] Kardel Appeal

    After a brief discussion your ban will persist due to the fact of your ban evading during your ban. You do not really seem to hit the point on what you did and you are underplaying the situation drastically. This, in connection, with your meme forum accounts you’ve made to “shitpost” is all items that are factored into this decision. You may appeal again on the 16th of June. Please take this time to write out a more appropriate appeal.
  6. Fireheart

    Arcas Activity Data

    Data March 16th 2019 Total Avg Players: 107.31 (Last week was 108.28) -Nations- Sutica 10.80 | 10.06% Curon 6.14 | 5.72% Aegrothond 6.63 | 6.18% Renatus 9.56 | 8.91% Druids 3.65 | 3.40% Haense 10.57 | 9.85% Adria 10.10 | 9.41% Fenn 3.74 | 3.49% Agnarum 2.59 | 2.41% Alderyn 1.67 | 1.56% -Charters- HighElves 4.25 | 3.96% Orcs 2.73 | 2.54% Warrick_castle 2.1* | 1.96%* Rosenyr 0.40 | 0.37% Gehenna 0.37 | 0.34% Bradshawe 0.08 | 0.07% harrowfall 0.27* | 0.25%* starfall 0.2* | 0.19%* -Other- Brandybrook 0.38 | 0.35% Valberg_Estate 0.01 | 0.09% harlond 2.25* | 2.10%* * Wildly off due to how little data was collected on those plots this week. DOES NOT REPRESENT ACCURATELY
  7. Fireheart

    New head shop items

    @TarreBear these look neat!
  8. Fireheart

    Arcas Resource Pits Map

    Super neat! And YES it is definitely the most important place on Arcas!!
  9. Fireheart

    Moderation Update - March 13th 2019

    That would be something to bring up with developers. Moderators don’t control that!
  10. Fireheart

    Moderation Update - March 13th 2019

    There are a lot of flowers in the Cloud Temple Greenhouse. Which ones are you trying to get?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Telanir


      next thing is tater pits !!!

    3. Quintessential




      Nah, revolutionary would be dried kelp block pits.

    4. NoZaku



  12. Fireheart

    Moderation Update - March 13th 2019

    Hey all! Writing a brief post to go over a couple of items and communicate to you some updates as we continue on with this map. 7.0 has been a great launch and it’s been great hearing all the feedback you’ve been giving on the map. We’ve heard great things about the map, the layout of things, the roleplay experiences everyone has been having, but we’ve also heard the other comments and concerns. Regarding nation land purchases, charter applications, 9+ damage axes, and missing blocks that people would like to purchase. To start off with the most boring of the announcements we have two rule changes which are just small word adjustments. The first clarifying that you can’t just take items from item frames since people were doing that and the second clarifying that even though you have to leave a sign explaining the roleplay you did to kill livestock you still actually have to do that roleplay... shocking I know. This should all just be common sense for the bulk of you, but we are updating it to help keep people on the same page and remove places where confusion can arise. Secondly 9+ damage stone axes have been floating around in starter kits. Developers are planning to patch this out, but with raids opening up this weekend and that fix not coming before then we’re gonna begin a moderation purge of the item. Consider this your flashy warning notice: Moderators will be on the hunt for 9+ damage stone axes. If you have one please either turn them in to us or destroy them. If you are caught using them or storing them away for a rainy day punishments may be handed down. A lot of people have also been requesting more blocks to be sold at the Cloud Temple. i was planning to open up some more shops earlier in the week, but I have been prioritizing nation and charter management over that. I have it lined up for a release this weekend so be on the lookout for a special broadcast in-game this weekend about new goods being sold! If you have suggestions on what should be sold or added leave them down below in a comment. So far I’ve got basic requests for things like coral blocks, magma blocks, etc. Lastly, to wrap things up I want to touch on charters again. If you are applying for a charter please ensure that you read this information post that was made to explain the system. While it is a lot to read it does give out a lot of useful information. Please do not message a moderator asking a question about charters without reading this because that will always be the first question back to you. We do not have an issue with clarifying a point or answering a more specific question, but asking us basic stuff that is covered in that post is pointless. We will continue to review charter applications as quickly as possible, but do realize that your charter application may wait up to two weeks in time to either collect signatures or be processed. Some applications are more simplistic than others or have their needed information together better than others. We are aware that the start of the map has been frustrating to a lot of people as we work with this system, especially for nation land purchases, and I’d like to personally apologize for the inconsistency in this area. We’ve had massive issues where some moderators can handle specific situations and some can not. I will be continuing my work to help bring this up to an area of sustainability since everyone has not been on the same page which is a very big problem that is rooted in poor communication in this area. I’ve touched on a couple of the other problems we’ve been trying to overcome in this area within our monthly update log so if you are curious I encourage you to give it a read as it talks more about the technical challenges with 1.13. Otherwise have a good night!
  13. Fireheart

    Server Rules

    -=Rule Update=- Type: Rule Change Details: §3.21 Armor stands, and item frames may only be stolen from during a heist. Unlocked chest may be taken from, but locked chest may only be taken from during a heist. §3.23 Although killing other player’s livestock with sufficient roleplay is allowed, you must leave two of each animal alive.