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  1. CORWINSBURG AND THE CONFEDERACY A statement of unity issued by the Royal House of Alstreim, concluded at Corwinsburg on the 7th day of Horen’s Calling, 1886. IT DOES BEFIT the Royal House of Alstreim to issue a formal expression of gratitude for the liberation of its Heartland domains to the undisputed victors of the glorious Harvest Revolution, the Barony of Acre and their allies of the Duchy of Blackvale, and to the House’s stalwart and valiant Waldenian comrades of the Viscounty of Minitz. Let there be no confusion: the friendship and fortitude shown in this struggle means that the allegiance of the Barony of Corwinsburg lies firmly with Acre and the Harvest Confederacy. Any required acts of unity and loyalty to this new brotherhood of peoples shall gladly be undertaken alongside our friends and allies. Let it be known that the Barony of Corwinsburg does not take the cowardice and apathy of its former suzerain lightly. We find that the bonds we had built with the Novellen Monarchy in spite of our longstanding feud dating from the reign of Peter the Usurper were viciously betrayed in violation of our good will, yet in accordance with all common sense, as our trust in a former enemy was naturally misplaced: the treaty with the Principality of Savoy was undermined to diminish the importance of our agreed titlage, the administrative efforts of the Alstreim Triplets were unceremoniously downplayed as the Crown and the Protectorate exchanged hands between toddlers and men of ill repute following the death of King Frederick, and no protection of our domains fitting of the supposedly strongest realm of Almaris was afforded as the Orenian lands were scoured by Haeseni and Urguani warbands, incited by a senseless and suicidal war declared without our consent or knowledge. These grievances were further compounded by the Protectorate’s insistment on levying the death penalty upon the Baron of Acre without any advisory counsel by the Crown’s other vassals, thus rightly inciting the Harvest Revolution. The Barony of Corwinsburg shall therefore firmly uphold Article VII of the Orenian Instrument of Surrender (Orenia Diruta Est), and deny the family of Novellen any royal and noble privileges so rightly lost by their own impiety, inaction and incompetence. Any attempt by a member of this lineage to once more lay claim to Imperial or Royal Orenian titles shall be met by our House with extreme prejudice. Lastly, the Barony of Corwinsburg utterly rejects the efforts of the failed Protectorate to establish a separatist Commonwealth in the Arentanian border strip. The Barony is prepared to make its military facilities fully available to all Confederate forces for the eradication of any further separatist sentiment. GOTT MIT UNS HIS HIGHNESS, Heinrich Franz of the House of Alstreim, Dynastic Prince of Merryweather and the Rhine, Baron of Corwinsburg
  2. Fireheart

    Gnomeh's Skins!

    Just wanted to say these are some awesome skins! I love the third one it's so adorable!
  3. Get rid of them, full bye bye!
  4. Skin Name: Simple Dress Bid: 25 IGN: Fireheart_ Discord: Fireheart#4895
  5. Discord Tag: Fireheart#4895 Skin Name: Nature Vibes Bid(s): $14
  6. Discord: Fireheart#4895 IGN: Fireheart_ Flower Garden - 250
  7. What is the most absolutely useless irl talent you have that the average person doesn't? Also when you gonna update your reserved spot on this post?
  8. have you tried improving? @Buffsanta
  9. Free build has a lot more downsizes as a lot of people have already hashed on. It's been experimented with in the past and has proved time and time again to hurt the server way more than what it offered. No freebuild pls q.q
  10. Heinrich von Alstreim struggled to prepare himself for the travels north. Barely managing to put on his own two boots between his sobs of joy. "My little brother is getting MARRIED!"
  11. @MayRndzyou don't need to do /ride anymore!
  12. There is a lot more involved in removing land-scars than just selecting it and removing it with world edit in five seconds. You have to repair terrain that the build cut into which often times, when done well, requires handwork too. You have to put back in environmental parts like trees, bushes, etc. And in large cases you might even pull a backup which in of itself requires a lot of preparation to get the area loaded and pasted correctly. Personal attacks on people who are still apart of the community are uncool dude. If you want to attack me or others for having a different opinion go after my feedback and the substance of it please. We both want what's best for the community; we just have different opinions on how to get there. I think a good criticism you could draw from what I said on the thread would be how it doesn't line up super well with our mission statement as a community. Linked is the specific section that I think really should be considered. If you read that I think some people would say we aren't following that where some people would say we are. What are your thoughts?
  13. https://imgur.com/a/OY2h9UO That's flying around on just one of the past maps for about five minutes. For every settlement that you pick out there is going to be a sea of land-scars, half done / griefed builds, and builds that shouldn't exist / terraform into the environment very poorly. I agree with what Cloak mentioned partly, but I do think that there are more routes towards achieving that than in the past. Not only, with enough players and resources, can you set out to do it on your own, but with how many tiles are purchased currently by nations there is a lot of space for groups to establish themselves. It's a very healthy conversation to have and this is just my opinion on the matter which leans towards no freebuild. This is mainly just from a past moderation perspective because actually maintaining these areas and cleaning up inactive builds / land-scars is legit a full time job.
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