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  1. Username: Fireheart_ Discord/ way to contact you: Fireheart#4895 Bid amount: $5 I don't want art, just want to contribute to the college fund!
  2. Go back to climbing mountains buckeroo 

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    2. Lionbileti


      @FireheartIll join you brother, just need to get my snowboard and helmet 

    3. Fireheart


      Dope - when Sonora Pass opens up I'll dm you!

    4. Lionbileti


      I'll be there.


  3. Wait...... a mature and respectful admin that is stepping down and leaving room for someone else to step into that role and grow / make the server an even better place??!?!?!??! Buddy I think you forgot that this is LotC and you're suppose to not log on for 6 months WHILE being an admin still, come back to make a bunch of changes to try to look active only to ruin the server, and then voluntarily resign because it's everyone else's fault. --- In all seriousness thank you for volunteering your time to deal with all aspects of the community; often times meaning the worst of us in the r
  4. BUt i BURN FOR YOU 

    1. Tigergiri


      **** i thought this was my status page XD sorry 

    2. Fireheart
  5. <3 (so how long we playing tag?)

    1. Tigergiri


      I have no idea, i just place a heart everytime i see you looked at my profile... how long do you wish to play XD

    2. Fireheart


      hmmmm probably until the end of the month

    3. Tigergiri


      big sad


  6.  👀  why do you check on my profile every few weeks...I see you fire heart I see you 

    1. Fireheart


      Just keeping up on my weekly dose of LoTC drama 😛

    2. Tigergiri


      Honestly mood

  7. PLAYER NAME : rukio CURRENT POSITION : B SUGGESTED POSITION : F REASON FOR CHANGE : Let’s be honest with ourselves here...
  8. I will chip in to say a lot of these issues are not limited to cost or buying a new war server box. A lot of that just comes down to how Minecraft is not intended as a game to have 150+ players in one area fighting it out in a couple of chunks. (As nickrocky said) No one really does exactly what we do in terms of throwing everyone into one area and just going for it. To get into a little more detail on how it works I’ll give you a little example that’s only kinda accurate. In this example packets are considered resources that the server has to process. Player 1 and 2 can see each o
  9. this was a good laugh – back to planning the party decor!
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