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  1. Fireheart

    [✓] TheCollectivist Ban Appeal

    You will be unbanned and welcomed back to the community. Keep in mind that similar actions will result in much harsher punishments!
  2. Fireheart

    [✗] [Admin] pmslappeal Ban Appeal

    You have proven time and time again that you will break server rules, apologize, be unbanned, and repeat the cycle. This is something that will not continue further, especially after already having a permanent ban lifted once before. Your ban will remain.
  3. Fireheart

    [✓] TheCollectivist Ban Appeal

    Claimed, expect a response within a week.
  4. Fireheart

    [✗] [Admin] pmslappeal Ban Appeal

    Claimed. Expect a response within a week.
  5. Fireheart

    [✗] [Admin] CHARLES THE BALD Ban Appeal

    As stated on your ban message for your main account you are permanently banned from LoTC with no appeal possible. Appeal denied.
  6. Fireheart

    Rule Proposal

    It’s definitely an interesting idea. Would like to see some polling down on proposed time lengths though.
  7. Fireheart

    [✓] [Server] lemontide331 Ban Appeal

    Thank you for the update! Your accounts will be unbanned and you will be able to log in again. Please keep in mind that even though we log in to have fun with our friends and create an experience together with others we are all expected to follow server rules. Keep that in mind and you will be golden!
  8. Fireheart

    [✗] [Admin] aceofspades Ban Appeal

    Your appeal seems very brisk and not thought out. Considering what you did and your history I would expect a little more care put into your appeal. Your appeal will be denied, remake one Jan 9th 2019 once you take some time to write a more detailed and appropriate appeal.
  9. Fireheart

    Admin Update Pt. 2

    Hey all! Hope your week was a good one. I wanted to share with the community some information that we hinted at in our last update. One of the goals we set out to accomplish in the near future was to revamp and clean up staff blacklist. Prior to this update there was a structure for them being logged, but there was no effective way to keep track of them or to see when they were appealed or altered other than relying on admins to properly communicate that information. Moving forward I’d like to share with you briefly what’s changed so that you can be informed if this ever becomes relevant to you, or is to you at this time. Our blacklist section on the forums, which in the past housed villain and magic blacklist, now has the inclusion of staff blacklist appeals. This is a new form that players who are staff blacklisted can fill out in order to submit an appeal that will be reviewed and managed by the administration. The details for staff blacklist, and also villain / magic blacklist, is all housed under one information post with all the forms referenced at the top of the page for ease of use. Staff blacklist that are applied to team members that are removed from a team will be communicated to you by either the team director or admin that issued the blacklist. If you’ve never been told this then this does not apply to you. This does not really affect most of the community, but this will serve as a far better system for staff blacklist appeals in general. Have a good weekend! -Fire
  10. Fireheart

    Blacklist Information

    Blacklist are a punishment that can be applied to your account restricting you from a specific service or type of roleplay within Lord of The Craft. Currently there are three types of blacklist that you can obtain: A villain blacklist from villain roleplay, a magic blacklist from magic roleplay, and a staff blacklist from being a team member on staff. Below are information links to the forms you must fill out to appeal these restrictions and below those is more detailed information relating to what those specific blacklist mean. If you must file an appeal for your villain blacklist, you may do so at this link. If you must file an appeal for your magic blacklist, you may do so at this link. If you must file an appeal for your staff blacklist, you may do so at this link. Villain Blacklist Information Villain blacklisting works very similar to banning in various ways. Players that misuse the privilege of engaging in villainous RP can be villain blacklisted from it either temporarily for a set period of time, until an appeal is accepted, or permanently without a chance of appeal. Game Moderators, and sometimes admins, will deal with these players and will be the ones to determine the nature and conditions of their blacklisting. Additionally, Game Moderators and Admins will have to fill out a short form documenting the blacklisted player (including mcnames of all alt accounts), what they did to get blacklisted, and the conditions of their blacklisting (temporary vs permanent, appeal date if applicable, etc.). These forms will be posted in a visible forum, and they will be moved into an invisible subforum once the blacklisting term is finished. Villain Blacklist Rules Blacklisted players cannot: Engage in banditry, burglary or theft. Don't steal from anyone through roleplay or steal from chests. Commit murder. With the only exception being self-defense or if it is an execution due to someone breaking a settlements laws. Be involved with cults. Where cults are defined as groups that partake in illegal activities to suit their own goals, which can range from murder and torture to involvement with the antagonists. “Involvement” includes cult organization, membership, or association Be involved in raids. This involves organization of raids as well as actually partaking in them Note: Unless an exception is explicitly stated, all reasons for doing one of the above actions are disallowed, even if those reasons appear seemingly logical and/or reasonable. What Warrants a Villain Blacklist? A player may be given a villain blacklist if they have done any of the following: Breaking any of the current server rules. Examples of such include but are not limited too; Powergaming Metagaming Partook in ‘Minas or Die’ roleplay. Minas or die roleplay can be described as someone putting very little effort into the roleplay at hand, giving little means of response other than handing over mina or being killed there after Utilizing villain roleplay to harass or target a player or group. This may include the following; Constantly attacking the same person or group with OOC intent. Bullying someone through OOC whilst roleplaying as a villain. Antagonism of an individual across multiple characters with clear OOC motive. It should also be noted that if a player is close to breaking the rules and a GM feels that a blacklist is still warranted, they are such allowed to do so. Magic Blacklist Information A magic blacklist will be given to players who repeatedly break MA rules. This can be a result of things such as using Magic without an application, powergaming, or otherwise misusing an MA. Magic Blacklist Procedure In order for a player to be magic blacklisted, the following procedure will be followed: I - A report is given to an MAT member, either via screenshots or being witnessed by an MAT. II - MAT GMs will obtain appropriate logs, and the MAT as a whole will discuss the issue at hand. III - The team as a whole will pass a verdict on the user, and a blacklist may be applied. Magic Blacklist Restrictions A player blacklisted from magic will have the following restrictions applied to them: I - The player will not be permitted to roleplay the blacklisted magic under any circumstances during its duration. II - The player will not be permitted to apply for any new magics during its duration. III - The player will not be permitted to teach any magics during the duration. IV - A blacklist applies to all characters and all accounts. V - Failure to follow a blacklist will result in a ban at the MAT's discretion. Staff Blacklist Information Staff blacklists are a way to document any of the following. This list is not comprehensive: Malpractice (or intent). Using entrusted permissions to cause damage on an official LotC medium. Violation of the Lord of the Craft Staff Mission statement Volatility. Unprofessional behavior (immaturity), instigating drama or exacerbating tensions, failure to follow direction. Incompetence. Failed to perform duties on grounds of but not limited to activity, inefficiency, negligence, and absence. Corruption. Evidence or suspicion of scheming for personal gain / reputation, i.e. underhanded favors, conspiring against certain groups/individuals, etc. Other. I.e. excessive exertion on staff leading to personal issues outside of LotC. Enforcement Before consideration of any member for promotion a team director or team management must be confident the candidate is not serving a staff blacklist. This means researching the staff blacklist forum or consulting with an administrator. Failure to adhere to an unappealed blacklist could result in an administrative review. Application Staff blacklists are applied by the Administration. Team blacklist are applied by the Team Director and their management team, if the Team Director wishes. All blacklist are communicated to the person being blacklisted, but if you have any doubts on whether or not you are blacklisted from staff you should contact an admin for details. Team Blacklist The member is barred from returning to the team(s) in question. May be applied by the Administration or Team Director (and Management staff if Director allows.) Staff Blacklist The member is barred from being a part of any staff team. May be applied by the Administration exclusively. Appealing Staff blacklist that are appealed are reviewed and managed by the administration. Conclusions of the appeal will be communicated with the community member that posted it once their form is reviewed.
  11. Fireheart


    I went ahead and did a region selection of the road region that the rule is enforced on. The left side with all the wacky lines is what would not be okay for what happened, but the road directly leading to the city is free for the nation to decide what to do on. Currently there is some farm land there that leads into the river and the bridge that goes to the front gate of the city.
  12. Fireheart

    AT Monthly Update Log - October 2018

    that’s a lot of apps I think you have an addiction...
  13. Fireheart


    Lol 😛 That’s a funny way of putting it! But na, I have a viewpoint and this is something we discussed as a moderation team when looking into feedback about letting people build on roads. I asked Adam to post the feedback so that we can get more community ideas and opinions on the matter!
  14. Fireheart


    If you use shout instead of rp channels that should resolve your issue.
  15. Fireheart


    And as I explained that kind of roleplay should not be taking place to begin with since it breaks server rules! So if you are experiencing it or someone else is ensure that you get a Game Moderator involved.