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  1. Hey gurl hey

    1. Fireheart


      hey hey when's the party?

  2. Heinrich would be crouched over sitting in the sand. His hands would run across the ground grasping a handful of sand and clenching it with all his might out of frustration. The young Alstreim would shed a tear; lost for words over the traumatic experience he's just went through.
  3. Sadly Llir hasn't figured a way to code an automated replacement to moderators, a thousand apologizes. No matter who the person might be people will make mistakes or perception and optics will play a role when you don't have a grasp of the full picture of what happens constantly behind the scenes. Airing out your grievances to someone who did solid work that benefited the community, on their farewell post none the less, isn't going to make you whole from that past situation. Pointing it out doesn't make you smart and it doesn't put you in a spot light of good favor for it; just lay it to rest and let them retire in peace. --- Enjoy life GMRO and best of luck in school. It was enjoyable reading your advice section and it makes me laugh a bit in amusement at some of the should be obvious ones. Tis the life of a manager tho
  4. My poor christian values!!
  5. Thanks for the communication on it. Takes a lot of tries and refinement to get complex systems like these working smoothly. I believe!!!
  6. Appreciate all the work and dedication you've put in as a red tag. It's not glamorous work, but you showed a lot of character and maturity through it and contributed a lot to the improvement of the server. P.S. I like the 2021-22 version of you a lot better than the 2019 one :P
  7. It's a double edged sword. The majority of the community invested in that type of roleplay would see large scale wars as is, but minus the technical issues and complications that come with trying to drive that system on Minecraft spaghetti code designed for a couple of friends to play together, not 100's. That's realistically still the best answer, but year after year it doesn't get easier to achieve that and no one wants to see through drastic changes due to how much blow back that person would receive against implementing new rules / systems. I'm not invested enough in that roleplay to even try to propose an actual solution hence why I punted off my original comment as a half joke. More robust systems revolving around more frequent and organized small skirmishes, key roleplay events [i.e. deaths / captures], and people not getting butt hurt and taking things offensively oocly when they lose land / rp clout would be where I'd start looking.
  8. Could fix the root cause of the issue by dynamically revamping and re-imagining how we act out war and conflict on LoTC. But ya know.... 100+ people clashing together is kinda fun and chaotic. When it works.
  9. this profile gives me ptsd

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      AYYYYYYYY that's the Charles I know <3

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      Please drop another mixtape

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      Being a rapper is not the fad anymore, being a creep is these days 🙈

  10. Little Heinrich would see a fancy copy of the document on the families dining room table. He would quickly take a glance at it before walking away due to not being able to read half of what was written on it.
  11. I know it's almost Thanksgiving weekend and all, but still no snow. We might have to postpone our trip for December 😔

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      send feet

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      ive never seen a greater density of lotc villains in one place before

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