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  1. Fireheart

    A Follow Up

    A follow up Hello there. It’s been a couple of days of a lot of silence on my end as I’ve watched a ton of reactions continue to unfold both from the events that transpired Saturday and Sunday with my follow up post to those events. I’ve taken some time to listen to people’s reactions, talk with various members of the community, and continue to review new information that has been brought to my attention after I made my post Sunday. To recap...the details I went over Sunday were in relation to the warclaim we had Saturday. To summarize the post touches on three major issues: The incident, the cause, and the unclear and incorrect communication. The decisive action in my mind and those around me was to redo that specific part of the warclaim where the bug became game breaking. The logic and thought process behind this was that the bug caused a clearly different outcome than what likely would have happened which we now know to be incorrect. Upon hearing the verdict large parts of the community came forward with more information regarding the warclaim. This included mostly unfair play and hacking from both sides during the warclaim. I would like to preface this and thank those of you who came forward and provided these details for us to look at. There are three specific instances I want to go over: The spawn killing issue: Several players from both sides of the conflict were sent to the lobby area. During this time period of them being stuck several, players were killed as they were awaiting transport from the area. In total, after speaking with players who brought forward information and going through server logs; we found seven confirmed defenders killed and four confirmed attackers killed in the lobby area. The hacking issue: During the warclaim, specifically at one part, there has now been released video of a player hacking and cutting down multiple players from the defending side. [Gif] The total amount of kills this now banned account achieved was seven before being killed themselves. Alting issue: There were instances where some players were ban evading during the warclaim as well as other players loading up several accounts that they either provided to other players or used themselves after their first account died to gain an edge. In total five accounts from the defenders were banned and two accounts from the attackers were banned. I apologize for jumping the gun on Sunday rather than waiting a little longer for more information to possibly come in. The amount of pressure put on this whole ordeal by all parties both directly after the warclaim and Sunday night was immense... Which is why I’ve taken a bit longer to do my follow up to ensure that this is the correct path forward. Taking into account the spawn killing that occurred in the lobby area, the hacking, and the alting issue that took place during the warclaim on Saturday; I can no longer in confidence believe that redoing that specific part of the warclaim would be overall fair to both sides. The outcome of Saturday will stand and all roleplay relating to it is now unfrozen. There were a lot of complications that we will need to go over together as a community and figure out. So keep your eyes peeled for a ‘Your View’ later on this week as promised in my post last week. Thank you, -Ryan
  2. Data May 18th 2019 Total Avg Players: 112.07 (Last week was 100.52) Nations: Sutica 12.73 | 11.36% Curon 5.37 | 4.79% Aegrothond 5.72 | 4.7% Renatus 9.7 | 8.7% Druids 2.18 | 1.95% Haense 8.65 | 7.72% Adria 12.52 | 11.17% Fenn 5.04 | 4.5% Urguan 4.1 | 3.66% Highelves 6.47 | 5.77% Orcs 3.64 | 3.24% Charters: Rosenyr 0.47 | 0.42% gehenna 1.15 | 1.66% bradshawe 0.04 | 0.04% [!] harrowfall 0.04 | 0.04% [!] Warwick_Castle 0.52 | 0.46% Albion 0.21 | 0.19% Starfall 0.00 | 0.00% Nyfe'andria 0.01 | 0.01% Vasiliand 0.00 | 0.00% nenzing 0.25 | 0.22% Kadarsi 0.1 | 0.09% Ayr 0.03 | 0.03% Sherwood 0.00 | 0.00% Ashfeld 0.01 | 0.01% Vira'ker 1.22 | 1.08% Attica 0.06 | 0.05% Gurmazg 0.31 | 0.28% Hua-jiao 0.0 | 0.0% Fuerte 0.01 | 0.01% Marsumar 1.46 | 1.3% Llyria 2.02 | 1.8% Hallowfall 0.2 | 0.17% Lyonesse 0.00 | 0.00% Whiterock 0.3 | 0.27% Thyra 0.95 | 0.85% Ichma Muscia 0.01 | 0.01% Asylum 0.11 | 0.1% * Rempyrean 0.32 | 0.29% * Irrinor 0.27 | 0.24% * Athalia 0.48 | 0.42% * Muscovy * Defy 0.27 * Other: brandybrook 0.27 | 0.24% * Vallberg_estate 0.25 | 0.22% * harlond 0.02 | 0.01% * eldar'seal 0.5 | 0.45% * Cloud Temple Tile (33) 4.7 | 4.19% Irongutia 0.00 | 0.00% * Fimlingrad 0.00 | 0.00%% * Vakvel 0.02 | 0.02% * dwarffarm1 0.00 0.00% * dwarftunnel 0.07 0.06% * Omargrimmer 0.36 0.32% * * Wildly off due to how little data was collected on those plots this week or overlapping. DOES NOT REPRESENT ACCURATELY [!] Activity warning. Nation / Charter low on activity. [X] Status revoked. Nation / Charter status revoked / downgraded.
  3. since we are married when do we meet and get to roleplay?
  4. Group Name: Court of Mirasul Link to Charter Application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/182098-✓courts-of-mirasul-charter-application/ter-application/ Nation sponsoring: Sutica
  5. Hello Wolf. As explained and sourced in past feedback threads we were both a part of you and I both know you had more involvement and were far more complacent in the outcome due to your pity towards Eli. While this appeal does takes steps forward from past post you’ve made you are not fully owning up to your actions and the damage you caused to specific player groups by letting a banned player alt on someone else’s account.
  6.  @Fireheart   @Pun  if you're going to redo the final fight (which would be totally unfair because you changed the rules to prevent us using Fort Loches and the Staff changed the warpath 2 days before the warclaim, without giving us enough time to prepare our defendes because the server was always in DevMode) then at least allow the 15 people that got killed in the war server lobby by TH0RNZ and others to join the final fight. I have proof and screenshots of the people who got pugsied.


    Also we believe qSwizz (a user of their side) was hacking during the warclaim and he got 7 kills. Why are we the only ones punished here?

  7. If we are pulling this, can our Fifteen men that were pugzied in the Lobby join the fight?

    1. Aeldrin


      they acted in self-defense when attacked lol. next time u try to pugsy in lobby, win the fight

  8. Outcomes of Yesterday’s Warclaim Hey guys, yesterday during the warclaim there was a visual bug that resorted in a game-breaking issue that caused players not to be able to see a staff member from the defending side in the warclaim. This issue was first raised immediately after the battle to moderators by the attacking side and the issue started to be looked into for details. Thanks to multiple recordings and perspectives of the fight we were able to verify and replicate the visual bug on the war server. This has been passed along to technicians alongside some other more minor non game-breaking bugs discovered during the battle. It is unclear how big of an impact this visual bug played on the overall battle beyond the final push from the attackers into the throne room. Due to this issue as well as the improper verdict provided of the attackers being forced to push into the very backend of the throne room we will be repeating the tale end of the battle where the attackers held a point outside of the palace and the defenders held a point inside the castle. There are three points of information that feed into this which has forced a needed redo of this section of the battle: The staff member who was reported to be invisible was in fact invisible to other players, but not other staff members. Zac was live-streaming the event and was able to see the bugged staff member “GM_Deportter” due to their account having staff permissions for the purpose of spectating and live-streaming the event. “jdesarno” was able to see the invisible player due to them also having staff permissions as a team member for Story staff. This resulted in them being the player to kill the invisible player since they were able to see them whereas other players not on staff were unable to. The staff member who was reported to be invisible was verified to have been placed out of vanish; meaning it was a visual bug. After the fight the player reported for being invisible was approached by a moderator and screenshared to provide ingame client logs of the battle. These logs provide a timestamp of the player not being invisible leading up to the final battle after being informed that he was not seeable from crashes and relogs. This bug alongside two others were replicated after testing on the war server last night. These were reported, but will not be disclosed so that other players can not replicate it for future battles while it is looked into. There was a stalemate situation which resulted in an incorrect verdict requiring attackers to push the defenders. War rules define siege victory terms as invaders (attackers) driving the defenders from the city or gain control of the majority. In this case the location under contention was the throne room area. Defender’s fortified position in the back of the throne room was not a majority and would require them to repel the attackers out. Throne room length is 46 blocks. Defenders held a six block deep area of the throne room whereas attackers were able to hold a thirteen block deep area of the throne room. (Assuming both sides never pushed and they stalemated at those defensible locations on the throne room) Bringing us to the redo. Leadership from both sides has been contacted and informed of the current situation. Details will be ironed out and a post will be going up below this detailing the time and information regarding the battle. This redo will not be an entire warclaim but rather of the specific point where the visual bug became game breaking. All current roleplay and forum related rp post will be frozen until this battle can determine a fair verdict. Afterwards roleplay will either be unfrozen or voided depending on the outcome. Current in-rp perspective will be prior to the warclaim and siege.
  9. For those of you spamming my inbox...this is the resource pack that Tythus used today. https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/16x-farbenlehre-medieval-vanilla-pack/

  10. Fireheart

    War & Its Issues

    War & Its Issues Hey guys, in an effort to be more transparent, we are making this thread to describe a decision we are making. As some of you are aware, Renatus has recently been edited a good deal to become into a PvP fortress. Here are some images of the place in question: Here’s what it looked before: Mod management informed the leadership that was managing the warclaim that they could make edits, but nothing major/significant. Rather than adhering to that, they have decided to: Tear down the top of the palace and turned it into a PvP fort. Filled the city with soulsand and walled off the side streets to create an “Alley of Death”. Filled the lower levels of the fort with cobblestone fences. Made the only path up to the fort a parkour mix of ladders Run none of this past Management when told that they were present any massive edits to the team for review. At the moment, the alley is now deemed as fine, but the problem lies with the PvP Fort/former palace. As such, we have reached out to the group and have told them that we will be reverting the palace to how it was due to them breaching what we said they could do. We are also offering support in the way of /fly, building materials, et cetera, to help speed things along should the playerbase wish to work with us in order to ensure that the fortifications are completed before the warclaim. We recognize that some of the recent calls made, such as the warpath decision, was seen as off due to the fact that there was nothing in the rules talking about these things. We agree that we need to patch the rules to prevent issues like this again and we will be working on this in the upcoming week. We intend to make a your view on the patch ideas we have to address: - Changing warpaths. - Fortification criterias (what is and what isn't a PvP fort). - Fortification edits (what is a minor edit, what is major, et cetera). We apologize for the confusion/mess and hopefully we can work with the community on this.
  11. Fireheart

    War Rules

    -=Rule Update=- Type: Change to current rule Details: If a fortification is within 200 blocks from a road, it will be valid as an extra siege target to progress to the capital if able. This allows for chokepoints and tactical placement from nations if they wish.
  12. Fireheart

    Server Rules

    -=Rule Update=- Type: Rule Change Details: ● The staff is here to help. We volunteer ourselves to this community out of love and a desire to see it succeed. If you have issues with any of us please contact that member’s respective Manager or Administrator.
  13. Data May 11th 2019 Total Avg Players: 100.52 (Last week was 99.79) Nations: Sutica 10.51 | 10.51% Curon 5.79 | 5.76% Aegrothond 5.78 | 5.75% Renatus 5.59 | 5.56% Druids 2.91 | 2.89% Haense 5.93 | 5.9% Adria 13.4 | 13.3% Fenn 3.52 | 3.5% Urguan 2.76 | 2.75% Highelves 5.9 | 5.87% Charters: Orcs 4.51 | 4.51% Rosenyr 0.6 | 0.61% gehenna 1.67 | 1.66% bradshawe 0.05 | 0.05% [!] harrowfall 0.04 | 0.04% [!] Warwick_Castle 0.35 | 0.35% Albion 0.07 | 0.07% Calais 0.04 | 0.04% [!] Starfall 0.11 | 0.11% Nyfe'andria 0.01 | 0.01% Vasiliand 0.00 | 0.00% nenzing 0.95 | 0.95% Kadarsi 0.09 | 0.09% Ayr 0.04 | 0.04% Sherwood 0.11 | 0.11% Ashfeld 0.01 | 0.01% Vira'ker 1.89 | 1.88% Attica 0.09 | 0.09% Gurmazg 0.29 | 0.29% Hua-jiao 0.0 | 0.0% Fuerte 0.12 | 0.12% Marsumar 0.67 | 0.67% Llyria 0.63 | 0.63% Hallowfell 0.05 | 0.05% Lyonesse 0.01 | 0.01% Whiterock 0.33 | 0.33% Thyra 0.82 | 0.82% Ichma Muscia 0.05 | 0.05% Other: brandybrook 0.34 | 0.34% * Vallberg_estate 0.01 | 0.01% * harlond 0.00 | 0.00% * eldar'seal 0.38 | 0.38% * Cloud Temple Tile (33) 4.92 | 4.28% Irongutia 0.01 | 0.01% * Fimlingrad 0.00 | 0.00%% * Vakvel 0.08 | 0.08% * dwarffarm1 0.05 0.05% * dwarftunnel 0.03 0.03% * Omargrimmer 0.49 0.49% * * Wildly off due to how little data was collected on those plots this week or overlapping. DOES NOT REPRESENT ACCURATELY [!] Activity warning. Nation / Charter low on activity. [X] Status revoked. Nation / Charter status revoked / downgraded.
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