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Found 3 results

  1. “The Titans strength is not diminished so easily” “But for his sons?” “We are not pathetic magi, whom cast tricks and spells upon the cretinous foes, we use steel, blood and fire.” - A leal adherent to the Arch-Drakaar declared dutifully. Azdrazi now can garner more strength than ever, their very inner-flame strengthened as their psyche nearly doubled with this boon of strength boosted their prowess two-fold, thusly the renowned drake-strength (orc-strength) Is now theirs to possess. Azdrazi have a total of 16 dragonflame units, when their inner-flame is full and at its most powerful they naturally possess the strength of an orc, yet never quite equalling the full might of an orc. When their inner-flame has been diminished by at least [4] units, or thus leaving a remainder of [4] units their strength is weakened to that of a human, still strong yet not as sufficient as before. Though as well they would find that when they are hiding their form and their inner-flame is scarcely hidden under fake flesh, whilst in polymorph they will not have access to orcish strength, rather remaining at peak descendant. -Cannot have Orc strength whilst in polymorph -It is not ‘peak’ orc strength (meaning a full-on orc is always slightly stronger in strength; having an edge in strength.) -When their inner-flame is reduced to [4] they have peak descendant strength. (of their original race) -If an azdrazi has [12] corrupted units, they will not have orcish-strength. Primordial descent a treacherous yet immaculate form of the Nephilim, mimicking what they should be in all their glory, their inner-flame is strong, burning, and fervent thus rather than the regular orc strength they possess it would now equate to that of an olog. If their inner-flame is reduced to [4] it shall return to peak-orc strength. -When their inner-flame is reduced to [4] they have peak Orc strength. Primordial descent amendment: -While in primordial descent, the Nephilim may be able to use the other augmented flame spells. -Primordial descent will have an increase of height by 1ft (10ft maximum) OOC:
  2. [!] A missive would be posted on each and every Lamp-Post across the Canonist nations. "Lo' lads, its Cyris, ye' may know me from events such as- th' Southern Summit, th' Haensi Peace Summit an' every party Numendil has had fer th' past five years. Et has come tae me attention tat' humanity is strugglin' over th' matter o' th' Homos, so as is often requested oi am sendin' out my two minas regardin th' matter; As anybodeh who's been payin ah moderate amount o' attention to th' Weefolk, ye' will know tat' we 'ave always allowed fer t' gays to thrive 'n prosper within our Shoire, regardless o' 'ow maneh toimes foreign powers 've complained over t' supposed sanctity o' t' matter. Th' Weefolk believe firmleh that th' Creator GOD, or as weh refer tae 'im- Th' Great Farmer- coul'nae give less o' a shite about who yeh love so long as 'tey aint evil or from inside th' close famileh. Ye' may be wonderin' whoi oi am tellin' ye' all 'tis. Et's quite simple- th' Shiredom o' Dunwen shall offer ah proper marriage ceremoneh under th' Knoxist Church tae aneh who desire et, be 'tey 'omosexual, straightsexual or what'er th' other ones are. Weh feel 'tis is th' most kind 'n lovin' 'ting to do in 'tese questionin' times 'mong th' Churches o' Man." - Hugs and Kisses, King Cyris Collingwood the First, the Second, Former Thain of Dunwen.
  3. The Amaethean Foreign Legion On 18th of Sun's Smile SA 84 With the degrading state of Almaris, combined with the deteriorated state of the Glaiveguard, I, Prince-Royarch Kosher Daesmon, find it absolutely necessary that in this age of Mercenaries and warriors to create an Auxiliary unit based off of the growing need of foreign fighters by the nations of the continent. Thus, with the power vested in me, by my position. I created the Amaethean Foreign Legion (AFL) as a subunit of the Glaive Guard and House Daesmon, directly reporting to thee, Prince Royarch of Amaethea. This will be cemented in perpetuity until another commander is vetted and trained in this position of power. The position in charge of the AFL will be named ceremoniously “Commandant.” The Commandant will hold the title of Lord within Amaethea for as long as the position is held. The ranks will be given as the following: Commandant The commanding officer of the Legion. They create the rules of the Legion under their supervision, in their time in the AFL, they hold ultimate authority over the Legion foreign forces, only such authority is surpassed by the Lord Commander and Prince-Royarch. Their task is to lead the armed forces, and devise plans and strategies amongst their own advisors and their colleagues, they are to listen however to the Lord Commander of the nations army, they are the driving force and the leading charge, anyone who holds this rank has expectations to meet and must directly report to the Prince Royarch and (or) Lord Commander =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+= Lieutenant The only position of middle command of the AFL. There can be up to 3 at any given time in the AFL, though it can be less depending on the size of the order at any given time. The task of Lieutenant has always been a change in history, given many cultures and national affairs within different nations, here however the Lieutenant is the overseer of those under him, the Commandant's most trusted advisors during battles, and the best of the best in the battlefield are also given this rank. Furthermore the task of the Lieutenant, is to assist the Commandant, and the other leaders including the Prince Royarch, in in field battle analysis alongside battle plans and training overseeing of former Knights. They would be what most consider the second in command. =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+= Knight Lowest rank of the official Legion. Those who have been awarded this rank are seasoned veterans, and have been inaugurated into AFL by the Commandant. These Are the Finest warriors that make up the larger number of the Legion, they’d be renown and widely known among their people. Upon given this rank, the duties of a Knight would be to assist the commadants in missions, as well as furthering the training of their squires and recruits. =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+= Squire This rank is given to those who have passed all requirements, and have exceeded the training. Upon being given this rank they will be a member of the Legion, but still have a long road ahead of them. They would be training under all the other higher official members, and would make up most of the Legion forces. =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+= Recruit. Members who have yet to prove themselves worthy to be joined into the ranks of the AFL, a trainee rank. They will be given many harsh and rough tasks, all which must be completed to the exact point. Upon failing these task, or the expectations of the higher ups, the Recruit undergoes an exam, if failed they will be removed from the AFL along being stripped of their rank beforehand. With this, the actions of the AFL do not reflect Amaethea even though they are an auxiliary unit. AFL contracts do not reflect the opinions of the state’s administration or their allies. Ceru’Na Amaethea Signed Kosher Daesmon- Prince of Amaethea and Malinor, Hand of Justice, Golden Tiger of the West
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