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  1. The Grand Reformation Of the Empire of Men and Half-Men Proclaimed on the 9th of The Amber Cold, in the 175th year of the Second Age; By the Council of His Omnipotence Emperor King Cyris Collingwood the First, the Second. -=+=- It has come to the attention of his absolute supremacy King Cyris Collingwood I II that a fellow representative Empire of Man has arisen within Aevos, thus challenging his claim to absolute domain over the Race of Man. His excellency believes that sharing is caring, and would be wholly in favour of such a development- however. The exclusion of: The Sovereignty of Hyspia, The Kingdom of Norland, The Kingdom of Númendil, The Principality of Reinmar, The Principality of Vlachia and of course the Koyo-Kuni Shogunate from the Covenant of Man is rather impolite, if not mean-spirited. THUS His Majesty offers the following: I. An invitation to those left out to his own, better Empire, with greater benefits and more holidays than the Covenant. II. An invitation to those within the Covenant to any and all future parties, festivals or shindigs held by the Neo-Orenian Empire. III. An invitation to the League of Veletz, to reform itself as an independently governed territory of the Neo-Orenian Empire. IV. Packed Lunches to any and all that would seek to engage in a diplomatic mission with the Neo-Orenian Empire seeking an Alliance and/or Trade-Pact. -=+=- It is with these tidings that His Royal Absolute and Fair Highness bids those concerned, and those merely curious- adieu. -=- Signed - His Majesty Emperor King Cyris Collingwood the First, the Second. - Thain of Dunfarthing and her vassals, Prince in-Law of the Petra, Protector of the Wee, Lord of Greater Bramblebury, Bywater, Barnsley, Honeyhill and the Hillmen. Father of Foxes, Liberator of Frogtopia, Leader of the Merrymen, Slayer of Gods, The Oathbreaker, Grand Wizard of Bogwartz: School of Shamanism and Housemagery, Tamer of the Forest, Chairman of the League Of Super Best Friends, Wielder of most holy Knoxscalibur, Emperor of the Former Holy Orenian Empire of Bywater, Shogging Champion, Price Gouger, Guild Mason, Market Manipulator, Attorney at law, Rescuer of the Tar, Lord of Barnsley, Distributor of Golden Stars, Emperor of the Neo-Orenian Empire.
  2. A proud halfling King began writing to his legal team.
  3. https://youtu.be/S91wQbYYX3Q?si=oEruNTRwpBaZoXPv
  4. A rather idle halfling King glanced up the the tear in the sky. "Oh aye, ye?" Before opting to pack up his pipe and light it up, willing the cataclysm would sort itself out.
  5. Crest designed by @_RoyalCrafter_ Our History "Bring unto the realm halfling ire." These are the words of the crowned fox of the Collingwoods, a steadfast call to arms that echoed throughout the Kingdom of Haense when I, Cyris Collingwood, the first of his name- broke an oath to King Karl III in order to abandon the Shire of Honeyhill with the hope of granting my people, the Weefolk, a freedom they had not tasted since the evermore distant days of Dunshire. The lineage of the Collingwood family stretches back to the ancient days of Atlas, though then we took a different name. In those distant times, my great grandfather, Glenn Collingvine, a valiant Knight of Knox, found himself wounded and maimed, seeking refuge in the Dominion of Malin to escape the ruthless hordes of September. It was there, amidst the care of the elves who tended to his injuries, that he encountered and ultimately married a young Ame woman, my great-grandmother, Arleigh Ainawood. Their daughter, my grandmother Arlen Collingwood, remains a mysterious figure, her presence fading from historical records after her youth. It can be assumed that at some point in her life, she crossed paths with my grandfather, and together they cultivated my mother, from a patch of Pumpkins no less. It is said my mother was the spitting image of Knox himself, which raises several questions regarding her bone structure and general health- however, those are for another familial document; Through reasons that to this day evade me, she left when I was but a babe, leaving me in the care of my father, a distant, cold man- though protective of his own when it mattered; I miss him dearly. When I came of age the very avatar of the Pumpkin Lord himself appeared before me, on one of my frequent walks through the ever twisting brambled woodlands of Elvenesse- though what events transpired as a result of that fateful encounter can be found in the library under the 'Bramblebury' section. I do not regret the discourse my actions fueled- while to this day the Peregrins hold their grudges- we are under the control of Arugula's puppet no longer and even they cannot deny Knoxscalibur's aurum blade scorched its tainted hide, but I digress. Since the days of Honeyhill our family has flourished beyond simply myself and those before me- we have grown into something greater; As the records now stand we are the largest family in the Shire. Knox's magic flows through our veins stronger than ever, as does the knightly courage and honour of our ancestors; With these gifts at our side, the Shire shall know peace for centuries to come- under our crown, whomever's heavy head it shall rest upon… Our Virtues & Traditions The Collingwood family upholds the value of integrity above all else. For us, once a promise is made, it becomes an unbreakable commitment that we honour by any means necessary. Our family name is synonymous with unbroken trust, a quality that strengthens our resolve to fulfil Knox's will and safeguard the Weefolk. In our possession, we have heirlooms passed down by the head of our family, symbols to remind our successors of our legacy and the values they are expected to uphold. Our sigil, a fox adorned with a golden crown, represents our noble and resilient nature. We embrace the cunning and resourcefulness of the fox, embodying its traits as we navigate challenges. Its crown signifies our noble lineage and the Knox-given authority we wield with honour and integrity. Bravery, honour, and trustworthiness are the cornerstones of our character. We constantly strive to embody these virtues, guiding our actions and interactions. Through upholding these principles, we seek to create an environment where the Weefolk can flourish under our protection. Our ultimate goal is to foster a Shire that reflects our values and enables the growth and prosperity of those we hold dear. Our Faith Foremost and above all, the Collingwood family remains unwavering in their loyalty to the Pumpkin Lord, Knox. Amidst recent whispers painting the fiend Arugula as some supposed harbinger of justice, we raise our voices in defiance, declaring such notions as blasphemy. Let it be known to all that the Pumpkin Lord is the one true patron of the Weefolk, and no heretical Arugulean Cultists shall divert our unwavering commitment to this eternal truth. Our allegiance rests solely with Knox and Knox alone. May his shadowy radiance forever guide our steps and illuminate our path. Our Blood Excluding the many that have been adopted into our noble family of course; The Collingwoods have through countless generations clung to a few distinctive, physical traits that set us apart from our fellow weefolk. Our children are most commonly born with hair as black as the night and as thick as the sheaves that scatter Knox's golden wheat fields. Collingwoods possess irises of varied colours, as is reflected in our heraldic crest of silver, blue and gold. Our lineage boasts a delicately defined bone structure, a testament to the fairness of our most distant ame ancestors. Notably, even among the halflings, our shorter stature stands as a beacon of distinction, an enduring mark of our most proper halfling blood. These defining characteristics, interwoven into our bloodline by the hands of time, are treasured reminders of the indomitable spirit that courses through our veins. As the Collingwoods journey forth, may these traits continue to unify and distinguish us as a resilient and noble family. Our Heirlooms While our family has persisted for shorter a time than most, we have acquired many treasures and trinkets throughout our time in this realm, some simple keepsakes- others powerful magical artifacts that should never fall into the wrong hands. I, Cyris, feel it necessary to catalogue them- to ensure that they are not lost to history, or to theft. Knoxscalibur - The Shovel of our Kin, granted to I, Cyris, by the Pumpkin Lord Knox. It's Aurum blade has scorched the false idol's retched hide, and has slewn many more creatures of the night. May it serve my descendants well, for the world is vast and full of monsters. The Collingwood Crown - A trinket, and all I have to remember my mother by. It's origins are hence unknown, though it serves a symbol of our divine obligation to protect those that would call us royal. Frogtopia's Favour - A golden medallion, gifted by one of the founding chieftains of Frogtopia in the days of Honeyhill, following the victory against the Spider Queen by myself and the honorable Breasal Nimblefoot. A reminder of our friendship with both him, and the many frogs he- as frogkempt- protects. The Time Scythe - A dangerous and powerful relic, pried from the scheming hands of Watermelon-Joe, I daren't imagine what destruction could be wrought should it's nature be discovered by any that hold ill-will, hence it shall be kept from this record. The King's Shield - A personal keepsake from the Mori-Siege of Norland in Almaris, it held back many a blow as I lead the charge to take back the inner-chambers of the city's walls, preventing a flank from underneath what forces remained atop it's ramparts. A Closing Word of Advice Do not mistake our kin's gilded exterior as superiority, the Great Farmer made all of us as equal folk, the duty of our family is to protect such. Heavy is the head that dons the crown, as the rest of the world shall see it as it is seen amongst the realms of men, though we know better than to put ourselves above others, wield the influence it shall bring within the realms of men and elves to deter foreign mingling amongst our folk, there may come a time when Emperors, or Biggun Kings shall try and subjugate our folk once more, wield the crown of our kin as a tool to show that we do not need them. Knox has granted us our freedom and we shall protect it fiercely, lest our Shiredom crumbles and our people are driven to obscurity once more... "Bring Unto The Realm Halfling Ire" -House Collingwood-
  6. +1 There's already Kha druids. I mean- I don't see any reason they'd not be able to
  7. Open the Baby-Gate, Free Clocky. He gets sad when he's left alone.


  9. This is so ******* cool. Best way to guarantee roleplay without axing small relams.
  10. Deleting Status Updates lmao

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      Might as well disable the status updates if we're going as far as to delete them based off of subjective reasoning and emotional logic... But I'm just a user; I'm no one special!

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      You're special to me Net <3

  11. [!] A missive would be posted on each and every Lamp-Post across the Canonist nations. "Lo' lads, its Cyris, ye' may know me from events such as- th' Southern Summit, th' Haensi Peace Summit an' every party Numendil has had fer th' past five years. Et has come tae me attention tat' humanity is strugglin' over th' matter o' th' Homos, so as is often requested oi am sendin' out my two minas regardin th' matter; As anybodeh who's been payin ah moderate amount o' attention to th' Weefolk, ye' will know tat' we 'ave always allowed fer t' gays to thrive 'n prosper within our Shoire, regardless o' 'ow maneh toimes foreign powers 've complained over t' supposed sanctity o' t' matter. Th' Weefolk believe firmleh that th' Creator GOD, or as weh refer tae 'im- Th' Great Farmer- coul'nae give less o' a shite about who yeh love so long as 'tey aint evil or from inside th' close famileh. Ye' may be wonderin' whoi oi am tellin' ye' all 'tis. Et's quite simple- th' Shiredom o' Dunwen shall offer ah proper marriage ceremoneh under th' Knoxist Church tae aneh who desire et, be 'tey 'omosexual, straightsexual or what'er th' other ones are. Weh feel 'tis is th' most kind 'n lovin' 'ting to do in 'tese questionin' times 'mong th' Churches o' Man." - Hugs and Kisses, King Cyris Collingwood the First, the Second, Former Thain of Dunwen.
  12. The King of the Wee read the warrant with a disappointed sigh. "Shoul' harm come tae Minty our kin will beh friends no more. Add 'tat tae t' court record."
  13. Whatever system you devise, bare in mind that activity checks won't allow smaller realms to grow. Bywater wouldn't have had a chance to become the size it is now if it was constantly under pressure. Go easy on the little guys, so that they might become something better in time. If they're absolutely dead- then by all means send the ruination team in. Or- and hear me out here...
  14. Halflings are gonna crusade Haense, ex Adrian PVP alts make halfling personas asap xoxoxoxoxo

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      this marketing trick is so good


      gonna actually do it.

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      Halfing world domination? I think yes

  15. "Welp, tere goes my plans for t' weekend." A pious halfling king mused.
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