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  1. Name: King King Cyris Collingwood the First, the Second.Race: Clo- HalflingPick for Sheriff: Mimosa ApplefootPick for Mayor: Bob the Turtle
  2. There is merchant roleplay? I've seen a whole lot of it and my nation doesn't even use Minas internally.
  3. [!] In response a simple missive would be posted atop the oaken post of the Pinemaw Barn.
  4. Eviction Notice On the 10th of the Amber Cold, Year 152 of the Second Age. For the malpractice of undercutting both your neighbours within Barnsley and the agreed minimum market price of the Silver Merchant Sovereignty, it is with great displeasure that the Trade Authority of Barnsley must order your eviction from the premises upon the Pumpkin Week's end. We wish you luck in your future business ventures, sincerely, The Farming Commune of Barnsley, on the behalf of His Majesty King King Cyris Collingwood the First, The Second.
  5. "Who t' feck bathes with clothes on, ta's t' real crime 'ere" A rather confused Halfling King mused.
  6. [!] To the citizens of The Commonwealth of the Petra and those of Númendil, a grand missive was delivered, nailed to each and every sign-post, notice board and gatehouse. The King's Road Begins -------------------===={ + }====------------------- For far too long, the winding roads of our realms have gone unplanned, unloved, and untouched. But today, I, Cyris, King of the Weefolk, am most honoured to make a monumental announcement on behalf of the citizenry of Dúnwen. We are putting an end to the neglect of fair Aevos' infrastructure. We begin this venture with the restoration of the Grand Bridge that once gracefully spanned Loch Dúin in centuries long past. But this is just the beginning! The construction of the King's road is underway, a testament to our dedication to Dúnfarthing and her neighbours. From the bridge's head, a grand brick road, meticulously crafted from chiseled stone, will stretch westward, reaching all the way to the distinguished borders of the Commonwealth of the Petra. It is my heartfelt plea to our neighbors in Númenost and of the Petra to seize this diplomatic opportunity. Let us, together, establish a dignified, travel-convenient, and, above all, cooperative connection among the Eastern nations. This is no small undertaking for my kin, and I recognize the challenges that lie ahead for all of us. However, armed with determination, a hunger for grandeur, and a shared vision, our realms shall, at long last, be linked in a way that will leave an indelible mark on history. Let the world take note of this proud moment! -=+=- Sincerely, His Royal Majesty King King Cyris Collingwood the first, the second. Thain of Dunfarthing and her vassals, Protector of the Wee, Lord of Greater Bramblebury, Honeyhill and the Hillmen. Father of Foxes, Liberator of Frogtopia, Slayer of Gods, The Oathbreaker, Grand Wizard of Bogwartz: School of Shamanism and Housemagery, Tamer of the Forest, Chairman of the League Of Super Best Friends, Wielder of most holy Knoxscalibur, Emperor of the Holy Orenian Empire of Bywater, Shogging Champion, Attorney at law.
  7. Let them come. We'll be ready. Halfling ire knows no bounds!
  8. [!] A missive would be tied round a stake in the ground in the ruins(?) of the unbuilt, unoccupied Khalidonian wastelands. "Oopsie doopsie, the Princedom of Khalidonia has been annexed by the Númendilians after a series of bath-taking and tax-evasion related crimes were commited. I leave Bedwyr of Númenost in charge of these lands until further notice. Khalid is hereby stripped of all titles and lands for his crimes. -Hugs and Kisses, King King Cyris Collingwood the 1st, the 2nd."
  9. The Treaty of Khalidonia Article I - Vassalisation The peoples of the Princedom of Khalidonia, led by Prince Khalid Mogg, shall become Vassals of The Shiredom of Dúnfarthing Article II - Titles The Shiredom of Dúnfarthing recognizes Khalid Mogg and all his future Heirs as the Prince of Khalidonia, as a vassal of Dúnfarthing. Furthermore, the title “Lord of the Moggers” is recognized as being bound to the Prince of Khalidonia. The position “Grandmaster of the Canons Regular” is to be recognized as the Head of the Khalidonian Guard. The Land of Khalidonia shall pass to whomever the Prince deems as his successor Article III - Land, and rights. The House of Mogg shall be granted lands at twenty three by eighteen metres and maintains the right to build whatever they want on the land, so long as the access to the main road is not cut. Article IV - Taxation The House of Mogg shall pay 100 Mina to the Shiredom per year. And the Axe Cowbiliterator shall be returned to King Cyris after it was rudely stolen Article V - The Laws of the Shire Citizens and leadership of the Princedom are to abide by the laws and customs of the Shire. The House of Mogg holds the right to practise their own religion unless it’s Arugulean, then they will be bollocked by Dúnfarthing, and Crucified by Khalidonia. The House of Mogg and all citizens of Khalidonia holds the right to trial if accused of a crime committed within Khalidonia If the crime happens outside of Khalidonia, but within the Shiredom, the perpetrator shall be fed to the maw if found guilty in a fair trial as according to Dúnfarthing law, with the right to a Khalidonian lawyer, who has the right to a really cool suit and tie paid for by the government of Dúnfarthing. If the accused is a member of House Mogg, he or she shall be punished by the Prince of Khalidonia as he sees fit, with the exceptions of Treason, Theft and Murder. The Princedom of Khalidonia has the right to use mina outside of the Shire. Every time the Prince of Khalidonia is addressed in an official capacity, it must be by ALL titles listed in the signature at the bottom of this contract, which are to be deemed as titles held by the Prince of Khalidonia. Failure to comply with section V, condition 7 is to be considered grave disrespect and will have the perpetrator put in the stocks and have rotten fruit thrown at them, and to be laughed at, for no less than ten saint’s minutes. If found guilty in a Khalidonian trial, the right to execution by Crucifiction is maintained, so long as the corpse is removed within 2-3 working days as to prevent foul smells. A working day is defined as any day the Prince of Khalidonia can be bothered to give an order. The Shiredom permits the unrestricted, unregulated and unhindered operations of the Canons Regular within Khalidonia, as long as they commit no crimes or disturbances within the rest of Dúnfarthing or other surrounding territories. Surrounding is defined as directly bordering realms, IE: Lurin, Aaun and Vortice Khalidonia withholds the right to pick out any Voidal Mage they see in Khalidonia, verbally berate them, and smack the shit out of them. And whatever comes from that. Including sharp, pointy things entering them. The same right applies to elves; They will however not permanently harm, maim or scar them, and must promise not to use weapons. Unless they are voidal mages. The peoples of Khalidona may not convert any residents of the Shiredom, unless they come seeking conversion. Any attempts to threaten, pressure or force citizens of the Shire to convert shall be seen as Treason, and ontop of any Shiredom punishment; the perpetrators shall be smacked very hard across the face by the Prince of Khalidonia. Article VI - Title Revocation Clause This contract is legally binding, the lands of Khalidonia are hereby the birthright of the Head of the Mogg family (Through the line of Khalid Mogg) unless the following conditions are met: If the terms of the contract are violated, the Prince of Khalidonia is taken to trial. If found guilty, the land may be revoked or handed off to a suitable ruler. These violations must be considered ‘Major’ (I.E: Forceful conversion, failure to pay taxes) If the King of the Shire is considered to be “Taking the Piss” by the Prince with his accusations, then the Prince of Khalidonia has the right to challenge him to a one on one chess match to settle the charges, which must be conducted in public, pre-scheduled, with both parties “Absolutely shitfaced” which must be invoked by saying “Are you taking the piss?” Should the Prince of Khalidonia succeed in this match, all accusations shall be withdrawn- however further failure to prove his innocence shall result in Khalidonia as a civilization being erased from all records and the land being renovated into a waterpark. Upon the instance of the Land Revocation being invoked, House Mogg withholds the right to maintain their non-princedom related titles. This includes “Lord of the Moggers” In the case a common law is broken, the lands and titles are revoked from the current holder and handed off to the chosen successor. In the case of a political law (I.E: Rebellion, Treason) being violated, the lands shall be revoked entirely Article VII - Self-Governance House Mogg holds the right to govern and tax their lands as they see fit, including the strip of road that runs through their territory. House Mogg holds the right to write their own laws to enforce within Khalidonia, except laws that conflict with Dúnfarthing’s own laws. Signed, His Royal Majesty King King Cyris Collingwood the first, the second. Thain of Dúnfarthing and her vassals, Protector of the Wee, Lord of Greater Bramblebury, Honeyhill and the Hillmen, Mingebottom and Dúnwen. Father of Foxes, Liberator of Frogtopia, Slayer of Gods, The Oathbreaker, Grand Wizard of Bogwartz: School of Shamanism and Housemagery, Tamer of the Forest, Chairman of the League Of Super Best Friends, Wielder of most holy Knoxscalibur, Former Emperor of the dearly missed Holy Orenian Empire of Bywater, Shogging Champion, Attorney at law. His Royal Highness, Khalid Mogg First of his name, Lord of the Moggers, disputed King of the Roads, (Allegedly) Former Bandit of Aunies, Slayer of the people that used to be called Adrianites - not to be confused with the current realm of Veletz, Not Slayer but former enemy of “Hanesers”, Lord of that one rock in Khaladonia, Grandmaster of the Canons Regular, Former Owner of Cowbliterator, Deputy Chairman of the League of Super Best Friends, Head of House Mogg and Prince of Khalidonia.
  10. Upon reading the declaration, Emperor King Cyris the First, the Second, swiftly disbanded the Orenian Empire of Bywater for legal reasons. "Feck me 'tat were a close one."
  11. "An assassin publicly announcin' tat' e's in need o' murder weapons. Comical." Uttered a particularly ginger Dwed, idly sipping from a glass of Lurin White.
  12. "Free bread, free milk? Oh oi- Bernard would be proud." A weary halfling king uttered upon examining the missive.
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