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Found 2 results

  1. ♫♫♫ AZDROMOTH’S CHOSEN "O’ Heralds Mine, bearers of the mark, receivers of our blood, yield unto Me.” “The Call of Avarice shall wake the slumbering giant, when dark portents wax nigh and the earth trembles with his rage, heed them as the counsel of the father. The Titan, who hath slept since the birth of our cage shall crawl once more from the tomb of his jailor's making, vehement in his wrath. The War Against the Darkness shall be as nothing to his vengeance. For the Sons of Malin, few in number, cannot stand against him. And thus shall the Lig
  2. Yeagerist

    The Azdrazi

    ♫ “In the days of yore, when Aegis yet hosted descendant life, there existed two, ancient towers, whose names were Aemon and Daemon. It is said that therein, the race of dragons made covenant with the race of Man. The god Dragur - whose very breath animated stone into life, birthing dragons - so fancied Men, admiring their indomitable wills and capacity for genius. His children, the Dragaar were bestowed unto Man as guardians, forever sworn to safeguard the nascent sons of Horen. It is rumored that this covenant is accredited to Horen’s adoption of a black dragon as his personal sta
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