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  1. Jose Fuentes, Margrave of Coracoa, cheers for the house he didn't know! Though he was happy nonetheless at the expansion of his friends!
  2. "Humans confuse me. A greater being will descend upon our plane and yet they speak of insults and gossip all day." Cerrick of Khamees continued to sip on tea in a tavern as he spoke.
  3. #LockThatWudUp

    1. _Jandy_


      what. the ****.

  4. bro how are me and @Haraldsupposed to do the Paladrazi gay romance :<<<<
  5. Cerrick quickly buries his personal journals
  6. Cerrick - A former blacksmith and sword for hire turned Paladin in order to combat against Dark. Though he is loyal to a fault, he is often unpredictable in thought
  7. Who knew the lotc addiction ran that deep..

    1. TeawithFrisket


      You don’t even know the half of it

  8. Cerrick of Khamees looked upon the missive with pride. Whilst they may not be allies of the Paladins, they aligned with their cause for the greater good of existence. "Perhaps their strength of will shall inspire others."
  9. bro werewolf why couldnt i be the half god :<<<

    1. PhilosopherBear


      Should use your reach hacks to get it, smh

  10. Cerrick of Khamees, a servant of the Creator's Light, looked upon the missive with a solemn nod. He looked around to the square of Portoregne with not a look of fear, but of hope. "May the Light guide their decisions, the world depends on it."
  11. Pancho

    Until Then

    Farewell, Sefardi. Everytime I've interacted with you has been good, I wish you well in life beyond LOTC
  12. Why should someone wearing pull or half plate be as fast as my character wearing robes and tennis shoes. I rest my case.
  13. Kdot brought a nuke to a fist fight

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