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  1. [!] This missive would be publicly available The Final Will and Testament of Antonio de Murat, the Second Patriot of Orenia. ------------------------------------------------- It has come to my attention that I should start writing these again in case of my demise, especially before combat that I haven’t indulged in since my youth. As I have no heirs, no family, and only one kin that I know of exists, I suppose my fortune would’ve gone to her if I had ever amassed one. I suppose it st… (This line would be partially burnt by cigar ash.) ..Sedan has where it has ended. This fight will be a brutal one, one that we shall inevitably prevail in, but at a cost upon which will be greater than a few mina or swords, but with the lives of descendants. Thus, I shall play my part in the bigger game upon my death with which lives will be destroyed and some men never to show their faces again. ———————————————————————— The Confessions of a Sinner I have done many things I am not proud of in life, many of which shall be lost to time hopefully. As the nephew of the late Tony Romano, I was held to high expectations by the kin of the Titan. I met many, shook hands with the vilest folk who ever walked the continent. Many names are known, but others I shall take to the grave, and may GOD give us the strength to kill them all. I may have been one of them, but I will never stray the path in death. ———————————————————————— There will be no goodbye letters, as I have no one to say goodbye to other than the Ferrymen Company, Hogo Bojo, and Sedan.
  2. Kosher Daesmon paced around the keep he called home, shivering and shaking with rage as he crumpled up a piece of paper and kicked it across the hall. “I fought for their freedom.. He fought for their freedom.. now their corruption has gone TOO FAR.” As the ‘ame Prince broke down crying, a light within him would extinguish, something dark taking hold of his heart and mind as the once golden eyes of the Daesmon turned dark. “I will have revenge no matter the cost, all the citizens of Celianor are culpable of this cowardly act and will burn for their crimes.”
  3. A disgraced mali’ame Prince would shake his head upon reading the missive. “I fought for a state that adopted the one thing I swore to destroy.. maybe I truly am a monster.”
  4. The Patriot would open a wardrobe that contained a blade, wiping the dust off his father's old longsword as he prepared to do his duty.
  5. A giant ‘thill could be seen a and heard ramming iron spikes into wood as it echoed across the bay, rhythmic in nature but never stopping.
  6. "There shall be a sore day... a red day.. where the forces of Evil and Darkness shall be purged in holy fire.. but for now revenge will suffice." A 'ame Prince would tilt his head upwards, hoping that the Shaman would rest easy.
  7. Ser Alto, the Patriot of Orenia, would sign the Lorraine as he readied the banners. "My father swore an oath to the Empire, if this man wishes to be Frederick the Phoenix then I shall ride with him."
  8. Man you got me bawling rn
  9. Pancho


    The Patriot stood ready to defeat a False King once more and to avenge his broken oath.
  10. What I personally found very interesting in this post was this section. A banned player was reached out to in order to benefit the community, and then their work is dialed down. It's quite disturbing to hear (especially with all the detail work you've given us in the screenshots) that the rewrite that seems perfectly reasonable, especially considering the state of how many of these people are on the server. I think that you coming forward is the best thing for the community to get transparency on how this new policy came about, but after seeing the depth that was gone into, definitely feels like there could be more to the final product.
  11. A forgotten Patriot of Orenia would throw up Acrean gang signs, frowning and shaking his head at the missive.
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