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  1. The Scorpion Gets Stung. -=-=-=- Another day, another moment of peace, thought young Victoriano. The Maresc of Petra, safe and sound. The heartlands had been at peace once more, thus he traveled to the one place where peace had shone; Adria. From a young cutthroat taking advantage of an unstable system to a respected soldier of the Commonwealth, he had it all. Now, he wanted to enjoy the fruits of his labor finally. Thus, he decided to travel the safest and quickest route, straight through the new Adria. The sun shone high over the bread basket of Almaris, the Vavasour riding quickly down the King’s Road. He had made it there with half a day’s ride, a new record for the natural rider. Swiftly, he booked a room at the local inn before deciding to sit by the fire for a while. Then, the blade came to his neck. He froze, not knowing what to do as the cold steel pressed against his throat. “What, what do you want?” Though the figure was silent, only dragging him out to the forest around Velec. He would be shoved up against a tree, unarmed and unaware. As the figure uttered some final words, the dagger plunged into his stomach. Then another slashed his stomach twice, leaving the Maresc bleeding out and staining the fertile soils of Upper Petra crimson as he moved on from the mortal plane.
  2. It’s almost as if you didn’t even read what Spoon said, he said he doesn’t condone any of their actions. He says that people grow up and change, which is not defending Charl’s prior actions whatsoever.
  3. There is something also concerning in these screenshots. Gusanoarentonio (Might not be his actual account in the screenshots), a CURRENT NATION LEADER, took part in this. This should be bringing up red flags as well considering the nature of it. Now, I believe people can change, but if people are going after Charlamagne for what he did, then this also must be addressed.
  4. "I'm glad to hear the Canonists are accepting those who not know if they are man or woman. Equality is key."
  5. Soprano de Murat, who’s father’s father had served in the Imperial Brigade for Philip III, would raise his blades with the Adrians. He had no words to say, for words would no longer dictate this conflict.
  6. Soprano de Murat gave a hearty chuckle as he pulled away Johann Barclay in chains, dragging him along the streets of Adria in shame.
  7. The Third Prince would take the missive down from the Amaethean notice board, slamming to the ground as he lit a cigar. "Folly! All of it! If this even gets considered by the Church, then that proves that GOD has no control over his flock!" He would let out a puff of smoke, tapping the ashes off and burning the missive on the streets of Caras y Tennellar.
  8. “Bullshit that defense was rock solid.” A retired Prince would use his favorite quote.
  9. Make minas more valuable and gained through a more roleplay based market system using NPCs and make resources somewhat rare for nations to spur trade
  10. Voryl Ireheart would stand behind Bakir, blade at his hip as he scanned the area for opps!
  11. Voryl Ireheart slowly read the missive as he woke from his slumber, slouching off to find Gror.
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