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  1. Ser Jose Fuentes stared towards the Orcish lands from his desk across the river in La Dorada. He silently drew on his cigarette before throwing to the ground and stomping on it. His fingers tapped against the warm sandstone as he nervously chewed on his lip. "Esto es un pepinillo."
  2. Nvm, undid the hide

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  3. Very sad to see a lack of apps after a recruitment drive announced :<

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    2. subatomic


      image.thumb.png.a792104b08b874d920948f35425524bb.pngmy skin is so fire @chaotikalty for this heat 

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    4. Salvius


      I hate staff because they are biased simple.

  4. Ser Jose Fuentes watched from a tower overlooking La Dorada as the bells rang and the news was shouted through the streets. All he could do was look to his sword against the wall and pick it up. "Not even God can save us now."
  5. "Rally the banners." Ser Jose Fuentes ordered to his mentor and good friend Asbjorn ( @DeusVult). He silently clutched a cross, looking out to the river beside La Dorada.
  6. Ser Jose Fuentes cheered as the threat was routed! He casually cleaned off his sword. "Pigs to the slaughter."
  7. Ser Jose Fuentes, Colonel of the Hyspian Regiment, smiled the Sun's Smile.
  8. Ser Jose Fuentes checks his mail, sad to see no new orders regarding the missive.
  9. Kenian ‘Fat ****’ sharpened his blade once more. "Stassion dogs. How have the valah fallen so far. I'll put them out of their misery just like their Orenian parents."
  10. He was under the influence of lust

  11. "Little do they know, Maethor Sythaerin is the greatest fisherman of them all. His bait hooks the skygods readily." A 'thill from a far away land commented!
  12. Jose Fuentes prepares to address the Hyspian people with his Viceroy @Wavey
  13. nations arent ooc led i promise

    1. Nug


      in my nation, we only roleplay, we never use discord!!! and we love sending birds in a roleplay honoring manner

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      LoTC should expand irp means of organization & event planning and push hard against heavy discord use and discord leadership/planning.

    3. Cobbler


      6 hours ago, NotEvilAtAll said:

      LoTC should expand irp means of organization & event planning and push hard against heavy discord use and discord leadership/planning.

      I think you can do this already with signs, books etc. Just that you’d find nobody knows about the events and organization would be pretty shit haha. OOC leadership/planning will and has always been a thing. Sometimes people go overboard with it, ie planning successors 3-4 generations down the line. Though as long as it’s done to enhance RP there isn’t anything wrong with it.

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