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Found 6 results

  1. Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): Ski Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): Lordfulger Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): Clear Xray and Fly hacks (wasn’t me so I was banned for account sharing) Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Ski Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): (A modified copy from my former ban appeal) So i decided to log into Lord of the Craft after not being on for a very long time (over half a year). Sure enough, all my progress was reset as I believe the map was different. I got on and played a little while, creating a man, went to Oren (I believe that’s what it is called), applied for the military, helped someone break out of jail (they were told that they could go and the guard logged out forgetting that the poor player couldn’t ss out), and then I went afk. When I got back, I was banned. After further understanding the situation, my account was banned for xray and fly hacks which I did not do. However, as one of my bros might have gone on my account (I never confronted them as it isn’t that big of a deal to me (don’t take that the wrong way...I mean the other type of isn’t big deal)). I was banned for clear xray and fly hacks. So after talking with several admins and suck, I was then banned for unintentional account sharing as it is against the rules, intentional or not and to this I fully agree with. I was told to appeal on October 9th although I forgot and thought it was the 12th as is why I am applying now having seen the truth. As I mentioned before, I did have the xray/fly hacks on as I was testing out a friend’s anti-cheat with his permission and forgot to change back to vanilla. That was my fault. As this is my first offense ever on any game (been playing games for 13 years if not more) I would like to ask if you could consider unbanning me. As stated before, this is a great server and one that I would never want to harm. I thank you for your time and look forward to playing with y’all once again. ~ Lordfulger Screenshots/Vids (Link): https://postimg.org/image/cd697gav7/
  2. TekkitCommando

    TekkitCommando's Developer Application

    #Minecraft Name: TekkitCommando #Skype (Can be PM'd or saved until the application is reviewed, where I will ask you): ethan.smith184 #Previous History in Object Oriented Languages(C++, C#, Java, etc.): Java, PHP #Previous History in Java?: Bukkit/Spigot plugin developer, Forge mod developer #Any prior experience with Bukkit/Spigot/Another Minecraft server API?: Almost 3 years with the Bukkit/Spigot api, A little experience with Forge modding. #If you have any public, open source works or even works you wish to share you can link them here be it repositories/screenshots/etc; https://github.com/TekkitCommando and https://github.com/WooMinecraft/WooMinecraft #Do you acknowledge that you understand you will still be required to complete a small Spigot Plugin to showcase your ability and/or learn Spigot?: Yes.
  3. RK9ify

    Rk9's Fm Application

    Enjoy some music while you read my app! RK9’s FM APPLICATION Real Name: Ayaan Malhotra In-game Name: RK9ify RP Name: Helrin Firestorm / Eloise Ibar’Ker Time Zone: IST (Indian Standard Time) (GMT + 5:30) How Long will you be online per week: Now that school’s started again and this is such a crucial year for me, I might be on for an hour or so during weekdays, but during weekends, I’ll be a lot more active on the server. I’m always on the forums, weekdays or weekends, so school won’t get in my way. Experience: None. None at all. I have never moderated a forums, so this would be my first time. Although, I do have experience as a moderator / admin on many servers that have since shut down. They were only around for a few months, but I know what it takes to moderate players, and myself. Previous Forums: N/A Why I should be a FM: I have absolutely no experience as an FM but there’s a first time for everything. I’m almost always on the forums. I know the rules of the forums. I enjoy helping all players whenever I can and I want to help provide a healthier environment on the forums for all its users. As we all may know, the forums are full of rather toxic and rude players, as well as a lot of trolls. I want to help prevent those types of people from ruining everyone else's fun on the forums. I would also like to develop my skills as a moderator in general. I know the GM’s and Admins don’t know me very well, if at all, and would be judging me purely through my application. I would like to say that I am very mature when I have to be. I can prove to be a valuable addition to the FM Team and would not let the Team down if I were to be given a chance. Other Info: LotC means a lot to me, despite it being just another Minecraft server, I’ve made some great friends here and had a great time. For all of this, I want to give back to the server. I would also like to thank the GM handling this application for taking time out of their busy schedule to read this.
  4. Real Name: Josh Ingame Name: Gigarun RP Name: Pine Druid Gi'Garun Time Zone: London (GMT) How Long will you be online per week. About 4-5 hours a day at the most, so about 30+ hours a week. Even moreso on the forums, especially at weekends. Experience: I have had about 2 years of experience as a Forum moderator. I have been a Forum Moderator on a rather large server called YouCraft since I became Moderator back in early 2012, and have continued moderating the forums after the server closed in February 2013. Previous Forums: http://youcraftserver.enjin.com (Still Running) http://www.thestoofnetwork.net/inactive (Inactive as of recently) Why I should be a FM: I believe that I should be a Forum Moderator, because I have a lot of experience, and will always be willing to dedicate a lot of my free time to helping the server and the website/forums. I will always be happy to help anyone, no matter their rank or designation, and believe that I can do more to help than I am currently. In the 2 years of moderating forums, I believe that I have a good grip of what it takes, and what is necessary to keep a clean, friendly environment that players and staff alike, can enjoy using. I wish to use my skills as a moderator to help others, and also myself. It will help me to improve my skills as an FM and at the same time, benefit and help the members of the server. I feel as though I have a good enough understanding of the server that will help me in my job as a Forum Moderator. Other Info: Well my name is Josh, I am a young art/film/creative enthusiast who enjoys spending most of his time making films, drawing, or just generally being creative. I have always enjoyed roleplaying, and The Lord of the Craft has been an amazing experience so far, allowing me to express myself as something that I am not. I have a YouTube channel, on which I mainly post speedarts of me drawing minecraft art. I am also a member of the Media, and Event Teams. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. -Josh (Gigarun)
  5. Minecraft name: HamsterGamer Skype ID: hammygraphics Time zone: London (GMT) Have you ever been banned or received a strike? If so, link the report: Never What do you believe are key factors for a successful event? - 1) Maximum Involvement, 2) Fun and interesting to the player(s),3)Challenging and have a key point(s) to the scenario, 4)Have the player(s) get something out of the experience. What type of events are you most interested in creating? - Those that involve a lot of people and those that challenge the player with a problem and that they will enjoy and get something out of doing it. What strengths could you contribute to the Event Team? I have a wide imagination and can easily use surroundings and current scenarios to my advantage in creating a different and interesting roleplaying experience. Create three distinct RP scenarios/events that you, as an actor, could create for others (one paragraph each): Scenario 1) A group of people are travelling along a road, they are in an area with lots of trees and places to hide. As the group are walking, they would hear a strange noise coming from amongst the trees. Were they to go and inspect it, they would encounter a strange beast. The beast would play about with them, maybe circle them and sniff at them. It would then either acknowledge that they are there and run off, or find that it does not like them, and begin to attack them. The beast would not harm them, but encourage them to fight the beast. If it were to be slain, the beast would drop something of value, like a pouch of minas, but if they were to fail against the beast, it would simply run off, after hearing a howl from off in the distance. (The players would never lose something for that would become a bad RP experience) Scenario 2) A mysterious, dark, hooded figure wanders around a small village, it's mere essence creating a dark shroud over the peoples within it. Signs are left by this figure, little objects and notes pointing players in a certain direction, allowing the players to solve a riddle/puzzle. This would lead them to the hooded figure, who would then give them a riddle to solve. Should they pass, he leaves behind either minas or something else of value (Possible iron/gold etc.). If they fail, the figure would scream an ear-piercing scream and grow larger and larger until it engulfs them in darkness and vanishes, leaving nothing but a note behind saying, "One shall be back..." (As previously stated, the players would not lose anything, for I feel as that would become a bad experience for the player(s) ) Scenario 3) A glowing white man floats down and calls all to a grand gathering of a meal. He would visit each races city in turn and have food, drink and cheer in an environment that he creates (It would be natural/sandstone based). At the end of the meal, he would gather everyone in and ask them a question, it would be along the lines of, "I shall ask one more thing of you before I leave, do you think that the land is happy? And what can you do to make it happy, if it is not?" He would then vanish leaving behind an object. Most likely a piece of paper. The piece of paper would be called "The Scroll of Light" (or something along those lines)