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Found 4 results

  1. Hey I'm a new player and I've been having a really fun time so far, however I find it difficult to start new personal roleplay. When I say personal roleplay, I define it as roleplay more personalised to your individual character between groups of 2-10 I would say. As an example I would put beginning a conversation, adventure, journey with someone I have never met and have only run into in town squares, passing on the road, etc. If anyone is interested in roleplaying at some point, I am very extremely down. however, the purpose of this post is to garner advice on beginning roleplay with so
  2. *Whilst wandering about you stumble upon a modest black tome bearing no hints of identifiable qualities, do you care to pry open the pages and seek what it bears within?* How to be Evil [Vol. I] An authentic book penned in the tone of Roleplay!
  3. Greetings Fellow Roleplayers! Today I shall be giving you my top 5 ways of improving your roleplay so that both you, and those around you get to enjoy and fun role playing experience. So let's begin! Tip 5: Lower the use of LOOC as much as possible. When role playing, you don't want yours, nor other peoples chat spammed with Local Out Of Character arguing about who stabbed who in what place and "Oh he's power gaming" etc. Make your role playing decent enough so that there won't need to be any LOOC arguing. Tip 4: Be unique. Toe be unique, one does not need to become a fire Mage from
  4. Hey-oh. It's Ford here! After coming back to LotC from a several month break, I've noticed the amount of RP has rose! However, it's quality has gone down significantly! So, I've decided to make this guide just because why not. To begin, know this is completely based on my opinion of how role-play should be...So, le's do dis. 1. Never. EVER. Emote your thoughts. This is the one thing that I've noticed happening more often. There's no point in emoting your thoughts, because no one else can even hear you. The point of emotes are to express your characters actions, whether they be si
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