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  1. “ Ever blessed shall those be that follow the light. Join me, those Arcanists born from my blessing, to guide others down the path and to rebirth our world in light. “ The Celestial Order seeks to bathe the realm in the blessed light of the Arcane Mage’s gift and act as patrons of magic to the realm. The Order seeks prosperity for all regardless of their national affiliation, their mundane worth or their godly practices. There is no monarch within the void but rather a collective seeking its infinite potential for the betterment of all instead of a few. The Order maintains the stance that this potential must be used to support the light rather than allow its abyssal darkness to leak corruption upon the realm. The majority of time spent by those in the Order will be dedicated to identifying key locations of interest before conducting delves or assisting other factions in their own process should they be called upon. ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ “ Like the cosmos above, each of us exists as a singularity of light in the expanse of the abyss. " Those dedicated Arcanists who heed my call may find Their way to the Celestial Hall to join with their fellow Magi in the quest for Celestial Light. - Arcane Mage I.E. The Arcane Mage The leader of the Celestial Order, the creator of Arcanism and the Shepherd of the Celestial Light. The Arcane Mage dictates the pursuit of the guild as well as the development of campaigns involving the Order. Also referred to as the Caretaker of the Celestials. The Aeons The Aeons represent those Celestials of extremely high caliber and are held in the highest regard for their devotion to the Celestial Light. The Grand Magus & The Oracle The Grand Magus, whether plural or singular, are tasked with assigning projects within the Order and thus operate closely with the Arcane Mage to ensure the Order retains relevance throughout the realm. The Oracle leads the Grand Magus acting as a liaison between the Arcane Mage and the rest of the Order in his absence. The Magus The general assembly of Arcanists within the Order who are tasked with the discovery of anomalies within the realm as well as acting patrons to the various settlements the descendents have chosen to inhabit. The Acolytes Those newly accepted into the Order. Until they are proven to be of worth to the guild they are tasked with the duty of spreading the Order’s name as well as seeking out prospective members among other various tasks assigned to each individual. The Erudites Those still unlearned. Until they have become proficient those few selected to be trained by a teacher within the Order are done so before they may become Acolytes. They hold no duties within the Order nor are permitted free entrance. The Associates Those allies to the Order that are either non-magi, are not Arcanists or operate outside the context of the Order. “ We are beacons in the abyssal dark. " The Celestial Edict serves as the pillars of a Arcanist’s life. Honor, militance, scholarship, loyalty, balance, the void and the light, seven principles which define the path that each Arcanist follows. Through these, each Arcanist stands apart from other mages, more righteous and devoted to the void and its proper usage. The Edict of Honor The Arcanist wields the arcane with honor and righteousness. To repudiate the amorality of the void and its boons. They shall protect the innocent and aid the needy. Holding true to all their oaths and vows. To uphold their morality in service of creating a better world. To display a high level of respect to both allies and fellow magi. The Edict of Militance The Arcanist must begrudge the use of voidal violence. Yet wield it confidently when their ferocity is just. To deny the powermonger and the upstart. Risking their lives in devotion to their honored arcane probity. To lend aid to our allies in there time of need against unholy corruption. The Edict of Scholarship The Arcanist will go beyond militance and devote themselves to scholarship. Expanding knowledge upon the void and other pursuits. To serve as learned authorities upon various expertise. The Edict of Loyalty The Arcanist gives their life to their Order and its cause. Serving the Arcane Mage dutifully and rightfully. Never shall they harm their brothers and sisters of the Celestial Order. To safeguard the knowledge held within the Order against the greedy. To avoid associations that seek to harm the Order, And to protect its name against those who do it injustice. The Edict of Balance The Arcanist is bestowed with a noble duty. For the noble understand the plague of the tipping scale. That the pendulum swings in either direction, And what is dark may be illuminated For the order preserves this balance. The Edict of the Void The Arcanist shall become a master of voidal practice. To preach its every value and encourage its use within the Order. Indoctrinate others into the path of connection with the arcane. And decry the use of darker arts and their repugnant power. For we are of the void, enlightened by its endless offerings. The Edict of Celestial Light The Arcanist shall hold the light of the void in the highest regard. Those Celestials born from this blessed light as sacred, And seek to be a beacon of light in the Arcane Mage’s image. To be a bastion for the realm and assist in illuminating the dark. OOC: Some important threads: The magic itself: Celestialism Celestialism Addition Opening statement for the Order Current Celestials Guide on how to RP your own Celestial Canon Guide to Arcanism & Celestialism
  2. STICKS & STONES Working - Merchant - Trading The Sticks and Stones Guild is a guild created for workers of any profession looking for work or a home; most jobs will be offered to anyone with skill in their certain profession. Currently, we are located in the small Village of Reims, where anyone wanted housing/lodging will be living in a mill with others. Soon, however, once we gain more recollection, we hope to move our HQ into a larger city so that it will be easy to access. The reason I believe one should join this guild instead of working by themselves is that with other people you will have support and friendship. The harder you work the more money you will get, and there is always guaranteed money (in most of the professions.) For the miners, we have an almost untouched mine that is great for harvesting resources, it is private to just our guild at the moment and is found relatively close to the Village. We have a large farm on sight with animals, crops and will be able to spread the word of products much faster together. The reason I brought myself into this guild is that I believe if more workers come to unity there will be a very positive atmosphere within the brethren. The owner of this guild is none other than Naxos Promfrey, growing from a wealth of parents. Currently, we are looking for: - Skilled Miners - Skilled Farmers - Skilled Tinkerers - Skilled Alchemists - Skilled Mercenaries - Skilled Craftsmen - Skilled Blacksmith - Skilled Cooks [!] A quota will be installed per profession so that you maintain your position in the guild! If you believe that you have any other skill that we might worth useless, please feel free to fill out an application aswell! Payment to be discussed based on profession. Please Fill out and put below: IG NAME: IC NAME: WHY YOU WANT TO JOIN STICKS AND STONES: POSSESSED SKILL:
  3. Edited: 20th of April, 2017. Introduction and Mission Statement: Organization: Membership Application and Recruitment:
  4. Hello, I want to apply for miner: Application: miner MC Name: Gekke_Banaan RP Name: Mekdurso Oldblood Which guild do you wish to join?: The miners-guild What is your level in the aligned profession?: Veteran Skype name: I thought GekkeBanaanyt Are you able to use Teamspeak?: What's that? Probably no How long have you been playing LOTC?: a week... I really like it How many hours both week and weekend are you available?: probably 30 minutes until an hour a day... Depends on my home- and schoolsituation (I'm still 14) What is your timezone?: +1
  5. The Order of Noctis "If you must take your sword from its sheath, return it bloody." "Seeking your Destiny is like looking into a mirror. You see an image, however blurred, in whatever light exists at the time. But if the light ever changes, so will the image itself. And if the light ever vanishes, the mirror will be empty. That is why the truest mirror is the one that needs no light at all." -The Order of Noctis motto’s Welcome to The Order of the Noctis. This is a guild based on working together, building, trading, and training to be a soldier in a time of need. The Story We were formed to fight for the Courland rebellion, but when they were destroyed we were exiled out of the kingdom. Now we have been reformed in the dreadlands. The Transcript of the Order You shall never attack, injure, or kill another Order member or an ally of the guild. You shall never steal from the Order. You shall never disobey the orders of your superior in the Order. If there is an issue with another member of The Order of Noctis you will bring it up with your supervisor or if it is a large issue you will come to the overseer. If there is a need to fight you must come to the aid of the guild. Your loyalties lie with the Overseer first, then to your brothers and sisters in the Order, then to your home country. Positions Ranger Rangers are the archers and tactical minds of The Order of Noctis military. They will hide in the shadows until the time is right then burst out and let rain a fly of accurate, deadly arrows. There can also only be 50 active rangers at once ( non-gold leafs) Trainee - You are new and are being trained by a higher ranking Ranger (usually one on one). Bronze Leaf - You are a fully-fledged Ranger and you now don't have to be accompanied by an older Ranger when on missions. Silver Leaf - You are an older Ranger and you can now take on apprentices and will be part of the inner circle of rangers making decisions with the leader. Gold Leaf - You are a retired Ranger who helps documenting and other non-field assignments ( If there is a serious requirement you can be requested to do a field assignment). Leader - you are in charge of the Rangers and you give out missions either for the Overseer or from peasants (other players) requesting help. Assassin Assassins are the unsung heroes behind every win. As they sneak by and take down the enemy before they even know what is happening, and they let the others do what they do. Initiate - You are new and haven't proven yourself as a good agent. Proven - You have proven you are a loyal and well deserving agent. Accepted - You can now lead missions that were given by your Up-incoming. Up-incoming - you lead a group of accepted and give them tasks from the leader. You may be next in line to be a leader. Leader - you give Assassins missions from the Overseer. Or if there are no missions you can send them on scouting missions to enemy territory. Warrior Warriors are the backbone of the The Order of Noctis's military. They are the foot soldiers and the people who charge head first into battle seeking glory and honor. Recruit - You are new and still need training to become a soldier. Soldier - You are no longer a recruit and are now a part of the Order of the Warrior’s Blade’s military. Sergeant - you lead a group of soldiers into battle and you also train the recruits in your party. Lieutenant - you lead the Sergeant's and give them orders for them to carry out to their groups. Leader - You command everybody and by giving orders to your Lieutenants you get your men to carry out these orders. Non-Battle Positions These are positions for things we need that aren't part of the military (you can have both) (an asterisk* will be by those you cannot have a war position with). Resource Collectors - (We need lots of them) They are the ones that go out and collect resources for us (miners, farmers, and woodcutters). Treasury Manager* - You take care of the funds and manage the Bankers (you will not get this job strait of the bat you need to be trusted, on LOTC a lot, and very well known). Banker* - You are similar to the Treasury Manager you will manage some of the funds or paychecks, etc. Blacksmiths - To make armor, swords, etc. and to make thing to sell to make money for the guild. Woodworkers - To make bows, arrows, etc. and to make thing to sell to make money for the guild. Cook - To make food for us and to sell for the guild. Healer - You heal the injured of the guild (through magic, potions, etc.) on and off the battlefield. Alchemist* - To make us potions for us to use when we need (in war, to help collect resources, etc.) Wizards* - To use spells in battle or to help the guild in times of peace (Fi'hiiran'tanya is espcialy useful) (If you are applying for a wizard please put your specialty down too [alteration, illusion, etc.] Applications (Do not lie we will find out and you will be kicked from the guild.) OOC: Minecraft Name: Age: Why you want to join: Skype (optional): In Game: Name: Age: Race: Gender: Job(s) you are applying for: Why you (the character) wants to join:
  6. The Undead Redshrouds (Legion of the Ashkeeper) An order conjured from the will of a lone necromancer of old, the undead legion of the Redshrouds is a militant company of undying souls whose decayed, fragmented existence are collectively dedicated to the reign of the one whom bears the mantle of Ashkeeper. Though it bears an unsettling name as per the mention of undeath, the purpose of the unit is to train and unify wayward undead to combat greater threats to the realm and carry out the clandestine objectives of the yet-known, whispered-of order of “the Lorddom”. The dogma of the Redshrouds heavily involves conceptualization of ashes; therefore, the duties portrayed by the sodality of the Ashkeeper are devised to actively include aspects involving the remnants of the once-was, death, or the past, of which these generalities are easier defined by the duties of preserving ruins or artifacts of yore, bringing death to that which overtly threatens the living, and venerating the past and its fallen for the wisdom it imparts to those of the present. The Redshrouds bear a defining aesthetic that allows for committed undead to keep to their own armaments and stylizations while representing the order itself. As their title implies, Redshrouds adorn cloaks of sanguine shades in order to imply their alignment with the sodality and all it stands for, and as per their devotion to hunting beings they define as “agents of chaos” (paying homage to Xionist terminology) such as mindless undead, otherworldly invaders or entities like Voidal Horrors, abominations of life or demon, and even tyrants. Though their grim visage may easily betray their intent, the purpose of the Ashkeeper’s undead legion is clear: to better the realms of mankind. Alongside the title of Redshrouds, they are also known as Undead Hunters, Demonhunters, and very sparsely Ashen Knights, even though they’ve no direct relation to that knightship of yore besides that of purpose. The undead Redshrouds are trained vigorously to make the most of their sullen forms and confront their enemies with reckless abandon; emulating the strength and method of what the Ashkeeper references as the Old Lords, whom existed as the first godless undead that stood stalwart against the meddlings of beings beyond the mortal world. It is through the use of crimson cloaks and a brand of specially-forged swords that the Old Lords are indeed venerated and respected; and thus most, if not all among the Redshrouds are expected to make use of these weapons and most definitely the sanguine shrouds that define their alignment. Those that are eligible to become Redshrouds are only militant undead; therefore, beings known as Ghouls, Gravens and Darkstalkers may take what is known as the eldritch Lamented Oath and become one with the brotherhood beyond death. The oath is as followed: “... Verily, I submit myself to the dead; Should I exist as flame, my fire shall insulate the ashes; Should I exist as embers, my kindling shall covet the ashes; Should I exist as ashen flame, my duality shall align true to the ashes; Should I exist as shadow, my warm darkness shall preserve the ashes; And should I betray the ashes, I too shall become them.” Those whom are living and willing to give up their flame of life to become a Ghoul, Graven or Darkstalker (the three of which are referenced as “embers”, “shadows” or “ashen flames” respectively as the vow states) must first die before the Ashkeeper in order to prove themselves before being raised as these beings, wherein they may then take the dark oath. The Lamented Vow is an ancient rite of binding said to be extracted from the same Lorddom that the Ashkeeper intends to herald with the use of their sodality. It is therefore implied that the presence of the Redshrouds merely foretells the coming of this very same Lorddom, which under the context of the Redshroud brotherhood mission can be assumed to be similar, world-protecting goals. This is not truly defined, however; such an order has yet to arise. The Redshrouds are bound to an olden definition of inner-order law which, like the Lamented Vow, is said to be extracted from the scriptures of the unknown Lorddom. These laws are damaged, but as the majority of them still survive with their meanings preserved, they can be discerned: i. Thou shall not harm thy fellow a-hen-a-here-t, w-t-er -ive -r -ndead. ii. Thou shall not steal from thy fellow ash-n-adher-nt. iii. Thou shall not spite thy fellow as-en--dherent in excess or with intent to insult dearly. iv. Thou shall not seek to kill or destroy thy fellow -shen-adheren-. v. Thou shall coexist with thy adherent brothers and sisters in peace, if not in respect for one-another. vi. Thou shall not embed the seeds of gods in the Lo-d--m, nor seek to spread their venom through its ranks. vii. (Ineligible). viii. (Ineligible). ix. (Ineligible). x. (Ineligible). Through scriptures written by the Ashkeeper Abdiel himself, the founder of this red legion of the fallen, the purpose of the Redshrouds can be clearly defined: i. Thou shall hunt the true-wicked; the world-invaders; the unnaturalities of life, demons; the stirrers of chaos; the breakers of Man and adherents of dark gods; the dark magi whom seek to stir ill-will; the undead whom terrorize with reckless abandon; and those deemed the enemy of the Red Sodality. ii. Thou shall know the Ashkeeper as thy good keeper, for he leads thee, gives thee purpose, and lessens thy painful cravings with bounties of Lifeforce and restorations of thy forlorn form. iii. Thou shall pay homage to the Old Lords, and reflect them by thy red cloth and granted blades. iv. Thou shall delve into ruins, and behold what they hide; thou shall expunge the undoers of ruins and preserve the history which their visage implies; thou shall protect histories and annals extracted from these ruins, and thus pay respects to the ashes of the past; thou shall honor the once-was, and learn from the mistakes of antiquity. v. Thou shall hold back the Old Dark. ~:;:~ The Purpose The primary goal behind the Redshrouds is to establish a basic order of alignment-gray undead soldiers whom follow the command of a simplistic hierarchy. The design of the sodality compounds a lot on the concept of gray moral alignment in a way where the guild could be designated as an “anti-hero” faction; the majority of it is comprised of undead beings, but they are bound to an oath which motivates them to act as vanguards of mortality as a whole. They are similar to the Marked Men in this regard, where they seek to pursue unnatural creatures, involve themselves in expeditions expected to promise some kind of powerful or dangerous boon, and to defend the world from over-arching threats. This demands that the Redshrouds defy their original nature the best they may; to act as antagonists. It is expected that there will be trouble in this effort - the undead as a whole have been known to terrorize the lands which the descendents have roamed, which will make convincing everyone IC that they are indeed not an antagonist quite the struggle if they are perceived as such initially. In the end, it’s up to the players to decide how they want to interact with the Ashkeeper’s legion; the rest will follow. Membership Directory There exists a simplistic, three-rank hierarchy in the Undead Sodality; the Ashkeeper, whom acts as the primary leader, the Redshrouds, whom are the bulk of the legion itself, and the Marked, whom are undetermined applicants. The Ashkeeper is a title intended to be kept by a necromancer - one able to raise undead such as Ghouls and Darkstalkers, both of which make up 2/3rds of the order’s population by default. The Ashkeeper’s mantle bears a much deeper meaning than to merely lead their legion, and as cited in the guild’s details, they hold the role of heralding what is known as the Lorddom -- meaning the Redshrouds act as a prelude force of what is to come. The Redshrouds are undead soldiers trained to fight worldly threats known as “agents of chaos”, explore and protect old ruins and sites of yore, and to preserve eldritch, dark knowledge. The Ashkeeper assumes the role of leading them, satiating their cravings of Lifeforce (which Gravens thankfully do not have) and mending their sullen forms so they may act as legitimate threats to those they may oppose, as well as to mantain other common functions necessary for interaction with others. The Marked are applicants whose living characters are “watched” and, if deemed worthyby the Ashkeeper, are either confronted or kidnapped so they may become one with the brotherhood of the damned. This allows for a fluid, organic means of recruitment, where roleplay is involved to discern whether a character is suitable to serve the sodality. As only the living can be designated as Marked, undead of the three preferred races (Ghouls, Gravens, Darkstalkers) have a more streamlined induction; this is because the partial purpose of the legion is to contain undead and force them to adopt an orderly existence so the world may not be terrorized by them. Those who are living experience a slower process because they willingly submit themselves to the Ashkeeper’s reign, and therefore undergo the process of being Marked after the player applies so their abilities may be judged. The member roster is as thus: The Ashkeeper: Abdiel Ipos [Swgrclan] The Redshrouds: Varron (Darkstalker) [Bokratz] Drauch (Darkstalker) [BakkaOppai] Lisbeth (Ghoul) [Uboshk] The Marked: Lepidus [TavernLich] Van Ashok Arsden [Avellach] Ashton [Noqda] Wulf Targric [White_Wolf] Vylindrel [Jentos] Ehierir [Corvoo] Arald Carrick [NJBB] Vanlor Severulya [_Riven] Hauxir [JakeFSF] Aech Woodlan [SpaceCoreMC] Application Process What is thy name? What is thy soulname (MC name)? What is thy race? What is thy age? Art thou Undead? If so, what form doth thou take? If not, art thou willing to die to become one with the Redshrouds? What is thy mastered profession of craftsmanship? What is thy mastered martial profession? Art thou godless? [ The documented form of the thread, including referential images at the bottom: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mM5hmReC6qXy6F8CDk6axS_aXB5fBdQh36k_eMk4crY/edit?usp=sharing ]
  7. The Thieves Guild “We do not believe in luck” The Thieves Guild are a group of men and women that are very skilled in the art of theft and burglary. They all follow a certain conduct called The Code. ____________________________________ The Code: Members are expected to show respect to their brothers and sisters. Combat during a job is to be avoided, if combat occurs then it must be reported to an elder. All unofficial jobs must have approval of an elder or master. If a job is to go sour, one must never abandon their brother or sister. A brother / sister will never steal from one another. A brother / sister will never steal from the Guild. If a brother or sister does not respect the code then they will be dealt with by the elders. Punishment will either include lashings, public shaming or death. ____________________________________ Rankings: Master Thieves - there is no dictatorship within the guild. It is ran by a small group at the top of the chain known as the Master Thieves. They have earned their respect and have a joint final say on anything concerning the guild. Elders - Elders have proved themselves to the guild by showing dedication and commitment to the guild. They bring relevant topics forward to the Master Thieves which are to be decided on and keep the guild running to how it should be. Ringleader - Ringleaders will take a job description from the Master Thieves and appoint those who suit the job best. They will also arrange meetings and keep everyone informed on situations. Operative - an Operative is one that has proved themselves by completing a job. They have past the initial test and begin their journey as a professional. Recruit - a Recruit is the first rank within the guild, they usually have just joined the clan and are yet to prove their skills within the field. ____________________________________ Lockpicks: Lockpicks are sold by an independent trader within the guild. Members may buy lockpicks from the seller but are discouraged to sell them elsewhere. ____________________________________ Jobs: A job is an objective set for the guild to complete. Master Thieves or Elders may set jobs but jobs can also be accepted from the general public. A job from the public will have a set pay which will be received on the completion of the task at hand. ((OOC NOTICE)) The Thieves Guild only recruit in rp. Posts below should only be for jobs and other rp, NO applications. If you have any other questions feel free to Pm me in game (Yank33) or on the forums.
  9. The Order of the Aureate Isthmus Protectors of the Isthmus Our direction is our power, our strength and our freedom. For the Realm is split in two, between blood Red, and Blue. Though closely aligned, they remain separate, and distant in all but drive. With the Isthmus, with the Aureate Sword and Shield, it is the duty of us all to bridge the connection between the now distant, by purging and wiping free its cause. “When we stand in the beating heart of our Empire; one must not fret to revel among the blood.” Motive History Created by the eldest brothers of the de Aryn house, the Order of the Aureate Isthmus was created in an effort to bridge the gap and fulfill the duties the other Orders within the Realm were neglecting. Attaching onto the Brotherhood of Croziers and forming under the Savoy Banner, the Order of Aureate Isthmus draws inspiration from the decades past Band of Esheveurd and Order of St. Amyas. The name Aureate Isthmus was chosen by the first Grand Patriarch, Thomas de Aryn, based on the definition of the Isthmus word. Isthmus, by definition, is a small section of land which connects two larger land masses. Due to this, the term was coined and it’s definition slightly altered. Taking on the meaning of a bridge between the split in the Realm, the Protectorate of the Isthmus are responsible for the protection of those of Blue Blood, while the Inquisition is charged with the duty to the Blood of Red, and furthering the cause of the Realm. Taking the elite and specialised progression of the Esheveurd and directive and cause of the Order of St. Amyas, the Order of the Aureate Isthmus is a structured and competent amalgamation of the organisations before it. Controlled and directed by the House de Aryn, the Order was created to fill the void and protect the Noblemen and women of Savoy, whilst furthering Humanity's goals and desires for a better world for it’s people. The Order of Aureate Isthmus co-operates and acts as a subdivision of the Brotherhood of Golden Croziers, taking on the responsibilities and duties the Brotherhood is unable to accomplish. Selected and directed as a heavily specialised unit in Savoy, the Isthmus are handpicked and trained under intense conditions, undergoing and expected to conquer extreme mental and physical hurdles. The members of the Order are expected to be among the most capable and competent in the lands, and must be devout to the Canonist Faith. The Order was decided to split into two various sections; the Protectorate and the Inquisition. Mission Protectorate The Protectors of the Isthmus are those who follow the primary branch of the Order, positioned and charged with serving those of Blue Blood in the Savoy region. The Mission of the Protectorate is to push forward and against all opposition to secure and guarantee the safety of those they are sworn to protect. They are stationed in the vicinity and are often charged with creating positive relations with the person they are sworn to protect. Each following the path of the Protectorate are assigned to a particular person and must be ready to dive into the depths of darkness to do their duty to their assigned. Inquisition The Inquisitors of the Isthmus are those who follow and represent the alternative branch of the Order, positioned and charged with following the direction of the Inquisition and following the creeds set by the Canonist religion. Supporting Blood of Red, the Inquisition serves to put forth the human race and set it on a course of betterment, to correct the deformities of the other races and ensure all of existence know the truth of the Human cause. It is also the mission and duty of the Inquisitors to convert the masses to the Canonist Faith. Each following the path of the Inquisition are to follow the Grand Inquisitor in all matters, regardless of any personal dispute or moral compass. The only individual whose word overrules the Grand Inquisitor to the Inquisitors is the Grand Patriarch. Ranks [Higher Echelon] Grand Patriarch The Grand Patriarch, often an elder member of the House de Aryn, is the absolute Archon of the Aureate Isthmus, who demands complete and total loyalty and respect from his soldiers. The Patriarch routinely serves a lifelong tenure in the position, and are responsible for the direction of the Order, overseeing all aspects the Order involves itself in, including the day to day running of each Orderman. The Grand Patriarch has total control over every position and facet the Isthmus goes to fill, and the position is the highest one in the Order. The authority and will of the Patriarch are absolute. The position is currently held by Thomas de Aryn, the first Grand Patriarch of the Protectors of the Aureate Isthmus. Grand Inquisitor The Grand Inquisitor, typically a man chosen from the list of the Inquisitors within the Order upon the death or retirement of its predecessor. The Grand Inquisitor is considered the highest position within the Order that is at least partially obtainable. The rank is given to those totally and utterly loyal to the Isthmus cause, it’s direction and it’s stature. The Grand Inquisitor is often one of the most skilled combatants within the entire Order, and is capable of demanding complete and total respect from its members. While the Grand Inquisitor typically holds no power over the Sentinels, it is commonplace for all ranks to listen to him regardless. Answering only to the Grand Patriarch, the Grand Inquisitor leads the religious directive of the Order. The position is currently filled by Gaspard de Aryn, the first Grand Inquisitors of the Protectors of the Aureate Isthmus. [Lower Echelon] Sentinel The position of Sentinel is stationed equal to that of the Inquisitor, though its duties are almost the opposite. Given to the most dutiful and well-trained within the Isthmus, the Sentinels are charged to directly watch over and protect the Noblemen and women of Savoy. They are also charged with watching over all lower ranks, and are responsible with the acquisition and training of all new Unoathed and Initiated. Answering only to the Grand Patriarch and Grand Inquisitor, the Sentinels honour and ability are considered the most elite within the Order, and must undergo a separate Standing examination to be cleared for duty. Inquisitor A promotion given only to the most loyal and able Man-At-Arms within the Isthmus. The Inquisitors are officers and commanders throughout the Order, deemed worthy and able to fulfill the role of leadership. Choosing the xenophobic portion of the Order the Inquisitors serve directly under to the Grand Inquisitor and Grand Patriarch, primarily servicing the more religious purpose as opposed to the other. They assist in leading the progress against the Isthmus’ enemies, and are only obligated to watch over the Noblemen and women of Savoy when in direct company. Being considered the most elite within the Order, the Inquisitors must undergo a separate Standing examination to be cleared for duty. [Assigned] Sentry The rank of Sentry is given to those who have proved their metal and their worth to the Order, proving their total and utter devotion to its desires and purpose. The Sentry have been assigned a direction within the Order and assigned to follow the Protectorate, to follow and give their loyalty to its cause. The Sentry are dressed in the finest and most well smithed plate the Order has to offer. Listed above the Initiates, those listed as Sentry rank are fully trained in intense physical combat. Trained on horseback and on the ground, the Sentry Rank is given to those who have proven themselves to the Isthmus cause. Stationed as guards and watchmen of the higher nobility, the Sentries are known and held to the highest of standards. Man-At-Arms The rank of Man-At-Arms is assigned and given to those who have proved their devotion to the Inquisition within the Order. They are positioned within the Inquisition and chosen to show their worth to the rest of the Realm, proving their ability and devotion to the Order and it’s mission. They are assigned to follow under the Grand Inquisitor and put their very essence into following the direction they are given. Clad in the finest smithed armour the Order can provide, and much alike the Sentries, are listed above the Initiates. Having specialised and intense training in mental and physical combat, both on the ground and on horseback, the Man-At-Arms is a well distinguished rank within the Order. [Enlisted] Initiate Those with the Initiate rank are considered the lowest among the listed Order. After their initiation, they undergo intense specialised training in both the physical and mental state. Unlike those who are Unoathed, the Initiated have already undergone basic training. They have been evaluated for their worth and ability in regards to their servitude and honour. The Initiated are recognised as true warriors of the Isthmus, worthy and ready to serve under the Grand Patriarch and under the banner of the Order. The Initiate are often stationed as the Guards to the Noblemen and women of Savoy, being posted in key positions to ensure the safety of the blue-blooded, though must be ready to follow the Inquisitors when ordered. The Initiated are yet to choose a path to follow within the Order. Unoathed The Unoathed are the bottom rung of the Order, considered the weakest and most inept among the ranks. These members are not listed as bannermen under the Order, and as such are not given the liberty that those Initiate and above are given. The Unoathed are vigorously trained in basic combat and religiously taught and examined in their devotion to the Canonist Faith, and to the Orders ways and methods. These are fresh blood within the Order, and their every move is monitored to ensure their direction is recognised and proper. Loyalty and Obedience is paramount. [Honorary Positions] Crozier While technically not one with the Order of Isthmus, those enlisted within the Brotherhood of Golden Croziers, are considered Brothers in the same right. Sharing the same goal and desire, the Croziers are seen as honorary members of the Isthmus. While the position names and duties are different, they are considered equal with the Crozier Brotherhood. Footmen within the Croziers, are considered equal to Initiates within the Isthmus. Men-at-Arms are equal to Sentry/Man-At-Arms and Decurions are equal to the Inquisitor and Sentinel ranks. Ensign Entrusted with supporting and carrying the Banner of the Isthmus into the heat of battle, those granted the high honour of the Ensign position are held with high regard and respect throughout the entire Order. The Banner of the war provides morale to all troops who follow under it, given its continued height throughout the duration of the battle implies continued strength. Clerical Chaplain The Order of the Aureate Isthmus closely operate with the Clerical healers and chaplains of the Realm, and as such are given an honorary position with the Order. The Clerics are considered well versed in various instances of knowledge, and are charged with the duty of tending to and healing the wounded within the Order. Dual holding the position of Cleric and Chaplain, those holding this position are also responsible for holding Mass and assisting in the Initiation of the Unoathed. Applying for the Isthmus Recruitment To join the Order of Isthmus, one must do one of the following things. Send a letter through carrier pigeon to Grand Patriarch, and apply to partake in the Isthmus. Assignment: It is possible for a member of the Croziers to be assigned to the Isthmus if the Grandmaster deems it so. Referral: Become friends and prove your abilities to any member within the Brotherhood or Order. Ask them to refer you to a Sentinel. They will then assess you before putting you through to the Senior Echelon. Be chosen: The Isthmus are a very select group, and just because you apply doesn’t mean you’ll be accepted. It is possible, if you prove your abilities to a Lower or Senior Echelon, you’ll be recruited. Please note, the ability to use Skype is essential to holding position in the Isthmus. Initiation Assessment Mental Working with the Order, in either the Protectorate or the Inquisition, requires each and every member to be mentally assessed and understood for their emotional, religious and mental state. This assessment is not a test per-se, more so a continued observation during their Unoathed term. The members of Lower and Senior Echelon observe the new recruits and watch over them during their training. Their devotion to the Canonist Faith and the Order is observed and watched over, and should their devotion be lacking, they are denied from the Order proper. Physical Being the most specialised of troops comes at a price, and that price includes total and utter dedication to the art of combat. They are assessed and taught how to manipulate their opponent's mind, and how to use a range of weapons. If the Unoathed is lacking in any form of training, they undergo intense training under those of the Lower Echelon. Their skill is assessed and their position within the Order is determined. They are assessed and trained in the following areas: Hand-to-Hand combat, One-Handed combat, Ranged combat and combat on Horseback. The Standing The Test The true test of loyalty. During The Standing, the Unoathed is tested on their physical and mental devotion to the Order. They are tested on their faith to the Canonist Cause and are asked to stand before a Cathedral for one saints day, with one loaf of bread and two bottles of water. They may not move from this position, and must continuously chant Canonist Prayers, and must pray for any who walk by. They must stay awake for as long as possible, and may only be allowed 3 hours of sleep every two days. This is a very difficult test, and you do not need to make it through the entire month. The test is to go as long as you possibly can, and your devotion to passing the test is the true qualifier. The Oath After taking the Oath and undergoing the initiation of the Brotherhood, the Unoathed must undergo the Oathing Ceremony. This is not one to be taken lightly, and in fact the topic of discussion is forbidden from being spoken of outside of the Ceremony itself. The process includes the Unoathed being led from the barracks in the middle of the evening into a small chapel-esque room, with Canonist Symbolism and the mark of the Isthmus scattered around the candlelit room. Standing at the altar one would find the Grand Patriarch, the Grand Inquisitor and one of the High Chaplains within the order. The Unoathed would be spoken to, and asked to swear an oath and covenant before God. A long metal rod would be taken from the nearby furnace, the tip adorned with the sigil of the Isthmus, and as the Oath was being spoken, the heated metal would be pressed against the Unoathed’s upper left pectoral muscle. The Sigil of the Isthmus would be burned and branded into their skin as the Oath was taken as a mark of loyalty to the Order, symbolising your service to the Canonist Faith and the direction and cause the Order will take you. This act is an act of giving your body and your essence to the Faith and the Order, showing true that you would give your life and serve for the cause of Humanity and place your flesh on the line in service to the Orders direction. The Oath is as follows: ‘ I ________, do solemnly pledge, with unburdened and unbound words, in the presence of God, and brethren, my unwavering loyalty to the cause of Isthmus. To the tenants and creed of our most righteous purge. I pledge my flesh to Humanity, but to those who bar its path: I pledge my sword as punishment. I shall not fall prey to the perfidy, of those bearing barbed ears. Nor shall I succumb to the greed of those who hide under stone. Those who wear the warped schismed bodies of past human glory shall be relieved of their burdens in this world, by my hand. In the name of our almighty Lord, I pledge this true, and just. Pour Dieu, la piété et l'ordre. Amen’
  10. As you ride a cart to Al-Wakrah it comes to a halt a bit before the bridge, you are asked to get out by the driver. The camels have flies buzzing around their eyes as they crane their necks down to drink the water from a trough. You would see a cart opposite you about to set off it is blue and white and looks rather cosy. After a rather shorter journey you arrive upon a hill overlooking a town. A man approaches you he is wearing a shawl over his shoulders and head, his face is in shadow due to the time of day. He pushes past you and a glass bottle falls out of his bag, it smashes on the floor. You would turn to try and find him but he would be gone, as your mind returns to the smashed glass you see a note. "Alchemists you have been invited to the White Vial." There would be room for you to place your reply in the bottle. ((Application)) ((Username: ((Skype (you can PM me): ((Professions:
  11. Dedicated to the glorious Cint Dynasty Cint University is taking applications for Professors and students alike in preparation for the upcoming grand opening. All who wish to apply should consider the following. - Availability - Skill level - What you are looking to accomplish - Financial Status Yale university offers a plethora of different programs, including but not limited to.. - Social Sciences - Applied Sciences - Redstone Sciences - Architectural Design - Business Management - History - Economics - Law - Labor Techniques - Medicine - Combat Techniques - Blacksmithing - Farming - Enchanting If your desired degree was not listed, please contact our administration office via Bird or feel free to stop in. Cant afford the full cost of the programs? Don't fret! Help is here! We offer grants and other ways to fulfill your financial needs. (Cost of tuition is undetermined at this point, we have thought about making it a set schedule timed event, but we realize real life obligations can interfere with this process) Class times are determined by the Professors (Perhaps you realize you're not the sharpest tool in the shed, not to worry! Apply to be on our groundskeeping crew today!) For more information Contact Nole Musk - Cint University Administrative Team - Dean of Education , Dr. Nole Musk OOC : NotTodayJerry
  12. "The Victorian Knights" The recently events of Courland's rebellion against Oren have troubled Ser Demetrios and King Aleksander Staunton. After a long meeting the two have decided to bring back an ancient Order of the Akritian kingdom, "The Victorian Knights". The Victorian Knights order was first founded by Justinian Komnenos to protect his land from the barbarian Turkins, the Order was disbanded after the loss of their capital and no one ever heard of the Order again. Now, Ser Demetrios Palaiologos has formed the Order once more, but this time to protect Courland against the Imperial forces. "This is a very emotional day today, I was given the opportunity and the privilege to reform an ancient Order of my homeland which is not destroyed." Ser Demetrios would say to his recruits. The Order's main priority is to defend Courland from ANY enemy forces that seek to harm the land or it's people. Any Courland can join the Order, but do YOU have what it takes to become a true knight of the Kingdom of Courland? -How to join the Order- To join the order you simply have to follow the following steps: 1) You must be male. 2) You must be 15+ years old 3) You must be Courlander. 4) You must complete the following form: =-=Recruitment Form=-= RP: Name: Age: Height: OOC: Minecraft name: Skype name: 5) Repeat the Oath after Ser Demetrios Palaiolgos: I,[Name] swear loyalty to Ser Demetrios Palaiolgos, I swear to protect Courland and those in need. I swear to give my last breath for Courland, King Aleksander and Ser Demetrios. ((This is NOT a PK clause)) The Order's seat is castle Pyrgos, located west from Riga. A cart should be outside from Riga soon that leads to castle Pyrgos.You will be given food, a room in the castle to stay and last but not least your starting equipment. ((I would appreciate if anti-Courlanders wouldn't comment on this post, as it would bring salt and toxicity. You have been warned, thank you very much!))
  13. Urguani Farming and Forestry Guild A place for dwarven lumberjacks and farmers. Overview of the Guild The Urguani Farming & Forestry Guild was created by Orrireat Goldhand for several reasons. 1. To profit from the trades of farming and treecutting. 2. To supply the Grand Kingdom of Urguan with food and lumber. 3. To teach interested dwarves and the like in the fields of lumber-making and farming. For little tithe or tax, the guild strives to keep the halls of Urguan stacked with hay and logs and make a mina or two doing it. In order to keep the supply of lumber and hay flowing, the guild will offer apprenticeship to any beardlings who wish to learn a trade. How to Join the Guild To those interested in the guild, there is a certain criteria they must fill to enter. 1. Be active in the pursuits of their trades, whether it be cutting trees or plowing fields. 2. Be a dwarf or honorary dwarf. 3. Give a small quota (3-5 stacks depending on skill) of their respective materials each stone week. Contact Orrireat Goldhand (DadElonglegs11) if interested in joining, or leave a note. Wages of Guild Members & Perks After a dwarf joins the guild, and their weekly quota is filled, they will be paid for each extra bundle of material that they give to the guild. The price paid for each bundle will be around six point six minae. For example, if a worker collects six bundles of hay, and he has already given his quota to the guild, he will receive thirty nine point six minae. In addition to being payed for their additional resources, guild members are entitled to free housing and food if they do so require. If interested in joining the guild, Attach a notice to this poster, Or contact Orrireat Goldhand. (DadElonglegs11)
  14. The Barmy Merchant Company The Barmy Merchant Guild has one main objective. To become the top merchant guild in Vailor, being able to fund and arm troops to the teeth without making a dent to their coffers. Unearthed from the ashes of the past Barmy Merchant Guild of Athera they seek fortune wherever it may be. Through blood or slick merchantile efforts they will collect the realm’s relics. Members of the Barmy Merchant Company are given shares based off their ranking within the guild. Meaning, when the time comes for them to cash in their shares and leave the company they get a cut of the total the company is worth. The longer you stay, the better the company grows, the more your pockets could be filled! We are recruiting all craftsmen and merchants, we only ask you leave your shoes at the door. For applying please use this format: Name: Race: Past Groups: Skills: Reason for joining: [OOC] MC Name: Skype: Teamspeak (Y/N): Will this be your main character: ~Ranks~ Barmy for Salami The Barmy for Salami has complete control over the merchant company and all relics and resources are to be handed to him. He is in-charge of recruitment and promotions. Barmy Carly The Barmy Carly is in-charge of ensuring that members of the company donate their resources to the Barmy for Salami. All changes with the company will also be discussed with barmy carly's as only the barmy for salami's most loyal will be positioned with this rank. Barmy Salaryman The Barmy Salaryman is a rank given to all members who have been with the company for at-least two elven weeks. They take orders from the Barmy Carly and Barmy for Salami Barmy Boy Barmy boy is a rank given to all new-comers of the company.
  15. There is rumour of a society not known by many. Their members are everywhere. In our government and across the lands. Some say it is a clan. A clan named the Red Star. We are a undercover, group of assassins known by few and seen by none. We are always on the bout, looking for contracts to complete and work for the highest bidder. We do not favour or descriminate towards any faction and strive to achieve our clans goals of becoming a hierarchy. We are always looking for young and strong men AND woman willing to take part in this forever blood oath of brotherhood and strive for power to the red star. How to become one of us: Our members speak in riddles and in code. If answered correctly you are eligible to be subjected to the blood oath. Always be on the lookout as a member could very well be right next to you! We wish to welcome new brothers soon. Long live the Red Star
  16. THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE GOLDEN CROZIER Brothers of the Crozier For we are the sword of Lucien; the shield of Lucien; the raised spears that catch the rising sun. We are the storm of swords, the song of steel: the song that sweeps across the strongholds of devout and faith-less, believer and heathen, paragon and sinner. The axe that splinters shield, the hammer that cracks skull, the blade that causes many a mother to weep her bitter tears. We are those that hold his crozier, and we will hold the instrument that supports his legacy. PURPOSE To those men of the Lord, devout and fearful of his wrath, there exists only one purpose - devotion in a service befitting of Him. The Brotherhood of the Golden Crozier, made up of men who have pledged their lives to the service of that order, exist to help purge humanity, all the races, of the shared degeneracy that recent ages have induced into it through vile, corrupt, degenerate means. A purifying force, so named due to its the symbol of the Saint Lucien and his belief in conservative, traditional family values so designed to restore order to the realm of Man. Soldiers, armigers, warriors; healers, medics, physicians; merchants, tradesmen, artisans; a dozen paths of life amalgamated into a single group worthy of such a legacy and the reconstruction of a great brotherhood. Those who preserve ancient and holy relics in the Brotherhood’s custody and those who travel out in search of more. Men who hunt monsters and cleanse such dangers from the roads of the entire continent, whether they be beasts in unnatural form, or brigands who prey on the innocent and poor. What is a realm without law and order; justice and arbitration? Defenders of the meek, poor and innocent. Guardians of the just and faithful. Located within the hinterlands of Savoy faithful and loyal men from all corners of the world gather in pledged service, their aims clear and definite; restoration to better times. The Brotherhood is not one simply of men, though, nor only Man. Open and accepted are elves, provided they be devout, and any others who desire to serve under such a blessed banner. APPLYING TO THE BROTHERHOOD In order to join the Brotherhood of the Golden Crozier, located within the lands of Savoy at Drusco, ((x170, z-2020)), one must either visit those lands, a cart is present outside Felsen, or submit an application to the Grandmaster via bird. These shall be registered as swiftly as possible, providing that the applicant is a male of fighting age. APPLICATION: OOC: Skype name: Username: IC: Name: Reasons for applying: Do you agree to PK if RP is done appropriately and well?: RANKS Discipline shall make or break these men, the cruel crack of leather on flesh; whip on skin, shall forge a force worthy of that furnace which is war. Discipline shall temper any band of soldiers for blessed battle. Every single man who serves in the Brotherhood is expected to obey the commands of a superior without fault or question - obedience shall be met with reward, and disobedience with punishment. (SENIOR COMMAND) GRANDMASTER The Grandmaster holds complete and total control of the Brotherhood; all those who serve within it are subservient to his command and that of God. His word is final and it is expected that all soldiers shall follow him, whether it be into peace or battle. The current Grandmaster is Denis de Bar, the first of that name. TRIBUNE The most senior of officers beneath the Grandmaster in the Brotherhood, elevated from the most competent of prefects, the Tribunes are experienced battle commanders who have shown their skill in combat, administration and leadership - equipped and empowered with the ability to command large chunks of men and serve as a competent aide to the Grandmaster. (LOW COMMAND) PREFECT Prefects are officers entrusted with the command of smaller units; oft in reconnaissance missions. Either experienced soldiers or red-blooded nobles, they have proved their worth to hold such a position and dispense their judgement on those that follow their words. DECURION Decurions are those officers entrusted with the whip, with disciplining rowdy soldiers and ensuring that even in the thick of a conflict the battle-line is held, and it is held well. Respected rather than feared, they hand out deserved punishments, and more often ensure that no punishment is required at all. (ENLISTED) All of the Enlisted are to be referred to with ‘Brother’ for formality. MAN-AT-ARMS Man-At-Arms are the backbone of the Brotherhood, soldiers who have proved their grit and demonstrated their mettle through years of service to the group; dedicated and experienced men who can be relied upon to maintain a respectable example for those unblooded who join the Brotherhood. FOOTMAN Brothers are those unblooded who have passed through their training and trials, going on to serve as full armigers of the group, respected as equals by all and as the men who make up by far the largest number of soldiers. UNBLOODED The unblooded are green-soldiers who are fresh to the Brotherhood; men who have not yet engaged in any fight or been through training. Always treated as newcomers, they are expected to look to officers for an example of competent behaviour while meshing with the current soldiers. (HONOUR RANKS) ENSIGN To be named as the Ensign, the man who is entrusted with the responsibility of holding the banner above the seething masses as a guiding light, is a great honour. If the Ensign were to fall in battle, the whole Brotherhood would feel his loss dearly; during the constant ebb and tide of battle he must lift his burden high above the men’s shoulders so that it can become a focal point for rallying. CHAPLAIN The chaplains are men schooled in holy teaching and thought, their hearts lit aflame by passion for His service. Men who recite litanies and chants, whether it be in the mess hall or the field of battle, their passion is able to beat the spirits of all their comrades into a similar fury. CHAMPION The Champion of the Golden Crozier, the hardiest warrior in the Brotherhood, is a title awarded to those who demonstrate the greatest competency within the entire group at martial work. Whether earned through conflict at war or on the tourney field, the title is constantly up for contest - an honour levied only upon the greatest of brothers.
  17. The Order of the Vincere "Brotherhood through blood and bravery" The Order of the Vincere is a private military guild founded by the Evenhearts. They are noble protectors of Courland. The guild was created in the early 1500s and rightfully founded by Wykem Evenheart in 1552. They since have resided in Courland north of Krakens Watch. The Vincere swear to protect the brothers and sisters that choose to serve in their ranks. The Vincere Code Of Honor Code Of Conduct The Chain of Command (Standard) ((How to Join))
  18. Direct Leader of the Charter: Vidar Frostbeard ((Yank33)) Nation/Settlement/Guild Name: Thieves Guild Type of Charter: Guild If possible, Declare an Official Timezone: Mainly EST If Guild, Archetype(Choose, at most, two): Villainous Event Driven Area Being Requested(Outline the Region Using the Map Provided by the GM Team. If possible, set coordinates as markers for us to make a good region on the first try): I will Pm you Dohvi Screenshots of Area In-Game: I will Pm you Dohvi Proof of Meeting Material Requirements: https://gyazo.com/d5b374ebb828adf258e66afce8d9fba0 Charter Signatures: I, Yank33 , fully acknowledge that if roleplay in the region in question does not occur, or player retention of the area depreciates to a level where hardly any active RP remains in the area, then the area will be removed, ruined or naturalized by GMs/ET members with a 1 week probationary period. Additional Roleplay: N/A Signatures : Yank33 WolfThePict Mjsc88 ymbninjakiller youlovesocks MrNewVegas101 BakkaOpai Chaw PopeForADay CelticWolf1990 Venemoo Lunarmyth ryno2 AGiantPie Ioannis Aesopian Ehh_Mapleman
  19. In the darkest, dampest, most dangerous alleys in Vailor there are posters heralding the call of Aym On the poster it contains information about a cult and a god. ""For I have seen Aym I am powerful." - Ambriel Aym is apparently a power god who challenges all false gods with his might and power. He believes that the only way to be recognized by his to love violence and have a passion for glory and killing. He thinks that the only time somebody can truely be alive is when they are killing, dying, or dead. He is said to love anybody who has ever thought of joining his cause. He thinks that all are worthy and all have the capacity to join him. He does not look down on any that can hurt another thing. They believe that when someone has died they go to be part of Ayms army in his paradise. They also believe that the person who speaks for Aym should be listened to without question. But they also stress that Aym and the prophet he has chosen are both fair and just. When the current prophet dies, he or she would have written down the name of their successor. But if this person seems unfit there can be a vote of vote of the members of the League. Currently Ambriel is the leader of the league and the prophet of Aym. The sword of Aym which is weilded by the prophet, has runic symbols on it. The symbols on the sword include some prayers and a language that Ambriel has written based on what she has claimed Aym has told her. " At the bottom of the page it contains information about how to join Ayms League. At the bottom of the page it contains information on how to join the League along with an application: "If you would like to join you should contact the leader Ambriel ((Vergilius_)) if you would like to meet her in person just send a bird. But send in an application first." (( Beware edge lays ahead my friends!)) ((The ranks of Aym: Deity: Aym Prophet of Aym: Ambriel Keeper of Aym: Irrin'athri Grand Guard of Aym: Syth Knight of Aym: "Billy", Hirnaeranin Forge of Aym: "The Hammer." Bride of Aym: "Eclipse" Ancestor of Aym: Faenor Zealot of Aym: Gabriella. Friend of Aym: 'Helio')) (( just something that should be noted is that Aym is technically not a real god just a belief.)) Send the information under the bridge in the caliphate. We have people waiting.
  20. Hallowvale Contracting “For Glory and Gold. For Family, Comrades and Country.” Hallowvale Contracting is a private military company owned by House Rovin located in the Realm of Hallowvale on the eastern border of the newly formed Königreich of Vandoria. These brave warriors have come together to offer their services to wealthy Lords and Kingdoms across Vailor as well as defend their home and Vandalore. History of Hallowvale Contracting Hallowvale Contracting was formed by Nafis of Al-Dirahk and his companions after the Ducal War. Ostracized from the civilian life they were once accustomed to before being drafted for the defense of Khalestine and receiving little to no international praise for their efforts, the men and women who would create the company decided to use the knowledge gained from war for their own personal gain. Heading to the eastern border of The Caliphate of Khalestine, Hallowvale Contracting made their home in the castle known as Ard Ghorrock which many of them had helped build during the Ducal War. Distraught with the state of his country after the war despite their victory, Nafis had plans of one day taking control of the nation with his company should the Caliph die. While traveling, Nafis discovered that his champion, Decimus, was a Rovin. The latter was unaware of his lineage so Nafis dedicated his time to grooming the Waldenian-Bolg for one day taking over the company built upon the Vander ideals the fallen Königreich of Aesterwald once held dear. Nafis sought retirement in order to raise his daughter and would pass on the company to Decimus who renamed himself Frederick Rovin II. Frederick Rovin, accompanied by his loyal men and women of Hallowvale, visited the Caliph Faiz Kharadeen with a proposition to make Khalestine great again. Having been a vassal of House Rovin before Aesterwald’s demise at the hands of blood magi, The Caliph accepted and a binding of stahl and sand was made. And Hallowvale Contracting was able to form the Königreich of Vandoria, a union of the Caliphate of Khalestine and the others realms all the way east to Hallowvale. Contract Work While Hallowvale Contracting’s purpose has been expanded upon since the company’s ascension to leading the Königreich of Vandoria, Frederick saw the importance of the company’s humble beginnings and decided to continue mercenary work in order to bring a flow of income to his comrades and the nation. ALL CONTRACTS MUST BE APPROVED BY THE VANDALORE BEFORE ACCEPTANCE. Soldiers for Hire Hallowvale Contracting offers trained soldiers to assist in conflicts. Contracts may be made per skirmish/battle or for the entirety of a war. Training Contracts regarding the training of bannermen or individuals can be made. Each session will have a set price agreed upon by contractor and Hallowvale Contracting and may include but are not limited to: Artillery warfare, sword play, group warfare, and listening/response drills. Business Investing Vanders in Hallowvale Contracting who seek coin through methods other than fighting may invest in businesses to help strengthen the economies of capitals and other cities. Engineering Contracts may be made with Hallowvale Contracting to help design castles, traps, contraptions and towns. Bounties Contracts may be taken against criminals or eldritch horrors plaguing the civilized. Vanders and up may take on these bounties alone or with other Vanders with the Vandalore’s approval. It’s highly advised that all members of Hallowvale Contracting seek out their own line of work. Be sure to get your contracts approved by the Vandalore prior. Code of Conduct The Code of Conduct is a set of rules that must be followed by members of Hallowvale Contracting. There’s varying degrees of punishment for each code broken. Repeated breaking of the Code of Conduct may lead to banishment or execution depending on the severity. “The act of banditry is forbidden in Hallowvale Contracting” “The Vandalore’s word if final so long as it does not conflict with the Code of Conduct” “Only the Vander Council may make amends to the Code of Conduct” “All contract agreements are final - there can be no changes or withdrawing from it” “Two contracts in Hallowvale Contracting may not conflict” “Contracts may not be taken against children or religious institutions dedicated to the Creator” “Vanders must refrain from degeneracy” "No contracts can be made with degeneracy. If they are made, consider them null and non-binding" The Vander Code The Vander Code has been used in various Orders and societies in order to maintain a sense of honor among those who adopted the Code. In Hallowvale Contracting, The Vander Code is what all contractors from the Vandalore to the Unoathed should strive to follow. “To serve the Vandalore in valour and faith” “To refrain from the wanton giving of offence” “To live by honour and for glory” “To obey those placed in authority” “To guard the honour of fellow Vanders” “To at all times to speak the truth” “To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun” “To never to refuse a challenge from an equal” “To never to turn the back upon a foe” The Chain of Command The Vandalore Decimus With the formation of Vandoria, the Vandalore is also the High Dictator of the Reich. The Vandalore is also the keeper of the Vander Code and it is his duty to pass on the teachings of the ideology to those within the company and across the Reich. The Vandalore has absolute authority in the company and is to be respected as such. The Vandalore’s Champion Adil the Eagle-Eyed The Vandalore’s Champion is the second in command of Hallowvale Contracting. His responsibility is to enforce the Vandalore’s word and lead the Vander Council. He is considered the next in line for Vandalore should the preceding Vandalore leave no other heir. In the absence of the Vandalore, it is the Vandalore’s Champion whose word becomes final. The Vander Council Nafis Yar, Vandalore Antiquus I Lexa Green Rodney Altman An informal gathering of oathed Vanders hand picked by the Vandalore, the Vander Council serves as advisors in Hallowvale Contracting. Typically they are veterans that have proven their loyalty to the cause and their fellow Vanders. The Vanders To be oathed a Vander is the goal of many in Hallowvale Contracting. Vanders have the ability to seek and make their own contracts with the Vandalore’s approval. Vanders abide strictly to the New Vander Code and serve as mentors to the unoathed. Vanders don the black cloak, showing that they are deemed true Vanders in the eyes of the Vander Council and the Vandalore. Each fully pledged member will receive a title describing them, and thus it is for life. They must refer to themselves as such in formal address The Unoathed Upon joining Hallowvale Contracting, one must serve as an unoathed until they are deemed ready by both their mentor and the Vander Council. Unoathed serve under a mentor who is at least a Vander and is taught the ways of a Vander and how they should conduct themselves properly. Unoathed are not allowed to make their own contracts and must work under the supervision of a Vander or higher. Any Unoathed, upon recommendation for oathing, must complete a set of trials testing their physical aptitude and knowledge of Vander culture. How to Join Hallowvale Contracting is now secular and the worship of the Creator is no longer required. It is still required that all applicants be physically and mentally capable for war with the will to learn a variety of trades if need be. DEGENERATES ARE NOT ALLOWED. Name (Leave IG name as well): Race: Gender: Skills: Do you meet the criteria to join Hallowvale Contracting?: Leave an address for a return letter of accepted: ((Also, please message me your skype privately as a way for OOC contact.))
  21. Helvians https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2tDbEwTqnQ Over one hundred years ago a society was built on the outskirts of dwarven lands. Barbaric in nature this society was quickly laid to waste for its destructive nature in the lands of Anthos. When the leader Lacedaemon fell the remnants scattered and slowly integrated into normal human society. For the most part the families forgot their ancestral history except for a few and these few continued to practice their ancestral customs. Now these families are coming together again to reform the society. Culture & Tradition Becoming A Helvian
  22. A move to a brighter future: With many reasons and tensions driving us, we will now move forward with new lands not under the rule of those seeking to oppress us, internally and externally. With the discussions and alliances forged between us and many others, we must now seek out a land not controlled by our constant oppressors. And so, we have taken up a new grove in the fledgling nation of Aeroch-Nor. We will be neutral and independent once more, and we will be able to grow and thrive like never before. We will hold respect to all views of the Aspects in the interest of good will between ourselves and the varied peoples of the world, and teach of the Aspects to all who come to learn. We will nurture the surrounding lands and help forests and crops flourish and bring balance to the region as we reach out to continue our charge to bring balance to the world as a whole once more. We have many allies who seek balance, order, purity, and the protection and betterment of life in all forms, and we will work alongside them in an unprecedented show of mutual respect and cooperation, the likes of which has never been achieved before. We welcome all Brothers and Sisters, no matter what path or Circle you follow, for we are all children of the Aspects. Circle of the Stream Official Charter Introduction Within the Old Order, it was common for the workings of the circle to be taught by word of mouth. With no official document, the workings were left to change each time a new group of Archdruids took their place. This is unproductive and creates friction. The Circle of Steam, therefore, establishes this charter for the purposes of defining how the circle functions. Druid Guides Druid Guides take up the responsibility of recruiting and teaching new druids. In exchange for these increased responsibilities, they are considered part of the Inner Circle. The duties of a Druid Guide include: Interviewing Seekers Accepting Seekers as Dedicants Providing Lessons and Tasks for Dedicants Attunement of Dedicants Further instruction and lessons of newly attuned Druids Archdruids Archdruids take up all the Responsibilities of the Druid Guide along with additional responsibilities. Archdruids are considered part of the Inner Circle. The duties of an Archdruid include: The duties listed under Druid Guides Calling and leading Moots Initiating a vote on Shunning and Unshunning an individual (See Moots for voting procedure) May engage in diplomatic discussions on behalf of the Circle. Any agreement reached is subject to a full circle vote. May make decisions of immediate effect during times of crisis or emergency, but at the first possible opportunity these decisions will come up for vote during a Moot to determine if they continue or can be done away with. Hierophants Hierophant is an honorary title granted to druids who have performed great services to the Circle. While a Hierophant is generally independent of any circle and should be respected, Hierophants recognized by the Circle have additional privileges. Hierophants recognized by the Circle of the Stream may: Issue a challenge against an Archdruid. In the case that the number of Archdruids drops below full and the existing Archdruids refuse to hold a moot to select new Archdruids within two elven weeks, a Hierophant may call a moot for the sole purpose of electing new Archdruids. In this case, Archdruids are selected by full circle votes. Teach their own students, known as Acolytes, in the same manner that Dedicants are taught, outside of the Circle or as part of it, at their discretion. Hierophancy is either granted by the circle, or formally recognized by vote during a Moot if the Hierophancy is granted by another circle. If another circle grants Hierophancy to a druid and that druid’s status is recognized by this circle, that recognition is automatically revoked if the druid’s Hierophancy is removed by the circle that granted it, or a vote is held by the Circle to no longer recognize the title. Another circle removing Hierophancy from a druid does not prevent this circle from granting that druid Hierophancy. Another circle attempting to remove Hierophancy from a druid granted the title by this circle is considered invalid and has no standing upon their title in the eyes of the Stream Circle. Hierophants raised by another circle that later merges with this circle are considered to have been granted Hierophancy by this circle, whether or not they were recognised prior to the merge, as a sign of respect. In the case that another circle’s Hierophant is not formally recognised by this circle, they are to be respected, but they are not qualified to exercise the powers normally granted to Hierophants. Dedicants Dedicants are the students, the learners, who wish to one day become Druids. Nothing is changing for Dedicants as compared to other circles, this is a long-held tradition and has been proven more than beneficial and wise. Druids holding Political Office The practice of Druids holding a political role is an oft-debated topic, changing many times in the Old Order, and some exceptions being made even to this day. Within the Circle of the Stream, you are permitted to hold Political Office so long as you still perform your duties to the Aspects and the Circle. Only Archdruids of the Circle of the Stream may hold the two Druid seats on the Aeroch Nor Council. If you are part of any other Political Position, you may not hold the title of Archdruid or Guide under any circumstances. You are expected to still receive lessons on your Druidic gifts regularly, including sessions of meditation. You are expected to still serve the balance to the best of your ability within your held position, with understanding given that you do hold responsibilities with your position as well. If a decision or action arises within your position that may conflict with the ideals of the Circle, you are to consult with the Archdruids to clarify the situation and try to find the best course of action. The Challenge The Challenge is the method by which an Archdruid may be forcefully removed. A Challenge is declared by a Heirophant recognized by the Circle. When a Challenge is declared, another Hierophant (or druid, in the case that no other Hierophants are available) is selected as a neutral party. The neutral party formulates a challenge of skill. Any druid who is a member of the Circle, other than the neutral party and declarer of the challenge, may participate. The winner of the Challenge takes the Archdruid position. Moots A moot is a meeting of druids. Moots are called by Archdruids unless under circumstances stated in the Charter. For a moot to take place, it must be publically announced no less than two elven days in advance, and a majority of the inner circle must be present. Votes may only be held in a moot. There are two types of votes that occur: An Inner Circle vote, and a full circle vote. An Inner Circle vote is a vote held amongst all attending members of the inner circle, requiring a simple majority to pass. A majority of the Inner Circle is required to hold an Inner Circle vote. A full circle vote is a vote held amongst all attending druids of this circle, requiring a simple majority to pass. An inner circle vote may be changed to a full circle vote by an Archdruid, at their discretion. Issues that fall under an Inner Circle vote: Raising a new guide Removing guides Raising a new Archdruid Recognizing a Hierophant raised by another circle Granting Hierophancy Any unspecified votes dealing with the management of the guiding branch Issues that fall under a full circle vote: Proposed shuns Unattunement of a member of the circle Finalizing diplomatic agreements Removing recognition of a Hierophant raised by another circle Repealing Hierophancy previously granted by the circle. Unspecified votes on matters that affect the circle as a whole Amending the Charter In the event that the Charter proves insufficient or needs to be altered, it may be amended given the following procedure. An Archdruid shall publically call a moot, giving no less than two elven weeks notice. A majority of active druids of the circle is required to attend. Each proposed amendment is presented individually, receiving a vote on it’s own merit. Amendments require a 2/3 majority full circle vote to pass. ((A second post below this one will contain the Druidic ranks and those that hold them within this Circle))
  23. [Ogradhad's Alchemist] Beros Oathcast ~ ((JavaWizard)) [Wisdom] Elvira Mantisuku ~ ((Farryn)) Rhewen ~ ((Rhewen)) Dorin Irongut ~ ((Thaddeus12)) Solaris ~ ((KibagoKid)) Aeras Ibar'ker ~ ((InfiniteMind)) Fili Grandaxe ~ ((Cpt_Noobman)) Vidar Frostbeard ~ ((YankeeHD)) Claus Reiter ~ ((IceWalker)) Gauldrim Irongut ~ ((RedBench_)) Dagor Starbreaker ~ ((iAlexxxx)) Khel ~ ((hydra28)) [Please Post Your Application Here]: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1AQyrSerG9UNOVZE5A3xjgEUjM-G0CxPG53EzJ6izgXQ/edit#
  24. The Nameless You see a group of shadowy figures approach you​. One of the figures leans into your ear and whispers, "Power now has no name. Wealth has no name. We have no name." We are a group of miscellaneous crooks, thieves, bandits, all with one intention. Power, gold, and the fear of thousands. Ranks The organization is divided into 3 groups: Rogues, Knight, Bandit. Rogue: Ranger: A beginning rank for the ladder Rogue: After work and dedication, you can handle more serious tasks Assassin: Scaling the ladder, you have proven yourself a master of murder and mystery Knight: Scout: A beginning rank for the ladder Warrior: After work and dedication, you can handle more serious tasks Knight: You've shown you can handle the war zone like none other, and are a master at your craft. Bandit Pickpocket: A beginning rank for the ladder Thief: After work and dedication, you can handle more serious tasks Master Thief: Having a love for what isn't your's, have been able to steal the most precious of items, and quite the sum of loot. Ranks: Godfather: Gang Lord: Mob Boss: Mastermind: A mastermind takes orders from the Mob Boss so that he can help the people below him Villain: A villain is a recruit who has proven himself worthy by doing evil deeds and being loyal Recruit: A recruit is someone who has just joined the guild Application: IGN (Minecraft name): RP Name: Do you have Skype?: What can you do other than kill (Skill)?: Race(We aren't racist): What is your criminal profession?: Time Zone:
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