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  1. As the sun slips below the Arcas horizon, casting a shadow over the descendants’ domain, a hooded figure sits silently atop the branch of an oak tree. Clasped in one hand is a simple bow, the other, a quiver of arrows. The figure’s gaze is cast out over the deadly still lake that lays before them, the moonlit sky a perfect reflection upon the water. After several minutes, the figure reaches down into the depths of their cloak, producing a small bound book. They flick through to the latest entry, skimming over its contents and re-checking the task they had been set. As they read, the figure’s gaze suddenly snaps to a point a few dozen metres further along the bank where a movement had caught their eye. A doe emerges gracefully from amidst the dense forest, pausing for a moment as it checks it is alone, before striding down to the water’s edge. With one elegant motion, it dips its head and begins to drink. The hooded figure bestows the book back within the folds of their cloak, before dropping silently to the ground behind the tree. With long graceful strides they move from tree to tree, from bush to bush, all the while keeping a close eye on their target. Finally settling upon the root of a large tree, the figure pulls their hood back, auburn curls cascading out as the Dedicant Evelyn sets her quiver down, sliding out an arrow and nocking it slowly. She takes a moment to compose herself before raising her bow, drawing back and releasing the arrow. It soars towards the doe, though it is caught by the breeze and nicks the deer’s left ear as it pierces the stillness of the lake. “No!” Evelyn groans to herself as the doe bolts down the shore of the lake, disappearing into the dark reaches of the forest. With a sigh, she retrieves her quiver and hops down from the root. The Dedicant sidles over to the water’s edge, gazing up at the moon before looking down at her reflection in the idle lake, pondering her evident failure. She had been too hasty. “Patience…” She mutters to herself, her mind casting back to what the Owl Druid had told her days before. With a soft exhalation, Evelyn looks down to where the doe had previously stood. The sea of grey pebbles was broken by one tainted by a small patch of red; her arrow wound had caused blood to drip upon the beach. With a renewed determination the Dedicant crouches to inspect the pebble, pocketing it and heading towards where the deer had disappeared. Before the treeline, Evelyn spots another pebble, similarly splattered with a hint of blood; she now has a trail to follow. The Mali’ame makes her way through the dense forest, pursuing the trail of crimson splatters. Before long she comes across a river, a gnarled log seeming to be her only way across. She slings her bow and quiver over her back, before taking a deep breath and stepping onto the log, which creaks unnervingly. The Dedicant takes a few steps forwards, causing the log to shiver and crack. She closes her eyes and slows her breathing. “Patience...patience…” she murmurs. Evelyn lowers her stance slightly, reopening her eyes and taking a slow, measured step forwards. As soon as her foot touches the log, it emits a loud snap as it breaks in two, plunging her into the icy cold water. The current is strong, pulling her under and carrying her along at an alarming rate. The elf flails around, trying to find something to grab onto to slow her advance along the river. After what feels like an eternity, her hand finally finds a root and she tightens her grip around it. With several, painful movements, the Dedicant heaves herself up the root and onto the bank, where she coughs and splutters, laying on her back. After coming back to her senses, Evelyn pushes herself up into a sitting position. She starts to shiver, not just from the icy water but also because her cloak seems to have been torn away in the journey down the river. Luckily her bow seems intact, though only one arrow seems to have survived the trip. As she stands and looks around, the elf realises that she is in a small valley, which aside from a few trees is devoid of much else. Suddenly, some movement catches her eye further down the river and that’s when she sees it; the same doe from the lake, drinking from the same water that had carried Evelyn to this spot. “The Aspects work in strange ways…” she whispers to herself, moving slowing behind the tree and removing the bow from her back. With considered movements, the Dedicant retrieves her one remaining arrow, carefully nocking it and applying a little tension to the string. She slows her breathing as she brings the bow around the side of the tree, gently bringing it to tension. One of her eyelids slides down to hide a single emerald orb, the other’s gaze focussing along the arrow at the doe. The elf does not rush this time, the words of the one who set her this task reverberating in her mind. “Patience…” she whispers to herself. A quick glance to the branches above show the leaves blowing to the left in the breeze. This time she adjusts her aim to account for this. And with that, she releases the arrow. This time it curves with the breeze and strikes the doe where she intended. As it falls, the Dedicant approaches, drawing a small dagger from her hip. Upon reaching the deer, Evelyn lowers to a crouch, running a gentle hand along its neck before sharply sliding the blade into the creature, bringing its life to an abrupt end. A soft exhale emits from the Mali’ame as she retrieves the small book from within her dress. It is still wet from the river but the pages are thick, and although some of the charcoal has run, the outline of her task is still legible. After consulting the Owl Druid’s request, she re-bestows the book, setting to work on the doe. After a good hour or two, Evelyn sits back against the tree, having just washed her hands in the hissing river. She looks down to the bag beside her, its contents neatly packed, before turning her attention to what had taken most of her time: the wind chime made of bones. A small smile crosses the tired elf’s face as she re-reads the words inscribed across the bones, and then she sets it inside the bag with the other pieces. Using the tree as support, the Dedicant stands, slinging the bag over her shoulder and setting off towards the grove to deliver her task. ‘Haste leads to missing the mark. Targets are met with patience’
  2. Blimey, I'm on six years and even that seems too long.
  3. The Pine Druid scratches his nose as he reads the document, his finger freezing mid-stroke as his eyes spot something in the second point. ”The Druidic Order is not a nation!” he proclaims angrily to literally nobody, although a couple of woodlice in his beard wiggle in agreement before the Elder Druid disappears back into the mirky depths of his swamp, grumbling all the while.
  4. A lonesome figure stands atop the mountains that shelter the Talus Grove and the valley in which it dwells, his hands clasped atop an ancient Anthosian staff. A howling wind tears leaves from his scalp, which seem to regrow instantaneously, carrying them off towards the sea, though the winds do little to otherwise disturb the Elder Druid whose illuminated eyes seem empty and unseeing. His mind dwells elsewhere, he sees elsewhere. Leagues away, a phoenix of fiery gold plumage soars high above the crashing waves, its gaze – and in turn the Druid’s - focused on the little boat beneath and the figure who sits within it. The great bird opens its maw and delivers a song of sadness and joy, the tune accompanying the boat until it ends, at which point the phoenix turns and heads back towards the shores of Arcas. A single golden feather, eternally ablaze, would land in the boat,, a rare gift few receive. Back on the mountain top, the Pine Druid utters a final blessing in a language spoken by very few: ”Yam eht Stcepsa dna eht Stirips reverof ediug uoy, dlo dneirf. Litnu txen ew teem, Shagarath. Desselb eb.”
  5. Corrections & Misconceptions A tome of thoughts and lessons by the Pine Druid Gi’Garun Dear reader, Herein lies many of the things that I feel should be engrained in the knowledge of all Druids and Dedicants; things I have learned during my time as a brother of this Druidic Order. I hope this reaches many of my fellow servants of the Aspects, so that we can learn from the past and not get lost in old grievances and misconceptions that may threaten to derail the Order and turn us away from our purpose. May the Aspects watch over you all. Blessed be. ~#~ Gi’Garun Ibar’ker – Pine Druid & Hierophant ~#~ Duties: Until we pass on to the Eternal Forest our duties are firstly to the balance. They are secondly to the Order that we Druids swore an oath to upon our first day as a Dedicant. Do not let anything get in the way of your chosen purpose. Respect: All Druids are equal in importance. That fundamental principle has been a part of the Druidic Order for as long as can be remembered. Once a Dedicant becomes a Druid, they are held to the same standards and level of importance as all other attuned Druids. Elder Druids have seen and done much in their time. They deserve the respect of the younger generations for their commitments to the balance and the order. Wisdom comes with age and experience. Do not take the wisdom of your elders for granted. They have seen more than you could ever know and while not always right, are to be shown respect as you too will be by the generations that succeed you. This does not mean that you cannot disagree with an Elder or a Hierophant, but if you do disagree with them, you must do so in a respectful and courteous manner, which they shall return in kind. Disrespect towards an Elder is unnecessary, and the wrath of an elder Druid has been known to come crashing down upon rudeness like an avalanche upon a spring morn. Attitude: A Druid should be stern but fair. Proud but humble. Strong but delicate. Aggressive but calm. Silly but serious. Learn to laugh as well as lecture, for a Druid forever walks the perilous line at the centre of the extremes. We are keepers of the balance, and we must make sure to find that balance within ourselves as well. Focus: A Druid must learn to focus on what nature needs, not what they themselves desire. When we committed to the path of the Druid we agreed to put the balance first, and our own desires come much later. Do not allow desires to cloud your judgement and your approach to Druidism. The Gifts: The Gifts are exactly as they are titled – gifts. Do not seek them before you are ready, and do not seek that which you do not yet possess. Gifts are not taken, they are given. This is something many Druids and Dedicants fail to realise and yet continue to seek that which they do not yet have. Control your lust and harness your humility. Family: The Druids are a family. Do not take your family for granted. Do not seek revenge on your kin and do not block them out. Too many good Druids and good friends have been lost by Druids who disagree with them forcing them away. Stand by your brothers and sisters as they stand by you, for together, we will roll over the earth like an ongoing storm, held in the palm of Cerridwen’s hand and strengthened by Cernunnos’ iron will as we drive all that threatens our precious balance out of existence and bring forth the serenity we swore to achieve on our first day as a child of the Aspects. The Past: The history of the Druids is long and full of great achievements. It is also full of great mistakes. Learn from these and use them to be better. Do not shame those who have made mistakes, help them up, dust them off, help them right the wrong and focus on their positive impacts over their negative ones. In my time I have seen many Druids shamed by those who didn’t know them, based on half-truths and ignorance. The Present: A wise man once said, “Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” Do all that you can to make today as good as it can be. Do not wait until tomorrow to achieve what you can achieve today. Time is a strange thing, and if I’ve learnt anything from my nigh on seven centuries on this good earth, it is that we will never truly know what is around the corner. The Aspects have trusted us to carry out their will so carry out their will we shall, as efficiently and as effectively as we can. The Future: It can be easy to forget about what we will leave behind; what future generations of Druids will have to deal with in the wake of our absence. We are duty bound to ensure the ongoing safety and security of the Balance and the Order, so that those that come after us have the best chance of continuing that which our earliest ancestors started, equipped with the knowledge and wisdom of those that came before. Be sure to leave the world and the Order with fewer problems to solve than there were when you came into it.
  6. The Pine Druid's expression is one of intrigue as he scans the parchment, though the last section brings a frown to his face. "So an Archdruid's personal approach to their path as a Druid requires even more ranks? Almost as though yet another circle is forming... More divisions... Less unity... What has become of our people... Goodness me... Aspects bless us in these troubling times..." He taps his staff against the ground a couple of times before disappearing amidst the trees, becoming one with the surroundings.
  7. I think if they are not breaking server rules there is no reason to ban them, albeit at moderators discretion as it has been for a while. There is no way to police what happens on other servers and I think for the integrity of LoTC it should be based on what they've done or not done on this server rather than on other ones. Untrustworthyness is based on opinion so I do not think that is a viable reason for a ban. Just my two cents.
  8. I've been told these connection issues are because of a new system. Can we like, put the old one back ASAP? This new one makes it worse than Aegis.

    1. Rickson


      GMs are telling me I'm wrong but I'm 99.9% sure all the lag is caused by the new restart schedule. Nobody cared that we had a restart every six hours, can we just have lagless mineman back?

  9. I like it. Could you add some clarification about tree lords? I've been told they follow the same rules regarding souls and whatnot, but would there be any difference with moving their soul across and stuff? Considering their souls are bound to a tree, their tether is the tree, not their body. Or is that not the case?
  10. Hierophant Gi'Garun signs the charter in elegant glyphs.
  11. http://i.imgur.com/8IB276h.jpg
    When 5.0 is made it should be filled with stuff as nice as the Elven city.

    1. argonian


      the best part about the elven city is the lack of elves

    2. Corporatocracy


      wait, thats nice? yuck

    3. Geo
  12. This is pathetic.  I log on to take a screenshot for a friend and this immediately happens. LoTC you need to get your stuff together. I don't regret leaving because of things like this. Try and have a good day...

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    2. Kommander-Kila


      As a bandit myself, I apologize for people like this. There needs to be a general guide-line of what to do during banditry.

    3. Space


      Legitimately modreq this type of ****. It's 'minas or die.' It's not roleplay.

    4. HurferDurfer1


      Same dudes pulled this on me the other

  13. Star Wars: The Force Awakens was insanely epic. Would recommend to all.

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