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Found 4 results

  1. OH'SEHN VAL LOCH'TOHL The Barony of Al'Ildic presents. . . Rare is it that this occasion befalls on the Barony keep, especially of the heiress Al'Ildic and a lord Jerovitz. . . The bride and groom invite those of the Old Regime, Knights of Hanseti-Ruska and the Old Regime of Petra, and peers of both. [OCTOBER 29TH, 2022. 4PM EST] In the Emma of Woldzmir Chapel, The Commonwealth of Petra Synopsis of Lovers Vladrik Kortrevich II and Sadie O'Rourke, two souls that begun their conquest of courtship at the age of youths. Together, they ensued many cricket-sounded nights, summer-sunned days and an entire childhood with one another. The Stone Rose of Krusev was given to the Baroness Al'ildic in honor of Kaitlyn Kortrevich, the first baroness of Jerovitz. The heirloom is treasured by House Kortrevich, and now passes onto its future generation of star-crossed lovers. In Kortrevich tradition, the ring is only given to koravian brides whom are a clear and constituted choice for suitor. The Northman himself, enacted his dedication by opting out of lifstalan events, required by his nation. Focusing on scholarly pursuits. Now, he settles into his knighthood trials and a life with his dearest Baroness, as her loyal consort. Ceremony The proceedings will take place in the bride's chosen chapel for it's patron saint, Emma of Woldzmir. Show to the courtyard near the Margrave of Minitz, carrying into the church for the blessed ceremony under star and sun. The clergy of Canonism oversees in the eyes of Mother Maya vas Ruthern, and in holy matrimony they will stay. ____________________________________________ INVITEES Count Nikolai Mikhail Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @Phersades) Countess-Consort Esmée Gabrielle Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @dove ) Ser Calahan O'Rourke of Old Halstaig ( @Pyrite ) Holy Mother Maya vas Ruthern II of Vidaus ( @milkyi ) Dame Catherine, Regent of the Commonwealth ( @AndrewTech ) His Royal Majesty, Keong Karl Barbanov III of Karosgrad ( @GMRO ) Her Royal Majesty, Keonas Amadea Ulyssa of Susa ( @shay ) Knights & Squires of the Circle of Saint Emma Knights & Squires of the Round Table Dame Irene of Vienne ( @ RainedropF ) Best Man, Firr Tulip van Wick ( @HurferDurfer1 ) Lord Everett Patrick O'Rourke of Old Halstaig ( @CanadaMatt ) Lady Alexandrina Maya O'Rourke of Old Halstaig ( @ ) Lady Mischa Florentia Lesanov-Falcone of Florentine ( @Melpomenne Haunch-Prinzen Georg Sigismund Barbanov-Bihar ( @gusanoarentonio ) Princess Royal Analiesa Josefina Barbanov-Bihar ( @PerfectlyPeachy ) Prince Marius Audemar Barbanov-Bihar ( @Mio ) Lady Esfir Rose Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @marslol ) Lord Matviy Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @MapleSunflower ) Lord Anton Otto Rique Kortrevich ( @AgentofDeath13 ) Lady Inessa Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @GlassySkies ) Duchess-Consort Josefina Renée Kortrevich-Barclay of Reinmar ( @crazedpudding) Ser Matyas Baruch of Valwyck ( @ThanksChris ) Ser Barley van Wick of Woldzmir ( @ScourgeOfOrders) Lord Cosimo Falcone of The Holy Land, Florentine ( @Goon) Lady Margosha Lesanov ( @Bonito ) Manon Yvaine de Falstaff ( @wowsirss) Viorica Barrow of Jerovitz ( @sarahbarah ) Wynanya Arvellon of Nevaehlen ( @critter) & her invited kin from the Vale Princess Elizaveta Ulyssa van Wick ( @Moenah) Lady High Justicar Adele Emma Ludovar ( @CopOwl) Ser Sebastien 'The White Sun' de Savoie ( @tcs_tonsils_ ) Signed. . . Her Ladyship, Sadie Cristonia O'Rourke, Baroness of Al'Ildic His Lordship, Vladrik Iov Robaire Kortrevich II, Baron-Consort of Al'Ildic
  2. Authored by Calahan Antonious O’Rourke and Alexander Wynsehn Published in 1877, Erin Hall, Halstaig The title of Count of Halstaig originates from the Sixth Empire under Peter II when he ennobled Braehn Elendil An'Hiraeth as the first Count of Halstaig. However, Braehn’s title did not surpass his death as the infamous Coup of Adelburg restructured Orenian nobility and restricted Braehn from continuing to hold his title and all associated lands. The title was thus placed in absence. It was not until two centuries later that the title resurfaced. In 1781, Peter III bestowed the title of Count of Halstaig upon Oisin Seamus O’Rourke, a highly-regarded Adunian politician and commodore from Kaedrin. Upon assuming the comital title, he was given the formal name, John I by Imperial Administration, a tradition which all future title holders underwent upon assuming peerage. Braehn I of House Elendil (1629-1639) Braehn Eldenil An'Hiraeth @Braehn Elendil An'Hiraeth Being entitled as the first Count of Halstaig by Peter II during the reign of the Sixth Empire, Braehn was responsible for the construction of much of the Imperial-Adunic culture still seen in the modern era. He placed a heavy emphasis on the importance of education as he was notorious for supporting the construction of several academic institutions in his first rendition of Halstaig on Axios. Brahen’s reign as Count did not last long as a decade after his ennoblement, the Coup of Aldersburg was launched which saw the subsequent removal of several Imperial Noble Titles - Braehn’s title included. John I of House O’Rourke (1781-1788) Oisin Seamus O’Rourke @Areon Oisin grew up in Brolwic, Aeldin. Upon news of his father's death in 1756, he and the rest of his family sailed back to Arcas. As the new Patriarch of House O’Rourke, he was to take care of his family, settling them down in The Commonwealth of Kaedrin. Once purchasing a house he began a printing press to further take care of the family, thus creating the O’Rourke Company. Whilst achieving noble status for the family, arguably his most notable achievement was founding the Imperial State Navy. Alongside George de Sarkozy, he constructed a base for the navy within Kaedrin, beginning a large-scale recruitment drive. After being denied the ability to blockade Sutican Ports and trade routes in the Sutican War due to the ocean froze over, he lived out his final years peacefully. His title passed onto his brother Patrick… Patrick I of House O’Rourke (1788-1791) Padraig Pious O’Rourke @Mandalore1 Padraig grew up in Aeldin alongside his family. He too sailed back to Arcas in 1756 when news of his father's death spread. As a famed politician of the Empire, after the Imperial Diet reform in 1764, he dived headfirst into his career, by joining the Josephite party. Having lived in Kaedrin for a decade and building his social standing, he decided to run for Lord Mayor of Owynsburg. After the hardships of a supposedly rigged election, he finally found himself in charge of the city. Reopening the mines, ceasing taxation, and reforming mayoral elections. With great success as the mayor, he was invited to be the Minister of Labor within Ves, allowing him to affect Vessian vassals on a large scale. The years of his life came to a near end after being promoted by the Archchancellor to the role of Secretary of the Interior. He left his title to his daughter Anastasia… Anastasia I of House O’Rourke (1791-1828) Anastasia Cassia O’Rourke @Asutto Also known as Azariah of Halstaig, the Countess was born in Owynsburg, Kaedrin. Her backstory being that of a vagrant and bandit, set straight by the Imperial State Army. Being forced to conscript after being captured, she spent her time reuniting with her family and studying the blade. She chose to then follow in her family's footsteps by running for Alderman of Helena. Later on she became a city clerk of Helena and continued to climb the ranks of the I.S.A despite having passed her required years of service. After Padraig’s untimely death, she took on the title of Countess as the eldest of her sonless father. Reaching the near peak of her military career during the Inferi War, she became a guardian of Orenian and Adunian people alike. After joining the legions of descendants in fleeing Arcas, she established a small town within the Daeperician Archipelago before continuing to Almaris to construct the famous Erin Hall with the aid of her grandfather. She went on to participate in many wars and events in Orenian history and achieved the rank of Lieutenant in the ISA to then retire. In 1828 she died in an assassination attempt, to which her body was never found. She bore the title(s): Dame, Anastasia Cassia of Halstaig, Countess of Halstaig, Magistrate of Providence, and Knight Commander of the Order of the Lion. Iduna I of House O’Rourke (1828-1849) Iduna Anne O’Rourke @Itz_Cookie The White Rose was born within the confines of Halstaig’s white marbled walls, where she was ordered to remain. Though that did not stop her, the future Countess, a free spirit in her younger days, spent her days wandering the realm. After a mortifying bandit encounter at a young age, she was placed under the care of a bodyguard, increasing the time she spent at Halstaig significantly. Taking an interest in the arts would later influence her career as an adult. After an arguably scandalous marriage, she began a new generation of O’Rourke’s with a Haenseti as her spouse. Whilst achievements were minor in her time, she procured the future of the family and spent her time working as the Mistress of the Arts and Culture in the Augustine Palace. An unfortunate death besieged her as she and the head maid of Halstaig attempted to leave on the sea for a brief trip to Aeldin. The ship sank at the cause of a corrupt pirate, and Iduna’s legacy was left to her eldest daughter Theodosia… Theodosia I of House O’Rourke (1849-1876) Theodosia Illaena O’Rourke @RaindropsKeepFalling Theodosia ‘The Black’ was a momentous figure in modern Oren, both the Empire and Kingdom. Her upbringing was relatively simplistic, surrounded by the tenets of Halstaig and her family. Influenced by a great lack of parental guidance, she brought herself to mature at a young age to then take on the Comital Title sooner than expected. Not more than a month after she had to face her first decision as Countess in the Aster Revolution… After pledging fealty to Philip Amadeus alongside an escort of O’Rourke bannermen, many reforms were to then come. The first reformation of many to influence the County was that of free companies, and after rigorous application, the Westguard was formed under her supervision. Meanwhile, her cousin and the Arentania Construction Corporation were hard at work designing and constructing the Fortress of the West, the new design of Erin Hall. Upon the perch of Erin Hall, the first and only Lady Vicar of Arentania was elected into this position, leaving her to reside over the noble families within the western region of the Empire. One of the Countess’ final reforms she had left in her legacy was the original draft of the Peerage Reforms, responsible for fixing the bloated population of peers. Theo had found the end of the road much too soon, just like those before her. Most were unsure of the origin of her death, although letters of her last will and testament were left behind to her children. Theodosia had left Calahan O’Rourke as her Regent in absence whilst her daughter Sadie Cristonia O’Rourke waits to take the title… Sadie I of House O’Rourke (1876-present) Sadie Cristonia O’Rourke @Moenah A flaxen-haired child of Rourke, Not known to say much, the road before her is not straight. To be raised by her family, there is not much else known…
  3. A Fallen Sparrow and Whisper of the Wind. [!] Lady Analiesa and the cat she finally got, in an exaggerated portrait a few weeks before the death of the Lady. [!] A grand clock ticked in the distance of the room as the golden handle swayed from side to side, a small bird sat on the edge of windowsill seeming to be entirely normal with brown and blue feathers. Analiesa Ludovar had fallen into a spiral, her doors locked, the shelves dusted over, her clothes old, worn, she looked to be skin and bones. The lady had her hair tied in a tight bun as she stared at the painting just next to her bed. It depicted a younger version of Analiesa and her first husband Michael O’rourke. "Michael.." she whispered with a frown, wrinkles tending her lips and cheeks as her head tilted "Myrana, she's safe.. vyr.. vyr right, she's as beautiful as vy were.." a pained laugh left her in a dried tone seeming she was talking to the air. Fumbling with her boney fingers she pulled out a thin cigarette, a habit she’d picked up from her friend.. Seeming the closest thing she had to a friend Nikoletta, whether the princess knew it or not. Over the past ten years of Analiesa's life, she'd gone dormant. Hiding inside, seeming to grieve for something no one understood. Her four children and niece, we're growing up with mothers and fathers unbeknownst to her. Myrana, her eldest and only child with Michael.. She’d be in her midst of life. Cecilya and Johanna.. The two daughters she’d had with Josef, Johanna had a spark that bickerd often. Cecilya, was a blonde. Her favorite at that most days. Ilya, her youngest and last child and only son. A blonde and a boy.. He was the golden child of her life. Adalia the third, her niece adopted after her eldest sister passed away and left her an infant when Myrana was only a few months old. Why would she want to know of her failure? Her blonde hair had gone gray and her smile faded, as time passed with the click of the grand clock. Her late husband Josef.. a mere memory in her mind.. Regret shrouded her senses. In her youth she seemed only neglect her family the Ruthern’s now it had continued. “They will never know.. V’hat ea gave to ensure v’heir safety.” she hissed out, bitterness sinking her tone. She’d neglected her daughters.. her son. They all seemed to grow angst to her absence and to that, she simply ensured the locks on her door were fastened tighter Pulling herself up as she looked out the window again..this time to the bird "Mamej Rosey." her whisper echoed in the air as she turned to stare into the coldend gaze of an old ghost, having taken the form of a bird. The ghost’s figure shifted as the plasm only a ghost could grow formed into a young lady, with slicked back hair and a warm glow to her blue and transparent skin. "Analiesa, you should stop doing that.. or teach me how you learned it." the ghost let out with a warm chuckle "Yam going.. to die." she explained with a faint smirk, one the ghost and herself had not seen in awhile"Teach mea little girl's about mea.. ea.. didnt.. tell them.. about v'he green men, v'he conspiracy's, v'he murders.." she trailed off "Ea didnt tell v'hem about meaself at all.. Ea didnt raise v'hem even.. oh mamej ahm ea a horrid person?" she asked with a huff of dissatisfaction. Alethea, hovering beside her, lets out a sigh. “You have experienced far too much. Far too many things I wished you’d never experienced. I know how much your kids mean to you, and why you locked yourself up for the rest of your life after reaching your breaking point.” She says, holding her hand above Liesa’s own, almost hovering above due to her incorporeality. “Just as I appeared when you needed the help, someone will be there for your children. I can assure you, daughter.” “Well.. I didn't want half of v’hem.. But.. but Myrana was safe! Ea grew to love.. The rest as they got older. Its silly.. Ea gave Johanna to Sibylla and she’s already developed a liking to her.” she explained as if defending herself to a ghost was much help. Analiesa frowned deeply “Ea.. loved.. Love Michael.. Josef made a dobry cover for mea settling down.. I had a baby, nie more killing and trying to take down nations.. Nie more castles and wizards with pointy dagger ears.” Analiesa Ludovar flopped onto her bed with a huff. “Mamej, if ea died today, nie one would find out. Nie one would notice for years ea bet.” “You changed the hearts of many. Both to the living and to the dead. Many people will be affected by your death, and many will remember you. Even then, was the point to die famous?” Thea chuckles, staring out the window at the night sky. “You are my last daughter on this plane. It gives me peace to know that I can finally pass on without worrying about the safety of any of my children.” "So vy feel.. its time aswell da?" The lady asked with a soft tone a hint of fear in her voice "Maybe.. now vy can meet my mamej Adalia, and.. Mea sestra Adalia v’he second.. And perhaps ea can finally see him again." A few tears of the tired old lady trailed down her wrinkled cheek "Yes my dear, you and I have avoided death more times than I can count. It's quite exhausting really." The ghost chuckled before leaving the two in a dead silence "Saspiba mamej Rosey.. I think.. its time we rest." She whispered in a peaceful tone as she took to her bed ensuring her hair was perfectly combed and her nightgown without a wrinkle, for when you have a date with death you do try and look your best. Her soft voice filled the air for a final moment "Ea will see you again someday." —------- [!] —------ Not more than a day later it had been discovered by the hand maids in Otistadt that Lady Analiesa Vasile Ludovar had passed away, clutching both the two rings of her late husband's Whispers spread around that the lady had gone crazy and was talking to herself all night long. Perhaps that was the truth.. or.. maybe there was something more that would be lost in history. However it didn't matter anymore For, the beautiful blonde, and the whisper in the air. We're both no more. Ooc
  4. FOCAIL DE ÓIR, TEANGA DE CRUACH 22nd of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1868 Erin’s Hall, County of Halstaig Since its initial establishment in Atlas, House O’Rourke has long been a staunch supporter of the Orenian ideals. Padrick Erin O’Rourke bled out upon the steps of Belvitz, fighting against a horde of raiders. Count Oisin and Padraig fought side by side against the Everardine machine in the House of Commons throughout the 18th century. During the Tenth Nordling War, Countess Anastasia rallied the largest Adunian host in recent history to fight against the barbaric forces of the North. We have loyally fought, bled, and died for Orenia and now we come to an impasse. Two factions of like-minded individuals have declared a state of conflict against each other and split the Empire into two: a civil war is incoming. Violence rages on in the northern theatre from the Battle of Vuillermoz to the Standoff at Fort T.O.S. House O’Rourke can no longer idly stand by and watch. It is thus by the will of Countess Halstaig that the County of Halstaig and by extension, the House of Rourke hereby pledges its fealty to Frederick I, the rightful King of Oren and successor to Philip III and Anastasia I. Furthermore, we urge our cadet houses of Orlov and Rosius to follow suit, taking action and laying their blades before the King of Oren. And to the pretender, Peter Augustus, we hope you find your senses and surrender before more have to suffer under your unlawful regime. The Right Honorable, Theodosia Illeana O’Rourke, Countess of Halstaig, Stewardess of New Esbec, Captain of the Westguard Lord Calahan Antonius O’Rourke, Commander of the Westguard Lord Nikolaus Oisin O’Rourke, Commander of the Westguard Lord Auden Thein O’Rourke, Seneschal of Erin Hall Lady Arabella Donna O’Rourke, Advisor to the Countess
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