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  1. Eternally sound, the Heir Apparent was.. Loomed she, stepping from her icy throne.. Setting her cares aside, her cerulean globes of frigid prowess scanned over the missive; telling news of one with a False Crown.. Gaze igniting with vigor, she allowed her frost to envelop the paper; one foretelling of a mere witchling laying claim to the power of the Four Elder Hags. It folded in on itself.. Shattering to a fluttering of snow shards - The Mother of Frost now sought to chisel out a plan in iceforged rage.. To see to the end of this egotistical banter in the name of their Blessed Brunhylde.. Gritting her sharpened teeth all the while. "Such a threat by the means of a missive?.." The mother's lip curled up in disgust. "How asinine.. Who dares to ignite this war?" A looming realization struck her features, cleaving aside her rage.. Her countenance parted into a sickly, multi-rowed grin.. Now, she sought out her Lobalm and close acquaintances for their opinion on the matter. [COPYRIGHT: @Werew0lf]
  2. The Other Matriarch of that crying sect of broken women stood prideful at the cusp of their blood-filled grounds. Under the infernal countenance of unbeknownst vigor, a grin split an entire cavern across her face as the Fennites scurried around in their faux-citadel for some solution to the conflict they instigated. "Doo-mah Yatl." The woman spate her horrible tongue on the grounds they found so holy.
  3. The loyal mutt of yearning, festering loathe sat upon its jaden throne. It’s weary, skeletal sockets bobbed up with a twitch of scorn. It instinctively followed the rabid will of its Lady, the darkest few rumbled with..- Anticipation. Hungry were the few whom flooded the Remnants of what once was a city among the skies; now sodden with malice and blood below. “Radiant is the black sun-..” The awakened flame of torture flumes within the light of such oxymoronic stars. Chuckles and chortles of promise crawled up the walls of the geist’s sticky, and humid cage. It gnawed at the bars, breaking free. The feral beast of dribbling darkness split its face into a grin; which spread like a ravine across a sunlit battleground of flayed bodies. The battle cry of hounding barks and howls radiated from the Far East as the servant bound for the winter land blight.
  4. Vitomira watched from her stone citadel whom remained forever on the coasts of the green mountains. She cracked a smile which quickly gained the gap of a grin that carved like tectonic plates through the earthen soil of her facade. The light in her crystalline eyes soon.. shimmered out as the lightstones of the mausoleum of Xan dwindled to a flicker- then to silence. The snake ate.
  5. Lets get started, mhm?


  6. The screams would bellow and betroth to the far Northwest frozen wastes of vast agony as the three witch mothers were invited to their icy thrones. Their crowns, crystalline and polished to the design of Brunhylde. The hags chased against any mortal men who dared to get within a distance they could smell up in the blizzard. A horrid fear would follow them. Lynera set out with her horrible mace of salts, one wrought of a chunk Circe had blessed only her with. A weapon that could damn all men. She birthed three daughters; Kerry-Anne, Kindrel, and Morgana. Sending them out with a grin to perform the worst. And mankind could do nothing to stop her.
  7. Cally

    [PK] Faith

    The equally faithful Jackal widened its soulless eyes in horror as its memories of Hound began to fade from the forefront of its already wracked mind. A scream of pain and sorrow emitted from its lair, deep in the hellish underbelly of the Tsutenkaku estate. "Sleep well in the soulstream, balmark.. For perhaps I will join you there soon.." The phantom collapsed its phantasmal body to the ground in a fit of sobs. Its haunt seemed to carry a bit more sorrow on that shallow night..
  8. BUY THESE SKINS OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Within the confines of her Eastern home, a certain S’indri chuckles down at the parchment, her ashen wife and son within each arm. They each peer over her shoulder at the letter. After those lime eyes scan the challenging words, she lets out a hearty chuckle. “Silvered Thugs? More like stuck-up vigilantes. Running from their problems with their tails between their legs.” She looks now to Arani. Whilst her gaze lingers, it turns to a crimson as she lights the parchment ablaze. Letting the ashes dissolve within the air. “This new age of thill are an utter disgrace. Their honor, gone. They will always think less of you. Shall one challenge you, I will equip you with the tools to rise above. They’ll be shining your boots by the end of it.”
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