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  1. Ser Maerîl of Al'Ildic would smile at the mention of herself as allies after being shown such a missive by her spouse ( @Bones ).
  2. One Emigliana O'Rourke gazed at the sapphire-streaked heavens and wondered if the sacrifice of a keeper's life was all in vain. Nevertheless, she lit a candle that night within her chapel, uttering a prayer for the keeper she thought she did not know. "O, sunlit lord of the skies. . . I hope the sacrifice was worth the pain. I hope said servant suffered less knowing their virtue would become a piece in the greater puzzle of redemption. I pray for thee, whomever you are. . . For fighting in death, is never to be taken for granted. I hope your dying breaths were brave, I hope your shoulders were straight and rolled, that danger quivered at the sight of you. For you, I continue to fight To rid the world of this malice To live another day when you might not. May flame light your path May your embers be smothered by those you love Rest now." Unbeknownst, the fallen knight was a man she was kind to, a man she used to love, and now respected. Even though their last words were argumentative. . . She would write to him to meet again, knowing not that her letter hadn't arrived.
  3. the G.O.A.T . . Thank you for this
  4. MC Name: CallyI Discord: callypso Image: Description of Image: A tavern logo of a tower with a foamy head instead of a beacon torch atop Dimensions: 1 wide, 2 high
  5. https://tenor.com/view/creatura-gif-18820276
  6. VAL’DURE Issued on the 8th of Malin's Welcome, 132 S.A. [Tuesday, June 13th, 3PM EST] Two ancient houses, the adunian House of Rourke, and the Almanniric house of Stafyr from Hanseti-Ruska, join together to gleefully announce the betrothal and wedding of one Lady Emigliana Maeya Cristonia Iduna Anne Theodosia Anastasia O'Rourke and Lord Edwyn Isovar Stafyr for the announcement of a new fealty oath with King Tar-Númenatâr to restore the honor of Lady Emigliana's oath to her family aswell. That is why hereby; the bride and groom invite together these two houses and nations among the holy walls of Númendil’s own cathedral dedicated to Saint-King Caius within Númenost the Fair [The White City]. A reminder that gifts are never expected, but will be appreciated! SIGNED, Her Ladyship, Emigliana Maeya Cristonia Iduna Anne Theodosia Anastasia O'Rourke, Maestra de Musica la Hyspana, Court Musician of Númendil, Jovenaar of the Aulic Court His Lordship, Edwyn Isovar Stafyr In addition to immediate family from O’Rourke, Stafyr, and Kortrevich, the following have been personally invited: His Royal Majesty, Tar-Númenatâr and his citizens Her Royal Majesty Tári-Orelia of the House Darkwood His Royal Majesty, Georg I Her Royal Majesty, Sofia of Hyspia Her Royal Majesty, Edith Klaire of Aaun His Serene Highness, Aleksandr Otto Her Serene Highness, Amaya Milena His Royal Highness, Stefan Everard His Princely Grace, Manfred Barclay His Viceroyal Highness, Caesar Francisco de Pelear Her Royal Highness, Briar Pendraic Her Royal Highness, Caraneth Aryantë His Grace, Emir d'Abbassia Her Grace, Roslin Baruch Her Ladyship, Ailsa Baruch His Lordship, Alasdair Baruch Her Ladyship, Alyona Godunov His Lordship, Malcolm Gant Firr Friend His Lordship, Konstanz Barclay Her Ladyship, Aleksandra vas Ruthern Her Ladyship, Stefaniya Ipera vas Ruthern Mrs. Nicholya Samardzic Miss Nadia Samardzic Miss Inny Yuln'aher and all of her Bard College Her Ladyship, Vesta Her Excellency, Josefina Barclay His Lordship, Haus Weiss-Vuiller His Lordship, Walter Weiss Her Ladyship, Karyna Colborn Her Ladyship, Katia Colborn Firress Franziska Morovar Auntie Irene Fransziska
  7. fartpack for me, fartpack for you!
  8. Emigliana O'Rourke stares, mouth agape. . . yet, she smiled for her dear friend. Like Emma Karenina, she could be the surgeon-general, and a fantastic Koenas, she thought. Pondering on her far-off great-aunt.
  9. One Emigliana O’Rourke whom was spending her time rushing about the labyrinth of Nor’Asath for injured, now found herself with a hand clenched to her forehead as she read the edict pinned to the notice board near her Karosgrad residence. That night she cried for her cousin, wishing that things turned out better for her. “It must have been a shift in her when tantej Esfir passed. . . From her strange behavior in Barrowton to this.. I-. . .” She spoke no more, and her head shook with some stifled empathy for the disowned woman.
  10. Somewhere in the after-realm… a fickle man sniffles at his favorite nephews accomplishments, and his proclivity to fill the late Houndsman’s dirty shoes. Fabian might feel his uncle’s sweltering pride for him amongst a dream, if at all. The new Master of the Hunt is passed down a whistle for the lot of dogs that the old hunter once possessed. He’d now find that they all look to him with pleading eyes and long snouts, begging for his attention instead. Though they seemed exponentially happier to serve someone once again, much less a flaxen haired boy as bright as the sun. They smelled his uncle on him, and rejoiced as their sniffing party continued, and Fabian became houndsman.
  11. Somewhere, a widow'd hunter tsk's his teeth at the missive, wishing that the advisor would have done him the dignity to ask for The Master of the Hunt's dutiful signage.
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