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    Map Art - CallyI

    MC Name: CallyI Discord: callypso#0420 Image: dm for image - it is being finnicky ! Description of Image: A custom sign for a florist's shop! (Transparent background included, please!) Dimensions: 2 wide, 1 high
  2. i love u wonder i’m ur biggest supporter this is so fantastic
  3. INVITATION OF FEAST AND HUNT KORTREVICH I JEROVITZA - INVITATION OF D’ARKENT FAMILY FOR A CORDIAL FEAST 13th of Msitza ag Dargund, 468 E.S. Our heir-apparent, after settling within her father's seat due to his sudden abdication has found a rather unexpected friend, or rather many. Within the House of d'Arkent, an Orenian-originating family that now takes refuge in many nations, including the Kingdom of the Balian. Making such known, Countess Ileana Stefaniya Kortrevich and her respective regents, Lady Viorica Kortrevich and Ser Vladrik Kortrevich; happily invite the entirety of House d'Arkent to Countess Ileana's first official Jerovitz event in her new seat. This night shall include a hunt, and a feast of the hunt's spoils along with a jolly spit-bonfire to celebrate the successful hunt, and the hopeful emergence of a friendship betwixt our two houses. This shall be the first official hunt, hosted by the Master of the Hunt on Jerovitz grounds. [!] Depiction of the swamplands present around Jerovitz, where the hunt shall begin. Event Details! IV JOVEO MANN Her Right Honorable, Ileana Stefaniya Kortrevich, Countess of Jerovitz, Vicountess of Krusev, Baroness of Koravia Her Excellency, Viorica Irena Kortrevich, Grand Lady of Morrivi-Prikaz Countess-Regent of Jerovitz, Vicountess-Regent of Krusev, Baroness-Regent of Koravia His Honour, Ser Vladrik 'Houndsman' Iov Robaire Kortrevich-O'Rourke, Jovenaar of the Aulic Government, Seated Knight of the Knight's Table, Master of the Hunt, Regent of Jerovitz, Baron-Consort of Old Halstaig
  4. Vladrik enjoyed himself a cup of mead in the arm of his dearly beloved, upon reading the missive he would chuckle. "Finally. Ea won't have to work with that fool anymore. They should'a never made him a knight." Though he was sworn in alongside Atilan, the man bore no respect for him. Vladrik slept a bit better that night thanks to Dame Alexandra's actions. "It's been too long of a time coming."
  5. For the late Koeng, The Master of the Hunt knew all too well the meaning of some of his own mortality, but pondered on the integrity of Karl's understanding. Though his research came up with things to prolong the Koeng's life, but he denied them. And Vladrik understood why, unable to help it as he grimaced,. . . bells tolled in his ears once more announcing the death of a distant uncle. The King has fallen for another to rise. Lord Vladrik Kortrevich-O'Rourke a man of his gospel, and even more testaments. He found some peace in how the late Koeng entered the seven skies, he even polished his Longsword of the Seven Skies under the portrait of Karl Sigmar in the main room of his Hunting Lodge, one that the two had put into construction in Karl's later years, though his wife, Koenas-Consort Amadea had most of the say in the funding. The hunter regrets his absence of holding just one more hunt for the Koeng. Now, raising his knife to the light, another portrait came into vision in that pristine sheen - Georg Sigusmund of Kusoraev The hunter smiled. . .
  6. “Finalement!” Vladrik, Esfir’s youngest brother whooped and hollered shouts of joy through the library of Morrivi Prikaz. He prepared letters for those that might care in far away lands. “Papej would be through the roof, Effie, ea just know it. . .” the missive, was wetted by the tears of a slowly maddening man.
  7. Lynera, one of the original three on fabled days of CIrce . . . Awaits her copy and given glance at the graces of her sister. Oh, how she craved for pride in its contents.
  8. Vladrik O’Rourke-Kortrevich stared at the flowing stream affront his house, exiting his chambers with tired eyes and an even more worn spirit. Tears made pathways in his book-dusted face that he hadn’t bothered to wash in days. A bottle of auvergnant vodka hung in his grip. A deep swig washed his throat with a burn. He coughed out a sob, and grounded the bottle with a CRASH! A broken boy became a man, and became wiser, but never whole. He longed for his wife . @Moenah
  9. Lynera, as blighted and worn as she was. . . Heeded to the winter's call of a kin, and offered forth her essence in song. The Prophecy rings true in minds of adept, and intermediate telepaths and those inept to visions. Their song, it shrieks. The pain and anguish of wintered women, a pink-fleshed sacrifice of youth, and a long-dead coldborn. The witches' agony is felt as they meddled with powers far beyond their understanding of witchcraft. The melody screams sharp, A toll is paid from each of the mothers, and one straggler. . . one donned a navy cowl, the others were too blurry and luminescent to see in the pelting snowstorm. the song stripped the snow, it bites. Finally, hailed in the vision is a large, glacial crack. . . One that rang off of the Northern sky, cardinal directions aligned to usher forth a reminder of Winter's Passing. It feeds.
  10. Vladrik Kortrevich sharpened his thanic steel longblade with a few passes over whetstone. He read the missive whilst his bride-to-be, Sadie O'Rourke held it for him. "Mm, no mention of the commander ea killed, interesting." He sighed, low and deep about his conquest on the inferi scourge being once again unrecognized.
  11. OH'SEHN VAL LOCH'TOHL The Barony of Al'Ildic presents. . . Rare is it that this occasion befalls on the Barony keep, especially of the heiress Al'Ildic and a lord Jerovitz. . . The bride and groom invite those of the Old Regime, Knights of Hanseti-Ruska and the Old Regime of Petra, and peers of both. [OCTOBER 29TH, 2022. 4PM EST] In the Emma of Woldzmir Chapel, The Commonwealth of Petra Synopsis of Lovers Vladrik Kortrevich II and Sadie O'Rourke, two souls that begun their conquest of courtship at the age of youths. Together, they ensued many cricket-sounded nights, summer-sunned days and an entire childhood with one another. The Stone Rose of Krusev was given to the Baroness Al'ildic in honor of Kaitlyn Kortrevich, the first baroness of Jerovitz. The heirloom is treasured by House Kortrevich, and now passes onto its future generation of star-crossed lovers. In Kortrevich tradition, the ring is only given to koravian brides whom are a clear and constituted choice for suitor. The Northman himself, enacted his dedication by opting out of lifstalan events, required by his nation. Focusing on scholarly pursuits. Now, he settles into his knighthood trials and a life with his dearest Baroness, as her loyal consort. Ceremony The proceedings will take place in the bride's chosen chapel for it's patron saint, Emma of Woldzmir. Show to the courtyard near the Margrave of Minitz, carrying into the church for the blessed ceremony under star and sun. The clergy of Canonism oversees in the eyes of Mother Maya vas Ruthern, and in holy matrimony they will stay. ____________________________________________ INVITEES Count Nikolai Mikhail Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @Phersades) Countess-Consort Esmée Gabrielle Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @dove ) Ser Calahan O'Rourke of Old Halstaig ( @Pyrite ) Holy Mother Maya vas Ruthern II of Vidaus ( @milkyi ) Dame Catherine, Regent of the Commonwealth ( @AndrewTech ) His Royal Majesty, Keong Karl Barbanov III of Karosgrad ( @GMRO ) Her Royal Majesty, Keonas Amadea Ulyssa of Susa ( @shay ) Knights & Squires of the Circle of Saint Emma Knights & Squires of the Round Table Dame Irene of Vienne ( @ RainedropF ) Best Man, Firr Tulip van Wick ( @HurferDurfer1 ) Lord Everett Patrick O'Rourke of Old Halstaig ( @CanadaMatt ) Lady Alexandrina Maya O'Rourke of Old Halstaig ( @ ) Lady Mischa Florentia Lesanov-Falcone of Florentine ( @Melpomenne Haunch-Prinzen Georg Sigismund Barbanov-Bihar ( @gusanoarentonio ) Princess Royal Analiesa Josefina Barbanov-Bihar ( @PerfectlyPeachy ) Prince Marius Audemar Barbanov-Bihar ( @Mio ) Lady Esfir Rose Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @marslol ) Lord Matviy Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @MapleSunflower ) Lord Anton Otto Rique Kortrevich ( @AgentofDeath13 ) Lady Inessa Kortrevich of Jerovitz ( @GlassySkies ) Duchess-Consort Josefina Renée Kortrevich-Barclay of Reinmar ( @crazedpudding) Ser Matyas Baruch of Valwyck ( @ThanksChris ) Ser Barley van Wick of Woldzmir ( @ScourgeOfOrders) Lord Cosimo Falcone of The Holy Land, Florentine ( @Goon) Lady Margosha Lesanov ( @Bonito ) Manon Yvaine de Falstaff ( @wowsirss) Viorica Barrow of Jerovitz ( @sarahbarah ) Wynanya Arvellon of Nevaehlen ( @critter) & her invited kin from the Vale Princess Elizaveta Ulyssa van Wick ( @Moenah) Lady High Justicar Adele Emma Ludovar ( @CopOwl) Ser Sebastien 'The White Sun' de Savoie ( @tcs_tonsils_ ) Signed. . . Her Ladyship, Sadie Cristonia O'Rourke, Baroness of Al'Ildic His Lordship, Vladrik Iov Robaire Kortrevich II, Baron-Consort of Al'Ildic
  12. IGN: CallyI Discord: callypso#0420 (Assuming Inferis is allowed because it is all i shine at, i give you this.) Frost Witch: Silit:
  13. Vladrik II peered unto the missive him and his sister had slaved away at within the lobby of Keep Jerovitz. Now, Vladrik set off to Krusev lands with a shovel and pick, to perhaps rid it of the tree. . . He went with something else, too. A carriage, emptied except for him, the mule, and a bundle of cloth. . . thwacking the reigns to load on the many coffins and urns.
  14. Vladrik Kortrevich II glanced diligently over his final draft of the warning missive. Finally, after placing a signature he sought to retire his quill to its case. Seeking out some peers of his age to post them around. . .!
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