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  1. I want pretty doors. I hate iron doors. Also Redstone is cool I just think it would be cooler if we had more options in using it.(Give me command blocks) ((Just kidding...)) *Unless....*
  2. What Items Should Be Free? Hey, yall, the tech team is interested in hearing what blocks you guys think should be free. The blocks we are looking at are natural to environments, things like Sand, Sandstone, Moss, ect. To get a wider grasp on what should be free, This post’s comments are going to be looked back on for our ideas of Free LC items going forwards. Though we know everyone would love all blocks to be free.. We can't do that. So, please try to keep some of these comments serious and productive. Thank you!! -mady07 and the Tech Team P.S Try to add a reason to some of your block requests Free blocks listed here Material.STONE, Material.STONE_SLAB, Material.STONE_STAIRS, Material.COBBLESTONE, Material.COBBLESTONE_SLAB, Material.COBBLESTONE_STAIRS, Material.ANDESITE, Material.ANDESITE_SLAB, Material.ANDESITE_STAIRS, Material.GRANITE, Material.GRANITE_SLAB, Material.GRANITE_STAIRS, Material.DIORITE, Material.DIORITE_SLAB, Material.DIORITE_STAIRS, Material.DEEPSLATE, Material.COBBLED_DEEPSLATE, Material.COBBLED_DEEPSLATE_SLAB, Material.COBBLED_DEEPSLATE_STAIRS, Material.DIRT, Material.COARSE_DIRT, Material.GRAVEL, Material.GRASS_BLOCK, Material.DIRT_PATH, Material.SAND, Material.RED_SAND, Material.PODZOL, Material.GRASS, Material.TALL_GRASS, Material.ACACIA_LEAVES, Material.BIRCH_LEAVES, Material.AZALEA_LEAVES, Material.DARK_OAK_LEAVES, Material.JUNGLE_LEAVES, Material.FLOWERING_AZALEA_LEAVES, Material.OAK_LEAVES, Material.SPRUCE_LEAVES, Material.CAVE_VINES, Material.TWISTING_VINES, Material.WEEPING_VINES, Material.TWISTING_VINES_PLANT, Material.WEEPING_VINES_PLANT, Material.VINE, Material.FERN, Material.LARGE_FERN
  3. [!] The Sovereign of Hyspia, held the Grand heiress in her arms, a smile fitting her expression as she looked out from the royal Balcony. "My dear Mara, you will lead us into a golden age, I am sure"
  4. Ramona grins quite pleased indeed. How birds have taken over, haps horses are next
  5. [!] The Sovereign seemed to fall into silence, the palace was quiet, it had been a while since Ramona and Dimitri had spoken. Upon a missive informing her of her husbands death, there was an eerie stillness in the halls. Words could not be found nor console the woman who seemed to have replaced the bright red's and blues of gowns and drapes, instead drawing clothes of black cloth and veils of sheer gray. The Monarchs echoed silence spoke more than words. Dimitri had been the one love who truly filled halls with bliss and warmed the rooms with a bright light. Grown into their age, he had been a constant. There was nothing to replace that. There would never be. "Que estés bien mi amor. ." Words whispered on a woman's lips who seemed to look at the portraits of the duo reigning her halls "Cuidate"
  6. A True Coronation The Coronation of Ramona I Issued by the Sovereign Crown 10th of Laurelie’s Piety, 104 D.R. THE ITINERARY In agreement with the Church’s standards, Ramona I shall be coronated once more as deemed by the Pontiff. After the initial ceremony, a ball shall be held in the honor of the nation and to celebrate their esteemed monarch. Friday, May 31st @5:30 EST -5:30 EST, Coronation of the Sovereign Ramona I of Hyspia -Following with a late eve’s ball to celebrate the nation and its growth. Formal Invitations Are Extended To: His Holiness Caius I, and the Church of Canon His Royal Majesty, Ivan VIII, and his Citizenry. His Apostolic Majesty, John I, and his Citizenry. Her Royal Majesty, Catherine I, and her Citizenry. Her Royal Majesty, Sybille I, and her Citizenry. Her Royal Majesty, Tar-Caraneth Aryantë, and her Citizenry. Their Highnesses, Alfred I and Leon II, Princes in Reinmar and the citizens of Reinmar Signed, HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Ramona de Pelear, Sovereign of Hyspia, Duchess of Pacazu, Baroness of Arenisca, Del’mar and Montenno, Lady of La Dorada, Lady of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Gran Maestress of El Orden de Francisco, Protector of the Hyspian People, Protector of the Farfolk, Matriarch of House de Pelear HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Dimitri Otto of Korvia, Sovereign Prince-Consort of Hyspia, Duke-Consort of Pacazu, Baron-Consort of Arenisca and Del’mar, Lord of La Dorada, Lord of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Gran Maestre of El Orden de Francisco, Protector of the Hyspian People, Protector of the Farfolk
  7. [!] The monarch gave a rather bright smile looking over the missive. "THATS MY SALAZARS" Cooed the middle-aged woman who seemed truely optimistic
  8. I want taller elves so I can manifest irl.
  9. Yeah I agree, I will do that going forward. Thank you!
  10. This poll is moreso just to see if people are even interested in certain things. I'd be happy to do a separate one in a few weeks with new ideas of how the implementation would work. This also is my first time running a pole I wasn't sure it would get much traction
  11. Cant upload the video of it, send me a message if you wanna see a wonkbot
  12. Bring back the wonks. @squakhawk @Llir
  13. Oh I love that idea, Im going to do another poll in a few weeks ill add this to that list.
  14. This is a poll to gage the interest in certain topics on tech team, this is a personal poll and doesn't mean anything will absolutely be guaranteed or happen
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