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  1. [!] Ramona beams at such a smile plasterd to her face as she looked over her children wondering which would be quicker in the race.
  2. [!] The monarch looked over the missives, her eyes brimed with a despair for her lost friend, one of the firsts she had made. "May dios light your path back to us" Whispered the woman towards the papers scattered along her desks.
  3. [!] A buzzing of nostalgia passed the middle aged woman. Her eyes shone a misty shade, and her hair which ordinarily was perfectly placed, seemed to be rather disheveled. There were no words for the loss of the queen. There were only sorrows and mouring, for Amaya was the inspiration and the role model Ramona looked to. The woman who's hair had become darker with age seemed to look over a well informed missive. "Without Amaya where is the light we once saw so clearly?" The new Monarch whispered towards an empty room, her hand then placed in a fist over her heart, just as Amaya had tough her as a child. "Here" the Sovereign spoke. "She is here.."
  4. where my hug at

  5. [!] Ramona beamed a smile at the missive, a hand held to her heart as she read it over "Look Dimitri!" @ElvenHuntress
  6. [!] An elderly lady sat, with a crooked nose and wrinkles dragging her face into a warm smile. Her eyes a dull brown and her hair gray with time. The woman drummed her fingers along the table passing memories of a the boy who just wished to fish and taste new cuisine flickerd by. She knew, once word hit the haense steeets, that the good old fisher boy was gone. A bitter smile held her face, while she looked to the sky a soft prayer whispered from her figure, to a God unknown by the common man. (I loved rp with timofei you're wonderful and it was a blast)
  7. The Crown princess of Hyspia held a grim expression while she comforted her husband and children, worry brimmed deep in the future monarchs mind, a girl as bright and promising as Marjorie to be gone so soon. Questiosns of the future of her own children echoed in her mind. Pain and grief struck to the Viceroyal Family that day.
  8. Ramona glanced to her child, the infant, Santana slept quietly while the Crown Princess cast her Visage aside. This is what she would fight for. Be it a war with Veletz or Adria, until peace echoed the safety of her palace once more. This is what she would fight for.
  9. THE GRAND HEIR Issued by the Viceroyal Crown The Blessed Break of Dawn DIOS grants his most esteemed followers many blessings on this day in Hyspia. On the 17th of Owyns Wake, 86 D.R. the Crown of Hyspia is granted the joy to announce the birth of the next heir of the farfolk. The Birth of a Royal Heir It brings the crown great joy to share Crown Princess Ramona, and Crown Prince Consort Dimitri's first born child, and heir to the nation and its holdings. Her Royal Highness, Santana Leya Ramona Ileana Sofiya, Gran Princesa of Hyspia @teeylin The newest addition to the great nation was baptized in the church of Blessed Francisco, soon after the royal child was brought to the Hyspian courts, officially announcing her heirship and the promise of a bright future. May DIOS bless and guide her. Signed, HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Ramona Masiel de Pelear Crown Princesa of Hyspia, Duchess of Pariso HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Dimitri Otto of Korvia Crown Prince-Consort of Hyspia, Duke-Consort of Pariso
  10. [!] A princess smiles brightly. "May we end this war and the treacherous perils." Spoke the royal to her husband
  11. Love this post. Good writing for sure.
  12. @Adelemphii made the plug in, I just add blocks hehe. Netherrack should be on there, I'll add more to it.
  13. THE ALMIGHTY BLOCK EXCHANGE An update Hey hi Lotc people! Today I bring you an update that's taken me far too long. We’ve added in quite a few block exchange items!! Yay to all of us, builders having a hard time out there... And a special call out to the person who wanted to see Apples on Lotc again... (I gotcha). On that note, we have added the following block list: Coral - Literally every one of them. Planks - All of the planks in this version Candles - Yes, each color of candle too Saplings, Slabs, Doors Nature - (Flowers, vines, azaleas, kelp, bamboo, APPLES, spores, drip leaf, pickles, etc.) Dirt additions (moss sand gravel) Stone additions (Deepslate, dripstone, cobble, end stone, Blackstone, Netherrack) PSA: There are going to be blocks that we have missed. If you see there are blocks you want to be added that are not on this list (and you haven't checked/blockexchange for) Go ahead and comment them in this forum post. Thank you!! Happy New Years - _mady07 Credits! @Liam5232 - Suffered through collecting block info with me @Llir - Taught me how to do this AND implemented it @Adelemphii - taught me how to make files. Yes. @Aesopian- Created THE wonk-r-us
  14. [!] The Crown Princesa of Hyspia held a light smile, looking upon a short selection of tiaras and crowns. One of her favorites being absent among the collection. "Hidden riches are for dragons and the greedy." The Royal noted towards her youngest brother, who himself was just around Marjorie's age.
  15. @Aesopian heheh wrong mady
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