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  1. [!] The young girl, having intercepted the aftermath of her aunt and uncles demise - Seemed shell shocked, hearing her cousin, Iduna scream, and her eyes still glued to the bodies of her late relatives. This would be an egregious mourning period
  2. Ign: _mady07 discord: mady2007 skin:Eunica’s Independence Dress amount : 75 ign: _mady07 discord: mady2007 skin: Melisende’s Independence Dress amount: 150
  3. Ramona glanced upon her fathers furrowed brow and her bothers folded hands. The young girl closed her eyes tightly, The world had shifted very suddenly for the de Pelear family - The Heiress opened her eyes and turned to her governess "What does this mean?" she asked in a quiet tone. The Governess simply moved to bring the Young child a crown once belonging to the late Esmerelda. The newly crowned princess shook her head. She would don black wardrobes for the next few weeks to come. Titles and crowns would wait. For now she would morn the loss of a great leader, and a wonderful Abuelo. She would pray that someday his journey would be a safe one back home.
  4. [!]The young princess lowered her eyes upon the news. Servants whirled around the young girl and her family whilst in preparation, the black mourning clothes pulled and the flowers changed. The Grand heiress of Hyspia would grieve for the great loss becoming of the Viceroyalty.
  5. [!] The Little Princess don's a truly bright smile!
  6. <3 u doin' alright
  7. Yayayay de pelear culture!!
  8. [!] Moirai perked her head at the missive, though her business throughout Haense had been done. Perhaps there was a few things she might've forgotten and left behind.
  9. [!] Vasila Mondblume, formerly morovar, had caught wind of the union! A joyous occasion indeed for her cousin and his family.
  10. Hey hi, so with this specifically does this mean my frost witch will now have to carry every item used in her disguise? So, teeth, hair, someone's ears.. all on her at all times I'm in the disguise? On that note, are disguises easily broken, can you cast in them now?
  11. The late baroness Morovar held a firm gaze as her daughter walked through the gates of the seven skies. A smile lifted her expression. "Welcome home babej.. ea missed vy so very much" cooed the mother, warmth fleeding her expression as she embraced one of her youngest daughters.
  12. [!] Within the forests a mali'ame with emerald eyes and a horde of creatures that followed her, mostly frogs and an array of the sort had gathered. There she sat a flowing gown of blue draped the grass as she held a parchment. Word from her daughter who had taken it upon herself to be Melawens eyes and ears of the modern world. Her husband was dead. They hadn't been a perfect couple by no means near it. He was arrogant and charming he sauntered and banter followed him. She was bold and just. She talked to animals for the better part of her life. Kosher was the one she'd never seen coming. She fell madly for the mali'ame. Leaving him and her two boys was the hardest thing she had done. It broke her for years as she raised Clematis. She would never forget his constant adventures and utter loyalty. Even as the world was broken down and changed forever, the elfess had always loved Kosher. She mourned alone. Praying to the many gods she knew of, begging that someday she'd be able to see him once more. [I adored the time we had and the rp we got! Melawen has been shelved for almost a year now, but I throughly enjoyed her time with kosher and the Daesmons.]
  13. Just a fable Please do not metagame any information leading to the death of fable. Fable's final memories. The day had been cold, however it held a bright light, the sun's rays hitting upon Haense with a promise of what would seem a joyous day. Today would be the last good day Fable would see. She knew it too. The voices of her past whispers of her former names and old stories sang to her. Today, Fable dreamed she would die. She knew exactly how and who she would see as she took her last breath. Oh how she wished that she might die of a heart attack before the time. That she might just not even wake at all.. however too long had time gone on. It had found her. She heard the noise of its clattering maw filled with teeth in jagged rows. There was no escaping it anymore. "Fable" Sang the creature. Its voice was short and cut off as the creature sat directly in the kitchen Fable was bestowed once she had been made Mistress of the Pantry. "Fable.. I told you.." The creature's voice was small, latching to the elderly woman's mind, it was certain to the beloved grandmother. There was no more running. "Fable.. it's time to go home.." Whispers tore through the room. Fable looked petrified, she was certainly caught off guard by this unexpected visitor. The journey to her past home would be far too much for her weak body.. they both knew that.. "Liar.. Liar Liar Liar.." Called the monster, a single leg folded over the other, the creature looked to be assuming a more mundane form. Fable would always be able to tell it wasn't real.. the monster's eyes were far too large and its nose too small. The small things Fable always caught and made her skin crawl. "Must you remain.. So quiet Nona?" Asked the monster its maw hinged into a grotesque smile its clawed hand reached out scraping across the elders face leaving behind a tear in Fables quite thin skin. The elder hadn't uttered a single word. Death would come far too soon yet it had taken much too long.. Just like that, the old woman walked out alongside a human with short brown hair and eyes pooled in sapphires. . The daylight streaked onto the streets. It was still early. As the elder was taken from the city her mind rambled with thoughts of what if and who could.. however she hoped that she might make it to sunset at least. It was quite beautiful when the sky faded. The aftermath. A day hour had passed then another.. then one more, it wasn't until the fourth hour that a quite petrified ward of the late Firress would come across a horrid stench. Deciding to investigate the chef would discover a body, an elderly woman with her face leaned against the counter tops within the Royal Kitchen. Flour and soot stained her clothes and withering hair. The once warm and deep gaze of the elder had become hollow, decomposition had set in leaving little to look over. A little cane leaned just next to the corpse. A ragged cane, with a single metal thumbtack attached to the stick. A distinct noise of 'Click Clack' no longer sounded in the palace halls. Or the kitchen floors. Soot stained aprons still hung in their proper places, birds chirped and the sun continued to beam. Scraps of papers and written letters scattered the desk in Fable's shared room. Some unfinished others seemed as though they should have been sent out that very day. For the flaxen haired woman with a very loud and informal tone lived on within the beams of light and unfinished letters. A mere memory of the past. Of the letters found a stack was neatly placed in a tuck away used by servants to hide letters and valuables. The stack was wrapped in a thin cord of leather with names attached to each of the missives. It was apparent these letters were in anticipation of the Mistress’ demise. "If you are reading this missive, then I am dead. I am sorry that it must be this way I address the matter, however I am old and writing this missive in the understanding that I am most certainly not making it past my hundred and thirtieth. If I have made it so long I will be quite depressed and there will be no reason for this lovely death note. Let's get on with it, yes? Dear my children, my lovely grandchildren and great grandchildren, why the pleasure it has been to survive among you all. I've spent my last few years in a decaying pain. Visits with each of you have been troublesome as I worry I'd make you sick as well. I wish to leave letters to the dear children who have been closest to me. This doesn't make each of my other grandchildren less loved. My heart as the grandmother of haense is bigger than one might imagine." [In order of the times Fable has met each person.]
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