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Found 2 results

  1. Anatoliy Ilya Alyovich Godunov Presents: The Godunovian Lotus The Godunovian Lotus is a store like no other - Boasting a grand assortment of distinctive products from all over the Canonist realms and beyond. What sets apart the Godunovian Lotus from the rest of the crowd, is our unique Contract system - By which we sell the products provided by our famed Contractees (Members including Queen Amaya “The People’s Queen” of Haense, and King Adrian of Balian) in exchange for a cut of the profit. Our novel Contract system grants us access to rare, remarkable goods from nearly every corner of Aevos - And what we display is only the best of it all - ensuring that You, the customer, find only the most inimitable, exquisite items, all under the same roof! The Godunovian Lotus is run and managed by Anatoliy Ilya Alyovich Godunov - of the Haeseni nobility - However, the company has no political ties to Haense otherwise. Meaning, if you purchase goods from this store, including our vast array of weaponry, you are not purchasing from Haense. Private bulk purchases with Anatoliy Ilya however, will be denied should it impact the Kingdom of Haense. If you wish to sign a contract with the Godunovian Lotus, or indulge in a private exchange with the company - Send all inquiries by bird to Anatoliy Ilya Alyovich Godunov (Caelaerin). ((Location: Jungle Beach Warp. Head towards Amathine (right) and you will immediately find the Silver Merchant Sovereignty. The Godunovian Lotus is located within on the left hand side, 2nd floor.)) Products: The Godunovian Lotus, as previously mentioned, sells a large variety of exclusive, one of a kind goods. This ranges from weaponry, to armour, to horses and even toys and dollhouses for children! But if you wish for an example of the items we sell - Merely take a look below! This Doll house is any creative young child's dream! A delicate and beautiful craft, this item allows stories of all genres to be played out - from a haunted mansion to a mundane family story plot - the ways to play are endless, and the only limit is your child’s wondrous imagination! This beautiful refined product is found in only one corner of the world! Only the best blacksmiths and artists, those with the greatest of skills, are able to sculpt this precious material into the perfect jewellery piece, or sword decoration.. Do you dare to test your skills? A mighty weapon for a mighty warrior.. Only those with immense pride in their strength can hope to wield such deadly beauty. Forged from simple ferrum, but masterfully crafted, this warhammer is sure to catch the eye - and limbs - of your enemies. An ad for The Silver Merchant Sovereignty The Silver Merchant Sovereignty is a haven for Merchants, and a shopping paradise for Customers. Free from Political influence and declared a strict neutral territory, the Silver Merchant Sovereignty deals with All factions, ensuring that no matter your race nor affiliation, you can be sure to find yourself whatever your heart desires - Looking to arm yourself with high quality weaponry? Look no further! Aiming to purchase some delicate jewellery for that special someone? Set your sights on us! Or perhaps you’re more pragmatic, and simply seek to ensure you’re properly equipped for any medical situation? Logic dictates you choose us. Not only do we have products from every corner of the world - But we sell them for the best price, thanks to our Grand Comparison, a large, constantly updated document featuring the prices of every major product, from every major city! And if what we show on our shelves doesn’t excite you, then take a peek at our famed auction, the Grand Exchange, home of our most valuable and perfected items! No longer will you need to travel across half the world, searching for that one thing you desperately need - For the Silver Merchant Sovereignty has it all. Red arrow marks the location of the Sovereignty! Furthermore - If you belong to a guild or organisation that is in need of a port, the Sovereignty has you covered. Located on the coast, our facility is equipped with a shipyard and port, perfect for any group that requires a place to settle their sea-faring roots. Simply send a bird to Yera Silveria (Ewdrawings) to inquire about it! The Shipyard outside the Silver Merchant Sovereignty! Note: Some small structures and even stands /may/ be constructed around the shipyard! Send your birds today! Signed, His Lordship, Anatoliy Ilya Alyovich Godunov, Heir to the Barony of Verskaya, Founder of The Godunovian Lotus.
  2. *:・゚✧*:・゚ :・゚✧:・.☽˚。・゚✧:・*:・゚✧*:・゚ Starlight Emporium A shop to find a variety of things. Plushies for the kids, or even yourself! Jewelry to display your love for the night sky, green to smoke during those stressful days. Even medicinal potions to help heal you or your loved ones! We are conveniently located in Nor-velyth, Vortice and the Silver Merchant trading facility. Below is a list of our inventory along with drawings depicting our locations. Potions Jewelry Plushie Green Drawings Enclosed *:・゚✧*:・゚ :・゚✧:・.☽˚。・゚✧:・*:・゚✧*:・゚
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