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Found 4 results

  1. *:・゚✧*:・゚ :・゚✧:・.☽˚。・゚✧:・*:・゚✧*:・゚ Starlight Emporium A shop to find a variety of things. Plushies for the kids, or even yourself! Jewelry to display your love for the night sky, green to smoke during those stressful days. Even medicinal potions to help heal you or your loved ones! We are conveniently located in Nor-velyth, Vortice and the Silver Merchant trading facility. Below is a list of our inventory along with drawings depicting our locations. Potions Jewelry Plushie Green Drawings Enclosed *:・゚✧*:・゚ :・゚✧:・.☽˚。・゚✧:・*:・゚✧*:・゚
  2. Hello chefs and explorers of Vailor! I am in need of a sticky material (slime) for some of my contraptions as a tinker. I am in need of only a single crate of 64 balls, and I am willing to pay around 100 minas, which can be negociated. When you are ready to sell your slime, send a bird to Receart Lilumi ((OKUDKREESH)), and/or leave a note below. The meeting place will be at the cloud temple.
  3. The Kilburn watch serves House Green as Bannermen, protecting the County of Kilburn and overall the Duchy of Corazon. Brief Backround: The Kilburn Watch is a Guard Force Reformed from the old Bannermen Guardforce "The Emrald Rangers", This reform was brought up between the Heads of the Bannermen Codrik Green, Coltius Green, and Vaclav Pascal. The Guardforce take an oath to serve House Green and their Interests, which is protecting the local lands and the County of Kilburn, and in times need the Duchy of Corazon. The Kilburn Watch are trained in weapons that each soldier specialize in, Swords, Bows, Crossbows. They are given Armour, Homage, Food, and storage for their trade of loyalty. The Kilburn Watch currently is Held and Ran by Commander Vaclav Pascal, and each soldier under his commander stand guard over the County, Keeping peace within the Duchy of Corazon, and serving House Green. History on the Emerald Rangers: The Emerald Rangers are the Guard-force of House Green and their lands. They’re a group of men and women who’ve pledged themselves to the protection of the people and lands of Green County, and the surrounding roads. The Rangers were created during the time when the Greens ruled the Island Nation of Empyreal; they were constructed to protect Stonedar, and later the city of D’hara. Joshua Green had trained the New-bloods with ranged weaponry, which quickly became the favorite of the Rangers, and was half due to their name. Joshua had stepped down as Overseer of the Rangers, and had placed the task of maintaining them to Codrik, Adams first-born; due to his many years of service under Codrik, Hadrian Odiare was made a Knight of House Green, and is now given control over the Rangers. Now stationed in the town of Baile, in Green County; Hadrian is set on turning the Emerald Rangers into finest archers in Oren. Joining: Joing the Kilburn Watch grants you a number of benefits. For your oath and loyalty we will see that you are Homaged, Fed, and have a place for your own storage, We will house you like a Brother, and you will be treated like such among our ranks. We are always looking for new members to join the Watch to serve House Green and protect the County of Kilburn and the Duchy of Corazon. Ranks of the Kilburn Watch: Commander: 120 The Head of the Watch, controls all of the Watch under orders of the lord of House Green. Captain: 100 Mina Pay Men of High Position who devoted their time and loyalty to the Watch, commanded by the Commander Only. Lieutenant: 50 Mina Pay Ranking Officer of the Watch, Able to command their own squads. Watchmen: 20 Mina Pay These are men who devoted their loyaty to the Watch, earning a higher rank and pay. New Blood: No Pay ​A new member of the Watch, you will go through training before you receive any kind of pay, taking your Oath to House Green. Uniforms: New Blood Guardsmen - Watchmen Lieutenant-Commander ((Right click then Press "Save Image as..", and apply the skin over your original skin. editing is allowed in minor spots, such as no hood. Please Make sure to grab the right Uniform)) Application: ((This Application is in Character, Please write it as you would RPly, If you put in an Application with out meeting in Game Please RP it as a Bird.)) ((Mc name:)) ((Skype[You will be Added to the Chat]:)) ((Got Teamspeak?:)) Name: Race: Age: Brief description of yourself: Other Guilds/Forces you Served: Other skills: Any other info: Oath: I [RP name] will serve House Green and their interests until the day I die or relieved of duty by the Lord of House Green or the Commander them selves.
  4. The drop looked momentous, the rapidity of the river looked enough to sweep him from his feet. Yet there he stood, his legs outstretched along the rim of the cliff; not too far from the rustic house he had purchased two weeks past from one Count Adam Green. His eyes flicker as he leans back from his rolled over state overlooking the river and hanging bridges below and he stares out towards the healthy tops of the canyon cliffs across from him; his elbow dug into moist dirt as he rests from a hard day of labor. That is what he knew, how to break sweat and produce from his spent time and physical effort something to show; the real outweighing the abstract. An aura seemed to be cast as he is joined by a man with a swarthy complexion. The man runs his gritty fingers through a long and narrow beard as he chuckles upon spooking Sertorius. The man greets him in native tongue, recognisable to Sertorius and they trade niceties. "Yoo' shawld' knaw' thawt' the Khagan is rawlin' in his grave" "Da? Yer' know I am ner' help ter' what plagues him within thar' scape af' drims. We banked from sail an' within few months, the spawn of the Four are pickin' fights and wallawin' in mud like male pigs try'na insist they defendin' honor of the she-pig. In the end, they all sire with tha' 'Urth. How can one man stop this?" "Tha' Khagan hawd' raised a Hurde' in tha' pawst', yoo' shawld' remembur' this! Howevur', it is no lawng'ur yoo'r place tew' thraw' yoo'r hand tew' tha' saddul' an' bridul', yoo' mawst' seek the inwawrd' path." With the last two words, Sertorius ***** an inquisitive brow towards the man bearing merely simple woolen pantaloons, a leather jerkin, and a mere spherical cap atop his shaggy and jet-black hair. They sit together in an odd state of conversation as night falls, the moon rising whilst they engage in terse terms concerning the 'inward path'. As the moon boomerangs to the opposite side from whence it rose, Sertorius stands from the compressed dirt that he laid upon and stares out into the stary horizon that embroiders the land in front of him. "Very well, yer' ter' tell me this may werk'?" The nomad, as imaginary as may have been, seemed to have placed within the heart of Sertorius some earnest knowledge. "Yoo' shawld' seek tew' persuade thaw' pee'pul tew' break ther' swards' intew' ploughhewks', seek tew' better tha' lives awf' tha' livin' rathur' than see haw' many can be subtracted by arru'gawnt' men. This is the path yoo' shawld' take." With that, the nomad turns on his heel and rotates his body with his head held low; upon doing so, his body dissipates. Sertorius dared not look back, but only closes his eyes. ~~~~~~~~~The Idea of the Sophists~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~The Sophisticated Path~~~~~~~~~ The Sophists are those who inspire to become cordial with all, enemy to none. The Sophists have recognized that through the passing of two worlds, people have shirked against the lessons that were obvious in both Aegis and Asulon. They recognise the futility of warring, they addiction towards the desire to own more, to rule more, to command more and compare it nicely to a toddler who endeavors to scoop sand towards them, only to have the sand spread out after a certain point. The Sophists set forth in three manners they deem beneficial: to spread information, to labor on behalf of people no matter their standing, and to build structures that have a function. The Three Paths of a Sophist 1. The path known by the phrase, "To sweat clay into my hands to mold" or simply refered to as "Work of the Sophist" is when Sophists head forth to different areas in Anthos; inspiring to help any sort of people, faction, or nation gather resources. The Sophist or group of Sophists endeavoring to take this path should be wise to ask within the request if they can keep a portion of the resources. It is frowned upon if a Sophist declares this path and works for a faction or nation that they are loyal to. If you as a Sophist request to work under a person or group who are not friendly to possible loyalties you have, you must not show anger; simply turn yourself away and look to seek the path elsewhere. 2. The path known by the phrase, "To turn out knowledge should null all secrets" or simply refered to as "Teaching of the Sophist" is when Sophists work together in a group to gather knowledge from different parts of Anthos and compose what can be called 'newspapers'. These 'newspapers' should inform denizens of Anthos about occurrances, but withhold personal business to individuals. The information to be composed into the newspaper should be written down and kept in safe-keeping. [OOC: Try to keep the information gathering to in-game book items, rather than relying solely on the forums to pass it around] 3. The path known by the phrase, "To raise a roof is to raise the soul" or simply refered to as "Building as a Sophist" is when Sophists work together to renovate or build structures that serve a function; even if that is to shelter people such as homes. Forges, stone-mills, pastures, and more can be idealized and built for any one person, faction, or nation. It is earnest to ask for pay for this, it is desired that a Sophist builds upon his own gathered resources; but can equally build with the helped person's own supply. [OOC: Even though a stone-mill for example doesnt have the best 'MC' function, it allows Rp to take place there and thus can be built. This thread lists quite a few improvements that can be ideally built throughout this path: http://www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?/topic/57941-system-of-land-control-and-improvements/?hl=levanthus] The Manners of a Sophist A Sophist is someone who seeks a philosophy that favors control over one's consciousness rather than to be manipulated into manners of ill behavior or killing. A Sophist is not a pacifist by any means, but are those who do not hearken to those who have good reason to push the Sophist into combat. A Sophist can be anyone whether a King of a peasant, he obeys an outside hierarchy if present, so if one of the Elves were to become a Sophist; they will support their government as a sign of cooperation rather than anarchic foolishness. The Sophists only hear to the words of the Tender who merely organises larger groups who collectively want to pursue any of the three paths; he is deemed intelligent to not group those who have antagonising loyalties [so no Orcs with Halflings, White Roses with Elfs]. Likewise, those who pursue the Teaching of the Sophist form a hierarchy of their own to organise the manner of releasing information to the public in the forms of official pamphlets. The Head Columnist will see to information being gathered into the final form for release to the public and interprets appropriate pricing. Seekers of News is simply a title given to those pursuing the Teaching Path and collect the information into dossiers [in-game writable books]. Rank and Application Tender: Sertorius Cagan [Gaiusmarius8] Head Columnist for Teaching Path: N/A Seekers of News: N/A
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