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Found 2 results

  1. The birth of a new Generation Issued by the The Starling Kaeronin branch (art by unibearse) 5th of the Deep Cold 146 As the sun rose and sun streak came through the windows of homes, birds chirping in song, this morning seemed different somehow from other mornings, especially in the Kaeronin Songbird household, a tiring night, friends and family waiting in anticipation, news finally given, letters sent out a new baby boy was born on the 5th of the Deep Cold 146 The new-born's features looked identical to that of his mothers, pale porcelain skin, bright snow white hair, and doe-like eyes somewhat darker than the mothers matching more of that of his fathers. It is with great pride and joy that the Kaeronin’s and the Songbirds announce the birth of their son Nevio Kaeronin Songbird. Floria Kaeronin with her son Nevio Kaeronin Below a letter the mother had written to her new-born, and a letter thrown out to sea. Her ladyship, Floria Antwinette Vanari iller’leyu, Aldin Kaeronin Lady of justice and truth, serene mother of Kaeronin His Lordship Syvis Songbird, the serene father of Kaeronin Songbird
  2. [[! Crudely written as if one had never even picked up a quill much less written his much. ]] I've been a-chasin' after a dream that keeps playin' hide-and-seek, like winter reachin' out to catch that runaway sun before it gives in to meltin'. A pipe dream wrapped in silk and sweet laughter I'm akin to a tune that lost its melody too quickly, and me? I'm the part you can recall, but the next verse slips away like morning mist. Three hundred years have passed, but I still keep hopin', even though I know it won't come back. I've been waitin' for the day Olly, my girl, comes back. Waitin' to hold my love and hear my buddies say everythin's fine. But I'm in a world that don't know my heart. They don't get why I do things, just quick to judge. They don't see the secrets we both carry, like twists in a tale we share. A fortune i can not tell is my own. The wheel is turning, its is always turning. And I am much very tired of waiting. So, here I am, like a songbird on a sunlit morn, all set to twirl and spin my tale. Gonna sing with a touch more oomph, put a dash of magic on the chorus your always forget—oh, it'll cling like starlight on a summer night. Here's to hopin' you birdies are tuned in, ready to dance to the rhythm of this whimsical heart! Daub your cheeks with colors, gently close them peepers, summon a tempest of tunes, for I, Devika, the Wandering Songbird of the Bloodless, am fixin' to tuck my wings and settle down in a snug little nook. I'll be a lullaby for moonlit eves and cracklin' campfires, a tale-whisperer in the twilight of years. Cause it's only the songbird who's next in line, the elder among the melodies, that can trill a tune, stitch a memory, and craft its very own lullaby. So come, wander over to me and thread your tale. Let these ears of mine savor your verse, like an aged goblet savors the finest of wines.
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