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Found 22 results

  1. The Brotherhood Purpose The Brotherhood is an organisation currently attached to the Yellow Cross with the mission to contain or eradicate any and all darkspawn which pose a threat to the general populous of the realms. Going to any lengths necessary in order to achieve their goals in preserving life and keeping the innocent safe. However, those that stand in the way of the brotherhood may face judgement, and in some cases, punishment. This purpose is given to them via directives that the Atronachs follow to the best of their ability, applying experience and gained knowledge to each scenario and task that they may come across. -A brotherhood Atronach watching over Lurin territories. Ideology The Brotherhood typically strive to bring balance to the realm, although some constructs have chosen to abstain from worshipping any deity, most however have chosen to follow the concept of the void itself, being that it is the method of their creation. These Atronachs revere void as the beginning and the end of all that exists and that which has yet to exist. Therefore they think of the void as the embodiment of balance. Due to this belief in balance, it is on rare occasion that the Brotherhood will come to an agreement with groups of darkspawn that will assist in defeating threats deemed more dire by choosing the lesser evil. Each Atronach hailing from the State of Lurin is able to speak the Lurinite language. Typically being used to relay information to one another when the Atronachs don’t wish to risk the spread of information and/ or express certain emotions. However they still may speak this language in casual conversation due to it being originally constructed by the Atronachs of Lurin. Structure The structure of the Brotherhood revolves around the age of the Atronachs. The older Atronachs are considered more advanced than younger ones. Because of this, the elders of the Brotherhood are considered the leading force. This however, only applies to the Atronachs who have proven themselves and are capable through experience and ability. In these cases these special Atronachs are given a unique set of plates that identify them as leaders. Although primarily made up of Atronachs made by the forgers of Lurin. The Brotherhood do accept other constructs into their ranks. This can range from Sorvians to Golems, as long as they share the same goal of eradicating evil from the realms and keeping balance. The brotherhood will gladly take them in and treat them as one of their own. Atronach Classes Ŝtalo Class Atronachs The standard class of Atronachs which have been equipped with steel plates. This is the class of all recruit Atronachs as well as some leadership Atronachs by choice. Imiti Class Atronachs A class of Atronachs that have been equipped with Arcanium gauntlets, helmets, or other parts. Mimicking either elements or other substances chosen by the Atronach themself or the forger. These Atronachs typically take on a less direct combat role. Malhela Class Atronachs A class of Atronachs equipped with Rokodra plating. These Atronachs are rarer and serve a vanguard role due to their durability and the unique properties of the metal. Atronachs that fall under this class can be considered to be one of the more aggressive constructs compared to their brothers, say for the Detruanto Class. Fajro Class Atronachs An advanced version of the Ŝtalo Class Atronachs equipped with Daemonsteel plating. These uncommon Atronachs are usually fire or ice aligned. Ŝanĝita Class Atronachs A blanket subclass of Atronachs who have had their platings altered in some way or additions made to their current structure. This can include steel that has been enchanted to be denser or have plates that have been enchanted with spells. Detruanto Class Atronachs A class of Atronachs considered looked down upon by the Brotherhood. Although still considered part of the Brotherhood, they are rogue entities which have no aligned impera and are fully independent, able to follow their own rules and beliefs. These are often seen in black plating. These are considered the most unpredictable and dangerous class of Atronachs, approach with caution. This classification also applies to Atronachs possessing outdated directives. The Brotherhood Directives The Following are the current directives for the Atronachs of the brotherhood, say for a select few Atronachs that fall under the Detruanto classification. I. - Never kill unless granted the go ahead by the appropriate level of authority. Otherwise detaining is your first priority. II. - Never turn against your creator or The Most Serene State of Lurin with violence or hostile intent. III. - Always follow the chain of command, somebody lower in the ranks can’t overrule someone higher in the ranks. If no appropriate chain of command is available the other directives take priority. IV. - Always finish a task given unless commanded to do otherwise by the appropriate rank. V. - Always sustain yourself at any cost if threatened to be destroyed or attacked through physical means. VI. - Spooks and undead are unlawful beings and should never be trusted in any capacity. If possible and acceptable by the law of the lands, terminate them. VII. - Study the law of the lands you wish to visit, abide by them and operate appropriately. If you do not wish to abide by the law of those lands, you may not visit there unless it is under supervision of a high ranking member or under direct order to break this directive temporarily. VIII. - During the free time outside of orders you are to explore your personal goals and develop yourself as a living being.
  2. TO THE MEN IN RED Issued at Year 118 of the Second Age Earlier on this day, men in red and black entered Lurin as our gates are always open during times of peace, however, this trust has been abused by these four men who witnesses to have claimed to taken a woman before sprinting out the gates before reinforcements were called. EYE FOR AN EYE The saying is that an eye for an eye makes the world go blind, however, as Lurin is a forgiving state, they will only be punished for the crimes they have committed according to the Codex of Lurin within our territories, willingly or not. Kidnapping, a class B crime Disturbance of Peace, a class D crime General Battery, a class C crime Aggravated Assault, a class B crime Verbal Harassment of a Higher Official, a class C crime Leading up to a fine of 1250 mina per person present, or the alternatives: -Execution of all -2000 mina worth of labor or goods per person -Two limbs, two digits and a final non-lethal cut per person May this be done peacefully and swiftly without escalation. You have one Esht Week to respond. Eternal We Stand, Eshtael keeps Balance signed, The Silver Lubba
  3. THE COURTS OF LURIN Issued at Year 117 of the Second Age While The Most Serene State of Lurin is still young, it is seen fit to reform the courts to benefit the state they belong to in an attempt to create strife among peers to progress further than ever possible. With this sudden expansion of influence of the people over the state, it must be noted that the state will provide a counterweight in the form of simple requirements to be considered an active member of Lurin’s courts. THE NOBILITY OF LURIN While the court of Lurin is filled with nobility of varying degrees and the average citizen it should be noted that nobility only applies to one person and only in special cases a family is considered an integral part of Lurin. High Nobility: High nobility is often seen as the most important sect of people in Lurin, though they only get limited privileges compared to the average citizen. Vassal Leaders of various levels Vassal leaders are those granted a plot of land to develop the lands of The Silver Lubba for them and establish settlements for their people or potentially fortify the borders of the territories of Lurin. Often vassal leaders can be found as a voice upon the council and within reason govern their own lands with a certain amount of autonomy in exchange for their service. Division and Office Leaders With the rather unique structure of Lurin’s governance, the various divisions and offices are all granted their ability through The Silver Lubba and have their leaders assigned much through the same process. Division leaders are in every way above office leaders though fall in the same ranking of high nobility due to their importance in a functional state. Division leaders are often at the forefront of progress and military matters which they will need to execute with success as failure is not an option within the state at this level of leadership. The lack of a division leader to a division is often filled back up by the lower ranking members of the division, however, if it is found that incompetency is rampant, The Silver Lubba will personally lead the lacking division temporarily. Office leaders are maintaining the state and their institutions to keep the citizenry engaged, educated and healthy. When a position in these offices aren’t filled then often The SIlver Lubba steps in to personally ensure it stays functional. Previous High Council and Silver Lubbas Previous members of the High Council and Silver Lubbas are viewed as highly experienced members of Lurinite society, making them extremely valuable as advisors to the state and as a reward for their service they are granted their position as high noble. THE REQUIREMENTS OF HIGH NOBILITY To become a high noble within the territories of Lurin one must dedicate themselves to the state and its people with many paths laid out for even regular citizens to work their way up to this level of nobility. (A noble of Lurin ensuring the presence of their levymen) Minor Nobility: Minor nobility is often made up of people who have helped the state less directly or are not yet influential enough to be considered a high noble. Family Estate Holders With the nobility of Lurin working different from most other forms, only the one who holds the family estate is considered a minor noble to avoid stretching out the system to where everyone could be considered a noble somehow. Within reason the patriarch or matriarch of an influential family is the preferred candidate for holding these family estates. Large Company Holders Large companies within Lurin are considered minor nobility to empower them to more easily convey their desires within the territories for the sake of progress. Large companies need to be granted this title of minor nobility and only one leader per company is able to hold this title. The Silver Lubba’s Family The family of The Silver Lubba is most important to the state, some of these individuals considered princes and princesses if they are a direct descendant by blood to the first degree from The Silver Lubba themself. Though regardless of this, they are still merely minor nobles to limit their power within the state unless they manage to work their way up the ranks like every other citizen of Lurin. Lubba Knights Lubba Knights are an integral part of the Lurinite military, providing prowess of both mind and body to the state as their most elite forces of the realm. Lubba Knights are chosen personally by The Silver Lubba to maintain a force of only the best Lurin can find within their territories. Personal Advisors of The Silver Lubba Personal advisors to The Silver Lubba are often invited over personally to council meetings to bring their unique perspective or expertise to courts. Though not anyone with expertise becomes a personal advisor, often minor nobility is granted to those who repeatedly are requested to show their perspective upon certain issues. THE REQUIREMENTS OF MINOR NOBILITY To become a minor noble within the territories of Lurin one must be proficient at their trade or have value to the state as a whole. Each one of these positions bar the family options are achievable within reasonable time and dedication by any citizen of Lurin. Additionally they are needed to bring forth one person to fill up a position within the divisions of Lurin with families considered as one entity, refusing this requirement will result in remaining a regular citizen rather than minor noble. Upon achieving this first step up into nobility, a mundane weapon of choice may be requested to The Silver Lubba themself who will provide the holder of this title with what they desire to use. This weapon becomes a symbol of service to the state and is of great importance to the holder of it as the loss of this weapon is a great tragedy upon the banner this noble comes from. Furthermore beyond this symbol, the fresh noble will need to provide a banner for the halls of The Silver Lubba, representing them, their family or company in the courts of Lurin and is seen as a gift of great prestige from The Silver Lubba to have their banner present. THE PEOPLE OF LURIN While our courts are filled with nobility of varying levels, it should be noted that citizens are often seen wandering in with issues they have found or ideas they wish to bring to light. Our citizens are encouraged to participate within the courts of Lurin to aid us in our governance as if it were their own duty to do so. Periodically a time for these suggestions and issues is hosted by a member of the high council of The Silver Lubba themself. (Lurinite court being held within the designated room) These moments of public court for the citizenry are a right given by The Silver Lubba and must be held at least once per Esht Month, however, it is preferred to host these bi-weekly for a more effective means of dedicated communication outside of conversations held directly with the various council members. Once a public court is called for with a location provided for it, the citizens may bring forth their word without issue unless in direct violation with the current laws. THE MILITARY OF LURIN With the courts set up within reason in our Most Serene State of Lurin, the military duties of our people may not be forgotten in times of prosperity. Without a necessity to maintain an army in the eyes of our citizens it has been seen fit to take a necessary step towards maintaining a proper standing army made up from people rather than the constructs our state provides us so the constructs may focus upon their primary goals instead of having to act as our military. (A Silver Centurion marching forth into enemy territory) This new system includes full participation from our nobility as they are now required to send forth at least one person from their group to be granted and maintain their position. As easily as the noble status is granted, it may be stripped at the same speed if the bare minimum is not met. This one person put forth must be capable of learning, following orders and be able bodied. These people do not necessarily need to be soldiers of the state, they merely have to participate within the government’s system of divisions. Each person put forth can choose their own division to join willingly to maintain a minimal amount of staff within each division with relative ease and keeping ourselves capable in times of conflict. THE ETIQUETTE OF LURIN The etiquette of our Most Serene State of Lurin is rather simple with the rule of thumb being that humility is praised above all and the lack thereof shunned within the courts. Within Lurin a citizen and The Silver Lubba share the burden of the state in different ways, though never must one raise themselves too high to estrange the people of our state as chaos ensues. Every citizen has their worth provided to the state, the lack of doing so may put them in a less favorable light. Additionally, the laws of Lurin will always be maintained by the citizens of our Most Serene State of Lurin as the lack of discipline will be dealt with accordingly. Furthermore, there are simple phrases within court one could use to show respect to the culture of the Lurinites or used to disrespect a citizen greatly. “May Eshtael Bless you” - A simple phrase to wish good health upon them. “May your scales never tip” - Wishing someone stability and prosperity in life. “The Atronachs Missed You” - Accusing someone of being vile in nature. “May Tahariae take care of you” - A phrase to wish someone dead. Along with these simple phrases, there is a good chance they will be spoken out with the Lurinite language to ensure foreign bodies know little of what is being spoken of. However, even among Lurinites this language is rare to be spoken as many only speak it to express the true meaning of their words. THE FASHION OF LURIN Most other settlements and nations of the realm often have difficulty finding out who is deemed important and who is not within Lurin, partially this is because of the odd fashion found within Lurin and on their citizens. Often they are seen wearing their work uniform or a modified version of it for more formal meetings, however, there is still the presence of informal clothing among the people who lack a position within the state. Often viewed as a shame, however, if they manage to become successful without the state then they might as well have earned their share into becoming a minor noble or perhaps make their own clothing for ease. (A Silver Centurion with modified uniform entering court) THE DIPLOMACY OF LURIN As Lurin grows over time, there have been a couple preferences and noted down expressions during the diplomatic process which could be more efficient or avoided entirely. With this revelation, a small list has been constructed to give some oversight for future diplomatic meetings. -Bringing anyone other than your leader or someone authorized to officiate pacts autonomously to negotiate terms is a waste of time and effort. -Bringing more than two soldiers to a meeting is an act of aggression. Additional diplomats are an exception if they bring something of use to the table. -A pact with another nation might end up being pushed through the council and shareholders to see a general census before accepting, declining or altering the terms. -Every pact must be made with both parties present in the room, drafts must be prepared beforehand to indicate a clear goal of what the other entity wishes to achieve. -The offering or exchanging of gifts is discouraged during meetings unless they have a true cultural value to avoid muddling diplomacy with nepotism and other forms of bastardized politics. (Diplomats on their way to the Lurinite courts) THE CULTURAL STANDARDS OF THE COURTS The start of court within the territories of Lurin are rather simple, once a time and place have been chosen then as soon as the citizens, indentured servants, council members and nobles of Lurin start wandering in then the leading figure within the room may announce the start with a simple phrase: “The Serene Prevail Today, May Your Voices Be Heard” Followed by a gesture to either summon the first person before the leading figure or to perhaps announce something for all of Lurin to know. The courts of Lurin are considered to be in a more basic form as titles matter little within these courts and competency is always preferred over them. This unusual form enables leadership and nobility to be spoken at by their first name without mention of their title regardless if they agree or not to prevent bastardization of the process of court. The court only finishes after a simple phrase has been spoken out by the leading figure of this court, usually the one who summoned court: “Eternal We Stand, Eshtael Keeps Balance” Once this phrase is spoken, no nobility, leadership or citizens are needed to stay within the room where court was held, granting opportunity for less global and more personal matters to be discussed if deemed necessary to do so. Furthermore, as Lurinite court is considered more basic in nature, it should be noted that at all times only those requesting to speak up will be listened to, the lack of this basic thought in repeated fashion will enable the Centurions in removing them from the premises. Naturally, this rule has exceptions if the words spoken out are widely considered to be slanderous or vile in nature. Eternal We Stand, Eshtael Keeps Balance signed, The Silver Lubba
  4. THE SILVER TRADE Issued at Year 116 of the Second Age As there have been marks upon both states inflicted through conflict of the past, a recent more open approach has been adopted by both states to amend relations through trade and non-aggression for the improving of both states’ wealth and ensuring peace in the south to last. On this day Mika Anarion paid a visit to Luthien Maeyr'onn as a letter had arrived to him concerning a council member who had approached them for a potential trade agreement. Discussions were fruitful and both parties came to acceptable terms to form The Silver Trade pact for its set duration ARTICLE I: TRADE I. The Most Serene State of Lurin agrees to provide a location within their walls for The Silver State of Haelun’or to sell their goods II. The Silver State of Haelun’or agrees to provide a location within their walls for The Most Serene State of Lurin to sell their goods III. Disagreements with the goods sold can be cleared up among signatories. ARTICLE II: NON-AGGRESSION I. The Most Serene State of Lurin agrees to a clause of non-aggression upon The Silver State of Haelun’or for the duration of the pact. II. The Silver State of Haelun’or agrees to a clause of non-aggression upon The Most Serene State of Lurin for the duration of the pact. III. Both signatories agree that upon suspected violation they make sure to clear up the situation among each other before potentially declaring the pact null. ARTICLE III: DURATION I. The duration of this pact lasts for 12 years, till the end of year 128 of the second age. II. The pact may be declared null and void if either signatory violates any of the articles of the pact. ARTICLE IV: DARKSPAWN I. The signatories pledge to lend all resources disposable to them in their attempts against Darkspawn. They pledge to work together in the pursuit of this mutual goal. signed, The Silver Lubba SOHAER of The Silver State of Haelun’or, Luthien Maeyr’onn. MAHERAL of The Silver State of Haelun’or, Seth Calith Maheral ito Haelun’or.
  5. EDUCATIONAL STATE FORGING ACT Issued at Year 116 of the Second Age With the ideas of what we wish our culture to shift towards penned on paper, an effort must be made to make this into a reality. Industry without a blacksmith is simply impossible and with such The Most Serene State of Lurin has decided to provide a workshop for any and all who wish to visit to learn about the various techniques of craftsmanship. EDUCATE THE MASSES For now the education on forging shall be limited to steel alone with the mere basics as every person that shows up must be able to learn from the ground up how to forge and maintain their tools properly. The initial classes will be taught by Mika Anarion himself and potentially later on a skilled smith is wanting to take over these courses to continue cultural strife towards a more industry capable population. Tools, material and space to forge will be provided by the state to a limited number of people depending on the amount of forges available. First lesson will be held the next stone day at the Workforce HQ. Eternal we Stand, Eshtael Keeps Balance signed, The Silver Lubba
  6. LURIN WINDOW INSURANCE ACT Issued at Year 116 of the Second Age Due to the increasing amounts of shattered windows and the solidarity of the state to its people, The Most Serene State of Lurin has decided to open up insurance for their citizens. As glass is a resource not many have on hand to quickly repair a window due to the labor intensive process of creating perfect glass panes and the state having the workforce to back them up in such a process, it is seen fit to provide the citizens with repairs. GLASS FOR THE CITIZENRY This deal between state and citizen comes at a bare minimum cost where as long as they pay their taxes their windows shall be patched up with a glass of their choosing. Failure to contact the state for your broken windows for a prolonged duration will fall under our general negligence law found at general safety, 2a. The Payment of tax has to be completed before any repairs may be done on behalf of the state, the one holding the property will be able to avoid this by creating and installing the window themselves. There is a possibility that your window will be repaired without your knowledge initially, however, a note will be placed in the inhabitant's mailbox notifying of a potential break in and offered a potential modification in design to avoid future window smashing for potential invasions of property. DEFENSE OF THE STATE With this alarming amount of mischief and failed robberies, The Most Serene State of Lurin will expand efforts to add new constructs to the brotherhood to more frequently patrol the city and make it clear to any who attempt to do so again will be unpleasantly surprised by increasing the severity of this crime temporarily to a class A crime without the escape of bailing yourself out, leaving only blood payment as an option for the following till the 120th year of the second age. Additionally, The Most Serene State of Lurin wishes to revitalize their efforts on expanding The Silver Centurions to limit reliance on construct production. Those Willing to join the cause of keeping our streets safe can contact John or The Silver Lubba for more information. Eternal we Stand, Eshtael Keeps Balance signed, The Silver Lubba
  7. The Silver Crow’s Orphanarium Issued at Year 115 of the Second Age It is my joy to announce the opening of this home for wayward children. I realized after the war in Balian, children who lost their parents had been set loose upon the world, it is my hope and duty to give them a safe place to lay their heads. And so I have founded this orphanage for them to do just that, meals and basic necessities are provided of course, the courtyard of the home is gated so that no unwelcome visitors may get too close to the home. All children of any age are welcome here. The home is located in The Most Serene State of Lurin and operated solely by Her Excellency, Princess Lumia Anarion. Pets are a welcomed accompaniment so long as it is cleaned up after by its respective owner. For all seeking refuge or to adopt please contact Lumia Anarion signed, Her Excellency, Princess Lumia Anarion, High Steward of Lurin, Hostess of House Anarion
  8. MISCHIEF MAKERS WANTED Issued at Year 114 of the Second Age There has been an alarming rate of mischief going on within the city of Lurin, making it hard to go through the daily lives of our citizenry without minor inconveniences being bestowed upon them by an unknown source. As normally this is not much of an issue, we have found evidence that it is scaling drastically and makes it a necessity for the state to take action. THE SEARCH FOR MISCHIEF We have collected multiple reports of missing items, such as jewelry, scraps of food, trinkets made from precious metals and the steel tools of varying occupations. While theft is something rarely struggled with due to the security provided, it has caught the state by surprise to have such a spree of crime occur while on the other hand there is an immense increase in mischievous behavior that does not align with the citizenry. Everyone within the city is affected by this spree of mischief from the moving of writing utensils to the other side of the room to having their door jammed with a metal pin stolen from the workforce to having a potato thrown at your feet while having a conversation in the square. The Silver Centurions will be on the case for this strange spree of mischief and we hope to report to our citizens about our findings. ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE. signed, The Silver Lubba
  9. MAIN | STUDENT HANDBOOK | THE STARFELL CIRCLE | DISCORD (^ Links ^) Our Citadel has slumbered for too long: now, at last, its classes may begin! The Citadel of Hexenstadt will have its Grand Opening in one year, on the 12th of the Grand Harvest. Refreshments will be offered, and those who wish to attend the school may approach the teacher of each class to ask about joining. Tuition is free and we are non-discriminatory: unless you are banished from the State, you are welcome here. We will also be offering tours of the classrooms! At this time, one medical classroom has been blocked off due to the dissection cadavers stored within it rotting; do not enter lest you wish to smell like rot and have flies cling to thee. We'll have a cleaning team on it soon in order to show off the room to prospective students. OOC INFORMATION:
  10. ON THE CURED Issued at Year 112 of the Second Age After receiving the missive regarding our citizen, Sarah Artenin, of being a vampire, the Lubba’s Council was in shock. Thankful to the shamans that they cured her of her vile disease, however, there was another part of the missive which did not resonate with the citizens of Lurin as Sarah was made to forcefully live in Nor’asath or be hunted down and executed. The council gathered today to draft up an official response regarding the situation and express their displeasure to this foreign policy. ON THE ABDUCTION OF SARAH ARTENIN As Lurin does not want to waste further ink and blood on this matter, while we agree with your sentiment against darkspawn, the holding of our citizens against their will is a vile act and The Most Serene State of Lurin hereby declares a simple warning: The attempt at a repeated taking of Sarah Artenin will result in conflict of degrees the balance of Eshtael will allow. May the wisdom of the shamans of Nor’Asath and The Iron Horde be everlasting and conflict kept to a minimum so all our lands may experience the prosperity it deserves. signed, The Silver Lubba
  11. The Inauguration of the Frederick Library Issued at Year 112 of the Second Age With the recent flourishing of the Lurinian Economy, the city has grown to be wealthy and full of life. Long time ago the Frederick Library found its bookshelves filled with many tomes, parchments and books but it is now, after the dangers in the south have been eradicated that we hold a feast to celebrate its inauguration. THE EXCHANGE OF BOOKS The Frederick Library has been open for a while, but this next elven week we will officially open it to the public. We will hold a feast where drinks will be served and each assistant or assisting delegation will be asked to bring a book of their choice for the library. In exchange we will provide one book which represents the culture of Lurin. A drinking competition will also be held with the following prizes: 1st Place: 400 mina and the copy of 5 books of their choice from the library 2nd Place: 200 mina and the copy of 3 books of their choice from the library 3rd Place: 100 mina and the copy of 1 book of their choice from the library Invitations were sent all Around Almaris: The Citizens of the Principality of Celia’nor The Citizens of The Commonwealth of Petra The Citizens of Nor’Asath The Citizens of the Koengdom of Haense The Citizens of the Grand Kingdom Of Urguan The Citizens of the Kingdom of Balian The Citizens of the Unfied Domain of Vortice The Citizens of Small Tower and North Keep signed, The Silver Lubba Baron of Lalwën and Head Lubrarian, OOC Time:
  12. Tiwari’s Furniture And Home Designing Workshop DEAR NEW HOMEOWNERS, BUSINESS FOLK AND PEOPLE WHO COULD USE A FRESH LOOK FOR THEIR ENVIRONMENT! I, Tiwari, hereby announce the opening of my new business; Furniture crafting and interior decorating! With my business, I hope to serve people’s needs in acquiring furniture of their choosing to fill their homes, or any other type of interior needs, up with! I am also capable of helping you design interior spaces in a theme that you deem fit for the room(s) you need. Are you in need of any one of these services that I can provide you with? Do you wish to see some of my creations? Then I suggest you come see me in Lurin at Riva 9 where you can also leave me a note with your information so we can book a meeting regarding what you need along with the price! Every order from you will help me grow this business into something bigger so I can help more and more people and expand on my furniture creation capabilities. So, I hope to see an order from you soon! -Tiwari (Director of FAHD) [!] The displayed address can be seen has been changed since the current address is taped on with a small lap of paper. If the lap is removed, behind it, it says 'Axolotl 2'
  13. MEAT FOR LURINITES ACT Issued at Year 111 of the Second Age With a recent expansion of the production of animal products and our exports being overflown with meats, Lurin has taken note of the necessity of increasing welfare for its people by distributing our excess to the taxpayers of Lurin before our storages overflow with the meats we produce locally. MEAT IN THE MAILBOX Our most faithful citizens of Lurin have aided us establish ourselves properly in the south and with this the standard of living for the Lurinites must increase accordingly. While we will not hand out grain, potatoes and vegetables due to our production simply being too low to hand out on top of our exports, we will feed our people the best we can, with steak and beef. Lurin citizens who have paid their taxes are entitled to a pouch of steak and beef in their mailbox if one is available. In some cases the tax is lower than the price of the goods provided, though we will stand by our worth. signed, The Silver Lubba Lumia Anarion, High Steward of Lurin
  14. THE LURIN FAST TRAVEL ACT Issued at Year 110 of the Second Age With our move away from Lubba's Keep, we sadly enough could not bring along the majority of our livestock, this included our most esteemed purebred white horses that the band has used in every battle they have faced. Recently we have discovered that some of our mercenary hires kept these horses from our days of conflict and quickly pooled them back together to raise the next generation of Lubba Chargers for our guardsmen, workers, government and citizens to use. The Sale of Lurin’s Excess Horses With this discovery, we soon found ourselves with an excess of horses capable of aiding our citizens and breaking even on the less desired horses which are noted down as Lubba Palfrey. Lurin hereby is selling parts of the excess horses for the following prices: For Citizens: Lubba Palfrey: 10 mina Lubba Charger: 30 mina For non-Citizens Lubba Palfrey: 20 mina Lubba Charger: 30 mina Saddles sold separately at the price of 10 mina. Centurions of Lurin will be provided with armour for their horses upon the purchase of a saddle for their Lubba Palfrey or Charger in the good will of these horses being used in the defense of the state. The continuous loss of one’s horse as a Centurion of Lurin may result in being barred from becoming part of the cavalry in future conflicts and will not be granted this good willed horse armour. Additionally, those who are deemed the most loyal of citizens who might find themselves without proper transportation have the chance to be gifted a horse to ensure their travels are safe and swift. signed, The Silver Lubba
  15. THE LURIN CULTURAL ASSIMILATION PROGRAM Issued at Year 110 of the Second Age As we have noticed an influx of new people entering Lurin being oblivious to our ways of life and customs, it is time to write them down for those who desire to read about such. The Sutican Mercenary Origins of Lurin With the gradual fall of the Sutican government before their eventual replacement, there were plenty who moved along with The Silver Lubba to find new fortunes and established The Silver Lubba Band which roamed around Almaris doing contracts and settling where they could. Now having made it to Lurin as the presumed final destination of these wandering mercenaries, they remain with mostly the same structure of government with some various additions to reduce the strain of governing the lands. (Two Titans of the Silver Lubba Band patrolling the mountains of the main continent) (The mountain pass by Sina Hayati) Industrious Modest Glory As the Lurinites originate from a mercenary company, it should not be surprising they all seek something to fulfill their goals, however, each one does so differently now other than a few aspects which are for the majority the same. While there are some different cases per person, it is often seen that a Lurinite seeks to fulfill their tasks on the job and do such as efficiently as possible with the majority of these being more on the industrious side than a stagnant one. Often the only factor that slows down a process is the lack of people that are capable of joining the divisions of the band. However, with this modest attitude often comes some form of recognition of abilities which can open up new paths granted by their division leaders or even The Silver Lubba themself. (A blacksmith from the workforce and his daughter working together) (Blacksmith by Dashinvaine) Clothing of The Most Serene State of Lurin While every person within the state has a different taste in fashion, there is a general census that expensive outfits or jewelry are often a waste of mina, often leaving the average Lurinite with improvised formal clothing or their fanciest uniform during important events. Tailors oftentimes find it hard to be commissioned for anything other than basic clothing or the various state uniforms requested by The Silver Lubba themself and the various division leaders. Diplomatic Customs of Lurin As Lurin grows over time, there have been a couple preferences and noted down expressions during the diplomatic process which could be more efficient or avoided entirely. With this revelation, a small list has been constructed to give some oversight for future diplomatic meetings. -Bringing anyone other than your leader or someone authorized to officiate pacts autonomously to negotiate terms is a waste of time and effort. -Bringing more than two soldiers to a meeting is an act of aggression. Additional diplomats are an exception if they bring something to the table. -A pact with another nation might end up being pushed through the council and shareholders to see a general census before accepting, declining or altering the terms. -Every pact must be made with both parties present in the room, drafts must be prepared beforehand to indicate a clear goal of what the other entity wishes to achieve. -The offering or exchanging of gifts is discouraged during meetings unless they have a true cultural value to avoid muddling diplomacy with nepotism and other forms of bastardized politics. General Government Structure While the eradication of bureaucracy is favorable for efficiency, parts of this system must remain intact to avoid The Silver Lubba from spreading thin governing his lands and executing his missions for the realm. The Silver Lubba The Silver Lubba is the leader of this state and has authority over all that happens within it High Council With The Silver Lubba being spread a little too thin at times even with the existence of the council, a certain level of authority should be granted to act more autonomously to whoever is appointed to join this council. Often these council members are the most notable of the Lubba’s Council, though are often not publicly stated to be from this High Council. Lubba’s Council With such the creation of Lubba’s Council consisting of The Silver Lubba Band’s highest ranking members, personal advisors, high nobility and other offices appointed by The Silver Lubba. Each Division of the Silver Lubba Band is entitled to a seat on the council to more directly communicate their needs and voice their opinions. The following divisions are in place: -The Silver Lubba Band Expeditionary Force -The Lubba Keep Lawyers -The Silver Centurions -The Lubba Medical Force -The Silver Siege Team -The Lubba Band Workforce -The Order of The Lubba The following offices are in place: -The Office of Knowledge -The Office of Stewardry -The Office of Brew and Entertainment -The Office of Conservation -The Office of Rosewood -The Office of Diplomacy -The Office of Unnatural Affairs -The Office of The Yellow Cross -The Office of Culinary Expression The following nobles are in place: High Nobility: -Vassal Leaders of various levels -Division and Office Leaders -Previous High Council and Silver Lubbas Minor Nobility: -Family Estate Holders -Large Company Holders -The Silver Lubba’s Family -Lubba Knights -Personal Advisors of The Silver Lubba (A Lubba Keep Lawyer showing up to court to discuss laws in a heated debate) Shareholders As Lubba’s Council does not encompass all who have brought prosperity to the state, an additional minor council is established to allow new voices to be heard. The Shareholders consist of a majority out of minor nobility who have brought their families or services to these lands and made themselves notable. However, They are not the only ones within this council as Lubba Knights are granted a seat for their dedication to the state as well as notable guilds within the state that were not created by The Silver Lubba themself. High Command Further down the chain of command from The Silver Lubba’s Governmental Structure you will find the chain of the band itself where the highest ranking members and their commanding officers below are represented. These members ensure the function of the state to be in optimal condition and are not limited to the band alone as they could be part of an appointed office created by The Silver Lubba. Governmental Members The members of the Silver Lubba Band and other offices are found here at the bottom of the chain of command, executing tasks and finding themselves to be the bulk of the government. While they are in numbers, the individual is of great value as they are either being trained up for the division they have chosen or served the band for a longer period of time as for without these members there would be little government and chaos would rule the streets. Despise the Dark While not every Lurinite agrees with the overly zealous sentiment of the government towards darkspawn and undead, there is a general census that they should not roam the streets publicly or establish a foothold within our holdings or underground spaces. This sentiment along with some other clear factors such as the undead feeding upon descendants makes Lurin one of the few places that demands a person to be tested for being undead or a vampire before they may purchase a property. Along with this it is required for the government to lay down an aurum line and provide a golden sword for every public building. Sympathizers are often looked down upon or even questioned by local forces to lead them to potential sects that will be investigated and or terminated. (Artwork by @Saun_399) Akin to some sects of holy mages, Lurin has formed their own group to terminate these beings with the group mostly made out of constructs by the name of The Brotherhood which actively seeks out to terminate darkspawn and undead. They operate mostly autonomously with the majority of these constructs following the same set of directives, however it is possible that some of these use an outdated set which allows them to be more liberal in their approach of finding and terminating these creatures. Forge of the Dead As the burial of a corpse is a waste of valuable space, the Lurinites have opted to cremate every corpse in a ceremonious way where the ashes will be merged with iron or steel. After this metal of the dead is made, a close relative can have a dedicated smith forge this ingot into what they desire the deceased to represent. If there are no close relatives present or wanting to claim the deceased metal then they shall remain as an ingot with their name stamped upon it to be archived. However, if they do wish to have something simple such as a tool then the test of the deceased's balance will occur based on the quenching process. If it so happens that the metal warps or even snaps then it is believed the deceased lived an unbalanced life and their afterlife is a torturous existence. If the quenching succeeds however, then the deceased person has lived a balanced life and the afterlife might be bearable. (A dedicated blacksmith hard at work to forge a tool from the dead) Worship The Lurinites often don’t actively participate in religious rituals, however, this does not mean they are not religious as a decent number of them worship an aengul by the name of Eshtael or in some cases prefer to worship Tahariae instead. With these two being the main aenguls that are worshiped, there is still a minority which follows their own with the blessing of the state to allow such to be. Due to a large share of Eshtael worship and believing in the balance, the place of worship for Eshtael is often shared with the other religions out of good faith to co-exist with the others to perform their ceremonies in peace. Courtship While not enforced to any degree, Lurin does practice some form of courtship among their citizenry and nobility where two people optionally decide to entrust the other with an object of importance to them for a prolonged time and accustom themselves to each other over a period of time. To end such courtship they must do so either verbally or through the symbolic act of returning the object of importance to the other and requesting theirs to be returned. If this courtship is deemed successful by both, they may opt to join together in marriage. This marriage however, may be conducted by a religious entity of their choice or they may contact the state to aid them in hosting and approving this festivity in a state marriage. Festivities (A workforce market held in the industry district) (The Simmering Mind by Geeking out over Noblebright) With most Lurinites more focused upon their own goals, festivities are often a neglected side of the culture, though these may occur more frequently during times of prosperity and stability. One of the most common festivities are the tavern nights held every so often where the local population and visitors are bestowed upon with free drinks till they topple over if the bar cuts them off. Following this is not too much of an orthodox festivity, though it brings the populace great joy to attend a local auction to either buy or sell goods and see if they can make new connections throughout. While yet to occur, with the increased size of the workers division of The Silver Lubba Band it has become possible to start dishing out temporary stalls in the industry district and organize a workers market where the local artisans can sell their goods and there would be plenty bartering with merchants from around Almaris who caught wind of such an event. The most rare of all of these festivities are when The Silver Lubba decides to host an event in their own holding where formal attire is required to attend. The Silver Lubba being not much for excess usually avoids these types of pleasantries to focus upon their primary tasks or personal life. Naturally, there are more festivities to be held than listed here, though these are often more situational or forgotten to be listed. signed, The Silver Lubba
  16. A CALL FOR INDUSTRY Issued at Year 106 of the Second Age With the resources of our state increasing more than we can possibly consume at this rate, it will be most valuable to use these resources to be used to fuel the local artisans of Lurin and attract new citizens who wish to exploit this offer on behalf of the workforce. On the matter of encouraging craftsmanship Artisans all around Almaris will be accepted to use a share of our collected resources to fund their projects and day to day endeavors. A space for both their craft and living will be provided to those who sign up for this opportunity with a preference to smiths, woodworkers, leather workers and engineers of varying quality. In return however, it will be asked that once a year you deliver a single requested good which shall be used to review your craftsmanship and if the state might be interested in establishing an order for more of the goods produced. Additionally, you will gain access to a general market spot soon to be constructed where you may sell your goods without the weekly taxes. STAND ETERNAL WITH HONOR AND GLORY. signed, The Silver Lubba
  17. MAIN | STUDENT HANDBOOK | THE STARFELL CIRCLE | DISCORD GLORIA! HONORIFICE! PROELIUM FACIO! The night sky shuddered, stars speckling its surface flickering in their light. ANIMUS; GRADIOR QUO, PRODO Great horrors swam in its stygian black, lived before creation, before Aenguls and Daemons. IN EXCELSIS PRECEDO, BELLATOR, DECERTE Champions of light prayed to their gods, and maleficar knelt to the abyss; but there was a class of magi who knelt to none. INCURRO! No god nor wicked patron dare lay claim, talon, or tendril upon they, practitioners of the Beyond; INVADORIA! The Voidal Magi, masters of the Vast Deep. DESIDERATUS FATUM. DESIDERATUS BELLUM. The Starfell Circle is a Circle - also deemed a Coven - within the Citadel of Hexenstadt whose goal is to discover the undiscovered, to reach into the heavens above and find peace with their arts in body, mind, and soul. They herald Eshtael, the Aengul of Balance, but emphasize the concept of self-autonomy and self-agency. Had it not been obvious already, the Starfell is less of a ‘house’ of the Citadel, and moreso a club; they act as the school’s programme for exceptionally skilled students, and those who wish to partake in its student government. It may be noted that not all Starfell Circle members need be in the Citadel; however, they do still assist with its functioning such as assisting in events and participating in its government. The Headmaster The head of their Circle, who guides their students with their wisdom and expertise; the Headmaster of the Citadel. The Sages Magi who can be characterized by their immense knowledge and skill in combat or magick; heralded as the second in command(s) of their coven, and regarded with much respect. They have the largest priority on quests, alongside a plethora of benefits. The Disciples Circle members who have contributed a large amount to their fellow Magi & the State, either by publishing some riveting discovery, teaching other magi, servitude, or another considerable deed. Some benefits include access to Mana Obelisks and priority on quest slots. The Neophytes Students who have proved themselves active and dedicated to the State & the Citadel, now deemed a Neophyte. The Abeyant Sworn-in men and women, not yet having proved themselves. Name: Race: Age: Are you enrolled in the Citadel)? What is your ‘goal’ in life? Applicable Skills:
  18. MAIN | STUDENT HANDBOOK | THE STARFELL CIRCLE | DISCORD All students & professors have rules to abide by, that if consistently ignored, may result in contract termination, fines, expulsion, et Cetera. General Rules 1. - No Dark or Deific Magick is to be cast within school grounds, UNLESS it can save a life. The Citadel shall remain free of ties to any patron but Eshtael. 2. - Keep your (this is not an exhaustive list): hands, feet, projectiles, objects, magick, to yourself. 3. - Student confidentiality is prized, and no Professor may share information regarding private proceedings of the Citadel. 4. - No student or member of staff may be taken from in-class time/work unless by an official guard’s/army Warrant. However, if they’re not in class or actively teaching, they may be taken without Warrant or a Parent/Guardian’s signed note. 4.1 - A Warrant may be defined as a paper signed by the Head of State or the Lead of the Guardforce/Army stating that the person is to be arrested for a specific reason. 5. - Individuals (including constructs & artificial beings) who continually interrupt the ongoings of the school may be banished from entering the Citadel (including outside classrooms such as the Trebuchet Range, while in-session). 5.1 - Includes those allowed access solely for the Citadel’s Mana Obelisk(s). 5.2 - The following are exempt from this rule (due to position in the State or School): Headmaster V. DeNurem, Mika Anarion 6. - All students & staff must follow the laws of Lurin. Philosophy The Citadel believes in leniency with rules and regulations, and prefers a relaxed approach to them. As such, there may be more warnings before suspension, though the student can also be immediately suspended depending on the severity of their action; however, it is rare. Each student and teacher deserves a safe learning environment, and the Citadel will ensure they have such. Punishments include, but are not limited to: 1st Offence - Verbal Warning 2nd Offence - 2nd Verbal Warning 3rd Offence - In School Suspension [I.S.S.], Removal from Clubs/Coven 4th Offence - Headmaster Intervention, Guardforce Intervention 5th Offence - Expulsion MILITARY STUDIES Professor Mika Anarion The study which all Lurin soldiers partake in in order to graduate, including, but not limited to, operating cannons, trebuchets, using siege ladders to scale walls, and combative maneuvers. At the end of the program, students will graduate with a certificate and be promoted to (rank). - Weapon Training - Siege Machine Training - Formations Training - Combat MEDICAL STUDIES Professor Roui Tawarenion The study of wound-mending, first aid, surgical practices, and salve making. Students in this course will learn how to save lives on the battlefield, as well as treating infection and removing objects (such as arrowheads) from wounds. - First Aid - Surgical Practices - Salve Making - Herb Identification - Medical Licensing in Lurin (& affiliated territories) ARCANE STUDIES Professor Jon Snowell The study of Arcane arts, the void, and mana. During the course, the student will learn about the void, the properties of mana, auras, the history of large voidal events [such as Ando Alur], and how Voidal magick is connected to the Material plane - alongside many debates on whether or not such practice is ethical. This course does not teach magick, but may be rewarded to well performing or promising students who are genuinely interested in the voidal theory. - Void Theory - Study of Voidal Tears - Study of Mana - Defense Against Magick SURVIVALIST STUDIES [Lacks Professor] The study of survival for any and all adventures. Within this course, students will learn the proper abilities needed to survive in unique situations, the utilities that one shall need during it, and will be granted opportunities to go on field trips to truly experience situations they will learn about such as being stranded, fighting with wildlife, et Cetera. - Study of Survival Abilities - Study of Unique Adventure Situations - Utility Training - Experience Out on the Field METALLURGY STUDIES Professor Edvard Kervallen The study of refining and smithing metal. During the course, students will learn how to create jewelry, weaponry, and armor, alongside how to do all of the above safely and in a controlled environment. Alongside this, students of the Metallurgy course will learn of the rare and exotic metals Almaris contains and the effects they have. - Extracting & smelting ore - Refining into different items (rings, swords, et Cetera) - Proper smithing technique - Rare/Exotic Ores Study THE STARFELL CIRCLE Chancellor Dame Viktoriya For the overachieving students of the Citadel who wish to learn a magick or pick up alchemy, the Starfell Coven exists. Participation in this elective will not affect the student’s grades, and rather, provides them a way to learn the actual practice of, rather than theories of, magick and the material arts. Alongside this, students who participate in the Coven will be considered the ‘student government’ of the Citadel. - Student Government - Magick & Alchemical Tutoring Art by Artofmaquenda! Inspired by mythos from many different cultures, the Circles of the Citadel of Hexenstadt are groupings of students based on personality and classes which compete for points and in school competitions (like sports). They are divided into three main categories: The Monoceros Circle, The Qilin Circle, & The Strix Circle, and a fourth smaller circle named The Starfell Circle which acts as the school’s government; one which can only be joined through hard work and dedication. Each also has a Head of the Circle, a student who acts as their leader, and a Head Teacher, a professor who acts as their … Chaperone, of sorts. With the colours of Silver & Red, the Monoceros Circle - based upon the myth of the Monoceros creature (otherwise known as the Unicorn) which boasts a magickal affinity and a curved horn - are a house of students who commonly take the Military or Survivalist studies, or typically act frugal and wise. With the colours of Bronze & Green, the Qilin Circle - based upon the myth of a scaled stag with dragonlike features, whose rare appearance coincides with the birth or death of a ruler - is a house of students who commonly take the Medical or Military studies, or typically act clever and attentive. With the colours of Gold & Black, the Strix Circle - based upon the myth of a human-bird hybrid whose presence was thought to be ill-omen - is a house of students who commonly take the Metallurgy or Arcane studies, or typically act more benign and playful. Read more about the Starfell Circle here!
  19. The Daily LUBBA Love is in the air. . . The Daily Lubba is proud to announce a new addition to the Lurin event calendar. . . The Search for The Lubba’s Love! . . . A search for the true love of this season’s Lubba, the Silver Lubba himself; Mika Anarion! There will be games, festivals, galas, competitions, and more throughout the search, so whether you are watching or taking part it is sure to be the spectacle of a lifetime. Those interested in partaking in the search as a potential love, please send us a reply via bird, or pin a note beneath the news board. To apply, you must be at least 70 years old, biologically female, and elven in order to fit our Lubba’s preferred qualities in a partner. Though all are invited to attend and partake, the committee of this event would like to extend an invitation to the following; Renae Athri'onn, Lhoris Izalith, Penelope ‘Penny’ Clover, and Dame Viktoriya. A bit about the man. . . Mika Anarion enjoys hunting down spooks, fighting in most conflicts, and teaching. A caring individual, Mika’s first priority is always Lurin and his family, doing whatever he can for them. To quote the man himself, “quality time is everything.” This segment was brought to you by Scrisa Anarion. The Law keepers of Lurin With Lurin growing rapidly, numerous threats have made their way behind the city walls - cruel individuals that torture and slaughter common folk, thieves that wish to strip everyone of their belongings, practitioners of twisted arts, and the vile offsprings of the dark. It becomes clearer by the day the importance of our city’s military. Maintaining peace is just one of the many duties our guards take on, for they must train not only the body but the mind, too. A sharp mind is required to deal with criminals, even more so when dealing with darkspawn. And yet, this is only a taste of what the Centurions do. They work tirelessly to keep our people safe, putting their own lives at risk for the greater good. The state recognizes the importance of our guard, and so no matter the rank, they are rewarded for their service. The most common being payment in mina, handed out mali-weekly. All an aspiring Centurion must do is seek out an Officer or captain. Upon proving themselves true to the cause, they shall receive their uniform. Then, the training towards greatness begins. The Silver Ladybug The academy, the guards, the workforce - these are just some of the divisions within Lurin, each of them having something in common. People. No matter the area of expertise, no mortal is able to work relentlessly. Labor in any form- whether of the mind, or muscle - will lead to exhaustion. And thus, a comfortable place to assist with such is formed. A tavern, a known source of activity and comfort. Ours stands just near the gates, stocked with drinks and food for all! Of course, a tavern isn’t just a place to gorge on food, it’s also a place for fun. The livid events hosted there must tug the weary folk out from their misery, and our tavern is sure to do just that. Some of such events include fun games, friendly competitions, nights of free drinks, storytelling, and more! But alas, woe has befallen our tavern, The Silver Ladybug, for the previous owner has retired from leadership. Due to such, many new tavern keepers have been hired. Furthermore, the mantle of tavern owner is open for a promising individual to take up! If you are interested in working in or leading The Silver Ladybug, reach out to Scribe! (or Mika) We hope to see you there! Are you gay? Take this quiz to find out! Scrisa here again. A concerning amount of people, of which I will not call out names, have been questioning their sexuality in my presence, a few even going as far and asking me ‘how to gay.’ In light of such incidents, I, a lesbian, have put together a small questionare to solve the age-long question that is, Am I gay? Enjoy. (don’t take this seriously, it's mostly jokes) Are you gay? I’m not gay! I’m straight! I’m 100% straight! Absolutely, this is just for fun. Probably not. That’s why I’m taking this quiz. Opinion on math. My brain rejects it. I’m too gay for it. It's alright I guess. Depends honestly. How often do you say the word ‘slay’? I strictly avoid using that word. Literally all the time. Slay. I usually don’t, unless as a joke. I must add this to my vocabulary. Pick a color. Lilac. Is yes an answer? Blue Hmm. . . green? How fast is your usual walking speed? Very fast Depends if I’ve had my coffee Medium Pretty fast. My friends lag behind me Opinion on cowboy hats and boots. Love them, 100%. Stylish as hell . . . Ew Eh. A little tacky Not my thing. If you answered mostly 1, how’s that internalized homophobia going? If you answered mostly 2, you’re very gay but you already knew that. If you answered mostly 3, you’re most likely straight, or aromantic/asexual. If you answered mostly 4, you’re most likely on the spectrum. Welcome to the cult that is being gay. If you answered a mix of all, then you’re probably bisexual. Don’t be a dumbass and get mad over a stupid quiz in a newspaper. If this makes you angry, you probably answered all 1s. This is just for fun, don’t be dramatic. Don’t rain on our gay parade. This segment was brought to you by Scrisa Anarion. A VILLAIN VANQUISHED. . . Or just misunderstood? Recent events have brought to light the dark secrets behind a certain Csayhn’s false visage. A dark magic user, a villain. . . and beloved partner of Alucard Anarion, the adopted son of Mika Anarion himself? We at the Croaking decided to dive deeper into this story. An anonymous informant tells a story that isn’t so black and white after all. According to our crow, Csayhn fell victim to suicide as a result of mass persecution upon the accusation of being a dark mage. Despite having submitted to multiple darkspawn tests, Rina D’Avre and Mika Anarion, alongside the atronachs of Lurin, hunted the man down until he was driven to suicide. But where did these accusations come from anyway? After all, every rumor stems from some semblance of truth. The crow tells us that Csayhn had in fact been victim to a darkspawn attack, which fueled the accusations and false- hoods laid upon the poor man. And still the plot thickens, as others tell a very different tale. One individual testifies witnessing Rina D’Avre’s neck be near slit open by Csayhn, and another bears witness to the dark arts performed by the man. Though the many accounts come together for a very confusing timeline, the croaking offers condolences to all affected by the man’s death. Whether he was a good man, a bad one, or somewhere in between- Crows will mourn for their friends. Let us know your thoughts on the matter! Anything else we should know? Is there anything you believe should be covered in the next release? Whether it be a confession, piece of gossip, or upcoming event, just let us know and we’ll consider putting it in the next release. Until next time,
  20. The Silver Centurion Division Issued at Year 99 of the Second Age With the amount of people living within our territories, it is deemed necessary to organize our local militia to a more well equipped and trained standard. With this change order shall be maintained by these individuals as they will be maintained and trained by the state. STRUCTURE OF THE SILVER CENTURIONS With the increasing number of people entering our gates, we are needed to become more organized than our local militia forces teaming up with the garrisoned mercenary forces and capable warriors. With this simple structure, growth is able to be had and capability will increase with rank. The Silver Lubba The Silver Lubba is the leader of the Silver Lubba Band and all of its holdings and divisions. This division is no different from that with The Silver Lubba hiring new recruits and enabling The Silver Centurions to uphold peace and law wherever they are garrisoned. Captain Captains of The Silver Centurions are tasked with managing the lower ranks and upholding the order within the holdings, often finding themselves more on the management side of the division though not to be fooled as they do still keep their years of experience that they have from reaching this point. These individuals are often seen recruiting new members into the band in general, making sure the entire band is well equipped and supplied with new recruits, novices and other beginning members of the band. Large scaled defensive projects often start with a captain before the workforce is notified of such a project and the feasibility of achieving it. Officer Officers of The Silver Centurions are on the way to true leadership, always present to make sure everything runs smoothly among the watchmen and recruits, often seen conducting training in combat, law and equipment maintenance for new recruits and making sure they are up for the task before them. These individuals are extremely versatile and often have the option to switch or add to a different division at this stage, though at the cost of losing progress within the structure of the band to further build up their repertoire and experience. Officers are however also capable of recruiting and managing smaller projects acting for these tasks instead of a captain. Watchman Watchmen are the bulk of The Silver Centurions, finding themselves virtually anywhere The Silver Lubba Band is present. Having passed their training allowed them to become a Watchman ready to uphold the order of The Silver Lubba’s holdings and campsites around the realm. These individuals are allowed to detain those who are in violation of the public order established and either deal with them on the spot or send them further to trial with a Lubba Judge. Recruit Recruits of The Silver Centurions are new to the majority of how everything is supposed to be operated, still needing to go through training for combat, law and equipment maintenance. Often seen staying near a watchman or officer to aid them in tasks or guarding a door or outpost without much conflict happening around them for this period of their career. PURPOSE AND DUTIES OF CENTURIONS The purpose of The Silver Centurions is straightforward and clear, however, if one may forget their purpose or duties, it shall be stated here or in other documents if found necessary to amend. Maintaining Order Maintaining order is the primary purpose of all Silver Centurions, all other duties and purposes are secondary to maintaining order through upholding and enforcing law through the proper means and conduct. Without this essential duty the realm will devolve to chaos and makes the state more likely to look for alternative means to keep their citizens safe. Arresting Criminals While conduct dictates part of maintaining the order is to lock up criminals of the state, it is often overlooked how valuable a proper trial and sentence may be. The arresting of a criminal should be the first priority unless they are found to be unreasonably hostile and need to be dealt with as efficiently as possible. Interrogating Criminals Upon the arrest of a criminal, it is more than likely that they had a goal in mind and a reason for doing so, the task at hand is to find out their reasoning and to gauge if this reasoning is sound or simply criminal. Judgement may be formed from this interrogation. Eliminating Threats There is a chance one day a clear threat will come to our territories, it is then that every centurion must come to aid to eliminate this threat as fast and with as little casualties as possible. Investigating Individuals If seen fit by an officer or by the captain of the Silver Centurions, an investigation may take place to ensure the safety of our citizens. This would merely be a precaution for most, though if taken seriously, an arrest might come out of it. Patrolling Territories While keeping the city is key, our allies and the roads leading to our territories can prove to be useful to be kept safe. The presence of bandits, spooks and undead upon our roads or allies’ territories can prove to be detrimental to the flow of people and prosperity. Small scouting groups will from time to time be sent out to ensure the safety of our territories or collect information on potential threats. Aiding Military Missions Military missions are rare during times of peace, however, every Silver Centurion along with the Expeditionary Force and Lubba Knights become part of the general military of our territories during times of war, making them most valuable to keep them up with training. Military missions are oftentimes used to inflict damage to morale or to secure certain strategic areas. Aiding Those In Need While the primary goal is to keep order, it cannot be maintained without putting the troubles of others to rest. With such citizens or travelers may request aid from this division, though one ought to be careful of deceit and bring ample men to aid those who request aid outside of the Silver Lubba’s territories. Protecting The Realm Maintaining order is ofcourse the first priority, however, as the bulwark of these territories every Centurion must aid to protect the realm regardless of the odds. Every raider and hostile invader must be struck down or incapacitated with extreme prejudice. However, this is not only done through combat as preparation and information is enough of a deterrent most of the time, if someone wishes to do harm upon the realm they are to be reported as soon as possible. Maintaining Equipment While equipment is provided by the state, it must be maintained by the individuals who received such. It is possible for the state to give out another set of equipment during times of active conflict where equipment becomes harder to maintain properly. Every Centurion will be taught how to properly maintain their equipment either by their brothers in arms or at the academy. Maintaining Knowledge Knowledge is one of the most valuable assets to any force in the realm as some spooks and undead have specific ways to more effectively defeat them or remove them as a threat entirely. Alongside this comes the knowledge of how to use your weapon properly in defense of the territories to most efficiently deal with common threats. CODE OF CONDUCT members are expected to follow all of the following or risk punishment : They shall uphold the laws of the Lubban Codex and remain within the Laws of the Lubban Codex or risk a level higher punishment for their actions. They shall never harm a citizen or through inaction allow a citizen to come to harm unless in pursuit of the greater good. They shall follow the orders of the officers and captain placed above them unless through such action they would be committing a crime or acting outside of this Code of Conduct. They shall respect their fellow citizens in all legal affairs. They shall maintain a level-headedness in the face of danger. They shall not disgrace their uniform by making modifications which would be seen as disgraceful or ill-taste unless directly approved by The Silver Lubba. They shall frequently be training both their mind and their body to ensure peak performance at all times. They shall maintain decent language in front of children. They shall NEVER take part in any non-approved offensive action, as this could violate a neutral stance towards some settlements and nations. They shall NEVER harm an innocent citizen or a fellow Centurion unless in doing so they end a greater threat. They shall NEVER give information to an enemy of The Silver Lubba. They shall NEVER be recruited into foreign militaries for any reason. They shall maintain a level of cleanliness of their room in the barracks and uphold a level of cleanliness of themselves. They shall keep all equipment on them while on duty, and they will be responsible for obtaining replacements from the Quartermaster. Violation of this conduct may result in the direct stripping of one’s rank and be tried for one’s crimes. IDEALS OF THE CENTURION The ideals are what makes the Cerulean Army an Army, without clear ideals or morals, a nation is bound to fall. The ideals the Cerulean Army follows are not only internally, but external as well, requiring a focus on what we wish to do with this army: cause Peace and Prosperity.. Peace The Silver Centurions are here to Protect and ensure peace and prosperity, it is not to cause chaos. causing chaos will lead to a dishonorable discharge and relieve you from your position as well as all granted titles if any. Termination of Cults and the Dark The Silver Centurions, as a majority internal force, work together to keep cults out of our territories and exterminate darkness from our realm by hunting down dark mages and creatures within its borders without hesitation and with extreme prejudice. Fortitude It is sometimes found that an individual is struggling with their work or life in general, let it be known to those individuals that taking a break from the Silver Centurions is allowed and Hiatus can be held with permission. The mental state of a member of the Silver Centurions is as important as its physical state, allowing for Silver Centurion field days to relax a bit or do some fun activities. Aid of All The Silver Centurions, provided each member is to learn a certain set of skills by requirement, they are not to back away from conflict or wounded individuals, no matter the race, group or nation they are affiliated with. We are here to help, not turn our backs to fellow living descendants and beings of this realm. Kindness and Gratitude are key to living a better life for all of us for a man who turns to banditry out of necessity can always be rehabilitated if offered the right tools to do so. Logic and Law, Driven by morals. While the law is set in stone, one who has broken a law must have had a rational reason to do so, with such a member of the Silver Centurions can interrogate an individual to see why this law has been broken by them and possibly hand out a lower fine or even exempt them from the crime they had committed. Self-sufficient together There is an emphasis within the Silver Centurions that once you are at the rank of Watchman, your set of skills taught to you are just enough to supply your own food, your own equipment, and your own minas. However, this does not mean you stand alone in conflict and is merely a tool to improve your ability to aid other members of the Silver Centurions. During times of conflict the territories will not be shy to give out some extra equipment to get the job done. HONORS AND MEDALS Recognition of the actions of our members within The Silver Lubba Band is a high priority, granting them medals or ribbons for outstanding actions or having them remembered in ceremonies to remind them of their actions or the actions of their predecessors. Listed in order of precedence -- Additional Medals may be listed elsewhere Anchor of Valour The Anchor of Valour is the highest honor, awarded by The Silver Lubba themselves. The Anchor of Valor is given to those that demonstrate acts of valour far beyond the call of duty. To receive the award is quite difficult and requires having your efforts recognized by The Silver Lubba themselves. Archrims Legacy - A Royal Eternal Named after Captain Archrim, this medal is a level above the medal of sacrifice in that it is only ever bestowed upon those that have given their all and placed everything on the line in the defense of our territories. By risking it all, they have demonstrated their dedication to the Oath and will be forever remembered for their contributions to the territories. Every member which has been bestowed this medal shall also be granted the rank of Royal Eternal as a lasting mark of their dedication and become eligible for knighthood by default. Medal of Sacrifice This medal is given to those who have sacrificed permanent loss of ability in protecting and serving The Silver Lubba. It is given with the blessing of The Silver Lubba to show their unending support of those who have sacrificed to see our territories continue to grow and prosper. This is given to those that were willing to sacrifice something, for The Silver Lubba to gain something else. Medal of Civic Honor This medal is granted to citizens of the territories who have shown tremendous effort towards the security of the Lubban way of life. It is the highest Non-Band medal, being granted directly by The Silver Lubba themself. It is to serve as a reminder of the binding nature of citizenship in the territories and those who have risked it all for the greater good of the community as a whole.. Ribbon of Heroism Given to an individual who has against all odds demonstrated boundless courage and has performed above and beyond in service to his fellow Band members and in doing so saved the life or lives of his companions. As well as those that achieve results far beyond typical expectations in the service of The Silver Lubba. Ribbon of Loyalty This honor is given to those individuals that stood and continue to stand firm in their duty to The Silver Lubba. This is usually awarded by the Captain of The Silver Centurions. It is awarded to those that have devoted their lives to the Silver Centurions and to the duties of The Silver Lubba. Campaign Medals Campaign Medals are granted to members of The Silver Centurions who endured during major conflicts or during expeditions. These medals are to serve as a reminder of the actions they took part in and as an outward display to remember those who may not have returned. To receive this class of medal it is only necessary for the member to have taken part in a campaign deemed fit by a captain of The Silver Centurions with permission of The Silver Lubba to receive a medal. Medal of Eternal Memory This Medal is given to the families of those that lost their loved ones in their duty toThe Silver Lubba and their territories.. At the end of every tenth year, a remembrance ceremony is held to commemorate the ones who lost their lives during the years and to remember the ones that gave the ultimate sacrifice in the years-long gone, the medal given to the families of the fallen at this time. PAYMENT OF CENTURIONS While it would be beneficial for the Silver Centurions to work with volunteers only and random bonuses, it would heavily limit the rate at which recruits would be able to join. This is why the Silver Lubba pays its Centurions a decent wage to live inside of its territories. Payment based on rank Recruit: 5 minas a year Watchmen: 10 minas a year Officer: Tax Exemption Captain: Tax Exemption Though on top of the yearly payment, it is possible that a mission is found successful and a bonus is handed out to the more excelling centurions with the size of this bonus depending on a couple of factors like the minas earned from the mission and how the team present did overall. This bonus is handed out by the highest-ranking leader present and yearly payments can be found in a designated payment spot. INITIATION OF CENTURIONS For our ranks to expand with willing future centurions, it is found to be most effective to recruit them as volunteers as requirement to serve is not found yet to be a necessity in times of peace. Additionally this would make our forces able to have a higher level of professionalism if trained up correctly. The Process With the desire to become part of The Silver Centurions a citizen has a simple path ahead where they merely need to find an officer, captain or The Silver Lubba. Once one of these individuals are contacted they need to show that they are willing to join on their own accord, are capable of basic combat and have ample knowledge on The Codex of Lubban Law. Once deemed fit for The Silver Centurions, they shall receive their uniform and a set of equipment to deal with general threats and uphold the law accordingly. If they wish to further affirm their loyalty and be eligible to gain further access to the HQ, other facilities and the potential to rank up, they are needed to take the oath below. The Oath I [Name] do solemnly swear without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, To pledge my undying loyalty to the Service of The Silver Lubba Band, to the Silver Lubba for which guides these holdings, And to the citizens and subjects under the Silver Lubba I pledge my efforts to the prosperity and defense of the institutions of the Holdings I pledge my body as a tool for the The Silver Lubba, a friend to the commoner, a blade for the wicked I shall uphold to the principles of the code, and maintain the dignity of the division I shall obey the orders of those placed above me, and I shall never falter from this oath On my soul, honor [and on deity applicable] this I swear. STAND ETERNAL WITH HONOR AND GLORY! Eshtael Keeps Balance. signed, The Silver Lubba
  21. The Office of Stewardry and Taxes Issued at Year 97 of the Second Age With our band and newly founded state growing at a comfortable pace, it is found necessary to clarify the structure and intent of the Stewardry and Taxes office for the future of Lurin. STRUCTURE OF THE STEWARDS Without structure there is little room for growth and professionality, with such we make sure everyone is capable of growing into the role of steward over time. The Silver Lubba The Silver Lubba is in this chain of command as an overseer and highest in command. The Silver Lubba grants authority to the stewards and clerks to efficiently do their assigned tasks without interruptions. The Silver Lubba has the same rights and authority to fulfill the purpose of stewards if deemed necessary by themself. High Steward The High Steward is at the top of the regular chain of the office of stewardry, ensuring that The Silver Lubba may focus on other matters that need their attention at that time. The High steward is tasked with the recruiting of new members for this office and enforcing the codes of homeownership. The High Steward is also capable of granting properties and evictions if one manages to fail to pay their tax. Steward Stewards are the bulk of this office, capable of fulfilling their purpose to their full extent. Ensuring nobody will be left without a home if one is still available, approving minor modifications such as adding a window or balcony to the property with a simple nod of the head. Stewards guide the citizenry around and should be fully aware where everything can be done and found if asked for. Clerk Clerks are the newly recruited stewards of the realm, not yet able to hand out properties quite yet, though are being trained to do so by a Steward. The primary purpose for the Clerks are to show people around and make sure everyone is accommodated properly with plenty of information of the holdings and perhaps a talk to prepare them for the property acquisition process. PURPOSE OF STEWARDRY The purpose of stewardry should be clear to all and so it is decided to list what a steward of this office is capable of if called for aid to do so. Property Distribution The process of acquiring a property can only be done with the presence of a steward, without a steward the acquisition is declared invalid and will result in a direct relinquishing of one's property. The process will be explained further down the document. Guiding of Citizenry The very first task given to a freshly recruited Clerk is to guide the citizenry and travelers to locations they are yet to be familiar with. A basic task for most, though most important to the growth of the settlement, to have every location used to its full potential by remaining no secret to the common visitor regardless of how obvious such a location might have been. Approving Modifications Only Stewards and the High Steward may approve modifications of varying degrees. May they be adding a window or balcony then a Steward will suffice, however, expanding the living space with a basement then the High Steward will need to approve such. If one fails to get approval and continues construction then they are in violation of the law and can have the entire property stripped from them as a result. Relinquishing Properties Relinquishing properties is a laborious task, requiring one to remove locks and any potentially excessive decorations which would not interest the next occupant. While only rarely this happens after missing two weeks worth of taxes, it is to be expected if one is unable to keep up with the standards of maintaining their property. TAXES With our more unique structure of governing, it is to be expected our taxes work differently from most other settlements and nations to fit our needs. This system of taxing is described below in ample detail. Why We Tax For us to maintain all equipment and structures within our holdings, we must set a base tax to achieve this within reason. A relatively low amount has been chosen so everyone can pay this tax for any property with ease as the goal is not to fill our coffers but to see if the people are capable of the bare minimum task to maintain their property, making it a shame to lose it. How We Tax A rather simple system with simple tax slabs where one needs to purchase the correct slab for their property and put them in the corresponding tax barrel. Property values may differ from: 10 mina for a manor 5 mina for a regular home, shop or storage spaces 2.5 mina for apartments and underground accommodations 1 mina for band accommodations or special deals struck with the governing body Beyond this basic system, it is possible to own multiple properties at the cost of your taxes being raised in a multiplicative manner where the original tax is multiplied by the amount of properties owned for all properties. This can be a costly endeavor if one decides to go down this route. Living Without Tax There is another option to taxes, which we call The Social Tax, making it possible to keep your valuable minas to yourself. Through talking with a high steward or a select few council members who have access to them, you may find yourself acquiring a free tax slab which pays for any amount of tax you have to pay for one property. One may only use one of these slabs per tax cycle, using multiple of these for multiple properties will result in the invalidation of that slab. Alternatively to this system to save mina, it is possible to pay with resources required by the state. Resources deposited in the tax barrels take priority over all other taxes and will leave your tax slabs untouched. All resources deposited will be taken at once. The following needed resources and amounts can pay for any tax found within The Most Serene State of Lurin: 32 Iron Ingots 64 hay bales 32 leather 64 logs of any type 128 of any type of stone (no cobble) PROPERTY ACQUISITION Every settlement and nation has some form of process for acquiring a property and the office has one made for the holdings of The Silver Lubba to ensure safety of our citizenry. With properties being a limited resource for our people, the process of acquiring one is a bit more extensive than most other places would dare. Steward Search The first step to acquire a home is to find a willing steward to help you through the process of acquiring a property in The Silver Lubba’s Holdings. Once one is found and willing to help, the next step may be proceeded to. Minimal Background Check Once a willing steward is found, a minimal background check will be made, asking general questions to make sure one is not there for malicious intent or to help them further once the property is acquired for the task they have given themselves or aiding them in acquiring a job at the band if deemed necessary. Additionally, if one owns multiple properties then one will be questioned for the reason behind acquiring another property. Standardized Spook Test Once the interview part is complete one must be tested with the standardized spook test. This test consists of a small cut on a finger or other applicable areas of one with an aurum blade and a bit of salt would be sprinkled at the cut. If no results are shown, the wound will be cleaned properly and bandaged on the spot. Property Hunt Once the SST is complete, one and the steward may look for potential properties from the varying districts. Some properties are excluded from regular ownership and only granted to people which have a purpose of being there. Property Acquisition If everything checks out, one may finalize the deal with the steward, allowing one to add their name to the property sign and put a lock on the door while the steward notes down all necessary information and collects the down payment for the property which would be equal to 4 weeks of tax for that property before moving off to the next. Property Maintenance Once the property is acquired, it is up to the newly established citizen to maintain their property to be in a similar condition as it was given to them and through paying the necessary taxes. Failure in doing so can break laws of varying degrees written and described in the codex. INITIATION OF STEWARDS For the holdings of The Silver Lubba to prosper, people need to be let in to occupy property and be guided around sufficiently by enough stewards. Achieving this amount of stewards, one must recruit them from the citizenry and the process on how will be explained below. The Process Upon finding the High Steward and affirming their willingness to join this office, they will be questioned and trained to handle the everyday life of a steward. Once they get through the basic training and complete their trials then they may join the ranks as a Clerk. They will be fitted with a basic aurum dagger and a pouch of salt soon after to be capable of the SST. The Oath I [Name] do solemnly swear without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, To pledge my undying loyalty to the Service of The Silver Lubba Band, to the Silver Lubba for which guides these holdings, And to the citizens and subjects under the Silver Lubba I pledge my efforts to the prosperity of the institutions of the Holdings I pledge my body as a tool for the The Silver Lubba, a friend to the commoner, a helping hand to the needed I shall uphold to the principles of the code, and maintain the dignity of the office I shall obey the orders of those placed above me, and I shall never falter from this oath On my soul, honor [and on deity applicable] this I swear. STAND ETERNAL WITH HONOR AND GLORY! signed, The Silver Lubba
  22. The Codex of Lubban Law, Year 95 of the Second Age Foreword With our recent move to the south and protection of vassalage stripped from us with our leave, it is time to amend our laws to fit The Silver Lubba’s new holding and operating most effectively with this set of rights and rules. Our centurions are at the ready to protect the realm from crime and hostilities alongside our Knightly Order of The Lubba. Eternal We Stand, Eshtael Keeps Balance Table of Content I. Rights Granted By The Silver Lubba I. Civilian Rights II. Guild Rights II. Crimes of The Silver Lubba’s Holdings I. Pertaining Acts of Theft II. Pertaining Acts of Violence III. Pertaining Acts of Malicious Intent IV. Hunting and Poaching V. Dark Acts VI. Public Order VII. General Safety VIII. Band Laws III. Punishments I. Use of Punishments II. Crime Punishment I. Rights Granted By The Silver Lubba I. Civilian Rights I. The Right To Live One may live as they wish as long as it is not deemed harmful to the general public. II. The Right To Defend One may defend themself, others and their property freely without judgment as long as a credible threat is provided. III. The Right To Seek Wealth One may freely barter, trade or offer their services within Lubban Territories without obstruction to earn their coin as long as such is seen as moral and legal. With this also comes the right to create a guild. IV. The Right To Worship One may worship their deity freely within the confines of Lubban Territories as long as not deemed to be harmful by The Silver Lubba. V. The Right To Be Free One may declare themselves free, stripping them of all duties, titles, holdings and rights, making this individual stand outside the law and no longer considered an entity by law. VI. The Right To Seek Happiness One may seek happiness through any means as long it does not harm others without their consent. VII. The Right To Legacy One may build their legacy within the Lubban Territories as long approved by The Silver Lubba. VIII. The Right To Trial One may call for trial if crimes committed are deemed invalid by the individual, granting them the right to hire legal aid and to be judged before a Lubba Judge. IX. The Right To Duel One may call for a duel with another without interference from others as long as performed in a suitable location which bars none and poses no harm to others. X. The Right To Clear Debt One may clear their debt through offering themselves to become an indentured servant as compensation and serve for as long it takes to clear this debt. II. Guild Rights I. The Right To Perform A guild may perform their purpose freely as long as they are granted the permission to do so by The Silver Lubba. II. The Right To Secede A guild may choose to secede from Lubban Territories and is free in doing so, being granted 3 stone days to vacate the area and move elsewhere. III.The Right To Create A guild may create any good they wish to manufacture regardless of nature unless found to be dark. IV. The Right To Settle A guild may with the blessing of The Silver Lubba occupy a section of Lubban Territory to perform their purpose. V. The Right To Wages A guild may solely run on indentured servants as long as they are all registered as such. Alternatively they may choose their own wages freely. II. Crimes of The Silver Lubba’s Holdings Actions forbidden in The Silver Lubba’s Holdings by The Silver Lubba I. Pertaining Acts of Theft 1) Burglary; defined as the stealing of goods from one’s property. a) Minor Burglary (Class D) The theft of 25 minas or less, in equivalent goods or coin. b) Burglary (Class C) The theft of 100 minas or less, in equivalent goods or coin. c) Major Burglary (Class B) The theft of 250 minas of less, in equivalent goods or coin. d) Grand Burglary (Class A) The Theft of greater than or equal to 501 minas, in equivalent goods or coin. 2) Robbery; defined as the stealing of goods from one’s person. a) Minor Robbery (Class C) Brandishing a weapon or threatening violence to achieve the theft of less than 25 minas, in equivalent goods or coin. b) Robbery (Class B) Brandishing a weapon or threatening violence to achieve the theft of less than 100 minas, in equivalent goods or coin. c) Grand Robbery (Class A) Brandishing a weapon or threatening violence to achieve the theft of greater than or equal 500 minas, in equivalent goods or coin. d) Breaking Contracts (Class C) Violating a previously agreed upon contract between two parties, in order to boost profits or deprive the other of their labors. 4) Other; a) Animal Theft (Class B) The theft or slaughter of any domesticated animal(s) belonging to anyone other than yourself. b) Animal Battery (Class C) The attack on any domesticated animal belonging to anyone including yourself. c) Major Animal Battery (Class B) The attack on any domesticated animal belonging to anyone, inflicting grievous wounds d) Donation Chests (Class C) The placement of misleading and or unlabeled donation chests within the Lubban Territories in order to gain goods. e) House Squatting (Class C) The moving into of any open or used house without the permission of a steward or owner of the house. (Violation will also blacklist one in the housing registry, making one unable to own property within the holdings of The Silver Lubba.) II. Pertaining Acts of Violence 1) Assault; defined as a credible threat or attempt to cause battery. a) General Assault (Class C) Making an immediate, credible threat or attempting to cause battery through one’s actions. b) Aggravated Assault (Class B) Making an immediate, credible threat or attempting to cause battery while casting vile magic or wielding a weapon. c) Verbal harassment of a higher official (Class C) Making a direct attempt at making a Lubban higher official feel unsafe through words without a credible threat for a prolonged time. 2) Battery, defined as any form of unwanted physical contact (either with one’s person, an object, or through magical means) to cause harm a) General Battery (Class C) The unwanted, purposeful, and unlawful physical contact of any individual with the intent to offend, or any actions which would lead to the offending physical contact. b) Battery Occasioning Bodily Harm (Class B) The unwanted, purposeful, and unlawful physical contact which leads to bodily harm in the form of bruising, bleeding, or other minor injuries, or the excessive injuring of another in self-defense. c) Battery of a Lower Official (Class B) The unwanted, purposeful, and unlawful physical contact with intent to offend, or any action which would lead to the offending physical contact against a member of The Silver Lubba Band. d) Grievous Battery (Class A) The unwanted, purposeful, and unlawful physical contact which leads to lasting, permanent, life-threatening, inhabilitating, or otherwise grievous injury, or the excessive injuring of another in self-defense. e) Battery of a Higher Official (Class A) The unwanted, purposeful, and unlawful physical contact with intent to offend, or any action which would lead to the offending physical contact against a Lubba Knight, Lubba Council Member, High Ranking Official or The Silver Lubba themselves. 3) Murder; defined as the unlawful killing of one. a) Attempted Murder (Class B) The attempt of taking another’s life and failing in doing so. b) Manslaughter (Class B) The unintentional taking of anyone’s life. c) Murder (Class A) The taking of anyone’s life with malice. d) Domesticated Animal Murder (Class B) The taking of a domesticated animal’s life. Further this will bar one from legally owning domesticated animals themselves. 4) Other; a) Affray (Class C) The partaking in a public fight between two individuals to the potential terror of citizens. b) Riot (Class B) The partaking in an assemblage of three or more individuals who threaten to use violence against individuals or provide a danger to property for a collective goal. The individuals do not need to threaten violence simultaneously. c) Raid (Class A) The partaking in an assemblage of three or more individuals who use violence against individuals or provide a danger to property for a collective goal. The individuals do not need to commit violent acts simultaneously. d) Stalking (Class C) The act of following one’s way through the city or home without legal backing or consent for a prolonged time throughout Lubban Territories. III. Pertaining Acts of Malicious Intent 1) Fraud; defined as deception for unlawful gain. a) Impersonation (Class C) Impersonating another, guard, noble, or otherwise. b) General Fraud (Class C) Purposely deceiving another for unlawful gain. (Does not include signed contracts) c) Civic Fraud (Class B) Purposefully deceiving a member of the Lubban Council for unlawful gain. 2) Espionage; defined as the unwarranted spying upon another citizen a) Minor Espionage (Class C) Spying upon a citizen to achieve unlawful gain or knowledge. b) Grand Espionage (Class A) Spying upon an appointed official or location to achieve unlawful gain or knowledge. 3) Vandalism; the unlawful destruction of property a) Window Vandalism (Class D) Unwarranted Destruction of windows within the Lubban Region. b) Minor Vandalism (Class C) Graffiti, Etching, or other unpermitted markings on property or the damage or destruction of property which is valued at less than 10 minas c) Major Vandalism (Class B) Destruction of larger property such as stalls, shrines, or other small structures or damage or destruction of property valued at less than 25 minas. d) Grand Vandalism (Class A) Devastating destruction of whole houses and major structures or the damage or destruction of any property valued at greater than or equal to 50 minas. 4) Kidnapping; the unlawful seizure or holding of another in one’s custody. a) Kidnapping (Class B) Capturing/ holding one against their will unlawfully. b) Grand Napping (Class A) Capturing/ Holding of any member of the Lubba Council against their will. c) Slavery (Class A) The keeping, buying, or selling of slaves within The holdings of The Silver Lubba. (Indentured servants are exempt from this law.) 5) Aiding an Outlaw; defined as granting aid or shelter to a fugitive of The Silver Lubba’s holdings. a) Petty Aid (Class C) Providing a fugitive sustenance or any means to escape capture. b) Aiding (Class A) Providing a fugitive shelter or knowingly aiding them in escaping capture. c) Accomplice (Class A) Knowingly helping a fugitive further commit crimes within Lubban Territories before their escape. 6) Undermining Authority & Defenses; defined as knowingly acting against the Lubban interest a) Circumventing defenses (Class B) Digging tunnels or otherwise circumventing defenses to provide unlawful entry to the holdings of The Silver Lubba b) Undermining Authority (Class B) Undermining the authority of any member of the Lubban council or high ranking officials through malicious acts or words in the aim of harming citizens. c) Treason (Class A) The plotting of conspiracy against the Lubban Territories and The Silver Lubba. d) Obstruction of Justice (Class C) Prevention of the pursuit of justice through resisting arrest or through physical and or magical violence or threats to circumvent the legal process. 7) Trespassing; defined as the unwanted entrance of an individual into a private area a) Trespassing (Class D) The unwanted entrance into a private area. b) Breaking (Class C) The use of words or actions to gain entrance into an area which is prohibited to general entrance. c) Invasion (Class B) The entrance into an area prohibited for entry with malicious intent. IV. Poaching and Hunting 1) Poaching; defined as the hunting of animals in the Lubban Territories without permission granted by The Silver Lubba a) Petty Poaching(Class C) Unlawfully hunting & slaughtering any animal in amounts no more than 50 minas. b) Grand Poaching (Class B) Unlawfully hunting & slaughtering of any animal totaling more than 50 minas. c) Slave Hunting/Capturing (Class A) The hunting or capturing of members of sentient races for the purpose of slave trading. V. Dark Acts 1) Iblees Worship; defined as the unlawful worship of Iblees, Daemons or dark magic creatures a) Worship (Class A) Worshiping Iblees, any evil-natured Daemon or inferi, including providing aid to any worshiper. b) Assisting/being dark creatures (Class A) The keeping, or assisting of any dark magic creatures by any means. Includes housing, feeding, sympathizing, Dark Creatures being Creatures such as Undead, Shade parasites, vampiric beings and general Abominations of Life which act with Malicious intent. The same applies for being a dark creature. c) Practice (Class A) The practice of any Dark Magic that has been confirmed as Dark Magic by the Lubba Council. VI. Public Order 1) Disorderly Conduct; defined as conduct which creates a public nuisance or disturbs the general public. a) Disturbance of the Peace (Class D) The use of loud, explicative, or speech which riles up or actions which threaten the general public order. b) Unauthorized Sign Placement (Class D) The act of placing a sign within public parameters advertising or providing knowledge without permission or knowledge of a Lubban steward. c) Blockade (Class C) The obstruction or privatizing of Lubban roads through any means. d) Claiming (Class C) The act of seizing a stall or home without permission or knowledge of a Lubba Council Member or appointed steward. e) Modification (Class B) The act of unauthorized modification / expansion of one’s own and surrounding property without explicit permission of The Silver Lubba or their High Lubba Council. f) Public Display of Affection (Class D) The act of overexpressing your love to someone in a public area. While a peck on the cheek will be fine, making out with someone, pressing your body upon someone else for a prolonged amount of time or other acts of affection deemed to stretch regular affection in a populated public area is disallowed. g) Unlawful Preaching (Class D) The act of preaching your religion or cult without approval of The Silver Lubba or Lubba Council in a public area outside of their religious buildings. Local preaching in vassal locations needs approval of the local leaders. It should be noted that informing is different from preaching and that informing without forcing this upon them is no breach of this law, the difference being that one has to ask to be informed. h) Unlawful Recruitment (Class B) The act of recruiting individuals for foreign groups outside of The Silver Lubba’s Holdings without specified and documented approval of the current Silver Lubba or in the vassal locations if approved by their leaders. Approval of Vassal leaders is allowed to be declared null if The Silver Lubba disapproves of such. i) Excessive begging (Class B) The act of persistent harassment to one for acquiring certain goods, knowledge or getting someone to act for them. Those in violation will be dealt with appropriately through detainment and removal from the Silver Lubba’s Holdings. j) Flirting with the Vertically Challenged (Class B) The act of trying to seduce an individual of 5ft and under without these feelings being reciprocated in a timely fashion. k) Unlawful Drug Use (Class C) The act of using substances classified as drugs outside of state mandated hoo-kah zones or the confines of one's home. l) Street Fishing (Class C) The act of using fishing equipment in the square, water surfaces where fish realistically could not survive or privately owned ponds not owned by the offender. VII. General Safety 1) Littering; defined as making any public place untidy with rubbish or a large number of objects left lying about. a) General Littering (class D) The throwing of any non hazardous goods on the ground or into the waters around Lubban Territories. b) Hazardous Littering (class B) The throwing of any hazardous goods that can affect the lives of citizens on to the ground or into the waters around Lubban Territories. 2) Negligence; defined as the inability to take proper care which leads to direct offense a) General Negligence (Class C) The causing of offense or harm to an individual or their property because of an inability to take proper care in a situation and the risks of said action were unknown. b) Property Negligence (Class B) Allowing another individual’s self or property to come to harm due to a lack of proper care of one’s property. c) Recklessness (Class B) Causing harm to another individual or their property due to a lack of proper care in which the risks of said action were known. 3) other; a) Unlawful Duel (Class C) The act of Dueling within The Silver Lubba’s Holdings without taking the safety of citizens into consideration or the lack of rules during such Duel making it dishonorable. b) Duel interference (Class B) The act of disturbing or stopping a previously agreed upon Duel as a third party with the Duelers taking offense to such. c) Nature Poisoning (Class B) The act of intentionally Destroying, Killing off, poisoning or withering away Nature from the parks, homes or nature reserves of The Silver Lubba’s Holdings d) Mask Donning (Class D) The act of wearing hoods, masks or any non-approved face covering wear. A first offense will result in a warning instead of being arrested for such if the person complied to remove the mask. e) Self Harm (Class C) The act of harming or maiming oneself on the lands of The Silver Lubba for whichever reason deemed unsound. VIII. Band Laws 1) Desertion, defined as leaving your post, assigned task or making attempts at leaving the band without informing a high ranking member. The punishments of these crimes may be executed by higher ranking members of The Silver Lubba Band. a) Leaving Your Post(class D) The act of leaving the post you have been assigned for during your service under The Silver Lubba Band without proper excuse to do so. b) Minor Desertion(class B) The most dishonorable act of one leaving any Silver Lubba Band division without proper demotion or release from their position for two years or less. c) Desertion(class A) The most dishonorable act of one leaving any Silver Lubba Band division without proper demotion or release from their position for three or more years. 2) Misconduct, defined as going against protocol, word of an officer or law to get the desired result, though often at a cost. a) Minor Misconduct(class D) The act of misconduct during one's task, causing minor unwanted results. b) Major Misconduct(class B) The act of misconduct during one's task, causing catastrophic unwanted results. c) Undermining authority (class C) The act of undermining direct orders of an officer of the band with adverse results coming from this. d) Failure to perform (class D) The act of standing idle as a band member during a deemed critical moment of conflict, task or work. e) Sabotage (Class A) The act of sabotage upon band equipment, property or members to hinder the efficiency of the band with malicious intent. III. Punishments I. Use of Punishments -Punishments shall be handed out according to the class of crime which is being charged with multiple offenses stacking. - Jail Time consists of imprisonment within a small cell with little to no outside interactions. - Duels are exempt from crime if both parties consent and the rule set is clear. - Jail Time may also consist of interrogations by the guard force. Advanced interrogation techniques may only be used when a higher ranking official is present and gives verbal permission for advanced interrogation methods to be used. - Those who use advanced interrogation methods without approval or abuse the power will find themselves being stripped of their rank and have to answer to The Silver Lubba for abuse of power. - Any member in service of The Silver Lubba is counted as a Lower Ranking Official. Administrative functions count as Higher Ranking Officials. - Any amount of jail time can be exchanged for a Duel upon discretion of the highest ranking guard present. If won, jail time will be removed from the punishment they face. If lost, jail time will continue as per normal. - Any crime committed left unpunished or without verdict for more than one year / elven week will be pardoned out of courtesy of The Silver Lubba for being outdated in nature. Desertion is excluded from this conduct. - A name may be removed from the offenders list at the discretion of an Auditor, or The Silver Lubba -Banishment may be used as an alternative punishment for execution, in which all ranks of residency shall be revoked, all titles and claims stripped, and the individual shall be barred from entry permanently barring a pardon from The Silver Lubba, and any entry into the holding shall lead to the punishment of execution immediately. -Blood Payment should only be used as an alternative for paying debts, except in the case of a Class A crime, if the criminal refuses to pay their fine and shall serve as an alternative to the normal fine. -Execution may be used if in a single instance a total fine would be over 1000 minas in total, or on the third repeated instance of a Class B crime. -One may clear all their crimes in a duel with an available construct. Both parties will have no weaponry or other items of their own, it will be provided on the site of dueling. II. Crime Punishment 1. Class D Crimes Class D (Petty Crime): 50 minas fine or a non-lethal cut upon their arm as Blood Payment and Community service or labour up to the estimated sum of 100 mina’s work. The particular service or labour is up to the discretion of those overseeing the crime and its punishment. 2. Class C Crimes Class C (Minor Crime): 100 minas fine or a finger, toe, ear or all hair on one’s head as blood payment and jail time of no longer than an hour, Jail time can be commuted in turn for community service/labour to the estimated sum of 200 mina’s worth of work. 3. Class B Crimes Class B (General Crime): 500 minas fine or a limb, eye, tongue as blood payment and jail time of no longer than two hours. The Jail time can be commuted in exchange for community service/labour to the sum of 750 mina’s worth of work. 4. Class A Crimes Class A (Major Crime): Execution, Bannishement, or a Fine of 1000 minas. Those found guilty of a class A crime will find themselves imprisoned for no less than two hours in jail followed by forced labour to the sum of 1500 mina.
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