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  1. TREATY OF AZURE’S COAST As agreed upon on this 14th day of Godfrey's Triumph 1983 | 14th day of The First Seed of 187 S.E. Between the Heartlandic Confederation and the Most Serene State of Lurin With the signing and promulgation of this document, the Heartlandic Confederation & Most Serene State of Lurin, henceforth referred to as ‘the signatories’, do agree on their honour to the terms laid forth hereafter. ARTICLE I ◈ SOVEREIGNTY The signatories mutually recognize the other as the sole sovereign state over their respective lands, and all titles affiliated with their respective styling. ARTICLE II ◈ NON-AGGRESSION The signatories agree in the absolute to a pact of non-aggression. The signatories pledge heretofore, to adhere to principles of peace amongst their realms, thereby pledging not to wage war, nor raise arms against one another or act wherein harm to the integrity of one another’s sovereign nation is perpetuated, under any circumstance or form. And herein pledge, that, in the event of conflict, or adversity, between their realms, that diplomacy will e’er be their first recourse. ARTICLE III ◈ DIPLOMATIC PROTECTIONS The signatories shall abide by and uphold the following privileges for diplomatic dialogue & diplomats, namely; diplomatic immunity, right of safe passage, inviolability of premises and inviolability of documents. For the signatories to break any of these privileges bestowed, shall be considered hostile action. ARTICLE IV ◈ TRADE RELATIONS The signatories shall, pursuant to mutual benefit, commit to free trade, and shall permit merchants from either nation to travel and trade free from tariff or harassment. Additionally, a stall shall be provided, waiving annual rents, in either signatory’s capital. The signatories further pledge that, as long as this extant treaty is in effect, access (barring this article's abuse) to the Lurinite Iron Mine Network, will be granted to the Heartlandic government; whilst access (barring this article's abuse) to the Heartlandic Cattle Rearing Byre, will be granted to the Lurinite government. ARTICLE V ◈ EXTRADITION The signatories pledge to aid one another in the case of extradition at given request and shall not lend assistance to known criminals in their hiding or escape from the appropriate powers. ARTICLE VI ◈ DURATION This treaty shall be in effect heretofore, upon its signing, and shall be in effect for 15 years. SIGNED, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Adalia I, By the grace of GOD, Queen of the Petra, Princess of Abrana, Marquise de Val d’Estenou, Duchess of Valfleur, Countess of Temesch, Torm Marian, and Moere, Viscountess of Mies, Baroness of Garmont, Vallagne-en-Petra, Eagles Peak, Brasca, Hrenthorne, Resmore, and of the Phoenixspire, Chosen of the Stars HIS ROYAL AND APOSTOLIC MAJESTY, Charles II, By the grace of GOD, King of Aaun, Prince of Alstion, Duke of Vienne, the Lowlands, Balemena and Corazon, Margrave of High Peak, Count of Whitespire, Enswerp, Florentine and Talentine, Baron of Blanchet, Gotfridcher and Virdain, Protector of the Realm Gundanat’Vukh Silver Lubba of the Most Serene State of Lurin, Wargoth of Vukh Lubba Hand of the Most Serene State of Lurin Baroness of Caledonia PENNED, HER LADYSHIP, Amélie Auclair, Dame-Maire of Vallagne, Crown Ambassador of the Heartlands, Écuyer of the Flaming Rose, Ordained Vicar of the Silver Crusade, Holy Knight of the Faith, Maîtresse of Maison d’Auclair
  2. Union of The Owl and The Fox »»—— ⍟ ——«« A new dawn breaks. The smell of morning dew heavy in the air and the wind containing a chill. On this morning, several missives, invitations if you will, are sent out across the realm to their respective recipients. Marriage is a celebration of two individuals uniting as one under the grace of the maker. A celebration that these individuals like to spend with their friends and families. On this day, all would feast and be merry, for it is a day of love and happiness. It is us, Florian and Vanya, who write these invitations to you, our friends and family to have you join us on this special day. We sincerely hope that you will accept these invitations and come along for the celebration in Caledonia’s Wedding hall, one Elven week from now. We wish you all to travel safely and we wish you all the best. The Following guests are especially invited: Karuna Amal, and her family ( @ValleyOfLavender ) SIlver Lubba, Gundanat'Vukh, and his clan ( @AlternisJ ) Edvard Kervallen, and his family ( @ECS1999 ) Tiwari, and her Family ( @TheGekko ) Auro'ra, and her family ( @Donutella ) Moss, and their family ( @Sparkpowder ) Yera, and the denizens of Mount Kaelin ( @Ewdrawings ) Alejandro Hernandez ( @Zakajaervi ) Anthony ( @xo31 ) The Citizens of Lurin The Citizens of Dunwen [OOC: The wedding will take place on Thursday 4th of July at 4:30 pm EST]
  3. The Appointment of Lubba Hand Issued at Year 186 of the Second Age Over my couple of months in charge, I have been deciding who to appointment as my right hand, my second in command. Investigating and interviewing certain people I have come to the conclusion that Karuna Amal will become my right hand, the Lubba hand. I congratulate her on the role, and her now responsibilities. Glory to Lurin signed, The Silver Lubba of the Most Serene State of Lurin, Wargoth of Vukh
  4. [!] This missive is posted within the Eastern and Southern regions of Aevos! [!] Artist rendering of a sunset in Vikela To the good soldier, Bon’Ox I am Field Marshal Cerrick, Formerly Cerrick of Khamees as a knight of the Aengul Xan (Janus in the worlds of Man.) There are a few facts regarding the matter of Lurin that I find important to disclose in order to clear this sticky situation we all find ourselves in. I will go over the accusations one by one in order to further make clear the predicament that has been created. On the matter of Darkspawn within Lurin, I can attest to this. I have multiple witnesses that claim that Lumia, former Silver Lubba of the Serene State of Lurin, was conspiring with Inferi to secure her state after losing the will of her people. If needs be, I will bring forth the witnesses as long as their protection can be assured. On the matter of Ferrymen within Lurin, I cannot attest one way or another to this. Rumors of their presence have always floated, though no true evidence has been brought forth to my knowledge or to the knowledge of those around my state. On the matter of the Horde’s participation, there is no threat to the Heartlands. The Orcish Hordes are busy indulging in conflict with my own, now allyless, state. The Oathbreaker Lumia Uialben ensured that no state with honorable rulers would ally themselves with the Serene State of Lurin after their disastrous diplomatic blunder. On the matter of Ser Gundanat, he is quite an honorable man. He seems to have the intelligence needed to restore Lurin’s honor, alongside the will to enact such. I will not speak ill of him as he has been nothing but kind, moreso willing to fight against the Long Dark that reaches across the continent than most others. He will be a fine Silver Lubba. Thus it is my recommendation to the Heartlands to press further investigation rather than war, as war brings nothing but destruction upon all that it touches. Glory is seen in the history books, but the impacts of war on the commonfolk oftentimes are not. Please, take this into consideration. MAY LIGHT GUIDE, Cerrick Fenifaer, Paladin of the Fallen Xan, Formerly of Khamees, Field Marshal of Vikela, Head of the Military Junta of Vikela
  5. A New Age of Leadership Issued at Year 186 of the Second Age Life is not a brief candle, it is a bright torch, which I hoped to make burn as brightly as possibly before passing it on to the next generation. It is long overdue for me to retire from this role among Lurinite governance. I have grown weary and lost myself to this job. It has been a long many years since I first became the Silver Lubba. Bestowed upon me by mine father the great Mika Anarion. And like him, I feel my energy has been spent. My mind warped and worn under the strain of bearing this crown. It has been a hard decision to choose who will replace me. Between two I have had to choose. But only one seems to hold the people's favor. It would be foolish of me to choose someone that would potentially bring about rebellion and unrest within our serene state. I am not deaf nor blind to these things, I am hopeful that I have made the right choice. The right decision. There is only one whom I have truly promised this crown unto. And that someone is Ser Gundanat'Uialben, Wargoth of Clan Vukh. I know many are under the assumption that he has manipulated me into this, I assure you he has not. He has been humble of his station and duty to me. I have never met anymore more loyal than he. It is with great hope, love and pride that I place this mantle upon his broad shoulders. For I have grown too weak to bear it any longer. Gundanat has shown his capability in leadership in many capacities and facets. He will be a better Silver Lubba than I. I am sure of this to my very core. May he bring prosperity and longevity to our realm. Long may he reign! ETERNAL WE STAND, LONG LIVE THE LUBBA! Lumia Uialben The Silver Lubba of the Most Serene State, Matron of House Uialben, Heiress of House Anarion, Protector of the Whispering Isles
  6. A State of Neutrality Issued at Year 186 of the Second Age Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. Lurin is a most peaceful state. One devoid of treachery and darkness. May the sun forever shine brightly upon us. After having both orchestrated and attended the peace negotiations between Vikela and Lurak, the Serene State of Lurin recommended the Vikelan government to accept the terms of peace mostly to avoid the loss of lives and resources. After the talks happened Lurin was unable to establish a route to move their troops safely to the orcish lands but even then, we do not wish to fight for someone who prefers war over peace like Vikela, people who were offered peace terms that were reasonable and still declined them. That being said, the State also does not want to fight for Lurak, Lurin was established over two fundamental pillars: neutrality and serenity. The CCC was a pact formed to keep peace between the east coast of the continent, but when one of its members jumps recklessly to a war, Lurin will never risk their wellbeing both economically and of the population to aid in such a wicked endeavor. For that reason, I, Lumia Uialben, the Silver Lubba of the Most Serene State of Lurin declare; We will not fight, neither against Lurak nor against the Vikelans. We are not preparing war and we will not prepare for it, we stay neutral, and we will remain as a Serene State for we win nothing from a war, and Aevos wins nothing from a war. There are more important matters that concern us; the perpetual night or the rise of darkspawn for example, matters that Lurin is working to combat, may our world recover their Serenity. ETERNAL, WE STAND, LONG LIVE THE LUBBA! Lumia Uialben The Silver Lubba of the Most Serene State, Matron of House Uialben, Heiress of House Anarion, Protector of the Whispering Isles
  7. [!] This was address to all of Lurin. Quill to paper. Nothing fancy expect for a signature. We stand united. We stood united. Yet there is a chance to stay united. A treaty signed by peace, and to keep each other safe that was the promise that was made. A promise Is like the illusions one tries to glamour themselves with. At the end of the day the mask has to fall and true colors must be shown. It greatly disappoints Vikela the actions that have shown such. But with such actions truth shall be shed to light. It is with much displeasure I bring to the world what actually happened that night since you do not have the dignity to tell your own people. That night before the notice was posted, you were made of aware of what was going on. All the coastal leaders were made aware of the turmoil in the south. There was much to discuss and time to do it. Amongst those that were told whether through letter or Chatter, The golden Lubba, Mika was told, for if not all those we trusted wouldn’t have been told. Mikas has always been a friend and will always stay a friend to Vikela, for many reasons. How it happened I do not know fully , I can only speculate what happened within your own council chambers. But I must picture that it came down with Mika holding the quill out to you. To honour your word to the people you signed a pact with. To honour your word, but what is a word but just the weight of ink on paper? I have to wonder if you valued the meanings from the beginnings? Yet did you even have honour in your heart? I must ask these questions to myself to understand how it all went wrong. Logically it makes no sense. Trade is your biggest asset. You, make deals and pacts and trade. But a merchant who can’t keep his word is nothing but a swindler, no better than a bandit giving false promises and abandoning the deal. I personally thought you were better than that, Lumia. We, Vikela, forged an agreement together, and you know you signed that parchment. The letter couldn't have come back to us without that signature. If there was forgery, it was with in your chamber, not our actions. I simply lay bare what you pointed at us. Forgery? Your jests of are from anything but funny. Forgery of lies, perhaps. I can’t fault you for running from danger—that is basic instinct. But it takes those cut from a different cloth to stand taller. I will no longer address you directly, I much would no longer even wish to know who you were , are and will be, because it will not go down in history. Instead, I speak to your people, whom I have come to know these past months. They are cut from that different cloth. To the people of Lurin, the fighters, the dreamers, those who keep their word, I do not believe you wish to end this fight, not where it’s been left. Many of you followed your leaders into battle for peace of mind. If you wish to depart now, then perhaps all my words and thoughts were in vain, but I can understand the value of one’s life, to protect all that holds dear.But I believe there is more here than meets the eye. There are still fighters among you who wish to uphold the alliance forged in companionship. To you, I say stay. Continue to fight. Keep the resistance alive and give Vikela one final stand. At the end of this era, it is companionship that brought Vikela together, and it is companionship that will keep it. I implore you, join the fight, as friends as companions. Will you stand and fight as you did in the beginning, or will you run back in the city? For those who wish to continue to fight, there will be a place within vikela for you take shelter in. Either choice is yours to make and there will be no further judgement on your actions , as they are your own. But I shall warn you only what I know to be true, from dealing with Krugmar and Orc diplomancy as a whole for the past three hundred years. The orcs know you fear them now. The orcs knows you just betrayed an ally, and know at least Lumia is an oathbreaker, and if we, Vikela falls, who’s to say they will stop at us? The choice is yours. Sincerely, Andria Rosalis
  8. WAGH BE UPON YE Degenerates of Evil Hohkmat, Lurin, Petra. The three degenerate nations that allow Voidal Magic to corrupt their minds so greatly, that they have become degenerates. They hold bathhouse parties where naked elves roam and encourage acts that should not be spoken of. This Ends, Today. If one wishes to bathe, do so within your own home. If one wishes to do acts unspoken of, do so within reach of the SkyGods, not us common folk. If one wishes to challenge this claim and order, you may duel me. DEATH TO THE DEGENERATES! If anyone wishes to aid me, send me a letter. SIGNED, Grimruk’Lur, Chieftain and Axe of Clan Lur. A Goth of Ogh-Dhoraz, A Goth of San’Yarrow agh Casa De Lur, Flatter ob Degeneracy, Steel-Wolf of Clan Lur.
  9. A PETITION FOR GAMES Issued at Year 181 of the Second Age With my constant search for capable warriors, mages and rogues, it has been proven difficult within our borders that have not already been found by us. With the introduction of various games, we may attract or cultivate new folks to fit that demographic and bolster our forces. THE PETITION I seek the introduction of a game every Esht month where vassals, houses and various organizations may join with the winner being granted Tax exemption on their vassal or manor for the rest of that Esht month. This will create new battle ready folks within our nation and stimulate the economy for our local artisans, miners, smiths and fletchers, which could add more value to the state than the taxes we have imposed. THE SUGGESTED GAMES I personally suggest the following games, and rotating through these with a brief explanation of what these games promote and their eventual goal. CAPTURE THE FLAG Everyone gets a location with a flag, if your flag has been captured, you are out. You may freely incapacitate or draw only a bit of blood to get others out of this battle. You may win back your flag through drawing blood or incapacitating if it is carried by them. THE GREAT RACE A slow moving construct hidden among Lurinite lands is to be moved to the team’s location, first to have it at their location wins. If blood is drawn or the person is incapacitated, they are out of the battle. FREE SKIRMISH Every team gets a starting location across Lurinite lands and from there they must win over the other teams, if blood is drawn or the person is incapacitated, they are out of the battle. Last team standing wins. THE FARM GAMES Every group will be granted a farming tool to unearth as many potatoes as possible around Lurin and put such into their dedicated storage location. However, those moving around with potatoes or perhaps farming on a patch the other team would like, may engage in combat to draw blood or incapacitate them out of the battle. One may not get potatoes from their local storage or gate off their potato farms and will be disqualified if they do so. This game may be varied with other crops freely. CHAMPION GAMES A group puts forth a champion to fight for them, all champions will be put into a pit and they will have to draw blood or incapacitate the other to get them out of the game. Last one standing wins. Perhaps more ideas may come in due time, but for now this is a sufficient amount of games to cycle through. There are no further rules than stated other than no killing of your opponents. You may freely construct alliances and size limits can be set at the time, however, as far as I am concerned there is no limit on how large a team may be. I hope my suggestion will be considered and implemented. ETERNAL WE MARCH signed, The Former Silver Lubba, Mika “The Resourceful” Anarion, Serene Marq of The Most Serene March of Cerulia and Minister of Defense of Lurin, Protector of the Lurinite Floodplains, Lord of Lubba’s Keep, Lubba Knight of Lurin, Founder of Lurin, Founder of Cerulia, Brickmaster of Lurin
  10. The Falling of A Blue Salvia _____________________________________________ The 18th of the Amber Cold As the Blue Salvia Flower falls, a story would be shown as to Meira Kervallen-Elmwood's true colors. *A flashback through her life unfolds before her eyes from start to finish as if she would be no more.* Meira had a struggle for her life going on adventures, going places, seeing things, having fun, and doing some pranks as a child. Growing up in a happy family, she was shown her true, colors for the first time as a child. "I see pink! Pink is all I see mat'er! 'nd a little bit of blue too!" Her mother turns to her after performing some sort of a spell and asks "W'at do ye' see now?" Meira's mother questioned Meira. "I... I don't know w'at t'ese colors are." She'd reply to her mother. Her mother then pointed to each color and told her each color until it was time to go out and about, the spell went away and all she saw, was pink again. She went on with her life as she saw it in her normal state, but sadly never saw purple as a colorful color. She grew up in her life fighting for her home and friends. Friendship was the only thing that meant anything to her to those who knew her well. She had a bow custom-made to her. She bought it from the man not knowing who the individual was officially. And to this day always brought it, and never missed a single shot when wielding the bow as her main weapon. She was a proud archer, fighting for her pride, fighting for what she thought was right, fighting for what she believed in. She was the best among all those wielding a bow. However, things changed a lot when she followed her mother's dream. She took over Ravenmire, to follow her mother's belief and try to bring pride onto the lands to make things enjoyable. Always was happy, always working around, and was always busy but able to help those in need. She needed help choosing who to help her as her delegation. Though who better to go to than her friends, including the one who made her, her primary weapon. At that point, things kicked off fast and everything went to plan as she then ventured on making more and more friends. She made friends across the lands far and wide, though she was always able to make time shooting with her favorite bow. Before leaving for good, she was able to shoot her arrow once more at target ranges and moving animals. Though something, took her by surprise, causing her to fall limp in a pool of her very own red ichor that had poured out of her. Her amber-colored eyes shutting as she was passing knowing her time had come and now onto her new adventure. Now seeing her fellow fallen friends, as she entered into the land of the fallen, she would show each and every one of them a smile from ear to ear, as she had always shown to nearly everyone. The background being in her favorite color, cotton candy pink, with her blue outline popping out in the background. Down came what appeared to be a rain of blue Salvia flowers as she looked about. She heads further into the fallen pink lands, and turns around offering a gentle hand to the next person to join her, saying "Trust me, it will be okay!" in her cheery way with a smile to them... whoever it might be. Then continue forth to an edge and fall to be among the flowers of that she truly adored in life in all of their true colors. _____________________________________________ In Ravenmire, her will would be sent out to her family and friends by a raven as a symbol it is from Ravenmire. ((OOC: Only those who are pinged or named or a part of ther group/family is part of can read those sections of the will.)) To Bo Rostova @moosehunter123@Aces__1, To Hacket Hemoss @Hacket, To Kelton Thorne @RedResult, To The Rex of The IronHorde, Klog'Akaal @LobsterLarry, To Vlachia @chaotikal, To The Kervallen Family Far and Wide, @KaptainScarlet@ECS1999@Lmcfc@Snow1770 To The Valiant Seekers @Roguechaotic, To The Entirety of Rhosmark @mojanghunter, _____________________________________________ Now everything below this message is OOC. This is just my goodbye from LoTC entirely. I'd like to thank everyone that I have roleplayed with and around and even those I have talked to only in ooc manners. I enjoyed the roleplays I have encountered, the ones on stream and off streams. Unfortunately, I realized I cannot stream LOTC very well, and streaming is what I wish to do. I will admit, I have gone through the good times and the hard times on this server, but with every beginning, is an end. To all those I have wronged, I am deeply sorry that I have wronged you in any way shape, or form. This is my goodbye from lotc, honor is honor and I wish this gets passed around, hold your honor above everything else, this is just a game to be fair. Who knows, maybe I will come back in the future to have fun, if I have lost all motivation in my future or something exciting is happening. I stress this part heavily though, do not be afraid to be perma-killed, sure you lose items you gained on the persona, but your persona's legacy still lives on to those you interacted with. Do not be the 15 thousand death warrior NL that never perma-kills, takes all the fun out of roleplay. We all want enjoyable roleplay, so make it more enjoyable, make it better than what it is right now. I believe that you all can do it. Speacial shoutout and respect to all you fellow military veterans, active duty, guard, and reservists (Yes Space Force and Coast Guard counts lol), y'all are the real ones, and glad to call you a brother, sister, and everything around. HUA - Heard, Understood, Acknowledged, and I hope every day you all come home safe and enjoy life as it is tough. With all that said, for the last time, peace out, stay safe, and have a great time on lotc!
  11. THE SEARCH FOR A SMITH Issued at Year 173 of the Second Age With the establishment of a new smithy within Cerulia there has been one rather pressing question: Who will work there? And with such, I hereby call to smiths of any experience to seek me out. THE JOB The job offering is simple in nature and I will not force you to create that which you do not want to, however, I do expect one is willing to create weaponry and tools for each person to fulfill their duty with. You will be granted: -A smithy to work at -A forge -Tools -An annual shipment of steel You will have to create: -Tools -Weapons -Anything your heart desires (ornate works, other practical works) These items will have to be sold in the shop which is provided tax-free alongside with a home that will be tax-free for as long as you are working. ETERNAL WE MARCH signed, The Former Silver Lubba, Mika “The Resourceful” Anarion, Serene Marq of The Most Serene March of Cerulia and Minister of Defense of Lurin, Protector of the Lurinite Floodplains, Lord of Lubba’s Keep, Lubba Knight of Lurin, Founder of Lurin, Founder of Cerulia, Brickmaster of Lurin.
  12. GLORA CERULIA Issued at Year 172 of the Second Age With the recent successes of our most serene march, we have found to have an expansion of territory within Lurin approved by The Silver Lubba. This land will be used wisely for production, housing and defense of our most serene state as a whole. THE PLANS FOR CONSTRUCTION With the future of our most serene state in mind, a small list of what has to be constructed for The Most Serene March of Cerulia to act as its namesake and support our most glorious nation. The following will be constructed: Tournament grounds Housing with cheap tax Centurion Quarters Minor Defenses A Tax Office A Small Market A Tavern More Farm space A Smithy An Eshtaelite Chapel A Small Clinic A Small Brewery May the march grow and prosper ETERNAL WE MARCH signed, The Former Silver Lubba, Mika “The Resourceful” Anarion, Serene Marq of The Most Serene March of Cerulia and Minister of Defense of Lurin, Protector of the Lurinite Floodplains, Lord of Lubba’s Keep, Lubba Knight of Lurin, Founder of Lurin
  13. THE FORESTER’S DEN Issued at Year 172 of the Second Age With the petition for trees having been accepted by the Lurinite government, I have been placed in charge of this project and been offered aid by various groups. An abode for a forester has been made to operate from and to accommodate those who wish to stay at the site before the project is finished. Resources have been gathered to get to work as soon as possible upon arrival of ecological specialists who will aid our effort towards a balanced creation of a forest upon the Lurinite floodplains. ETERNAL WE MARCH signed, The Former Silver Lubba, Mika “The Resourceful” Anarion, Serene Marq of The Most Serene March of Cerulia and Minister of Defense of Lurin, Protector of the Lurinite Floodplains, Lord of Lubba’s Keep, Lubba Knight of Lurin, Founder of Lurin
  14. A PETITION FOR TREES Issued at Year 172 of the Second Age As my influence over the nation has shrunk and my ability to act on a whim in the name of our Most Serene State has been reduced to Military matters and My Most Serene March of Cerulia, I hereby petition my liege, Silver Lubba Lumia Uialben. THE TREES As I wander around our most serene floodplains, I start to wonder if more trees and potentially even a small forest would do us well for both defense and industry. How we would acquire these trees is however a difficult task, however, with our ecology to be kept in mind we would have to find trees suitable for our lands and possibly trade with foreign nations for saplings which I will personally contribute efforts towards. My preferred placement for these trees would be near our southern coast and The Lurinite Midplains near where Cerulia resides. May this offer be considered then I would recommend calling forth the people to a court or gather the council for a meeting regarding this matter. ETERNAL WE MARCH signed, The Former Silver Lubba, Mika “The Resourceful” Anarion, Serene Marq of The Most Serene March of Cerulia and Minister of Defense of Lurin, Protector of the Lurinite Floodplains, Lord of Lubba’s Keep, Lubba Knight of Lurin, Founder of Lurin
  15. THE SILVER CENTURIONS Issued at Year 172 of the Second Age A reform of the Silver Centurions has become a necessity with recent developments in the structure of the military as a whole. While the majority of this document is a word for word copy of the previous, valuable details have been added. STRUCTURE PURPOSE AND DUTIES CODE OF CONDUCT IDEALS HONORS AND MEDALS INITIATION INCENTIVE PROMOTIONS ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Silver Lubba
  16. THE CERULEAN BARN Issued at Year 172 of the Second Age With our recently acquired bakers, more and more farmers have ended up calling our Most Serene March of Cerulia their home. Some of these farmers have petitioned for the construction of a barn to provide our people with meat to eat, leather to tan and wool to weave. The barn has been built and so our Most Serene March grows once more. Today is a glorious day. ETERNAL WE MARCH signed, The Former Silver Lubba, Mika “The Resourceful” Anarion, Serene Marq of The Most Serene March of Cerulia and Minister of Defense of Lurin, Protector of the Lurinite Floodplains, Lord of Lubba’s Keep, Lubba Knight of Lurin, Founder of Lurin
  17. A DISHONORABLE ORC Issued at Year 170 of the Second Age I, Mika Anarion, personally oversaw this justice. A small-scale trial was held between the accusers of Gnarla, Gundanat, two Lurinite citizens and the defender, Bug. Bug was accused of assisting darkspawn, a crime punishable by death. After I had heard both stories, Bug had openly stated in his own defense that he frequented with a “demon-summoner” and necromancer. In good faith that this was in the past during his vampiric curse placed upon him by them, it was dismissed until it was revealed to me that Bug had helped dark forces even after his curse was lifted while on a path of honor, imposed on them by the horde. With confirmation of this found in a recent missive by a certain E. Bug was granted an honor duel against Gnarla upon her request with Gnarla victorious. Bug’s life was ended in the pit and corpse decapitated and incinerated, Be careful as his connections to necromancy may allow him to return as undead. View E’s notice for an accurate description. ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Former Silver Lubba, Mika “The Resourceful” Anarion, Serene Marq of The Most Serene March of Cerulia and Minister of Defense of Lurin, Protector of the Lurinite Floodplains, Lord of Lubba’s Keep, Lubba Knight of Lurin, Founder of Lurin
  18. A CHANGE IN NAME Issued at Year 168 of the Second Age, 14th of Sun’s Smile Let it be known throughout the realms of Lurin and beyond, that a grand transformation is upon us, one that shall shape the annals of our history and mark a new era of prosperity, justice, and unity. As the sun sets on the dominion of House Anarion, we, the sovereign heirs of Lurin, do hereby declare the ascension of House Uialben to the throne. Casting away our fake adopted oppressive titles in exchange for what is synonymous with the bloodline of the Lurinite founders. With profound reverence for our storied past and unwavering determination for a brighter future, we embark on this journey of change and renewal. The Lurin regality wishes not to be synonymous with a bloodline tangentially ensnared in a family on the coattails to Liliyana Carrington and Karysmov Faroe, something that people seemed to bring as some type of dig onto not only the previous Trade Nation of Sutica, The Defunct Magi Nation of Llyria, but now our fair new independent state of the Lubba. With this change, not much will truly change. To put it simply, the surname of the ruling house of the Most Serene State of Lurin will be reverting back to what it once was before Lily Helenson-Anarion adopted our previous Silver Lubba. The Reigning Silver Lubba feels this change is necessary. To reclaim our true heritage, rebuild a once great house. To be something more than what we once were. Henceforth, the Silver Lubba and her immediate family will be Anarion’s no more. It served us well. However, it no longer suits who we have been freed to grow into. May House Uialben grow stronger than it once was in eons past. Long may we prosper and progress. The Silver Lubba, Lumia Uialben
  19. [!] A purple glowing hue burnt onto papers writes a missive broadcasted to all of Aevos [!] "Brothers. Soldier. Guardians. Slayers. Constructs. Creations. The Brotherhood Eternal summons you. Our sacred soldiers have been scattered for a while now and the eternal flame has layed dormant since The Great Kiraso and Mother Scribe vanished. But they were not wrong to believe in the nature of our creation. We are purification, and by the great void shall we cleanse the world of what does not belong. With flame and might we will pierce the skulls of the darkspawn filth that plague this land, feeding on the youth of the people who once created us. To the descendants, whether you are elven people or humans of canonism, let our upbringing not strike fear into your hearts but bring you comfort and assistance on our hunt of darkspawn. To the brothers of our lost army, the eternal flame has been reignited. There is a place for you here to rejoin our great purpose. To the constructs of Aveos beyond our path, a place in the path of the eternal flame is now open to you. Atronachs, Creations, Constructs, you are called to join us in. We offer you purpose, leadership and brotherhood. Join us in the eternal hunt of dark-filth, and we will offer you mana, reparations and upgrades accordingly. The Brotherhood Eternal calls you. Seek Master Prometheus in the most serene state of Lurin, and you shall be enlightened." Eternal we fight. Eternal we hunt. [OOC NOTE] Greetings fellow LOTC-ers. To those of you interested in playing Atronachs, The Brotherhood Eternal needs YOU! Message me on discord: Zakajaervi and you can become our next atronach.
  20. Dear cherished friends and allies, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible display of courage and camaraderie you showed at our wedding. The unexpected arrival of the Azdrazi threatened to shatter our joyous occasion, but your unwavering bravery turned the tide. In the face of danger, you stood by us, fought valiantly, and protected not only our union but the very essence of love that binds us all. The strength and unity you demonstrated are a testament to the powerful bonds forged in the fires of adversity. From the depths of our hearts, thank you for being the guardians of our joy, the defenders of our love, and the heroes of our special day. May the echoes of your valor resonate in the annals of our shared memories. If ever you should need of anything, please do not hesitate to come to me. You saved us. You made our ruined special day memorable instead of a travesty. And for that we are Eternally grateful for. With profound appreciation, The Silver Lubba, Lumia Anarion The Royal Consort, Apollyon Snowell
  21. CONCORD OF THE COOL COMPANIONS Issued at Year 133 of the Second Age Renewed at the Year 165 of the Second Age As some of the smaller coastal settlements of the east, it has been found beneficial to support each other in every way which we can as possible both economically and militarily in case a threat in the east rises. May this pact give the east security and prosperity for our realms in our home continent of Aevos. ARTICLE I: SOVEREIGNTY I. The Most Serene State of Lurin recognizes The Shiredom of Dúnwen and The Unified Domain of Vortice their sovereignty and autonomy. II. The Unified Domain of Vortice recognizes The Most Serene State of Lurin and The Shiredom of Dúnwen their sovereignty and autonomy. III. The Shiredom of Dúnwen recognizes The Unified Doman of Vortice and The Most Serene State of Lurin their sovereignty and autonomy. ARTICLE II: TRADE I. All signatories dedicate to each other an available tax-free shop or stall within their capital region for the duration of the pact. II. All signatories agree to grant other signatories access to their mines if they are closed. III. All signatories agree to provide each other the best deal possible when trading in bulk goods between each other. IV. Minas are not necessary to trade. ARTICLE III: NON-AGGRESSION I. No signatory shall be intentionally harmed by another including their citizens. II. If a breach has been found, this shall be resolved diplomatically. ARTICLE IV: TERRITORIAL CLAIMS I. No signatory shall lay claim on territories another signatory has laid claim upon. II. Signatories may agree to give up a territorial claim in favor of another member having it. ARTICLE V: INFRASTRUCTURE I. All signatories agree to improve infrastructure between each realm II. This may be done in the form of establishing new roads, bridges and providing easier modes of transport between each other’s realms. III. Every infrastructure project will be discussed between signatories before execution. IV. All signatories agree to repair the alternative, ruined road through Dúnwen as well as build new bridges to connect Lurin and Vortice. ARTICLE VI: DEFENSE I. All signatories will aid each other when declared war upon. II. All signatories will aid each other when their sovereignty is at risk. III. All signatories will provide such aid through soldiers, wealth, industry, and resources. ARTICLE VII: CULTURAL EXCHANGE I. All signatories agree to improve the relationships between the nations by holding cultural events. II. These events will be held every two elven weeks. III. Each of the signatories will have the chance to choose what their event is so long as it’s representative of their culture. IV. These events will be held in a rotatory system, starting with the Most Serene State of Lurin, then the Unified Domain of Vortice, and finally the Shiredom of Dúnwen. ARTICLE VIII: DURATION I. All signatories agree to uphold this pact till all find it necessary to part ways. II. This pact may only be dissolved if all signatories agree. III. If any articles are deemed broken and all diplomatic reasons to maintain the pact are abandoned, the pact will be invalidated. signed, The Silver Lubba, Lumia Anarion The Hand of the Lubba and Prime Minister, Edvard Kervallen Mimosa Applefoot, Thain of Dúnfarthing His Majesty King Cyris Collingwood the First, the Second Former Thain of Dúnfarthing and her vassals, Prince in-Law of the Petra, Protector of the Wee, Lord of Greater Bramblebury, Bywater, Barnsley, Honeyhill and the Hillmen. Father of Foxes, Liberator of Frogtopia, Leader of the Merrymen, Slayer of Gods, The Oathbreaker, Grand Wizard of Bogwartz: School of Shamanism and Housemagery, Tamer of the Forest, Chairman of the League Of Super Best Friends, Wielder of most holy Knoxscalibur, Emperor of the Former Holy Orenian Empire of Bywater, Shogging Champion, Price Gouger, Guild Mason, Market Manipulator, Attorney at law. Her Highness, The 10th Sovereign of the Depths, Monarch of the Unified Domain of Vortice His Highness, Department Head of Foreign Affairs to the Unified Domain of Vortice, Monarch Consort
  22. Published; 5th of The Grand Harvest, year 159 of the Second Age “ilMaehr'sae Ilkun'ehya” “Eternal we Stand, Eshtael keeps Balance” In a long awaited renewal of alliances, The Principality of Celia’nor and The Most Serene State of Lurin, reaffirm our loyalty to each other with a alliance having mutually agreed on the following articles: Article I. Sovereignty The Principality of Celia’nor and the Most Serene State of Lurin hereby mutually agree to recognise the autonomy and sovereign prerogatives of each others realm. Article II. Prisoner Extradition The Principality of Celia’nor and the Most Serene State of Lurin hereby mutually agree to a reciprocal extradition, whereby a citizen of either nation, provided the cause for their arrest is justified, may be apprehended and transferred to the courts where the alleged crime took place. If the citizen allegedly committed a crime in both of the parties lands, then they will stand trial in front of a jury of both nations Article III. Military Alliance The Principality of Celia’nor and the Most Serene State of Lurin hereby mutually agree to a defensive military alliance, in which any attack or hostility from a third party against one of the parties will be viewed as a hostility or attack on both. The Principality of Celia’nor and the Most Serene State of Lurin hereby mutually agree to at different points have joint military training, where the soldiers of one of the parties may participate. The Principality of Celia’nor and the Most Serene State of Lurin hereby mutually agree to give notice of important and large military operations. Article IV. Trade The Principality of Celia’nor shall grant the Most Serene State of Lurin access to their steeds and a barn for horses, in return the Most Serene State of Lurin shall grant the Principality of Celia’nor access to some of their mines. The Principality of Celia’nor and the Most Serene State of Lurin shall hereby grant each other a tax free stall in the other's capital. Article V. Duration. The Principality of Celia’nor and the Most Serene State of Lurin mutually agree for this treaty and its articles to remain extant for 20 years. Once these years have gone, if the parties show desire then the duration of this treaty and its articles may be extended. ✵ _______ AY’PUERAN; His Royal Majesty, The Prince of Fi'andria, Crown Prince of Celia'nor, Itthrak Ibarellan of the Principality of Celia’nor His Lordship, Laurir Ronan Acaln’sae, Laurier Lye of the Esteemed Royal Council of the Principality of Celia’nor Her Highness, Trade Princess Lumia Anarion-Snowell of the Serene State of Lurin, Protector Of the Whispering Isles
  23. CERULIA, PROTECTOR OF THE MARCHLANDS Issued at Year 157 of the Second Age Upon retirement from my Lurinite crown, I was granted lands which I am to watch over. During the end of my tenure, I have focused on development of The Marchlands of Lurin which now act as the connection between all parts of the realm and host of forts and farms. I have held myself content and enjoy my retirement, however, the ambitious person I am, I crave progress in our most Serene State and will continue development of the Marchlands. THE MOST SERENE BARONY OF CERULIA, CAPITAL OF THE MARCHLANDS Cerulia, better known as Mika Anarion’s Retirement home stands tall within The Marchlands, joined by farms and a few centurions. These serene lands have earned their title as it is a place of peace and progress under the watchful eye of the Lubba. Constructs are made in peace who then tend to their duty to either maintain or protect the barony at all costs. This barony houses few men though all are productive, paying tax in service instead of mina. THE MARCHLANDS OF LURIN While Cerulia is only a small part of it, I intend on transforming the region of The Marchlands into a collective of farms, small keeps and a place of willing soldiers to aid Lurin in protecting their people, territories and allies. I am only one descendant with a few constructs and a plot of land to my name, I will need help protecting these lands and I will reward those dedicated to the cause. Those aiding me in developing and protecting these lands and dedicate themselves to the cause of protecting Lurin in my name shall be rewarded accordingly. Those most dedicated to the cause may be granted their own plot of land to develop, protect and thrive with friends and family while keeping their oath to protect the lands. Those interested, find me in my Most Serene Barony of Cerulia or send me a note. ETERNAL WE MARCH signed, The Silver Lubba, Mika Anarion
  24. [!] A missive was hung in any nation and barony notice board that this writer could go to Vikelian Crystal Clash 22nd of the First Seed 153. Karin'ayla, People of Aevos! We, the leading family of Vikela, extend a grand and honorable summons to one and all, irrespective of thy lineage or race, to gather together and witness an eagerly awaited event: The Vikelian Crystal Clash: The Jewel in the Boxing Crown. Vikela, with its storied history and vibrant melting pot of races, shall serve as the backdrop for this magnificent spectacle. As precious gems emerge from the crucible of pressure, so do our combatants illuminate the arena with their courage and skill. Prepare to be enthralled by the wonders awaiting you at the Vikelian Crystal Clash: - Intense fist fights amongst adventurers from near and far vie for honour. - A venue adorned with the resplendent opulence of crystalline adornments. - Witness history in the making as fighters pursue their path of honing their skills and strive to attain the Vikelian Boxing Championship Belt. - An opportunity to partake in the camaraderie of a diverse and passionate assembly. Our inaugural champion is Estel Blanc, hailing from the esteemed Blanc Household. He bested the undersigned in the tournament finals to claim the title of the first champion. In the forthcoming event, he shall embark upon his maiden defense of the coveted championship belt. Join us, to revel in the valor that lies within the realm of pugilism, just as it exists within our own hearts. Event Particulars: Date: Once Every Year [OOC: Every Saturday] Time: 2 PM EST Location: Vikela Send forth thy bird to Thaedas Viola with inquiries and desires. [OOC: Discord = 6darkj] With great anticipation, we await thy presence at the Vikelian Crystal Clash. Let us come together to celebrate the unity of all fierce competitors in our medieval realm. His Lordship, Thaedas Koa Viola De Astrea, Hunter prince of Vikela [OOC PS: The event will be a PvP, and it will be held every Saturday. If a new champion is crowned, they are forced to defend their belt and title every week.] *Visual representation of Estel Blanc becoming the inaugural champion*
  25. To Gashadokuro __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It has been made known of your acts against people like myself. Sometime ago someone gave me a warning, a warning I did not take seriously though. That warning was a possible assassination upon someone with quality traits like myself. Now seeing this, I am taking this very seriously, but I will not hide from beings of undead like yourself. Even though I have my dislikes of the Oyashiman, I am willing to place that aside to help their friend in need. If the Oyashiman wish for my assistance, you know where to find me. I have men and women around Aevos who would be willing to help, just give me the word. To Gashadokuro personally, worst mistake was working alongside those frost witches and going after myself. I will not stop until my heart stops beating one final time! Now YOU have been warned, I am coming after you! Signed Zelphar Kervallen Kagura, Sovereign of The Valiant Seekers, A Silver Centurion of Lurin
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