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  1. [!] You suddenly hear, in a non creepy whispering voice


    look... up. its the sky, its puurrrrppllleeeee

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    while the other flat gray eye of a Troll Stayed Put In The Gloomy Shadow His Round Perfect Nose Cast. His Hair, like a fountian of youth poured streams of golden hair down his face. Rupert’s Life Began In A Basket, In just east of the Grand Library Of Dragur. His Biological Mother (an Impure Elf) Had Left Him, to be safe From The High Elven Guard who was on the run but got executed for being impure , His biological father, a half race person between a high elf and a mountian dwarf is where he gets his strength. His Human Mother An Arcane Mage Who Had No Idea He Were An Elf Because of his human like ears He Loved Using the bow, his 1st one he got at the age of 3 made from an ent branch his mother loved him dearly and one day when he was out a group of 5 human kids were beating him up and there he pulled hus bow from his bag, he used it to kill one of the human kids from then on no one was bullying him, but he knew that this is what he wanted to do with his life, now he was 17 and he was due to leave home soon but one day 15 moths before he was going to be kicked out He Received an anonymous letter explaining how he was a high elf. He was so devistated he ran and ran. a few weeks had passed and the high elven guards came to the human village to look for Rupert but his mother was not going to let him be executed. but in doing that act she was executed. Rupert’s grief had cooled and was ready to go back home but he found his mother laying there in a pool of blood. the house was charred. Rupert took her pendant and fled he was on the run and still is. he has dreams of becoming a bowman and stands up to his rights of being impure as that is what makes him special. But is currently studdieng in the Grand Library Of Dragur.
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    His name is Rupert, after he was abandoned by his late elven parents whom were killed due to being “Impure” to an infertile human couple, he was not recognized as an elf straight away because of his exceptionally small ears, although his adoptive parents were concerned by his eye colour, it made them love him no less. But one day he was to find out he was an elf, he was so devastated he ran away. in his absence the high elven guard came to his human parents home to kill him and finish what they started, but his loving human parents sacrificed themselves to protect their son. growing up was hard for Rupert, he was bullyed alot for his eye colour. But he did deal to a bully with a bow made of end wood he had received for his birthday a few weeks prior. that was his 1st kill! from then no one wanted to bully him. but he knew he would want to keep doing it, so he practiced and practiced for one day he would fight againsed the elven guard to bring peace to the impure elves. Skin Credit: wesleijus2002
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