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  1. [Denied] Ioannis FM application.

    -1 gave me a 15 speed horse instead of a 20. na, +1 this guy is a total nerd
  2. [Accepted] Nalatac_Aicneta's Global Moderator Application

    I can confirm that he is the /only/ gm that does modreqs :^)
  3. [Accepted] Sythan's FM Application

    Mature aussie that probably has nothing to do around his time-zone when nobody is on LOTC so he'd be on the forums.. yeah?. Oh did I mention he can play the piano?? +1
  4. [Denied]Illblade101 Gm Application 2

    -7, not trying to become rex and rather trying to become a gm
  5. well rip my modreqs are not gonna be done anymore

    1. lordsheen


      do you wish to acquire assistance from your friendly neighborhood robot?

    2. ⅢSliceⅢ


      I skip over your modreqs everytime I see them tbh

  6. [Denied]JakeTSully's Trial GM app

  7. [Denied]Skippy's Gm App

    +Support, Skippy is a good guy, he gives me food.
  8. ready? 5 4 3 2 1, GO

    1. Destroyer_Bravo


      >puts on khergit mask

      >starts bowkiting


    2. Etherealxx


      > dclaw rush into an ags

    1. Alterazgohg


      2-4 weeks on each. f u c k i n  b u l l s h i t  t h a t ' s  w h a t

    2. im_a_psychopath


      hit by an ice barrage and gmaul spec my frend