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  1. any rp involving spirits
  2. **** reading all of this. ill give u a rep tho i guess
  3. Swampgoth Lubok’Lak thinks you wouldn’t have had this problem if you looked for guidance from the spirits.
  4. “Praize Laklul!” Lubok’Lak shouts one last time at the moon, the shout being significantly louder than usual.
  5. [!] You suddenly hear, in a non creepy whispering voice


    look... up. its the sky, its puurrrrppllleeeee

  6. Lubok’Lak rips the letter off of the Krugmar notice board, reading over it. “Da zkah iz diz?” he’d then hand it over to Grog’Gorkil to inhale.
  7. Swampgoth Lubok’Lak would be more than willing to preach about the spirit of swamps, Laklul, to those who would be interested.
  8. “Does he really need a speech?” Kelos would then cup his mouth and shout “Silir for Okarir’san!”
  9. “That is a bit gay, ne?” Kelos asks as he reads over one of the letters with fellow scout, Erlan.
  10. While the rest of Krug prepare for the advance on the cursed swamp, In Fort Lak, Lubok’Lak would be standing in front of the group of followers devoted to the spirit of swamps. ”Wi wuill kleanze diz kurzed zwamp fur LAKLUL!” Lubok’Lak shouts, spit flying out as he barks at the new followers of Laklul, his fist slamming into his chest as a salute. ‘Praize Laklul’ echoes throughout Gobbo Goi shortly after. They will not fail the task that the spirit of swamps has given.
  11. You’re one of my favorite orcs out there

    1. Etherealxx


      Praise Laklul 👽

    2. TheElvenMage


      😞 i thought i was ...

    3. _Jandy_


      @Etherealxx can you give me gamer tips?

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