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  1. Etherealxx

    A Tired Orc

    Lubok’Lak cries inside some more. This time because he is not noticed by Borgrum.
  2. Lubok’Lak skims through the two letters after getting some free grub. “Wub?” he says to himself with a mouthful.
  3. Lubok’Lak places a sack filled to the brim with ‘Happy Bread’ outside of the Lur clan hall as an offering.
  4. ((Click this before you read)) The Holy Esposal of Omar Grimmer’Lak and Avys Sutrè [!] Flier’s are handed out to nearby cities by High Elven Children. A warm mountain breeze passes through The Silver State of Haelun’or. Omar Grimmer, the feelings of love cloud the air, and the voice of Omar seems to be in the back of your head, saying “Ug”. Omar Grimmer The Silver State of Haelun’or invites you to the wedding of our blessed Omar Grimmer’Lak and Avys Sutrè, love at first sight. [!] A well done piece of art of the pair is painted below by one of the best artists in Arcas ((OOC INFO)) ((Come to Omar Grimmer outside of Haelun’or, you can follow the signs from Cloud Temple. Time is 4pm EST for the wedding. Be there, or be a loser.))
  5. “Da twiggehz bi guin krazeh, zheezh!” Lubok’Lak says to himself while looking over all the propaganda around the city.
  6. i cant choose between ok retard and the omar grimmer one
  7. A CIRCULAR VICTORY FLYER. A circular flyer is distributed around the realm! The brave Legionaries of the Imperium Renatum had been practicing upon the fields outside the noble city of Helena, when a dastardly and evil host of horsemen fell upon them - swords and lances bared and teeth gritted. With a brave shout, the noble Diego Dabber stepped forwards - pushing out his palm and offering a noble battle-cry. Behind him the men of Renatus unsheathed their weapons, a host of men ready to bring battle to their mounted assailants. Back and forth the men danced across the roads, running forth to Adria and back to Helena. They exchanged a flurry of arrows in the fields beyond the city, watching the evil Reivers trample the crops which fed innocent Renatian babes and children. With tears streaming down their cheeks, the men fought back with all their might to avenge the suffering citizens. Slowly, one by one, the brave soldiers slew the horses of their dastardly pursuers. Now capable of better pursuit the Renatian soldiers pursues the men, fleet-of-foot and with resolute heart, slowly cutting down the Reivers. Around and around they went, across the circular road, until they had finally vanquished all but two of the enemies - two which fled across water and earth to avoid the soldiers. Triumphant, they returned to the Empire!
  8. you guys on your way to chop down the tree
  9. i think overwatch comp takes the cake of depression
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