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  1. Constanz read through the list of his family members, making note of each one
  2. Shams's Shawarma Restaurant -=- ✧ -=- -=- ✧ -=- The Fakhr Oasis graciously invites the inhabitants of Almaris to attend the grand opening of Shams’s Shawarma Restaurant! There will be an assortment of unique shawarmas including those long-time, beloved originals such as chicken and beef, from recipes that have been passed down for generations! -=- ✧ -=- Even if you're not a shawarma-lover (we can change your mind on that), there will be additional games and prizes to be won! Rumours float about that a unique shawarma from a new, unshared recipe will be revealed. Attend this Grand Opening for your chance to be the first to taste this special dish! -=- ✧ -=- [OOC: This will take place on Wednesday 19th (Tomorrow!) @5 Pm EST - Fakhr Oasis via the South Hub.
  3. Qamar glanced at the missive with a smile as he marked the date on his calendar !
  4. Qamar nodded in approval at this missive !
  5. The Emir of Fakhr woke up as he exited his tent, a missive pinned on the outside, he'd read the letter and froze in reaction to its contents.
  6. Constanz read the letter as he signed his name on the piece
  7. Constanz Auguste de Sarkozy frowned at the news of a relative passing away, he'd mumble a prayer under his breath before walking off to find his siblings - perhaps a visit to the funeral were an order -
  8. Constanz could be seen practicing his close combat as news spread of this
  9. The Emir would look at the missive as he nodded at the words of Sheikh Ziyad "Let the trial begin!"
  10. Qamar looked at it with a smile as he would inform his assistant to clear his schedule on that day!
  11. The Royal Emir of Fakhr rose a brow as it had been many days since last he saw Anne de Rosius, she'd never not show up to tell the little Oasis children stories, he wouldn't assign a guard, however Qamar would call for his own horse, riding off into the sunset as he determined to find the mission woman, he'd mutter a prayer of hope
  12. Hey Fawny, I've known you for quite some time and we've always been good friends. I'm sorry your end was this distasteful. I hope myself or my community had nothing to do with you getting hurt. It's always sad to see a player go and you're forever a friend. We're gonna miss you and I wish you nothing but the best in your next endeavors. I hope to still chat with ya every now and then, have a good one
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