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  1. WuHanXianShi14

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    While I can appreciate the effort put into writing this, I'd really rather not ...
  2. WuHanXianShi14

    Leaked Logs and You

    Please unban imattyz
  3. WuHanXianShi14

    Flamboyant's bad logic

    There is a different between targetted harrassment aimed at a specific player, and a general rant aimed at no one. As well as pinning a message publicly for everyone to see, and venting in a private channel (only for military members of the Dom at 2AM EST).
  4. WuHanXianShi14

    Flamboyant's bad logic

    Not even most GMs agree that Matt should have been banned.
  5. WuHanXianShi14

    Mental magic

    Any and all illusion based magic is bad, in my opinion.
  6. WuHanXianShi14

    Enough is Enough.

    @FlamboyantRage none of the gms at the time reported Imattyz or considered themselves attacked or harassed, so why did the admins take it upon themselves to ban Matt for what he had said In a private discord channel? And is this a confirmation that the admins will keep him banned for a year?
  7. WuHanXianShi14

    The iMattyz question

    Ranting in a discord channel, a private one at that (By which I mean one you need a special rank to have access to) is not bannable. Targetting specific people is. Going out your way to harrass specific people is. Matt going on a general rant about how he is frustrated with the staff team is not bannable.
  8. WuHanXianShi14

    Enough is Enough.

    Mog Nations should be able to buy new tiles adjacent to the tiles they own to expand but the issue is 501 and co won't let us because they're working on some plugin or something. Being able to build a PVP fort for your nation 1000 blocks away from your nations capital is what I think is right to not be allowed
  9. WuHanXianShi14

    Enough is Enough.

    Alright, I'll make one last statement. I'm not going to blame the entirety of the orcish playerbase on the things that I cited regarding them in the OP. However, I will remain true that those things happened. The individuals involved were responsible, and the GMs and Admin's response to it was laughable at best. I think its time we sat down together, leaders to leaders, and talked about how we treat each other, and the state of fort stronk, and come to an agreement between us. Seeing as it is clear that the Admins will not step in to do jack ****. @Pond @Veist
  10. WuHanXianShi14

    Enough is Enough.

    It definitely has. We have our screamers same as you. Our people who say dumb **** and do dumb things. I even admit that Veist and iMattyz could have handled themselves better, even if I don't blame them at all for being frustrated, and think its ultimately the GMs and Admins fault that they got like that in the first place. but you need to bare in mind that its your fort right outside our border on the only road leading into our city, and 99% of all conflict between our two groups has been started by you. In my mind, the onus to make things civil lies more on you, as if we were left alone we would not take it upon ourselves to do 10% of the stuff that has been happening to us. You don't have to agree with me. Doubt I'll convince you either way. I don't expect all orc v elf conflict to stop. But that fort being moved away from our road, and no more region camping & halting new players on said only road would be a good start.
  11. WuHanXianShi14

    Enough is Enough.

    I apologize for putting as much emphasis on the orc playerbase in this thread as I did, however, I still believe they have done things which warrant me being upset. But those who have commented are right. The core of the issue is the GMs and Admin team and their lack of ability to handle the issue.
  12. WuHanXianShi14

    Enough is Enough.

    Because the way the orc playerbase has been behaved towards the Dominion has been abhorrent too. However, if you want to come to a resolution outside of GM influence, I'm sure our leaders will be available. Veist is still on discord, even if he's banned.
  13. WuHanXianShi14

    Enough is Enough.

    Fair enough, I've removed your name and edited to the playerbase as a whole. Unfair to pin it all on you as the sole ringleader.
  14. WuHanXianShi14

    Enough is Enough.

    Alright, I’m drinking the koolaid. I don’t want to get banned, but this needs to be said. If my lack of trust in the staff, my anger and dissapointment in them make me a problem player and make me a community guidelines violator then that's just how it is. I loved this server, I loved RP and there are people I've met here I never want to lose touch with. I want to feel that way again. https://gyazo.com/0348882a4e465fe9c8e9afe696864dd5 Enough is enough. Telanir. I am frustrated. I am angry. I have lost all faith in you. In your administration, in your staff. I have no belief in your ability to actually moderate a server, promote fair & decent RP, promote a community, and prevent OOC vitriol and hatred. I have no faith in you in actually take a critical look at a situation and get to the root of a problem, instead of making things worse for one side, while enabling another to continue their harrasment, rule lawyering and rule breaking. I have lost faith in you and all moderation staff. To me, you have been absent at best, ineffective at middling, and blatantly uncaring at worst. And I am far from the only one. Hey guys, lets NOT sit down with the leadership of a group that’s been reaching out to us for MONTHS about how they’re being treated. Let’s do next to nothing for weeks about an ongoing situation that clearly needs addressing. Let’s pretend like we’re physically allergic to actually stepping in to moderate this until its resolved. Let’s just let it ******* sit, fester, grow worse. Let’s let the playerbase we’re supposed to be helping grow resentful of us, jaded as they deal with abject **** every day knowing we do nothing. And let’s act surprised when they start being upset with us, angry with us. Let’s ban them when they “act up!!” for dissenting! It's okay guys, we have PLUGINS coming down the line in 4-6 months that’ll fix ALL your problems! I couldn’t care less any more about all the screamers out there with all their rage and hatred and OOC vitriol to the Dominion and how they’ll shill in reply here. I couldn’t care less anymore about seeming beligerent, or angry, or uncooperative. I couldn’t care less what the Admins, GMs, or Krugmar leadership wants to use to justify their behaviour. Enough is enough. You, the players, the GMs, and the Admins to LOTC have made it impossible for a good playerbase, an RP heavy playerbase, to enjoy this game at all. You have enabled people to commit consistent, paper thin, cheap, horrid RP aimed deliberately to kill at our activity. You have literally allowed an offensive PVP fort used to consistently harrass us (I’m calling it what it is, harrassment, OOCly organized, don’t bother trying to change our minds) to exist right outside our territory IN FLAGRANT VIOLATION OF THE RULES, FOR MONTHS. https://gyazo.com/332d37f76c053b5b497449021cf2b270 That’s right, I’m stunned I wasn’t aware of this rule until now, and even MORE stunned that the Admins and GMs somehow weren’t either. I do not enjoy LOTC anymore. Many of my friends, and fellow players in the Dominion, particularly the leadership, the military and the main religion RP bloc, do not enjoy LOTC anymore. How can we? Every opportunity, our leadership and our friends get banned, for being angry, frustrated, and jaded, for what’s been happening to us and how we’ve been treated. It seems we are making progress at a snail’s pace. It took months just to realize there was a rule saying nations cannot own freebuild land outside their own territory, yet there it is, a big fuckoff PVP fort RIGHT up against the ONLY road leading into the Dominion with a GIANT Krugmar flag flying over it. Just incase there was any doubt the fort belongs to and is controlled by Krugmar: https://gyazo.com/a4d82bb7272d047b79cf2419ecdf8822 Or how about the entirety of this forum post? https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/173255-digging-in/ That Fort is in violation of the rules. And as the GMs and Admins have been SO, SO VERY CLEAR TO US these last few weeks, RULES ARE RULES, FOLKS. It doesn’t matter how negatively they affect a group of players. It doesn’t matter if it means we aren’t even allowed to send a rescue party after a kidnapped Dominion Wood Elf now, because Fort Stronk is on cooldown and only high ranking officials may be rescue raided. That makes no sense, but it was enforced anyways, because rules are rules. So much for dynamic RP right? And for the record, we have been dealing with it in RP, extensively. We scout the roads every day. We’ve crushed them in raids on our city, and raids against their fort I think 8-10(?) times? Every day we are putting some effort into having to deal with this group, even though it is draining on us. Why don’t we warclaim the fort? You mean the fort that shouldn’t even be allowed to exist via server rules? So you have established that your doctrine is “enforce what it says on the rules page ADAMANTLY, the rules are rules.” So, by that same standard, you will remove Fort Stronk, yes? Wait Leo, are you implying that the staff maybe have some sort of double standard, or inconsistency issue? No… no way… !!! The type of double standard where I ended up fighting fight tooth and nail to get a ban for an orcish player extended beyond a week with appeal, for harrassing people on multiple occasions and actively attempting to perpetuate a circle of hatred and dehumanization towards a player in this community, and be told NO, multiple times by the GM lead and Admins, when you just want the targeting to stop. Whereas Dominion leadership gets a target put on their ******* backs, and the moment they slip up, they’re gone. Where it’s okay for a player to submit three week old evidence of Veist saying a racial slur, and feign offense to get him banned, solely to eliminate our leadership. A slur by the way, that Veist had been warned to stop saying at the time by a GM, and had complied. So Orc players (the same ones who dress up like nazis, “roman salute” and make common references to the Rwandan genocide via their trademark catchphrase “Cut the tall trees”) by the way. But remember, Veist and Matt, they’re the toxic ones. Ignoring the fact that We’ve had people from Krugmar’s playerbase make alts in our Discord in our playerbase for the explicit purpose of metagaming, attempting to disrupt our military via OOC methods and the individual in question did so while serving a prior ban on his main account. Ignoring the fact We’ve been raided at 2AM EST (On the 10/06/2018) and the GMs seemed to concede that it was unlawful and done through a misuse of perms by the perpetrator. This is an issue that has been repeated over the course of months of using illegitimate means to gain the upper hand or raid the Dominion during hours we can’t have guards on. Ignoring the fact They share Leo’s logs, which has been a subject of intense harassment on him, freely around their discord, intentionally dehumanizing him into a subject to harass. If community guidelines means anything, I’d imagine this falls under them. Proof: https://gyazo.com/fe558f7b78185aa00fab38f7e6e170cd , https://gyazo.com/b85b338b272a3ade638e9ec19a377417 Ignoring the fact They make OOC pacts with players, purely out-of-character, blatantly metagaming, promising not to bandit them no matter what character they’re on, if they promise not to fight with the elves, against them. https://gyazo.com/13f71c2156cf6757cde48cb598f6e236 https://gyazo.com/c512cf3ba03899dc6414fb2eb04f87c2 But remember, everyone. None of that matters. It doesn’t matter that we’re not the ones that started this conflict. That 100% of everything we’ve done has been in RESPONSE to this group. That our frustration, and thus our lashing out, is because of what’s been thrown at us. We’re the toxic ones. We’re the problem players. We’re the ones violating your precious community guidelines. So as it stands our two core leaders are banned, one for a month, one for a year. Both for paper thin reasons. Meanwhile, the group at our doorstep constantly harrassing us, pulling OOC ****, providing **** RP, making our lives miserable and literally breaking the rules with every single waking second their fort remains standing where it is. They continue. Unhampered. They will continue to do everything they have been doing, and you will do nothing to stop it. And speaking of iMattyz, lets take a look at the discord rant that got him banned for a year. https://gyazo.com/aca8dc448e75b1983cc2096058f1a280 https://gyazo.com/134f4c5acbbfe4afc0955487540e13ee What did he call you GMs? He called you *****. He called you blathering incompetents, and he called you piss scared. Are you as a team so fragile in your ego that you think that the response to words like these is to NOT actually ******* look at yourselves and wonder how it is an entire playerbase has become so resentful of you, but instead to BAN a player, a leader, for having lost faith in you? Is it because he used bad words? *****? Blathering incompetent? Piss scared? Because I agree with him. You have been all those things, and if saying this is going to get me banned, then so be it. And you know what? Even if other players less willing to get banned (and that’s fine) won’t say it, they agree with me and Matt as well. You going to ban all of us? Or are you, for once in your ******* lives, going to actually look to solve the root of the problem? Find the source of player frustration? Tackle the main issue instead of banning players, human beings, for getting angry? You have done absolutely nothing to fix the issue. You have put kiddy hello kitty bandages on a big, gaping wound, expecting us to be placated, when **** RP continues. OOC harrassment continues. OOC fuckery continues. Targetted attempts to kill our playerbase continues. When an illegal PVP fort that should never have been allowed to been there, continues. You have made it your mission to look for reasons to ban our leadership, and cripple our playerbase. For what? A racial slur from a month ago that Veist was already warned about. For Matt calling the GM team blathering incompetents in discord. We going to ban everyone who goes on vitriolic rants about the staff on discord? Or is this just for Dominion leadership? You were surprised Matt was mad? That he’d rant at you? You had just banned his friend and his leader for a month for a bullshit reason. He had just found out that the PVP Fort that had been making LOTC abjectly unenjoyable for us for months was LITERALLY ILLEGAL, and the GMs & Admins did NOTHING. But that wasn’t what was going through your mind, was it? No, you immediately defaulted to thinking “HE USED A BAD WORD ON US, BAN HIM!” Thanks, guys. You’re really promoting a community. You’re fixing the issues. You’re making people happy. Thanks for prioritizing what’s important. I wish sarcasm conveyed better over text. You had some ******* nerve to ban iMattyz. Enough is enough. We’re tired of this. Stop the OOC bullshit we put up with. Stop the shitty RP, and remove that fort, which is in violation of server rules. Acknowledge the human error in yourselves, and acknowledge the frustration you’ve put on the players you’re supposed to help, instead of banning them for it. Fix the root of the problem, not the stems. Instead of banning frustrated, angry players for lashing out, tackle the rulebreaking that makes them lash out in the first place. Please, wake the **** up, and give us Matt back. I want to enjoy LOTC again. @Telanir Step in, and fix the root of the issue. Please.