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  1. ((Makes me happy to see hou-zi rp doing so well. Keep it up guys
  2. It can be very easily to forget that the person you’re interacting with on the internet can be much older/younger than you without realizing it. Part of being 18+ is being vigilant about this. The easiest way is to just ask people their age when situationally appropriate. But not just that, you also need to use your common sense. If someone claims to be adult but their personality/behaviour/mannerisms are obviously much younger, then do not engage. I’m a firm believer that willful ignorance isn’t a valid defense, just be honest and be smart.
  3. “This man is correct.” Says a wood elf with lots of life experience, who had no love for snow elves, but who also knows that if his Aspects and Mani were attacked in the same way the snow elves Wyvurn was, he too would refuse any and all terms.
  4. when you wrote an elaborate harambe meme in 2016 and its kind of evolved into an actual playable race ballooning in activity

    1. Salty


      feels Hou Zi man. also lowkey proud youve noticed how much weve grown :’)


      if you ever feel like making another hou zi, mad itd be great to have the guy who made the lore around helping us out haha

  5. “I haven’t been politically relevant in over 150 years and I’m still showing up on Haelun’or propaganda. Sure shows you how much me and Tristin fucked them up in the good old days.” Artimec reminisced fondly from his retirement bean-house in the druid’s grove.
  6. I gotta agree at least partially though. Even though I’m not on Renatus’s side. As usual when a war goes to **** the responsibility falls upon the Admins to fix it. And they’re just not doing that. This is just the same **** as the Orc – Elf war in Atlas. The GMs/Admins doing an abmysmally bad job at communicating with the players. Being hilariously inconsistent, doing literally ****-all as hostilities and toxicity becomes worse and worse between groups. Re-do, no re-do, it doesn’t matter. You’ll still have two massive groups of players at each other’s throats. Maybe instead of focusing on rules, war-goals and laisse-faire “if he dies he dies” roleplay, the Admins can focus on the human aspect of the playerbase. In any other sane community, when people are joking about raping underage LGBT kids, the leaders of said community would have realized that things have gone WAY too far, put a stop to everything, and focus on rebuilding attitudes from the ground up. Here on LOTC, disgusting **** like that is so normalized that its barely addressed and the show just goes on. That is ultimately the admins failing. Banning individual players doesn’t work. The problem is communal. Admins need to actually maintain an active presence in the community, be approachable, and work to fix attitudes from the ground up.
  7. Top 10 Anime Plottwists

  8. ((If we’re counting PVP deaths as RP deaths why are you remembering seeing anyone die lol. unless you were one of those 4 remaining survivors at the end your character died too and shouldnt recall any of that Meanwhile, a troubled bard wonders who was alive to write this propaganda poster, considering none of the only four remaining survivors in the battle were high elves, therefore all the Sillumir were killed in the fight.
  9. maybe the real warclaim was the friends we made along the way

    1. BrandNewKitten


      I have tasted blood and I will click all of you down

  10. Eleyas appreciates that it looks like an actual modicum of effort was put into doodling that imperial coat of arms.
  11. Artimec didn’t care who the enemies were. If it was the will of the mali’ame to take up their bows to fight them, he would do it.
  12. i dont have a horse in this race but all these renatus posts spamming the forums rly just makes them come off as insecure.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Harrison


      both sides are putting up victory posts of a battle where a single player died its just a generic forum thing

    3. WuHanXianShi14


      I dont remember even the dominion and orcs spamming forum posts like this (as much) and we ******* hated each other OOCly lol

    4. Harrison


      battle of man who dropped his sword by fat fingering (victory)

  13. Artimec wonders why these self admitted researchers and librarians are posturing themselves like some powerful conquering nation then. Don’t act powerful if you don’t want to be asked to step up to bat.
  14. when can the houzi not be an application and be a main playable race theres more of them than there are kha

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Dunstan


      When do we make Kha CA?

    3. z3m0s


      kha are CA dumb dumb

    4. D4NNA


      the first trial is to find out that you actually need to summarize 3 parts of the Hou-Zi lore in your CA before you even get the chance to play one, that in itself is quite the needed measure for good quality RP.

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