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  1. doesnt matter, what’s acceptable and what isnt varies based on the individual. If you’re two consenting adults then just talk it out between you two to figure out maturely what the lines and boundaries are in your relationship communication is the only thing that matters in making sure no one gets hurt
  2. The Omentahu «The Ruling Tribesmoot of Irrinor» The Necessity of Unity The Mali’ame are the most diverse of all the elven moieties. We are the peoples of the oceans, the mountains, the deep forests, and the river grass. We are the most colourful, for our gods have gifted us with manes of all the colours of the sunset, and complexions as rich as the soil of the earth. On our skin we bare ink that displays our lineage, our pride and our allegiances. Among the children of Irrin alone- there exist Aureon, Caerme’onn, Tresery, Lenetta, Arvellon, Vaeloryis, Terin and Torena. The inks that bare our tribal lineages are all the colours of a meadow in bloom. We take on different Mani to be our household gods- preferring the cunning guile of the Raven, the stalwart protection of the Bear, or the regality and compassion of the Stag. In the era which Irrin Sirame and the Prophet Taynei’hiylu both were one with this earth, there was no one High Chieftaindom of Mali’ame, no wood elven nation. We were nomadic, and bound by culture, faith and rites alone, for our people were plentiful, as was the richness of the land we subsisted on. It was a good time, and our people were prosperous. Now, things are different. In a world dominated by outsiders, our people no longer have the luxury of roaming wherever we so please. We must live together, under one common country- for no longer can a Seed of the Aspectist rite survive the world alone without being swallowed up by our Pale Cousins, Imperial Men, or other foreign elements. Only through togetherness as a people, a confederation of united elves of the wild, can any of us retain any freedom in this current world order. Our diversity is both our blessing and our curse. Indeed, the many Seeds are all independently minded, and look out for their kin before any greater body of mali’ame. This makes us prone to fighting amongst ourselves when the honour of our tribes are on the line. When conflict divides our people, our traditions suffer, our gods suffer, the rite of elnarnsae’ame fades into obscurity with its followers too busy squabbling amongst themselves to hold up its torch together. Our culture and our very presence upon this earth erodes and diminishes into nothing. And yet, when united- we make up something beautiful. Mali’ame constantly strive to emulate nature so to better live in harmony with the living breath of the world. In our tribal diversity, we have unknowingly achieved this. Nature is not just the forest, nor is it just the mountains, the oceans, the rivers or the mesas. It is all of these things at once. A desolate desert could not be further removed from a churning sea in its nature, yet these two things are unequivocally part of a greater whole. The same is to be said of our people- the Seeds are different from one another, often vastly so. Yet, there can be no mistaking it- we are all bound together, as part of a greater whole. The Aspects’ wilds needs each of its diverse landscapes and lifeforms to thrive together in order to maintain its balance. It is the same with our people. We need the Arvellon. We need Aureon. We need Caerme’onn, Vaeloryis and Tresery. Should even one tribe abandon their duty to a united wood elven body, then we all are condemned. Should we remain part of a greater whole, like the wilds we worship, we create a vibrant and beautiful tapestry, and the deepest culture of all people in this world. The Omentahu The Seed is the principal unit by which the core of Mali’ame society runs, and this must be reflected in Irrinor, the principal home of all Mali’ame. The system of Diarchy that ruled us during the inception of our young country did not properly represent the tribal bodies that make up the heart of our society. Therefore, to ensure stability in our homeland, the power of governance must be put in the hands of a council of Seed Chieftains, headed by an elected High Chieftain. Henceforth, the Omentahu is formed. The Omentahu is formed of two parts- the High Chieftain of Irrinor, and the Council of Roots. The Council of Roots The High Chieftain of Irrinor The Tribal Constitution Unanimous Votes The Powers of Individual Chieftains The Lower Council The Lower Council of Irrinor is a body of civil servants that manage the domestic affairs of the High Chieftaindom’s city centre. The Mali’ame are a people who believe that prosperity comes from the propping up of small-scale community. Thus, all elves who operate public institutions occupy a space on the Lower Council.
  3. I’ve been around for like 7 years on this server (Jesus christ) and this is basically it. Its not more complicated than this, dont overthink it
  4. Artimec copies down all the names of the reported shades and otherwise dark beings on this list, and submits them to both the Prince of Irrinor and the Chieftains of the Omentahu.
  5. Pretty sure this was implemented because the elves were the ones raiding lmfao
  6. Artimec couldn’t help but scowl at that. “Am I going blind in my age, or did the Llyrian Council just admit to giving dark arts and spookmen legal recourse to exist within their walls? When it comes to occultists, there can not be laws, or regulations. The only proper way to respond to the existence of Shades is to put a blade to their throat, or put an arrow to their heart. Anything less than that counts as collaboration with eldritch, blasphemous forces.”
  7. Upon hearing of this news, Eleyas sharpens his lute.
  8. Artimec is reminded of the fact that spider elves are a thing, he figures he should get out of his forest town more, but activity checks compel him to stay inside it.
  9. @Telanir Well I didn’t expect an apology TBH but since you offered me one I will accept it and give you the benefit of the doubt in seeing how you implement this new system. Your dedication towards removing tribalism and internet hooliganism is admirable, and I will put aside my cynicism to watch objectively how you do it
  10. you mean like oocly? cause im not im a chinese jew i think that makes me as far removed from the aryan master race as physically possible
  11. I read all of this without tl;dr'ing and honestly it just feels like a lot of fancy populist rhetoric without any actual practical explanation of how you plan to implement this new world order. You have to stop being the Justin Trudeau of internet mineman and show us action, not words. Also that part where you say bans should only come at a last resort and only after intense communication? What hypocrisy. You ((community guidelines)) banned me for 3 weeks while refusing to respond to me on a consistent basis, while telling me my ban would last as long as you felt like, while dancing around the question whenever I asked you for the specific incident that got me banned, only vaguely citing my attitude and professionalism. The whole ordeal didn't leave me feel communicated with, it left me confused, angry and resentful. And I am FAR from the only person who had a similar experience like this with you, Telanir. Tell me if you feel YOU, personally, have any room for improvement in changing how detached you are from this community, its day to day rp, or how you communicate with them. @Telanir
  12. Back in late anthos I was just looking for something new, had an old shelved adunian character and walked into oren as him, OSL were the first group to recruit me, rest is history
  13. I haven’t, I’ve played in various human playerbases over the years most notably the Order of St. Lucien and Aesterwald and the Caliphate. Mani are a thing because I wanted to add extra depth to the Elven pantheon. They were inspired mostly from miyazaki’s mononoke and like, real world animist gods. I’ve had orcs complain they’re too similar to the spirits, to which my reply is “Well I didnt even look at orc spirit lore when I wrote mani lore, but its clear we both drew from the same IRL inspirations lol” I very much like the direction of the Hou-Zi. It feels like they’re finally a legit playerbase now that takes their lore and culture seriously rather than being an “xd monkeys” meme I just want LOTC to be less factional and toxic Artimec will have a mixed legacy, the wood elves will probably honour him while high elves, orcs, etc will probably revile him. that’s just how it is Nah IDC anymore and think the druids should be able to use it as a part of their lore w/o being immediately associated with me because of it I generally approve. I’ve said for awhile most lore is bloated and needs to be Thanos Snapp’d. I really didnt like Athera. Nations were all too close together. My favourite map was Anthos for the nostalgia, and Axios for the builds. The orcs were led by an incredibly toxic leadership group for awhile that normalized cyberbullying. Nowadays I believe they’re doing much better OOC attitude wise. There are individuals in that playerbase I personally like, but as a whole I dont interact with them much Wood Elves were never the “nazi elves” compared to the strictness of like Haelunor but since our culture is less at threat now than it was in Axios/Atlas we’re just a bit more lax about mages and high elves and snow elves and other former enemies I think the lore is more streamlined than it was 2-3 years ago, good start but needs more polishing I dont use the magic much and care more about the cultural aspect druidism adds to wood elf society but I know that there are druid players to keep the magic updated and streamlined and they do good Probably? All I know is that spooks were way too common and mundane in Axios and things are better now in that regard Like 4? I try not to put too much mental effort into hating anyone on LOTC. Holding grudges over internet make-believe is dumb. I’m still willing to square off with people on matters of principle but I like to criticise their viewpoints and not the people themselves. My first character is Artimec, but not my only one. I’ve gone extended periods of time where I play various other characters.
  14. could you not I just want to answer fun and quirky questions about my favourite food n **** not delve deep into my pysche and enter into psychotic breakdown
  15. 我太大了不能玩Minecraft I dunno yet, we’ll find when I graduate in two years lol. I’m in History though, and do currently work in a history based job (for Kings and Generals). If you have good communication and writing skills (which you can pick up with an anthropology degree) you’d be surprised at the amount of jobs open to you
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