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  1. MC Name: LeoWarrior14 Character's Name: Artimec Caerme’onn Character's Age: Character's Race: Wood Elf Link to your accepted MA: What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Blight Healing Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): Unlike the other druidic disciplines, blight healing does not rely on a connection to natural life to function. Instead, blight healing is a druid channeling his direct connection with the Aspects to generate a pure form of deific energy (usually appearing in the form of verdant mist) to purge most taints done upon nature. Blight healing is effective only on plants and animals, and does not work on descendent races like Clericalism or Ascended magic would. It is most effective against the residual effects of the Dark Art that can leave scars upon the land, i.e- dark shamanism, necromancy, and so forth. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Artimec strode his way through the hilly forest floor of wood elven lands, his student in tow. They had been walking for quite awhile now, and the younger elf had begun to show impatience. “Why won’t you tell me where we’re going?” “Because I won’t know until I see it.” The student opened his mouth to protest, then promptly shut it, deciding against doing so. They continued to walk under the grand forest canopy until they came upon it. A watering hole in a small clearing, at least, it used to be. The water was a thick brackish red now, and the soil around it just as rotten. “What did this?” Whispered the younger elf. “Parasites that were once men.” Artimec replied with a grunt, slamming the butt of his proud hawk staff into the earth purposefully. “There is lots of life in ponds like these, plenty for a necromancer to draw from. A pity that this particular one is smart enough to hide and not show up to his slaughter at our gates like so many others. Now we are left to clean up his mess. But, that is our duty.” Artimec then took in a deep breath, he left his staff standing on it's own in the dirt. He then drew his palms upwards, centered to his chest, as if he was channeling the energy in his body. He then opened his eyes. He shot a halfway glance back at his student. “Well?” Scrambling, the student scurried to stand beside Artimec, mimicking his motions. Artimec’s eyes remained closed, his motions were slow, skilled and fluid, his palms parallel with one another, drawn upwards, then down to his sides by his hips in a perpetual motion. “Most druidic disciplines draw power from a connection to the Aspect’s creations. Communion, Control, even the healing arts. But blight… the purging of blight is an energy we channel straight from our gods, young pupil. In many ways, it is a purest form of druidism, the most raw, straight from the source itself.” The student was listening, but had continued to mimic Artimec’s stretch-like motions. Artimec then paused to watch, taking ahold of his staff once more. “Good. The energy is within you, young pupil. It runs through your veins and is buried deep in your soul. Focus, channel it, direct it outwards. This is why we do the dance we do.” The student floated his palms upwards, and slowly, wisps of deific mist began to accumulate about his fingers. “Good. More. Have faith that the Aspects will lend you their touch.” More wisps of mist began to accumulate about the student’s arms. “Direct it at your target.” The student groaned, squeezing his eyes shut, he pointed his arms downwards, and the mists proceeded to seep into the tainted earth, causing fresh, vibrant soil to spread in a radius around where tainted land had once been. However, only a small portion of the pond had been purified before the student collapsed onto his knees, gasping out, his pupils dilated. Artimec took charge from that point, resuming his stretch his motions until a much deeper, more prominent array of deific mists floated about him, slowly sinking into the earth to cleanse the remaining taint. He stood there for a moment, his pupils dilated, lost in a trance. Soon though, he regained himself. “Remember, the Aspects are always watching. Always ready to provide you their energy. All you must learn is how to channel it.” Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nae Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Yes. This one. I posted this very same app awhile ago but had it self-denied because I didn't have time to do the interview. Since then I found a student IRP so I feel the need to go through with it now.
  2. [Druidism] [MA] Guyden Aureon

    I will infact be doing this
  3. The Axionite Assembly of Axis Powers

    "How is one a thorn in the side of the peoples of Axios when your population equals every signatory nation on this list combined? I would say the Empire of Oren is the peoples of Axios. And are not rebellious dwedmar, and especially orcs, often guilty of banditry and enslavement and deliberate targetting of helpless peoples unable to defend themseves?" Edward mused to Zanira his pupil, adjusting his spectacles idly. "Kings and Cheiftains who posture themselves as champions of goodness and justice with one hand while sponsoring slavery with another frustrate me justly, dear. But the good news is that with war, many bodies will be donating themselves to science and surgical training."
  4. [Plugin] How has this server lasted so long without this?!?

    pancakes have a better, fluffy texture waffles are better for capturing more syrup with every bite both have pros/cons
  5. [Druidism] [MA] A Great Bean

  6. A Guide to Hou-Zi Subraces

    Bare in mind Hei-Zhu aren't 100% gorillas. They're still somewhat "humanized". As for their height, I meant when they're standing upright. I think gorilla's heights are measured when they're leaning on their front limbs/arms. A fully grown hei-zhu would be at least 300 pounds in my eyes yes, but there are still smaller women and children which is why I have the minimum at 200lbs. I will raise the max to 500 though, thanks for the suggestion
  7. A Guide to Hou-Zi Subraces

    A Guide to Hou-Zi Subraces Want to monkey around? Looking to make a Hou-Zi character? Not sure where to start? Picking a subrace would be a great way to begin. Subraces generally exist to add diversity and contrast to a race to keep things interesting, and that is no different with the Hou-Zi. The following thread will describe the appearance and attributes of the three main Hou-Zi subraces. To begin with, here are some features that all Hou-Zi share: A full body of fur Exposed skin only in the immediate facial area Feet that anatomically resemble hands A more protruding nose and mouth Larger, rounder ears Pupiless eyes (While not necessarily an RP feature, it is done MCly on skins to differentiate them from humans) The Laobai-Zhu Intro: The term Laobaixing is jargon in the Hou-Zi tongue for the ‘common people’. As such, the Laobai-Zhu literally called the “Common Tribe”. Indeed, they were the most numerous in the old Hou-Zi empire and formed the lower echelons of society, the merchants, fishermen, and farmers. Laobai-Zhu often were the subject of oppression by the higher classes, and were unable to rise in the ranks of Hou-Zi society. As such, the teachings of Hualian spread quickly among them when introduced. Laobai-Zhu are the most adaptable and well-rounded of the Hou-Zi tribes, they are a jack of all trades, able to take on any profession and learn any skill they put their mind to. This makes them capable of becoming an expert in any school of Chi-Bending, but less likely to achieve the level of absolute mastery a Fei-Zhu or Hei-Zhu may in their respective paths. That said, a few Laobai have become masters of the Way of the Sun in the past. Height: 4’5ft - 6ft Weight: 100lbs - 250lbs Fur Colour: Various shades of brown. Lifespan: 80 - 150 years Other Info: Out of all Hou-Zi, the Laobai-Zhu are the closest to humans when it comes to limb proportions. Their arms and legs extend about the same as the average man. Culture: Laobai-Zhu are more likely to be devout followers of Hua-Jiao than any other Hou-Zi tribe, and likely place the least importance on the worship of god-king Hou-Shen and his sons. This is because many Laobai-Zhu grew resentful of the ruling elite as the class divide in the old empire widened, and moreso when their favoured prophet Hualian was exiled. Nevertheless, this is not the rule for all Laobai-Zhu, and many still remain true to the God-King and his pantheon. Laobai-Zhu are most commonly seen as hunters, farmers and fishermen. Crafts like potter, cobbler and tailor are not uncommon either. However, a Laobai is fully capable of rising to do great things if he wishes. Skin Example: The Fei-Zhu Intro: The Fei-Zhu are the most graceful and debatably the most beautiful of the Hou-Zi tribes. They are known for their iconic fur, which can be any colour of the rainbow, often resulting in brilliant contrasts that stand out among any crowd. Fei-Zhu in the old Empire were primarily the Noble caste, serving as politicians, courtiers, ministers, artists, poets, musicians and councillors. They were always in the minority compared to the much larger Laobai population. Fei-Zhu were historically devout to Hou-Shen, the god-king of the monkey people. Since the god-king’s dissapearance, it was mostly Fei-Zhu who took up the role of becoming Shenjiao priests, teaching that soon all Hou-zi would join Hou-Shen in the kingdom of Heaven. Fei-Zhu have less physical strength than other Hou-Zi tribes, but are the most agile and dexterous, using speed and nimbility to their advantage. In Chi-Bending, the Fei-Zhu are most likely to take on the ways of the Crane or moon, favouring the arts of agility and healing. Height: 5’5ft - 6’5ft Weight: 100-200lbs Fur Colour: Any colour of the rainbow. Lifespan: 250 - 300 years Other Info: The Fei-Zhu are somewhat analogous to elves, in that they are the longest lived of the Hou-Zi, they value fine arts, and are the most slender and lithe of the ape folk. Culture: Fei-Zhu are most likely to value fine arts and craftsmanship over hard labour. The obvious professions are calligraphy, painting, music, poetry, and so forth. Yet, anything which requires skill and mind is consider a worthy pursuit to a Fei-Zhu. Some of the best Hou-Zi blacksmiths are Fei-Zhu, who created fine ornate weapons gilded with jade. Fei-Zhu create much of the famously beautiful Hou-Zi pottery and glassworks. Fei-Zhu are most devout to Hou-Shen and the path of Shenjiao. They do respect (and many actively follow) the path of Huajiao, and even the prophet Hualian himself was a Fei-Zhu, but it is not as common or widespread as it is among the Laobai. Skin Example: The Hei-Zhu Intro: Massive and lumbering, the Hei-Zhu best resemble gorillas. They are by far the largest, most thick-set and physically strongest of the Hou-zi. The served primarily in the soldier caste in the old Hou-Zi empire, many distinguishing themselves as brave, loyal and stalwart warriors, serving in the front lines of almost every war the Hou-Zi fought. The Hei-Zhu were historically fewer in number. More than the Fei-Zhu, but outnumbered by the Laobai. Fei-Zhu worship both major faiths of the Hou-Zi equally, revering Hou-Shen as well as following the eightfold path of Hualian. Albeit, they do it with their own strict, harsh warrior-like flavour. Most Hei-Zhu put emphasis on the worship of Hou-Da, the youngest son of Hou-Shen and patriarch of the Hei-Zhu, patron of discipline and strength. They seek enlightenment through perfection in strength of mind and body. Of the Chi-Bending paths, Hei-Zhu are most likely to undergo the path of the sun and turtle. It is also common to see Hei-Zhu performing the hardest manual labour tasks in Hou-Zi society. Height: 6’0ft - 7’5ft (When upright) Weight: 200-500lbs Fur Colour: Black, or various shades of grey. Lifespan: 150-200 years Other Info: Hei-Zhu have thick-set, incredibly strong arms which extend down below their knees, much like actual gorillas. They often walk on all fours as it is more comfortable, (much like a real gorilla) although as fully capable of walking bipedally as well. They generally match a large orc in terms of weight, size and strength. Culture: The Hei-Zhu are most reverent to the great son Hou-Da, who they believe rules in heaven alongside his father the God-King. Each subrace has a heavenly patriarch in the form of one of Hou-Shen’s sons, but the Hei-Zhu worship theirs the most fervently. Hei-Zhu are historically led by a Tóumù, a chieftain. Their society heavily emphasizes constant improvement of one’s physical and mental fortitude. Soft professions like the fine arts of the Fei-Zhu are considered unworthy to them, and instead they focus on hard labour, heavy lifting. Their rite of adulthood involves surviving a month alone in the wilderness. Apart from the obvious emphasis on warriorship and soldiery, Hei-Zhu are often seen as lumberjacks, beast-tamers and bodyguards. Skin Example: Credits to Keem for the first piece of artwork on the top. And to Thatpyrogirl/Fenean, Jandy, Senor_Tortuga, and Triplewing for the skins.
  8. A Guide To Hou-Zi Religions

    Hou-zi Religions Throughout their history, the ape folk have practiced not one, but two religions. Both of which have co-existed side by side for so long that in many ways they have blended into one faith, the line between them blurred. Yet, they are separate faiths with separate origins, each tied deeply to the history of the Hou-zi people. They are as follows. Shenjiao - Worship of Hou-Shen the Godking, his sons, and the ancestral spirits Huajiao - Reverence of the Prophet Hualian, adherence of the eightfold path to enlightenment Shenjiao - The Pantheon of the God-King Hua-Jiao, The Path to Enlightenment
  9. Put a lock on the elven race

    You know most elven child characters are created w/o IRP conception right? They are random orphans or their parents exist in backstory. Actual elven children that came out of two elven characters FTBing is pretty rare. [Citation Needed] Personally, I think ageless humans are the worst offenders. Lots of those. You enforce the curse on one race, you enforce it on all of them. Otherwise, no need to single one out or throw out baseless accusations. Do your research (But hey what would I know about elven RP demographics right)
  10. [✓] FunnyBann Man Appeal

    A simple "I am sorry for being rude and making personal attacks unnecessarily" would have been better than making provocative references like these. I will also trust you are smart enough to know what you were doing when writing them, and thereby ignore any counterargument that involves you playing dumb. If you would like to talk, my skype is leowarrior14. I am available whenever not at work, school or the gym.
  11. [GM] Reduce the Defender Default limit back to 8 instead of 10

    This too. Funny thing is they always spin it as them wanting to generally be disruptive thugs (w/ heavy undertones of OOC hate under a thin veil of barebones RP) is actually them being the crusaders of true, dynamic RP and fighting the oppressive wave of slice of life RPers who are destroying LOTC with their evil, corrupt stagnation and hatred of new players! We must PVP our way to a new dawn!
  12. Lotc in a nutshell

    Credit please
  13. [GM] Reduce the Defender Default limit back to 8 instead of 10

    Never told someone to go to another server for PVP. And why is it wrong to enforce raid cooldowns?
  14. [GM] Reduce the Defender Default limit back to 8 instead of 10

    If you want the DD Cap lowered then lower the raider player limit. With 4 people, and a cap of 8 people = PVP, then defenders cant field more than 3 people against 4 raiders before they're forced to PVP. Otherwise, keep it as is. It'd be nice to see someone actually enter an RP fight w/ an open mind and not with the attitude of a child being dragged into a clothing store by his mom, for once. Especially considering its raiders who initiate combat in the first place.
  15. favourite NHL team everyone?

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