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  1. WuHanXianShi14

    Numirya's Event Team Actor application

    I dont usually comment on staff apps, but nummy is a good RPer and definitely deserves the chance
  2. WuHanXianShi14

    The Ancient Elves

    Artimec, a keeper of elven history, squints his eyes and wonders why the high elves are making up fake history. ((https://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/White-Gold_Tower https://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Niben_Bay https://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/First_Era youre using a lot of names, themes and nomenclature ripped straight from elder scrolls lore here...
  3. WuHanXianShi14

    Rule Clarification [OOC Rules Enforcing IC Status Quo?]

    Did you seriously use an APA in text citation on a mineman roleplay forum
  4. WuHanXianShi14

    On warclaims and build quality

    Allied forces storming the Omaha Beach, circa 1945, colourized.
  5. The Wood Elven Peoples of Glaedwynn The principal people group in the young Kingdom of Glaedwynn are the Wood Elves, otherwise known as the mali’ame. Unlike the other Elven races, the Wood Elves have a lot of internal diversity, with different creeds, faith variations and tribal identities between them. This post will be a brief guide to the different Wood Elven moieties that inhabit the forests of Glaedwynn, and introduce you to their unique cultures. There are two main moieties of Wood Elves. The Alder Folk, and the Irrinites. Shared Beginnings It is important to understand that all Wood Elven peoples share a common history and a common pantheon of the Aspects and the Mani (collectively referred to as the Gods of the Forest), as well as many overlapping rituals and traditions. These all largely stem from the first Kingdom of Malin, and the Era of the Nomadic Seeds that followed it. At the beginning of the Elven history was the first Kingdom. This Kingdom was ruled by the elven forefather Malin himself, and thus retroactively referred to as the Kingdom of Malin. This Kingdom existed before a time of any sub racial divide between the Elven people. Malin was a lover of nature, and promoted the worship of the Aspects, the gods of Nature, and the Mani, immortal beast lords, among his people. The unity of the first Kingdom began to crumble upon the still-unexplained dissapearance of Malin. As a result, schisms formed resulting in the genesis of the Dark Elven and High Elven peoples, who both made their exoduses to new homelands, leaving the ancient city of Malin a depopulated husk. Those elves that remained true to the old rite of the Aspects and the Mani soon too would make their exodus from the old Kingdom, and adopted a simpler, nomadic lifestyle. They separated into many different Tribes, called Seeds. They evolved into the Wood Elves, and even though they were divided into many clans, they retained a common identity apart from the other Elven Subraces by virtue of their shared Gods and tribal identity. It is here we begin to see a cultural drift within the ancient Wood Elven nomads. Two distinct sects of the Wood Elven faith developed, Ichorianism and the Emerald rite. This led to the development of two main moieties of Tribes. The Alder Folk, and the Irrinites, two peoples mainly divided along religious lines. The Irrinites The Irrinites are thus named due to their reverence of the prophet Irrin Sirame, considered by them to be the progenitor of the Wood Elven people. Irrinite Wood Elves are generally shorter in stature, and have darker skin tones, ranging from olive to dark brown. It is said their skin was darkened by the Aspects themselves to help them blend in the deep wilds. They commonly take roles as craftsmen, musicians, artists, scholars, and nature ascetics. Many undergo Druidic trials to become Priests of the Forest Gods. Irrinite Wood Elves are not naturally warlike, but practice martial discipline to defend themselves. They favour the bow in combat and wear light armour or silk garments. Irrinite Wood Elves principally follow the Emerald rite of the Aspectist faith. This sect personifies the Aspects as a great Mother and great Father of nature. The Aspects are often depicted in humanoid form in Emerald shrines and prayed to above the Mani. Emerald Aspectism emphasizes oneness with the wild, and the balance of nature. The current Irrinite Tribes are as follows: Caerme’onn Aureon Torena Csarathaire Terin The Alder Folk The Alder Folk are named from the Alder trees they would pray to, due to the belief that the gods of the Forest watched over them through their trunks. The Alder Elves are taller and more broad shouldered in stature than the Irrinites. Where the Aspects darkened the skin of the Irrinites, no such thing happened to the Alders, who maintained the traditionally paler hue of their Malinite ancestors. The Alder Folk have a warrior culture, so commonly take roles as tribal warriors, smiths, and mercenaries. They wear pelts, wools, and heavy plate armours. The Alder Elves actually made their exodus from old Malinor before the Irrinites, and thus owed no loyalty to the Prophet Irrin. Nevertheless, they shared the same Gods and tribal traditions as their Irrinite counterparts so considered the Irrinites to be their Wood Elven cousins, as opposed to a different race entirely. Later in their history, the Alder Tribes’ faith evolved from traditional Emerald Aspectism, forming into the Ichorian rite. Ichorian Aspectism favours war, strength and conquest. Unlike the Emerald rite, it does not personify the Aspects, depicting them as omnipotent energies in all living things. Instead, they directly worship the Mani, the animal Gods that roam the world. The current Alder Tribes are as follows: Ithelanen Vanlethan Aeldinic families Shared Customs Be it Alder or Irrinite, all wood elves are organized into separate Tribes called Seeds. In ancient times, as well as modern, each Seed had a distinct culture and identity. Thus there developed core requirements to be recognized as one. All members of a Seed must share a common Tribal Tattoo, known as the ilmyumier, to indicate themselves as a member of that Seed. All members of a Seed must worship the the Gods of the Forest. The Seed was the principal way in which the Wood Elves organize themselves politically, and both the Alder Folk and Irrinites are split into many different Seeds. The act of ritual tattoos extend beyond Tribal indicators. Alders and Irrinites both ink themselves with the same set of status tattoos. These tattoos almost all bare the likeness of a particular Forest God and indicate ones role within society. For example, the Beaver’s mark is that of the craftsman. The Wolf’s mark is that of the warrior, and the Snake’s mark is that of the traitor. The full list of status ilmyumier is here. Closing Notes Nothing is ever black and white. This is doubly true when talking about history and culture. Not all Alder Tribes are Ichorian, and not all Irrinite Tribes follow the Emerald Rite. The Irrinite Torenas are Ichorian. The Caerme’onn, despite being principally of Irrinite blood, are partially descended from Alders. It is important to see this guide as just that, a guideline, not a set of concrete rules. However, it should help you contextualize the different flavours of Wood Elven RP. We encourage all new wood elf RPers to come to Glaedwynn so you can encounter these cultures yourself, and learn more about them in RP!
  6. @SeventhCircle Any reason why the dominion was taken off the land auction after it merged with glaedwynn? Its the same playerbase just under the new name. If anything its more active now, since two playerbases merged into one. Would like to hear your logic

    1. HortonHeardAWho


      Like Seventh cares about simple Mortal's politics. He just checks activity in the settlements lol.

  7. WuHanXianShi14

    Hacking During Nordengrad Vs Empire

    I PVP a decent amount, for defense, warclaims, when it comes up in RP, etc. I’ve been around long enough to know how it goes, appreciate the ad hominem though
  8. The King of Glaedwynn and the Prince of Alders The fires of war burned at the heart of the Wonkawoods. The city of San’Kala was not the imposing sight it had once been when it was surrounded by scores of Imperial soldiers adorning a platitude of heraldry, and Elven warriors wreathed in black steel. They mingled around the war machines, trebuchet counterweights aimed at the primitive orcish walls. A council of elves stood apart from the human soldiers and the rest of the Glaedwynn warriors. Among them Kairn Ithelanen, Chieftain of his Clan and the Prince of Alders and the old Oracle of the Gods, the Hawk Druid. The Prince grunted. “Not getting too old for war, are you, Hawk?” “I’m not like you Ichorians,” The old Priest murmured to the Prince. “I don’t relish in battle. I dislike killing. For me it is only a necessity. But I must admit, after everything the greenskin cockroaches have done to our people… shedding their blood makes me very happy. I know the Father and all the great beast Mani are with us today.” “Then let us shed blood in their honour.” The old oracle nodded, kneeling down to dip his fingers into a bowl of red ochre. He spread the war paint across the Prince’s face in such a way that it resembles a crown baring a row of sharp teeth. He then repeated it for himself, so Morea’s blessing touched both of them. And so the siege began, and the stones began to fly, drenched in pitch and tar and set aflame, the trebuchets hammered hole after hole into the rugged fortifications of the orcish ranks. The first wall fell, and the thundering sound of “OORAH!” resonated as thousands of Imperial soldiers and Elven warriors marched deeper into the Orcish citadel with little resistance. And thus the charge began. Streaks of barbed Orcish arrows raised down from the sky at the invading force. Elves and Humans alike were struck down by cowardly greenskins hiding within their central bunker. “SHIELD WALL!” The commanders cried, and the warriors locked their shields. Another “OORAH!” as the defensive line slowly approached the last bastion of the Orcish defense. A shout erupted. The Imperial battering ram had battered through the gate of the final bunker. Thus the final charge. Elves and Imperials clashing with brutish Orcs. The Oracle fought alongside the Prince as they cleaved down the Greenskin horde with the names of their gods on their lips. “MOREAAAAA!” “CERNUNNOS!” The Hawk felt a spray of warm blood coat his skin, the squelching of entrails and the the thud of a heavy orcish falling on the floor behind him. The day was won. The invasion of the Loftywoods had been avenged. Orcish blood had been spilled by elven hands. All the defenseness travellers and slaves who had suffered at cowardly greenskin hands had been avenged at the hand of an actual army. True warriors. The Gods of the forest were smiling, the war was won. Nordengrad was in Imperial hands, and the Wonkawoods belonged to the Elves now.
  9. WuHanXianShi14

    Hacking During Nordengrad Vs Empire

    He got 13 kills I believe that’s not that far fetched sweaty pvp goons win battles where they’re outnumbered all the time, factor in the lag and the fact Tornado had a huge army to hide behind and its p believable
  10. WuHanXianShi14


    I dunno what that video proves, it shows the defending side lagging and crashing but it doesn’t show what’s going on on the Imperial’s side
  11. WuHanXianShi14


    Claims that only imperial soldiers were TP’d back or that the lag and constant disconnection hampered one side more than the other are pretty baseless. No evidence to support it and whatever side lost today would have claimed it was because of it, even though it effected both sides.
  12. WuHanXianShi14

    The Avatar of Wurst

    Artimec wonders why a Glaedwynn soldier is being depicted as the Avatar of Wurst.
  13. WuHanXianShi14

    August Banners Aloft; The March of Bastards

    Artimec uses an ivory knife to serrate his hunting arrows, always happy to spill orcish blood.
  14. WuHanXianShi14

    The problem with the Empire

    you know hiebe is a career dwarf and that the elves are allied w/ the empire
  15. WuHanXianShi14

    Why Fear RP is good RP

    If you find yourself a teacher in RP, then sure!