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  1. I miss my sheepy-smelling hubbin

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    2. WuHanXianShi14


      i miss blind waifu. those were good ol days  🙂

    3. YouKnowItsJuno


      ye man. what you up to nowadays?

    4. WuHanXianShi14


      i still play lotc but not as much as i used to, i work and study for uni mostly

  2. WuHanXianShi14

    Medieval Age 1203 AD

    Principality of Kiev The once united Kievan Rus was no more, split into many different principalities with varying degrees of influence. Despite that, the city of Kiev remains a hub of culture and commerce, as well as the spiritual capital of all the eastern Ruthenian/Slavic peoples. Grand Prince Ingvar Yaroslavish has ambitions to secure the future of his office, and his lands. Actions: An emissary is sent to the Grand Prince of Novgorod, which states that Grand Prince Ingvar hereby offers his daughter, Grzymisława, hand in marriage to himself or his son, to secure a lasting relationship between the two sister states of Rurikid Ruthenian heritage. “Your Excellence, Prince of Novgorod, Not since the era of our father’s father’s have our peoples known unity. I consider this a great tragedy. We are one people, whom share the blood of Rurik and the mighty Varangians. Our forefather’s held dominion over a thousand tribes from the Balts and the Finns to the heathen Pechenegs. I consider our fracturing to be GOD’s test for both of us, that Brothers may reunite and reconsole as the Bible commands. I extend to you the hand of my Daughter, a fair girl of only 15 years. I hope that by joining my bloodline with yours, we can forge a lasting bond of blood that will last into the generation of our son’s sons.” On the week leading up to January 7th, 1203, Kiev’s city larders are opened up and the Grand Prince throws a lavish festival to celebrate the Orthodox Christmas. Bread and Circuses to increase the moral of his people, his prestige among his neighbours, and to unite them under the Metropolitan priests of Kiev with Eastern Christian ritual and mass. The Grand Prince levies an army of 12,000 men, consisting of 2,000 cataphracts and 10,000 men-at-arms. He divides them into three and stations them in three forts along his southern, Crimean border, stating his intent to protect his hinterlands from the Heathen Cumans and Tatars, who have made slaves of his people in the past.
  3. WuHanXianShi14

    Medieval Age 1203 AD OOC

    OOC APP Nation name: Eastern Roman Empire Population: 9 Million Summary of History: The Byzantine Empire has never able to recover the glory it won under Justinian. Early Islamic expansion yanked Egypt and Syria out of their hands, and more recently, the Seljuk Turks delivered a devestating blow to them at Manzikert in 1071. Nevertheless, the Eastern Romans survive. The Komnenian dynasty managed to restore control over the Balkans and coastal Anatolia. With the death of Emperor Manuel, a new dynasty has risen to take the Imperial throne, the Angeloi. Constantinople is still a flourishing center of art, culture and commerce as it has been for centuries, but with Bulgarians to the north, and Seljuks to the east, the Byzantines will face some tests going forward. Discord: Lao#3371
  4. WuHanXianShi14


  5. WuHanXianShi14


    I don’t care what the nitty gritty of war rules is anymore. Just make it so it doesnt end in the total destruction of a nation and their tile, except in the most absolute extreme of circumstances. War becomes a lot less toxic, and OOCly spiteful, when you remove the edgy kid’s tools to destroy communities, and communities don’t have the tension of having their entire existences at risk.
  6. I, for once, choose not to see race.


  7. WuHanXianShi14

    Persona Database Cleanse

    I for one am happy, that in his infinite wisdom, our chairman Telanir has finally decided to rid us of outdated, tribalistic concepts like “race”. I think we should all strive for a brighter future, where we are all one people, with no borders to divide us. Come on, its the current year, people!
  8. @Tofuuswhat’s the whitest white guy name you can think of? Its Byron, because (白人)

  9. WuHanXianShi14

    An Account of Travels among the Lesser Elves

    “They still call us lesser elves?” Artimec asked with a small frown.
  10. WuHanXianShi14

    Dragonslayerelf's Resignation

    “only when mosquito lands on your testicles do you realize the virtue of solving a problem without violence” ~Confucius
  11. WuHanXianShi14

    The Real Problem with the Community

    You weren’t the only one, not by a longshot. Props for owning up to it though. I hope others can do the same Also, the incident in the new player discord was led by Pond, and he was banned from said discord because of it. The others who joined in with him I havent identified because they were using fake monikers/alts
  12. WuHanXianShi14

    The Real Problem with the Community

    I’m still waiting on the ex-leaders of the orc community to apologize to me for inciting an attempt to flood new player discord with fake alts, harrassing and attacking me. Some of those alts had chinese names and racist charicatures too. Very classy. I’m also half Jewish just in case any of yall edgy racebaiting kids want more fuel for the fire. The way many orc players have treated me over the last few years has been absolutely despicable and the best part is that the only apologies I’ve ever recieved have been the obligatory ones that they’ve been required to give to get out of their 3-month harrassment bans. Yeah yeah, its okay to harrass someone if that person is leowarrior, therefore your argument is invalid and the orcs arent actually toxic!! Cut the **** lol, if you want people to feel sorry for you, stop playing the victim and start taking onus for your players actions and compel them to approach people they’ve harrassed and right their wrongs. I was one of the main “victims”, but I was far from the only one. The orc community had a toxic community that venerated bullying and there’s absolutely no denying or talking your way out of that. There are orc players I respect, but yall need to stop playing victim and own up.
  13. WuHanXianShi14

    ❇ The First Great Gladewynni Build Off ❇

    IGN: iLeoyz Name: Artimec Caerme’onn Residence: Sparrow Grove Chosen Mani: Nemglan, the Eagle
  14. WuHanXianShi14

    Enough is enough.

  15. WuHanXianShi14

    Easterners - Language, Culture, History, Religion

    There’s a continuity of cultural similarity. Sure, Japan Korea and China are different from one another, but together they’re more similar to say, Europeans or Africans