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  1. Hello friend of malin

    Hello fellow sports avatar if you like strategy history games get Age of Empires 2 or 3
  2. Small Map, One City (Map Idea)

    People are too kill happy on this server for this to work. It wouldn't be "oh my, how quirky and insufferable these elfs are!" it would just be "see knife ear, kill purge" not isolated to elf-hate. Also applies to orcs, norlanders, etc
  3. Alternative Death System

    Eh too many people on this server are violent for the sake of violent for this to work. I dont like giving the ability to resurrect characters into the hands of actual player groups either. 3 weeks is a long time to not be allowed to play your own character. Just make it so that a character who is killed is not allowed to pursue whatever he was trying to do which led to their death. i.e, if you get killed trying to assassinate a king, you may no longer attempt to assassinate said king. When I kill a character I just dont want it repetitively coming back to do the same **** over and over, in that sense, death should mean something. But if I kill a character and it stays away from me from that point forward IDGAF if it is permanently dead or not. 100% agree and I think this is exactly one of the main lackings in the rules right now but the answer isn't forced or semi-forced PKs its just implementing rules against this kind of repetitive stuff. Make it so its disallowed to do whatever you were killed for, post-death.
  4. Looking for feedback on stopping "clique" magic

    Cliques arent the issue, most major magic groups arent cliquey. If anything druids, clerics, ascended and spooks have caught rap for letting TOO many people in and declining in RP quality because of it. Too many overbloated magic types is the issue.
  5. Thirteen Nations

    Would be neat but with no way to simulate actual nomadic lifestyles in LOTC it would just turn into a build of a caravan wagon with 3-4 people RPing around it
  6. Thirteen Nations

    No not really
  7. Thirteen Nations

    actually I was the one who helped review that lore and technically the snelves are still just an offshoot of the high elves haha
  8. Thirteen Nations

    cant be a racial nation w/ identity if you let every other race live with you
  9. Thirteen Nations

    I like sutica and rp there from time to time but tbf its active largely in part to its like the only nation with no IC prejudices lol which you cant rly ask of racial nations cause sure we'd be active but we'd all be the same bland flavourless rp melting pot with no variety Every map needs at least one sutica but we cant all be suticas
  10. Thirteen Nations

    AFAIK you weren't getting land for the longest time. And your playerbase has been historically inactive and stagnant (infamously even, to the point where its one of the classic examples drawn when pointing to pointless settlements) So if we're removing settlements to streamline RP in 6.0 I would personally say the snow elves have the track record for it and are prime candidates ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    when you get attacked you're the one being forced to deal with someone you may not want to whether you like it or not, not the other way around, why is this concept foreign to you
  12. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    nah i like rp fighting more. if you make me rp combat, i will choose to rp fight. if you dont like to rp fight, dont initiate combat with me. if this choice makes you upset, i apologize
  13. A fat pigeon flies through the air, landing a precision-practiced wad of bird poop upon the second judge of xion's head before landing nearby with a note tied to its leg, reading as follows: "Its Haelun'or."
  14. My thoughts on retention and conflict resolution

    I'm not opposed to PRO deciding what combat system is used but I feel like you'd get the same people complaining about it that already complain about defender default
  15. [Denied]I want to do modreqs.

    Its as much IC as OOC, infact more OOC. And no matter how good an IC reason you have you shouldn't go out your way to attack or antagonize someone you have a known OOC hatred for unless your hand has been absolutely forced IRP (Aerial's was not). Pursuing that willingly, knowing it will cause an OOC shitstorm is selfish behaviour in my opinion and is best avoided. You can call those wood elf players whatever you want. Whining babies for all I care. but it doesn't really matter, at the end of the day the whining babies aren't any worse than the guy who won't stop poking them.