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  1. APPLICATION for RANGERS of the WILD OoC Information Minecraft Username: Locoguy12315 Discord Username: Locoguy12315#1307 Skype Username: N/A Nickname Preferred: N/A Real-Life Age: 16 Preferred Pronoun(s): OOC He, Him. Activity Level: Almost daily. Main Character or Secondary Character?: Main RP Sample As Applying Persona: I was raised by a ranger, and I wish to continue my father’s legacy. I am willing to fight for man and nature alike. I understand that being a ranger is no
  2. Ragnir


    Ragnir “The Wildfire” Haenal was born in a large cottage in Renatur, with Farfolk parents. During his upbringing, he was taught to be a hunter by his father, Lagnos, but Ragnir refused to learn. From a young age, he would always run off without his parents’ permission. Eventually, his rebellion waxed heavy upon his parents, and they were forced to exile him. He had a sister, but she died before she could even be named. His troubled childhood and his prideful parents pushed him toward rebellion. When it came to be too much, and he was exiled by his human parents because of his incessant failure
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