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  1. [Rolls, since arrows are hard to come by and don’t stick to the targets we made.]
  2. [OOC: This event will take place in the settlement of Stygia, near Talon’s Grotto, on Friday the 22nd at 5 PM CST. Fliers have been posted in every major city and settlement.] The winter is upon us, but you needn’t stay indoors all season! Come to Stygia, where the warm sea breezes will soothe your spirit. The Rangers of the Wild, with their headquarters and barracks in the settlement of Stygia, will be holding an archery contest within the town. First and second place gets a prize of mina and a hand-carved trinket, while third simply gets 50 mina. HOW TO GET TO STYGIA [If you need further help getting to Stygia, DM TheBananasaurus#7362] 1. Head south towards the Druids. 2. You’ll see a sign for the Druids on your left. Take that fork in the road. 3. You’ll come to a short wooden bridge that says Stygia – take the bridge. 4. Keep going through the forest of giant mushrooms. 5. Follow the sign. 6. You’ll come to a beach. Continue following signs to Stygia. 7. These are the outer walls of Stygia. Head to the left to the back gate, or around the right to the front. 8. Once inside, head up the short stairs to your right to find the Rangers of the Wild’s headquarters, barracks, archery range, and training dummies.
  3. I understand the logistics of it, but they still walk upright, unlike other creatures that need tails for balance, like dinosaurs. I really think making it that easy to cripple a kha for life just by docking their tail makes it way too easy for villain characters to destroy the race as a whole and individuals. Along with that, I noted the “like big toes on humans” thing because once we lose those, we have to learn to move our center of balance from the balls of our feet, to the sides and back. Kha without tails would have to move their balance from their toes to their paw-pads. But definitely sprinting and claiming would be, as I said before nearly impossible without aid.
  4. I think a kha would eventually get used to having its tail cut off enough to where they could eventually stand on their own, but more athletic feats would be impossible. Just like gumans who have their big toes cut off. @EnderMaiashiro
  5. Tlaloc the kharajyr pens his in a messy, but unhurried hand. He finds the steward and hands it, and a fiction book ‘Of Mice and Kha,” to them directly.
  6. This gives the deity (pardon my pun) real depth. There still remains mystery, in my opinion, on her machinations or why she chose to do one thing or another. But quantifying the entire lore as bad just because Dresdrasil now has more definition is just... silly. There are unfathomable things still within the oceans that only she would be aware of. This post gives those who worship her a more intricate and defined culture to work with, instead of just a nebulous Lovecraftian, C’thulu-like horror that’s unknowable and unseen forever, and has no other actual aspects to it OTHER than “it’s a mystery, wooOOOoo!” +1
  7. (@Ragnir @IkaGeo please message me on Discord so I can add you to the Ranger server :D) Well met, recruit; welcome into the fold. I am eager to meet face-to-face. Send a bird my way at your earliest convenience. Our headquarters is in Stygia, a town near Talon’s Grotto." - Ranger-Master Lythorien Banebow
  8. @peachy_keener Yes, we are! Feel free to apply! Sorry about the delayed response – it seems the forum didn’t want to notify me people had replied here.
  9. (OOC: Hello! Sorry for the delayed response! We’re currently on somewhat of a hiatus, as I’m dealing with significant health issues. However, feel free to send in an application and it will be reviewed when I recovery from my surgery that’s scheduled at the end of this month. Cheers!)
  10. I love this idea! But the formatting... I suggest you un-bold anything that isn’t a title, please. Also, not everything has to be in massive font size lol My poor eyes xD
  11. **MC Names of all involved** TheBananasaurus, EnderMiaishiro, Viltaren(?) **Description** Before the map went live, the building of Sutica’s kharajyr area was created by kha players overseen by EnderMaiashiro. I chose a plot and customized the house. All items were looked over, approved, and then pasted in correctly except a for a painting. I was told to make a modreq by Ender when the map first started but unfortunately I’ve been in extremely poor health and continue to be. I made a modreq today, but the mod was unable to help with this particular matter, suggesting it might be a resource pack issue (I use PureBDcraft, formerly known as Sphax, but Ender also didn’t see the painting. It’s not invisible, it’s just not there at all). Barring a resource pack issue, I was pointed towards here to make a dev bug post. **Date of occurance** The day the week went live, I checked on my house and the painting wasn’t there. Everything else, including a noteblock and custom banners, were just fine. **In game specifications** My IGN is TheBananasaurus, and the persona it occurred on is Tlaloc. **Steps to Reproduce** <!--- Provide all the steps necessary to reproduce the problem → I am uncertain of this. 1. Step 1 2. Step 2 3. Step 3 4. Step 4 **Expected Behavior** The painting had been positioned over the table on the inside of the house, to the right of the entrance. **Actual Behavior** Since it was missing, I placed a banner on the area instead until another painting could be given/fixed. **Additional Information** Here’s a screenshot of the coordinates of my house where the painting in question is missing, from the viewpoint of the outside of the house. I don’t come on the forums often at the moment, so please **ping me on the LOTC Discord** @Bananasaurus (AKA LOTC’s Abra). DMs may not work but you can always try using the Discord link I have under my username on here. https://prnt.sc/ny14b5 **Error Message** N/A
  12. Tlaloc has reservations siding with peoples that have shown so much hostility, but in the end, much more has been done to the kha by other races, and the Hou-zi and Kharajyr are, in his opinion, wise to align. He is glad Tsisha has grown so wise and shown such talent for leadership. “Ees good. May our peoples floureesh,” he mutters to himself.
  13. To Elawynn Caerme’onn ( @MamaBearJade ) "Well met, recruit; welcome into the fold. I am eager to meet face-to-face. Send a bird my way at your earliest convenience." - Ranger-Master Lythorien Banebow
  14. Given the hostile tone of the letter that arrived to Lythorien, he decided against sending the reply back on Tobias’ leg, and instead strapped the parchment to the bird that had been sent to him. The letter had been written in a steady hand, devoid of any signs of stress. To Headmaster Bell, Leader of the Huntsmen Brigade, I know not why you came to detest the Druids as you seem to, but they and I reached an agreement after their leaders had already come to know the basis of my guilds’ purpose and calling. We do not hunt on their lands, and thus neither of our values are threatened. To that end, I shall not retract my alignment with them until such a time as they themselves feel it is not within their best interests. I thank you for your offer of shelter, but I must politely decline. I do not mean to offend, but I can ill afford to divide my Rangers in too many places at this time. As you and I have no quarrel, here, I wish nothing but peace between the Rangers of the Wild, and your Huntsmen Brigade. We are survivalists, indeed, but also a gathering of individuals seeking to aid in spreading good-will and harmony throughout the peoples Arcas. May the Wilds Be in Your Favor, Ranger-Master Lythorien Banebow
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