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  1. Ranger-Master Lythorien Banebow signs in the midst of the signatures, hopeful for the future of his own guild, as well as the organizations originating this charter.
  2. Bananasaurus

    Rangers of the Wild

    To Elawynn Caerme’onn ( @MamaBearJade ) "Well met, recruit; welcome into the fold. I am eager to meet face-to-face. Send a bird my way at your earliest convenience." - Ranger-Master Lythorien Banebow
  3. Given the hostile tone of the letter that arrived to Lythorien, he decided against sending the reply back on Tobias’ leg, and instead strapped the parchment to the bird that had been sent to him. The letter had been written in a steady hand, devoid of any signs of stress. To Headmaster Bell, Leader of the Huntsmen Brigade, I know not why you came to detest the Druids as you seem to, but they and I reached an agreement after their leaders had already come to know the basis of my guilds’ purpose and calling. We do not hunt on their lands, and thus neither of our values are threatened. To that end, I shall not retract my alignment with them until such a time as they themselves feel it is not within their best interests. I thank you for your offer of shelter, but I must politely decline. I do not mean to offend, but I can ill afford to divide my Rangers in too many places at this time. As you and I have no quarrel, here, I wish nothing but peace between the Rangers of the Wild, and your Huntsmen Brigade. We are survivalists, indeed, but also a gathering of individuals seeking to aid in spreading good-will and harmony throughout the peoples Arcas. May the Wilds Be in Your Favor, Ranger-Master Lythorien Banebow
  4. Bananasaurus

    Rangers of the Wild

    To Elawynn Caerme’onn ( @MamaBearJade ), Thank you for applying. Your application is currently under review. Please make sure to re-read our tenet (number 2) regarding significant affiliations. Honorary positions, as well as affiliations with our allies will be able to be retained. However, upon joining, most other affiliations must either be relinquished, or must not conflict with Ranger tenets and our allies, such as the Druids. Certain affiliations may be approved on a case-by-case basis. Please send a bird to discuss your particular situation. My best regards, Ranger Master Lyhtorien Banebow ((OOC NOTE: Shoot me a DM me on Discord to talk about her affiliations. I’m not personally aware of some of those. Pardon the ignorance!)) 
  5. Bananasaurus

    Rangers of the Wild

    ((OOC NOTE: Hello, all! With the move to Arcas and a fair bit of changes in members and the state of alliances, this thread’s original post (and our Discord server) is in the process of being updated. We are still accepted applicants! Stay tuned!))
  6. [!] [Two scrolls had been handed to a druid and requested to be pinned on the stone noticeboard inside the Mother Grove, where announcements are usually placed. The first reads as follows, while the second is a description of the Rangers of the Wild and their tenets.] To My Rangers, We have been graciously granted temporary rest in the Druids' inn/social area. You are to respect their laws, not cause disruptions, aid them under the leadership of the Archdruids, and protect them when called upon (if you are capable of doing so). Make your faces familiar, and by extension, the Rangers a known guild. For the time being, we have no safer haven than here. Do not breech the Druids' trust, and do not create or attract enemies to this sacred place. The penalties of not following the laws of the Druids will be steep. You have been warned. To My Druid Allies, Your kindness and understanding will not be forgotten. If any of your lot should find any of my Rangers misbehaving (breaking either your laws or our tenets posted below, please send a bird to me and they will be dealt with swiftly, but without violence unless direly needed and outside the Grove’s borders. Tobias, my red-tailed hawk and the Ranger’s official letter-carrier, will send my reply in due fashion. Regards, Ranger-Master Lythorien Banebow
  7. Bananasaurus

    Moderation Update - March 13th 2019

    Good to know for whenever the next Dev Update is ._. Thanks, and sorry again.
  8. Bananasaurus

    The Player Type Analysis

    (Quietly thumbs this up because he was number 1) on the examples of how toxic shitty people treated him and had to take a break for like 2-3 months for his own mental health) Although... not all private players are bad. Like, I am kind of actually in-between your definitions of private and public in that I usually RP in small groups (like my lovely guild-mates in the Rangers of the Wild ), and I'm SLIGHTLY reclusive and wary, if only because I've been burned in the past by toxic people on this server and off of it. But the rest of the "public" stuff applies to me and how I've been described by people I've role-played with over the last 1.8 decades. Yes, I’ve been RPing for 18 years, give or take, since I was 11. I used to be edgy and power-gamey, but I learned. I learned to not take things done to my character personally. In fact, I befriended many people who killed my characters on some occasions, just based on how they spoke to me OOCly and how cool their charaters were – how they gave my character a chance to win, but ultimately over-came them. It’s a growing process. I feel like a lot of people can learn from this. I’m not sure “private” and “public” are the right words, per se, BUT, all in all, spot on. Not just in this server, but in almost every RP community I’ve ever been a part of. 9/10
  9. Bananasaurus

    Moderation Update - March 13th 2019

    I.... just experimented and now feel dumb. I was not aware you could bonemeal REGULAR flowers in this map/build. Sorry! 😧 But also vote milestones and playtime hours resetting (so we can’t get more SS slots and such) seem to be issues to add to the list. Unsure if you’re already aware of those, though.
  10. Bananasaurus

    Moderation Update - March 13th 2019

    AFKing in the CT at the very least should be legal since nobody can hurt us there anyway, and people go off briefly to vote and do things that make them leave the screen momentarily. Like, we get kicked by being AFKing too long already, don’t we? Why continue punishing that? Also @Fireheart – First of all, I appreciate all the hard work and stress you and the rest of the staff have been handling. Thank you for that. I know all the bugs aren’t just frustrating to us players but to you as well. On that note, however... The greenhouse. It doesn’t have most flowers (does it have any at all?) and there are no other shops at the CT with them. When I asked (on several different occasions in the last several months, oops) about flowers and how I didn’t want to steal or leave land-scars or have to tress-pass on someone’s land to bonemeal for flowers (especially the rare swamp one), I was told that they’d either be sold at a shop or at the greenhouse in the CT. Yet... pretty much every vanilla vegetation is sold at the CT and... no flowers. 😧 I can understand if the argument was “lol go bonemeal your own, scrub,” but, like... all the other vegetation sold at the CT can be bonemealed, for the most part. So why aren’t flowers there? I realize it’s a small issue, and hell, maybe I’m just blind AF and can’t find them, but I hope you or another staff can answer me, pwetty pwease? :3 *EDIT* Oops, forgot to ask if you guys will be having voting rewards again this map. x3
  11. Bananasaurus

    Rangers of the Wild

    To Aladar Viathran ( @RugRatRew), "Well met, recruit; welcome into the fold. I am eager to meet face-to-face. Send a bird my way at your earliest convenience." - Ranger-Master Lythorien Banebow
  12. Bananasaurus

    Atlas Epilogue

    ((I’m so confused. If the Vaeyl Order are not Descendents [or at least no longer Descendents], then what are they, and who are all those “people” that now inhabit Atlas? They’re not humans, but they are mortal since Vaeyl ponders how they’ve never known war, etc etc. I know I joined LOTC mid/early-Atlas but boy oh boy did I miss a lot... Will we ever know why they wanted the Desendents gone besides the nebulous “they could become undead” or something? Will we ever know the nature and origin of Vaeyl, his deceased female friend, and Horen? How were they so powerful, especially concerning the Ice Wall and the frigidness. Regardless, if all of Atlas was covered in ice/mists, then where did all those “people” come from? Why did it dissipate to allow it to be “warm” in the morning? So many questionssss))
  13. Bananasaurus

    Community Team Monthly Update - Feb

    CA stands for “Creature application,” so, yes, technically, you can. Just not new players.
  14. Bananasaurus

    7.0 Moderation Update Pt. 3

    Tha’s kind of unfortunate. Was really hoping for a little more biodiversity for us people that can’t afford charters just yet. Ah, well. Thanks!
  15. Bananasaurus

    Tech Update February / 7.0 / 1.13