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  1. @Katherine1 That is a very good point. On one hand, if a child is having sexual rp with an adult and there is proof that said child actually is a child, and it happens to be from Discord, logs can be pulled and the matter can be brought to Discord by staff. Also, it should never, ever escalate to this. It should only be a matter between the accused, accuser, victim, and staff. But, by the same token, controversial opinion here: in non-official LOTC Discords/Skype, cybering between two adults shouldn't be banned. Sexual RP between two characters isn't just cybering, for me and many I know - it's character building. Building relationships, histories, personalities. If I had it my way, no one under 16 would be playing on this server at ALL (I think it's already technically against the rules, but even if it is, it doesn't seem very well enforced), but I understand that might limit the playerbase, I suppose. On the other hand, pedophilia is bad, and LOTC should not be serving as a shopping mart for pedos. It's a complex issue, and one I know the staff is likely taxed with. I just hope a solution for not only this, but future instances, can be found. A permanent one.
  2. Bananasaurus

    Rangers of the Wild

    ((A letter would be sent out to all current and hopeful recruits of the Rangers, one by one, city by city and town by town. AFTER READING, please look at the updated By-Laws on the first post! The application form has been changed as well: "birth year" instead of "age," and "character's reason for joining" instead of "reason for joining")) "Hail, Rangers. I hope this letter finds you well and in relatively good sorts. Given the tense nature of Atlas at this moment, I believe it is best to revisit the most important tenet of this guild. Our neutrality. It has become increasingly clear that it is no longer feasible to recuse ourselves utterly from the nations warring with each-other, given that most of you do not reside at our head-quarters, or have family that do not. Thusly, I believe it is best for individuals to be given the choice on whether or not to give up all titles and allegiances upon joining. However, at the very least, they must be left at the door and when aiding those in need. I care not if the person is orc, human, kha, elf, dwarf, or what have you: if they are in need of aid that does not impede our ability to remain neutral, we will help them. As such, you are welcome to defend the homes you live in, but you must NOT participate in ANY aggressions, attacks, or territorial disputes whatsoever. Evidence of Rangers doing so will be swiftly dealt with. My best regards, Ranger Master Lyhtorien Banebow "
  3. Bananasaurus

    Citizenship Papers

    Citizenship: OOC NAME: TheBananasaurus RP NAME: Tlaloc (a.k.a. J'tlaloc) Location of home: With Dor Irongut until he can get properly sorted Proof of purchase:
  4. ((A scroll written in flowing script is nailed to a board in the public workspace, clearly visible to all.)) People and Grand Council of Fenn: Along my way back from the Cloud Temple, I purchased a llama to bring to my farm outside of Fenn. On my way, I was accosted and robbed, but managed to convince the dwarven bandits not to take my new pet, and instead they took many of my belongings: a saddle, my food, and a few minas. Shaken, I continued on my way, into Haense’s territory. There, I came across an armored human. He introduced himself as Rhys Ruthen, Count of Metterden, which he informed me is a vassal of Haense. He asked what business I had in Haense, and I divulged that I’d been traveling to Fenn when I was robbed. Instead of taking advantage of my troubling state, he instead offered to compensate me for my loss, and brought me to his city, where he charitably imparted more minas than the worth of what I’d lost, as well as offering save shelter in his town should I require it another time. Thusly, it is my suggestion, humble bard and menagerie-keeper though I may be, that we align with those of Metterden. I say this understanding our isolationist policies, and the history behind why we have them. However, I feel it in our best interest to give the kind people of Metterden the chance to prove themselves as allies. Given their treatment if me, an unfamilier mali’fenn in an unfamiliar land, they have proven to me that they are honorable folk. Do consider my proposition. ~ Faithfully yours, Bard-Scribe Kaelunor Ryvuunos P.S. Beware the roads. Do not travel alone or unarmed, llir and kin. Now that I have my llama, I shall be transporting what little my meager menagerie produces for a small profit to support myself, while donating any extra to the Bilok’thuln. I should like the company along the way. Place your messages in my home in Fenn at the address 1 Aelthir Street, just to the left of the citizen doors. I also offer my services as a bard-scribe, and eagerly await commissions to write poetry, stories, and history, as well as sing any song that your whim desires.
  5. Bananasaurus

    Rangers of the Wild

    @HopeOfFuture @RandomGreens#9875 isn't working, you don't seem to exist on Discord. Add me instead, Bananasaurus#7362. Then once I have you on my friend's list I can invite you.
  6. Bananasaurus

    Rangers of the Wild

    @HopeOfFuture You need to give me your full Discord name with the numbers in it. Such as mine is Bananasaurus#7362. I can't add you with just the "RandomGreen" part
  7. Bananasaurus

    Rangers of the Wild

    @MalciasX @Captain_J_Ultra Please respond to the amendments I requested so we can get you squared away! ?
  8. Bananasaurus

    Rangers of the Wild

    To Horgoth: Unfortunately, you'll need to choose between Ranger Envoy or Ranger Sentinel. Note that Ranger Envoys can still contribute to battle and take on quests by commonfolks to clear out unwanted undead/spider infestations, but are mostly a peaceful rank. Sentinels are almost entirely based on combat, but can also aid in peace-making, recruitment, and other non-combat matters. As a note to future applicants: I will be accepting that Horgoth does not have a Discord because of personal reasons he has discussed with me. This doesn't mean that his exception is now allowed for others unless previously discussed. Other than that, everything looks good! To Malcias: I need your full Discord name, including the numbers. For instance, mine is Bananasaurus#7362. Other than that... "Well met, recruit; welcome into the fold. I am eager to meet face-to-face. Send a bird my way at your earliest convenience." - Ranger-Master Lythorien Banebow
  9. Yeah according to the Minecraft Wiki (vast pool of possibly false knowledge that it is), alliums only can be bonemeale'd/generated in Flower Forests, and I haven't found a single one of those on this map. As for the Swamp NW of the CT - I've actually not found that one. I've only found the Swamp West-South-West of the CT, and the one faaaar south-west of it. They were both non-freebuild. Still, my point stands to reason that the few places people can generate these flowers are not going to be traveled to. Most people just break and take flowers that the Map Devs placed in other freebuild areas where they don't naturally grow. A flower shop or random-generated flower-farming would be excellent. I don't know why the latter was taken out, but I'm sure a Dev can fill us in. Those are some good arguments! However, the problem as I see it is that the map is so vast and the freebuild areas so far away from cities that people who want to create their own little happy farms/cabins/what-have-you are FORCED to build miles away from the central RP hubs. The problem is not that people want to freebuild, because that's in essence half of what Minecraft is about, if not more - the problem is that we have to trek into the deep wilderness to do so. I know if my guild's HQ or my snelf's farm could be closer to the city, I'd have built them there in a heart-beat, despite the danger of PvPers and raiders possibly destroying and breaking into things. Which isn't to say PvP is bad, by the way. That's another part of Minecraft, after all, even if it's a playstyle I don't enjoy partaking in. Except wars. Wars are kinda fun ("KEEP CLICKING!"). ANYWHO, until a map is created where people can build closer to main hubs (and those freebuilds are better supervised so people don't create/complain about ugly builds), players will continue to have to build far, far away, and the need for quick travel of SS pillars (so that we CAN get back to RP hubs quickly without having to walk for 15 minutes...) will remain. I think a happy medium is that, next map, we have more areas where Nation Leaders can allow people to purchase plots to build on, just like real-life medieval times where multiple families of farmers and their workers would build their farms/ranches outside the city walls. They would have to swear fealty to the nation and/or possibly pay taxes of a portion of their product (or minas) to said nation. Until then, however, all we can do is hope for faster travel with more SS pillars.
  10. Wait, what? No, my main character having a SS pillar for his guild doesn't mean I shouldn't have one for my second character, for who the record, does not live full time in Fenn - he lives on his farm 8 miles away. Hence my need of a SS pillar for him. Fenn;s SS pillar is 8 miles from his farm. Also, I'm not the only one in the topic here that needs another SS pillar for various other reasons. If you won't be using a second SS pillar for anything, then it doesn't hurt you for others to have it. And if they want to while away the hours in their character's lives farming on their lonesome, that's their playstyle, and I don't begrudge them of it, even if that's not how I play. But yes, sure, telling a real life person their life choices are wrong based on the style they like to play a game in isn't insulting. It's productive debate! ...But seriously, let's get back on topic and focus not on my personal characters, but all of the people here who also want more than 1 SS pillar.
  11. Actually, you're being rather presumptuous. My main character runs a guild and thus their headquarters needs its own SS pillar. My second character needs a SS pillar because he wants to have a ranch to help the Fennic people, perhaps one day join the Bolik'thun, farmers and ranchers who make the sacrifice of living far from their beloved city in order to provide for the Mali'fenn. Neither of them are recluses or pariahs and, in fact, the very REASON they are so far out of the way IS to help others. Frankly, and finally, what you just said sums up to "no offense, but you're a whiner." I'm no offended or insulted, I just find ot a bit amusing that you chose to phrase your argument that way. <Shrug> Oh, yes, and actually, telling me to "reevaluate my life choices" based on... an opinion you disagree with on a video game mechanic seems a BIT over the top. Let's keep this to discussing the topic without insulting each other, shall we? <3
  12. Unfortunately, like I said in my message to you, that doesn't help with the two-high flowers. I'm glad you informed me that it's possible to bonemeal two-high flowers in non-freebuild zones, but that still feels like a huge workaround to a problem better solved other ways. If the farming produced said two-high flowers in their baby state, then sure, that'd be awesome. Bring back flower farming, in that case, definitely. Realistically it's easier on the Devs to add items to a shop than alter or re-add a plugin, unfortunately. And if they (all kinds of flowers) were all in one place, just like a real life flower shop, then we could kill so many birds with just one stone, you know?
  13. This is very relevant. I'm resisting my urge to post a meme regarding this.
  14. Exactly! I need flowers for dying terracotta and wool products, and I also need them for decorative purposes. I need SO many flowers and would pay SO many minas to get them. Yeah, I mean I have 3 Personas (yay Gold VIP), with my main having 4 SS slots, my second character having 3, and my third having the usual 2. I get why having a SS pillar per character would be ridiculous, but 2-3 doesn't seem like a big deal to me. Also, I wasn't aware SS pillars were a RP thing and accepted ICly. That's an interesting point to add to why we should have more per account.
  15. Slowly recovering from Botox injections ow ow ow) for my migraines, but the good effects haven't started yet, and I'm experiencing mysterious bouts of nausea every few days for no reason. I'll be on more frequently now but I may go a day or so without coming on (other than to do my votes).


    Hope to be at 100% soon! Thanks for your patience, everyone! <3