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  1. Bananasaurus

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    This is on my persona, Tlaloc: Username: TheBananasaurus Screenshot of the item: https://imgur.com/Pplb5tq How you got it: Voting consecutively for 30 days, signed myself. Used only for RP. Username: TheBananasaurus Screenshot of the item: https://imgur.com/waYLS51 How you got it: Signed myself after a RP event in Sutica. Username: TheBananasaurus Screenshot of the item: https://imgur.com/KnFraFv How you got it: Signed by Hiebe – paid-for citizenship papers given to all Holm residents for a fee of 50 minas Username: TheBananasaurus Screenshot of the item: https://imgur.com/WNtaody How you got it: Signed by myself, a feather dropped when my persona’s parrot decided to fly into a fire and die.
  2. Bananasaurus

    February Community Newsletter

    @TarreBear @FlamboyantNewEra please answer when you can to the questions I posed above. It kinda all needs to be answered before the vault opens and 7.0 launches
  3. Bananasaurus

    Rangers of the Wild

    To Yvonrena Illykur ( @TheRealKiru ), Thank you for applying. Your application is currently under review. My best regards, Ranger Master Lyhtorien Banebow  To Daisy Applefoot (@NotEvilAtAll), "Well met, recruit; welcome into the fold. I am eager to meet face-to-face. Send a bird my way at your earliest convenience." - Ranger-Master Lythorien Banebow
  4. Bananasaurus

    [Your View] Charters, Nation Status and Dependent Status!

    Awesome thank you for the link. What was that about free-build being implemented after the launch, though? Where does that leave us homeless neutral people? Will there be various biomes to choose from? Also, still some concerns though: I liked a lot of your suggestions but removing the CT altogether and placing new players in various parts of the map would, firstly, be a nightmare to code because the NPCs specific to giving new players a tutorial would have to be placed in each racial area and would take up a lot of space in nations people worked hard to attain and build. Secondly, not every character is tied to their race. My dark elf, for example, has nothing to do with other dark elves and they don’t even have their own city. That also leaves non-sub-race elves. humans, and dwarves with nowhere to be spawned in, or too MANY places to be spawned in, in the case of humans. I hate how large th CT ring is in Atlas and would welcome a much smaller one or none at all, though. It’d be neat to just have a circular road around the CT with the nations just on the other side, so newbies and oldies alike don’t have to trek out into the BFE. That’s kind of already being fixed, though, what with the nation ring being closest to the CT. </shrug>
  5. Bananasaurus

    [Your View] Charters, Nation Status and Dependent Status!

    Sorry, I must have missed that announcement, and I can’t seem to find it. Can you link it? And also maybe link it in the original post somewhere, for others? Okay so there IS freebuild. My guild is neutral to all entities and only has like 6-7 members so it’s unlikely we’ll be able to apply for dependency for a good couple of months. If I build a temporary headquaters for my guildmembers to be housed and have guild meetings in, will we be able to apply for a tier 1 charter if/when we gather up the mina and signatures? Will our freebuild be automatically erased? Are there rules/information somewhere on the new freebuild system somewhere, specifically activity and such? Thanks for the clarification on this and apologues for all the questions.
  6. Bananasaurus

    February Community Newsletter

    @TarreBear So, a few questions/concerns: RESOURCE PITS: The resource pits should not be on someone’s owned land. That is ASKING for trouble. If you’re going to split the resources up around the map, sure, that’s a bit annoying but I guess it makes sense RP-wise even if it’s going to take even LONGER for smaller settlements and guilds to re-start on this map. It took days to build what I have even WITH the resource island, but I digress. PLEASE do NOT put resource pits anywhere but neutral areas. That’s power no nation, guild, or group should hold. Will there be flower/bonemeal pits? Getting flowers (and the dyes specific to certain flowers) was a huge pain before the change of adding those things, because it was a choice of making land-scars/stealing from builds because there weren’t enough (any?) skeleton mobs spawning to grow your own, or somehow find someone that was selling the flowers. ITEM VAULTS: (pardon me for asking here, because it seems the “Vaults and You” thread is pretty dead/not being looked at anymore) One of the items I want to put in my vault is a voting-for-30-days thing enchanted golden hoe, and although @FlamboyantNewEra said in this thread that it would be ok to be put in my vault, the item is soulbound and thus cannot be placed in my enderchest to be converted. The rules in that thread’s first post seemed to conflict, saying if it’s enchanted it NEEDS to be converted or I WILL lose it, without it being replaced. I’m kinda confused. Is it, or is it not going to be able to be put in my vault? Can soulbound things in GENERAL be put in vaults? I also have a few other signed RP items so I don’t know how they can be put in my vault. Also to do with vaults: when are they opened? I’ve gotten mixed messages and how will we know when they’re opened? Will you be pinging (@/everyone) us on the Discord? I have 3 characters. How will I be able to get the items I want from all 3 into the vault? Forgive me if these are stupid questions, I don’t know how they work as this is the first map transfer I’ve been through. Will a staff member be helping me and thus have to wait for my persona-change cooldown to be up?
  7. Bananasaurus

    Rangers of the Wild

    To (@NotEvilAtAll ), ((OOC NOTE: Hey there! Thank you for applying but you missed some parts that I’ve highlighted here that need to be answered.))
  8. Bananasaurus

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    I forgot to ask – if one or more items we want in our vaults is/are soulbound, how can we get them in the vault?
  9. Bananasaurus

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    Yay, thank you so much! I’m actually not even sure how to sign items but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. I’m gold VIP so that means I can sign things... I think...
  10. Bananasaurus

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    Ok, I get that, but many of us have more than one character. Many have 3, like me, and that’s simply not enough room, especially for non-stacking items. Unrelated, but I wasn’t given a super-clear answer on whether a) my own player-created items like my characters’ dead parrots’ feather will be carried over and whether they needed to be signed, and b) whether that same character’s walking stick decorated with a golden, ocelot head-shaped tip (in-game a golden hoe with some sort of weak enchantment) would be allowed, because it’s a tool, but it’s also a RP item. In PvP terms, it sure as hell wouldn’t help him in mechanics battle. I got the item from the “vote every day for a whole month” reward so it’s kind unfair for all that work to go to waste. :c
  11. Bananasaurus

    AT Monthly Update Log- December

    Ohhh, I see. Well then. I guess I’d appreciate a little free advertisement on that fact that we exist so we don’t die out/stop getting new players, haha, but that makes sense. Oh well!
  12. Bananasaurus

    AT Monthly Update Log- December

    Wow these are neat numbers! But wait, no mention of creature application races like Hou-zi and the newly-CA’d Kharajyr. Any numbers on those? :3
  13. I see you have a Dan Avidan in your signature.

    I TOO am a Zognoid... I mean a hyoo-MAN! I mean uhhh... a Game Grumps fan.


    I’m a nerd, sorry.

  14. Bananasaurus

    Change in Location and Leadership

    The Kha-Pantera, Tlaloc, whom had been living in Holm in quiet seclusion, ever in prayer for the kha peoples, opened his mailbox and returned into his small home he once shared with the dwarf, Dor. He sat on his bed and stroked the feral cat that was free to come and go from his window, as was the kharajyr way, as he read the notice. “Hmh... Tsisha... she has done much for the kha seence Tlaloc first met her. Tlaloc has high hopes for thees, though he ees saddened by the loss of one of our kind.” Tlaloc folded the note and peered at his feline companion. “We will be moveeng soon, friend.” The feral cat tilted her eyes up at him before slinking away. The kha chuckled... then sighed wearily.