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  1. Elisabeth Louise reads over the announcement, repeating the words, "Girls rule, boys drool."
  2. Elisabeth Louise would smile malevolently at the news, the girl would nod towards Alexandrina Frederica. "He was never related to me." The princess would pause her words, finishing reading the announcement. "Thank GOD, he's gone."
  3. marina is her past, jojo is her future, heaven is forever. #ripmom

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    2. capiital


      so true bestie!!!!!

    3. Tiresiam


      jojo reference? 👀

    4. niya


      NOOoooO its my mum's cat, PLEASE be respectful.


  4. give me ur discord if ur lonely


    1. Harrison


      Harrison#6969 i hae n ofriends and i wanna cry

    2. Jake!


      hey my discord is the same as harrison's


  5. Self-Defense Classes and Courses A Gathering in the Trissingham Gardens c. Year 9 of the Second Age Penned by the hand of HIH Elisabeth Louise. To the subjects of Almaris, Her Imperial Highness, Elisabeth of Aldersberg, and the Lady Alexandrina of Österland wish to extend an invitation to all; no matter birth, breeding, or affluence, our self-defense classes, which the first meeting will be held at the Augustine Palace. TIMETABLE I. INTRODUCTION TO SELF DEFENSE COURSES A speech will be given by Her Im
  6. i changed my ign to niyaTM :3
  7. dibs on 100th comment edit: forums did not count my 100th comment, post is still at 99 edit 2: nvm it worked just took awhile
  8. stream adderall (corvette corvette) by popp hunna

  9. GN: AdderallTM Skins: Flower Crown Babe Discord: niya#0001 Bid: 100
  10. Your wrong just wrong fully wrong wrong wrong wrong. im not making you any skins discounted just because u like ORANGE juice. u need a beating.
  11. apple juice is better than orange juice.


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    2. Treshure


      both contain massive amounts of vitamin c that will blunt the efficacy of your amphetamine based medication

    3. BenjiBot_


      I'm partial to apple juice, personally.

    4. niya


      THANK YOU.


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