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  1. Erik would look up from the fiery depths of hell as he gambles on which of his cousins will meet their end.
  2. erictafoya


    Ivan barely understands a word of the speech but understands the Young Princesses feelings as a servant reads to him.
  3. Elgon stands tall then realizes that he’s too old for battle as his back starts to falter.
  4. Erik looks up from the dark void where he will eternally stay. He is sad that he is there and not with his family in the seven skies, but is glad that his name isn’t forgiven and that his friend Ser Ulric was written down as a Young Hero in history. He hopes that his name only continues to be dragged down into the mud.
  5. Elgon quickly finds out of his nephews actions smiled up into the sky saying, “Tha’s me nephew! A true Kortrevich he is!” Elgon was proud to be a part of this house once more.
  6. *Elgon reads the letter with great pride of his nephew, then he realizes that he can’t read*
  7. Ign: Eric_Shephard IRP Name: Erik Kortrevich Age: 42 Residence: 9 Marian Blvd. Discord: erictafoya#8407 Speech: “Citizens of Reza, throughout my years of service to this fine Nation that I call home, I have seen us go through struggle after struggle and throughout those struggles we have persevered and stayed strong. I Erik Kortrevich, brother to Lord Otto Kortrevich and Royal Falconer of Haense, intends to keep us strong as Maer of Reza and shall promise to secure our city. As we all know, the threat of Bandits and Reivers are ever so more powerful. Day after day have our fair citizens been victim to these treacherous villains. The safety of our people and the security of our City and Nation Is what I will put my work towards. But that is not all I will do. For too long have we disregarded rights to anyone who doesn’t look like us. I intend to make Reza a city where all walks of life can live as equals and that they may feel welcomed and safe. Now that the war is over, we should use this opportunity to further strengthen ourselves and to unite our Kingdom in this common cause. However, I cannot do this alone. So I ask you, to aid me in my campaign so that we may lead our City and our Country into a stronger, safer and more secure future so that one day our children and their children may live to see a brighter Haense! Ave Reza! Ave Haense!”
  8. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Erik Kortrevich General Information: Name – Erik Kortrevich Titles – Serzhant in the Royal Army and Royal Falconer of Haense Traits: - Over protective - Iron Will - Hunter - Smoker Zodiac – Scorpio ♏ Age – 42 Physical Description: Race – Human Gender – Male Build – Normal build/ toned body Height – 5’11 Weight – 190lbs Hair – Naturally Brown (Dyed Black) > His hair is neatly combed and looks washed Eye Color - Blue Jade >His single eye would shine in the sun while his missing one would never see the light of day Skin Tone - Lightly tanned Head Shape - Lightly skinny and Long Scars – Erik has a large scar from a slash on his back, he also has a stab wound on his gut, he has a bald spot at the back left corner of his head from a severe head injury and last but not least his signature missing eye, which was never there in the first place. He has never seen out of that eye or even seen it before. Clothing – Erik wears his war-torn Royal Army uniform with light mail armor. The uniform itself seems to be torn up from the many battles he has fought in. The wears a short cape made of the pelt of a brown bear. It has been cut quite short and a hood was recently stitched on to it. He wears a leather glove on his left hand and a special made Falconers Glove on his right arm. The Falconry Glove is made of boiled boars leather and has a falcon pattern stitched onto it. It also has a the initials “E.K.” burned into it to signify it belongs to Erik Kortrevich. Last but not least his eyepatch, from which he has had since childhood. Although a slight modification has been made on it, the stitching of a Falcons eye has been recently added to the iconic black leather eyepatch. Dominant Hand: Right Handed Personal Information: Erik is a short tempered fellow and is sometimes regarded as “The Fool of Reza” or “The Disappointing Kortrevich”. Though he does not care, Erik has had his fair share of public mockery and hatred. He finds peace in all of this hatred through the passion of his job as a Falconer. Thus giving him the nickname “Falcon Fanatic” or “Bird Lover”. Though he really would just like to be called Falconer or by Erik. Erik in the past has shown to be quite the heavy drinker, though now he hasn’t touched the bottle in a few years. Though, he has picked up the pipe now. Despite all of his shortcomings, Erik has proven to be competent enough to use wise words. He has even been trusted to be a Teacher to the Young King Andrik III. He is also firstly a soldier and has worked his way up the ranks through his decades of experience and hard work. He has survived countless battles, many of which he was wounded in. Most importantly, he cares about his family the most and would stop at no lengths to make sure that his family is safe and secured... or die trying. Allegiances – Erik has pledged his life and his sword to the Royal Army of the Kingdom of Haensetti-Ruska, The Kingdom of Haensetti-Ruska, The King of Haensetti-Ruska, the Barony of Koravia, the Houses of Kortrevich and Barbanov, and finally has pledged to guard and protect his niece Primrose Vyronov and her children until his dying breath. Strengths – Erik is a good fighter with knowledge in battle. His will is even stronger than his body, as if he sets a goal, whether it be to survive or to make sure others do, he will try until he succeeds or dies trying. Erik is also at times wise and teaches his underlings about his knowledge in life. Weaknesses – When he isn’t at his wisest moments, Erik often embarrasses himself. His Iron Will and determination also doesn’t help this as if he fails he won’t give up which may lead to consequences. Erik also is vulnerable to emotions and could easily be trapped by his emotions to where he can no longer control them. Erik also has a weakness to alcohol as when he drinks it he loses all sense and thought. Religion – Canonist Sexuality – Heterosexual Marital Status – Single Closest Friends – Sarah Kortrevich, Otto Kortrevich, Lief Keter, Primrose Vyronov and his many birds. Background Information: Erik was born right outside of the City of Markev in Atlas on a cold winters day in 1682. His family was of the Halldor branch of House Kortrevich, however at this time the House was separated into two branches, the Halldor’s and the Blackwood’s. Erik’s father, Lukas Halldor was a common soldier in the Haensetti Royal Army while his mother ,Evelyn, was as stern as his father. The Halldor family was a breed of warriors, they were not a known family but it is said that their blood was made strong through the many soldiers who have been in the bloodline. This was the very reason why the Halldor Family expected all sons to be outstanding soldiers. This was also the very reason why Erik was left out in the snows to die. Not only was he born frail and weak, but he was also born without an eye. Lukas saw this boy only as a failure and not as his son and Evelyn felt ashamed that she had failed the family. His elder siblings, Otto and Elgon, had only a moment to even see their newborn brother before Lukas left the infant to die in the cold snows. However, not all Halldor’s approved of this. Elijah Halldor, the youngest brother of Lukas, strongly apposed the killing of any child. Of course, he couldn’t express this in front of his brothers as Elijah didn’t want him to be a target either. The fact that Elijah hadn’t walked the soldiers path made Lukas furious, so the deed had to be done in secret. Before the family had decided to leave Erik to die, Elijah called in a favor from an old hunting family, the Aeralithes. The Aeralithes had been in Elijah’s debt for an honorable deed he had done years before. The plan was set. After Lukas had traveled far enough to not see or hear anything, the Aeralithes swiftly came in to take the shivering and dying infant. They kept him warm and fed, and eventually raised the boy as one of their own. Through the years Erik was taught how to hunt, how to track, how to travel the lands and how to survive alone in the wild. During his childhood, Erik grew a love for nature and It’s beautiful animals. This is one of the reasons today why he is known as the Royal Falconer. Though Erik was happy with his life as a hunter, he was curious if this is all life could offer. So on his 18th birthday, his Guardians told him about his real family and about his real past. Erik loved his life as a hunter but he knew that he had to see his brothers. He just had to see his real family. So the fateful day came, the day his Guardians feared, Erik set off to Markev to find his missing brothers, to find his born family and to find out more about the world. And so, the tale of Erik the Falcon begins... Language – Common Residence – 9 Marian .Blvd, City of Reza, Kingdom of Haense (Current) Family Tree:
  9. Erik sheds no tear for his traitorous cousin.
  10. NAME: Erik Kortrevich AGE: 37 RESIDENCE: 9 Marian Blvd OCCUPATION: Royal Falconer, Master At Arms, and heir to the Barony of Koravia POSITION INTERESTED: Maer
  11. Erik has a multitude of emotions coming out of him as he’s just taking in the information of losing his King, having his student become King and having to leave a war. He is happy that peace is a realization and that he can now rest easily. However he is still scarred, both mentally and physically, after his short time in war and is scared of what the future holds for his House and his people.
  12. Erik lets out 100 crows in honor of the late King Marius, who has given him the opportunity to teach the Young King Andrik, third of his name and King of Haensetti Ruska. He looks up into the sky and talks saying “Your Majesty, I will not let you down. I shall watch over the boy and teach him the best I can in not just the art of Falconry, but also morality.
  13. Erik shakes his head in disapproval on the killing of innocent birds, as the Royal Falconer should be, but is nonetheless proud of his niece’s future husband.
  14. Erik seems proud of his cousins response as he reads it on his bed, recovering from his injuries. He thinks to himself “Hurry up and heal dammit!”
  15. Kingdom of Portugal Turn Three Current Monarch: Sancho I Heir: Afonso II Capitol City: Lisbon Population: 900,000 Military Size: Over 75,000 (that is known) Trade: Open Trade Allies: None Military Allies: None Religion: Roman-Catholic Relations with Nations: Moors – Enemies Kingdom of Leon – Neutral Pope – Neutral Others: Neutral Sancho rushes into the Treasury Council room with his fists clenched and with a furious expression on his face. He turns to the Small Council table and see’s that nobody has been seated yet. Just as everyone was about to bow and take their seats, Sancho slammed his fists into the table, causing a loud bang to occur. “What is the meaning of this!” , yelled Sancho. “The Navy hasn’t expanded and the funds for construction have failed! You all had ONE job!”. The room stayed silent as they waited for the King to be seated, or they were all too terrified to even speak. Finally, the King calmed his nerves and sat down in his Chair. In a monotone voice, the King asks “Well, who can explain these events for me.” One councilman stands and says “The Naval Commander was confused on what to do your Majesty. He did not know whether to build ships or to recruit more men”. Sancho replies “Tell him to recruit 1,000 new sailors and to train them in the ways of Naval War. Also tell him to build an armada of 400 ships and to make sure that they are fully functional before he places men in them. The National Treasury will pay for the expenses. Oh, and if he acts like this again, tell him that his first punishment will be 10 lashings, is that understood?” The councilman bows and says “Yes your majesty, but one question. How will we get more funds? We already saw constructions funds fail, what will we do to increase funds?”. Sancho sighs and says .“I have thought of that too. So I have reached to the conclusion to increase taxes by 10%. It should be enough to fund us. If the Governors and Tax Collectors are too corrupt and they use some of these taxes for themselves, send over some men to teach them a lesson. The first punishment is 10 lashings. The second punishment is 10 lashings and a supervisor to inspect their doings. The third and final straw is when I myself go to them and strip their titles and positions. Is this understood?”. The councilmen nod as they take notes. “Good, now my only issue is how we will pay for construction of the new cities”. Just as the King says this, a messenger boy rushes into the room and bows before the King. One of the councilmen stands and says “What is the meaning of this! This is a Royal Meeting, get this boy out of here! Guards!”. Just as the Guards walk up to the boy, the King raises his hand and says “Let the boy speak”. “Th-thank you your majesty. I bring news from the Ambassador in England. He says that the English accepts and a trade agreement between our two Kingdoms has been made”. The King grins and says “Good, tell the Ambassador to accept this offer. Guards, take this boy to the baths, he needs to look presentable when he returns. Also, give him a bodyguard so that he is unharmed”. The guards nod their heads and opens the door. Before the boy leaves, the King says “Oh and boy, do not say a word about this to anyone you meet on the road. You will tell this to the Ambassador only. Is that understood?”. The boy nods and says “Yes, your majesty”. Sancho sits down and chuckles. “Well that should settle things. Once trade opens, we shall put a small tax on those who wish to trade here. And those who export goods out of Portugal shall be fined as well. Now gentlemen, I shall return to my chambers. I hope that you all took great notes as I expect things to turn out better this year. Dismissed”. The King left the Council Room and returned to his chambers. He goes to his desk and takes out parchment and a quill. The letter reads: ”Good citizens of Portugal, I am aware of your hard work. I know that every single man, woman and child works hard to keep this Kingdom prosperous, and I thank you all. But now, the Kingdom asks you for more help. Day by day, our Nation grows larger and stronger and we begin to need more land so that every man, woman and child can live under a roof. So I, King Sancho I, ask you, the humble and loyal subjects of Portugal, to work even harder for the Kingdom. I encourage every man to do what it takes to defend their homes and I encourage every woman to defend and educate their children. And last but not least, I encourage the children of this new Kingdom to work hard for the good of the Kingdom as they are the future of this Kingdom itself. The Kingdom needs your help good citizens. Will you do your part?” Sancho stands and calls for a guard to send this to his scribe. “Send this to my scribe and tell him that I want 1,000 copies of this letter made. I want it distributed throughout the Kingdom in front of every Town Hall, Church and barracks”. The guard nods and rushes over to the scribes room. Actions: Send a messenger boy to the Ambassador in England to accept King John’s trading agreement Place a small tax of 10% to traders that come to Portugal and a small tax of 10% to Portuguese traders that export items outside of the Kingdom Raise taxes by 10% Send the copies of the handwritten letter to every Church, Barracks and Town Halls Order the conscription of 1,000 sailors and the construction of 400 new ships Make sure that every Governor and Tax Collector is aware of the punishments against corruption Continue the training of soldiers between the Moors and Portuguese border Halt construction of towns and cities until the Royal Treasury has enough coin to fund these projects
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