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  1. As Igor sat around the campfire of the home of Shog, one of his newly found troll friends, he sat there thinking of what to say or if he should even speak when negotiating with Oxx, the Chief of the Trolls. Although being a politician, Igor was never much of a diplomat. As they wait for a meeting with Oxx, he hopes that his companion, Prince Franz, could do most of the talking. In the meantime, he feeds the baby troll Rumb some of his potatoes.
  2. Snail Owner: Igor Kort Snail Name: Dave Residence: Farm House V
  3. Tribune Igor Kort fully supports his colleague for Maer, giving a thumbs up. "You have my endorsement Dame Asul'onn!"
  4. Prevja Citizens of Karosgrad! For those who may not know me, I am Tribune Igor Kort and about four years ago I was elected as the youngest Tribune to date at the age of 16. Now at 19 years old, I am seeking a second term as a representative to the common population. Last election I made a promise to the people of Haense. I promised to represent the people of Haense to the best of my ability, and with the aid of my colleagues I was able to achieve that. A few examples of the legislation that was passed through Duma was the Natural Resources Bill that I co-wrote and the Medical Commi
  5. Father James Charles signs the lorraine upon receiving the sudden and sad news. He silently fell to his knees and clasps his hands as he said a short prayer "Do Thou, O Lord, have mercy on our dearly departed, for the sake of us sinners all who greatly hope and trust in Thee. For Thy mercy can turn bittering weeping to joyous fanfare, for Thou alone judgeth the living and the dead. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord. And may perpetual light shine upon them. Amen" He concludes, signing the lorraine once more. "May you rest your soul amongst the holiest of men, Your Holiness. This would shall
  6. Please include the following in your application: IGN: erictafoya11 Character Name: Igor Kort Age: 19 Place of Residence / Street Address: Farm House V Position: Tribune
  7. Upon careful inspection, Father James Charles would ask for permission to speak. Once given, he simply said "Your Holiness, I approve of this document. My vote is aye"
  8. Ser Ivan smiles from the seven skies as he sees the story of the Old Northern Fox being told.
  9. "500 mina for a dog?!? Say less!" said Igor as he went on the hunt
  10. Erik Kortrevich frowns at the state of his house before continuing to burn in hell
  11. THE RED BULL’S FINAL CHARGE 10th of Tov and Yermey, 351 E.S. The landscape of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska It was a quiet and peaceful day in Karosgrad. As Ser Ivan and his cousin, Lord Viktor Kortrevich prepared for a hunt. Ivan seemed to be in good spirits despite what would come. For a while, he had terrors of his own end and he knew that it was coming soon but today would be a good day. Before departing from the city, Ser Ivan would say his farewells to a woman who he considered as his own daughter-in-law, Luisa Barclay, as she was the wife
  12. IGN: erictafoya11 Character Name: Igor Barrow Age: 16 Place of Residence / Street Address: Farm House V Position: Tribune
  13. I remember the endings to Atlas and this one was surely an interesting one. But Arcas has had its fair share of unforgettable moments. Nice post yandeer!
  14. THESIS: ON THE EXALTED AND THE LESSONS OF THEIR VIRTUE The Exalted Prophets are known to be the founders of our holy scrolls and are regarded as the most pious and virtuous. These are Horen with the Scroll of Virtue, Owyn with the Scroll of Spirit, Godfrey with the Scroll of Gospel, and Sigismund with the Scroll of Auspice. Although being the descendants of the son of Godan, some were not without sin as the only truly perfect being is Godan, and none is his equal. Though they still sit in the sixth sky above Godan’s throne, thus proving that even sinners can be forgiven by Godan, for h
  15. “I’d rather have the actual demons die before the one King that sinned” Ser Ivan said after reading
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