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  1. "To the Honorable Alderman, Royal Inquisitor Anders Kortrevich, I'd first like to address that your point on referencing the 'Guide of the Royal Duma' is both decades old and holds no legal weight. It merely states a precedent that has been set for a century, though that does not mean that it is legally binding. In fact, I am not the only Lord Speaker to show bias or impartiality. I have never taken an oath like that when I took Office, I merely accepted the duty that was given to me. I follow what is written into law and what I am commanded to do, not what is written in a guide. Therefore,
  2. A CALL FOR COMPROMISE [!] Lord Speaker Igor Kort writing in his office after a session of Duma, 376 E.S. [!] The letter is published to the entire public, though copies are sent to the following: His Excellency, Lord Palatine Maric var Ruthern @GMRO His Highness, Grand Maer Otto August Barbanov @Mio His Grace, Lord Handler Ruslan Baruch @Sarmadonn The Honorable Alderman, Royal Inquisitor Anders Kortrevich @Crevel Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, “I preface this letter by publicly apologizing for my recent conduct as Lord Speak
  3. The next day at work, Robert looks at Tatiana and says "New diet?"
  4. Robert Ludovar knows he can't make it that day, so he prepares a gift to be sent to the bride and groom instead.
  5. Recently Impeached but still in power Igor Kort prepares absences for any who refuses to wear the perfectly normal and good-looking sashes he commissioned!
  6. NOMINATIONS FOR THE 374 ES GENERAL ELECTIONS KRUZAE ZWY KONGZEM 9th of Tov and Yermey, 374 ES DLUM VE EDLERVIK, DRUZ VE EDLERVIK VA BIRODEO HERZENAV E EDLERVIK, By the will of His Majesty, Koeng Heinrik Karl II, the elections of 374 ES shall be called to elect eight officials. Nominations shall now be open for the next month, and citizens of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska are called upon to fulfill their civic duty to vote. Eight of these officials shall be brought onto the Royal Duma, including a Grand Maer to manage and imp
  7. [!] A letter was addressed to Fionn Castaway, sealed with the sigil of The Red Bull rather than the usual Speaker sigil. @FionnTWG "Dear Fionn, I hope you'd be glad to know that I actually did finish that edict you've been nagging me about. As expected, it's already picked up a bit of controversy from, guess who, Franz. As you know, I cannot say my opinion for your bid to run for the next election, but I do wish you the best of luck. Send me a souvenir from the swamps, da? I haven't been to the Attenlund properly since my youth. I do hope you've been treating that young bride of yo
  8. "Month's, nie... years of my career have been put into this edict. It took longer than needed, and it has it's imperfections, but I finally have completed it. My defining moment, my finest moment..." comments the very tired Lord Speaker Igor Kort. At last, he has earned his day off..
  9. Igor sweats as now the Pontiff knows all of his secrets...
  10. Respect?: Gained Simp?: Not Under 6ft?: Yeah lmao
  11. THE CELEBRATION OF OTISTADT [!] The celebration feast at Otistadt c. 372 ES The Comital House of Ludovar henceforth invites all citizens of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, and her allies, to the final celebration of the Lifstala, held at the County of Otistadt. The event will consist of the following activities that are truly worthy of ending this social season: Mini-Games - Citizens of all races and ages can participate in three mini-games with small prizes awarded to every winner. Games will include: - Dart Board Competitions - Drinking Co
  12. Igor Kort let out a disgusted scoff as he read the missive. He quickly had his clerk clean up his disorganized office of the crumpled up parchment and about thirty more crumpled up documents from different areas. "Hmf... By their logic they'd kill any toddler who knew how to pick up a dagger. The blatant disregard and lack of sympathy for the loss of children truly makes me question the faithful values of that 'Canonist' Emperor of theirs and their so-called canonist army. One this is for certain, they're obedient to the point where basic morals are forgotten!"
  13. The stressed Lord Speaker Igor Kort would smile lightly at the missive, as he knew better than most that being impartial to both sides and staying true to morals was important. "I will say, we are doing pretty well in being the mediators in this conflict."
  14. I said it before, and I'll say it again. I APPRECIATE YOU @livrose
  15. Igor spat out his carrion as he read the missive "MY SLA- I MEAN HANDLER'S ACTUALLY GETTING MARRIED?!?!?!"
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