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  1. Erik had truly surprised himself. Not only had his game made it into politics, but also breathed life into an old gossip column!
  2. "Finally, something we can agree on" noted the Viscount of Krusev as he flipped to the second bill today from the Princess
  3. Erik Otto seemed amused as his game was so polarizing it turned political.
  4. Erik Kortrevich, Baron of Koravia, awaited the intense rivalry to unfold.
  5. The Marshal-Emeritus looked onwards to the burning building as held more than a dozen large eggs and a bag filled with mysterious blue powder as if the pile was an infant. "THERE SHE GOES!!!!"
  6. Ser Leonid looked towards his children as they saw his wife's campaign poster. "Children, brace yourselves. . . There is a landslide coming"
  7. IGN: erictafoya11 DISCORD: erictafoya SKIN: Cozy Cerulean AMOUNT: $10 SKIN: Stunning Sapphire AMOUNT: $10
  8. Ser Leonid looked at a painting of the recently departed Duke Viktor III with his three children huddled in front of him. After rendering a salute to the painting and uttering "Rest in Peace, Comrade" he turned to the triplets and said, "Vy see that man, dear children? Were it not for him, Haense would be a Kingdom no more." @Youngie5500 @Almenodrim @Helios_
  9. Ser Leonid weeps for one of the few Owynists he liked
  10. There had rarely been anything that made the fisherman anxious. Few things ever moved him. Throughout his entire life, he’d defied the orders of King’s, faced mightiest warriors, and fearlessly put himself in danger all for one cause. It was all for. . . “I wonder. . .” He pondered idly as his rod caught nothing. Strange. . . Did his bait fall off? Even in the skies, where things seem to be endless and bountiful, he still had bad luck when it came to a decent catch. No tuna, salmon, or bass to feast on today. “. . . could it be?” Or maybe it was deeper than even that. He was, after all, one of the most skilled fishermen in most of Aevos, and certainly within Haense. It was here that the hailed King Fisher noticed that - for the first time in a long time, his hands were shaking. Nothing else had made him react that way. . . No one else but. . . “. . . - . . . “ A figure sat next to him. He looked on to the horizon with wide eyes, and tears flowing from his eyes. He did not cry out - or rejoice. Just silent tears as his head slowly turned to see who it was. “ A-ams . .” “Hello Timmy” The warmest smile was given by his most beloved and cherished friend. And finally, after all this time. . . Something tugged on his string . . . Meanwhile. . . A dreaded sense of coldness could be felt within the Brotherhood’s barracks. Morale was low. Their beloved Queen had died. Many men were enraged, but none more so than the man who was charged with his godmother’s protection. . . His Queen’s protection. There was little choice he had. After all, he was an example to his men. Even in suffering he had to stay level headed - there was no other way. A Marshal must always do his duty. But a feeling within himself gnawed at him. There was more than just family and blood that he lost that day, but even some of his sanity. His very being was shook. One word had captivated his mind. An obsession that he craved for, and he was starving. That feeling of starvation lasted hours every day. . . Days turned into weeks. . . Weeks felt like months. . . and that feeling would drive him for years. There would be another day when he would meet the demonic plague that took the life of a saintly figure. More scars would be had, and he may not live to see those scars heal. There is something he sought to guarantee. No matter what it costs his personal being. . . “They will feel my vengeance”
  11. The future Baron of Koravia fully intends to commit a series of unspeakable, inconceivable things during the long awaited JUMA.
  12. Hello Lords and Ladies of the Craft! Its my 400th forum post on here. I'm ngl I never thought I would get to this point where I would have 400 things to write about, but here I am lol. I've pondered and asked a few friends what I should make this post about and honestly my minds scattered through really big and extensive lore posts, to a staff application that I probably will never get to doing, an unreleased application video I did from a big YouTuber's minecraft experiment, to just basic shitposting. And it's not only that, but I could also have had some fancy formatting or cared to put in the same amount of effort that I normally do, but I thought it would be cool to just say things from my tired brain in the middle of a lunch break about certain topics I wanted to cover. Stress We all feel it, we all experience it, and we all suffer from it. I've been in the United States Navy for a little over a year and a half now, and I can say I've never felt stress quite like this. It's to the point to where my entire 4 years of High School don't even add up to the fraction of stress I go through here. Now that's not to invalidate ANYONES similar experiences, but that's just my own experience. Not all stress is the same, and not everyone can deal with it in the same way. There are multiple different stressors we all go through that are both strangely similar or wildly different. Boot Camp and A-School for the Navy were one of my most stressful situations that I had to learn how to deal with. It was the work pace, the strange hours (I'd never worked a job before) and generally just the new environment. I moved away from a comfortable life in Delaware, said goodbye to friends I'd known for a decade and to my family that raised me, and I barely get to see them twice a year. Its hard. Its very difficult to get through, but one thing that gives me peace of mind is that I'm living out my dream, have a relatively stable income for my lifestyle, and most of all I'm making those same people prouder and prouder everyday. Stress on the server is also present. I know it may sound silly at first glance, and to some people it may be silly, but stress through LOTC exists as well. "But it's just a game" You're right, it is. A game where relationships have formed both casual and serious. A game where communities were made, some lives genuinely changed indirectly, and bonds forged through hours of gamer sweat. For me, I met the love of my life on this server, who I am now engaged to and have known for over three years. Three years. That's all it took to change my life. It sounds ridiculous, but all it takes is one interaction, one conversation, one moment. For all of the stress I've gone through, it was worth it. Emotion But what about emotional turmoil or change? Is it harder to spot? Maybe. Is it easier to deal with? Probably not. Do we have to deal with it at all? That's up to you. In the end it is YOUR emotional health. I joined this server when I was 15 years old, though I'd been in and out of roleplay servers since I was 9, some players still know me from when I first roleplayed (Lookin at u @Milenkhov) 11 years man. . . That's more than half my life spent on minecraft pretending to be someone else. Nuts right? But in those 11 years and in between those margins of life I have met hundreds of people that, in one way or another, shaped the way I look at certain things and not all at the same time! If I had a conversation with myself from when I was 9 years old I would have bullied me too! And I would have smacked 15 year old me. In reality, its not the 20th century anymore. Emotional experience gained both in school and in personal avenues like gaming are learned through all walks of life. There is no denying that if you've been on the server for as long as I have that in some way shape or form, your emotions and outlook have been impacted. That could be a wonderful thing! That could also be a terrible one. Again, it all depends on how you look at things, right? One thing is for certain and I want everyone, no matter who you are or what interactions we may have had, but I want everyone to know that your emotions matter so much. Your emotions matter. Your feelings DO matter. They may not matter to everyone, but they matter to someone. Emotion is something so overlooked, so shunned at times through different communities, and therefore often silenced. Often emotions reflect on how our lives are going, which is why I say it matters. One thing for certain is very important: Life Your life matters, my friend. Your life. The life existing around you. The lives you may or may not impact everyday. The lives you have impacted in the past, or have yet to impact for the future. Life in general matters. Respect it. Honor it. Cherish it. And live. With all of my word posting, and with five minutes left on the clock, that's probably the most important thing I have to say here today. Live your life to the fullest potential you can live it. Even if you may be scared to do something, or may have been told something is impossible, if it doesn't harm life then it doesn't hurt to try. Through roleplay we can live endless lives, create endless stories, and even feel as if we live that life ourselves. But in reality, we only have one. Such a long and dreadfully short finite amount of time. Live your life, my friends. May everyone find some prosperity and peace in their life. Have an amazing day, LOTC. - erictafoya
  13. [!] The remnants of a defeated foe leaving a defeated land “To complain during a time of peace is to still be in peace” - L.M.A.K. ~~* *~~ War So dreaded and filled with plight. One wonders, why would anyone want to continue that fight? It can be justified, arbitrary, wrong, or simply right. What if it’s brutal? The countless lives sinking from a once peaking height. ~~~~ A quiet war? One that sheds no blood but instead brings words and ideals? A war that applies no bandage but allows the scars to openly heal? Would this wound fester in infection or finally fade or seal? Is that even possible? Is it even real? ~~~~ NO! It can’t be. How can it be called a war? No blood has been spilled. No glory or bounty to fight for. Was this really all there was? One would think it would mean more. Alas. . . the histories will write of the weight we bore. ~~~~ Forget us? Will everything we fought for be forgotten? Would the prize of battles truly be allotted? It. . . It all confuses me. It is a dark hole I am lost in. . . Clueless. I should enjoy a fresh life instead of one old and rotten. ~~~~ Legacy. Was this conflict's legacy truly all about sin? Did we take up arms one last time all for those claims to be tossed into a bin? I don’t know. . . Maybe, in the end, it was a war that has never been. The long forgotten. . . His Excellency, LEONID MARCO D’ARKENT KORTREVICH, Lord Marshal of Hanseti-Ruska, Patron of All Art, Master of Art, Archivist of Koravia, Knight of The Order of The Crow, “Orcbani”, “The Poet Marshal”, War Poet.
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