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  1. I’ll be sad to see you go bb 😞 Take care, love you, and I’m still going to bother you on Discord.
  2. Marshmallower


    Cecily was born as an only child in a small Highlander village not too far from Helena to an unimportant family of cloth-workers. As soon as she was old enough to sew, her mother taught her the trade, and as a family they worked – living a rather uneventful life. But as people do, her parents grew older and weaker. An influenza raged through the village, leaving her mother weak and dying. When Cecily was 19, her mother succumbed to the illness, and her father took her and left, too distraught to stay in the house his spouse had died in. Together, they traveled the lands living only off of what her father could hunt or find. But that can only last for so long, and eventually he too lost his life while staying in a hostel in Sutica. Unsure of what to do, lost and alone, Cecily sold everything she had besides the clothes on her back, gathered up traveling supplies, and set off into the wilderness. Driven by wanderlust and the desire to leave her past behind, she simply lived. Alone, meagerly, and distraught.
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