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  1. eid mubarak brother 😀
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    Added a small tidbit at the end.
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    Hailing from the Rassid sub-culture, Zahret has never settled in one spot for too long, just as his father, and his father before him. His early life was a haze, each day melding into the next, his father a busy merchant. Young Zahret spent his days out and about, Often trailing with his father, learning the arts of the trade. Due to how often his mercantile community traveled the lands and in turn, his family; Zahret’s mind would often wander off towards what lays beyond the next mountain. Fast foward a few years, Sun’s Smiles, Amber’s Cold passed. Zahret has since strayed from his traveling caravan-esque community, much to the disappointment of his father. Since the War of the Two Empires, his lust for adventure sprung even more forward, hoping to make a name for himself someway or another. Our hero now travels the lands of Arcas, letting the winds of curiosity, and the next contract guide him through his life.
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