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  1. Cause grool is dumb and gave it to them anyway ?
  2. Happy Wednesday!!

    1. Milenkhov


      Same bro!

    2. _Hexe_


      happy thursday

  3. CT couldn't handle Bard's ban properly because it was an admin ban. If an admin bans a player, the ban infraction history is not accessible to mods OR CT members. Therefore, it's hard to properly handle a case when they can't see the exact reason he was banned.
  4. Please message me in here I'd you have any more issues, I'd love to help! ❤️
  5. Wiki Team Application The Community Team has decided to start revamping the LotC Wiki, and we need your help! We’ve decided to come up with a “Wiki Team.” This team will be full of volunteers who are eager to help keep the wiki up-to-date! This team will consist of a handful of players who would like to help with the Wiki without being a part of the staff. The team itself is lead by @KaleyKitty and the rest of the community team’s Wiki Focus Group. It has a category in the New Player Discord, where all the sorting out and discussion will occur. Wiki Team Members will work on updating, organizing, editing, and creating pages as needed and will be given tasks for certain pages to be done. In addition, this team will moderate the players’ edits to ensure that no false information is being added nor pages are being destroyed. If you have any questions about how this team will work, please reach out to @KaleyKitty on Discord. How to Apply You can apply to join our wiki team by filling out the application located here. This form is just a few simple questions to see if you’re fit to join us. If you have not received a reply within one week of applying, please reach out to @KaleyKitty via Discord Kaley#5485.
  6. Imagine thinking staff are more than robots. Have a happy holiday!
  7. [!] Another chest appears within the realm of Arcas. Beyond the fields of corn, a green and white flag blows in the wind, it is here in the cold where you will find your treasure. The chest has been found!
  8. [!] another chest appears... "Where the bear resides away from the Imperials; deep within the frigid land this location stays built. A part long out of use, but once for merchants and naval soldiers" The chest has been found!
  9. Another chest appears... “Nearing the monumental city named after a Horen; what you seek strays nearby as It is surrounded by thick vegetation.” The chest has been found!
  10. [!] Another chest appears in Arcas... on a green hill by a green tribe, where the orcs roam free. The chest has been found!
  11. Cheers to new changes and how good our wiki is gonna look after I'm done with it. ? "The measure of intelligence is the ability to change" - Albert Einstein
  12. KaleyKitty


    Changed Status to Accepted Hello Squ1shySqu1dward, welcome to LotC! Upon being accepted, you should automatically be white-listed onto the server. If there is an issue with your white-listed, please contact me on discord or the forums. If you’d like in-game assistance, feel free to contact me or a Community Team Member, and ask for a Wilven Monk, or otherwise ask for assistance with becoming acclimated to the server. You can perform /creq I would like a Wilven Monk please in-game as well for assistance. We encourage you to join our New Player Discord to meet current players and ask our Community Team Members for assistance or any questions you may have. We encourage you to read our New Player Guide, which provides detailed information about LotC and roleplay itself. Since your character is a cave dwarf, we encourage you to read about cave dwarf Nations and Major Charters. In addition, check out our Settlement Guides for other places you may be interested in. Should you need any help at any point in the future, please contact me on discord Kaley#1234. You can also issue a /creq [message] on the server to open a Community Staff ticket.
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