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  1. why is there a process server in a beekeepers uniform trying to scale my fence

    1. BardMainHere


      he is there to ensure proper service of process for my conversion lawsuit

  2. Enjoy the downvote, gusano. I hope your disastrous attempt at humor was worth the negative karma.

  3. ANOTHER MIſSIVE FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS IN HELENA AND BEYOND OR AN EſSAYE ON THE NECEſSITY OF ſCHOOLING; FOR WOMEN, POOR-CHILDREN AND ALL OTHER BEAſTS, AND WHY THE EMPEROR MUST FUND IT BY INKED QUILL OF Dr. JOHN W. ORßELBAR. MDCCLV I perceive with no ſmall delight that Ms Octavia Amelie Pruvia of Oſtwick haſ indiſputably proved, that women and poor-folk are in every reſpect naturally equal to noble men, not only in mental abilities, but likewiſe in bodily ſtrength, boldneſs and the like. But all this, however, is only an approximation to the great truth that there is no ſuch thing as ſuperiority of nature; and that any thing, when minutely and accurately examined, will be found to be of indifferable value and intrinſically equal. Animals have long been known to have reaſon and to communicate with one another. If men diligently ſtudied the language of little known ſimple-peoples, ſuch as the Raevir or Illatian, they would find them very intelligible; ſimilarly the languages of animals could be learned if men did bother. There are among common men a wealth of anecdotes of loving and intelligent animals: oxen who could count to one hundred, the number of buckets of water each carried daily to the Emperor’s gardens in the forefront of Novellen; elephants who were clever and affectionate, eſpecially to ladies to receive dinner-treats of delicious peanuts; magpies who were natural musicians, and dogs who were natural actors and dramatiſts. An orchestra of magpies and an acting troupe of dogs could provide much public entertainment if placed ſtrategically in the ſquare of the city, and their wages, because animals care not for money, could be used to increaſe the imperial coffers. And thus has been proved, as theſe animals and beaſts are equal to men in many capacities, it only now remains to demonſtrate the same great truth of equality of men and women to be shared with men and beaſts. The diſtinction between claſses of intelligent creature muſt be entirely subverted, subordination aboliſhed, and all matter of education be common to all. To allow oxen and other beasts of the field right of education will turn these beaſts into productive members of ſociety, and laſtly, it is everyone's GOD given right to attend school and have baſic knowledge of the world and religion. Funding is important for any government eſtablishment, I propoſe that the government should fund these ſchools in Helena, for it would be cruel and unfair for a beaſt that cares not for the weight of coin to shoulder a financial burden that is not of its realm of sophiſtic interest - natural-philoſopher I am, I have yet to see a horſe pay tax and doubt they would be willing to diſcuſs the proſpect.
    1. argonian


      Legit as sin my pseudo-french friend

    2. Hunwald


      if this aint facts..

  4. bees? I love those little guys

    1. BardMainHere


      do they got knees?

    2. frill
  5. 999? That content count and community reputation is an aura that no soul can penetrate. 

    1. frill


      one thou

  6. frill 🤗

  7. hastur 🙂

  8. Veikko H—, profound legalist and man-of-letters, is tucked in bed with the warmest of goose-down blanketry his pocket could afford. A reading-glass in the grips of his porcine fingers (growing fat from the power of the legal profession, not the gout, he hopes), he begins to scan his eyes over the document. His face souring and moustache curling in kind, he mumbles aloud to himself; “A poor thing to see, punishments still wholly pecuniary in times as these. To make the job of the magistrate to punish these sinful instead of the observation of the laws is a perverse hubris. It should be a duty to honour God instead of revenging him, lest you’re conflating the judge with God himself. A piastic hamlet judge is not one of the Exalted.” Patting the pockets of his sleep-suit he finds his bedtime writing quill, metal nib luckily not painting the breast of his pyjama with damp ink. He begins to write a piecemeal replication of his thoughts to his dear uncle.
  9. frill


    “Angry- at dresses.” Sir Veikko Harjalainen, KM and man-of-letters hums with some confusion before using giving his facsimile of the missive a two-fingered fold, tucking it into the bottom drawer of his bureau for the eventuality he would need it to woo a woman of intellect.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. _Jandy_


      if you thought it was harassment you would’ve banned me or given a formal warning, stop being disingenuous because your feelings are hurt

    3. frill


      Yeah, you were warned by three people because your behaviour wasn’t suitable for the Discord and you were subsequently removed from it. Please stop lashing out and take it up with that nation’s discord moderators.

    4. _Jandy_


      I’ll make sure my low effort minecraft memes dont hurt your feelings next time

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