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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvnqUP7Vra8

    woah holy crud it’s anime gurls what r they gonna do this time???

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  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moZtoMP7HAA

    epic funny haha

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  3. priceflash what do you think nicki is going to call her son @Priceflash

    1. Priceflash


      Nicki works in mysterious ways im unsure, i’d say honestly probably a trinadian name or maybe moses, something trendy, idk. 


      All my mutuals say its gonna be named after themselves soooo honestly the barbz arent doing me any favors

    2. frill


      i saw the fake posts abt her calling him jeremiah but that name just isnt very nicki

    3. Priceflash


      Yeah that a white boy name no chance

  4. please stop staring at me from the other side of the banned player prison rec area during yard time. it intimidates me

  5. @Junar wwho built this
  6. I encourage this brief switching-up of the helm and hope it’s a pivot towards a stronger and more cohesive team. There is a good future ahead, but it is now time to take the first few steps to getting to it.
  7. frill

    Dungeons? Dungeons!

    please factor in replayability if there are like 2 dungeons. puzzles et al would be very slog boring encounters if you’ve already done them before so know the answers.
  8. legal scholar albrecht eggebrecht writes a letter to leonard van halen concerning a tangential bill rider dear sir i write to you over my morning brew now that a temporal limitation is introduced to imperial law, why is there no geographic one? should a man break an existing law in a realm that is later imperial territory, does he suffer criminal liability through the infinite regress of time (not that time regresses infinitely, for we do know it was Created – but let us not bog down in canonical eisegesis! we have law to lawyer!), or are there geographic limitations to the punitive power of the state? if i were to kill a fellow man in wildylands uncharted nor claimed until decades later, it would be murder, but would i be hot-footed to the prison wagon and gifted six foot of an “orener’s necktie” should these lands later become imperial territory? after all, it would be a crime committed on imperial soil, but soil that had yet to be imperial soil at the time. your kindly orc states that its purpose is for “the dispensation of justice within our realm”, but to what temporal degree? is it within the imperial realm-in-space or imperial realm-in-moment? i demand and implore for geographical limitations to be explicated if someone as wizened as myself is confused, i can only imagine your top academics are banging their heads against their tables in frustration i hope this letter finds you in good health and i send you a bouquet attached and a million sympathies on hearing of your brother edwards recent passing from this realm to his eternal reward, yours, albrecht eggebrecht
  9. I liked the bit of the cinematic where they threw harpoons and fired bows
  10. now you're the noblewoman ggt. Tables have turned
  11. This is an outdated and frankly worrying opinion of banditry for a moderator to hold. I can’t name any “muh bandit” roleplayer who isn’t heavily invested in a national or racial community, nor any bandit that uses a throwaway character to do such. I worry for people who actively look to create roleplay conflict on the server if the attitude of the moderators is that they’re “rotten” and damaging the server. Maybe it would be healthier for the players of the server for you to reflect on where your attitudes towards banditry stem from, instead of being a dedicant to the outmoded idea of murderhobo banditry. Going to “ain’t this you?” your reply by throwing out an example where you tried to get players that your own nation was at war with to leave your nation tile when no villainy was occurring because their existence was “baiting raiding”. It is an example of your use of your elevated position as moderator to try to remove any potential source of conflict towards your home nation. Your prejudices toward people who favour conflict or bandit orientated roleplay might come from a place of preservation or respect for your full-time job of running a 250x250 Minecraft nation, but it is a hostile and dangerous opinion to publish and should be used as evidence to refuse your judgement should players receive you as a moderator during conflict RP. I would not expect bandit roleplayers to receive fair nor equal treatment from a moderator who, unprompted, calls them damaging to the server. Yes, punish those who take the conflict too far and break the rules, but publishing sweeping generalisations from a point of authority only leads to the current state of uncooperate out-of-character loathing continuing. Don’t try to minority report pre-emptively punish people by titrating banditry into a non-event by constantly tightening the rules.It would be better and healthier for the server for you to acknowledge and redress the problems in your position as moderator instead of blogposting to stoke the flames of mutual dislike that are leading to the current state of server conflict. Saying “bandits BAD settlements GOOD ” is an empty aphorism that does nothing but continue to separate two playerbases that should be working cohesively to generate entertaining, engaging and enjoyable roleplay. Maybe if this attitude changes in some distant future the state of banditry on the server can be repaired, but the lingering prejudices of the staff-team against some phantom “ever-bandit” do nothing to resolve it.
  12. Your argument falls apart when you start leaning on examples that are multiple years old. If anything, this bolsters the argument of a general stagnation of apolitical villainy roleplay — that is, banditry without a greater political purpose — due to the fact that you’ve had to paw back through multiple major conflicts to find an example of muh mean goons. I understand the blue-sky thinking about this point, especially as it’s a sentiment that Telanir has tried to encourage. However, this level of foregoing in-character tensions to develop greater story arcs has not worked so far. You may be able to beat your chest and point at examples such as bandits agreeing to egregious 5 versus 20 nation-raids, victorious or otherwise, but to posit that as anything but the fruit of players trying to find any conflict in the current villainy drought pointedly confusing. The mutual agreement between nations and parties does not work. The most glaring case-in-point is that warring nations agree on raid rules etc. to allow players to have a differing regulation of raids during wartime. Parties refuse to agree to any differing terms from the banditry default as there is no benefit to increasing or modifying the cap. Organising it beforehand with a wink and a nudge is not a tenable means of villainy on a server where players see threats to their roleplay nations as direct attacks on themselves as out-of-character individuals. The Rubern-Oren war ran from November to April (I may be wrong, but around then) and had no agreed war-time raid rules, so the peace-time banditry terms were used. The Sutica-Oren war ran from June to August and had no agreed war-time raid rules, so the peace-time banditry terms were used. Outside of the 8-day Orc-Dorf war, the mutual-agreement principle of war raid rules hasn’t been touched since its initial inception. Players in roleplay conflict have little intention nor desire to mediate the extant conflict’s terms; they instead want to mediate its existence outright. This is and not to server roleplay as something greater than individual actions, resulting in a server culture where bandits are castigated out-of-character for being sources of in-character conflict. God forbid stress. Consider why people attack you each time the cooldown is off and try to address this problem. Is there some inherent weakness with your city? Is there an in-character problem between these nominal bandits and your settlement? These are problems that can, and should, be addressed in character. The out-of-character fuelling of banditry should be punished if you can find something to qualify it as such, but there is no reason to not remove sources of potential in-character conflict. People bounced to Sutica when it was a weak nation and would rotate banditing within minutes of the cool-down coming off and tiring of this, Sutica has developed both a military and greater intranational political alliances that managed to outrally and cow the single largest nation of the server into surrendering from an offensive war. There are ways to fix these problems that are far more amicable to roleplay and community-building than banning the idea of non-consentual conflict. I’m not going to mock you by asking if you have “talked to the bandits ooc :-D” to reach a mutual agreement on how and when raids should occur, especially if they’re becoming such a consistent problem that they are disrupting server events and roleplay at the national level outside of the multiple-day cooldowns that these twenty minute incursions cause. If you feel like something is harassment or not justified in roleplay and you can’t handle it yourself, call a moderator. If you feel like your nation can’t defend itself in-roleplay, hire sell-swords and provide some greater roleplay to players looking for conflict RP that wouldn’t otherwise defend , nor otherwise engage with, your community. Don’t castrate villainy when the problem is entirely your response to your situation and your own inability to shield yourself from frowny-face scenarios outside of seething until it’s removed from the server. I’m excited to be called “evil bandit >:(” for defending banditry, especially as my post history circles around 45% Oren law posts, having shadow-written countless others. I am by no means a road bandit, but that is not to say that I don’t enjoy bandit roleplay. The shared agreement backstage handshake-and-wink concept of “mutually assured banditry” cannot exist in a server where in-character hostilities are out-of-character affronts. booyakasha
  13. Dear Bianca, At my late 70s, I am growing old in my years on this mortal coil and my relationship with my wife is not as it used to be. Gone are the days that we would walk the cobbles of New Reza in the morning and be in eachothers’ arms by the evening, instead finding eachother both silent and asleep by 8pm sharp. Is there some arcane spell to re-discover this young love, and will my wife notice if I gave some to the young divorcee next door? Sincerely, A Sleepless Septuagenarian
  14. happens to the best of us
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