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  1. frill


    Fyrrathul the Black smiles widely as he shares a flagon of ale with Adrian, meeting his pint with Adrian’s in a hearty cheers. “General and heir.” he applauds, taking a hearty sip.
  2. nobody really writing them man
  3. king of the roads... bandit dog!!

  4. @Mirtok why are you server banning people over forum warning points now of all times ? lmfao

    1. rukio


      who got Banned LOL 

    2. VonAulus
  5. i would like to rp an oren politician 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. frill


      i want to be solicitor-general again and i want you to not kill my character @Cracker

    3. sergisala


      If you want to rp an orenian politician run for the House of Commons as everyone else

    4. frill


      i dont need to compete

  6. Fyrrathul rubs his hands together in rapt enjoyment of a day’s work.
  7. Fyrr the Black seems filled with a contented smile after having the document read aloud to him.
  8. Fyrr the black strikes a match, tending to the end of a roll of paper stuffed with home-grown cactus green. With one repentant huff and a snubbing pinch of the tip, he tucks it behind his ‘ker ear, riding his steed in cantering circles about the squat keep, until he can find Big Tony, delivering the missive with an anticipatory grin of his gold-capped canines.
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