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  1. results day was today i hope the clinic wasn't too busy

  2. if you take mine craft seriously enough to replace a real relationship with a roleplay one you have more problems than just that
    1. frill


      Dawsy... a whole YouTube vine rip........ For me.......


  3. Many nobles in the Holy Orenian Empire would have this letter stuffed haphazardly through their letterbox, even being delivered to some shops, market stalls and places of trade! Printed in clear, easy-to-read typeface, it looks like an important piece of mail and certainly not junk. URGENT BUSINESS ASSISTANCE Attention Beneficiary Due to the fear of seizure by the Phoenix Mercenary Band and Goverment of Brannby [Guise] the rare famed crown of the Holy Orenian Empire, the Johannian Crown have been moved into safe deposit abroad through the Land border, Can you assist Me? Kindly revert as soon as possible to declare your willines to partner with me in this project. We deposited a trunk box containing the crown of the Holy Orenian Empire yesterday evening, the Johannian Crown - that which had not been recovered from abdicant Johannes Achilius, ready for onward delivery via mighty strong and trustworthy Olog courier to the palace of Helena without further delay, the box weight 260lb and it was declared as Writing Materials and Personal Belongings for sake of secrecy. Do reconfirm this below information's. 1: Your Name & Address 2: Your Age & Occupation 3: Your next Of Kin We warned the Helena Constabulary that the consignment should not be inspected by any guards when bringing the consignment to you and never let them know the true content of the box to avoid Diversion or even a theft. To allow this safe shipment I humbly request a safe deposit of two thousand (2 000) minae in unmarked envelope to my address below to allow the shipment safe transfer and to feed the Olog so it does not anger. Yours In Service, Honorable Orenian Mr.Alain Scorilo de Baden 1 Owyn Avenue, Brannby.
  4. "dont think emperors can decide whose son is whose but cheers." says big al baden between mouthfuls of his yummy breakfast pork pie.
  5. i saw ur pfp gif and instinctively punched my monitor and it no longer works (hole), will send paypal info.

    1. Assassinofawsome


      Of course, of course. My deepest apologies!

  6. “Sounds like a crock of heeby-jeeby shite to me.” Big Al Baden tugs the silly missive free from the wall of the Brannby brewhouse, folding it into quarters and using it as a barmat for his half-full pint of Brannby pale ale. Don’t want to go staining that bar-top, it’s just been varnished.
  7. ur law code has an addendum from emperor joseph I marna... 

  8. is leaving ur bedroom such a rare event u have to make a minecraft thread about it, liam?
  9. Ide Haraccus sharpens his quill, preparing to write a letter pledging legal support for the trial should it ever occur!
  10. If both parties refused to work together before, during or after a conflict arises then they’re throwing their right to cry about rule-lawyer or mala fides pvp clicks into the flames. The onus is meant to be on both parties to create the atmosphere, and if one is acting so aggrieved in so far as wanting to lawyer and manipulate the rules in place to protect them to be a weapon against the other party, that needs to be nipped in the bud by whichever staff-member is handling the tickets instead of being enabled by them. There should be no incentive for leaders to press for agreeable terms; the purpose of the OOC discussion is to define a via media in which both parties would want to step into conflict, and these terms need to be reached without any carrot-stick artifice beyond having something fun to rp. The spirit of direct conquest and RP bulldozing still remains, as we’ve seen in all of the previous wars that have crept up since the reveal of the new wars, and it’s a spirit that means that there is no room for negotiation between either party because they see no “roleplay reason” to move the terms, consequences et al. into a situation where the conflict would be seen as an enjoyable mutual enterprise for the people behind the screen. When people’re threatening to void wars because the victim-group don’t consent to full, unabated, steamrolling, PRO-losing conquest, there’s a clear lack of “let’s just have fun roleplaying this out” from anyone involved. The rule-sets are for people who take pretend knight roleplay less seriously, and can flit through IC logic with a wink knowing that they’re not causing an OOC conflict by starting an IC one. With the factionalism and unabated vitriol that people throw at each-other at the national level, it’s very hard to get this subtle smudging of role-play circumstances to keep people enjoying things on both sides. Instead, you have people mobbing Nation Leaders in hour-long discord calls where they state that they demand to have absolute OOC control of a settlement so it’s no longer a “threat in roleplay”, and that it’s either handing over the keys OOC or being bulldozed. The system is idealised, and would work well, for a different set of people. The staff and players are relatively incapable of following the new rules if an issue comes up every three days from a rule-set that is meant to fuel mutual, respectful conflict for the sake of jus’ fun RP :3c and prevent conquest bulldozing of entire nations.
  11. Ves was always and will continue to be a Hunwald project, and that’s what gave me some comfort when captaining the Ves ship as NL before my law finals took more importance over mineman. Hunwald has a level of auctoritas within human nationstate political RP wherein he’s somebody you’d want to have the backing of due to either his OOC connections alone – when previously arranging to do slide through a coup, he was arranging to have DPM and his boyz arrive to prevent it, entirely behind closed doors of course – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, and I see having one contiguous leader advising NLs in a Ves-like elected government as something that benefited the arrangement it had when the nation was a democratic state that gave a platform for new players to engage in human RP instead of fleeper guise. Hunwald loves Ves and he’ll control it OOC for as long as people see him as being good at doing so. Unless you have goons threatening to ddos or dox when they’re ignored, people only puppet as much as they’re allowed to, and the worst Hunwald does is yell “wahh” into his mic if you disagree. Even though I do deride people puppeting others (especially as it still happens, hi Kosher + HappyShackles :] ), it’ll happen in most places where there’s a significant government that people have to depart NL for reasons that they – and their playerbases who see them as capable enough to lead – fundamentally disagree with, as shown by Hunwald’s OOC presence after the PK of Alf Myre. Hunwald didn’t have any reason to let go of Ves and the Belvitz-Felsen-Adrian gang that stuck to Ves see no reason to make him. You’ll know those kids making their cameos in this thread when you see them. Everything else you’ve said is pretty golden except for a few hair-splitting inaccuracies about the fleepers and yoppl that aren’t really worth digging my teeth into. I’ll miss you buddy, you were always good to talk to and it’s sad to see somebody grow up and flee the nest. <o/
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