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  1. joel saying all dead caliphates r in jahannam ? what the ****
  2. you wound me with you ignorance of the perfective verb, a central part of the slavic verb system that has no english aspect. to insist we cater to an alien linguistic grammatical aspect while ignoring far more convenient articles from your own mother-tongue is a black stain on your culture and heritage. I encourage you to acquaint yourself with Nachman Blumental’s Slowa Niewinne to illuminate what dangerous rapids you are steering this tea-clipper of discourse down.
  3. strongly disagree as the definitive article is necessary to know which Kingdom you're talking abt, allowing the reader to know they're for extant iterations of that settlement instead of historical ones. I instead propose The be added before every other board for clarity
  4. shakora? i couldnt eat a whole one
  5. Fyrrathul retains his grey eminence despite circumstances and starts to dictate a note toward a nearby halfling scribe. Addressing it to the dwed mercenary Tharim, the note warned him of the fatal delay that his carcinogenic thanhium crossbow bolts have on killing those struck by them.
  6. Sign-Up Format Mcname: frill Talent: dance moves (i do not own a webcam so you have to use your imagination a bit)
  7. heard they keep taking your babies off the auction house sandking
  8. kharajyr shelved and r now knocking books and knick-nacks off of it w their paws

  9. To think if basket didn't take that trip to the grand canyon this thread could've been posted almost a decade ago..
  10. 1st

    1. Ryloth


      pretty pog and lookin forward to some fat raid rules

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