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  1. MAT

    The guild Turcia

    Recruiting peapole who want to fight, farm craft, whatever you can do Turcia wants you! Turcia is a young guild looking for members of all races and colour’s, we are trying to get a charter in the desert area. (Pm me if you are interested (so you can at me) ميكي مخلل#0158 copy and paste it,)
  2. *Kiri would say “I, The first Blacksmith of Vintas will ensure that all of our men will be provided with swords and shields in order to fight the orcs”
  3. MAT

    selling stuff

    how would you craft weapons?
  4. MAT

    selling stuff

    I'm a new player, my persona is a smither so i was wondering how the obtaining an selling of weapons would work
  5. MAT


    Kiro Soto was born in the isles of Arcas and had a pretty good life despite being poor. He ate sardines and sometimes had special roaches for a topping. his father was an armorer and blacksmith, hence his name Kiri (black) Soto (armorer). Since his parents were poor he wasn’t accepted by many. Him being half-human, half-wood elf didn’t help this problem. since he was unable to get a formal education in medicinal or aquatic life sciences, his parents were seen as traitors or unethical, resulting in their assassination. Weather this was Curonian monarch or someone else is unknown. Kiri Soto was now alone (and sick of sardines), so he ran away to unpopulated place near Adria, where he made his lodging. He began teaching himself in armor and weapon smithing, burning several houses down in the process. Once he had figured out his father's way of smithing, he had become the best in the land--oh wait, that's powergaming... Let's just say he was decent... really good, but not such wow. Slightly above average, ish.
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