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  1. "Amazing." Alexander would say as he finishes reading the book's introduction. "Very Interesting." The Minister of Truth would then proceed to read the rest of the book with attention.
  2. “I knew this day would arrive...Frogs are taking over!” an old man would exclaim as he sees the Happy Frog Trading Company arrive
  3. “Long may he reign from the seven skies!” Alexander would say as he signs the Lorraine
  4. “Ave His Holiness Siegmund I” Alexander would say “Maybe some of these divine laws are a little bit abusive for the women, but I’m not anyone to judge the will of GOD.” he’d say as he scratches his chin.
  5. “Ave Imperium Renatum. Ave Godfrey III” Alexander would say
  6. "Not fake kings, real ones, not like yours..." The Minister of Truth would say
  7. “Ave Imperium Renatum. Ave Godfrey III” The Minister of Truth would say.
  8. “Just surrender now, haensetics.” Alexander would say “Otherwise, you are only losing your time, as the power of Godfrey III of House Horen is unstoppable and will crush you If needed.”
  9. “Finally justice has been made and the title of DUKE OF ADRIA has been destroyed. Ave the democratic Republic of Ves!” a man would say
  10. The Minister of Truth would approve this Edition of the Felsen Times and become a fan of It.
  11. Alexander smirks as right now this and other old documents have no legal effects in the Kingdom of Curonia.
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