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  1. "This revisionist historian is still writing this?" blinked the old and decrepit Sir Charles Galbraith
  2. "Toda la Gloria para Hyspia!" said a humble hyspian by the name of Sergio upon reading of the proclamation
  3. "The last paragraph ought to be understood as an apology to the House of Helvets as well. Consider the apologies also extended to Lady Aloisia" said the Lord Regent to one of his couriers. "It shall be done, my lord." answered the courier as he proceeded to send a bird to personally offer the aforementioned noble apology to Aloisia.
  4. A RIVIAN CONDEMNATION, 1884 17th of Sun's Smile, 1884 It is with a heavy heart that the Viscounty of Rivia condemns the recent villainous attack performed against the good people of the Barony of Acre, the heir to the Duchy of Cathalon, and any other individuals who may have been harmed during the same. What saddens us the most of this attack is how apparently these vile bandits dressed with red colors and yelled pro-Rivian statements whilst performing their villainous crimes. One may think, wrongfully, that for such reason the Viscomital Seat was behind this sudden attack, but that would be completely false, for this Regency has never ordered or endorsed these assassinations. Hence, by virtue of this declaration, we decree the following: - The Viscounty of Rivia does hereby affirm that the vile bandits who performed the aforementioned crimes in the Barony of Acre are not associated with or related in any manner to the Viscounty of Rivia and its people. - Furthermore, the Viscounty of Rivia does hereby condemn and disavow these attacks and assassinations, dishonor their authors, strip them of all honors and ranks that they may hold in the Viscounty of Rivia, and sentence them to death. May they step afoot in our land they are to then be killed on-sight. - In addition, the Viscounty of Rivia does hereby issue a public apology to the Harvest Lords of the Harvest Confederacy for this incident. Finally, as for the House of Helvets and their dead child is concerned, we, the true Rivians, are with you, as we lament this sad death and join you in your prayers. For the Greater Glory of Our Confederacy, HIS EXCELLENCY, Lucius Galbraith, Lord Regent of the Viscounty of Rivia.
  5. The Lord Regent lighted a candle for the fallen Marshal of Rivia "The best Marshal we have ever had. Pisspot shall for sure be remembered for generations to come." he muttered upon hearing of his sudden death.
  6. I hate balkanized humanity in Minecraft 

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    2. Heero


      @Battle Unit according to the time line, a flay-like/backed pvp group will take up arms in a recently claimed strip of land before heralding the reformation of the empire under a napoleonic regime. weird how the capital's still standing tho

    3. sergisala


      @Battle Uniti know that's the worst part, that Oren will come back eventually lmfao so what's the point of wasting our time at the moment

    4. Battle Unit

      Battle Unit

      @Heero it is ur duty to ban dewpah


      @sergisala Hard reset, people gotta miss something before they bring it back :serene:

  7. "So... is this the Kingdom of Oren with just another name?" wondered Lucius whilst blinking upon reading the missive "It definitely looks like it since they are the same people that were the royal loyalists of the false Kingdom."
  8. o7, p.s.: no idea who did all that doxxing but I hope they never step afoot in the server ever again
  9. "At long last, the false Kingdom of the Usurper Frederick I has fallen, and the suffering of Our people has finally ended. May GOD save the Harvest Confederacy!" stated the Lord Regent of Rivia
  10. I thought this was a Roleplay server
  11. "I agree with most of the content of this missive but...That we all head South?" the Lord Regent chuckled at the idea of a massive emigration to the desert "No. If anything any future together must be built in the continent, where everything began: The Petra River." said Lucius as he read the missive. "For now, though, it is time for a Confederacy with the Barony of Acre and the rest of the Orenian vassals to flourish. A Confederacy that keeps the spirit of Oren alive after the ongoing war concludes. Whether Balian wishes to work together with the Confederacy or not it is their call" he simply said.
  12. it's over. checkmate.

  13. The Lord Regent of Rivia signed the Accord "This false Kingdom shall fall, and from the ashes shall arise a new order, that will shake the very foundition of the World. Death to the rotten, vile and corrupt Kingdom of Oren! Death to the usurpers! Death to the kinslayers! Freedom for Our vassals!" he proclaimed upon his signature.
  14. "Have I ever mentioned that Sir Frederick Armas, Grand Cross of the Petrine Order of Humanity and the Empire, was originally a Farmer from the Kingdom of Kaedrin?" suddenly said Lord Lucius Galbraith to the people gathered in his dining room "In fact, it seems it shall soon be harvest season."
  15. you know, you are right.
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