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  1. "His Holiness has made a wise decision: the Canon Law should not be decided by secular rulers but by ordained clergymen. That said, it is also important to highlight that, may the human realms will so, the Holy Mother Church would not have the authority to interfere in the secular legalization of same-sex unions through the enactment of secular legislation on civil unions, as already occurred during the Eight Empire." pointed out the Balianese liberal scholar Marc Galbraith.
  2. "An excellent system to elect the head of the executive branch. I will save this idea to use it in Oren, may it ever rises again in the future." said the scholar Marc Galbraith upon reading the royal proclamation of the Commonwealth of the Petra.
  3. "Maybe His Holiness should consider calling an Ecumenical Council to establish doctrine to clarify this matter." said the scholar Marc Galbraith
  4. "The Holy Scrolls are clear: same-sex marriage is not forbidden under Canon Law. Therefore, in my humble opinion, the human realms should be able to freely legislate on this matter." remarked the scholar Marc Galbraith upon reading the missive.
  5. I haven't had the opportunity to play alongside you but I am glad to see that you had fun on the server. Remember that you will always be welcome in this community :)
  6. "At long last, there is peace amongst men once again. May the Pax Orenia endure." said the balianese historian Marc Galbraith upon hearing of the peace treaty. "So, as Horen and Owyn, Godfrey was the savior of men, who brought holiness into their kingdoms and peace to their homes." (Gospel 6:63)
  7. God created not one Man but many, to live upon the Creation of His Image.

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      mr sala of fourth street,


      it is good to see you doing well.


      do you still dream of the empire?


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  8. "If my King is a Lich does that mean that If I rebel I'll suffer the Wrath of the Lich King?!" exclaimed Sergius, a humble haeseni peasant
  9. The old historian Marc Galbraith would nod in approval to the proclamation made by the Baron "New blood, new energy." he said, wishing the heir good luck in his future noble task of leading the Noble House of Galbraith. "Ad Maiorem Imperium Gloriam" he added in Flexio, referring to the ancient motto of the family.
  10. You will know him, for with peace he gathers the sons of Horen, where the sword has divided them.

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      hes talking ab out me guys, get ready for oren 9.0

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  11. Marc Galbraith would say the following after reading the letter of the Bishop of Geligar: "An excellent letter, and I would also like to make the following remarks: The High Pontiff does have the the duty to bring the Canonists Princes together and the duty to encourage the political unity of humanity. In other words, he has the duty to find a suitable candidate to restore the Imperial Oren by coronating an Emperor that brings law, order and prosperity to all the sons of Horen."
  12. The Balianese historian Marc Galbraith made the following remarks upon hearing the news: "It is certainly disappointing to see the Paladins of Xan act in such a reckless way but it is definitely not surprising. In the past, I initially assumed that the intentions of these paladins were pure, but later on I found out a record in the royal library of Portoregne that indicated that a century ago these very same paladins attempted to assassinate His Imperial Majesty Joseph II, Holy Orenian Emperor and Defender of the Faith in the Imperial City of Providence. Such an attack into humanity's holiest city and against a leader of mankind is, in my humble opinion, a historic evidence of the vile intentions of these paladins."
  13. Marc Galbraith would be wandering around the royal library of Portoregne, in the Kingdom of Balian, when a courier appeared before him to inform him of the most recent news of the realm. After paying the courier his salary, he would unroll the parchment that contained the missive issued by the Covenant and would read it carefully. Later on, he would start penning a letter addressed to the Duke of Adria, Markus of the House Sarkozic (@Nooblius): "To His Grace the Duke of Adria, I hope this letter finds you well, I would like to humbly give you my opinion or advice on the current international situation in case it would be of any assistance to you. However, first of all, let me be clear; I am a mere historian, I hold no titles and command no armies. That said, I would like to make the following assertions regarding the current war your nation is facing: I am pleased to see that the Duke of Adria condemns the heinous crimes perpetrated by the Veletzian regime. However, the question remains unanswered: how does the Covenant know for certain that this time the Duke's intentions are pure? Certainly, Adria's reconciliation with the Holy Mother Church is an important step forward, but I think that if the Duke wishes for secular peace he should appear before the Covenant and accept their judgement. I genuinely believe that such resolution is the only way to end this bloodshed. Lastly, in order to facilitate the dialogue and the negotiation of peace terms, I would recommend the Duke to seek the mediation of His Holiness the High Pontiff. As for the reason of this letter, all I can say is that I wish to live in a world where all the sons of Horen are united in peace and prosperity, regardless of their origin. I feel inspired by the example of our Prophet, the Exalted Godfrey of the House Horen, founder of the first Holy Empire of Oren. My motivation resides solely in the example set forth by our Exalted Prophets and in my devotion to our Almighty God, and while I find legitimate for a canonist to seek justice I prefer peace over war when such blood is avoidable. May God help you in your noble task of purifying the Midlands. Sincerely, Marc Galbraith Imperial Historian"
  14. "Does this paragraph include the Ferrymen? Because they are indeed evildoers." asked Marc Galbraith upon reading the missive.
  15. "God save the Holy Orenian Empire. One God, One Empire and One Emperor. Oren Aut Mortem." stated Marc Galbraith upon reading the dissertation, a Balianese historian who up to this date is still waiting for a Horen-blood descendant to claim the Imperial Throne with the blessing of the High Pontiff, unify the Realms of Men and lead Humanity into a new golden age of Orenian prosperity. Marc then grabbed ink and a quill and decided to write a response to the author of the dissertation ( @yopplwasupxxx): "Your Excellency, I hope this message finds you well. I have read your dissertation regarding Orenism and I fully agree with your statements and your views regarding our common human history. I do think, though, that if any new Orenian state was to be formed, that country should be able to integrate the different views of its provinces with regard to the nation's governance into its institutions of government. In the Eight Empire that integration was mainly done through the Imperial Diet and, more specifically, the Imperial Senate, an institution which played a fundamental role in granting every province the right to democratically elect their own senators to represent them in such institution. However, the secession of the Kingdom of Haense led to such provincial representation being ultimately removed and replaced with plain national elections. In summary, I think it is fundamental that the central government respects the provinces and minorities that comprise such country, i.e., the different kingdoms, lands and regions of the Orenian state. And, in order to achieve that goal, I suggest granting these entities and groups representation and encouraging their participation in the central institutions of the country, ideally through democratic means such as senatorial elections. Sincerely, Marc Galbraith"
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