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  1. All of them. P.S.: I hate Gabi.
  2. A man would shake his head after reading this missive "What are they even talking about? I don't think that anyone was ever coronated by the Holy Mother Church as King of Hyspia, which means that according to the Canon law he is not a monarch." "En otras palabras, Antonio de Rivera o cualquier otro individuo que no haya sido coronado por Su Santidad el Papa es un falso rey." The man would conclude using the santegian tongue.
  3. The Stone Accord II: Electric Boogaloo


  4. Sir Edward Galbraith would nod several times in agreement as he read the constituent document of the society "There are a lot of talented ladies in our country so this is a wonderful initiative, indeed! Hurrah for the Orenian women!"
  5. "Avner Daysn has been an amazing Chief Commissioner of the Ministry of Justice, indeed" Chuck Galbraith would nod in agreement "However, the semantics used for the ranks of the OSBI disgust me and I hope that the Solicitor-General renames the Office of the Chief Commissioner to the Office of the Inspector-General, its historic name under the Adler Solicitor-Generalship, that rename would certainly make a lot of people, including myself, more interested in joining the OSBI!"
  6. Sir Edward would be shocked by the tragic news regarding George. He would remain in silence during several minutes without being able to say any word, before suddenly muttering "I am sorry, brother."
  7. The Hunter is nothing without the hunt.


  8. Sir Edward Galbraith would shrug and weep as he reads this missive written by Madam Kelmenour "The best City Clerk that Oren has ever had. My best decision as Secretary of the Interior was definitely to hire you as a Clerk in Helena." "I shall propose her acceptance into the Imperial Everardine College as a member of the Association of Saint Everardine."
  9. "The might of the Imperial State Army and its Reserve Corps has no limits. With such an organized and coordinated force our country, our Empire, is certainly invincible! FOR THE EMPIRE!" Leonard Halcourt, Ensign of the 1st Brigade of the Imperial State Army, would state before preparing himself for the skirmish that occured a couple of months ago.
  10. RULING OF THE CROWN V. DREADMOORE, 1804 Prosecutor: Godwin de Aurdan Presiding Judge: Sir Edward Galbraith Defendant: Lawrence Dreadmoore Witnesses: Edith Hope, Sir Henry Marshall, William Aubert. In the year of our Lord 1804, Sir Edward Galbraith, Circuit Court Judge, found the Defendant, Mr. Dreadmoore, GUILTY OF ASSAULT (O.R.C. 202.01) due to the fact that the Defendant was declared in absconding by the Court after failing to appear in Court and surrendering himself to the imperial authorities (O.R.C. 204.06), and according to the Oren Revised Code suc
  11. Charles Galbraith has no questions for Madam Elisa and shall vote AYE on her confirmation as Circuit Judge.
  12. looking forward to start a revolution with you to overthrow the Archchancellor!

    1. MisterChenn


      The Galbraith levy pledges their allegiance

    2. Lionbileti
  13. *Also prepares to join the revolution "We'll overthrow the government. The Archchancellor's rule is over!"
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