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  1. Vege is the greatest man I've ever met in the server. When I joined the server for the first time (2 years ago) I was quite lost, but Vege helped me develop the role of my character since the first day. Also, since then he has proved to have a great ability in resolving conflicts between players and to have a great leadership as a nation leader. Absolutely +1
  2. Best man I've ever met (appart from Vegetarianism). +1
  3. Can you please answer my private message?

  4. Alexander Merentel, Count of Hallowfell, to all the citizens, I inform you: That the government has approved and I come to issue the following LAW Preamble In order to recognize the legitimacy of Gideon Merentel as the rightful heir and successor to The County of Hallowfell and its titles we write this law. Article 1 1. GIDEON of the HOUSE MERENTEL is the eldest son of ALEXANDER of the HOUSE MERENTEL and the heir to The County of Hallowfell and will inherit all the titles and powers from the current Count of Hallowfell -ALEXANDER of the HOUSE MERENTEL- at the moment of his death. Article 2 If GIDEON of the HOUSE MERENTEL dies, then the heir will be CORVUS of the HOUSE KEINT. In case both of them die then the heir will be OPHELIA of the HOUSE MERENTEL. Final disposition. Entry into force This Law will entry into force the same day of its publication. So, I order all the citizens to keep this Law and that all the respective courts and authorities enforce it.
  5. sergisala

    [✓] Land Charter App

    Lord Alexander Merentel signs the charter: "A good place to go on holidays with my family!" ((sergisala))
  6. sergisala

    [Denied]Vegetarianism's Reapp

    A verdict on this?
  7. sergisala

    [Denied] Cornivore's Epic Fm App

    Definitely +1. Cornivore is a good candidate for the Forum Moderation Team: he's an experienced and very active player that knows how to be fair and relentless at the same time and I'm sure he'll do a great job in it.
  8. sergisala

    [✓] The Fae Realm

    I like this idea
  9. sergisala

    [Denied]Vegetarianism's Reapp

    A verdict on this app? :D
  10. sergisala

    [Denied]Vegetarianism's Reapp

    The best man I've ever known in the server. +1
  11. Let's defeat these furries.

  12. sergisala

    Xarkly's GM Application

    Definitely +1. Xarkly has always been kind to me even I being from Courland and he being from Haense. I couldn't say the same for other haensetics.
  13. sergisala

    [Denied]Vegetarianism's GM App

    So...Dear the GM Team and the Admin team: Is Vege becoming a GM or no? Just to know it XD
  14. sergisala

    [Denied]Vegetarianism's GM App

    I am sure that Vege would do it very well as a GM. He is a veteran player and has great knowledge of the server mechanics. He has also a lot of experience in administrating servers and communities. And he is the most honest man I have met in Lord of The Craft and one of the reasons that have made me stay on the server and not leaving it forever. I know him for almost eight months and he has really matured a lot only with this small amount of time. He is a leader and a friend for all of us. Definitely +1