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  1. Full Name of Man: Tobias Staunton Date of Birth of Man: 1734 Name of Woman: Genevieve Merentel Date of Birth of Woman: 1728 Location of Ceremony: New Aleksandria (Cathedral of St.Emma, Courland) Date of Ceremony (Year): 1751 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony: Priest Dom Calistovich
  2. Sometimes, we, the players don’t value enough the efforts of the Staff, but I want to actually thank Grool for the great job he’s doing in the Administration and also the World Team for their dedication and patience. Continue like this! 👍
  3. Thank you Korvic. 🙂 And yeah I would love to have a Nexus 2.0/professions' system back. Perhaps more Developers would need to be hired for that though, because I have the feeling that you're doing all of this alone and that would be an insanely amount of work to handle for a single Developer.
  4. sergisala

    Truth of Vilac

    “Begun the Vilac civil war has...” an old curonian with the name of Julius Salviatti would blink as he reads the title of the document “Things start to get interesting. I guess I will just sit down and enjoy the show” he’d say before starting to prepare some cookies and a curonian coffee in order to comfortably read the document in his house’s living room
  5. Clive Jr the Jester would ignore the recently discovered letters of the former Queen of Haense and pledge his sword for the rightful King of Hanseti-Ruska
  6. "GOD bless! And how much talent this Priest has!" a religious man would sign the Lorraine as he reads the document, nodding in approval.
  7. DENOUNCEMENT OF THE ARCHDUCHY OF SUFFONIA IN FAVOR OF THE CHURCH Issued and Confirmed by His Lordship, Alexander of the House of Merentel, 3rd of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1748 To His Holiness Pontian III and to the Citizenry of the Holy Orenian Empire, If you are reading this it means I am dead. At the moment that I am writing this open letter I am about to sign a pact with my nephew that will, hopefully, repair the damage that my treason has caused to the Kingdom of Curonia and to the Holy Orenian Empire. I have sinned in life. I have gone against my own kin and I have sworn allegiance to an apostate. I clearly lacked the wisdom that Exalted Siegmund “the Preserver” taught us all and the purity that Exalted Owyn “the Purifier” showed to the whole mankind. The Suffolks say that GOD is indeed evil and ruthless, but I never believed those heretics. Actually, I still believe that GOD is fair and merciful and that he will eventually pardon me and allow me to rest in the seven skies. During my stay in the Archduchy of Suffonia as their vassal I heard many offenses and insults towards our GOD and to our Holy Mother Church. It still amazes me how the Archduke of Suffonia, Edward Suffolk, pathetically coronated himself after the High Pontiff Pontian III refused to coronate that apostate and heretical man. In my whole life, I never saw something like that: a pagan ceremony with no priests, no bishops, no archbishops, and basically no religion present at all. Despite we can initially believe, those apostate and heretical actions were not only committed by the Archduke and its family but also by the vassals who indeed swore fealty to the Archduke in his self-coronation, being all of them the ones who signed the apostate and heretical declaration with the name of “An Open Letter to the Church of Helena”. Therefore, and in coherence to my faith, I hereby denounce the Archduchy of Suffonia for their actions against the Church of the Canon and to the almighty GOD. In this denouncement for the apostate and heretical actions committed by Suffonia I hereby include: the Archduke, the Archducal Household of Suffonia, and all the current vassal lords of the Archduchy of Suffonia, as contained in the following list: - Archduke Edward of the House of Suffolk, leader of the suffolk region, also known as “the Apostate” or “the self-coronated king” - John Nicholas of the House of Suffolk, Chamberlain of Suffonia and Second Lord of the Archducal Exchequer - James Percival of the House of Suffolk, High Treasurer of Suffonia and First Lord of the Archducal Exchequer - Edmund Ralph of the House of Suffolk, Justiciar and Archducal Constable of Suffonia - Eadon of the House of Aliquam, Count of Domus - Valentín of the House of Castelo, Viscount of Halburg, Lord Speaker of the Council of Warwick, Grand Knight of the Order of Archduke Edward - Maxim of the House of Petrovya, Baron of Granatovya - Saerus Joseph of the House of Gladridge, Baron of Glading MAY GOD HAVE MERCY UPON THEIR SOULS! Signed, HIS LORDSHIP, Alexander of the House of Merentel, former Duke of Westmark and vassal of the Archduchy of Suffonia
  8. Prince Tobias Staunton simply chuckles as he hears that a random man with the name of Marcelius called himself “Staunton” and decided to sign this agreement with an Archduchy called Suffonia on behalf of his noble house.
  9. Pact of Eastmark, 1748 Alexander and Duke Tobias Merentel, recognizing the violence and tensions of the past years that have existed between their family branches, have recently met in the Duchy of Eastmark, a vassal state of the Kingdom of Curonia. In order to put an end to the ongoing conflict between their family branches, it is within mutual interest that they’ve signed the following Pact. ARTICLE I - Alexander and Duke Tobias Merentel do hereby agree to end all conflicts between their family branches. ARTICLE II - Alexander does hereby recognize Duke Tobias Merentel as the rightful Patriarch of the House of Merentel and as the rightful Duke of Eastmark and Westmark. ARTICLE III - Alexander does hereby recognize that he betrayed the Holy Orenian Emperor, Peter III Anthony, when he joined the Archduchy of Suffonia and the Alliance of Independent States. ARTICLE IV - The House of Merentel does hereby expel Alexander and his descendants from the House of Merentel. None of them shall ever use the Merentel surname. Instead, they shall all use the surname of their mother. Therefore and from now on, they shall all use the Keint surname. ARTICLE V - The House of Keint is hereby reformed and considered a House that is totally independent from the House of Merentel and not affiliated with the Holy Orenian Empire and the House of Merentel. ARTICLE VI - Alexander does hereby renounce to the Patriarch position of the House of Keint, having that position passed to the next Keint in line according to the House of Keint’s internal succession line. ARTICLE VII - Alexander does hereby renounce to his Keint surname and shall adopt, from now on, the name of “The Oath-Breaker” as a punishment from all the oaths he’s broken in life. Signed, HIS GRACE, Tobias of the House of Merentel, Judge of the Eastern Circuit, Duke of Eastmark, Westmark, Count of Alannor and Baron of Hallowfell SIR, Alexander “The Oath-Breaker”
  10. "It's incredible that the situation has got this far" A curonian with the name of Julius Salviatti would blink as he heard the news "I'll do my best to make sure that this person can return to that medical hospital to receive the treatment that he needs" the curonian samaritan would say, preparing himself to find Maurelius before mercenaries kidnap or kill him because of this announcement "I also hope that child is fine" he'd conclude.
  11. "No" said Andrew Tobias Staunton, heir to the Kingdom of Courland
  12. Does this really solve anything? -_- Also I don't feel safe with Draeris, a player who region sniped my nation three years ago 😅
  13. @Sheczar @auLune The Duke of Westmark would arrive to the conference, alongside with his liege lord, His Royal Majesty the King of Suffonia, and the Crown Prince of Suffonia. He would then proceed to address the plenary session when his turn came: “My friends, let’s not forget the importance of the Siege of Avalain, especially since the Kingdom of Curonia betrayed us all at the beginning of this war after having signed a Treaty with the Alliance of Independent States. Therefore, and in my opinion, the Kingdom of Suffonia is legitimized enough to conquer the Kingdom of Curonia and annex it to the Crown of Suffonia and rightfully rule over it. God bless Suffonia and God bless King Edward!”
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