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  1. The Solicitor-General would chuckle after reading this new Edition of the Orenian Newspapers. "The reality is literally the opposite of what it is written here. FAKE NEWS!" he'd exclaim before blinking twice and throwing it into the trash can in his office.
  2. "The Iron Accord is falling apart! God save the Emperor!" Sir Charles Galbraith would laugh as the Coalition falls apart before proceeding to grab his Cascadian sword to fight against the Nordling Pagans for His Imperial Majesty, in this Holy and Religious War called The Tenth Nordling War that Canondom is currently facing.
  3. The Solicitor-General would welcome The Hounds into the Orenian side "Welcome, brothers. In this Holy and Religious War that We are currently facing We shall fight together for Canonism and for Our Holy Mother Church against these Nordling Pagan invaders and we shall be victorious!"
  4. THE IMPERIAL CONSTABULARY “One God, One Law, One Country.” - The Maxim of St. Peter of Kaedrin I. HISTORY After the ascension of Peter III to the Imperial Throne in the eighteenth century, the bureaucrats of the Holy Orenian Empire soon realized the need of creating a government department separate from the War Office to carry out the prosecution of the individuals before the Imperial Courts. That new department of government received the name of the Ministry of Justice and the person in charge of that Office was called the Solicitor-General. As soon as
  5. Sir Charles Galbraith would say the following after reading this missive from the Church of the Canon: "My dear Canonist brother-in-arms, in this Holy War that We are facing as canonists against these Nordling Pagans invaders who threaten Our Faith and the integrity of Our Holy Mother Church, We shall show them the values of our Faith and destroy the Red Demon that these Pagans worship. May GOD bless Our Holy Mother Church and Our Faith in this religious war. All the Glory to GOD!" The Minister of the Crown would then sign the Lorraine cross and prepare for the battl
  6. RP Name: Sir Charles Galbraith MC Name: sergisala Voted: Yes
  7. RP Name: Sir Charles Galbraith MC Name: sergisala Voted: Yes
  8. hope you're doing well sir, we miss you on the Craft

  9. "He seems like a very fine candidate. Perhaps I will vote for him." Sir Charles Galbraith would mutter after hearing of Sergio's candidacy for Lord Mayor of Providence
  10. Sir Charles Galbraith would be in his Office when he heard of the recent Orenian victory: "Nordlings, abandone all your wrong hope and mad ambitions of conquest because, as I am sure that you have all realized today in this recent raid, Our Imperial State Armed Forces shall defeat you in this war! Do not be fools and Surrender now that you can in order to stop embarrassing yourselves before the whole world with your military weakness!" the Minister of the Crown would say. "And to think that you Nordlings started a war that you could not win... Pathetic. After all, we as
  11. I'm not gonna reveal who I think that the Lord of the Craft is, but with regard to the King of the Craft that's @Milenkhov
  12. Sir Charles Galbraith cackles after reading this statement "These Nordlings are day-dreaming! I finally understand why the Nordlings hate the Empire so much: because here in Oren the consumption of hallucination affecting drugs is banned in our laws!"
  13. Sir Charles Galbraith would nod at the announcement of the Imperial Archchancellor "May this Agreement be the spark that symbolizes the start of the defeat of the Nordlings! Oren Aut Mortem!"
  14. We asked for peace.

  15. Sir Charles Galbraith would nod at the declaration "The right to self-determination is fundamental. If the leader of Elysium has decided this, we should all respect their decision." he'd make a pause and go receive the Duke of Elysium in the Imperial City of Providence "Welcome to Providence, Your Grace."
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