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  1. THE FRUSTRATION OF DEFEAT, 1742 A Response to the Duke of Eastmark @Kursion Issued and confirmed by His Grace, the Duke of Westmark, 12th of Tobias’ Bounty, 1742 Dear nephew, I understand the frustration that you feel in this moment. Losing a war is never easy. Especially when the mighty legions of the Alliance of Independent States are coming towards your gates. However, I don’t think that justifies your pathetic attempts to slander, insult or disown me from our family. Therefore, I challenge you to a duel to the death. You can even choose your own champion, but in that case I will also choose mine, and I don’t think none of yours could defeat the might of Prince Antonius Martius of the House of Vilac. You claim to be the most loyal noble of Arcas, but at the same time you forget the history of our family, as the House of Merentel was indeed born of rebellion after the collapse of the Fifth Empire when Ser Alexander I Merentel, a descendent from the first Duke of Eastmark, that was actually a Staunton, swore fealty to the King Tobias I of Courland. I remember the day you were born in Helena. At that time the capital of the Imperium Renatum. Back then, your father Sergius allowed me to took you in my arms. I hope he doesn’t mind now when I take your head away from your body. As the King of Helena said to the good Duke of Morsgrad: I know you are afraid; follow your instincts. Regards, Your uncle Signed, HIS GRACE, Alexander III of the House of Merentel, Duke of Westmark, Count of Alannor and Baron of Hallowfell
  2. Julius Salviatti would sharpen his blade to fight for his Kingdom
  3. "May God save us all" the Duke of Eastmark would sign the Lorraine
  4. "Nah, that wasn't me. That was my fetishist father. I hope he found peace in the seven skies" Duke Tobias Merentel would say
  5. Tobias would shake his head "I'm a vassal of Curonia"
  6. The Duke of Eastmark would then reply to the Princess: "The Lord Regent is not alone. We, his leal councilors and vassals of the Kingdom back his decision of upholding the independence and sovereignty of Curonia. I can't say the same about you."
  7. sergisala


    "A respectful opinion" Julius Salviatti would say
  8. "You're just making it worse..." the blood-thirsty curonian Lord Justiciar would say, eager to convict her for her crimes against the Kingdom
  9. "Powerful" Julius Salviatti would say
  10. "Good propaganda document to hide the fact that you've lost at least 50 thousand soldiers and basically two kingdoms from your empire" Julius Salviatti would say
  11. Did you know that Ferran is a catalan name?

    1. rotund_man


      I did know that, actually!

    2. sergisala


      Interesting. I'm from Catalonia btw, my name is Sergi

  12. We cookin'

  13. The Lord Justiciar of Curon would then charge Vivaca Adhara Rutledge with a sedition offense "She's hereby called to stand trial. Arrest her on sight" Duke Tobias would command to the Knights of Ursus
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