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  1. "Three days, just wait three days." said Lucius Galbraith, remembering another Orenian Savoyard motto pronounced during times of conflict.
  2. "A small Chancellery but an effective one, for sure." remarked Lucien upon reading of the ascension of his cousin to the Office of Lord Chancellor "I wish the new Azor Administration good fortune and good luck in their endeavours, for their success will be the success of our Commonwealth!"
  3. "As someone who bled for the rightful Emperor Peter IV Novellen, alongside our comrades of the House of Alstion, D'Arkent, Darkwood, and many other Imperial Orenian families, I will be there to honor our noble cause for liberty against the tyranny and to honor the fallen in the field of battle." said the Lord Galbraith upon hearing of the ceremony.
  4. The Baron of Castelorena readies his best suit as he prepares to attend the ball in the Palatio Monterosa. "I will be there!"
  5. "If only this was true! I wish!" claimed Lord Galbraith, a proud imperial restorationist, upon the idea of the return of the Imperial Oren "Unfortunately, no nation seeks the Empire's return at the moment." he concluded.
  6. The Lord Galbraith was planning the construction of his Barony when his cousin Marcus Galbraith approached him and told him of the news concerning the declaration of war. "It is time. Raise our banners. Time has come to join the fray." said the Baron of Castelorena.
  7. Maybe no hubs it's a bad idea since making the nations and the rest of places more accessible, especially for new players should be a priority for all of us. And, if it is already confirmed that there will not be hubs next map I think that fast travel should be a feature of the next map. P.S: Cool video! @Anore
  8. IN-CHARACTER Name: Lucien Alexander d'Azor Age: 15 Race: Heartlander Service: Priest Where do you wish to serve?: Petra OUT-OF-CHARACTER Username: sergisala Discord: Sergi#5457
  9. "And, again, they spread inaccurate historical information, for Frederick's realm was not the Holy Orenian Empire, but the Savoyard Kingdom of Oren that he reformed. In fact, he usurped the Throne of Man and dissolved the Empire." said the Baron of Castelorena to his cousin Marcus Galbraith after reading the Aaunic missive.
  10. Is this that time of the year when the HRA is changed to the BSK for the millionth time and vice versa? (I'm #TeamBSK btw)

    1. ReveredOwl


      this happened a long time ago

  11. "How the Prince of Alstion and his followers are constantly criticizing the House of Novellen and Oren for the events that transpired hundreds of years ago simply makes no sense. Let us not forget how the Petrine Empire brought stability and peace upon humanity for almost two centuries." said the Baron of Castelorena.
  12. "The true D'Azors live in the Commonwealth of Petra, sworn to our Archduke and Archduchess. As for the foreign and treasonous impostors who claim headship over our Noble House, I hope they suffer the wrath of God, for the Lord holds no mercy towards the unrepentant. Penance is the only pathway to redemption." said Lucien upon reading the missive. The young man then looked at the sword his cousin had gifted him in his name day "By our Blood We Shall Rise!" he exclaimed, repeating the ancient words of his family before returning to study a detailed copy of the Holy Scrolls that he had obtained recently, casually opened by a page of the Scroll of Gospel that read as follows: "The Lord saw the penance of Owyn, which was the death of the unrepentant." (Gospel, Book of Silence)
  13. "The real head of the D'Azor family lives in the Commonwealth of Petra, sworn to Her Grace the Archduchess and the Archduke of this noble land. Claiming otherwise is treason. I pray that our friends in the south do not forget this, for there should be peace amongst the Sons of Horen. God wills it." said a Lucien Alexander to one of his friends in the tavern of Valfleur upon hearing of the Aaunic missive.
  14. "I have always been and still are a great advocate of peace amongst men, just as in this case. However, above all, I have sworn an oath to the King and I will keep it, even if it is against what I believe that should be done right now." murmured Lord Galbraith to his cousin Marcus upon reading the missive issued by the Crown Prince of Balian.
  15. "I will be there." said Lucius upon reading the missive
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