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  1. 'Tomes' looked upon the missive and with the bridge of his nose pinched, he sighed deeply, slouching forward. His face betrayed anything but comfort at the idea of warriors and fighters storming into the city, disrupting it's harmonic peace and quiet. "I suppose The Queendom will be louder for a few moons..." However... A small smirk seemed to be maintained across his face, perhaps due to the fact that this might be a good chance to get to know other cultures and languages, from the residents of said places themselves, flocking to Vikela.
  2. MC Name: marelamentorum RP Name: Edmond Chaephyra ID: 84211
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    Tal’dor Chaephyra From a family of Merchants by the crest of the Chaephyra Family, which was nor poor, nor rich, a elven is born in the city of Haelun'or, due to being a pure blood High Elf. This pointy eared creature with small, yet wavy silver hair came to be called Tal’dor, the one that would continue the legacy of Merchants that had already been set on the family for decades. Tal’dor quickly grew attatched to reading, and to learning in general, but what he showed the most interest off was on... magic. He knew he wasn’t attuned to any magic or anything of that kind, so he eventually dropped the dream of casting magic, but never lost all his hope. Fast forward a few years, Tal had been learning Common Language under the tutelage of one of his father’s most treasured customers, and one of the most knowledgable. This thing of... languages and routes for a merchant fascinated him, that was the best thing right after magic. Appart from that, Tal also had grown a deep love towards art, as it is normal for kin, specially music At the age of 100, he was gifted an armor, an armor that had been passed down by generations of his family, worn out and with not much protection provided anymore, he still took it, and wore it with pride to represent his family on the vast and wild world. It was by this time that Tael left his hometown, with a plan. He’d go sell his wares and travel, hoping to see magic within the Realm he was on, or even come to learn it someday.
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