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  1. The elfess has been having many busy days in her nation, documents piled and construction of Vikela's palace was progressing. The elfess took a seat from building to take in the beautiful scenery, just then a bird arrived with a letter. Upon opening the letter, the elfess fell limp when her eyes landed upon the news of her aunt's passing. Warm tears once again streamed down the elfess's face. Her aunty was right, over time they grew apart and the past was never made amends, but she loved her aunt truly. "Aunty..." The elfess cried "I'm sorry...I should have been better...I wish I could have fixed what was broken...I'm sorry for letting you down..." Medea puts the letter down as she looked up to the cloud, her hands together like she was praying "May you find peace in the eternal forest...if we were to ever meet again, I would gladly be your niece once more..."
  2. Medea would be on her daily stroll within her kingdom when a bird arrived with a missive. The elfess was not expecting a letter today but here we are, a letter has been sent. She took the letter and went into her bar, preparing some calming tea for the day. The elf sat down at the counter, opening the letter. She lifted up her tea cup to take a sip before her eyes landed upon the words written on the missive. The tea cup fell to the ground, along with dropping the letter. Medea covered her mouth from learning the news, "No..." The elf gasped as tears began to stream down her face "This can't be...not Elena.." She placed her left hand on her chest as if her heart was in pain "No.." The elfess sobbed within her bar. "You promised to take care of Luthien for me Elena...who else can I trust to protect her now...oh dear friend...we still had so many memories to share..."
  3. Issued 14th of The Deep cold, Year 171 of the Second Age ARTICLE I: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I. The City-State of Hohkmat acknowledges the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Vikela, and the right to govern their lands. Inversely, the Kingdom of Vikela acknowledges the City-State of Hohkmat’s right to govern within the bounds of their state. ARTICLE II: ACADEMIC EXCHANGE I. The City-State of Hohkmat and the Kingdom of Vikela (Henceforth referred to as ‘the signatories’) agree to the exchange of magical goods and knowledge to further the academic progress of both states, specifically within the realms of the arcane and the alchemical. II. The signatories will encourage tutelage in arcane and alchemical arts across borders, allowing free passage to teachers and students between both states. Students from the Kingdom of Vikela will be allowed and encouraged to seek tutelage in the City State of Hohkmat, and inversely, the same will be afforded to students of Hohkmat to the Kingdom of Vikela. III. Both signatories are permitted to request copies of books from the other signatory’s libraries, to fill gaps of knowledge within their own. These requests will be processed and assessed through each state’s Head Librarian. IV. The signatories will encourage attendance to academic events hosted by either state, such as classes, demonstrations, and the creations of magical artifacts. V. The signatories will agree to assist one another where possible, in the creation of new magical artifacts and feats. ARTICLE III: TRADE I. Alongside encouraging the exchange of arcane goods, the signatories will promote all forms of trade between states. Merchants from each signatory will be allowed free passage and a right to advertise their goods in the other’s state. II. Both signatories will receive a tax-free market stall of their choice in the other’s territory, which will remain untaxed unless the agreement is found to be terminated. ARTICLE IV: COOPERATION & APOSTASY I. The signatories mutually acknowledge the threat that dark, infernal, and necromantic beings pose against the people of Aevos, as well as the threat of rogue magi and wielders of forbidden magic (All henceforth collectively referred to as ‘apostates’). Both signatories pledge their full efforts to seek out and destroy these threats where they are discovered. II. The signatories agree to share information regarding the possible locations and operations of apostates, and to provide mutual assistance regarding their extermination. Hohkmat’s Chamber of Fire will seek to work with the Kingdom of Vikela’s military forces in the event of an apostate threat on either state, provided this does not contradict the City-State of Hohkmat’s existing agreement with the Commonwealth of the Petra. III. The signatories agree to communicate freely regarding suspicions of apostate creatures or sorcerers within the other’s state, encouraging and collaborating on investigations to root out infiltrators. IV. Any sorcerer of Hohkmat or citizen of Vikela discovered as an apostate in the other’s state will be extradited back to their state of origin for trial. V. The signatories will also share information on the creation and location of any Voidal Tears, and will provide mutual assistance to each other in closing these rifts in the Veil. ARTICLE V: DURATION & TERMINATION I. This agreement will go into effect immediately upon signing, and will last until either: A. One of the two parties chooses to break the agreement, requiring a year of advance notice before the pact is terminated. B. The City-State of Hohkmat gains independence and is no longer considered a vassal of the Commonwealth of the Petra. Upon this, the signatories will reconvene to forge a new pact, with the possibility of defensive and non-aggression agreements being considered. GRAND-MAGISTER, Sorcerer-King, Hierophant of the Mysteries, Master of the Ziggurat of Hohkmat Viscount of Stormont, Baron of Raonòir, Seat of Nortrebanc, Court Mage of the River Court of the Commonwealth, Deputy Speaker of the Garmont Assembly of the Petra, and Representative for the Sorcerous State of Hohkmat SOVRÈN MAJESTÉ, Reine Medea Amaranta Viola De Astrea, The Queen of Vikela, La Violetta TÈT MINISTER OF MAJI, Member of the Crystal Court, Lord Nepir ‘Wolfguard’
  4. Sorrows of a Violet “No one was around so you decided to come out personally?!” Sentences echo inside of the elfess’s head. “You have a precious position in the entire Kingdom and you went out all on your own? This is why you’re always needed to be babysat!” The elfess sat there in her bar, alone like usual. A glass of wine as her only company, but she couldn’t complain, wine always did help her forget. “You got this badly hurt and you still say you’re fine?!” The elfess takes sip, trying to block out all the noise. “When will you stop worrying me, Suika…” She takes another sip, pain was something she had grown used to…physical, mental, emotional, she’s grown used to it all, to this elf, pain was just another normal feeling. “You wish to learn the arts of healing without being healed yourself…hmmm?” Finally she feels warm tears begin to stream down her face, it seems that that’s all she’s been doing for the past few years. Smiling in front of her loved ones and letting the tears flow down her cheeks when she sits alone. The elfess closes her eyes, trying to remember when she was truly happy, when she really had no worries…and within her own mind she sees a woman, her golden sunlight eyes were something the elfess would never forget, and her sweet voice was one that this elfess always found comfort in. “Medea, my Little Lion.” The elfess would smile, remembering the sweet yet powerful voice of her mother. She was a woman this elfess looked up to from the very first day they met, someone that Medea did her best to fight for and be strong for, even though sometimes it feels hard to do so. Remembering her mother always did bring a smile to her face but that smile only lasts for a few seconds cause she knows she will never get to hear that voice in the real world again. “Mon Cheri..I'm sorry.” Another gentle voice she remembers, the man she married, the man she shared many loving memories with, the man she had beautiful children with, surely the voice of this man is what brings her joy? It did…for a long time…until he left her and she was alone once more. “I leave Vikela in your hands now, sister.” Another sweet voice that Medea misses, a voice she knows she will also never get to hear again, surely her sister is peacefully resting with her mother now. All of a sudden the search for a good memories turns into torture. “You’re reckless.” “Stop acting like a child” “Think before you act.” “You’re not doing it right.” “Work harder.” “You’re going to get us killed.” “You’re weak.” “You will never be good enough.” The elfess feels herself drowning in despair. “When will I be enough…” Surrounded by love, surrounded by family, surrounded by friends, yet this elf finds herself feeling lonely, feeling guilt, feeling hopeless. “How do I be better for them..?” “How do I become a better mother..?” “How do I become a better partner…?” Questions she asks herself everyday. Questions that sinks her deeper and deeper into her despair, and the further she falls, the harder it becomes to crawl back to the surface…the harder it becomes to make her way back to the light.
  5. The Pact of Healing, Health and Vitality As her spirit left her body, she ascended to the sky filled with stars before going into a domain. She would be greeted with an ancient door in a dark room, and upon the back wall, written on it was a question, “The reality is not what we make it out to be, can you make out your own reality?” Medea would look at the door, wondering if she was supposed to go through it or not, but seeing as there was no other way to go, she grabbed onto the door handle, opening the door and going through it with her teacher. Once Medea passed through the other side, she felt at ease. It looked like a paradise. The area was lush with vibrant colors and greenery, palm trees covered in vines, berries and fruits growing from its trunk. Next to Medea was a river leading to a lake with a beach. In the distance there would be a large mountain, possibly a sleeping volcano that had mythical and normal animals roaming about on it. She looked at herself, and noticed she was dressed in an all white Vikelian style clothing though with no jewelry or crown. She would then notice a nine tailed fox approaching and looking up at her. Upon seeing the fox, she would then greet the animal out of instinct. “Hello there.” The elf said with a smile. The fox would then begin walking towards the river and seemed to be expecting the elfess to follow it, so she did. Once they reached the river, she would notice in the middle of the lake, many Makar would be swimming within the lake, however one with tattoos would emerge from the lake and begin making its way towards Medea. The creature's trunk was long and its body was covered in scales, however the artistic design had meaning behind it. Mist began to disperse and a monk arose, a smile rested upon his face as he held his beads close. From behind, Ember would walk up to stand next to Medea. The monk and Ember would exchange bows and then the monk and Medea would do the same. The monk would begin to speak in ancient blah, but to Medea’s ears she would hear Vikelian and common. “Bonayla Valvyol Riene” The monk greeted Medea. “I am Qu’ spirit of mending and relaxation. I am not greater than who keeps this domain, she is more powerful than us, but I represent her many forms of healing, what is it that you seek?” The monk asked Medea. “I wish to make a pact of Healing, Health and Vitality.” Medea would politely answer the monk. “Time is the fire in which we burn, memories are the nail in which we all step on and remember the pain later on. You wish to learn the arts of healing without being healed yourself…hmmm?” The Monk seemed rather intrigued about Medea as he got close and examined her. Medea would have a sad expression upon her face as she would remember all her memories she had not yet healed from. “That is true..I myself have not been healed and it will be a long time before I am fully healed. But I hope that with this, I will be able to move on from the past, letting all my scars close and be able to live on knowing that even though I could help the people from my past, I can continue to live on to help others in the future.” “I wish to see what you can do, build the healer a shrine, bring forth new spiritualists, and build a temple for her and us.” The monk said while looking down at Medea with a smile of encouragement. “Once you do this, and master all there is on this gift, you will be the first of your kind to follow us. Be happy and heal the heart, mind and soul of others.” Medea nodded to the monk’s request “I understand.” “Now go forth.” With those last words from the monk, Medea would be returned to the mortal realm.
  6. Steller Decree Issued 18th of Malin’s Welcome, SA 170 It is with great pleasure and honor that I, Medea Viola De Astrea, Queen of Vikela, hereby declare the acceptance of the noble Adiler family into the esteemed fold of our kingdom. After careful consideration and deliberation, it has been decided that the Adiler family shall be granted land within Vikela's borders for the establishment of the duchy of Maehr'nor. Furthermore, in recognition of their noble lineage and contributions to our kingdom, I hereby confer upon Xavier Adiler the prestigious title of Duke of Maehr'nor. This title shall be hereditary, passing down through the generations of the Adiler family as a symbol of their esteemed status within our realm. The duchy of Maehr'nor shall serve as a bastion of prosperity, culture, and governance within Vikela's domain, fostering cooperation and unity among our people. It is my sincere hope that the Adiler family will uphold the values of honor, integrity, and service as they oversee the affairs of their new duchy. May this union between the Kingdom of Vikela and the Adiler family bring about a new era of prosperity and harmony for all who dwell within our lands. Signed, SOVRÈN MAJESTÉ, Reine Medea Amaranta Viola De Astrea, The Queen of Vikela, La Violetta His Grace, Xavier Adiler, Duke of Maehr’nor, Patriarch of House Adiler
  7. Name: Medea Viola race: Mali'ker and Mali'ame shaman class: Farseer Teacher: Ember Mah’nel
  8. The Forge and Forest Union Attention esteemed residents of Vikela! We are delighted to announce the joyous union of Mayilu'maln and Andria Va'eylul at the Grand Harvest wedding ceremony. The couple's Clan, along with a select few guests and their cherished relatives, are cordially invited to partake in this momentous occasion. We request the pleasure of your esteemed presence at this auspicious ceremony, and kindly ask that you grace the occasion with your finest attire. (Saturday at 1pm est)
  9. The Butterflies Fly Towards The Crystals [!] A trained bird from Vikela soars alongside a small flock of Azure Monarch Butterflies, dropping a letter for those who witness their flight from the Jungles of Beleth. Greetings traveler and New friend, As gentle breezes stir, I extend a hearty invitation to our cherished home , The Kingdom of Vikela - or as I lovingly call it The City of Crystals. Within our fortress, where we treasure the meaning of each crystal, more than just pretty rocks. Tales of fortitude and unity, pressure beyond belief and quality above quantity. We would like to invite you to our gates to those seeking refuge, solace, and a haven for their aspirations. As you have probably seen, our Butterflies have taken flight. Each soul carries a unique tale, woven with victories and trials, they search for their like minded individual. In that we trust. Let us together spin a narrative that exalts diversity, where every voice resonates and every heart finds its place. As we trust in the God of other realms, or Whomever brings you to us. For there must have been a reason. In Vikela, our crystals symbolize the virtues of our people. Amethyst for unity, emerald for leadership, sapphire for wisdom, ruby for courage, diamond for integrity, pearl for diplomacy, opal for creativity, topaz for generosity, and amber for vitality. Together, they reflect the qualities of decency and excellence in our citizens, each contributing to our flourishing kingdom. Follow the butterflies home to Vikela, Where we hope your virtue finds wings, and your heart a true home. With love and anticipation, I eagerly await your arrival. SOVRÈN MAJESTÉ, Reine Medea Amaranta Viola De Astrea, The Queen of Vikela, La Violetta
  10. Vikelian Culture "In the cocoon of adversity, one finds the strength to emerge, embodying the delicate resilience of a butterfly. Like a crystal reflecting the myriad facets of liberation, our journey through rebirth unveils the dazzling spectrum of freedom within our wings." Introduction to Culture A vibrant blend of Wood Elf and Farfolk influences, Vikelian culture is characterized by rich traditions of art, fashion, jewelry, dance and architecture. Acknowledging nature, Vikelian customs and celebrations reflect a harmonious fusion of Wood Elf and Farfolk cultures. Culinary flavors reflect a combination of different ingredients. Decorated with intricate patterns, traditional clothing symbolizes cultural pride and the combined heritage of the Wood Elf and Farfolk. Amidst the challenges, the rich culture of the Vikela is sustained by a seamless blend of ancient traditions and modern influences. The Butterfly Vikela chose the butterfly as a symbol because of its powerful symbolism of change, maturity and beauty. Butterflies metamorphosis coincides with Vikela’s journey of resilience and rebirth, rising from challenges to become a thriving community. This symbol represents not only physical change, but also the constant renewal of the soul, the fleeting but beautiful nature of life. The butterfly has universal significance for the Vikela people, emphasizing change, beauty and enduring spirit. Silachian (Vikelian Language) Silachian, the language of the protected people, stems from the founding couple of Vikela, one Auvergne & Farfolk woman and one Wood Elf. These phrases, fluid as a swing and sharp to the tongue, reflect a unique linguistic blend. Originally, the founders seamlessly transitioned between these influences, and a serendipitous mistake by a human observer cemented this linguistic fusion. Today, Silachian resonates through Vikela's streets, passed down through generations, embodying a lasting fusion of linguistic traditions. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/233282-the-language-of-vikela-silachian/ Vikelian Myth (Vikelian Deities) In the realm of Vikela, there’s a myth that the people believe in. Three deities weave complex webs of existence and maintain cosmic harmony. Aeloria, the butterfly goddess, dances with ethereal wings, a symbol of freedom and the cycle of life. Luminara, the Crystal Guardian, shows clarity and sustainability in crystal systems. Completing the divine trinity, Sylvanara, the Goddess of Nature, unveils the energies and interconnectedness of the natural world. Aeloria guides the Vikelians on transformative journeys, embracing freedom and rebirth. Luminara weaves clarity into the tapestry of life, providing wisdom and change. With her green touch, Sylvanara balances the Vikelian community with the natural world, ensuring that the dance of life and growth is in harmony Vikela celebrates these three deities, and devotees honor the complementary powers of Aeloria, Luminara, and Sylvanara through crystal ceremonies, butterfly symbolism, and partnerships with nature. The Vikelians are intimately connected to freedom, resilience, and the ever-present web of energy of the natural world. Vikelian people are accepting of other cultures and traditions, letting everyone freely practice their own beliefs, as long as it does not cause harm. Family Structure In Vikela, family structures are built on principles of equality, irrespective of gender or age. Sons and daughters are treated with equal respect and consideration. The family dynamic emphasizes collaboration, shared responsibilities, and mutual support, fostering an environment where individual strengths and contributions are valued regardless of traditional gender roles or birth order. This approach aims to create a harmonious and inclusive family unit where each member is encouraged to pursue their interests and aspirations freely. Marriage Engagement Ceremony: A proposal ceremony is held at the bride's home, where the groom's family presents symbolic gifts. The engagement ceremony features blessings by family and an engagement gift from the suitor made from a hunted animal of their choice. Pre-Wedding Ceremony: Bridal Hunt transforms the classic hide and seek into a lively pre-wedding game, pitting the groom and groomsmen against the bride and bridesmaids. Dressed in disguises with clever codenames, the groom's team aims to identify the real bride among decoys. Once found, they embark on a mission to bring her back to the groom's house, while the bridesmaids attempt to impede their progress. The streets become a playful battleground, turning pre-wedding jitters into a laughter-filled adventure and creating lasting memories for the entire bridal party. Wedding Ceremony: The enduring tradition of marriage in Vikela includes passing down cherished bridal gowns, often sewn with symbolic fabrics. Preceding the wedding day, there's a hair-cutting ceremony symbolizing a fresh start and a cleansing ritual with sacred water, along with the exchanging of vows and wedding bands that can be jewelry or tattoos. The festivities culminate in a joyous reception with traditional Vikelian food, music, and dance. Funeral Ritual In Vikela, burying loved ones and planting a sapling atop their graves is a sacred ritual tied to the deities, Butterfly, Crystal, and Nature. Symbolizing transformation, the Butterfly Goddess inspires new life with the sapling, reflecting the enduring spirit. The Crystal Goddess's strength is represented by burying the departed in crystal-infused soil, connecting them to the earth. The Nature Goddess emphasizes the cycle of life, making the sapling a tribute to nature's harmony. This ritual intertwines the goddesses' symbols, fostering a sacred bond between the departed, the earth, and the divine forces that govern life's cycles in Vikela. Funeral Rites “Wand, chucki anba l'Talis Amebwa, no’poze en'dormi. Ou'Swènn-tali, enteli la Aveos. no'kache, en'ehya puies sézon. l'Amebwa Lapr, le'peintiyes nun Viv'danse.” Translation: “Here, beneath the tender boughs, we lay to rest a kindred spirit. Into the earth, we tuck our farewells, and with each passing season, may this arboreal ballet unveil the tapestry of a life well-danced.” “Le'nylu nu'Zehp ofrann, nu'mete. Ou'santiman, ka leh'chichot nun Bientu Pote, ehyal Simoni nan ri pataje nun chitcot sekrè nun la aveos bèl” Translation: “With these dainty offerings, we adorn the narrative. May the whispers of the wind carry our sentiments, and may the earth cradle the symphony of shared laughter and water your whispered secrets.” Festivities Vikelia has a wide variety of festivals that take many diverse forms, despite the fact that the way things are done may appear standard and unremarkable on the surface. Triunity Day A Festival to celebrate the harmonious balance and collaboration of the Crystal, Butterfly, and Nature Goddesses in Vikela. This day can be marked by various festivities, ceremonies, and acts of kindness that reflect the interconnectedness of nature, the beauty of crystals, and the transformative spirit of butterflies. Festival of the Fox: In the heart of the crystal lit kingdom of Vikela. The people come together annually to celebrate the revered Festival of the Fox. This whimsical and lively event serves as a tribute to the first queen, the beloved Queen Leika De Astrea, who was fondly known for her kinship with foxes and her wise rule. Dandelion Festival In Vikela, the annual Dandelion Festival unfolds as a dazzling tribute to the second queen, the esteemed Queen Larissa De Astrea. Known for her love of nature and commitment to unity, this festival has become a cherished tradition that captivates the hearts of Vikela's inhabitants. Festival of the Gems In Vikela, the annual "Festival of the Gems" is a dazzling spectacle that pays homage to the virtues embodied by different gemstones. As the kingdom's citizens come together to celebrate, each gem represents a distinct aspect of leadership, wisdom, and resilience. Festival of the Rabbit In Vikela, nestled amidst rolling hills and blooming meadows, the annual "Festival of the Rabbit'' emerges as a heartwarming celebration of luck, prosperity, fertility, and the cherished bonds of family. This lively event brings together Vikelians, young and old, to revel in the spirit of togetherness and the promise of abundant blessings. THE RIVER FEST A vital aspect is the nourishing water flowing through the city and its surroundings, providing fresh water, beverages, pastries, and bread to everyone in the vicinity, sustaining life. The festivities include traditional games and a prominent boat race as the main event. SOCIAL SEASON As it flows, Ahiuw le fleuve serves as more than just a river - it is a journey of self-discovery and the transition into adulthood. Leaving behind the innocence of childhood, crossing the river signifies the establishment of a strong foundation for the future. In Vikela's bustling social scene, where there is an imbalance of women and men, this season plays a crucial role. It is a time of gatherings and courtship, with grand balls featuring men in deep blues and ladies in delicate hues. The highly anticipated Madris Ras Ball, organized by the esteemed Court of River Gems, marks the end of the season, celebrating gemstones in all their splendor. Ahiuw le fleuve is not merely about romantic pursuits, but also a chance to form bonds of sisterhood and brotherhood. Traditionally, older women take on the role of hosting lavish balls, while younger women partake in dances to capture the attention of potential partners. Vikelian Cuisine Vikelian cuisine is a diverse culinary tradition characterized by balanced flavors, fresh herbs, and a reliance on rice as a staple. With a strong emphasis on fish and seafood, dishes like fish amok and lok lak showcase the nation’s proximity to water sources. Offering a variety of affordable and flavorful options. Vikelian desserts often feature sticky rice, coconut milk, and tropical fruits. The cuisine reflects a rich culinary heritage that delights with its creativity and diversity. Vikela’s Crafts Vikela excels in the art of jewelry-making, creating exquisite pieces that mirror their diverse cultural influences. Their vibrant fashion seamlessly blends colors and intricate designs, while the tradition of silk weaving produces visually captivating fabrics. In cuisine, Vikela's unique gastronomic identity fuses diverse influences, resulting in a delightful array of flavors. From expertly spiced dishes to delectable desserts, Vikela's culinary artistry showcases their commitment to preserving and evolving their distinctive heritage. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/231377-jewels-of-vikela / Social Classes In Vikela, the social class system is characterized by a nuanced hierarchy that takes into account various factors beyond wealth alone. The society is divided into distinct classes, each with its own roles and privileges. Paramount Class: At the pinnacle of the social structure is the Paramount class, consisting of leaders and influential figures responsible for governing Vikela. Paramounts are chosen through a tanistry, considering noble families and their contributions to the community. Noble Class: Below the Paramounts, the Noble class comprises aristocratic families with significant influence and wealth. They may hold positions of leadership in various sectors, contributing to the prosperity of Vikela. Artisan Class: The Artisan class includes skilled craftsmen, artists, and professionals who contribute to the cultural and economic development of Vikela. Their expertise is highly valued, and they enjoy a comfortable standard of living. Merchant Class: The Merchant class consists of traders and entrepreneurs engaged in commerce and trade. They play a crucial role in connecting Vikela with other regions and contribute to economic growth. Commoner Class: The Commoner class encompasses the majority of the population, including farmers, guards and individuals engaged in various occupations. They form the backbone of Vikela's workforce, contributing to its daily functioning. It's essential to note that mobility between classes is possible based on merit, achievements, and contributions to the community. Vikela places value on individual skills, talents, and dedication, fostering a society where social mobility is encouraged. Fashion Vikelian fashion is a vibrant tapestry that weaves together elements of tradition and modernity. Rooted in rich cultural heritage, it reflects a harmonious blend of Farfolk influences and Wood Elf aesthetics. The clothing often features designs that allow exposure of shoulders, arms, and belly, showcasing a balance between modesty and expression. Traditional clothing, often adorned with intricate embroidery and beading, coexists seamlessly with contemporary styles. Beadwork, layering, and the use of vivid patterns characterize Vikela fashion, creating a unique and visually captivating aesthetic. The incorporation of gold, gems, and silk further elevates the overall appeal, symbolizing not just adornment but also resilience and triumph over life's challenges. In Vikela, adorning oneself with gold and various gems is a profound expression of self-love and appreciation for one's body. Each gem worn tells a story, symbolizing the hardships endured and the resilience displayed in rising from the ashes. The intricate patterns and vibrant colors of the gems serve as a testament to the individual's journey, showcasing the beauty that emerged from challenges. This tradition not only adds a touch of opulence to personal style but also serves as a powerful reminder of strength and triumph over adversity. Archetype Vikela's archetype blends the charm of cottagecore with vibrant colors, creating a picturesque landscape immersed in nature. Quaint cottages, adorned with ivy and flowers, are surrounded by lush greenery, and mystical crystals sprout from the earth, casting a radiant glow. The residents embrace a cottagecore lifestyle, weaving handcrafted textiles in hues inspired by the vibrant flora. It's a harmonious haven where simplicity, warmth, and a deep connection with nature define the idyllic atmosphere of Vikela.
  11. Contract Agreement Issued: 3rd of The Amber Cold SA 168 This agreement was entered into on the 3rd of The Amber Cold SA 168, between the Kingdom of Vikela and Kossuth Company. I. Placement of Company Vikela agrees to allow Kossuth Company to establish its business operations within the borders of Vikela. II. Conduct of Business Kossuth Company agrees to conduct its business operations in Vikela in accordance with all laws, regulations, and customs of the Kingdom. The Company shall not engage in any activities that would disrupt the peace or stability of Vikela or its citizens. III. Duration This Agreement shall remain in effect indefinitely, unless terminated earlier by mutual agreement of the parties. IV. Expansion If the Kossuth Company would like to expand in the future, both parties will have a formal meeting to agree upon the amount of land the raise of tax depending on the size of land expanded. V. Termination Either party may terminate this Agreement upon a one year written notice to the other party. VI. Governing Law This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Vikela. VII. Entire Agreement This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, whether written or oral, relating to such subject matter. Signed by SOVRÈN MAJESTÉ, Reine Medea Amaranta Viola De Astrea, The Queen of Vikela, La Violetta His Magnificence, Franz Kossuth, Rector of the Academy, owner of the Kossuth Company, Duke of the Blue Isles, Diplomat to the True One, Herald of Truth
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