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  1. Stares while drinking banana milk…uni..I still don’t know how someone milk a banana to make banana milk
  2. Dear Culinary Connoisseurs and Spice Enthusiasts, It is our pleasure to extend a sizzling invitation to you for the Inferno Chicken Wing Eating Competition in Vikela, The City of Crystals, located right in front of The Serene State of Lurin. Prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable gastronomic experience that will test your spice tolerance and showcase your love for fiery flavors. Join us for an evening filled with flavor, fun, and the chance to immortalize your victory with a custom portrait. May your taste buds be brave, and may the spiciest prevail! Sincerely, The Lady Paramount of Vikela. OOC: 6th of December at 2pm Est. Vikela is located right in front of Lurin.
  3. Medea would be standing on her balcony when her owl flew onto the railing with a letter in its beak. Medea took the letter, opening it to read the content inside. As she red, she felt warm tears streaming down her cheeks as a bittersweet smile rested on her face, “I am happy to see that you are alive and well…and I wish you nothing but luck and fortune..Aerin..thank you for everything you’ve done for me, thank you for choosing and loving me…if we were to meet again in our next life and be together, I would have no objections. Do ne worry, I will care for our children and they will be well taken care of, just worry about yourself and stay safe on your journey..until we meet again my cherry blossom..” Medea would hold the letter close to her heart as she looked up at the clouds that were forever moving in the wind, understanding that times were changing and it was up to her now to make that change for the better. OOC: Cosmo, I love you so so very much, meeting you and getting to rp with you was one of the best experiences I had on LOTC. I enjoyed very rp and every conversations we had, and don’t worry, I will keep messaging you and nothing you, you’ve become one of my closest friends and I’m holding onto you, that’s a promise <3
  4. VIKELA EDICTS 10th of The Amber Cold, SA 154 By the will and decree of Paramount Medea de Viola and the esteemed Council of Crystals, the sovereign authority of Vikela issues forth a proclamation. In the archives of Vikela's crystal council, a conspicuous void lingers, persisting for over six years in the absence of a leader. Therefore, in accordance with the sovereign power vested in us, the following alterations are ordained. Sir Ahmanu Chaperya, who has been absent from the position of Minstrie of Warfare for five years, now passes his mantle to the Crown of Vikela. The Crown shall henceforth bear the esteemed responsibilities of this role. In the interim, Commander Volfe Serge is appointed as the acting head and council to the Crown, facilitating the military's selection of a new leader. Furthermore, in light of Sir Volfe Serge's transition to a new role, Prince Fernando, the second-born son of de Viola, is appointed to assume the mantle of Minstrie of Foreign Affairs. May this edict be known and observed throughout the realm of Vikela. Elliphas, having vanished from the realm after a year in the seat of Minstrie of Knowledge, his whereabouts unknown, stands as a wanted man. Given the circumstances of his mysterious disappearance and the outstanding warrants for his apprehension, it is deemed untenable for him to continue holding any position within Vikela. Consequently, the seat he once occupied remains unclaimed, awaiting resolution. Lady Floria Starling, having relinquished both her council and ministry positions, leaves the prestigious seat of Minstrie of Justice vacant. By the authority bestowed upon us, this position is now entrusted to oversee the course of justice under the Crown's watchful eye. In the wake of Lady Floria Starling's departure from Vikela, her dual roles in warfare and ministry, and her unfortunate misuse of authority to aid her son's criminal pursuits, her once-venerated knight force stands stripped of all dominion within our lands. The remaining knights, along with their armaments and supplies, are now placed under the vigilant purview of the Minstrie of Warfare and the esteemed Raven Knights, loyal guardians of Vikela. May this proclamation stand as a testament to the unwavering sovereignty and judicious governance upheld by Monarch Medea de Viola and the Council of Crystals. Her Grace, Medea Amaranta Viola De Astrea, The Baroness of Vikela, Unbuntu, Vinovia & Uherie , The Violet of Vikela
  5. Medea would receive the missive from her owl, opening the letter, she had some tea next to her to keep her calm from stress. A smile would rest upon her face after reading the letter, "Compé Torti va doucement, mais li rivé coté bite pendant Compé Chivreil apé dormi." Medea said before taking another sip of her tea.
  6. I have taken some time to decide whether I should have announced this or not, but I believe my people and dear friends, along with my family deserves to know, so here I am, here to share sensitive news with you all. For 40 years, Medea Viola De Astrea had been married to Aerin Sinan. We held a wedding all the way back in Almaris, in a little town named Paradine that was under Celia’nor. It was a lively wedding, citizens from Celia’nor, Norland and Vikela itself attended, it was a magical night of fun. A few years after that, we had our first biological daughter, Luthien Linde Viola De Astrea, and adopted a few others along the years, Orn, Thaedas, Fernando, and Raeliana, also having our youngest biological child, Loranzo Aerin Viola De Astrea who has just turned 4. Now then, you are probably wondering why I am telling you all of this, well it is simple actually, going forward today, my marriage with Aerin Sinan has ended, and he has left Vikela. We have been apart for many years now, even when we were still together, our relationship was not the same as our early days in Almaris. I am writing this letter so the people of Vikela know the current situation and not create rumors. To my friends, I am sorry I did not tell you all sooner, it was something I was and still am trying to heal from, and to my children, please do not feel hatred towards your father, he did his best even though he knew himself he was not cut out to be a father, he still loved you all, and if you do one day see him again, do not lash out. This is a topic I have been avoiding for a long time, only now finding the courage to speak up about, the reason I have decided to do so is that no awful rumor be made about my husband not being present. He has made his choice to leave and I will respect his choice, and I wish him health and luck wherever he may go. If you are reading this Aerin, I love you, you have given me 40 years of love and happiness, but I know now it was not meant to last. I hope we will one day meet again with no hard feelings, catch a drink and speak of our future experiences. Do not worry about our children, I will take care of them, please take care of your health. Goodbye Mon Cheri..My Cherry Blossom. With love, written by Medea Amaranta Taliame’onn Viola De Astrea, Lady Paramount of Vikela.
  7. The Elf red through the missive before placing it down on her desk, going to her balcony, she lets out a sigh before looking down to her barony "You accused my people of housing evil beings without proof, threatened to hurt me and called her unclean, making us Vikelans suffer without reason, and in the end, it turns out that you are the corrupt ones..." Medea shook her head, looking up at the stars "Finally, justice we will receive...for all the suffering you put me and my people through.." A tear streamed down the elf's eye.
  8. TAKING FLIGHT THE VIKELA SECESSION 6TH DAY OF THE SNOW MAIDEN, SA 147. [!] Treaty was written up at the table of Lurin after the sovereign meeting. This Treaty of Taking flight (hereinafter referred to as the "Treaty OF Vikela Seccession here ") is entered into between the Realm of Lurin, represented by Silver Lubba, Mika Anarion, and the Vassal State of Vikela, represented by Ladyship Medea Viola de Astrea, on this 6th day of The Deep Cold, 1941 amended to fit requests from both parties till 1943. ARTICLE I: 1.1 Vikela will recognize the historical ties and shared short heritage between the Most Serene State of Lurin and the Vassal State of Vikela. 1.2 Acknowledging the desire of Vikela to assert its independence and sovereignty as a separate realm once relocated from the Lurin Territories. 1.3 Desiring to ensure a peaceful and orderly transition from vassalage to nationhood 1.4 The signatories agree on absolute non-aggression. There shall be no military conflict between either state’s citizens nor between their constituent vassals or noble Houses while Vikela is relocating. Any breaches of this term shall be resolved through the appropriate diplomatic channels. ARTICLE II: 2.1 In recognition of Vikela's transition to an independent nation, Vikela shall, upon its relocation to the highlands or any equivalent move, voluntarily relinquish its claims and control over the vassal land previously governed by the Most Serene State of Lurin. This act of relinquishment shall include the return of the land and all resources associated with it without any damage, depletion, or exploitation that could undermine its natural value or the well-being of its inhabitants. 2.2 Both parties commit to ensuring a peaceful and orderly transfer of land and resources as described in Article 1. 3. Any disputes or concerns arising from this transfer shall be resolved through diplomatic channels and negotiations,which must be approved by diplomats from The Silver Lubba Mika Or Ladyship Medea to ensure impartiality and prevent any biased channels from swaying the process. ARTICLE III: National Sovereignty 3.1 Vikela shall be a sovereign and independent nation with the right to determine its own domestic and foreign policies once it is away from Lurinite territories. 3.2 The Most Serene State of Lurin shall respect the sovereignty of Vikela and refrain from any interference in its internal affairs. In return, Vikela also pledges not to interfere with the internal or external affairs of Lurin unless requested or enlisted for mutual cooperation. ARTICLE IV: International Recognition 4.1 The Most Serene State of Lurin shall formally recognize the sovereignty of Vikela as an independent nation in all international forums and treaties once away from Lurinite territories. 4.2 Vikela shall seek international recognition and establish diplomatic relations with other nations independently. ARTICLE V: Wellfare 5.1 Vikela Council members are hereby obligated to fulfill the critical task of Darkspawn testing in a manner that aligns with the interests and sovereignty of Vikela and Most Serene State of Lurin. This obligation shall manifest in one of two ways: 5.1.2 Council members may, at their discretion, choose to undertake voluntary journeys to The Most Serene State of Lurin for comprehensive Darkspawn testing. 5.1.3 In cases where no volunteers are readily available for such journeys, Council members shall, with due diligence and meticulous care, conduct Darkspawn tests within Vikela's territorial confines. These tests shall be carried out in strict adherence to established protocols, for the welfare of all citizens. Unless provoked, no weapons will be drawn. 5.2 The outcomes of these Darkspawn tests, irrespective of their origin, shall be expeditiously documented and submitted to The Silver Lubba or its equivalent status-holding authority. 5.2.1 In the regrettable circumstance that the records produced from these Darkspawn tests reveal a positive result, Vikela shall exercise its rights to coordinate with necessary allies and invoke essential procedures for the comprehensive treatment of Darkspawn and the containment of vampiric ailments within its boundaries. For they were once descendants, and there is no ailment that cannot be treated or, at the very least, earnestly addressed. Non-compliance shall result in the implementation of the subsequent step, specifically, eradication, as stipulated herein ARTICLE VI: Final Provisions 6.1 This Treaty shall enter into force immediately upon signing by both parties and shall be considered legally binding. 6.2 Any disputes arising from the interpretation or implementation of this Treaty shall be resolved through peaceful negotiations and diplomatic means. 6.3 Furthermore, it is agreed that if, following Mika's sucession from the throne, either Vikela or Lurin no longer wishes to pursue further economic relationships or trade agreements, no efforts shall be made to reestablish such relationships unless the latter party wishing to initiate such endeavors is approached first by the former party. This Treaty shall remain in effect for a period of 10 years, commencing from the date of its signing. In Witness Whereof, the undersigned representatives, duly authorized by their respective governments, have signed this Treaty on behalf of their nations. Signatories The Silver Lubba Her Ladyship, Medea Amaranta Viola De Astrea, The Baroness of Vikela, Unbuntu, Vinovia, Uherie, and The Violet of Vikela, The City of Crystals.
  9. Medea smiled as she was excited for the upcoming event, a little fun will be good for everyone to relax their minds, she thought to herself before letting out a relief sigh, a someone bittersweet look rested on her face "All of my children are grown, oh how I miss watching them run around, and now my youngest daughter is all grown up and became a beautiful young lady, oh how time flies so fast, the world keeps moving like the wind keeps traveling." Medea said before picking up a family picture that shows her, her husband and all five of her beloved kids, "They will always be my pride and joy, the reason I keep myself going."
  10. The Moon’s Darling Pearl With hearts filled with glee, it is our greatest joy to announce to you, the coming of age of our youngest daughter, the Midnight Moon Princess of Vikela, Raeliana Kamari Viola. Raeliana on her 18’th birthday As the princess turns 18 we cordially extended our honoured invitation to you fellow readers, friends of family and allies, to join us on this momentous occasion to celebrate as the princess makes her debut. This momentous occasion shall take place at the Starlight Winery in the most Serene state of Lurin. In the spirit of the oem’ii’s birthday we invite everyone to indulge themselves with the elegance and grace of the coming of age dance. We welcome someone to ask for the princess’s hand in dance, to officially start the night off while surrounded by the beauty of nature and the calm cool breeze. Following the start of the whimsical night a grand feast shall be held, for everyone in the starlight winery, while bards are encouraged to play to their heart's content all while saving their energy for the next grand event. The last event of the night after the cake is served to all, a game of murder mystery, will someone be able to figure out the clues to whom the killer may be, but be sure to make haste the longer you be the more victims they shall take, and of course every good game comes with a price, will you be this games winner? We shall see. All are invited but please remember to bring a good heart and mind. Conflict and fighting will not be allowed, this is meant to be a fun and welcoming event, so please come without ill intent. Wednesday 20th September 3pm est at the Starlight Winery. Her Ladyship, Medea Amaranta Viola De Astrea, The Baroness of Vikela, Unbuntu, Vinovia, Uherie, and The Deserted Salted Lands of Elysium. The Violet of Vikela.
  11. Realm PRO MC Name: JTMedea Realm PRO Character Name: Medea de astrea Realm Name: The Kingdom of Vikela, The City of Crystals. Primary Realm Color: Cyan Proposed Tiles (Highlight 3 on the map): Highland 9 Highland 10 Highland 8. Realm Lore (could include previous roleplay posts showing involvement with the community) (1000 words minimum): Lore posts: Ahiuw le fleuve Year One - Vikela - The Lord Of The Craft Ahiuw Le Fleuve Guide for Debutes [ Social Season] - Vikela - The Lord Of The Craft Decree of Dissolvement SA 112 - Vikela - The Lord Of The Craft Vikela's history is a remarkable story of resilience and rebirth, showcasing the unyielding spirit of its people. Rising from the ashes of Elysiu, a city scarred by years of conflict and rebellion against Eugeo de Astrea's rule, the Vikelians joined forces with a shared determination to rebuild their world. Amidst the ruins and lingering fear, they forged enduring bonds, treating each other as a connected family, transcending racial and species boundaries. In this crucible, Vikela emerged as the unifying force, drawing from a rich tapestry of indigenous, ancient, and contemporary Wood Elf traditions to create something of immeasurable value. Communication thrived through their unique language, Silchian, preserving their integrity, faith, and values. But they didnt start there they had to endure trials of both external and internal wars within their wall such as the War of Wigs, the War of the West, the Malinor-Horde War, and the Orcish-Elysian War spanning from SA 62 to SA 83. The latter conflict stemmed from a tragic incident where an orc harmed a child, resulting in accusations of racism against Elysium. However, even with external adversaries, internal strife brewed between Elysium loyalists and Vikela rebels. Eugeo de Astrea's descendants, inspired by their mother Mwari "Deliah" Ishe, chose to stay and protect their people instead of fleeing, as their predecessors did. This difference in approach led to numerous disagreements and multiple failed coups of the Rebel warrior leader Leika. Finally, Vikela finally assumed control after Elysium fell to the siege by Azdrazi, orcs, and daemons, reducing the once-proud city to rubble. A fitting and final story end to what the Elysium council people did in their wake. As Vikela rebels rebuilt their home, they decided enough was enough. Amidst the wreckage, Vikela arose from the ashes and sorrow, determined to prevent such a tragedy from happening again. Following the fall of the city and the daunting task of reconstruction, a pivotal council meeting marked a turning point in Vikela's history. Inspired by the legacy of Deliah, the former Duchess. Leika and her council embraced their Abhrami heritage, uniting under the banner of "Vikela" to defend their cherished ideals. Guided by unwavering commitment and fortified by alliances with influential families like the Vanaris, Talimeonns, Starlings, Daafs, Odinsons, and Chaypaeres, Leika spearheaded Vikela's rebirth as a newly established settlement, keeping their past burned and vowing to never cross that line again. None wishing to be recalled as Elysium and the rule that followed. Making sure the first thing they did was recreate their army and establish a knight circle, Knight circles were an uncommon sight at first, having two knight leaders that commanded different aspects of vikela life, one for internal protection and one for external protection. Somehow, these opposite circles, both in color and value, worked together.The Ravens (Knight Circle) - Vikela - The Lord Of The Craft Vikela's line of succession, rooted in the De Astrea lineage, traditionally follows a matriarchal structure, but thats not always the case as both males and females have taken the mantle. In Vikelia, leadership is determined through a tanistry, where the Paramount seeks out all noble families, whether by blood or official titles, to identify the heir. Upon the identification of the heir, they are readied to assume the paramount position, thus ensuring the maintenance of a dynamic and inclusive system of governance that upholds the cherished ideals of the nation's founders. As a symbol of their status, the paramount is enlightened about the inner workings of the settlement and is presented with a gemstone butterfly to wear proudly, signifying their esteemed role. Vikela has witnessed a leadership transition twice since the passing of its original founders.Larissa's Reign was calm, having been raised and taught how to lead since she was very young by her mother, that's all she had ever known. Larissa did her best to hold the torch for her people after receiving the crown from her mother and always did what she felt was right. After the deep snake in the city, Larissa made a journey to speak with the King of Lurin to take refuge under his nation when the fall of the land came. After crossing over to Aevos, Mika had allowed her to build and settle under Lurin for the time being until Vikela would be ready to stand on its own again. After the passing of her mother, Larissa fell sick, having lost the ability to move forward and continue holding the torch for her people. Understanding that, she passed the torch to her elder sister, Medea Viola De Astrea, a daughter her mother adopted and a sister Larissa gained. And so, Medea's reign of Vikela began, the beginning of a new path, the start of a new era. It now rests in the capable hands of Medea Viola De Astrea, a proud leader and former soldier who dedicated her life to Vikela. Climbing the ranks over the years, she eventually ascended to the highest position, contributing significantly to the city's prosperity. Under her current rule, she unearthed naturally occurring gemstone deposits surrounding the city, which she generously allocated to blacksmiths and jewelers, thereby bolstering the local economy. Medea has also fostered alliances and friendships across Aevos, resulting in lucrative trade agreements and collaborations with merchants to promote Vikela's exquisite jewelry. Notable pieces have even found their way to foreign princesses, adorning necks and crowns with Vikela's craftsmanship. Medea did not shy away from the challenges of her predecessor's legacy during her reign as Paramount. Instead, she examined the foundations left by her sister's leadership and made it her mission to rebuild both the government and the lives of Vikela's people. Her goal was to create a more structured and improved way of life. Medea has proven herself to be a leader who lives up to her name in just six years since taking on the job of Paramount. Her devotion and dedication to the task at hand have demonstrated why she was given this opportunity in the first place. Realm Government Structure Explanation: The Crystal Court was founded on the idea that a great government could be formed by working together with the city's talents and its people. Within this governing body, every ministry has its own leadership, but there is no single person in command. Instead, decisions are reached collectively, and the Paramount has the ultimate authority to make the final decision. The court includes ministries like Arcanae, Knowledge, Health, Housing, Warfare, Justice, and Treasury, each with its own rank and sub-branches. They come together for meetings with the people, and council members can share their ideas. This establishes a quasi-oligarchic monarchy, where the Court can only be convened at the behest of the Paramount or a high-ranking ministry official. Government post: Gouvènman an Vikela - Vikela - The Lord Of The Craft Capital Builds (photos required): These pictures should show a theme of what to be expected, How does this settlement offer a unique niche not already found in an existing polity on the server? This barony bears individuals characterized by a desire to be rebellious. They engage in various interactions, ceaselessly attempting to find their own journey in this world. Comprising both outcasts and individuals from diverse backgrounds, including elves, humans, and various half-races, this group has come together with a common goal: that they do not fit right in another place. Facing unfair treatment, and lacking a true sense of belonging, these individuals have joined together in a collective effort to secure their well-being. The role-playing activities within this group adhere to customary role-playing conventions, yet incorporate a fusion of Creole and Wood Elf cultural elements. Remarkably dedicated participants persist in their shared role-playing endeavors despite the adversities they face, reflecting a commitment akin to that exhibited by any nation navigating the trials of existence. Within the boundaries of this narrative, the denizens of this realm are reputed into three various archetypes: luminous artisans, formidable warriors, and marginalized outcasts. These said characters have repeatedly fallen victim to repressive control, the unending pattern of authoritarian rule and subjugation has persistently ensnared the land, which then resulted in the said skilled artisans being imbued with a palpable feeling of weariness. To counter the said oppression in their own regard, they orchestrate a covert masterpiece of artistry, a rebellion concealed within the most exquisite jewelry. These bright artisans, master of their craft and the unsung heroes of their realm, have commenced their individual quests. These quests were either for the good of their land, or for their own gains. They harness their unrivaled expertise and knowledge to conjure jewelry of effulgent, enchanting charm, each gemstone concealing a subversive insignia, an emblem of insurrection against the yoke of tyranny that threatened their freedom directly. With these jewelry equipped in their arsenal, they aspire to kindle a spark of freedom, to transform their exquisite creations into the emblematic standard of resistance against the oppressive machinations of tyrannical regimes. Amongst the realm's masterful artisans, alongside the gallant warriors of this barony, there beats the same fervent passion for freedom. Witness the Crimson Raven Corps' Soaring Faith, a sacred creed followed by half of this barony's knights, steadfast in their belief that freedom is an inviolable birthright, never to be relinquished. "May our feathers rival the night, so that they may appreciate the light." Apart from desire for freedom, this realms' people have a desire to be level grounded and respectful. Accepting of all, witness the Len'velulae Knights, a knight group of sacred creed that is diligently upheld by the other esteemed knights of this barony. Behold the indomitable spirit of perseverance, unyielding determination, and an unwavering embrace of fellow beings. "Thrown to pieces cast to the wind, from ashes we ascend" In this complexly crafted fabric of a universe, courageous adventurers and narrators of bold stories alike are invited to fully engage themselves in this narrative. The platform is prepared for a captivating gathering of mystery, creativity, and the unwavering fight for freedom. Whether one chooses to reify skillful artisans, the sublime nobility, or the determined outcasts of rebellion, the vibrant epos awaits, to fulfill an immersive journey. This Barony showcases an impressive range of diversity, with many participants from different races. It has established itself as a hospitable sanctuary for numerous people from different races looking for chances to engage meaningfully with others. How does your settlement tie to the greater lore and narrative set by the community on LotC?: Indeed, Vikela's rich history and its interactions with numerous nations and cities in the current roleplay landscape provide a broader perspective that connects with the greater lore of the world. These interactions serve to enrich the tapestry of the lore and establish Vikela as an integral part of the narrative. Vikela's story, rooted in its resilience and rebirth, is a testament to its ability to adapt and forge alliances with other entities in the world. Its emergence from the ruins of Elysiu and the subsequent forging of bonds with neighboring nations and cities showcase Vikela's role as a player in the grand scheme of things. Vikela's participation in conflicts like the War of the West and the Orcish-Elysian War, and The Lurinite Rebellion for Theo. not only shaped its own history but also influenced the geopolitical landscape of the world. Its role in these events, coupled with its interactions with other nations and cities, adds layers of complexity to the overarching lore.In essence, Vikela's history and interactions serve as threads that weave it into the fabric of the greater lore. Through its resilience, diplomacy, and cultural contributions, Vikela becomes more than just a city with a storied past it can become a key player if they so wish. Have you ever run a settlement on LoTC before, and what experience do you have with leadership within roleplay communities among the current groups of players?: I have not run a settlement on LoTC. However, as for leadership experience in roleplay communities, I am currently running a Barony called Vikela. This barony is now under Lurin's control and is known as The Crystal City. This Barony exhibits a remarkable breadth of diversity, boasting a multitude of players who have the desire to engage in the portrayal of diverse ethnicities & species. Many people who are looking for chances to engage in meaningful interaction have found it to be a warm and welcoming place. Do you understand the metrics for maintaining activity and the grounds for settlement removal, along with the standing polity cap? Yes Please have your 15 signatories reply to the post with their MC Name, RP Name, and Persona ID (the 4-6 digit number at the top of /card).
  12. Medea would be in her office when her owl flew through her open window with the letter. She placed down her work before taking the letter and reading it. A sour look rested on her face before she smiled. Standing up, she turned to her window and looked out at her barony below, "And so the chaos begins."
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