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  1. I fully agree with this, much like other people have stated in this post, what if a Voidstalker needs a potion outside of combat? I believe there should either be a re-write of thus rule or just a general wipe of it. +1 for posting this though, I was actually not aware Void Stalkers couldnt prime potions...
  2. Chimaera Military Recruitment Act As Vikela grows, so does the need for combatively tallented individuals, thus we are proud to announce the first recruitment act for the Chimaera Military! We welcome any and all who wish to be a part of our ever growing force as we offer opportunities to all who are but willing to aid in our cause, to protect and serve The Queendom Of Vikela. On Requirements: Anyone who seeks the thrill and honor of a soldiers life is welcome, regardless of current combative cababilities, as we offer equal chances to all who wish to enlist. Simply locate the closest Military Official within the Queendom. Chimaera's First Fighting Tournament! To kick off our first Recruitment, we will be hosting a tournament in order to spot potential as well as give newer faces to prove their worth in combat! The fights will take place in 6 Crystal days (The 23rd 4 PM EST). Fill out the entry form bellow and have a chance to get your skills recognized as well as have a special weapon of your choosing forged, courtesy of the Soaring Raven Emporium! We wish all participants good luck! Name: Race: ((OOC Section:)) Discord: Time Zone:
  3. In the midst of him moving some his belonging, Father Raven would drop the box he was carrying, as he fell to floor, as the rest of the movers were mortified by his spasms. In the ened he awoke, pondering as he was visibly confused before it started to settle in, his expression change to one of mortified confusion as he got up and rushed somewhere..
  4. As the Leader of the Order Of The Crimson Raven read through his pappers, he would stumble upon this particular one, an eye roll here, a sigh there as he was generally disapointed at the missuse of the 'Raven' "What with all these 'Raven' brandings recently... at least do not look the rest of us look bad." he said, crumbling the paper before simply tossing it behind him as he continued reading through his mail.
  5. +1 I had a blast reading through this and thinking of all of the possible senarios it can be a part of. Overall great piece, rly hope I can experience it on the server.
  6. The Order Of The Crimson Raven “Celestial we ascend, may our plumes herald the shadows, enabling them to comprehend the brilliance of illumination.” Lair PRO MC Name: PhilosopherBear Lair PRO Character Name: Ahmanu Chaephyra Lair Name: Fælheim Keep Primary Lair Color: Black/Red Lair Members: PhilosopherBear, 6Dark, Aw_0ken, YourParalysis, Kayleigh_P, Xein000, Le_JambonBeurre, marelamentorum, InsaneKissane, KuroKrono Proposed Lair Locations (Highlight/draw at least three on the map): In order of preference Example 1: tile_snow_highlands_5 Example 2: tile_snow_lake_3 Example 3: tile_snow_lake_5 Lair Lore (supply link to an existing creature or other lore if being used as basis for this lair) (1000 words minimum): The Soaring Faith and The Kaemhan Culture: Group Explanation: The Order Of The Crimson Raven, Kaemhan inhabitants of Fælheim Keep and many of the reaches of the Known World, are a recent group and culture of soldiers and workers that have united under a singular missive - The search for Eternal Freedom, to spread one's wings far and wide, and to spread such freedom to all those who desperately seek it, yet, by themselves, have no means to attain it. Their morally grey ways of both operating and thinking have led them to not only see past one's origin and physical characteristics but also gets them far too often in altercations with nations and other groups who oppose the idea of True Freedom by clipping the wings of the people. Those who will for their freedom, and seek to unshackle themselves from the slavers and tyrants of the world are free to seek shelter under the Grand Wings of Feidelhm, until they, too, can take flight. The main strength of the Ravens is the lack of fear to become "monsters" to fight off oppressors and beasts from far and wide - Nothing will escape the wrath of Riognach if it were to stand in the way of a Raven and it's rightful freedom - A malevolent creature or an unfair ruler are no different upon the eyes of judgement, and both will receive equal punishment for their transgressions. This lack of fear to become "abnormal" in order to stay true to their spiritual calling is what makes the Ravens poorly received in most lands, as well as their unbending will to never be shackled and tamed, as is the Kaemhan way. Lair Build and Infrastructure (photos required, give dimensions): The Lair fits within the 75x75 that is standard to lairs. Photo Examples of the (almost) finished build: Keeps Front Gate: Entry Hallway: Center Of The Keep, aka the Lobby: Housing Area (Not fully finished): Training Area: Hallway Design: Alchemy Station: Study/Little Library: Forging Area/Workshop: Mess Hall: Iternal Hilltop (Place of Warship): Why can this group not fulfill their roleplay niche in an existing settlement or nation? (Give a detailed answer and examples of how this has not worked in the past.): Most members of the Order Of The Crimson Raven fall within the category of 'darkspawn', dark magery or even magery in general and even those who havent yet, plan to do so in the future. Due to that, their moraly gray view on the world (As explained above), the way they opperate as well as obtain power and the fear of Region PROs and Metagaming. Due to all that, there has been multiple occasions of excomunication from their employeement and general conflict amongst them and the people they wish to help or merely even attempt to RP with. How does this lair add to the greater world around it? How will its existence benefit its roleplay group and the server at-large?: The Order is based upon my own original Greek/Nordic culture and religion, which I am also looking to expand the player base of, the physical structure providing for a safe heaven, accessible to those who wish to follow the ways of the Kaemhan or join them in their quests mentioned in this post, as well as the one I provided before. The group itself plans to attempt to be a new beacon of RP, for those who would wish to dive into the world of monster hunting, by becoming one themselfs to more effectively hunt and exterminate dangerous creatures as well as decendants who have been deemed unfavourable by the Kaemhan religion (Slavers, tyrants etc. Anyone who might restrict anothers freedom.) In sort, this group will provide conflict on a political scale, to any event line related to the world as well as allowing for players to experience a different prespective of 'being' of the monster hunter and general 'mercenary' tropes. Credits: (Main Writer): PhilosopherBear And @Tael that helped a lot as well.
  7. Absolutely based! I was not here to witness its existance last time, but I am glad to be here for it this time bro LETS GO +1
  8. Father Raven chuckled at yet another situation he found amusing "Ah ti, Lurin has dug themselfs another hole..." he said shaking his head, looking ahead, as he placed the missive aside "May Riognach allow thy people to bring justice to Lurins unjust ways, for they've been getting away with such for far too long." he spoke one final time, as he used his staff to lift himself up so that he may be on his way.
  9. A smile crept up the elfs face, not one of joy, but one of malice, as he mumbled to himself. "They've used the unfortunate and now its time they faced the music. Llue shunk her claws within their weak souls and now, they will be dragged down to the depths of her realm." He then proceeeded to go on his way once more, for his path was long and prickly, using his staff to traverse and bring light upon those who need it. " Ta Fael'id kan Feidelhm's practun" he mumbled in the lost dialect of the Kaemhan.
  10. MC Name: PhilosopherBear Persona name: 'Father Raven' Persona ID: 61111
  11. In a distant and undisclosed location, an enigmatic crimson-haired individual can be seen pondering over the missive, as his tired expression allowed a smile to form, dispelling the weary aura around him as he spoke softly "May Feidelhm guide them in my stead." he then proceeded to take a seat, as he began to prepare some letters.
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