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    Ophelia was born in the princedom of Fenn’s capitol, Tahu’lareh, and was raised by a loving and caring mother, she was always by her side. Her mother was a botanist, and since she was able to keep her plants alive even in the cold winter of Tahu’lareh, she always had someone in demand for her services. She had a special fondness for the rarer plants, so they were always on the move. Ophelia spent a large part of her childhood running through ancient ruins, gorgeous forests, and busy markets - and starting fights with her overly largemouth, she’d gotten great at running away. Her mother always told her that she couldn’t run from all of her problems, Ophelia disagreed. One day, she was bitten on her arm by an amber wolf that she couldn’t outrun, and now fears nothing more than those “beasts” she also despises dogs in general. The only thing that trumps her desperate need to run away, is to cause mischief, so she pretended the amber wolf killed her and made her mother lose at least a hundred years off of her life. Her mother also hates dogs now. As she grew older, she began to follow in her mother’s footsteps and learning the ways of botany. However, she refused to go and hunt for plants like her mother, she was too scared and Ophelia simply wanted to garden. At the age of fifty-five, her mother decided she had had enough of Ophelia running from every fight, and told her that if she didn’t grow up and become “a proper adult” she would never be allowed back home. These days, Ophelia wanders around, hoping not to start too many fights, trying to learn as much as she can about the flora of the world, help the monks at the cloud temple collect plants for healing and is convinced her mother will give up and let her come back home. It’s been two years, but she can wait. Even if the outside world is scary.
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