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  1. looking to purchase the services of amazing armor skinner for  anime tier skin hmu 

    1. PurpleCola


      approved by leric's assistant 

  2. you guys are making sure he isnt hiding diamond/iron blocks on this map right
  3. xd

    1. TeaLulu


      get outta hurrrrrrrr.

    2. Leric


      mother lulu you need to GET OUT of HUR

  4. as keeper dad i approve of this application only thing I suggest is rereading the section of the lore regarding Keepers and their ability to heal themselves which is significantly dwindled as a result of their unique state. For most healing/major wounds/etc they're required to regenerate themselves within the chancery.
  5. "Oh no my house." Groans Verrick.
  6. hey look connors back high elf posts 

  7. *makes shield
  8. "Three thousand mina and don't lay a hand upon her. She's mine if you want your money." Wrote a tired elf.
  9. I feel like those arguing that Tah magic should be capable of harming Keeper's have absolutely no clue what they're talking about especially in regards to Xan's history with Tahariae. Which from what I'm reading is probably true. Tahariae aided Xan in creating his own version of the Itharel, now known as Xan's Keepers. The cleric, Daniel Baelish (Itharel and head macho man at the time i believe) specifically aided in this by helping Xan create the first Keeper, Herun Athna. Further, Xan and Tahariae have a great amount of history spanning back towards the creation of the aengul Xan. When Xan fell, it was his battle brother Tahariae whom revived him so the duo could continue their great conquest. Now why exactly would Tahariae allow his magic to harm his brother in arms?
  10. Leric frowns, not being affiliated with the elves at all.
  11. Eternally. Tristin has a zero tolerance policy for dumb people. how it feels to be a NL