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  1. Lilar returns to Brandybrook, standing upon the beach and staring out at the ocean with a book held in her hand. The monster flashes through her mind, causing her to shake. After taking a few deep breaths, she allows herself to fall down to the sand, crossing her legs and placing the small book on her lag. Opening it carefully, her mind begins to wander from the words on the page after just a few minutes, though her eyes still travel across the page and her hands casually turn the page when the time is right... What would one do, if a monster like this were to return?
  2. Name? Lilar Alkinor ((MC Name))? Bubbleeeee Age? 16 How do you lay claim to the fact that you are a pure Mali’aheral? A pure and untainted bloodline blesses her family name, this forever being proven by the prominent high elven appearance and the consistent thirst for knowledge yet to be quenched. What magic are you trained in, if any? Unfortunately, none. How long have you resided in Lareh’thilln? I think around 5 years! Will you follow the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya to the letter in pursuit of acrane knowledge? There is no doubt. What magical knowledge do you wish to acquire, if any? To be blessed with the knowledge of magic would be outstanding. Truly, I wish to learn as much of the magical knowledge possible.
  3. Pinching her nose, Lilar searches for the source of the odour, soon finding herself staring at a pile of burning fish... "Huh... I wonder what caused this?" A smirk appears on the young girls face, as she prepares herself for an adventure.
  4. With a smile on her face, Lilar rises from the table, abandoning her book (which she rarely ever does) and begins to note down what she will need for the adventure.
  5. Hello there! I hope you are well! I donated a book when I applied for citizenship, and have just done so for library access! Thank You for taking the time to read this! ❤️ MC Username: Bubbleeeee RP Name: Lilar
  6. Somehow discovering the news, Lilar begins to wonder if she would be welcome, as she was not present on their past adventure. Despite this, she heads out of her small Apartment in Haelun’or in search of supplies, and a friend to bring along. (Hello! Please alert me if I am not welcome to this event! This is the first event I have signed up to so if possible please alert me of the details, and if I am welcome to attend! My discord is Bubble#6501).
  7. Lilar carefully fills out all of the needed information on the form, going over her answers after she has written them; before carefully stamping the top right hand corner and handing it in.
  8. Hello! I am so sorry to bug you but I posted an application about 20 hours ago and it has not been checked! I feel it may be because I commented on it to add an extra bit of information, which is no longer relevant. If you could delete said comment it would be amazing!


    Thank You in advance!

    1. Homeokinetics


      The Community Team (people with pink name tags) are the folk who handle applications. You contacted a World Developer, and I’m afraid he can't do much.


      As for the comment, I’m sure the Community Team member overlooking you application wouldn’t mind it, so you have nothing to worry about.

    2. Anderssn


      @Bubblegum Try contacting someone from the Community Team

  9. Bubblegum


    Lilar often spent her time alone; either reading or playing make believe. She often researched the Iblees’ War, finding it a curious topic as to why Malin and his children put up with such treatment; and how the ward of Malin and the green dragon pushed away almost the entire archademons’ blighted undead army... Sometimes she wished she had been a part of it, so when she was not pretending to be charging into battle or to be isolated with the four brothers, she pretended to be perhaps, an elf from the woods, or maybe even a snow elf! And as much as she enjoyed sitting alone in the busy and cluttered library of her school; she awaited the moment she could return home and talk once more with the people from her books, or arrange an alliance with the orcs... It was her own personal Narnia; until it was no more... When her parents discovered what she had been up to they felt betrayed. Her mother (Of whom dedicated her entire life to the arts of literature; often writing hateful and racist segments in her otherwise dream worthy books) and her father (A smart man, who documented the knowledge of nature; but spoke nothing of spite towards the creatures that inhabited it) locked away anything that would fuel her fantasy's, ripped her out of school and moved her education to their home. She was taught everything from the curse of elves and how a pregnant elf was a rare sight to el’lenniel lae kheliyat – The song that shattered an image; and all things in between. She isolated herself, never forgetting all about what she once could not live without. She eventually moved out of the home she shared with her parents and begun to teach herself how to unlock any magic she may possess and all about other races. When she was home alone she was a child; free to do whatever she wished. But in public she blended in as much as she could without hiding her personality; but only a glimpse of the child within could be seen in her eyes... She often avoided her parents, and they did so for her. After all; she knew how much of a disappointment she had become to them that one fateful day.
  10. This is my new forums account! Thank You for understanding! ?
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