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  1. [!] A flier is pinned to the City Notice Board in Providence for all visitors and residents to see. The flier is from the Clerk’s Office! The 3rd. Annual Providence Clerk’s Office Newsletter The Clerk’s have been hard at work lately, and we’ve decided to give the citizens and visitors an update on the Clerk’s Office as of now! Current Roster: For help purchasing a property in Providence, questions regarding taxes or eviction notices, or general questions about the city, find one of the following people and they can help you! The Head City Clerk of Prov
  2. Discord: Shay#1111 Skin Title: Regency Outerwear Bid(s): 10 dolla
  3. "I saw it with my own eyes - and heard it with my ears! It was rigged, da!" Adalia commented to no one in particular
  4. RP Name: Natalia Kovachev MC Name: shaydelicious Voted: Yes
  5. RP Name: Natalia Kovachev MC Name: shaydelicious Voted: Yes
  6. Natalia snatched the missive from her sister's hands, her eyes lofting over the parchment as a frown quickly followed "You know how much I care for Anna" she paused, thinking of a certain girl's night momentarily before continuing "But I must agree - how will she speak for the unheard if she herself is not listening to them in the first place." Natalia promptly returned the missive to Emerentia's hands, opting now for brandy as she paced the room to finish her thoughts "I wish her the best, truly, but I do not see that best including a mayoral position.
  7. "HEEEENNNRRRY" Natalia, the ever loyal sister to both candidates screeches out from the confines of the common area of Carnatia House. The news of the changing political season within the household seemed to slap the otherwise useless monologuing woman with a sense of dutifulness, loyalty, pride. "HEENRRY, YOU HAVE PROPAGANDA TO DELIVER, HURRY UP" she emitted a gut-wrenching wail once more as she frantically waved campaign posters above head, waiting impatiently for her son to arrive. @Radzig
  8. Adalia scurries around the confines of Greyspine, inconspicuously hiding various items throughout the keep before scrambling off to find Cruella de Ruthern "HAAAARREN VAR RUTHERN - VY NEED TO PRACTICE SCAVENGING, HURRY UP" @Gusano
  9. "Da, nobody in all of Haense is as smart as vy." Adalia concurred.. albiet quite quietly so as to not have the Greyspine-bound uber-smart child-detective Tittie Ruthern overhear.
  10. "nice" Adalia remarked before setting off to find Rosalind to get more money for fine robes, fine foods, and luxurious items. @livrose
  11. Natalia paces the common area of Carnatia house, tucking her ivy dust further into her pocket as she once again begins to monologue, the woman evidently infuriated by this news "Violence - Violence? I'll show them violence. No, really. I will not. But I'll think about it... How could they DO such a thing. No, no, this will not do. Recreational use? BAH, I have never heard of such a thing. They're torturing us now, truly, their loyal citizens. What have I - I mean, WE, done to deserve such a personal affront to our very beings? Get this out of my sight" she would yell out, quickly thrusting the
  12. 367 GREYSPINE OPEN In Memory of Yuliya Styrne The Badminton Court of Greyspine, est 366. In Vzmey and Hyff, the Margraviate of Greyspine is going to be hosting the first Badminton Tourney held on Haeseni soil, the 367 Greyspine Open. While this is a time to celebrate the arrival of a new sport upon Haeseni soil, it is also a time of mourning, for this tourney is also held as a memorial for the popularizer of modern badminton, Yuliya Styrne. Entry into the tourney will be free of charge. While it is preferable that people sign
  13. Natalia sighed, opting for brandy as she paced the room, monologuing. "It was evident that the idiots held very few words in their vocabularies, but I must admit I did not believe cowardice to be one of them. That's truly a fate worse than death, my sister's late husband was lucky in the grand scheme of things." She paused, sipping the previously retrieved liquor for dramatic effect "Perhaps a less animalistic suitor this time. Less.. hooves."
  14. Adalia rummaged through her things in the corner of Harren's room, pulling out the trusty racquet she won the esteemed badminton tournament with "This is a catastrophe, we'll never forget vy badmanton lady." she frowned, shedding a single tear before temporarily removing a picture of Harren and Adalia on the wall to hang the racquet in respect.
  15. "Oh Godan" the Norland mail order bride grunted, setting off after Harren, the only things on her mind: raspberries, how uncomfortable the scarf on her forehead felt, and winning
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