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  1. A certain acquaintance of Ruben was pleased by his title, or rather she would be, were she able to read. Alas, the lone Maudlin Baruch continued on, unaware of the goings on as she perused the country side, once again lost to the unknown paths.
  2. Echoes of the Shadows A Forsaken Prophecy Taillte Baruch had endured a life cloaked in unending darkness and paralyzing fear, incarcerated within the confines of her wretched basement lair for untold years. In her subterranean sanctum, the air hung heavy with an ever-present dampness, an insidious coldness, and an unyielding shroud of obscurity. She seldom dared to step beyond her self-inflicted prison, haunted relentlessly by nightmarish visions of demonic entities. But on this fateful day, a profound transformation surged within her, igniting a steely resolve to confront the terrors that had forever lurked in the shadows. As she summoned her newfound strength, Taillte, with a tremor in her voice, addressed the spectral inhabitants of her gloomy abode—none of whom had drawn breath in a long while. These ethereal remnants of her past and harbingers of her future were her sole companions in this self-imposed exile. Her voice quivered as she conveyed her dire mission to them. The moment had arrived; it was time to emerge. The city outside teemed with life, a whirlwind of people engaged in their mundane routines, blissfully ignorant of the ominous harbinger that Taillte was frantically trying to impart. She approached anyone who would lend an ear, her voice quaking with desperation. "The beasts draw near!" she implored, eyes wide with terror. "The time quickly approaches!" Her words, however, fell upon deaf ears. Most dismissed her as a madwoman, their hurried steps carrying them away from her as if she were a specter herself. A handful paused, their expressions a curious blend of pity and irritation, but none took her gravely. Taillte's frustration welled up as she reached the city gates. She had given her all to warn the denizens, yet it seemed her valiant efforts were futile. Gazing beyond the gates, she discerned the encroaching malevolence she had foreseen, creeping ever closer, time slipping through her trembling fingers. Defeat and isolation weighed heavily on her heart, but she could not yield now. After years of seclusion and the relentless horrors that had tormented her, her resolve renewed. She decided to seek out kindred spirits who might comprehend her visions and the impending peril. She vowed not to rest until she found someone who would listen, someone who could assist in preparing for the impending darkness. Taillte's eyes locked onto a solitary traveler approaching the city gates, a deep sense of foreboding welling up within her as if the very darkness she had dreaded were made manifest in this lone figure. She rushed to the gates, frantically beseeching the guards and any who would lend an ear. "So it is, so it must be!" she cried out, her voice trembling with urgency, tears streaking down her pallid cheeks. She pleaded with them to understand that admitting this traveler would unleash calamity upon the city. But her words remained unheeded, skepticism etched upon the guards' faces. Unperturbed by Taillte's warnings, the oblivious traveler drew ever closer to the city's heart. Panic surged through her veins as she watched him advance. Time was an inexorable adversary, and if she couldn't convince someone to heed her, disaster would soon befall them all. As her desperate pleas fell on deaf ears and as she was physically restrained, despair clung to her like a shroud. The traveler continued his relentless march, the city blissfully ignorant of the impending doom she had prophesied. She fought against her restraints, but her efforts proved futile. The gates stood open, and the traveler entered, unchallenged. With a heart heavy as a stone and a sinking sensation of dread that seemed to plunge into an abyss, Taillte realized that her warnings had fallen on deaf ears. Suspended above the city, she watched helplessly from her vantage point. The grim truth struck her like a lightning bolt—the monstrous horrors she had foreseen had already descended upon them. Overhead, sinister clouds gathered ominously, casting the city below into a bone-chilling silence. Streets that once bustled with life now lay barren and eerie. Taillte's dire visions had materialized into a grim reality, an inescapable nightmare. The conclusion she had long feared had arrived, and the city would soon confront the horrors she had glimpsed in the darkest recesses of her tortured psyche.
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  4. "Ah think we're goin' tae need more chickens tae sacrifice, Raisin" commented Taillte to her elder, Duchess sister, Roslin Baruch. @kaylaa
  5. Taillte Baruch grinned proudly as the Queen of Norland read her critically acclaimed book during her stay in the comfortable Ruthern cells.
  6. Taillte Baruch uttered a prayer for her mother and the Rutherns, pleading GOD to aid the devout Canonists in their time of need, before moving off to gather her siblings for a sacrificial ceremony to bring luck to their relatives. @Zaerie@esotericas@Milenkhov@kaylaa@Roza
  7. EXCERPTS FROM THE MEMOIR OF A QUEEN -- -- “Higher Coraline, Higher!” Echoed a youthful voice through the Orenian orchard. The lush area vacated, bar the presence of the three Rhenyari children “Baba pushes me higher when he’s here, I have to swing higher than Charles, otherwise .. otherwise I may die!” Called that same, perhaps overdramatic young voice once more “Baba is not here, nor is imma. It is just me right now Amadea and this is as high as I can push you” Offered the elder of the girls in an eventual retort. A hint of annoyance laced through her tone as she continued to push the younger Carrington on the swing amongst the trees, their brother swinging adjacent, nearly silent in the currently windless enclosure. “When is he to come home, Coral? I do not like when he stays away in the capital so long. I could disappear and he would never know” “Soon, Amadea. He has work to do, you know this. Besides, I would notice if you were gone.” “I would notice too!” offered the previously silent boy, his attention fixated upon his siblings “Charles, you barely notice the time of day - HIGHER Coraline, we are trailing behind!” -- It was strange at first, adapting to the Haeseni climate, and I do not only refer to the weather. The brashness of the people, in comparison to the nature of those in Providence was jarring. In just my first month warding under Emma, I found myself manipulated and arguably assaulted as a boy, no older than myself, cut my long locks of hair. It was so drastic that my handmaiden had to see to it that my hair was fully removed, the style labelled irredeemable by anything other than months of time to grow. My Father was furious when he returned from the capital. I recall toting some elaborate story about a garden full of hair-eating slugs. I may not have been honest with him, but in a fond recollection I do find myself impressed by my youthful ability to twist a story. -- “He’s going to notice, you know - bend your knees more, your form is abysmal Amadea” chirped the elder Carrington as her voice echoed through the manor’s studio. Her green hues concentrating intently upon her sister’s knees, and their notable lack of proper coordination in the midst of their dance lesson. “My form is fine, Coraline” the younger Carrington sighed, a hand slowly extending through the air as her knees further bent, her sister’s gaze remaining fixated upon the practicing girl “And he won’t notice. I’ve been moving back and forth for years now and the only concern he has ever raised was my balded head” “It was a reasonable concern, you looked rather awful bald, you know” “Karl said I looked nice” “Wh-” “Nevermind!” Amadea returned, her tone rather rushed as additional colour rose to her already flushed features “Amadea” warned Coraline as her hands shifted to rest upon her hips, her face contorting in teenage frustration “Just watch my knees, Coral. Baba will not notice, just do not tell, or I will tell on you” “ . . . Raise your arms, they’re dropping” -- Snow slowly fell upon the Karosgrad square as a frantic Orenian girl paced the slick ground, a drooping piece of parchment clutched firmly in her hands as she continually rambled to herself, reading over the words written repeatedly. “Oh no .. Oh oh, oh no. No, no this is bad. This is not good, this is very so not good, oh -” “Amadea!” echoed a familiar voice through the bustling space “Oh, right. Apologies .. The rambling. I got carried away, forgot I am not the only one who can hear -” “You’re doing it again” . . “What’s with the letter?” questioned the voice as the boy it belonged to moved closer, inspecting the panicking Carrington whose gaze remained fixated upon the rapidly wetting text “It is my baba .. my Father, he has finally noticed my absence. He’s ordering me home at once . . Oh he is going to be so angry with me” cried out the girl, her gaze finally tearing from the condemning news as her gaze rose to meet the staring blues “Karl I .. I have to go” “Go where? Not back to Oren” . . “Your father cannot do anything, I’ll .. I’ll have my Father stop him, if you want. He cannot take you.” “He is my baba . . I, I do not have a choice in this” “Yes you do” “No, I do not.” . . “Just, promise you will not forget me, okay? Write to me, I’ll write to you. Tell Angelika I will write to her as well. And Isabel .. And Sorina .. And I’ll send snacks for Maya .. Maybe it will be good for me, being back home. God knows I do miss the heat.” -- “She is the daughter of the Duke Barclay, she is clearly a spy sent to sabotage the wedding!” The room silenced as the Carrington girl stood, finger extended in the direction of the aforementioned ducal daughter, the wedding guests of the Princess Imperial hushed, children pulled closer to their loved ones as the present guards began to manoeuvre closer to the scene “I truly cannot have a single day off, not even on the day of my wedding” complained the groom, the man gesturing for the guards to close in on the Haeseni girl and her baronial companion “You’re a traitor, Amadea. We were friends, how could you do this! I’ve done nothing wrong!” cried the Barclay girl as she struggled in the grips of her captors, her face contorting into that of betrayal as she was escorted out of the Imperial palace -- As was promised during my departure, I maintained contact with those I had kindled a relationship with whilst, still unbeknownst to my father, I remained a ward to the Haeseni consort. Any free time that was afforded to me, which admittedly came rarely as I found myself nearly constantly under my Father’s watchful eye following my stint in a warring Kingdom, I would write. Tucked away, any detail of my life that I could spare met the dwindling store of parchment within our Barony. Truly, I can attribute the accurateness of this collection of my life to the many letters drafted upon just that subject. However tedious, they serve me now as a reference of my experiences, and served me then by allowing me to foster relationships with my foreign peers, despite our notable distance. -- “You will come then, yes? Well, of course you will come, why would you not. Well, I suppose war, but they wouldn’t hurt me, and since you’re with me surely they would not hurt you. Unless they would . . No, no I am quite sure of it, they would not. Do not fear. I will write to the Prince, and tell him we will both be in attendance -” “What are you on about, I zoned out about ten minutes ago. You really do go on, you know?” laughed the Sarkozy, his lazy gaze fixated upon the Carrington girl as they sat nestled upon the beachline. The warm summer air beginning to cool as the hours dwindled, the waves of the sea slowly washing up near their feet. “Really Laurent, you should listen, what if I was saying something important . . It could be life or death, and you would never know because you just tune me out and act as if you don’t -” “I’m joking Amadea, but really, what were you talking about?” “Lifstala, I swear I’ve told you about it. It’s their Astercalia, Haense that is” “Your point?” “My point is that I’m going, which means that you’re going too, obviously” she smiled, her gaze reaching that of the baronial boy’s, the sound of the lapping waves filling the silence otherwise only occupied by their breaths as the conversation halted “AMADEA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, WHO IS THAT BOY?” echoed the voice of Coraline, the elder daughter of Carrington rapidly closing the gap between herself and the beach bound pair, an air of looming fury radiating off of her lavishly draped body “Shit - shit, hide the bottle Laurent. She’s already going to be angry enough without seeing that” -- “You’re truly not coming, Angelika?” “No. Well, maybe. I won’t be participating regardless. I don’t need to, and I’m not allowed even if I did. But, even if I did, I do not want to, Amadea” sighed the flaxen haired woman, stretching out under the oak tree as she eyed her naive childhood friend, a smirk toying at her features as she watched the Carrington attempt to process the information “What do you mean, you do not need to?” “I already have a lover Amadea, I do not need this lifstala for that” “But, is that even allowed? And are you not .. how do you know this is what you want, what if you want something else, or you change your mind? Is that not, that’s why we have this, have it all. To decide, it’s all awfully confusing, is it not?” the Rhenyar babbled out, poorly attempting to wrap her mind around such a foreign concept “I just know, it does not matter. I am not attending lifstala. I’m not even allowed to marry anyways, so it makes no difference, truly” “I .. well .. Let me ask you a question then. Or, well, yes. A question. I’ve a question for you” . . “Do you .. well, your feelings for Karl, I mean the Prince. When we were girls, I remember .. you were so fond of him, I thought .. Well, I figured you would be with him but now .. I just, do you, I mean, is that gone, now?” she spat out after sometime, after stumbling over her own words, her thoughts racing too quickly for her mouth to keep up “Yes, Amadea. It is gone. I was a girl then, but I am a woman now, none of that matters” “So .. If I told you that I’ve been writing to him for years, and wish for him to pursue me during the season, you will not think me a terrible, awful, horrible, twisted friend? Although, I would not blame you if so, it was an awful thing of me to do, and I would understand if you hate me and wish it to stop. If you tell me to stop I will. I swear it, I swear it to you Angelika I will, I am so sorry, I will write him now in fact, I will tell him that my mind has changed and I shan’t be coming anymore, that’s how much you matter to me I will stop it right now it should have never -” “Amadea, it is fine. I am not mad, if anything I am happy for you.” interrupted the Ruthern, the woman no longer willing to watch the Carrington spiral within her own mind “Oh, Oh god. Oh, Angelika, I do not deserve you as my friend, you are too good.” -- “It was so strange, at the painting thing earlier” the young Rhenyar yawned, pulling her feet up unceremoniously upon the chair she sat perched on, her chin dropping to rest in her outstretched hand as her gaze fixated upon those familiar blues “before it all started, I tried to speak with Angie but she would not meet my eyes. She even ran off, I thought she would perhaps stay, but she did not. I do not know if I’ve offended her Karl, but I’m rather worried about it all” . . “I had met her before this all started, and she told me it was fine but .. I do not know, perhaps I read it all wrong” a frustrated sigh accompanied her brooding thoughts as her eyes closed in thought “perhaps I am just a bad person, maybe this was the wrong choice” “You’re not a bad person.” spoke the Bihar, his guilty gaze meeting hers as her eyes opened upon the sounding of his voice, interrupting her racing thoughts “You did not do anything wrong, Amadea” “But, how can you be so sure, how do you know?” “I am the one in the wrong” “What do you mean, do not say that, you’ve done nothing wrong, why would you even suggest that, that -” “Amadea. I kissed Angelika in the garden earlier. That is why she was upset, and that is why she could not bear to face you. Nothing more.” . . “I needed to know, for my peace of mind, I needed to know. It was only once, and she stopped it out of loyalty to you, you must know that” . . “Afterwards however, I knew that my decision was made. I wish to court you, officially. I just .. I found the clarity that I needed today, and it shall only be you going forth, I promise” -- Amadea rapidly paced the courtyard, a recently delivered notice clutched tightly in her fist, unaware of the creeping cold of the Haeseni winter as she rapidly aired her thoughts to the unfortunate prince standing witness to the event. “I cannot believe she did this, even for her. This is cruel. This is beyond cruel, this is targeted. I thought she was supposed to love me, you do not do something such as this to somebody that you love.” . . “She has always been jealous of me, I’ve said it. She was always, always jealous. Through her season she could not find herself one match, and yet I had men throwing themselves at my feet before I so much as had a design drafted for my debut dress. I had three marriage proposals before I came here, did you know that - three! Do you know how many Coraline had? None! In fact, I read in the rumour box that she does not even fancy the company of men, no wonder she’s such a lonely old hag. She’s just going to be alone, in her dusty dance studio, with nobody to yell at. She’s just going to be wrinkly and old and alone and without a sister, she is not my sister, sisters do not do this to sisters” a sharp inhale followed as her hands rested on her hips, the fuming woman ceasing her looping, much to the relief of the garden keepers who would undoubtedly need to tend to the now-ruined paths “That was cruel of me, I should not have said that, I am sorry. I am just so angry, I just . . If you no longer wish to marry me, I understand. It, It would look bad, and I know .. I know that’s important, and you have your whole list and -” “Amadea, we will figure it out, it is fine. You will receive a title of your own, from my Father, before I marry anyone else. Just .. come back inside, you’re not even wearing a coat.” -- The salty scent of the sea faded slightly as the shoreline slowly made itself visible to the eye. Analiesa had been so young, but even she was able to notice the quickly changing environment our ship found itself slowly approaching. Thinking back on our trip, my largest regret was not bringing them all, or at least. The way Ana’s face lit up as we were welcomed by the vibrant culture of the Rhenyari, it was almost unfair to disinclude the boys. If I could do it all again, I would make sure to bring them all, at least once. I know Georg found his way to the motherland on more than one occasion, but how I wish that I could have been there to witness the first time his gaze met the shore. -- “What if they never come to accept me, Karl?” questioned the fur-clad woman as the two newly-crowned monarchs stood atop a cold balcony, the gazes lofting over the city that had seen rapid change in the minimal years from their succession “What if, after it all, I am still not enough?” “Amadea, look at this.” . . . “Look at all we have accomplished in what little time we have had. You are more than enough, I swear this to you.” spoke the young King, as the two remained nestled upon that balcony as the snow continued to fall. -- The years that Karl found himself absent were arguably the worst years of my life. Left as regent of a Kingdom that continued to feel foreign to myself whilst balancing the parenting of four young children without my life partner, I had never felt so lost. I was never meant to be a Mother, not truly. The love required, I have a capacity for, no doubt, but I’ve a tendency to flee, to hide, or to cower in the face of adversity when personal relationships are involved. The exception being fights with my siblings, I was never one to stand my ground during conflicts, instead opting to take the words thrown, offering little to no offence in return. I am diligent in the work that I do, but I falter in my relationships, in my ability to remain a steady force, a strong role model. My greatest regret as a woman, looking back on my life, was my inability to be that steady force for my children. However, my greatest regret as a queen,was my overt determination to stand as a steady force when observed by the kingdom, despite whatever my true inward feelings were at the time. -- “I cannot sleep. I will not, It’s too scary. They’re going to chase me again, I cannot do it” cried out Marius in the dead of the night as he had frantically manoeuvred to seek out his mother, skin pallid from the beasts that had haunted him at night “Please, my peach pit, your brother has just fallen asleep” sighed she, her features mirroring that of her two sons as her nights had often found themselves just as restless in the time that her husband had been away “I promise you there are no monsters, come here my love” Marius did just that, the space within the royal chambers that would have otherwise been filled by the king, now bending to the small mass of the young, frightened prince “There are, I swear. I cannot do it” “Then I shall fight them off. No monster will be strong enough to defeat your mother. I will stay awake for the rest of my days if I may ensure you rest, bell pepper. Now please, sleep.” -- “Something has to be done about this, your Majesty. Immediately. They cannot be allowed to publish this untarnished. It is an insult, an insult to myself, my house, the Kingdom. You cannot allow this, you will be seen as weak. They will feast upon your bones and continue until there is nothing left -” The angry Duke rambled within the floral chambers of the consort, his fists tightly held as he paced along the wooden floors, his tone so sharp it would be a miracle if only half of the Kingdom were capable of hearing him “For God’s sake Mikhail, calm down” she interrupted her voice cutting, an irritated groan slipping past her lips as she observed the still-pacing Duke, the Bihar unable to withhold her look of sheer disdain for the man now sitting as head of her council “What would you have me do, have him dragged to the square and flogged?” “Hanging would be preferable if you’re going physical. I would be happy to do it in Greyspine in fact -” “You must know that I was not being serious. What is wrong with you, are you truly unable to last a second without airing your twisted thoughts to the entire realm? Have you ever thought of a solution to a problem not requiring overt violence, or force?” “No.” “I really hate you, I hope you know that. I mean that genuinely, I cannot stand you.” . . “Regardless, what would you have me do, your Grace?” “Respond to him, publicly. Call him to the throne room, berate him in front of the entire populace, show your strength. This cannot be allowed, it is a disgrace.” “He is simply disappointed, he is allowed to be disappointed, and is allowed to speak on said disappointment.” “So you would do nothing, you would not defend me, after forcing this position upon myself, you would leave me out to dry? You would not defend yourself? He paints you a nepotist.” “I did not say that, and I am capable of reading.” “Then what? You cannot let this be, something must be done. Today.” “Just . . Draft a response, that is all we can do. You will write a public letter, to address the Maer. Have it written from my perspective, I shall sign it, and we will be done with this.” -- “I do not even know where, or how to begin this.” . . . “I know, Angelika.” her voice trembled as her gaze found that of the familiar flaxen haired woman, the sound echoing slightly through the damp tomb of knights past “Did he tell you?” “I need to hear it from you. I need to know the truth, all of it. I deserve that much, after it all” “I’m not sure what you want me to say.” “You have lied to me for the past thirty five years of our lives, Angelika. I want to hear the truth.” “Do you not think it has killed me, Amadea? I have come close to telling you, so many times, but he made me swear myself to secrecy. He told me to burn all of our letters, to always walk a few steps behind him, to never speak a word to you of what he professed to me.I tried to distance myself, I gave up everything and left to the south - but it was you, and him, who constantly called for me to return. I couldn't just say no - you were not only a friend to me, but my queen.” “You did this because you wanted to, do not act as if you truly feel bad for your actions” Snapped the Rhenyari, her face contorting under the weight of their betrayal “What the **** was I supposed to do? He is a king. If I spoke a word to anyone, I'd be killed. If he tells me to jump, I must ask how high.” . . . “I was there before you. I loved him, love, even” Returned the Ruthern, remorse absent from her tone. “You told me, you told me you did not” . . . “when we were girls, in the garden. Before I returned to Haense, I asked you about it. You knew what I was asking, and why. But you said you did not love him.” . . . “You had Woland, or whatever his name was, you did not love Karl anymore.” “What, so then I would tell you, and destroy the future of the Kingdom? Plunge the crown into turmoil?” . . . “You were happy enough.” “God, I am so sick of people making my decisions for me. I deserve to know the truth of what I am signing myself up for, for once in my life I deserve the whole truth.” “What do you want me to say, Amadea? Do you want the details? Do you want to know how he kissed me, and then asked you to court him? Do you want to know how he slept with me, and then immediately proposed to you?” .. “Do you want to know how even as soon as last year, he spoke of how he wished for me to comfort him and for something to happen between us once again? I don't know what you expect from me. You were so wrapped up in yourself and your new life that you didn't even notice.” “I have despised every minute that I have sat with a Crown on my head Angelika. I did it for him, because I thought he was worth it, I . . I uprooted my entire life, left my nation, my family -- for this?” . . . “To be betrayed by the two people who were supposed to love me the most.” “Amadea.” . . . “You are starting to thin my patience.” The tone of the Ruthern changed to that of a warning, the towering woman gazing down at the Rhenyar as her jaw clenched “You've no place to speak on patience.” . . . “He never would have married you, you know. Even if you had not left, had not sworn your vows. He told me frankly, and there was no reason for him to lie.” . . . “You did not deserve me, neither of you did.” “I have told you everything. It is your choice what you wish to do with it.” In Angelika's gaze, there was a flickering of sadness, and her throat tightened with anxiety. She peered down at the Queen, a woman who she had known since childhood, standing before her now with bloodshot eyes and greying hair. A moment of silence passed between the two women until, as if something had snapped within the woman, Angelika reach out to strike Amadea, the smaller woman faltering some in her spot as she spoke “Have . . Have you not hurt me enough, Angelika.” She let out in a struggle, her sentence muddled with her sobs as she held a hand to the afflicted cheek in shock. “The emotional .. Emotional was not enough .. You have to make it physical too?” Angelika pressed forth then to set her hands around the woman's throat, intent on lifting her into the air and pushing her back into a statue that stood tall nearby. “You have everything, Amadea!” Came her cry, eyes wide and frenzied. “You have everything, I have nothing!” she cried out as she held the smaller woman firmly by the neck “What more do you want from me, Amadea? Do you think I have not already been punished enough?!” Came her screams, her grip tightening more. “Everyone I care for is dead, my sister's flesh burned from her limbs and sloughed to the floor like deadened leaves, I - I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT!” . . . “Nothing I do could satisfy you, no words uttered, no action taken - I am already stained with the label, I am already shunned, already ridiculed! Nothing will ever be enough!” Amadea remained limp, offering little to no resistance to the woman’s attack. Although the reasoning for such would never truly be known, any observer of the scene would assume the Bihar to have accepted her fate, abandoning it in the hands of her first friend, her first introduction to unconditional love. Unwilling to further afflict one who, for years, had been held above all others. Luckily, or unluckily depending on the reader, Angelika’s jaw clenched, and she released Amadea - her hand untangling from her throat. She took a few steps backward, and then a few more, before she turned to depart the hall in entirety, leaving the woman in a heap, abandoned with her injuries and her mind. -- In my time, I have realised that the most important factors of life are not the material. Not the privileges that come with the luck of the draw of your birth. Titles are meaningless if the one who bears it has not the capacity to wear it well, and there would be no title if not for the people allowing you to hold it, allowing you to serve. There are no truly God given rights, no person is above the judgement of others, nor should they try to be. If one spends their life wasting their time concerning themselves over trivial affairs, there will be no time for what truly matters. Meetings can be rescheduled, but nights with a restless son, disagreements with an ageing daughter, the opportunity to accept a mud pie made by tiny, grimy fingers, cannot. The moments that stick with you may seem menial but they are truthfully, the most important experiences one could possibly have. -- The old courtyard clock chimed in the background, barely noticeable behind the vibrant voices of the royal family ringing through the room. An argument or two had arisen during the dinner, something along the lines of awful facial hair and the distinct wish to have sons over daughters. It did not matter. Amidst the chaos, three royals found themselves conversing, their tones too low for the others to hear “Are you both truly sick?” questioned their son, their youngest, as a look of concern swept over his features, so reflective of both Karl and Amadea “Yes, Nikolas” offered the King “I hide most of it, but I would rather not elaborate outside of the bounds of our bedroom” “There has to be something I can do. If you can hold on for a couple of years, I’ll figure it out, you can stay. Both of you.” “That seems an insult to full lives lived, my love.” interjected the man’s mother, a sympathetic tone taken on as a hand raised to comfort her son “Your father and myself have had our time, but each story must end eventually” “Then embrace death, mother. You have both lived honourable, worthy lives.” “It goes on” His voice seemed to echo for ages, Amadea stood motionless upon the balcony after Karl drew his last breath, his final words replaying in her head. There is no telling how long the aged woman stood upon the ledge, whether minutes or hours had passed, she was unsure, until a familiar, warm grip met her shoulders. “Mamej, you cannot stay out here, you’re chilled to the bone” spoke their - her eldest, as he began to slowly move the lone queen from the spot that had rooted her, his sister moving forth to tend to the silent king, a sob escaping her lips as Georg continued to escort Amadea off “I cannot do it Georg, I will not, I do not . . I cannot, not without him” Amadea spoke as she was guided to their - her, familiar chambers, the cold removed from the woman as she was settled into her bed “He said .. he said it goes on but” . . “But it cannot, I cannot, I do not know how” she sobbed out, the weight of what had occurred fully sinking in, her body convulsing as years of grief were released at once “I do not wish to be alone” “You are not alone, mamej.” spoke Analiesa now, the Ruthern finally making her way into the chamber, settling down beside the frail woman as she reached for her hand, gripping her in an attempt at comforting the grieving queen “You have us, you are not alone.” Time passed as the elderly monarch continued to weep amongst the words of comfort offered by her children. They all came as they heard of what had happened, the boys in and out through the evening and into the night as the woman sat silently, held within the arms of her daughter as she wept. Eventually, as the sun fully dipped below the horizon, the moon shining brightly in the sky, her tears were unable to fall any longer. Analiesa sat up then, her grip remaining upon her mother as she inspected her mother, their identical eyes meeting for a moment as the elder Bihar exhaled, her covers pulled fully up as her daughter settled her in for the night “I love you.” spoke Amadea as her eyes closed. The grief remained as her awareness of the room slipped into that of the night, but Karl’s words continued to repeat within her mind “It goes on”, and it would. She realised now that he had been right, as he so often was. They had lived a happy life. Although ripe with issues and turmoil, as the light slipped it was not the arguments, the affairs or disagreements that came to mind, it was the multitude of happy times that had come to pass. The laughter of their children echoing through their halls, muddy footprints left trailing along their pristine floors. Years of work and accomplishments come to be, wars won, and love that was fought for. It would go on, the Kingdom would remain strong, as it did when his father had passed, his grandfather, and all the kings that came before. It would go on, he was right, but Amadea would not. Each story must end eventually, and her book closed upon that cold, winter balcony. Whether shortly after her eyes closed, or far into the depths of the night Amadea drew her last breath. And with that, she was gone.
  8. “It goes on” His voice seemed to echo for ages, Amadea stood motionless upon the balcony after Karl drew his last breath, his final words replaying in her head. There is no telling how long the aged woman stood upon the ledge, whether minutes or hours had passed, she was unsure. What had started as a beautiful day had turned quicker than one could take a breath. As if God had decided to play a joke upon the woman, as the King fell, it so seemed that the sun followed suit, the clouds closing in upon the sunny sky as snow rapidly began to fall. The cold, that could not be ignored. The cold, the cold would sink in, but the passing - his passing, would not.
  9. MC Name: shaydelicious Discord: Shay#1111 Image: Description of Image: Eirik and Anastasya Baruch fot the Baruch keep Dimensions: 2x2
  10. ON THE FORMATION OF THE QUEEN’S WOOD KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Issued by the THE CROWN Naf zwy 12th i Jula ag Piov, 457 ES VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK, As the smallfolk which once occupied our lands have fled, nature has taken to reclaiming the area once littered by their timid feet. What was once an area with nary a tree in sight finds itself covered by flora and fauna alike of many degrees. Too long have the hunters of our nation grown stagnant, lacking accessible grounds near the capital to hone their skill. Thanks to the efforts of the Druids of Nevaehlen, our Kingdom finds itself blessed by now lush hills covered with landscape begging to be utilised. It is in turn the Crown’s wish that a Koenasweld shall be established. In a proper reclamation of the lands, the dense woods near our Nation’s Capital shall be labelled the official hunting grounds of Karosgrad, the fort sat upon the lands reclaimed to host the Master of the Hunt, along with the various enterages brought out to manoeuvre the familiar, yet unfamiliar lands. It is my hope that with these grounds we may see a return to proper Haeseni pastimes, leaving behind the bits and bobs seemingly influenced by other empires of past. IV JOVEO MANN HER ROYAL MAJESTY, AMADEA OF SUSA, Queen of Hanseti and Ruska, Princess of Bihar, Dules, Lahy, Muldav, Solvesborg, Slesvik and Ulgaard, Duchess of Carnatia and Vanaheim, Margravine of Korstadt, Rothswald and Vasiland, Countess of Alban, Alimar, Baranya, Graiswald, Karikhov, Karovia, Kaunas, Kavat, Kovachgrad, Kvasz, Markev, Nenzing, Torun, and Toruv, Viscountess of Varna, Baroness of Esenstadt, Kraken’s Watch, Kralta, Krepost, Lorentz, Rytsburg, Thurant, Venzia and Astfield, Lady of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera.
  11. "Finally." Uttered the Mother of the Prince
  12. The Formation of the Royal Court KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM Issued by the THE CROWN On the 12th day of Msitza ag Dargund of 453 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK, Following the dissolution of what previously stood as separate institutions held under the King and Queen, the Spring Court is to be restored, sitting under the watchful eye of both the King and Queen, unified as one entity. The Court shall be split into two portions, the Major and Minor. The roles that fall within the Major portion shall be responsible for the management of their respective sectors, all of which fall under the watchful eye of the Governmental Representative of the Court; the Grand Lady. The Minor portion, while not the forefront of the courts, the positions within this sphere are equally as important. These positions can have any number of applicants, and are all appointed by the Grand Lady with further approval or disapproval by the Queen or King. In an effort to avoid nepotistic appointments, interviews shall be held by the Grand Lady in the coming year for the positions within the Major Portion of the court that are not currently held by any person. THE GRAND LADY HER SERENE HIGHNESS, ANALIESA JOSEFINA BARBANOV-BIHAR XXII. HAUCHERZENAS 450 E.S. - Present Monarch(s): Karl III and Amadea Ulyssa @PerfectlyPeachy At the head of the court sits the Grand Lord or Lady, charged with administering the Morrivi as a whole. As the most venerable and competent of the council, they shall strive for excellence in all things, seeing to it that their underlings are diligently put to task. In addition to this, they are to shepherd the Haeseni culture and serve as advisor to the King and Queen on all matters pertaining to such. A deep understanding of tradition, literature and courtly affairs, coupled with a talent for command is expected of any wishing to hold this most vital of positions. In the case that there is no appointed Grand Lady, and in the interim of a new man or woman being chosen for the position, the Princess Royal will assume the post. THE COURT CUSTODIAN VACANT VIII KUSTOSZ I VE KORT 453 E.S. - Present Monarch(s): Karl III and Amadea Ulyssa The Palace Custodian is responsible for the general upkeep of and holding of events in the Palace. It is the Custodian’s duty to oversee anything concerning the servantry of the Morrivi by delegating specific tasks for each position, such as waiting at feasts, prepping meals in the kitchen, and general upkeep of the Palace, to maintain its pristine condition, as well as ensuring that each member is paid properly and on time. THE LADY CHAMBERLAIN THE RIGHT HONOURABLE, VIORICA IRENA KORTREVICH I. HERZENAS KAMBELAN 453 E.S. - Present Monarch(s): Karl III and Amadea Ulyssa @sarahbarah While the Chamberlain of the Queen’s Council was forbidden to hold events within the bounds of the palace, this new position holds no such limitation. That is to say, the Lord or Lady Chamberlain is responsible for the hosting of all worldly festivities throughout the kingdom. Furthermore, the Mistress of the Arts position is being dissolved, those duties brought beneath the umbrella of the chamberlain. Whomever is appointed to this position is expected to upkeep the artistic culture of our kingdom through the means of performances, plays, and galleries. THE COURT CHAPLAIN HIS GRACE, BISHOP IOSIF BASRID I. PRINASK I VE KORT 453 E.S. - Present Monarch(s): Karl III and Amadea Ulyssa @Nolan_ The Court Chaplain is to serve as advisor to the King and Queen in all things spiritual, ensuring the Crown does not stray from the path of GOD. In this vein, the Chaplain shall also be the voice of the King in His Majesty’s dealings with the Pontificate, serving as official ambassador to the Holy See. For his service he is to be granted dwellings in the Morrivi, near to the chapel, that he might deliver sermons and guidance to the House of Barbanov-Bihar. THE ADVISOR OF THE ABSTRACT WRIGHT I. JENSANNOT I VE KORT 453 E.S. - Present Monarch(s): Karl III and Amadea Ulyssa @Xx_BloodStalk_xX The advisor serves the crown on all matters abstract-like, and is expected to work closely alongside The Order of the Crow to combat all manner of creatures, demonic or otherwise. The advisor who fills this position will also be gifted lodgings within the Morrivi Prikaz, alongside the court alchemist, whom they will also be expected to work alongside for the betterment of the kingdom. THE COURT ALCHEMIST VACANT I. ALKHEMIC I VE KORT xxx E.S. - Present Monarch(s): Karl III and Amadea Ulyssa The Court Alchemist is charged with supplying the kingdom with a steady flow of alchemical concoctions. They will advise the crown on all matters scientific, and will be gifted with lodgings within the palace alongside the the Master of the Abstract, with a fully functional laboratory incorporated into their chambers. They are also expected to supply both the knighthood and brotherhood with potions upon request, the ingredients being gathered for them beforehand to ease their workload. THE MASTER OF THE HUNT VACANT I. CADWHAIGER I VE KORT xxx E.S. - Present Monarch(s): Karl III and Amadea Ulyssa The Master of the Hunt oversees the Koenasweld, the royal woodlands that span across the kingdom. Their responsibilities are to host frequent excursions into the forests, and encourage the nobility to hunt amongst the trees. Additionally, they are expected to upkeep hunting etiquette and tasked with keeping the greenwood protected from those who may either bring harm, or mischief. The master of the hunt is responsible for guiding the nobility through the woods during their hunt, ensuring their safety amongst the pines. THE MISTRESS OF THE ROBES VACANT II HERZENAS I VE RZATIKY xxx E.S. - Present Monarch(s): Karl III and Amadea Ulyssa The Mistress of the Robes is considered the personal tailor of the crown, and high nobility. They are responsible for upholding the etiquette of fashion, and decide what is appropriate and inappropriate for the courts to wear. They also decide what is reserved for royalty, nobility, and the common class in their required publication of Moda i ve Kort. The Mistress of the Robes may welcome wards and assistants into the fold, and works above and alongside the Curator of the Crown Jewels. They are also responsible for updating the upkeep of the Crown Collections storefront. THE CURATOR OF THE CROWN JEWELS HER LADYSHIP, Elia Eryka Stafyr 453 E.S. - Present Monarch(s): Karl III and Amadea Ulyssa @DahStalker The Curator of the Crown Jewels works beneath the Mistress of the Robes, and is appointed by the crown. They are expected to frequently update the crown vault with new pieces of jewelry, and publish the season's jewels of what is considered desirable, and what is not. With their creations, they are also responsible for hosting various displays for the nobility in order to sell their wares, and when not entertaining the peerage, are expected to stock the crown collection storefront with their jewels. THE MINOR ROLES OF THE MORRIVI COURT NOBLE REPRESENTATIVE An exception from the appointed minor roles within the court shall be the role of the Noble Representative. In effort to replace that which previously stood as the core of the Queen’s Council, the Noble Representatives shall form a council under the Grand Lady responsible with the running of festivities within the vassals of the Crown. COURT SMITH The Court Smith is relatively simple, and is tasked with being the personal blacksmith and craftsman of the crown. They will work on request of the king or queen, and any of their children. COURT ASTROLOGER The Court Astrologer is expected to work alongside the king specifically, as he has taken a great interest in the stars and planets. They will be gifted a tower with a megascope, and lodgings in the prikaz for ease of access. COURT BARDS The Court Bard composes and performs music for the court to fill it with life and happiness, from regaling the court with tales of the past through song to adding to the casual atmosphere of events or meetings with music. COURT POETS Those who have been chosen to be a poet for the courts are expected to entertain the masses with their writing, working closely alongside the bards and fools of the prikaz. COURT FOOLS The Court Fool shall be tasked to entertain the masses of the Dual Monarchy prior to the holding of a Royal Court by His Majesty, ensuring an uplifted environment for the proceedings. ROYAL SCRIBE The Royal scribe shall be tasked with drafting official missives on behalf of the Grand Lady or the Crown, as well as personal letters for the latter. Furthermore, during sittings of the Major Court they are to document the meeting by way of minutes, which are to be passed to the Grand Lady for review. IV JOVEO MANN, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, AMADEA OF SUSA, Queen of Hanseti and Ruska, Princess of Bihar, Dules, Lahy, Muldav, Solvesborg, Slesvik and Ulgaard, Duchess of Carnatia and Vanaheim, Margravine of Korstadt, Rothswald and Vasiland, Countess of Alban, Alimar, Baranya, Graiswald, Karikhov, Karovia, Kaunas, Kavat, Kovachgrad, Kvasz, Markev, Nenzing, Torun, and Toruv, Viscountess of Varna, Baroness of Esenstadt, Kraken’s Watch, Kralta, Krepost, Lorentz, Rytsburg, Thurant, Venzia and Astfield, Lady of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera. HER SERENE HIGHNESS, Analiesa Josefina Barbanov-Bihar Princess Royal of Hanseti-Ruska, Duchess of Karosgrad, Grand Lady of the Morrivi Court. HIS LORDSHIP, Mikhail var Ruthern Viscount of Greyspine
  13. UKEN VE KRAWN I ROZZ Issued by the OFFICE OF VE MORRIVI KORT On the 12th day of Msitza ag Dargund of 453 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK Following the dissolution of what was the Queen’s Council, the event collaborator, an admittedly important role has all but disappeared from the sphere of the Haeseni Court. It is the wish of the Queen, alongside her Grand Lady, that such a position shall be replaced with a council headed by those who sit among our peered families. As such, the Morrivi Advisory Council shall be formed. The Advisory Council, overseen by the Grand Lady, shall be composed of individuals within the Haeseni Noble families, responsible for ensuring frequent activity and entertainment, and spreading the culture of our great nation within the Kingdom. Each peered family within the Dual-Monarchy shall be required to elect exactly one family member to sit the council, the Lord or Lady serving as their representative within the Morrivi Court. Should this elected man or woman prove dissatisfactory to the Grand Lady, or lapse in their efficiency among the council, another will be made to take their place. It is then the wish of the Crown that the peerage begin submitting their elected representatives via letter or meeting to the Grand Lady, Her Serene Highness, the Princess Royal. IV JOVEO MAAN HER ROYAL MAJESTY, AMADEA OF SUSA, Queen of Hanseti and Ruska, Princess of Bihar, Dules, Lahy, Muldav, Solvesborg, Slesvik and Ulgaard, Duchess of Carnatia and Vanaheim, Margravine of Korstadt, Rothswald and Vasiland, Countess of Alban, Alimar, Baranya, Graiswald, Karikhov, Karovia, Kaunas, Kavat, Kovachgrad, Kvasz, Markev, Nenzing, Torun, and Toruv, Viscountess of Varna, Baroness of Esenstadt, Kraken’s Watch, Kralta, Krepost, Lorentz, Rytsburg, Thurant, Venzia and Astfield, Lady of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera. HER SERENE HIGHNESS, Analiesa Josefina Barbanov-Bihar Princess Royal of Hanseti-Ruska, Duchess of Karosgrad, Duchess-Consort of Vidaus, Countess-Consort of Metterden, Baroness-consort of Rostig, Grand Lady of the Morrivi Court.
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