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  1. Adalia promptly began preparing a new, "TATIANA RUTHERN KORTREVICH, SINGLE AND READY TO MINGLE" pamphlet
  2. Unusual to the often boisterous princess, Anastasya's room remained devoid of sound for once. Not a sniffle, nor an opened drawer could be heard from the top room of the Nikirala. The girl simply remained - silently, in bed. "When will it be enough, Godan?" The silent query to that which should be the all knowing continued to swirl in the girl's head, along with constant thoughts about her brother and newest sister.
  3. The Double Debutante Beautillion Ball A depiction of Princess Anastasya and Lady Nikoleta being prepped for their fourteenth birthday 3 9 4 E H R S I G M U N D A To the subjects and allies of Hanseti-Ruska, Quickly have the years passed, and it is time once again for a Royal Debutante. The Royal twins: HRH Princess Anastasya Isabel, Duchess of Karlsburg and HRH Prince Andrik Nikolas, Duke of Akovia, along with their cousin, Lady Nikoleta Barbara of Ghaestenwald have all reached their fourteenth birthday - and with it comes a large celebration of life and adulthood. (Even though the trio are now fifteen, because someone’s brother decided that he wanted to get crowned on their fourteenth birthday. It’s not like you only turn fourteen once or anything. Sigismund if you’re reading this we expect great gifts.) The Double Debutante Beautillion Ball will start within ve Nikirala Prikaz in Karosgrad - a schedule of the processions can be found below. The trio look forward to finally being able to celebrate their coming-of-age, and welcome all guests who have gifts. TIMELINE: Princess Anastasya and Prince Andrik’s Ice Skating Routine The debut will commence with revisiting the twins fifth birthday as all can observe the expertly trained pair participate in a series of jumps, spins, hoists, and spirals. Wreath Bestowment Continuing a tradition, the young ladies Princess Anastasya and Lady Nikoleta shall each be bestowed with a wreath of flowers representing their values, and to celebrate their maturation. Princess Anastasya will receive a wreath of chamomile, columbine, jasmine, and lily to represent her patience, resolution, grace, and beauty. Lady Nikoleta will receive a wreath of edelweiss, heliotrope, iris, and oakflower to represent her courage, devotion, faith, and strength. Speech by Koenas-Mamej Annika Anastasija After the wreath bestowment, the Koenas-Mamej will acknowledge the crowd and give her best wishes to the trio. Then, bestowing a special gift to each of them. The First Sip of Alcohol A new tradition, the new adults shall have the chance to try their first sip of alcohol. Beverages will be passed out to everyone and a toast will be made by Lady Nikoleta to honor their newly found maturity. Brother Sister Dance Following the wreath bestowment and toasts, the trio shall share dances with their respected siblings. Princess Anastasya will dance with her brother, His Royal Majesty, Koeng Sigismund III, Prince Andrik will dance with Princess Royal Petra Emma, and Lady Nikoleta will dance with her brother Baron Otto. Dancing, Drinking, and a Debut Jester Afterwards, the dance floor will open up to all and gifts are encouraged to be given at this time. Additionally, following the tradition implemented by the Baruch’s, the trio have granted Prince Marus Aleksandr the honour of the title of Debut Jester of the day. The Prince shall be expected to follow the instructions of the debutantes, and amuse those gathered for the duration of the event. Cake will also be provided at this time. Polar Bear Brawl The debut will move to the hippodrome to watch two Highlander polar bears fight to the death! Watch this gruesome battle and place your bets on which one will win. Elephant Riding Following the removal of the brutalised polar bear, and the crowning of the victor, His Royal Majesty, Sigismund III’s elephant - recently gifted by Prince Nikolas shall be opened for the guests to ride atop. The Hippodrome shall quickly be transformed from a bloody, violent mess, to a vibrant carnival ground! Pin the Tail on the Llama Whilst the elephant rides are occurring, a llama shall be escorted in by the Debut Jester. Guests will have a chance to pin a tail on the live llama. Guests who are able to make their placement without being bucked away or spat on shall receive a special prize of the Debutante’s choosing. Tight-Rope Walkers After the entertainment provided by the live-animals subsides, highly-trained tight-rope walkers will perform in the hippodrome. The grounds below the walkers will be alight with fire to add a certain level of suspense to the show. Grand Feast Guests will be escorted back to ve Nikirala Prikaz, where a grand feast shall occur! The meat of the slain polar bear shall be served to those gathered, along with the favourite foods of each of the Debutantes. Goodie Bags Following the conclusion of the feast, baby lambs shall be escorted into the feast hall. Guests shall be required to perform in a sacrificial lamb ceremony to receive goodie bags, meticulously organized by the three cousins. Delivery of Final Gifts As the sacrificial lambs are removed from the feast hall, guests shall be invited up once more to deliver additional gifts to the trio. FORMAL INVITATIONS ARE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING: His Royal Majesty, Sigismund III, King of Hanseti and Ruska and his royal pedigree @Xarkly His Royal Highness, Andrik Barbanov-Bihar, Duke of Galahar and his royal pedigree @GMRO His Royal Highness, Otto Morovar, Baron of Ghaestenwald and his noble pedigree @Mio His Grace, Ruslan Baruch, Duke of Valwyck and his noble pedigree @Sarmadonn His Grace, Ailred var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus and his noble pedigree @biggestdon The Right Honourable, Jan Kortrevich, Count of Jerovitz and his noble pedigree @Luminaire The Right Honourable, Johann Barclay, Count of Reinmar and his noble pedigree @Frymark The Honourable, Isaak Amador, Viscount of Aurveldt and his noble pedigree @Pureimp10 The Honourable, Robert Ludovar, Baron of Otistadt and his noble pedigree @erictafoya His Lordship, Yvo Mondblume, Baron of Richtenburg and his noble pedigree @Limo_man A SPECIAL INVITATION IS SENT TO THE FOLLOWING: His Royal Highness, Marus Barbanov-Bihar, Duke of Alban @biggestdon SIGNED, Her Royal Highness, Anastasya Isabel Barbanov-Bihar, Princess of Hanseti and Ruska, Duchess of Karlsburg, Baroness of Antioch His Royal Highness, Andrik Nikolas Barbanov-Bihar, Prince of Hanseti and Ruska, Duke of Akovia Her Ladyship, Nikoleta Barbara Bihar-Kovachev, Cool [[ OOC: Event will be held Saturday, October 9 at 5pm EST | 9pm GMT in the Haense Palace! ]]
  4. "ANDRIK SHUT UP" the booming voice of the Prettiest Princess Anastasya Isabel, Duchess of Karlsburg could be heard echoing throughout the Prikaz following the eruption of her twin "VYR INTERRUPTING MY SCHEDULED CRY" she continued before returning to her very punctual wallowing.
  5. "Godan . . . What has my Borsa done to her head." the Prettiest Princess Anastasya commented to nobody in particular, deeply concerned for the well-being of her sister-in-law
  6. "Nice." Commented the prettiest princess Anastasya before moving off to deliver an accurate depiction of a wigged Sigismund to Kaustantin @Herod
  7. THE VERY AWESOME TREATY OF ALLIANCE AND FRIENDSHIP AND DESTROYING NUURLAND Agreed on the 7th of this Msitza ag Dargund, 386 E.S. Between the Kingdom of Hoonseti-Rooska and The Principality of Helsreach ARTICLE: SOVEREIGNTY The Kingdom of Hoonseti-Rooska and the Principality of Helsreach, hereafter "the signatories", do pledge mutual recognition of sovereignty and agree: I: THAT the power of rule of each signatory in their respective territories shall be fully respected by the other; II: THAT the signatories accept the authority of the Koenas of Hoonseti-Rooska and the Prince of Helsreach as representative of the will of their peoples and thus the signatories shall recognize no other position claiming such. ARTICLE II: NON-AGGRESSION The signatories enumerated do mutually agree that any forces affiliated with their banner, nation, reigning bloodline, etc., shall not engage in military action against the other signatory. If such were to occur, the signatories shall endeavor to resolve the issue diplomatically. I. Signing parties formally enter a pact of non-aggression. The pact will last for a duration of ten years. After the expiration of this pact, a renewal may be negotiated. II. Signing parties refrain from participating in any conflicts that put them at odds with one another. III. Residents of the Principality of Helsreach are protected while in Hooseni territories, and residents of the Kingdom of Hoonse are protected while in the Helsreach’s territories so long as they act within the laws of the respective realms. ARTICLE III: MILITARY ALLIANCE The signatories enumerated do mutually agree to a full military alliance, promising the whole of their forces in the instance of aggression towards either nation. In the event of an offensive war, the signatories agree to attain the assent of the other signatory before a declaration of war is promulgated. ARTICLE IV: DURATION The signatories enumerated do mutually agree that this Pact shall last a period of eight years, with the option to renew or abrogate upon the expiration of that period. IV JOVEO MAAN Her Royal Majesty, Anastasya “the Perfect”, by the Grace of Godan, Queen of Hoonseti and Rooska, The Coolest Person in the World, Beloved Leader of Everyone, Absolutely the Most Beautiful Person You Will Ever Meet, Also Thank You Uncle Franz For Telling Us To Write On This Treaty, I Still Don’t Understand Most Of It But I’m Also Still Really Super Smart. Smarter Than Eirik. His Imperial Highness, George "The Magnificent '', by the Grace of God, Prince of Helsreach, Duke of Napland, Duke of the lower badlands, defender of all red wooled sheep.
  8. TO THE KINGDOM OF NUURLAND; AN ULTIMATUM This 9th of Tov ag Yermey, 384 E.S. TO THE KINGDOM OF NUURLAND By order of Her Royal Majesty, Koenas Anastasya I, the following communication shall be made to the Dual Kings, and the Kingdom of Nuurland itself. Events between our two nations have reached the final days of decision. For two whole months, the Kingdom of Hoonseti-Rooska and the Kingdom of Nuurland have pursued each other in cooperation, and even friendship (in OUR HEADS). Our nation will continue to be the coolest, and strongest ever, while we try to do a lot of really cool things. Cooler than Nuurland. First, we will shut down ALL BULLIES and bring all enemies of the Highloonds to justice. And, second, we must prevent enemies who copy our Kingdom and try to be as cool as us. Because they can not be like us. We’re Hoonse and they’re not. To the Kings of Nuurland, we say no more.We have done nothing to have you copy us, but we will do everything to end it. The Crown wishes not to break this unprecedented peace. Therefore, to the Kings of Nuurland — consider this our final warning. Below is a list of grievances inflicted upon our Canoonist State; I. Copying our declaration of independence. That was really mean II. Trying to make pictures better than us. We don’t even know why you would try we have the best artists in the realm. So not cool. III. Calling adults smelly: they’re tyrants, but they're not smelly. My Mamej smells really good. With these grievances in mind, the Kingdom of Hoonseti-Rooska hereby demands the following terms be met; I. A Public Apology for being super mean to the Aulic Council of Hoonseti-Rooska and the Crown. II. A Payment of FIFTY KRAWNS for being big copy-cats of the Aulic Government and the Kingdom of Hoonseti-Rooska. III. A supply of eight hermit crabs - one for each member of the Aulic Government and the Crown. The Crown offers one Saint’s Week for the following terms to be met by the Kingdom of Nuurland, else an official Declaration of War shall be made. It is the hope of the Crown that these matters be resolved peacefully, through diplomatic solutions. However, if our demands are not met, if our grievances are not remedied; we shall pursue rectification with the utmost vigilance. No matter the means; no matter the cost. (we don’t care about bloodshed. We have the strongest military ever. We are not afraid.) IV JOVEO MAAN Her Royal Majesty, Anastasya “the Perfect”, by the Grace of Godan, Queen of Hoonseti and Rooska, The Coolest Person in the World, Beloved Leader of Everyone, Absolutely the Most Beautiful Person You Will Ever Meet and I Don’t Care What You Have to Say About it Eirik Baruch. His Excellency, Eirik Baruch, Lord Palatine of Hoonseti-Rooska, Anastasya, Why Do You Keep Making Me Write These. There Are So Many Servants In The Palace You Literally Have At Least Twenty Personal Servants. Her Excellency, Margot Sofiya Baruch, Aulic Envoy of the Kingdom of Hoonseti-Rooska, Honestly I’m Just Glad To Be Here, Although I Would Rather Be Playing Pirates In All Honesty, But I Guess Being Lady Envoy Is Pretty Cool Too. Pirates Get In Really Big Fights You Know, That’s Pretty Much Like Going To War, My Papej Told Me That War Is For Really Tough People - Oh, Apparently I’m Supposed To Stop Writing Now.
  9. “OMARV SES SVEJ” Motto of the Office of the Aulic Council Of Hoonse ‘We Are Very Cool’ THE AULIC COUNCIL OF HOONSETI-ROOSKA PRIVY COUNCIL OF THE CROWN 384 E.S. - Present | 1831 A.H Or, A STUDY INTO THE GOVERNMENT OF HOONSE BY THE GOVERNMENT OF HOONSE Hooseni Publishing Co. --- The AULIC COUNCIL of Hoonse is great. It is an elite group made up of the coolest, smartest, prettiest and richest people in Hoonse. Therefore the AULIC COUNCIL is never wrong. The AULIC COUNCIL has blessed the people of Hoonse with its rulership since 384 E.S., and the Kingdom has since PROSPERED GREATLY from their leadership, because they are fantastic leaders all of them, especially Eirik, but don’t tell Anastasya I wrote that here. If you disrespect a member or say something mean you will be stoned. Probably not to death because I do not want my father to use the ‘Barbanov Beating Club’ on me. The Council reserves the right to take you to court for these actions at any time, as well. Thanks to Uncle Franz for helping us figure out how to make a government at all. If it weren’t for his dementia-and-Malaria-induced rants about how to create a proper government, we would not be where we are today. Love you, Uncle. Hope God is watching over you in the Seven Skies. OFFICE OF THE KOENAS ‘OMAR IV KONTOTI’ (I Am In Charge) Personal Motto of Koenas Anastasya “The KOENAS is the head of the government and everything else in Hoonseti-Rooska. Everyone is her subject. She is the coolest kid in all of the nation, even cooler than everyone in the Realm. Nobody can be mean to her, not even Eirik Baruch. He has to listen to her too, because she is Koenas by right of Godan.” - By Anastasya Isabel --- I KOENAS Anastasya Isabel Barbanov-Bihar Anastasia Isabella Barbanov-Bihar 384 E.S. - Present | 1831 A.H. - Present @shay Koenas Anastasya Isabel was the first kid to ascend to the throne of the Kingdom of Hoonseti-Rooska - by divine right. She declared independence for her kingdom, and will have her kingdom recognized by everyone in the realm. She’s the coolest, and such a good ruler. No wonder she was made Koenas instead of Andrik (Written by Anastasya Isabel) OFFICE OF THE PALATINE ‘EA ELDAE OSOBAZ WAS VORAREV’ (I Tell People What To Do) “The Office of the Palatine is the Head of the Government of Hoonseti-Rooska, only second to the Monarch. It gets to do all of the cool things, and basically can tell people what to do, except for Anastasya, which is alright, I guess, I don’t want to talk to her anyway...” -On the Lord Palatine, 386 E.S - By Eirik Baruch. --- I PALATIN EIRIK MATYAS BARUCH Eric Matthias Baruch 384 E.S. - Present | 1831 A.H. - Present @Gusano Monarch(s): Anastasya Isabel Lord Palatine, Eirik Matyas Baruch was appointed in 384 E.S. as the first to serve his office. He has since been responsible for maintaining common sense within the Kingdom’s Government, which is very hard with the people he has to work with sometimes. Anyway, he will go down as the greatest Lord Palatine in Hooseni history. (Written by Eirik Baruch) OFFICE OF THE SPEAKER ‘Ea voe niet velyae oe ii’' (I Do Not Want To Be Here) "I was not sure what the Office of the Speaker actually did until I got the job. I’m good at speaking to people… sometimes.That’s what the Office does, right?” -On the Lady Speaker, 386 E.S - By Emma Kortrevich --- II HERZEN EMMA KARENINA KORTREVICH Emma Karen Kortrevich 386 E.S. - Present | 1833 A.H. - Present @livrose Monarch(s): Anastasya Isabel Lady Speaker, Emma Karenina Kortrevich since 386 E.S., where the previous half-hour Lord Speaker, Filip Ruthern, was found guilty of murdering flowers, has served as the second Lady Speaker of Hoonseti-Rooska. Unlike her predecessor, so far Emma has lasted longer than half an hour - a promising start! She will certainly do very good things. (Written by Emma Kortrevich) OFFICE OF THE MARSHAL (AND HIGH JUSTICIAR) ‘Ea lifts zvaerdz ag bottelz ag vasr maan’ (I Love Swords and Battles and Just Death) “I am in charge of protecting the Koenas and making sure that justice is properly given to all. I hosted my first trial earlier. I was super good at it. Anyways, I have to go practice my sword now.” -On the Lady Marshall (And High Justiciar), 389 E.S - By Nikoleta Barrow --- I HAUCKOMANDANT NIKOLETA BARBARA BARROW Nicole Barbara Barrow 384 E.S. - Present | 1831 A.H. - Present @zuziee Monarch(s): Anastasya Isabel Lady Marshal (and High Justiciar) was appointed in 384 E.S and has been in charge of taking care of the Koeans and protecting her ever since. She has earned the title of the “strongest kid in the realm” from her liege and has successfully fought off terrors like Rosemary. She has recently taken up High Justiciar and completed her first trial. It went super well. OFFICE OF THE TREASURER ‘Arany Krawns, Arany Krawns, Arany Krawns!’ (Gold Crowns, Gold Crowns, Gold Crowns!) “I hold the Kingdom’s money! Which is not a lot, but that’s okay! I stole some money from my father’s wallet the other day, so now we have AT LEAST twenty Crowns in the Treasury!” -Excerpt from the Diary of Rhys Ruthern, 386 E.S. --- I ARANYIAZ RHYS MIKHAIL VAR RUTHERN Rhys Michael Ruthern 384 E.S. - Present | 1831 A.H. - Present @Nolan_ Monarch(s): Anastasya Isabel Royal Treasurer, Rhys Mikhail Ruthern was appointed in 384 E.S. to develop the fledgling economy of Hoonseti-Rooska. He has so far failed miserably at his job, and the Treasury is only known to possess twenty Crowns. Nevertheless, he tries his best, and that’s all we could want from him. (Written by Eirik Baruch) OFFICE OF THE ENVOY ‘Ea deryzcz ea voe niet zwe agasotie ansitet’ (I Hope I Do Not Have Social Anxiety) “I GET TO TALK TO ALL THE PEOPLE. IT’S SO COOL, I GET TO TRAVEL TO PLACES AND TALK TO PEOPLE! Well… I haven’t actually gotten to talk to anyone yet, but I’m sure they will eventually! But Eirik seems like he does everything himself. It makes me sad.” -Excerpt from the Diary of Margot Baruch, 386 E.S. --- I SZARA MARGOT SOFIYA BARUCH Margaret Sophia Baruch 384 E.S. - Present | 1831 A.H. - Present @Mady Monarch(s): Anastasya Isabel Aulic Envoy, Margot Sofiya Baruch has since 384 E.S. been in charge of the foreign diplomacy of the Kingdom. However, the Kingdom has not yet sought out diplomacy with any nations on Almaris, and therefore she has yet to reach her full potential (as she has not had any work to do, at all). (Written by Eirik Baruch)
  10. "Krusae Zwy Kongzem." Anastasya declared, before swiftly moving off to collect the members of her Aulic Council - The independent nation of Hoonseti-Rooska would need to prepare for the incoming conflict.
  11. [!] Flyers would be distributed to all subjects of Hanseti-Ruska THE KINGDOM OF HOONSETI-ROOSKA A childish depiction of Koenas Anastasya Isabel, with the flag of Hoonseti-Rooska in the background 384 E H R S I G M U N D A [!] Although written by an adult, the following was very clearly dictated by a group of children PREVJA POTENTIAL SUBJECTS. IT IS I - Wait no scratch that, there’s more than just me here. IT IS WE Your Koenas and Aulic Council speaking. We are here to, well, firstly - let vy, the children of Hanseti-Ruska know that we exist, and secondly: WE ARE HERE TO DECLARE INDEPENENCE FROM THE MAMEJ’S AND PAPEJ’S OF HAENSE. Nie longer will we bow to the tyranny of parents Nie longer will we be forced to play where they want - NIE WE WILL PLAY WHERE WE WANT, AND VY ARE INVITED The Location of our Kongzem must stay secret from the TYRANT adults, or we risk war. Although our Lady Marshall is the strongest kid in all the realm, WE SIMPLY CANNOT RISK IT We want vy to join us WE NEED VY TO JOIN US If vy want to know the location of our SECRET SUPER SECRET, FREE FROM ADULTS KINGDOM seek out a member of our super-cool and super-pristine Aulic Council Signed, Her Royal MAJESTY, Anastasya Isabel Barbanov, Koenas of Hoonseti-Rooska His Royal Highness, Andrik Nikolas Barbanov, Grand Prince of Hoonseti-Rooska His Excellency, Eirik Matyas Baruch, Lord Palatine of Hoonseti-Rooska Her Excellency, Nikoleta Barbara Barrow, Lady Marshal of Hoonseti-Rooska His Excellency, Rhys Mikhail var Ruthern, Lord Treasurer of Hoonseti-Rooska Her Excellency, Margot Sofiya Baruch, Aulic Envoy of Hoonseti-Rooska [ooc: If you’re interested in joining the kid-kingdom of Haense, join our discord for information on the kingdom location, door access, and events! https://discord.gg/Nbx8urFst7 ]
  12. A depiction of the Lords and Ladies of the Haeseni court feasting 385 E H R S I G M U N D A A Courtly Feast A Gathering of Nobles To the subjects of Hanseti-Ruska, and the Lords and Ladies of the Augustine; To repent for our previous .. unsavoury actions and words within the Orenian Courts, we, the Koenas’ Council of Hanseti-Ruska, would like to extend a formal invitation to all noble women and men of the Augustine for a feast within the Nikirala Prikaz. It is time to make amends, and to foster new relationships which are satisfactory and advantageous to those members of both courts. This feast is sure to be one of many events following in future months with this aim in mind. There, of course, will be plentiful entertainment throughout the night - with drinks and mingling before a sit-down meal. Perhaps some might steal away to dance! The feast will be held on Jula ag Piov in the upper ballroom of the Nikirala Prikaz. Attendees are expected to dress in formal wear - further, guests are asked to dress in shades of red or white, as a representation of the national colours of Oren, as well as Haense. Special Invitations would be extended to the following: His Royal Majesty, Heinrik II Barbanov, King of Hanseti-Ruska and his pedigree @Rudi His Royal Highness, Franz Morovar, Baron of Ghaestenwald and his pedigree @Gusano His Grace, Ailred var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus and his pedigree @biggestdon His Grace, Ruslan Baruch, Duke of Valwyck and his pedigree @Sarmadonn His Grace, Erich Barclay, Duke of Reinmar and his pedigree @DeadGuyMatt The Honourable, Jan Kortrevich, Count of Jerovitz @Luminaire The Honorable, Isaac Amador, Viscount of Aurveldt and his pedigree @Pureimp10 The Honorable, Kazimar Ludovar, Viscount of Seswesk and his pedigree @HogoBojo His Lordship, Hildebrand Mondblume, Baron of Richtenburg and his pedigree @Limo_man His Imperial Majesty, John VIII, Emperor of Oren and his pedigree @KosherZombie His Imperial Highness, Philip Augustus, Duke of Crestfall and his pedigree His Grace, The Duke of Sunholdt and his pedigree His Grace, The Duke of Cathalon and his pedigree @Fishy The Right Honourable, Count of Kositz and his pedigree @Imperium The Right Honourable, Countess of Dobrov and her pedigree @Eryane His Imperial Highness, The Count of Rentzfeld and his pedigree @ErikAzog The Right Honourable, Count of Azor and his pedigree @Da_Emperors The Right Honourable, Count of Susa and his pedigree @KBR The Right Honourable, Viscount of Valles and his pedigree @grnappa The Right Honourable, Viscount of Pruvia-Provins and his pedigree @MrChenn The Right Honourable, Baron of Carrington and his pedigree @MannyMannyManny The Right Honourable, Baron of Halcourt and his pedigree @DevoutChorale_ The Right Honourable, Baron of Darkwood and his pedigree @DarkWrath94 Additional invitations are sent to: Her Imperial Highness, Princess Amelia Margaret @libbybelle Her Excellency, Mary Casimira of Carrington, and the Ladies of the Augustine Court @ncarr Signed, Her Royal Majesty, Annika Anastasija Barbanov, Koenas-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska, Countess of Reza Her Ladyship, Adalia Maria Ruthern, Grand Lady of Hanseti-Ruska Her Ladyship, Emma Karenina Kortrevich, Event Collaborator of Hanseti-Ruska [OOC: Feast will be held on the top floor of the Haense Palace on Thursday, August 12 @ 18:00 EST/ 23:00 GMT]
  13. A depiction of the Princess’ allegedly deceased horse, Duchess Buttercup 345 E H R S I G M U N D A THE DEATH OF A DUCHESS The Funeral of Lady Buttercup [!] The following, although written by an adult, was clearly dictated by a young child To the subjects and allies of Hanseti-Ruska, In a tragic turn of events, my horse - Duchess Buttercup, has perished. Well, I’m niet actually sure if she’s dead, she booted me off her in the forest so she’s probably somewhere near Oren now. ANYWAYS Even if she’s still alive in the wilderness, she’s dead to me. She’s a bad horse, but she should still have a funeral because she can’t neigh in Karosgrad anymore, and if something is niet in Karosgrad, it essentially does niet exist, right? ANYWAYS Well, since we do niet actually have the Duchess’ body, I can niet really have a proper funeral, so we will have a death tea party instead. Black apparel is expected and required, vy will niet be allowed to enter the Duchess’ funeral if vy do niet mourn the loss of my favourite pet - well, nie, she was niet my favourite pet, that’s Bunny Bonita von Bunnyton, but she was still pretty cool and I’m sad now. Well, mostly just sad that I do niet have a horse anymore but Andrik does . . ANYWAYS Vy must wear black, the tea will be provided by my servants, with my favourite snacks. Bringing gifts for me is encouraged, because my horse is dead and it is my party. My death party will be held in the Karosgrad square on Joma ag Umund. My favourite tea and snacks will be served, and there will be fun events too, as the Duchess would have wanted. Signed, Her Royal Highness, Anastasya Isabel Barbanov, Prinzenas of Hanseti-Ruska, Baroness of Antioch [ OOC : Event will be held Tuesday, August 10 @ 18:00 EST / 23:00 GMT in the Karosgrad Square]
  14. Hello fellow partakers of the minecraft rp server that is lotc. I know Ivory (god bless her) did one of these in february, but it's about half a year later so I'm curious. I want to do another skin auction soon and have been working on a few skins, but I want to know what type of skins people are interested in nowadays, since styles are always changing. So . . yeah, drop a reference or general skin idea that you would like to see (or don't, but preferably do, because yknow I want to make skins people actually want . . ) and I will attempt to appease people's wants (it can be male or female skins, idc. Armour is also cool. Really anything. I just wanna know what people are trying to vibe with, ty for coming to my ted talk)
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