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  1. “Godan - my nose is NIET that large, but at least they acknowledged my great fashion sense.” Adalia proclaimed to Harren, still continuing to avoid his eye contact within the confines of greyspine @Gusano
  2. "Godan save us all - it's actually happening" Adalia muttered to Tatiana from the confines of Greyspine, making sure to sign the Lorraine as she thought of the future queen. @Juli
  3. Clanging, banging, and other various noises could be heard reverberating from the Kovachev home nestled on Selm Street. The manor was devoid of its usual buffer of background noises provided by gleeful children, bickering adults, and rampant hands running over piano keys - this notable lack making the noises from the third level of the house so much more apparent. "It's not right - it's not right. No.. No. This is not how she would have kept it, absolutely not. This is ALL out of place" Natalia, the sister of one - previously two, yelled out to the unfortunate servants
  4. "She's going to bend-and-snap her way back into the Royal Duma!" Adalia Ruthern commented to whoever would listen to her in Karosgrad's square
  5. "isn't that the guy who.... loves horses?" Adalia commented to Harren and Tatiana over an afternoon cup of tea in Greyspine @Gusano@Juli
  6. "TITTIE RUTHERN IS INNOCENT - THE ONLY THING SHE IS GUILTY OF IS KILLING THESE POLLS" Adalia screeched on the streets of Karosgrad, handing out posters of herself and her exotic sister-in-law and co-alderwoman-campaigner, Tatiana vas Ruthern, posing with the endangered Greyspine hammer-head shark enclosure that they had recently opened, to all those who pass by
  7. Adalia, a woman of the people, flashes the sun's smile to the commoner, waving the hat after using her above-average athletic skills to catch it.
  8. "Aleksandr slapped me once... it was awesome" Adalia commented to her sister-in-law, rumoured lover and cousin of the Alderman candidate, Tatiana vas Ruthern @Juli
  9. IGN: shaydelicious Character Name: Adalia Ruthern Age: 18 Place of Residence / Street Address: Margraviate of Greyspine Position: Alderwoman
  10. ADALIA RUTHERN ONLY EXCELLENCE Adalia Ruthern, depicted with her husband Harren, 374 ES. AN INTRODUCTION TO AN INCUMBENT ALDERWOMAN: Adalia Maria Ruthern née de Astrea is the youngest daughter of our incumbent Grand Lady, Rosalind Amador. She has spent much of her life being educated in the ways of the court by her mother, despite this, however, she has always been keenly interested in the Duma, observing many sessions with her late sister, Analiesa Hervor de Astrea. Adalia Ruthern was subsequently elected in the 370 ES election, becom
  11. "TRIPLE HONEYMOOOON" screeched Adalia from the confines of Greyspine upon the arrival of news of the finalization of the highly anticipated union
  12. RP Name: Natalia Kovachev MC Name: Shaydelicious Voted: Yes
  13. [!] A flier is pinned to the City Notice Board in Providence for all visitors and residents to see. The flier is from the Clerk’s Office! The 5th. Annual Providence Clerk’s Office Newsletter The Clerk’s have been hard at work lately, and we’ve decided to give the citizens and visitors an update on the Clerk’s Office as of now! Current Roster: For help purchasing a property in Providence, questions regarding taxes or eviction notices, or general questions about the city, find one of the following people and they can help you! The Head City Clerk of Providen
  14. A PRODIGAL UNION Harren laid in bed, wrapped up in pink blankets and sheets, as a sniffle occasionally emitted from him. It was the cold he had gotten from travelling home from Providence that kept him there in the bed, only peering over at Adalia as she sat at the couple’s desk, writing away at plenty of fanciful invitations for the wedding that was to come. “Do vy think vy will still be sick for our wedding?” She asked, to which he responded by sneezing into a handkerchief in a pitiful display. Nevertheless, whether Harren may or not be suffering from
  15. "I TOLD Marj that she just needs to use the badminton courts more." Adalia announced wisely to Harren within the confines of Greyspine "Maybe this column will make her heed my advice.. but godan she does love sweetcakes." @Gusano
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