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  1. No because it is called Lord of the Craft for a reason – it is based on Lord of the Rings. There’s no firearms in LotR, so I don’t see it fitting into LotC
  2. Players/Group Requesting: Spicy Shrimp Crew. What kind of Event are you looking for?: An event in which our ship goes sailing, but as we’re doing it, a ghost ship, full of ghost pirates arrive out of thin air and try to attack us and steal stuff. Approximately, what time/date you want the Event to take place?: Sunday 19th April, 3pm EST would be great, but a later date will work. The ship is docked in Brandybrook. Organizer's Discord: DitDit#7892
  3. Taurin, still slightly paralysed from his encounter with the demonic monster, looked out to sea, smiling a happy smile, but fearful of where the eel had come from and why it wanted to attack the halflings. The thought of a group of them made him angry.
  4. Osoa


    Taurin was born in Brandybrook, located in the realm of Arcas, on the first day on 1511. His parents, Faurin and Glain Leafwalker were very proud of him, as he was academically skilled and had a great knowledge of the world he resided in. He had no siblings, but his friend Polo made up for that, and they loved to go exploring the nearby farm and stealing their favourite vegetables. They also loved going fishing in the nearby river. One day, when he was 17, and the year was 1728, he and Polo were out delivering vegetables to the nearby city of Aegrothond on their ponies and carts when they heard some ruffling in the bushes nearby. They had no defences so were extremely terrified when they saw a lone orc jump out of the bushes and hold a knife to their throats. He took control of the carriage and took them in a different direction. After a couple hours of travelling as hostages, they arrived at a camp, and when caged. The orcs took their vegetables and ate them. There was nothing Taurin and Polo could do to stop them and later that night, they were off again to a bigger place, but Taurin and Polo didn’t know where. Once the orcs checked they were healthy, Taurin reached through the bars and managed to nick one of the keys. Next morning, and they were still travelling, but now they were going past a city, so when no orcs where looking, they unlocked the door and ran for it. Once they arrived, they found it was a human city, named Haense. They had never heard of it, but went straight to the officials and asked to be taken home. Their request was granted, and they were given a much nicer chariot ride home. Once they arrived back in Brandybrook, they noticed that not many people were here. Suddenly, someone saw them and shouted their names. Everyone crowded round them, asking questions on what happened. They were taken to the Thain of the village, Micah O'Connell, who told them that many search parties had been sent out to find them and they should be back in a few days. Their parents were in it. After a couple of days, Taurin and Polo were getting afraid, as the search parties had come back, but not their parents. They never did come back. Taurin vowed to find his parents, dead or alive, or die in the process. Fast-forward 16 years and Taurin is still searching. He has looked all over Arcas, but to no avail. The year is 1744, and he is taking a break in Brandybrook, after his long journeys.
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