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  1. 𝓽𝓸𝓾𝓰𝓱 𝓽𝓲𝓭𝓭𝓲𝓮𝓼
  2. Apollyon Snowell Apollonous Apollo#5133 All I want for Krugmas is u.. although I could do with some new clothes or any object that’s funny or even mildly interesting, or maybe a pet!
  3. as a Greek I am insulted that drinking is to be considered an Olympic sport
  4. At the same time, Apollyon Snowell revealed herself from a dark corner, then called out. “Hello, Gay… yam dad.“
  5. [[OOC]] IGN: Apollonous [[ OOC]] Discord: Apollo#5133 Name: Apollyon Snowell Where are you from?: Sutica Optional Alias: Abaddon
  6. :) I am Breadstick and I approve this player

    1. satinkira


      I am satinkira and I am confused

  7. Somewhere, behind a building in the southern regions of Almaris sits an elfess. This elfess would be Apollyon Snowell. Dressed in brown leather boots, dark jeans and a light beige flannel. Her shirt lacked an entire right sleeve from the shoulder-down where one could see the atronach arm mainly made with black ferrum that had replaced Apollyon’s original limb. The arm was built with aurum in the joints of the fingers and her elbow but it didn’t matter how fine-crafted it was because just like the rest of Apollyon, it was also covered in dust. Somewhere, in a dusty, dirty corner, on a pile of sand Apollyon was left behind. Disregarded for the rats and scorpions to feast on alike. She sat up right, with her bloodied head tilted to the side, that would likely lead to terrible neck pains when she wakes from her unconscious state. Somewhere, all alone and freezing for the third night in a row, sits an elfess, now awake but expressionless as she stared at the spider that had found it’s way onto her lap. Only as the spider scaled her further, and climbed onto her shoulder did she muster up the energy to turn her head to watch its path. Soon, as the spider disappeared from sight entirely, Apollyons grey, blank gaze moved up further and set itself on her already scarred, but still attached ear that had been nailed to the wall behind her at it’s very tip. Somewhere, in a corner, desolated, sits an elfess. Still nailed to the wall but now all out of water. Despite tugging on the nail for days with her metal hand, it wouldn’t budge. Maybe, maybe if she had her sword, the same sword she had made for her by the Ireheart clan during her childhood she could have pulled it out, but it didn’t matter because it had been looted by the same Paladin that had nailed her to the wall. Somewhere, the elfess had gone, the red nail however had not, but it did manage to keep a piece of Apollyon with it. Another defunct piece of her that would likely never remerge with her again. from: wpinterest, artist: unknown
  8. If we don’t get more stories about Riddlewart we riot.
  9. imagine robbing you, becoming wanted and receiving free pixelart. I should commit some crimes
  10. Apollyon Snowell sighs deeply while continuing to hammer onto a new chest piece, with her sleeves pulled up and while cursing under her breath.
  11. Outside the gates of Yong Ping stood Apollyon, irritated and with her left hand at the side of her waist while she knocked on the city's gate with her bastard sword in her right hand, but alas nobody responded and so she groaned, unaware of the fate of her friend inside. She finally placed her blade back into the sheathe on her back before turning around, and instead heading down to the ferry as she couldn't be bothered to walk all the way back home.
  12. Tell me more about this mango juice of yours..
  13. Apollyon Snowell rested at the balcony of her lighthouse, overlooking all of Talon's with her sword, "Avaddon" across her lap, using a sharpening stone on it, preparing herself for what was to come.
  14. oh god, oh **** so we're melting giant living ice sculptures and hosting "paper" festivals? looks like global warming to me
  15. Name: Apollyon Snowell Race: Elf Birth Year: 1766 Do you have a residence in Sutica, or are you guaranteed a residence as a government official, or are you currently in the process of acquiring one?: Yes Address of residence (if applicable): Rivia 1
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