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  1. Apollyon Snowell could be seen through the window of her home, laying butter onto two pieces of bread as she made herself a sandwich. Suddenly she felt a shiver down her spine and looked around, the thought of some idiot somewhere purposely jumping to conclusions to satisfy their own thirst for blood came over her, though, the elfess thought nothing of it and rolled her shoulders into a shrug as she continued the making of her delicious to-be BLT.
  2. A certain dark-haired elfess could be found sitting on the town’s notice board before hopping down and only then noticing the missive that had gotten stuck at the bottom of her boot. “What’s this?” She asked out loud with nobody around to hear as she bent down and picked it up. “Ah! Yet another archery competition for me to own! ..Here’s hoping I can make Kallian pay the first price a little extra, again.” The girl snickered before turning around and standing up on her tippy toes to place the note then leaving with a smirk plastered on the lower half of her face.
  3. Apollyon inspected the document, turning it over again and again and scanning it up and down as if she was searching for something before turning towards Yuelena to comment to her. "See, I'd love to be here but it doesn't say how."
  4. "Mango?" "Yeah?" "Where are you?" "I don't know." "What does it look like, then?" "Hellish." "Oh." I feel so extraordinary Something's got a hold on me I've got this feeling I'm in motion A sudden sense of liberty "I thought you were better than this." "You did? Why?" I don't care 'cause I'm not there And I don't care if I'm here tomorrow Again and again I've taken too much Of the thing that costs you too much "Apolly... how could you...? You were... m-my..." "I'm sorry." "...You were supposed to be my friend...." "I know." "You pro
  5. [ ! ] The same note printed multiple times could be found scattered around The Free State Of Sutica. Hello, Blair. I’ve printed this letter in hopes that instead of simply throwing my message from me to you away you will actually take the time to read it, so here we go. I write this on the night before my sixteenth birthday in my house in Sutica that I am well aware that you must know of by now. My intention is not that to continue any drama between the two of us but rather draw a line and end this already. I have come to the conclusion that you did indeed kill Rosemary Gaia Fester bef
  6. Apollonous


    I really hope I see you around dude, even if we didnt have the greatest of relationships it wasnt bad either. You’re truly great, and again; I just hope this aint the last I see of ya.
  7. On the small beach of Brandybrook stands a fifteen year old human boy with long brown hair, in a black leather vest and red shirt and eyes staring out at the sea with the waves of the ocean barely reaching the tips of his boots. He sighed deeply, expressionless in silence not able to shake off the thought that the thain had abandoned them all. “I hope you’re in a better place, but I doubt it.” Was the only thing he said, throwing a single white tulip up as it blew away with the wind and out at sea.
  8. The human boy could be found curled up, sitting under the desk in the sheriff burrow in Brandybrook, covering for his mouth with his right hand as to not make any noise that could wake anyone up as he stared at the supposed murder weapon of his last real family member. Samuel Gaia’s grieving still wasn’t over. Even if he tried to pretend like it multiple times already. After some more minutes, Sam removes the hand covering his mouth and picks the blade back up. “This ain’t real.” He told himself, raising holding the weapon in his right hand by it’s handle and with the blade hovering over h
  9. “I know a way to burn the calories in that drink.”

  10. Samuel Gaia stood up teary-eyed and red in his face after just having been in a fight with his friend. As he wandered over the docks and holding tight onto the purple engraved wedding ring of his ancestor then noticing the body on the beach. The fourteen year-old just looked at it from a distance at first before looking around him and then running over as if he was set on automatic. “Crap!” He said to himself before placing his hands on the body to assist the individual before noticing how cold it was. “Wait-“ He looked it over once more, then moving up towards it’s head to remove some of th
  11. Samuel looks over to the chest he had just stored the descendant meat he had picked up at exploring an old abandoned orc camp earlier that day, horrified of himself in that moment.
  12. Samuel Gaia would pick up a poster on his trip through Brandybrook. “This must be it!” The young boy said out loud to himself as he collected a few more posters, then sticking them down his pockets.
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