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  1. All Good Things... Come To An End... ”I’m glad you’re here with me, Samwise Gamgee... Here at the end of all things...” The day was peaceful. Birds chirped as they flew over the Dinkle River. The bees buzzed around pollinating the flowers. The sun shone brightly upon Brandybrook, the village that Benedict came to so long ago, seeking a place to call home. His time was not always so peaceful. Benedict had been through more battles and conflict than any Halfling had ought to have been in. He had repelled advancements of Uruk raiding parties in the Almenodrim alongside fearsome Oathblade warriors. He had slew great beasts from the Void that threatened Brandybrook. He had sailed the seas and fought the terrors of the undead. He had even marched straight into the Void when it threatened Arcas, alongside an army of Descendants, and once again on Grief’s fortress, where he had rallied the Weefolk to stand up and fight, the battle in which he lost his arm. His brushes with death had been severe, and many, yet he came out on top every time, hanging on to life. Quite possibly via pure stubbornness or disdain for his enemy. No, the Halfling’s tale had not always been a peaceful one. Some would tease him, claiming that there was too much Dwarf blood in him, which would explain the impressive beard. Were that true, Benedict thanked his excess of Dwarf lineage, for it enabled him to protect those who he loved, and keep his village safe. While in retrospective thought, he lay in his bed. He held his baby son, but he had not the energy to get out of his bed. He felt weak, tired, diminished. He knew he was facing down his last day. The door to Benedict’s room would open, and so would enter his two dearest and oldest friends, Taal and Feanor Sylvaeri. They would regard their Halfling friend with a bittersweet smile, as they too knew that today would be the day. They spoke of memories they had together, and with a healthy dose of sarcastic quips from the frail and old Halfling, they laughed together. Several people stopped by to see Benedict, and say their goodbyes. A few members of the Oathblades of Aegrothond came to pay their respects to their fellow warrior, as he had fought alongside them many times. A few tears were shed, but the time was focused on the happier moment of life, and good memories. Benedict was pale, and his veins were darkened a significant amount. His coughing fits got more frequent and more violent. The sickness that took his father, Rollo, was well underway in doing the same to Benedict. He grew tired, and weak. He asked his two Mali friends to bring him outside, so that he may look upon the village, and Dinkle river once again. They granted his request, Taal carrying the baby son, and Feanor carrying Benedict outside. They sat on a hill near his house, looking out. The breeze was light, the sun shone, the sounds of a serene village could be heard in the background. The trio spoke to each other. Taal made a final promise to care for Benedict’s child, as he were one of his own. Hearing that brought peace to Benedict. He leaned on his friend, head resting on Taal’s shoulder, as he was too weak to hold it up himself at this point. He wrapped his arm around Taal’s, and rested his hand on his son. Benedict’s breathe slowed. He commented on the beauty of the day, and rested his eyes for a moment, before looking down to his son. ”Thank you...” He said slowly, his voice exasperated. ”Thank... You...” He said even slower. With that, a long sigh... Benedict grew still, and in the company of his two dearest friends and his son... He passed on, to whatever lay beyond... OOC: What a freaking adventure. I came to LOTC in April of 2019, and started playing Benedict. He was a halfling in his prime, with a wicked beard. Over time, he grew to be so much more than a way to make myself feel jealous for not having as good of a beard. His story helped me learn about myself, and grow as a person. Which is pretty weird for a pixel block man, but whatever. I want to thank everyone who contributed to his story in some way. It was because of you that playing him through his journey has been such an incredible experience. Part of the reason for PKing him is an IRL one. Very soon, I leave for Basic Training for the Canadian Military, and I wanted to conclude his story before I left, as I will be away from the server for a substantial amount of time. The story gave me such an amazing time, I felt I owed it to the little cowboy to see him off properly, and in good fashion. Anyways, bye for now folks. It’s been a slice. So long, and thanks for all the fish...
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    Korvic my man, you are a top shelf lad, and an absolute class act. #KorvicForPresidentOfTheUniverse
  3. Benedict snorts awake, looking out and sees the sun. He had slept in! In a panic, he hastily puts on his metal arm, gets dressed and rushes outside, only to see the party returning and having completely missed the protest himself. He grumbles, sighs, shrugs, and joins the others, glad that they all came back in one piece.
  4. [!] A paper is pinned to the Brandybrook Noticeboard, and spread throughout Arcas! Benedict’s Brews Grand Re-opening! ~Brandybrook as seen by t’a birds!~ Lo All! Us Th’ last time I had Benedict’s Brews open fer business, it was a long long time ago! Some big things happened between then ‘n now, and I think it’s time to open up shop once again! What: A party to celebrate the re-opening of my brewery! Free booze to all who come! Where: In Brandybrook, th’ home o’ th’ halflings! (next to Aegrothond) When: In just under one Elven week I reckon. ((4pm PST, Friday the 31st of January)) Long Live Brandybrook! Glory ter t’a wee! -Benedict Hassenfor-Applefoot, Brandybrook Sheriff’s Deputy, former Captain of the Spicy Shrimp, Brandybrook’s Brewmaster. [!] The paper ends with the official seal of Brandybrook
  5. About time the administration drops the hammer on the right people 😤😤😤
  6. Benedict reads this letter, and wonders if this Talbot would be willing to exact justice alongside him.
  7. Benedict holds the note with such fury that it nearly catches fire. He crumples it up and stuffs it in his pocket, and continues his journey. "I'll kill every last one of you..."
  8. Benedict drops to his knees after reading the notice. He clenches his left fist, hard enough for his knuckles to go white, and growls in anger, and punches the notice board hard enough to split several cracks in it. With his right arm having recently been amputated, he can only carry a sword in his left, unpracticed arm. But nonetheless, he packs a bag of provisions, and heads out of Brandybrook to find his friend. "I'm coming for you Deek... Just stay alive..."
  9. I appreciate your passion about the issue, and the time it took to write this post. I think it's very important to have open debate about these issues, and I'm happy to see so many people taking to time to bring forward meaningful comments about these things. This is what helps a community grow. +1
  10. [!] A flyer is nailed to the notice board in Brandybrook! A Call To Arms! Fellow weefolk, I call on ya fer aid! Th' taint of the void is spreadin', and it needs t' be stopped! Th' force ah soldiers that sieged th' last void tear, is plannin' another attack at th' last tear, and against Grief himself. They plan to repel th' spread of th' void by placin' mana stones in a perimeter around th' tear. They call for fighters to escort th' mana stones, people t' operate th' ballistae an' provide long range support, an' healers to work in th' field clinic t' tend to our wounded! I know that yer scared. I am too. But if we don't stand up an' quell this evil, there won't be a Brandybrook t' hide in! Dig down deep, an' muster the Halfling courage that Knox blessed us with with! I'll be among the fighters escorting the mana stones to their positions. Any of ya who want t' fight, you'll be doing so alongside me on the battlefield, any others should talk t' th' other folks running things in th' field clinic an' ballistae. Fight, shoot, or heal, I implore you to come an' help make a difference! Fer Brandybrook, an' fer all of Arcas! Long Live Brandybrook! Yer's truly, Benedict Hassenfort-Applefoot Deputy Sherriff of Brandybrook The paper ends with the official seal of Brandybrook! ((I made this on mobile so apologies if it's janky. This event will happen on Monday, the 18th of November, at 2pm PST/5pm EST. Its advised that you join this discord > https://discord.gg/wMvfqD7 < for any info about the event line. Big thanks to @Tha_Mystery_Man for being such a chad and creating this fantastic event line.) )
  11. Benedict wonders if anyone even noticed him hacking away at the heart nearly 100 meters in the air, riding it down in mid air then jumping and riding his sword down the beast’s neck.
  12. a tad rude there friendo -1, take that evil doer
  13. Kind of unfair to ask us to grow “up” Have you seen how short we are?
  14. Benedict hears the story of their escape back on the ship, slightly puzzled how an amputee with a missing eye and an obese halfling were able to pull it off, but nonetheless ecstatic that his friends were safe. He hugged them both, and brought out some ale for celebratory drinks.
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