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  1. One of the letters sent out by Velsyni would reach the hands of Sevrel. He sat in his home with a glass of wine, and read the parchment by the fire as his children played. "Norland eh?" He said to himself as he read "They have always been kind and true of heart, not a bad choice... If you had to settle for a Valah city" He muttered sarcastically. A soft smile crested upon his visage and he placed the letter on his table, and took a sip of wine "At least I am not the only one who wants to do right by our kin" He commented with a nod, before finishing his wine. Later that night, he told his family he would be away for a couple days. He packed his bag, and set off for the north to pay a visit to his old friends in Norland, and to meet this Velsyni, with ideas of hope for the future in his mind.
  2. This missive would be transcribed many times and sent to any and all groups or individuals of the Mali’ker people As I sit here, sailing on the ships to our new land, I think about my past. Being on this ship reminds me of my time as a sailor in my youth, before I decided to settle down and find a home. First Vira’ker, then Asimu’lei, then Ker’Okarn, and then Aegrothond, and now, who knows. I think about our peoples’ past. I think about the many cities we have built. I think about the stories that have been written, by pen and sword alike. I think about the tales of our ancestors, laying the foundations for everything we take for granted. And then, I think about our future. However, I am not sure what to think. I am afraid. I am afraid that once again, the ‘ker will be forced to wander, not having the luxury of having a long term home. One that they can depend on to raise their children in, and give them a sense of belonging. Many places have done this in the past, but with things the way they are now, the future is uncertain at best. Some time ago, I spoke to my friends in the Royal Sylvaen family, and we discussed this. We spoke about how the ‘ker deserve a home. One that will last through time. But, after the discussion, I thought not much more of it. It wasn’t until the Inferi war where I was gravely wounded, where I had some time to rest and think about what I could do to help my people. I realized that what my people needed, was something that I could provide. After much thought, and with the blessing of my friends here in the Elvenesse council, I have decided to give birth to a new community of Mali’ker. A humble home, where we can express our culture, and be around our own kin. One where the needs of all ‘ker are met, and we can live in harmony. This new home will be named the Evarsae’ker, and it will be open to all and any Mali’ker who wish to work together for a brighter tomorrow; and I promise you that I will do everything in my power to make this more then a piece of land, this will be a home. A home where we can grow old, and leave a legacy for the next generation to follow, one that we can all be proud of looking back on at the end of our days. This, is my dream. And as I sail towards these new lands, where our future is unclear, I know one thing. Though I know we are facing down challenging times... I have hope. Signed, Sevrel Valin’dar Each missive would be signed by Sevrel, before they would be sent out to the 'ker that now wander in search of a home. [OOC]: if this sounds like something you are interested in, please feel free to shoot me a message on discord, Cherry Blossom #9001 and ask any questions you might have. More will follow this post in the coming days, so do keep an eye out Meme RP encouraged
  3. ((IC)) Name: Burt Hassenfort Race: Halfling Applying For: Librarian Age: 34 Experience: Not much, but a lover of stories, and a desire to preserve history. Citizen of Elvenesse: Yes or No: YES ((OOC)) Time Zone: PST IGN: CorweenieTheJedi Discord: Cherry Blossom #9001
  4. The casual **** talking of flam tickles me with delight.
  5. The giggling 'ker shrugs, bringing the parchment to his view again "All I read was a really long and drawn out way to say I have a small brain and no friends"
  6. This does not fit into the LOTC aesthetic even a little bit B U T, I do think it is very creative and unique. Gives me fantastical witch house sort of vibes. Very pog, very epic, I rate it 420/69 mushroom-sheckles.
  7. OOC: changed the time back one hour. Same day.
  8. [!] A notice would be pinned to the mast of the Spicy Shrimp, at the front gate of Fort Hope, and in the taverns in Sutica & Aegrothond! *~Fishing Contest!~* Us halflin’s ‘ave been goin’ through a bit of a rough patch, what with our ‘ome gettin’ blown ta’ smithereens! I think it’s high time we had ourselves a fishin’ contest! Come one come all! Come an’ try yer hand fishin’, and win some prizes! We’ll be doin’ the fishin’ off the edge of the Spicy Shrimp, in about four elven days time! The winner will be th’ person with th’ most fish at the end of the time limit! We’ll have rewards for first, second, an’ third place winners! [!] The missive would end with the signature of Burt Hassenfort. OOC: Pretty chill event, we will be running a small contest of fishing as the post describes. You can bring your own fishing pole, but we will have some to provide. We will also be using the in game fishing mechanic, so it will be purely random who wins. This Thursday, October 29th, at roughly at 5pm PST/8pm EST, at the Spicy Shrimp currently docked at Sutica. PM a halfling on discord for help with directions!
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