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  1. Sevrel had seen the traitor in the midst of the fray, and had a clear opportunity to snuff him out. Something stayed his hand though...
  2. Sevrel knew the day would be grim. He knew descendants would fall. He knew there would be bloodshed... He was unprepared for this level of wanton destruction It was not until he watched his dear friend die in his arms that it set in... He was wrong. Nothing ever changes...
  3. I'm here to talk to you about your mineman nation's extended warranty

  4. The elder 'ker was subdued when he heard the news. He had lost countless friends to the sharp knife of battle, many before his very eyes. But never had he gotten used to hearing news like this, dying alone with no glorious crescendo of events for your descendants to sing of. Still, it seems as though such an end would be peaceful. Sevrel took comfort in that fact. "Ker’ayla, ehya ahern lari’onn" he uttered in prayer, a single tear finding it's way down his cheek. "Mar’haelun ehya mar’maln Myumier nae."
  5. The Elf Lord sat in his manor at the end of the day, the words of the missive bouncing about in his head. He thought of the times where he was called upon to draw steel against the Uruk threat, and how many times he had trudged back home covered in the viscera of krug's descendants. "Peace..." Sevrel muttered to himself, glancing to the war torn sets of armour he had on display at his home, telling a silent story of the multiple centuries of war he had gone through. Flashes of the countless battles peppered his mind, sounds of Uruks bellowing war cries at the top of their lungs rang in his ears, limbs injured in the nigh endless conflicts between his kin and the greenskins stung with a dull pain, and the screams of his fallen comrades pierced his heart; though he was at home, and currently in no such battle... He tried to focus on the embers within the fireplace in front of him. "I suppose... Time will tell."
  6. The elder 'ker rejoiced in the company of his new-found kin folk. He looked forward to the tales that the two houses would scribe upon the pages of history, together.
  7. The day was won... But at what cost? Sevrel had been thinking about this moment for months; and as his blade met the traitor's flesh, he thought of what started this all. It was not too long ago that the 'ker had considered Pancho Puerokar a comrade in arms, a friend even. Nothing could have prepared him for the jarring moment when Pancho asked him if he would help in overthrowing the Crown. Over the next while, Sevrel had worked from the shadows to feed information to his High Prince, and his friends. After a conversation with Aerendyl, Evar'tir, and Amaesil; they had a plan in place. Sevrel had told Pancho that he would bring a detail of loyal warriors to assist him... Which turned out to be partially true. After entering with a small contingent of Orenian soldiers, and revealing his hand to not only Pancho, but the entirety of the citizenry of Amathea, Lord Sevrel Valindar turned to face the conspirators, and bellowed out a command. "ARREST THESE TRAITOROUS DOGS!" Before the Puerokars could realize they had been played, and before Pancho had time to react, Sevrel had already plunged his blade into the stomach of the traitor, eviscerating him. After a brief exchange of silent words, the elder 'ker put an end to the coup by swiftly beheading Pancho... Normally, after a victory; songs would be sung and stories would be told... But no such events took place, only the burning of the homes of the traitors, who were once regarded as friends... Sevrel wondered... Would he ever get used to the killing?
  8. Out of all your experiences on the server, what is one thing that you have learned about yourself; or something positive that you have taken away from the community, that positively influences you in real life?
  9. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/201483-hi-so-were-removing-vortex-116-update-info/
  10. Sevrel throws the missive into the fireplace and hides his son in the basement of his house muttering something about wood elves and PvP goons
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