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  1. Sevrel woke up in a huff, rushing to get dressed and sprinting to the gates, only to see he had slept through another battle! Rats!
  2. "War makes for strange bedfellows, it would seem..." an old 'ker muttered to nobody in particular.
  3. This is one missive that I won't be throwing into my fireplace.
  4. I'm going to shoot down literally every bird that I see.
  5. The old Valin'dar sharpened his blade and washed the Uruk blood from his armour, scoffing at the bold claims of the Horde. "They never learn, do they..."
  6. Sevrel cleaned his blade of the blood that the brutish invaders left upon it's shining form. This would not be the last time they fell before Malin's folk...
  7. a very fun game I love you

  8. Sevrel feels a strange sense of comfort wash over him as he finds himself preparing for the tides of war once again... "The Uruks would be wise to not face their old foes... we may have grown old, but our blades are just as sharp" the old Lord muttered to himself as he gazed upon the armour and weapons that adorned the walls in his home.
  9. An old 'ker reminisced upon his time serving Oranor Exarch - through tumultuous times and horrific battles, even through an attack of Azdromoth himself did the Valin'dar Lord do his duty to the crown, up until he left to be with his kin. "So passes another grain of sand in the hourglass..." he would mutter to nobody in particular. His mind began to drift, and the memories fractured somewhat - not a new sensation to Sevrel. He did what he could to force his mind to remember Evar'tir's reign, and it comforted him...
  10. With every post you become slightly more based
  11. yo spook rp is not fun lol

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    2. Traveller


      cope cope cope cope

    3. Samler


      I had lots of fun with the Perfectionist, Knox and Salamandra back in the day.

    4. ImStuckInHell


      spook rp doesnt suck

      spook rp sucks when ur just trynna mind ur own business n then suddenly ur being jumped

  12. Andre wakes up later, only to realize he slept through the entire event!
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