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  1. Nicholas issues a small sigh and a frown, sparing a moments thought before continuing with his work.
  2. As the author of the wonkmen I wish you luck, but I have to concede and say no open beastman CA will last unless it's something actively impactful and a driving force in the world of lotc. Consider it like this. A new player joins the server, and see what race they want to play. They see the options available to them, without the need of an application or further reading on the forums. That player may eventually branch outwards, and try these CA races, but the number of people who do is significantly fewer than the people who don't, because of the extra effort required. And the peo
  3. I wonder which idiot wrote most of this
  4. hey mordew maybe clarify in the redlines or something how many slots you intend it to be. its pretty clear its intended to be a 1 slot and maybe i missed it but i would throw it in there if not
  6. heheoheohoahahaohaheoheohehoeohehohohoeahoahoeahoahoaho THANKS KING https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs4rLT8XVLkQOR6cOjEushQ/featured https://www.twitch.tv/archipelegotv
  8. What is UP gamers I've recently started uploading actively on youtube and tiktok, and I have plans of streaming on twitch in the future. I'm also somewhat active on twitter. I'm making primarily minecraft content because that's what I enjoy doing. Figured I'd drop a post here bc I like a lot of y'all and I think it'd be a good idea for me to spread the word around. I'm very small ATM but that's all part of the grind baybee. Come vibe & help me grow if you want, or don't. Have a good night guys LINKS Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/ch
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