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  1. [!] The following can be found in every major library, community center, or place of scholarly work throughout the realm, placed in convenient places such as tables or desks. M.I.E.S. Mortal Incongruence Examination Society "Mortal Incongruence: Volume 1" The Mortal Incongruence Examination Society (MIES) is pleased to present our first publication, a collection of various stories collected from our interview archives. These stories are authentic accounts, though the individual accuracy or truth of each cannot be proven or disproven outright. The intention of MIES is to guide the way for light and morality by exploring and mapping the lesser known, darker aspects of reality. The following accounts are disturbing in many cases, and we ask you only read them if you can tolerate learning about the inhumane treatment of others, in order to pursue a better world and hunt down the darkest parts of our world. MIES is a Godly organization, that believes in the wellbeing of Mankind and other descendants. This publication is selected from the first twelve of our case files. Some of these accounts from the archive have been excluded, for various reasons including irrelevance, the request of the interviewee, or those tales that are likely false. In order to pursue the full selection that MIES has to offer, please see our location in order to see the full archive in person. We are located directly behind the village of Oswin, and the The Owl's Perch tavern. If you are interested in learning more about our organization, a document describing our mission can be found attached to this document. If you are interested in employment, or telling your own interview to be added to the archive, please contact me or locate me at our headquarters listed above. Ut a chao. - Nicholas, Head Curator Case 001: "Forgotten Men" Case 002: "Providence" Case 003: "Indigo" Case 004: "Sharp Hooks" Case 007-1: "Sacrilege" Case 008: "Fungal Infection" Case 009-1: "Beyonder" Case 011: "Salvation"
  2. I'll have to give it a proper read, but I support my boy
  3. currently juggling four tabletop games in the World of Darkness next time bro :* michael morbius (i have several close friends and ive always thought it was weird to denote which was best) legally i cannot answer that question idk man but come play in a tabletop game like i ASKED YOU TOO and then we can actually be friends!!!
  4. Probably the Vlad Taltos Novels, The Magnus Archives, of course some classic shit like LotR, Star Trek, probably a lot more you are poggers in general id say that the way lotc lore has grown is tragic. it has sublime potential in being this organic tree of community driven content, and that's a large reason so many people love lotc lore. but with it comes all of the issues you see with lore, the vestigial parts and bloat and everything else that comes with your lore being written by 100 different people over 10 years. id delete it Amongus tradition mordu magic thanks big dog u too bals sound effect number 5 flushed emoji pensive emoji fingers pointing together emoji
  5. god i want to be free i want to be free i want to be free
  6. honestly i couldnt say. my memories of lotc are getting increasingly fuzzy i think the number one thing ive learned has been that i love storytelling and roleplay. as much as i complain abt lotc (FOR GOOD REASON) id say it was a net positive for my creativity.
  7. kill him bro itll make good rp for the people who still care. give me a time and stab him, it sounds good
  8. i almost couldnt gather the energy to make this damn post ive been on this awful server for 7 years. as is tradition, you are permitted to Ask Me Anything
  9. origin: At a hospital in Greece, 10-year-old Michael Morbius welcomes his surrogate brother Lucien, whom he renames Milo; they bond over their shared blood illness and desire to be "normal". Their adoptive father and hospital director Nicholas arranges for Morbius to attend medical school in New York while he focuses on caring for Milo. 25 years later, Morbius publicly declines a Nobel Prize for his work with synthetic blood. His colleague Martine Bancroft discovers he has secretly captured dozens of vampire bats from Costa Rica in the hope of splicing their genes with his own to cure his condition. After informing Milo of his planned illegal experiment, Morbius receives funding from him to outfit a private mercenary vessel in international waters with his equipment. While the cure works, it transforms Morbius into a vampire, who kills and drains the crew of their blood after they attack him out of fear. Once his bloodlust subsides and he regains his senses, a horrified Morbius erases all CCTV footage of his experiment before contacting the authorities and jumping overboard. Morbius returns to New York and discovers he now has superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and echolocation, with his vampire bats treating him as a bat. He subsists on his synthetic blood until it gradually ceases to satisfy his needs. FBI agents Simon Stroud and Al Rodriguez investigate Morbius' victims and deduce his involvement. Milo learns that Morbius is cured, but becomes furious when Morbius refuses to cure him as well. While checking on a hospitalized Bancroft, Morbius finds a dead nurse, drained of her blood. Believing he was responsible, he attempts to escape before being cornered and arrested. In prison, he is visited by Milo, who offers to use his wealth to free him. Upon realizing Milo took his cure and killed the nurse, Morbius escapes to confront him. An unrepentant Milo confesses to his bloodlust-induced crime and urges Morbius to embrace his powers as he has. Unwilling to hurt his brother, Morbius flees. Morbius meets Bancroft to explain what Milo has done before acquiring a new lab and developing an antibody against vampirism to stop and kill Milo; he also plans to use it on himself since he will become unable to resist his bloodlust. Stroud and Rodriguez find footage of one of Milo's attacks and, believing Morbius' vampirism to be spreading, release it to the media. Nicholas recognizes Milo and pleads with him to stop. Angered by Nicholas' perceived preference for Morbius, Milo wounds and forces him to call Morbius, who watches Nicholas die while Milo attacks Bancroft. Morbius returns to Bancroft, but she dies in his arms and he drinks her blood. Morbius confronts Milo and summons an army of bats to restrain him and inject the antibody. Milo dies and Morbius flies off with the bats, mourning his loved ones and embracing his identity as a vampire. Unbeknownst to him, Bancroft is revived as a vampire herself elsewhere, having ingested a drop of Morbius' blood whilst he was feeding on her. lore idea: morbians are living vampires. they are unkillable morbheads . abiliites: morbians can fly. they are super strong. they can echolocate. redflines: none credits: michael morbius himself
  10. Kasfer rants and raves to a rapt audience of unmoving pumpkins, completely unaware of the turning of time outside of his delusions. But for a moment, a half breath, he frowns.
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