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  1. Archipelego

    [PK] The Wind Blows. . .

    A halfling frowneth.
  2. Archipelego

    [Update/Rewrite] Inferis, the Demons Among Men

    thats pretty neat
  3. Archipelego


    A tree halfling drifts upon a boat back into the lands of Atlas.
  4. "I suppose it's time to make amends." Aron begins to write a letter to Quavinir.
  5. Archipelego

    Vandameer (formerly Inquisitioners)'s Lore Team Application

    idk man kina gay +1
  6. Archipelego

    [Rewrite #3] Bryophites!

    Splendid to watch this come together while doing absolutely nothing! I quite like it. +1
  7. Archipelego

    [Completed] Why holy healing is not a bad thing

    i would like to calmly remind all of you that this is a minecraft server and really doesn't matter too much
  8. Archipelego

    [Completed] Yay or Nay to Ascended Magic?

    I think you're all childish and the magic needs a bit of cleaning up but is otherwise fine. The community isn't the magic, so that shouldn't be a part of the 'ascended magic' thread.
  9. Archipelego

    The Curse of the Fjarriauga: Frost Witches

    I for one quite like it.
  10. Archipelego

    Remove Freebuild (please)

    the issue is the size of the map, not freebuild. if you remember vailor or axios at all, it was like this, except even worse somehow most of the time
  11. Archipelego

    [Accepted] Bee's Application Team Application

    she's ok
  12. holy **** when did we switch to enjin

  13. Archipelego

    The Maelstrom Circle

    Kasfer scratches his chin. "I give it a few weeks at most."