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    Kasfer, Terrence, and Adrius!
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  1. Sermons & Prayers for the Emerald Ones

    Kasfer prays without words.
  2. Another Departure

    <3 Kasfer eats the note so it stays with him forever.
  3. Another Departure

    ((I didn't get a letter **** u :c))
  4. cant wait for my daily dose of staff and player conflict oh boy here comes the cancer train

  5. Archi's 3 year AMA

    i dont know
  6. Ask Me Anything

    why do no important people respond on my ama
  7. Archi's 3 year AMA

    moana u r good No Yes No A rock can get an erection 69
  8. Archi's 3 year AMA

    jojo's bizarre adventure he's lonely
  9. Archi's 3 year AMA

    Aye I'm already training you in all known druidic arts, ONE DAY MY BOY
  10. Archi's 3 year AMA

    I keep mine for more than a week YEET
  11. Archi's 3 year AMA

    I don't Kasfer is experiencing a lot of emotion and nobody seems to realize he's not a robot and has needs and issues too instead of just 'AWH CUTE HALFLING MUST HUG!1!'
  12. Archi's 3 year AMA

    One day if Tay ever CHILLS OUT I do, but haven't had em in years We just rub each other the wrong way fam Good meme Probably over 50-60 Tay's alright You're alright usually I only like icecream cake
  13. [CA] [Dryads] Chloris