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  1. lol you a centrist or smth boy??? also ive missed you boy
  2. [!] The following poster is posted on bulletin boards around Sutica, Irrinor, Haense, Fenn, Aegrothond, & Brandybrook. Naturesgiving ~+~ The Druidic Order welcomes all to attend our festival, to celebrate a successful harvest season. Nature provides to the wise, and as such we have deemed this Naturesgiving. Baked goods, treats, pies, drinks, and all manner of foods will be prepared for the enjoyment of us all, and you are free to bring your own to add to the festivities. The main event is a large, table-round meal and discussion with friends and strangers alike, in appreciation for the food nature provides for us. Additionally, there will be a jumping puzzle for you to partake in, extraneous items to purchase, and a large bonfire to end the evening off. We hope to see you there! -Druidic Order (Saturday, Nov. 30th - 4 PM EST)
  3. Kasfer begins cramming his mouth with mushrooms, smiling happily as several fall out of his mouth.
  4. chief it just seems like you’re ranting here, n while i get that, a forum post isnt the best way to let rants like this out
  5. make a wonk 

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    2. Mojo
    3. BrandNewKitten


      Tree – wonk subrace when? Do they hibernate if they get too cold? 

    4. SoulReapingWolf


      Where is your green?


  6. “What the ****. I was gonna cry, gonna try n’ feel sad, but m’ letter is the most garbage one! C’mon.” The druid grumbles.
  7. now i have to ******* actually write this to redeem myself you’ve doomed me to this fate
  8. i hate myself and this person please god move this to off topic dont make them review this
  9. holy **** this is amazing to watch from an outside perspective

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