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  1. Grey the elf cooks some delicious scrambled eggs in the kitchen, grateful for his untouched soul and wholeness of mind.
  2. How many bones does a blue whale have
  3. korvic over here spitting straight FACTS
  4. RP Name:: Erick MC Username: Archipelego Discord: Archipelego#7156 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Northgate Why Do You Wish To Come?: Assist in whatever ventures I may but particularly to be a useful companion to my fellow Paladins. What Skills Can You Bring?: My skill as a Paladin and a fighter, as well as a deep knowledge of survival when isolated from civilization.
  5. If you want this accepted, you need to have clear and precise redlines stating what exactly you can and cannot use a rock for.
  6. Archipelego

    Overdue [PK]

    Kasfer curls up into a ball at the base of a tree, staring out across the horizon. “Blessed be,” he whispers.
  7. lol you a centrist or smth boy??? also ive missed you boy
  8. [!] The following poster is posted on bulletin boards around Sutica, Irrinor, Haense, Fenn, Aegrothond, & Brandybrook. Naturesgiving ~+~ The Druidic Order welcomes all to attend our festival, to celebrate a successful harvest season. Nature provides to the wise, and as such we have deemed this Naturesgiving. Baked goods, treats, pies, drinks, and all manner of foods will be prepared for the enjoyment of us all, and you are free to bring your own to add to the festivities. The main event is a large, table-round meal and discussion with friends and strangers alike, in appreciation for the food nature provides for us. Additionally, there will be a jumping puzzle for you to partake in, extraneous items to purchase, and a large bonfire to end the evening off. We hope to see you there! -Druidic Order (Saturday, Nov. 30th - 4 PM EST)
  9. Kasfer begins cramming his mouth with mushrooms, smiling happily as several fall out of his mouth.
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