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  1. What are some strategies to becoming a better roleplayer overall
  2. Thorondir will be your wife if you take him as a squire. More details below.
  3. "Good to see proper rulings for etiquette. We must uphold the standards of our great city," Thorondir commented while mid-combat with a giant bear.
  4. I didnt even read the lore but the formatting bro...
  5. Do you need a young, dashing and capable squire? Well look no further! [Thorondir, being dazzling as ever.] "Raised in the boonies, Thorondir learned from a young age the value of modesty and humbleness. He's a true rags to riches story, overcoming all his obstacles. He'd make a great squire!" -Esteemed Journalist, Periwinkle Popbogey I come to you looking only to serve in the name of God, The Radiant Star of Númendil, and His Majesty The Tar. I hope that any knights who see this would acknowledge my exploits in the foiling of the Gryphon Poachers within The Kingswood. I hope to uphold the golden standard of our great folk, as well as defend The White City of Númenost. Interested? Contact Thorondir today!
  6. I've been in your playtest dungeon and it was pretty cool so im down with mechanical stuff
  7. [!] It was upon that morning when Lily Peregrin spoke her final words and vanished into the ethereal. It would only be two hours later when an explosion of angry insects swarming around a beehive revealed a message in a bottle crammed within its honeyed interior. This message contained the last will and testament of Lily Peregrin. The Vision from My Eyes The Last Wisdom of Lily Peregrin I did not lead a beloved life. None shall sing my name in their songs when I am rotting in the dirt. I shall be washed up and forgotten, restricted to merely a name on parchment in Halfling records. An obligatory inclusion within our fair folk's history. I was rude, blunt and plainly a pain in the arse of halflingkind. And yet, I stand proud, because I know in the end, I was the first domino in a new golden age of the weefolk. It all began when I was a young'un in my twenties. I saw the Golden Age of my mother, Iris the Great, thrive and then extinguish. The prosperous time of Old Honeyhill came to an end with a swift stab from a biggun assassin. My mother lay dead in my arms behind that bokolo stable, and with her died the old Peregrin regime. The dynasty that was heralded as the greatest in halfling history. My older sister, Doctor Sorrel Peregrin, took the shovel's burden. As I grew up, I watched her wither and fade into a shell of her former self. She was not worthy of the position; I have always loved her, but I always knew it, even from that young age. She held not the mental fortitude it so required. I knew that I was the only one left who could do it; The dynasty must survive. Nothing could destroy the Peregrins, for we were chosen by Knox. I had seen the holiness that radiated about Iris, and heard the tales of her exploits, and I knew this to be true. And so, on that fateful night, I took Thainship. We burnt down the Old Honeyhill. It was a vestige of a bygone era; A standard of liveliness that I could never replicate. I only ever saw it as a graveyard after Iris died. We built New Honeyhill in the ruins of the old village, and it was beautiful. We began to bud as a society once more, opening up to a new spring of our people. I kept council of my trusted Elders; childhood friends and heirs of ancient Halfling houses such as mine. And yet, all was not well. My most trusted advisor, Mimosa Applefoot, challenged my rule. I always thought myself superior to her, in truth; She was smart, but I always thought I was smarter. Her threats still scared me, however. The Applefoots were the founders of the Thain system, and before my mother returned our line to Arcas, they were a much more powerful and influential family. We had stolen their spotlight, and in my youthful ignorance, I thought she aspired to win back her ancestral title. My rage consumed me, anger at my betrayal, anger at the thought of my mother's legacy dying to the hands of my former friend. In Mimosa, I saw the face of that biggun assassin; A killer, ready to destroy all my family had. What was worse was the man on her side. Cyris Collingwood. I had heard stories about the insanity of this man from the days of Bramblebury; His delusions of kinghood, and claims that he was visited by Knox and given a crown. He denied the Knoxist religious teachings of the modern church and proposed his own, leaning on biggun ideologies. He was an enemy of Arugula, waiting to be swept into the tides for his heresy. And thus, I unleashed my rage at a peaceful debate. I threw the Thain Shovel for Mimosa's head in an act of blood rage, and with it, I surrendered my power. In my act of defiance, my many supporters turned on me. My own daughter, Dolly Peregrin, voted against me. I was the last true Thain, a patriot of a bygone era of dictatorship. Democracy reinvigorated itself within the weefolk, that slow disease that rots away all it touches. The fuel for the fire of hatred and corruption. The spear that brought down Bramblebury. The system that my brother, Monkey Peregrin, fought to cleanse and destroy. In my ignorance and passion, I had allowed it to fester once more, and thus allowed myself to be vanquished. And so, they shall remember me as a tyrant. They shall see me as the last barrier against progress and reform. They shall see me as Lily the Terrible. But perhaps I was wrong, in the end. The weefolk have found new stride under their new leadership, and have prospered far more than they ever could under my tutilege. Maybe it took the end of the First Peregrin Dynasty to reset the board. To provide a blank slate for our circle of life to continue. What haunts me, deep down, is that I shall never know. I will never see the outcome of my legacy, nor will I be able to study it, like I so studied the politics of our kind throughout the ages. I leave this mantle to my children. I still believe that The Peregrins were led back to the greater halfling race for a reason. I still feel the ripe energy of Knox pulsing through my blood, even as it grows stale and cold. My last message to my descendants is this: bear witness to what has transpired in this age, and use it as your weapon. See our faults and adapt. Win back that damnable shovel. I bid you all fond farewell. Do what I could not. Dolly Peregrin The Greater Peregrin Family Cyris Collingwood Mimosa Applefoot Magnolia Fiddleberry The Weefolk of The Realm PRAISE KNOX LONG LIVE THE PEREGRINS
  8. [!] The People of Dunfarthing would find posters plastered on practically every door, window and wall within the village. All of them would detail the following message. The Peregrin's Potluck Attention Folk of Fair Dunfarthing, I, Lily Peregrin, alongside your Thain-King, Cyris Collingwood, extend an invitation to every Halfling, Gnome, Musin and Man of the Realm of Aevos. All folk from every reach of our New World is welcome to come drink and be merry! We shall indulge in many Halfling traditions and festivities, such as pumpkin carving, shogging and, of course, merrymaking! Thain-King Cyris Collingwood urges everyone to come, for the festivities shall end with an announcement of incredible importance. We shall gather and celebrate upon The Sixth Day of The Pumpkin Week, Upon the 14th Hour Past the Moon's Pinnacle We hope to see you there! Sincerely, Lily Peregrin, Matriarch of The Most Noble and Ancient House of Peregrin Thain-King Cyris Collingwood, Lord of Dunwen and its lesser realms
  9. I actually pooped my pants this was so good if he doesn't win im bombing the LotC airport
  10. Monkey Peregrin, who up until moments prior had been harvesting herbs in the Wheat Fields on his brief jaunt from his own, Shamanic afterlife, let out a roar of laughter at seeing Sorrel waddling through the iron-wrought gates that heralded the entrance of Billy Bob's Fields. "We killed krakens toget'er, we made quick work o' boars in t'e hills n' trolls in t'e fields, n' yew die at yer bloodeh desk! Come o'er 'ere, yew braggart, oi got somet'in tew show yew!" Lily Peregrin, as Sorrel's weary head crashed upon the mahogany desk, felt a sudden jolt within her stomach. "O' Knox, its comin', some'un get Sorrel!" She cried out, scrambling out of the burrow as she waddled as fast as she could, entering the Doctor's Office as she stopped with an air of despair. Tears of pain and confusion welting in her eyes, she whimpered, "Fawk..."
  11. Lily Peregrin sighed solemnly, "Nothin' good is ever true, oi s'pose."
  12. [!] An odd event transpired on one foggy morning in Bywater. A man, who to all remembered had been dead for decades and missing for longer still, allowed his fate to be known to any who cared for remembered. That said, any who did remember were now long dead, and it was unlikely that any cared. He was not a loved man, his most famous achievement being the attempted assassination of Greta Goodbarrel. Nevertheless, his name was spoken once more on this foggy morning. A message in a bottle that had been plucked from the sea was left at the foot of the tavern by a squire messenger, who was instructed by a short, hooded man one week prior to not allow anyone to intercept this message on threat of death. The squire complied, and upon dropping the message, fled into the distance before any could interrogate him. The message was uncorked and shared amongst the community, and the following is what it read. "A plague o' the Weefolk who doomed me! I, Edward James Oceantoe, loyal servant of the Lady Arugula! Let ye who cast stones of hate 'pon me and pushed me out to sea be met with the wrath of the waves! Twenty years to the day it has been since my exile, and today I shall bring myself to face judgment in Arugulatide. An anchor 'round my ankle, I shall show you heretics what true piety means! The true nature of sacrifice for safety!" "Let all that I still held in my name be passed on to the first man I deem worthy. I set forth trials to inherit that object which my name, in law, still binds. The Spicy Shrimp! Vessel of the wee, as deemed by The Lady, and thus shall be passed on by me. Whoever man thinks he has the right to sail in my inheritance, take yourself out to sea and face judgment at Arugulatide! May only the worthy survive!"
  13. I am part of the Pro-Wonk movement o7
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