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  1. Raphael Halcourt wonders when the Council of Clermont met to announce Phoibe the heir to Halcourt.
  2. From within Castle Resmore, a certain Count Adrian would read over the letter. "It is time to do what I should have many years ago." He stated before throwing the letter into his fireplace. Soon after, the Count would begin to prepare his case against the Knight Commander.
  3. Aurelius looked over the missive, smiling for his uncle! "He did it! He found the clergy to marry him!" He exclaimed before going back to play in the sand at Chambery
  4. "If there is one word about Petran trout I might lose my mind like Kirsa" Adrian said upon seeing yet another round of mayor elections come to an end.
  5. Adrian Godfrey read over the edict, approving of such, however he grumbled about now having to be considered the Junior Branch of Temesch.
  6. "Long Live House Temesch." Adrian stated simply before retreating back to his vacation home.
  7. - 1961 PETRAN MAYORAL NOMINATIONS - Issued and averred by His Excellency Adrian Godfrey Temesch et Martiel Regne Petrère 106 The moment has arrived for the city to choose a representative from among its populace to assume the esteemed Office of Mayor. Per the Catherinian Code, the Mayor's responsibilities encompass the authority to introduce laws into the city code, subject to potential repeal by the Government or succeeding mayors, the Mayor is entrusted with the responsibility to diligently serve the welfare of the City's residents, and upon securing approval from the appropriate Government Official for their initiatives, the Mayor is exempt from ordinary constraints within the City. Requirements for self-nomination: a. Nominees must be at least 16 years of Age. c. Nominees must be in good standing with the Lex Pettres. d. Nominees must be a resident of the Commonwealth. SIGNED, His Excellency, Adrian Godfrey Temesch, Count of Martiel, Viscount of Mies, Baron of Resmore, and Grand Speaker of the Garmont Assembly of the Petra. The Right Honorable, Wilhelmina Emma Temesch, Countess-consort of Martiel, Viscountess-consort of Mies, Baroness-consort of Resmore, and Scribe of the Garmont Assembly of the Petra.
  8. Adrian Godfrey Temesch, The Count of Martiel, listened to the letter as his oldest daughter read it to him. To say the Count was furious would be a drastic understatement. “That bastard brute did WHAT?” Adrian shouted in response. “I hope GOD will forgive Aimo for his transgressions, as I will never forgive or forget.“ Adrian took a deep breath, while he was a forgiving man, this would not be forgotten anytime soon. “Cosima, please find me your mother. Her and I have a lot of work to do.” ‘Hopefully when I am finished with him, his name will be expunged from Petran History' he thought to himself as he begun planning his formal response to the Knight.
  9. The Count of Martiel had the missive read aloud to him before rolling his non-existent eyes. "Throw it into the fire. I will not be attending." He hissed in response before carrying on with his day.
  10. Early in the day, the blind Count Adrian found the letters patent and had brought them inside, placing them on the counter closest to the door. From there, the man had sat at the table, simply thinking to himself until his wife, Wilhelmina, had approached him. "Elmina I'm glad you're home." He stated upon Wilhelmina's entry to the hall. "There's a letter on the counter, Can you read it out to me? You could probably toss it into the fire, it's likely just junk" Adrian couldn't wait to tell his family of the news about their promotion. Later that evening, The Temesch Household would surely be celebrating his their promotion as Count of Martiel. @FireAGN
  11. A blind and injured Adrian Godfrey looks forward to the break that he's been needing for what felt like centuries.
  12. After hours of care in the clinic, Adrian finally returned back to his house. During the late hours of the day, the man thought back on his duel with Sir Ethan. He wondered if he could've done better, if what he had lost was worth the fight. There was little option other than to duel him, Adrian thought, replaying the scene in his head. 'Atleast I prevented the death of Queen Catherine of The Petra' he finally thought before falling asleep to enjoy another night's rest.
  13. - 1958 Transcript of the Garmont Representative Debate - Issued and averred by His Excellency Adrian Godfrey Temesch et Resmore Regne Petrère 103 Following the debate, the Office of the Grand Speaker has prepared a transcript of all the candidate's responses during the debate. This is to aid our citizenry in voting with knowledge on whom they think is the best fit for the two seats that are vacant. The Election of the Garmont Representatives will continue for two saint’s days, whereas those with the top two highest votes will be seated as Vallagne’s Representatives. Question #1: What are your current thoughts and/or concerns about the recent constitution that was passed by the Garmont? Is there anything you would have changed? How do you feel about the current powers of the mayoral office? Davide of Furnestock: I believe that the new constitution needs to provide expanded opportunities for commoners to participate in government. As it stands now, the constitution provides for two elected legislative positions and an elected mayoralty. These legislative seats are not restricted to the common people of the Republic, which means that our assembly could consist entirely of the nobility. Additionally, the mayor’s seat is quite weak and there are no provisions allowing it to build a city government. I would expand the Garmont Assembly to include two additional representative seats to be reserved for commoners and expand the powers of the mayor’s office. Sir Marius Lovetts: Considering I helped give feedback on the Constitution before it was brought before the Garmont, I would say that I am quite happy with the way that the Constitution was written. This current Constitution stands as a bolstering to the system that Petra was morphed into. While it may not be the ideals that the original nation was founded on exactly, these rules have and will continue to lead the Nation of Petra in a state of stability. Prince Paul of the Petra: The updated Constitution passed by our Garmont Assembly clearly dictates the laws and expectations of our Realm — Queen Catherine did an excellent job with lobbying support of this major and long-overdue project. Though no law book may be perfect, I have no quarrels with our own. Sir Artel von Theonus: I think it is fine. It is far clearer than the one before it, so no changes. Question #2: How do you feel about the current powers of the mayoral office? Davide of Furnestock: As I mentioned before, the mayor’s office must be expanded in scope and scale. I believe that the mayor, representing the will of the capital, should be allowed free reign to make the changes to the city that they deem fit without having to go through the red tape of bureaucracy. I also think they should be allowed to build their own government to fit the needs of the city. If they do something reprehensible, they can most easily be removed by the Assembly or voted out of office by the people. Sir Marius Lovetts: The office seeks to hold the powers of the Garamont in check whilst being a tertiary set of power for the city. With the River Council, Mayorship, and the Garamont, the city stands in good hands. Whilst the Queen reigns supreme, she delegates the matters of the city to the Mayoral Office. Prince Paul of the Petra: The current powers of the mayoral office are crucial for effective local governance, enabling swift decision-making and leadership. They provide a central figure to drive initiatives and respond to community needs appropriately. With a strong mayoral office, that can contribute significantly to the well-functioning of the Free City of Vallagne. Sir Artel von Theonus: I don’t really understand why the mayor is a concern, they are elected by the people same as we who stand before you, but to answer, I think the Garmont has set up a good system for the mayor. Question #3: How do you feel about the state of Vallagne's City Watch? Are there changes or improvements to the Watch you'd like to see implemented? Davide of Furnestock: I believe that we have failed the city watch over the course of this war. We have entasked an impossible burden to them: defend the city while also ensuring it is not on permanent lockdown. They are our first and last line of defense against Veletz and we must aid them more than we have now. I would increase funding for the watch for the duration of the war in order to recruit new soldiers, better-train our existing soldiers, and bring incentives for performing necessary tasks such as gate duty so that our economic activity does not decline as sharply as it has. Finally, I would promote a wartime directive that orders all able-bodied men and women to aid the city watch in defending Vallagne when under attack. Sir Marius Lovetts: The Watch has been severely lacking as of late, though, much of that comes from the complete purge it had a few years ago. Where the watch’s members are less than a hundred, they are slowly growing back to be a formidable force. I would personally like to see more demonstrations of guard duties being carried out- as well as the beginning of an active gate watch. This will not only build a better lookout system for those inside, but visitors to the city will not have to stand around for ours waiting for a patrol to walk by. Prince Paul of the Petra: Though favor was had towards the Riverguard, I feel as if the City Watch has been implemented and been made organizationally-sound by the Queen Catherine and her Watch Commanders. I would personally like to see more of a recruitment effort for the Watch in these uncertain times of war. If that were accomplished, the Watch would stand more of a chance to evolve into a flourishing national guard force. Sir Artel von Theonus: I would like to see the watch take a more central role in solving problems, but I also understand that we are not a nation of people who enjoy military service, but perhaps in the coming years we will see an uptick in recruits. Question #4: What are your thoughts on the city's current infrastructure and housing economy? Are there any infrastructural changes to the city you would like to see? Davide of Furnestock: We need to sharpen our defenses far more than we previously have. I would hire several architects to construct “safe bunkers” for our citizens to retreat to in the event of an enemy attack. I would also hire a military engineer to inspect our defenses. I also wish to start the development of a rail line linking all of our outlying towns and vassals, such as Hokhmat. Sir Marius Lovetts: We have a lack of good housing within the Petra Capital right now. There is no space for incoming citizens, which is problematic. In terms of the layout, there seems to be important parts of the city that are shoved in corners. Our Historical records are little to nothing, and our Libraries are empty. Our Books concerning the cultural significance of our own nation is next to nothing. It is unexceptable. I would work with the Garmont to provide funding toward building a new library and Archives so that our histories are not lost to time. Prince Paul of the Petra: Vallagne has always suffered through housing crisis after housing crisis; the solution to this is quite simple: more housing. The government accomplished this under the reign of Renilde I and the Wittenbach Chanzlèri, with the construction of the Outskirts housing, and it worked well. With the expansion of our populace, I feel it only makes sense to expand our City and our housing units. The Commonwealth must, to maintain a good standing with the people of our Realm, make room for any who would wish to call the Petra their home. Infrastructurally, I have seen the makeup of walls and other aspects of Vallagne change during this war and have been thoroughly pleased with it all. Sir Artel von Theonus: For a lack of a better term *Theonus screamed “AHHH”*. I need more housing and taller walls but with the ongoing war there is little we can do. Question #5: Is there anything else you wish to state or tell the Petran People? Davide of Furnestock: I am the only commoner still running in this election. Where I may lack political experience, I possess the experience of being an average citizen. I will represent the interests of the common Petran, those who do not possess the status and wealth of nobility while bringing new ideas developed under my Fair Revolution plan. I will be an open and honest representative and champion for the will of the people. Additionally, with our recent great victory over the Veletzians, I will see that not only do we win the war, but that we also win the peace. We have many more hard years of fighting, but I will push our leaders to make sure that we are not left out of the new postwar order. Many Petrans have shed their blood during this conflict and we deserve to have our due for it. Sir Marius Lovetts: I am a man of my word. Petra has grown strong in her community and in her war efforts. We focus on our Knights and our rebuilding our guard. But we are doomed to fail again if the infrastructure of the Capital and remembrance of our History/Culture are not bolstered. I shall seek to provide more than reason to do these things, but the manpower and money to make these changes happen. With your help, we can make a Petra that lasts longer than its walls and rulers. Prince Paul of the Petra: Though I am ill with a terrible cough and unwavering cold, I promise to continue the fight for the common Petran even when I cannot be physically present. If elected to the Garmont and I am not cleared by our Chief Medic by that point, I swear to appoint a trusted individual to represent you good Petrans in the Garmont using my name and posting until a point in time comes that I am healthy again. I do not see this sickness overcoming me for much longer. GOD bless the Petrans, and may GOD save our Queen. Sir Artel von Theonus: No. If I have not won you over by now, nothing will. SIGNED, His Excellency, Adrian Godfrey Temesch, Viscount of Mies, Baron of Resmore, and Grand Speaker of the Garmont Assembly of the Petra. The Honorable, Wilhelmina Emma Temesch, Viscountess-consort of Mies, Baroness-consort of Resmore, Scribe of the Garmont Assembly of the Petra.
  14. - 1956 NOMINATIONS TO THE GARMONT ASSEMBLY - Issued and averred by His Excellency Adrian Godfrey Temesch Regne Petrère 101 The time has come once more for an election to the Garmont Assembly. The citizens of the Commonwealth are granted the privilege to elect two delegates to represent them in the law-making of Petra. The two citizen-elect seats are joined by representatives of the Peers of the Commonwealth and the Free Cities. The Garmont Assembly may present and vote on legislation, and with the consent of its delegates, bring bills to the attention of the Queen and River Council. Regarding the eligibility of candidates and voters thereof, the following prerequisites are previously established. Candidates and voters must be 18 years of age, be citizens of the Commonwealth, be in good standing with the laws of the Petra, and be mentally capable of executing actions with a sound mind. SIGNED, His Excellency, Adrian Godfrey Temesch, Viscount of Mies, Baron of Resmore, and Orateur of the Garmont Assembly of the Petra.
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