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  1. Cordelia would sit down in the gardens crying as she heard of her brother’s death “Lord, Why did you have to take him from us so soon..” She’d say quietly though she knew that it was soon going to be her time to depart from the world. Though finally she’d speak once more “May you rest in peace.”
  2. Cordelia Merentel bursts into the hall where the Diet is being held, taking a few moments to catch her breath. "I'm sorry for the interruption, Honorable lords. I am Cordelia Merentel and I am here to testify against the dissolution of the Barony of Merentel." "The Barony was managed not too long ago by the deranged Andromeda Merental, whose instability resulted in cruel abuse to the barony akin to a heartless parent. She had been talked down into giving it up, but her insanity caused her to throw wild accusations and insults. I can assure you that these accusations are not true; however it came to great delay to me that my barony and my house was in jeopardy. I was not made aware of the situation until but a mere hour after I arrived back from a voyage. I would like a chance to hear what argument was made in favour of its dissolution. Who proposed my dissolution and what reasoning did they have behind it?”
  3. Cordelia Merentel would gasp as she read the decree. ”How Dare she, How could my own sister let anger cloud her ways and thoughts then make false such statements about me… I would do nothing of the such.” She would sit down in her chair beginning to cry due to the betrayal of her own sister.
  4. Tournament delayed until Wednesday (5/13/20) Sorry about the late notice.
  5. Saturday, Sorry it didn’t say in the post. (5/9/20)
  6. Honestly True though, it’s been getting Quite aggressive.
  7. No, It’s a Medieval RolePlay, It wouldn’t fit to have Firearms for LOTC.
  8. Cordelia Would Sigh ”Don’t bully the Kingdom of Curonia” She’d say looking out the window at the remains of a once great city now overtaken by some base.
  9. “We the people shall not forget about this..” The man would say
  10. Kaii


    Eros was born to the Octavian Family along with Leona Octavian, And Angelina Octavian. As a kid Eros lived in Hanse with Leona and Angelina Octavian. Eros didn’t have many friends because most people who were around him were Stubborn people. Though Eros gained his Rebellious trait at a young age due to certain aspects around him, He still tried to make friends though never really worked out. He is also an outspoken person which also didn’t help, He could be described as a blunt person but not many described him that way. He’d excelled in the art of literature though it was quite boring to him. Eros then went to write two stories which he later just burned in a fire within his house. By the time Eros was 18 he had moved and was more liked by the people where he moved. Once he moved Eros got into writing again. This time when he moved he’d had started gaining homosexual feelings for a guy he had called home. Though he’d ignore it not believing his “Homosexual Feelings” later on he’d begin to gain more homosexual feelings for other men. At the age of 22 He’d move again and he would to move Sutoca where he resides with Leona. Eros would continue to reside there to this day.
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