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  1. "Be great, vote George Galbraith!" a random peasant would scream on the streets
  2. [!] You are walking across the streets of the Imperial Capital of Helena when you find a paper attached to a wall [!] ♰ The Death of Tobias Merentel ♰ One Saint’s Day ago, a letter was sent from a lost farm of the Northen Territories to the Imperial City of Helena: I am not lost phisically, but I have lost my mind. I am in my last days, probably no body will see me again and probably no body will care about my death, which could be reasonable. I just wanted to announce that I wasn’t lost, that I was retired, I couldn’t handle more backstabbing. I will now go to rest with the rest of my family and friends, I hope to meet them up there and I hope that I am able to forgive what they have done to me. I shall remember what I have done for the humanity one last time... I hope that I have been useful and that I won’t be lost through the history, I have dedicated my life to serve the Empire, I have never broke my oaths, not like the other members of my family. To all my friends that are still alive, I wish you the best See you up there, Tobias Merentel
  3. Ser Corvus Keint would revive from the dead ready to destroy "Marivesse"
  4. Full name: Billy Bogninton Position Applying For: Promoter Previous Experience: none Where do you see yourself in five years?: Hmh, with kids? (Discord Name):
  5. The lost Tobias Merentel approves this
  6. RP Name: Tobias Merentel MC Username: Kursion23 Discord: Kursion#5029 What Nation Are You Affiliated With?: Curon Why Do You Wish To Come?: To seek knowledge, live an adventure and aid his friends What Skills Can You Bring?: I’m a very good swords-man and a pretty decent horse rider
  7. Tobías Merentel would sign the pact proudly while saying "Finnaly, peace"
  8. Tobías Merentel would start crying as Curonian troops found his body
  9. Tobias Merentel would sign the Lorraine
  10. Tobias Merentel would smile as he reads, seeing that his friends appear
  11. The Kingdom of Curonia Name of Settlement: Kingdom of Curonia Populace Density: Curonia is not just conformed by human people, in fact, it’s a multicultural nation; everyone is welcome in the Kingdom of Curonia. Brief Description: The Kingdom of Curonia is a human nation situated in the North-East region of Arcas. The City of Avalain, its capital, it’s well known for its defenses and its structures. It is a nation rich in culture and history. It is ruled by the Cyrillian Cabinet and the King, who is the head of the House of Devereux. Curonia is ruled on a primogeniture succession and the actual patriarch of the House of Devereux is Wilhelm II, Governor-General of the Kingdom of Curonia. The history of the Kingdom of Curonia dates back to the County of Cyrilsburg, the start of the curonian people. It was rule by the Count Wilhelm I Devereux and after a prospere era, they were statused up to a Duchy, receiving a new title, the Duchy of Curon. The Duchy continued to grow and expand and after the Gentleman’s War of 1700 against the Duchy of Adria, Emperor Augustus I decided to promote the duchy. Since then, it is known as the Kingdom of Curonia, Directions: How to get to the Kingdom of Curonia from the Cloud Temple Peak Time: The vast majority of curonian players are found in its capital, the City of Avalain. Most of these players live in american time zones, but you can also find some european players. The peak time of the Kingdom of Curonia is between 6pm Eastern Time and 12am Eastern Time. List of players able to assist: Wilhelm I | @Porkgasm | Bonehead#432 Tobias Merentel | @Kursion | Kursion#5029 Dame Klaudia Grimoire | @AutumnSoul | WinterSoul#2750 Matthias Rutledge | @Language | Language#1688 Edward Devereux | @Fish101 Ser John | @BenevolentManacles | KP#3486
  12. “We will all miss Ester, now it’s time to go back to work and honour her death” Tobias Merentel would say as he readed the missive
  13. Tobias Merentel would start crying as soon as he heard the tragedy “Is not fair… Rest in peace, may GOD take care of you” he’d say
  14. 9th of Owyn’s Light, 1745 The end began for the pretender’s ambitions when coalition raiders approached the gates of Curon hurling obscenities, as usual quick to flee when given an answer. Two brave Curonic soldiers, Yugio Romanovich and Ser Brand Aldis von Denhardt, were tasked with tracking and apprehending the enemies. After some hours on their tail, the Curonians unexpectedly discovered the constant traitor and pretender Alexander Merentel. This rebel Merentel was delivered swiftly to Avalain where his nephew and patriarch Tobias Merentel resides. In a desperate attempt to preserve his comfort, Alexander signed in his own blood the following document: “I, Alexander Merentel, the pretender, hereby renounce the patriarchy of the House of Merentel and every claim I have ever made towards Tobias Merentel or the Kingdom of Curonia. The titles of Duke of Eastmark, Count of Alannor and Baron of Hallowfell are rightful titles of Tobias Merentel, the patriarch of the House Merentel. I also hereby renounce my claim to the title of Duke of Westmark, as well as to the surname of Merentel.” A. Merentel After Alexander signed this document, detachments from the Imperial regiments arrived escorting His Imperial Majesty Peter III to the gates of Avalain. Tobias had the gates gratefully opened, allowing the troopers from Kaedrin and the Crownlands entry to the Royal Palace. Inside, The Emperor witnessed Alexander’s futile attempts at escape, meanwhile appointing Tobias Merentel as Justice of the Empire’s Eastern Circuit court. His Imperial Majesty called Alexander to trial, charging him with the crimes of treachery, rebellion, murder, banditry, vagrancy, and illegal claimancy. His Grace Tobias Merentel presided as judge, with the Emperor prosecuting on behalf of Oren, and Alexander defending himself. The defendant accepted all charges save for treachery, claiming that he never swore loyalty to the Holy Orenian Empire, the Kingdom of Curonia, or to the Merentel patriarch Tobias. The judge recognized that all claims were made in clear rebellion, given the defendant’s acts of war against Oren, and therefore deemed this defense invalid. The presiding judge Tobias Merentel declared the accused, Alexander Merentel, guilty of the deathly crimes of treachery, rebellion, murder, banditry, vagrancy, and illegal claimacy. Ave Oren.
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