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  1. Ok, I do not know why every day, after 11 pm at night, I'm usually sad and I start to get sad and it ends after I've been sad for a while and I can not anymore, so I fall asleep for the fatigue. I start watching some depressing and pessimistic videos, videoclips or just songs (which definetly doesn’t help but man, I don’t care) so I would like to post one of my favourite video: ^ This video is about a dead artist called Lil Peep or Gustav Ahr, he had lot of importance in my life since almost 2 years and I would like to share that video with you guys. Even that I do not know most of you, I may do a post talking about my feelings about Lil Peep or just me in a future. I would like you guys to post yours! (Even so that you’re not a weird guy as me at nights you can post a song or a videoclip you like that you think it’s a bit depressing)
  2. A bit of a confusion I would say, the colors are strange but that makes it original, 8/10
  3. “Justice has been made” would say Nicholas proudly
  4. "Ecbert could have avoided everything that has happened in the Kingdom of Curon in the recent days... Now, he's the victim of his own choices. There are always consequences for traitors." would say Nicholas
  5. “More and more people realize the betrayal of the Curon Rulers towards their own nation” would say Nicholas Keint
  6. “The current Curonian Leaders have lost their mind. May god help them because they lost their way!” would say Nicholas Keint
  7. Nicholas Keint would read the letter with a broad smile and satisfied by the support of the emperor Godfrey III he’d say: “Ecbert and Edgar Devereux have taken The Kingdom of Curon to ruin, may her majesty Anabel save Curon! Ave Imperium Renatus! Ave the Queen!”
  8. "The House Devereux not only does not support an emperor who carries his blood but now the King of Curon wants to marry the daughter of an impostor! Without a doubt, The Kingdom of Curon's independence and sovereignty will not last forever as long as the impostor Joseph remains on the throne." would say Nicholas Keint after reading this treaty
  9. Nicholas Keint would read Will’s last testimony and starts crying in Curon’s court, he and his family would pray for Wilhelm “A great man with a tragic end, we will miss you” would say Nicholas
  10. The Promising Future of Houses of Keint 1st of The Amber Cold, 1714 Years have passed since the retreat from Axios, It has been a long time since House Keint succumbed to the ashes, even so, that was not the end. Somehow House Keint managed to survive even though they had lost everything they had in their day, even the family. The Kingdom of Santegia tried to silence House Keint’s history when Lord Thomas Tarsington-Keint managed to rebel against the kingdom, even if it meant the loss of everything that had been built around House Keint. But those were old times. Everything has changed. The good times of Ser Corvus and the fall of Lord Thomas have been left behind. Despite having lost everything, some are still standing. The two main members of House Keint are still here today to fight for a prosperous future. Erec Keint, grandson of Lope Keint and son of Lord León Keint who was Lord of Blackden, is still alive and has founded his own minor branch, House Keint of Blackden. On the other hand, Nicholas Keint grandson of Ser Corvus Keint, who was once Lord of Keintania and knight of The Order of The Golden Eagle. Nicholas is now the patriarch of House Keint. May God accompany Keint House on its way, since this will see a prosperous future House Keint of Blackden and House Keint’s coat of arms
  11. *Ser Corvus Keint signs the document* "I'm with you, brother." (Kursion23)
  12. I already log in. Can you whitelist me?

    My application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/158871-accepted-kursions-application/


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