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  1. RP Name: Tobias Merentel MC Username: Kursion23 Discord: Kursion#5029 What Nation Are You Affiliated With?: Curon Why Do You Wish To Come?: To seek knowledge, live an adventure and aid his friends What Skills Can You Bring?: I’m a very good swords-man and a pretty decent horse rider
  2. Tobías Merentel would sign the pact proudly while saying "Finnaly, peace"
  3. Tobías Merentel would start crying as Curonian troops found his body
  4. Tobias Merentel would sign the Lorraine
  5. Tobias Merentel would smile as he reads, seeing that his friends appear
  6. To your grace Godric of Morsgrad: As you well know, the Crown of Curonia is hosting a memorial ceremony to honor the name of Ester Rose Devereux in the Curonian Capital of Avalain, in two Saint’s Days. We would like to honor properly one of the greatest women that have existed in our era. For that reason, I ask you to please give us the head of the poor Ester, as you have only sent us her headless body. You claimed that you gave us her body for proper rites but you decapitated her and left her headless corpse with us. We require it to give her a proper Curonian burial and let her rest forever in the seven skies and in the memory of our hearts. IN NOMINE DEI His Grace, Tobias Merentel, Royal Solicitor of the Kingdom of Curonia
  7. “We will all miss Ester, now it’s time to go back to work and honour her death” Tobias Merentel would say as he readed the missive
  8. Tobias Merentel would start crying as soon as he heard the tragedy “Is not fair… Rest in peace, may GOD take care of you” he’d say
  9. 9th of Owyn’s Light, 1745 The end began for the pretender’s ambitions when coalition raiders approached the gates of Curon hurling obscenities, as usual quick to flee when given an answer. Two brave Curonic soldiers, Yugio Romanovich and Ser Brand Aldis von Denhardt, were tasked with tracking and apprehending the enemies. After some hours on their tail, the Curonians unexpectedly discovered the constant traitor and pretender Alexander Merentel. This rebel Merentel was delivered swiftly to Avalain where his nephew and patriarch Tobias Merentel resides. In a desperate attempt to preserve his comfort, Alexander signed in his own blood the following document: “I, Alexander Merentel, the pretender, hereby renounce the patriarchy of the House of Merentel and every claim I have ever made towards Tobias Merentel or the Kingdom of Curonia. The titles of Duke of Eastmark, Count of Alannor and Baron of Hallowfell are rightful titles of Tobias Merentel, the patriarch of the House Merentel. I also hereby renounce my claim to the title of Duke of Westmark, as well as to the surname of Merentel.” A. Merentel After Alexander signed this document, detachments from the Imperial regiments arrived escorting His Imperial Majesty Peter III to the gates of Avalain. Tobias had the gates gratefully opened, allowing the troopers from Kaedrin and the Crownlands entry to the Royal Palace. Inside, The Emperor witnessed Alexander’s futile attempts at escape, meanwhile appointing Tobias Merentel as Justice of the Empire’s Eastern Circuit court. His Imperial Majesty called Alexander to trial, charging him with the crimes of treachery, rebellion, murder, banditry, vagrancy, and illegal claimancy. His Grace Tobias Merentel presided as judge, with the Emperor prosecuting on behalf of Oren, and Alexander defending himself. The defendant accepted all charges save for treachery, claiming that he never swore loyalty to the Holy Orenian Empire, the Kingdom of Curonia, or to the Merentel patriarch Tobias. The judge recognized that all claims were made in clear rebellion, given the defendant’s acts of war against Oren, and therefore deemed this defense invalid. The presiding judge Tobias Merentel declared the accused, Alexander Merentel, guilty of the deathly crimes of treachery, rebellion, murder, banditry, vagrancy, and illegal claimacy. Ave Oren.
  10. Tobias Merentel would smile from his cell
  11. The Frustration of a Coward Issued and confirmed by His Grace, the Duke of Eastmark, 11th of The Grand Harvest, 1742 The House of Merentel had lived in harmony with each other since its creation in the Realms of Axios until now, at which time, I, Tobias Merentel, have been betrayed by my own uncle, Alexander, who has claimed all the titles belonging to the House of Merentel and its patriarchy. My own uncle, my father's brother, stuck a sword in my back in cold blood when I gave him my vote of confidence. He committed treason against his own deceased brother, Sergius Merentel, who appointed me, Tobias Merentel, as the rightful heir of the House of Merentel. This despicable being believes that he is in a game in which the ultimate goal is to gain power at the lowest possible cost. He has rebelled not only against me, but also against the Kingdom of Curonia and the House of Devereux, to which he swore loyalty. He and a small militia have fled under the protection of the Archduchy of Suffonia, who has promised to support them in this stupid rebellion that my uncle has started. A paper signed by John Nicholas Suffolk cannot erase hundreds of years of history out of nowhere. I, Tobias Merentel, Duke of Eastmark, Count of Alannor and Baron of Hallowfell, am the legitimate ruler of the House of Merentel. The governance of the House of Merentel has passed from father to son for generations, the brother of the deceased patriarch has no right to claim anything at all. For this reason, in defense of sovereignty, I, Tobias Merentel, Patriarch of the House of Merentel, disown Alexander Merentel, brother of Sergius Merentel, from the Merentel House. He does not have the right to use the last name "Merentel" or consider himself a member of the family and, of course, he has no right to the title of Duke of Eastmark or any other title. He only has the right to appear before me and be punished for his actions of rebellion, sedition, and high treason. Signed, HIS GRACE, Tobias of the House of Merentel, Royal Solicitor of the Kingdom of Curonia, Duke of Eastmark, Count of Alannor and Baron of Hallowfell
  12. Tobias Merentel would read the agreement ”ARTICLE III – The House of Merentel pledges, accepts and ensures to uphold the peace and law of the Archduchy of Suffonia and all successor states of Suffolk and the House of Suffolk, as their loyal vassal.” -Loyal Vassal? would ask himself “They just rebelled, how can that be loyalty?” he’d claim after reading it
  13. SURNAME: Merentel FIRST NAME: Tobias ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Eastmark, Kingdom of Curonia DATE OF BIRTH: 1717 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the province of Curon?: Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or public service that may conflict with becoming an Imperial Senator, as per the Edict of Establishment (1736) or Edict of Election (1736)?: No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the Imperial Senate, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes ((MC NAME)):
  14. THE DUCAL COUNCIL OF EASTMARK Issued and confirmed by His Grace, the Duke of Eastmark, 21st of Sun’s Smile, 1735 The Ducal Council of Eastmark, also known as the Council of the Duchy of Eastmark, serves first and foremost to aid and advise the Duke on all issues, sitting to offer him aid on any issues he requires to consult them on. Beyond this, the council serves as a body with power in its each right; each member holds their own set of administrative powers and duties with which they aim to aid the Duke in furthering the governance of the Duchy. The matter of who sits upon the Ducal Council is the decision of the Duke himself, as is the definition of the exact powers of each individual role. THE DUKE-IN-COUNCIL The Duke of Eastmark, also known as the Duke-In-Council when he presides the sessions of the Ducal Council, has full control over the Ducal Council of Eastmark, determining its powers and occupants. He has the duty of leading the council when he attends its sessions, and he also possesses the power to act beyond the power of the council if he believes it necessary. The current Duke is His Grace, Tobias of the House of Merentel, Duke of Eastmark, Count of Alannor and Baron of Hallowfell. [@Kursion] THE CHANCELLOR The Chancellor of the Duchy of Eastmark holds penultimate authority within the Ducal Council of Eastmark and, in lieu of the presence of the Duke, he is empowered to hold court and oversee sessions of the council. He is charged to supervise the other members of the Ducal Council and to serve as chief amongst councillors. The current Chancellor is His Excellency, Ace of the House of Merentel. [@Javick] THE MARSHAL The Marshal is the maximum commander of the Military of Eastmark, only outranked by his superiors of the Royal Army of Curonia. He is charged with overseeing the Military of Eastmark and its fortifications, barracks, armories, and with the defense of the Duchy of Eastmark in times of war. The current Marshal is His Excellency, Rickard of the House of Enthelor. [@Juststan147] THE HIGH MAGISTRATE The High Magistrate is tasked with drafting new legislation for the Duchy. He is also tasked with the maintenance and enforcement of the law, including holding trials and delivering just judgement to those convicted of criminal offences, or acting as prosecutor before the Royal Court in case that the accused is a vassal of the Kingdom of Curonia. The current High Magistrate is His Excellency, Mithvul of the House of Salheran. [@Ryanark] THE CASTILIAN The Castilian is charged to act as chief herald and keeper of the ducal capital, managing the interiors of the ducal palace and the city streets and houses. He has furthermore the ability to staff Stewards as she sees fit, to uphold etiquette within the Ducal courts, to hold hunts, festivals, tourneys, and other events throughout the ducal capital, the management of civil and construction projects within the ducal capital, keeping the Ducal Treasure and issuing taxes upon the citizens and vassals of the Duchy of Eastmark when necessary. The current Castilian is His Excellency, Jaonos of the House of Adric. [@LucaVerheij] THE DUCAL SEAL The Ducal Seal is charged with keeping the ducal wax seal and with acting as secretary during the sessions of the Ducal Council, keeping all the official documents and material used by the members of the Ducal Council to fulfil their duties, and managing the ducal books and ducal relics. The current Ducal Seal is His Excellency, Auriel of the House of Caelum. [@ImDrippedJr] THE CHIEF DIPLOMAT The Chief Diplomat is tasked with acting as the diplomate of the Duchy of Eastmark, being charged with increasing the number of friends, good relations and cooperation between the Duchy of Eastmark and other settlements, and accompanying the High Ambassador of the Kingdom of Curonia in his diplomatic missions in other nations. The current Chief Diplomat is His Excellency, Clovis of the House of Farlander. [@Ztrog] Signed, HIS GRACE, Tobias of the House Merentel, Duke of Eastmark, Count of Alannor and Baron of Hallowfell
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