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  1. Nicholas Keint would smirk as he’s happy that his friend Ser Charles Suffolk is getting married!
  2. Carlos Maximiliano de Alba would sign the document
  3. Students: Name: Nicholas Keint Race: Heartlander Age: 21 Subject(s) you wish to learn: History, Courtly Etiquette, Astronomy, Economics OOC: IGN: Kursion23 Discord: Kursion#5029
  4. Nicholas would be proud of the achievements of the House of Keint and the House of Merentel “Let’s keep growing, there’s lot of work to do” he’d add
  5. Nicholas wonders why there are that many de Savins but yet he has just seen one among the years
  6. “Finnaly a feast! I cannot wait!” Nicholas would say happily
  7. Ser Nicholas Keint would sign the document with pride, adding his signature and his sigil below HIS LORDSHIP, Nicholas of the House of Keint, Knight of the Realm of the Order of Pertinax and Baron of Kaath
  8. Nicholas Keint would be disappointed to learn that the Kingdom of Curonia has absorbed the ascentional title of the House of Merentel, "Baron of Hallowfell", even though Curonia and Cascadia reached an agreement in the War of the Two Emperors
  9. “Farewell Ser Rodrik... you will be remembered throughout history” would say Ser Nicholas
  10. “Ave Godfrey! Ave the Holy Orenian Empire!” would say Ser Nicholas Keint proudly
  11. Ser Nicholas Keint would nod proudly
  12. "Ave Alexander! Ave Godfrey!" would say Nicholas
  13. Ok, I do not know why every day, after 11 pm at night, I'm usually sad and I start to get sad and it ends after I've been sad for a while and I can not anymore, so I fall asleep for the fatigue. I start watching some depressing and pessimistic videos, videoclips or just songs (which definetly doesn’t help but man, I don’t care) so I would like to post one of my favourite video: ^ This video is about a dead artist called Lil Peep or Gustav Ahr, he had lot of importance in my life since almost 2 years and I would like to share that video with you guys. Even that I do not know most of you, I may do a post talking about my feelings about Lil Peep or just me in a future. I would like you guys to post yours! (Even so that you’re not a weird guy as me at nights you can post a song or a videoclip you like that you think it’s a bit depressing)
  14. A bit of a confusion I would say, the colors are strange but that makes it original, 8/10
  15. “Justice has been made” would say Nicholas proudly
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