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  1. The young Cardinal remained seated at the bench upon the garden at the Holy See. He too cried that night, albeit silently. He did not speak much with the man, yet in a way he still resonated an aura of fatherly benevolence to him. Alongside Frantzisko, Caius had guided him too along this path. The Cardinal did his best to uphold his responsibilities as Caius's Secretariat. He had indeed lost a great mentor. Ivan got up from the bench, making his way to the orchid as he whispered. "Ex terra efficimur. Ad terram revertamur. Here he was. Here he will remain."
  2. 𝓞𝓡𝓔 𝓝𝓘𝓛 𝓓𝓞𝓡𝓘𝓨𝓐 ওরে নীল দরিয়া| Oh, Blue River! Amay De Re De Chhariya “Kabir! Ay! Pise jah!” Kabir quickly backed away from the starboard as his father gave him a look of slight annoyance from the front side whilst still paddling the oar. The young rascal looked down upon his sandals in embarrassment, until he heard the giggle in front of him. He quickly looked upwards at the source with a frown. “Why are you laughing? Hea?” Korravai uncovered her mouth after the giggle. Her smirk, however, did not dissipate. “You can’t swim.” She nonchalantly took a bite out of her sugarcane. The young Sagardesi widened his eyes, a gasp escaping his lips. “I-I…” He stammered before gathering his bearings, “I’m still learning! Abba is teaching me!” A chuckle escaped his father’s lips as he turned his attention from the calm sapphire hues of the Nila river to his son. “Hea. I am, but…you flail too much Kabir, like a fish on land!” The chuckle soon turned to a laugh as Korravai joined in at Kabir’s expense. The young boy merely frowned as he huffed, crossing his arms over his chest whilst turning to look away from his father and best friend. Korravai’s smirk disappeared as she glanced towards Kabir, guilt and concern now evident in her features. Perhaps she may have touched upon a sensitive subject for Kabir. She turned towards Kabir’s father, who also stopped smiling. Kabir’s father let out a sigh as he softened the pace of his rowing, letting the river’s gentle currents move the canoe. But the man did not let the silence fester. He cleared his throat as he then began to sing, his voice in tune with the gentle tropical breeze that moved along the river currents and brushed against the rice paddies. “O re nil doriya… Amay de re de chhariya.” Bondi hoiya monoa pakhi hayre… Kande roiya roiya.” Korravai took another bite out of her sugarcane. She chewed the soft, stringy texture of the sweet plant before spitting out the straws into the river. The girl stood up as she went to sit beside Kabir. Kabir, however, still looked away, albeit listening to his father’s voice. After a while the girl took a deep breath as she finally spoke. “Hey…I was just pulling your leg.” She attempted a smile. Yet, Kabir still kept his gaze away from her and upon the rice paddies beyond the river. The girl furrowed her brows. It seemed it would take more than just a few words to get Kabir to listen. A sigh escaped her lips. “I’m sorry. Thik ache? I know it’s difficult for you but…I’m sure with your abba’s help you’ll become a good sailor in no time!” Kabir remained silent for a heartbeat as he turned around to face Korravai. “That’s, if he’s around more often.” He gave a side-eye towards his father, knowing fully well his father heard his quip. Indeed the man did, but he only smiled. He turned towards Kabir as he then said, “I know, Kokkhon. I know I’m off sailing upon the seas too often. But it is our livelihood. I’ll tell you what, once the war ends, I’ll take the whole family to the ports soon, Thik ache?” Kabir sighed. The war. It did not seem to end. The river borders between Rudra and Ba’as wash with blood day by day; and rivers of Sagardes are at the center of it. From sapphire to crimson, the colors get darker and darker every night. The young rascal took a better look at his father. His beard was slightly disheveled, and he could see the gray patches on the sides of his hair. He had forgotten to apply mehndi to his hair this morning. A merchant and smuggler. Two dangerous jobs for a working class man who tried his best to avoid the Rudran search parties and navigate their ship blockades all to just feed his family and village. Two dangerous jobs that kept his wife up at night, sitting on her wooden chair by the window once all her children fell asleep, hoping to catch a glimpse of him holding his lantern as he made his way down the road and to their abode. How could he be cross with him? “If you say it, abba. I know it’s true.” Kabir’s lips finally curled into a smile, his stress and anger fading away as it was replaced by the calm aura of the serene breeze and his father’s and Korravai’s reassuring presence. “Besides!” Korravai would pipe in, “Don’t worry too much about swimming. I’ll jump in and save you before you drown! Promise!” The boy laughed in response. He pondered her promise before answering, “Promise on a sugarcane?” The girl immediately reached into the basket she had with her, offering him one of the sugarcane sticks. “Khodar Kosom.” Her smile remained upon her lips. “Bhalo.” Kabir murmured as he took the sugarcane she offered before taking a bite out of it. As they sat there, content with their sugarcanes, Kabir’s father then shouted, “I see Ilish! The fish are here!” He excitedly grabbed the net attached to the inner bow of the canoe. As he did so, he resumed his singing. “Ei na potho dhoira Ami koto je gechhi choila!” There were plenty of fish for the village. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I have gone through this path countless times… - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The bodies did not sink. They remained afloat before him, refusing to be swallowed by the dark waters. Kabir stared wide eyed with horror, forgetting that he was about to sink within the depths of the river. The rice paddies burned in the distance, the smoke seeping closer to the river deltas. The corpses from the burning village had travelled to the ends of the river by its gripping current. “A-Amma…Korravai…” He murmured out in a weakened tone of utter fear. The night was brightened by the flaming pyres of the rice paddies and the burning wooden roofs of the village in the distance. Rudra was relentless. The corrupted descendants of Radaga’s children, the ones who had gone astray from her, did not cease their objectives. But all that did not matter for Kabir. He was drowning. By the time he realized it, the water reached his nostrils. Reality soon seeped into Kabir’s vision, his fears of his mother and his best friend, still trapped within the burning village, were replaced by his realization of his body sinking further into the water. The boy found himself gasping for air, doing anything he could as he flailed about. Alas, he did not know how to swim. Kabir’s vision blurred from tears and the lack of oxygen as smoke from the burning rice paddies drew closer to him. The river would not let him go. “Kabir! Kabir!” It was a distant yet familiar voice, a male voice. It was his brother’s. “Haath de!” As if on instinct, he lifted both of his hands, hoping the owner of the voice would hold them. Hoping, it was Korravai who would hold them. But it was his brother who leaned forward from the starboard of the boat, reaching for Kabir’s arms. However, as soon as his brother caught his arms, Kabir’s vision went dark due to the lack of air in his lungs. The last thing the boy could think about, was the thought of sharing a sugarcane with his father, mother, brother, and Korravai.
  3. Gaius Geoffrey var Ruthern smiled, waiting by the gates of the seven skies. “Welcome home Little Duke. Come on, let’s go meet your Great Hauchpapej Erik. We can watch the growth of our family together.”
  4. SECUNDO MINOR BULLA LOTHARIA Second Minor Bull of Lotharia | Segon Bou Menor de Lotària 8th of Tobias’ Bounty, 1984 Ivan Archbishop Lotharia “And verily you must find sole salvation in His laws, for there are none alike to Him.” (Spirit, 1:19) TABLE OF CONTENTS ☨ ┏━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┓ Introducció Opening Prayer | Pregària D'inici Secció I. Curial and Clerical Positions | Càrrecs Curials i Clericals Secció II. Administrative Positions | Càrrecs Administratius Secció III. On the Construction of Temple Giuan | Sobre la Construcció del Temple Lothar Secció IV. Balianese Folklore | Sobre el Folklore de Balian ┗━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┛ Introducció Opening Prayer | Pregària D'inici The Almighty LORD is most forgiving and most merciful. Yet, we must still continue our duty to uphold HIS commands HE so verily ordained to us. - Ivan Archbishop Lotharia 𖥞 Come my brothers and sisters! Let us pray together: Perfect God, I lift up my heart to you; Senyor perfecte, elevo el meu cor cap a tu; Keep me in your hand and protect me from all evils, Mantén-me a la teva mà i protegeix-me dels mals, For your grace alone will foil temptation, Només la teva gràcia frustrarà la temptació King of Kings, my Lord most High; Rei dels Reis, el meu Senyor més Al I will fear no foe with your blessed assurance; No temré cap enemic, amb la teva beneïda assegurança Make me among those who turn to you in repentance; Fes-me entre els que es tornen a tu en penediment Make me among those who are purified. Fes-me entre els que estan purificats. En Déu confiem, Amen! Secció I. Curial and Clerical Positions | Càrrecs Curials i Clericals In the name of GOD, the most benevolent, the most omnipotent, we begin. Upon a unanimous resolution within The Council of Lotharia on the month of the Sun’s Smile, 1983, The Archbishop of Lotharia sees it fit to appoint these urgent clerical and curial positions within the realm immediately, enumerated within: I. Vicar to the Archbishop of Lotharia - Father Altius. II. Vicar to the Bishop of Tyria - Father Jan. On the Matter of Acolytes: The Acolytes shall be tutored by all shepherds and clergymen within the Archdiocese. The acolytes may request for lessons or unofficial examinations of their theological intuitions from any clergymen or shepard within the Archdiocese. If deemed ready, all acolytes of the Archdiocese of Lotharia shall be sent to the Pontifical Prelate for their official examinations. On the matter of Peroz It has come to my attention that the Diocese of Peroz has allegedly been silently removed by the former High Pontiff Sixtus VI. Thus, to prevent any discrepancies and conflicts with the Holy Mother Church, all domains under the Diocese of Peroz shall henceforth be absorbed and shall directly answer to the Archdiocese of Lotharia until further notice. Secció II Administrative Positions | Càrrecs Administratius Oficinistas: The Archdiocese of Lotharia is seeking clerks who shall tend to the daily book-keeping, Archdiocese registry, and other administrative aspects within the Archdiocese. Clerks shall be tasked in keeping recordings of meetings, marriage registries, and any and all offerings and donations along with the expenditures within Lotharia. Guàrdies: The Archdiocese of Lotharia is seeking GOD fearing individuals who wish to become guards and justiciars, enforcing the Canon Law and providing protection to the Archbishop, Bishops, and all clergymen within the Archdiocese. If you are interested in any of these positions, send me a letter by bird or through a courier (WaveLincoln). You may also meet with me in my office located beside the Church of Holy Supernals. Secció III. On the Construction of Temple Giuan | Sobre la Construcció del Temple Lothar Dear Reader, During my travels to the southern islands, I came across a perilous event, a large landslide on the easternmost island within the domain of the Kingdom of Balian had occurred during my visit. As the landslide cleared, I noticed a miracle. The island mountain-side by the Costa Rubissima had cleared and slightly flattened to a perfected elevation. However, the most astonishing sight of it all was the display at the center of the now flattened land: an elongated piece of obsidian, its pointed edge lodged within the boulder. The obsidian bore a close resemblance to King John I’s sword. I believe this sight to be a miraculous sign of good omens for the Canon flock within the Kingdom. Thus, I have asked the Crown of Balian to lease this part of the island to Lotharia, envisioning a holy site on this land. Thus, by Ecclesiastical Edict, With royal ascension from His Majesty, King Alexander II, Temple Giuan shall begin its construction immediately. Secció IV. On Balianese Folklore |Sobre el Folklore de Balian Dear Reader, I write to you with delight in this matter. On my return from the islands, I took the liberty to travel amongst each local community and vassal territory under Balian’s domain. As I did so, I visited each chapel, listening to the local pastors preach to the rural laymen. Within their sermons, I gathered a few interesting discoveries: a strong reverence for the wives of the four Exalted, from Saint Julia to Saint Elena. The reverence of these holy women and many others within the scriptures of Canon influenced me to seek further knowledge of this rural enthusiasm. As I did so, I came across the records of a pious man from Ba’as who went by the name Ser Sarson ‘The Pigeon’ Halgrim. He served as Principal Secretary to King Alexander I and a close friend of Amiratus Gaius var Ruthern. His journals conveyed an entirely new saga of legends and stories amongst the Canonized wives of the Exalted. Many of these stories have been recorded from word of mouth from the Balianese laymen of the countryside. Thus, the Archdiocese of Lotharia shall begin its project to compile Ser Sarson’s works to publish to our beloved shepherds, clergymen, and laymen, for the preservation of these Balianese folklore shall strengthen our faith ever more. GOD willing. ☨ Infirmia sine fide hultasuna sinetsiz Weakness without Faith En Déu confiem, IVAN ARCHBISHOP LOTHARIA
  5. Ivan Archbishop Lotharia, the Gran Orator of the senate, read the missive with a yearning nod. "My Great Hauchpapej, Amiratus Gaius var Ruthern, served as the First Gran Don during the Segnoria's early days...I hope to see the peers of the realm take advantage of this upper body of our legislature."
  6. PRIMA CONCILIUM LOTHARIA First Council of Lotharia | Primer Consell de Lotària 12th of Horen’s Calling, 1983 Ivan Archbishop Lotharia “So Godfrey called the priests of the Lord together, and bade them to agree upon rites and hymns that all men should use.” (Scroll of Gospel, 6:31) Opening Prayer | Pregària D'inici Under the magnificent throne of our Benevolent GOD, we look upon him for guidance as we wade into the waters of the uncertain future. May Our LORD’s divine light protect our souls and families, as he had offered his protection to Horen and his family. Pray to HIM, for the LORD will surely respond to those steadfast in their devotion to HIM and HIM alone. - Ivan Archbishop Lotharia 𖥞 Come my brothers and sisters! Let us pray together: Perfect God, I lift up my heart to you; Senyor perfecte, elevo el meu cor cap a tu; Keep me in your hand and protect me from all evils, Mantén-me a la teva mà i protegeix-me dels mals, For your grace alone will foil temptation, Només la teva gràcia frustrarà la temptació King of Kings, my Lord most High; Rei dels Reis, el meu Senyor més Al I will fear no foe with your blessed assurance; No temré cap enemic, amb la teva beneïda assegurança Make me among those who turn to you in repentance; Fes-me entre els que es tornen a tu en penediment Make me among those who are purified. Fes-me entre els que estan purificats. En Déu confiem, Amen! The Call to the First Council | La Convocatòria al Primer Consell In the name of GOD, the most benevolent, the most omnipotent, we begin. My brothers and sisters of the Lotharian See, may the warmth and benevolence of the LORD embrace you. Heed my words O’ shepherds and clergy of the faith: The Dioceses of Tyria and Peroz are hereby called to the first council of Lotharia. The Council shall convene in the month of the Sun’s Smile, 1983 at the Church of the Holy Supernals. Herein is the Agenda reserved for the Council: I. Establishment of the Council II. Clerical and Lay Positions III. Positions within the Archdiocesan Curia IV. Parish Assignments V. On the Matters of the Diocese of Peroz VI. Establishment of a Holy Site within the Archdiocese of Lotharia The Honored Invitees | Els Honrats Convidats ALL LAYMEN AND CLERGY, IN REVERENCE, IN LOTHARIA ALL LAYMEN AND CLERGY, IN REVERENCE, IN TYRIA; THE KINGDOM OF BALIAN AND THEIR SHEPARD, HIS GRACE, BISHOP BELISARIOS TYRIA ( @ErikAzog ) ALL LAYMEN AND CLERGY, IN REVERENCE, IN PEROZ; ISLES OF COSTA RUBISSIMA HIS HOLINESS, THE IMMOVABLE VICAR OF GOD, THE WITCH HUNTER, THE SLAYER OF DARKSPAWN, CAIUS PRIMUS, AND HIS PONTIFICAL CURIA. AUDIENCE SHALL BE EXTENDED TO ALL LAYMEN AND CLERGY, IN REVERENCE, IN THE REALM OF CANON May the LORD brighten your path as you travel South. En Déu confiem, IVAN ARCHBISHOP LOTHARIA
  7. An Amador-Colborn who went by the name Benedict "Benny" Amador quickly made his way to his cousin Esfir's residence as he shouted in the streets of New Valdev ever so fervently. "THERE WOULDN'T BE AMADOR WITHOUT ESFIR AND LIRIDONA!!!"
  8. “Revisionism.” muttered Cesar II, the grandson of Cesar I de Pelear, with a sigh as he watched from the seven skies with a shake of his head. “Ay dios mios…It is obvious they do not know who Maria de Rivera is, nor Carlos Mendez…the first knight of Hyspia. Nor do they know who Cesar de Rivera is, the progenitor of our culture. I fear the ignorance of Blessed Francisco is next….Honoring the past is honoring the martyrs of old. The de Riveras deserved just as much recognition within our traditions as the de Pelears. I am saddened that two names in there were removed. This Calendar I created was supposed to honor ancient figures from old millenia, not modern family members…such vanity and egoism disguised as change.” He muttered with a sigh.
  9. Full Name of Man - Brandt II Barclay Date of Birth of Man - 1961 Name of Woman - Frederica Barclay Date of Birth of Woman - 1957 Location of Ceremony - Reinmar Date of Ceremony (Year) - 1980 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Father Ivan Full Name of Man - Paul Sebastian Temesch Date of Birth of Man - 1959 Name of Woman - Emmeline Date of Birth of Woman - 1963 Location of Ceremony - Balian Date of Ceremony (Year) - 1980 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Father Ivan
  10. Father Ivan would pray that night at the Church within Portoregne. He would pray that Her Majesty would find peace and serenity within the Seven Skies as she leaves behind an impactful legacy for Balian and her people. "A Queen who had touched the hearts of many. May she rest now in comfort."
  11. SENATE RESOLUTION I.01: RULES AND ETIQUETTE OF THE SENATE Legislated and Decreed on 13th of Sigismund’s End, 111 BA WE THE SENATE RESOLVE, That the Balianese Senate, a distinct legislative body of the nation, must follow a set of rules and ethical principles. Such principles apply to each and every senator amidst a senatorial session and outside of the legislative chambers. So it follows: Definitions: Gran Orator - The Speaker of the Senate Projects - Any plans or agendas introduced by a Senator which have not yet been written into a bill. Bills - Written proposals outlining the legislative plan or agenda, in the form of legislation to be voted on and passed through the senate. Resolutions - Housekeeping bills related to interior government operations. Proposals - introducing a declared agenda on the session floor. Committees - A group of senators involved in turning a project into a bill. Sponsors - Senators or the Peer of the Segnoria who are the writers of a bill. Primary Sponsor - The main writer of the bill, or leader of the committee. The primary sponsor must be a senator or a Peer of the Segnoria who introduced the bill. Political Party - An interest group or denomination which a senator may identify themselves to. Summons/Subpoenas - A formal summon of Duana members or any Balianese citizen, including members of the royal family to a public session of the court for senatorial hearings. Sovereign/Royal Privilege - A sacred privilege designated through the mandate of heaven to the Crown. ARTICLE I, SECTION I: Standard of Procedure for Senatorial Sessions Sec. I.01 - On Convenance - As stated within the Edict of Senatus Civis the Senate shall convene once every Saint’s Week Sec. I.02 - On Attendance - Attendance shall be taken five Saint’s minutes within the start of the session by the Speaker of the Senate hereinafter known as the Gran Orator. Sec. I.03 - On Appointment of the Duana - As stated within the Edict of Senatus Civis the Senate shall begin the session with the procedure for a vote of confirmation for any Duana nominations from the Crown, if applicable. Sec. I.04 - On Proposals - The Senate shall continue the session with bills, projects or resolutions proposals introduced by primary sponsors on the session floor. The Gran Orator shall conduct the order of proposals accordingly. Sec. I.05 - On Debates, Comments, and Questions - Senators may debate, comment, or question a proposal under the moderation of the Gran Orator. Sec. I.06 - On Passing Legislation - Once a debate has been resolved and if a bill or resolution is ripe for legislation, the Gran Orator may call for a vote on the bill or resolution. Sec. I.06 - On Conclusions of Proceedings - At the end of each session, the Gran Orator shall strike the gavel on the podium three times, signaling the end of the session. ARTICLE I, SECTION II: Rules Regarding Committees Sec. II.01 - On Formation - For the sake of expediency, senators may form committees to work on a project and turn it into a bill. However, the committee must be publicly formed during a senatorial succession under oversight from the Gran Orator. Sec. II.02 - On Necessity - A senator may state that they do not need a committee. However, the final decision of the formation of Committees rests on the Gran Orator. Sec. II.03 - On Conduct - Committee meetings must be conducted in private. However, the Crown reserves the right to request for information from committees. Sec. II.04 - On Dissolution - Committees may be dissolved through a vote within the Senate or through the will of the Crown. ARTICLE I, SECTION III: Rules Regarding Summons and Subpoenas Sec. III.01 - On Summons and Subpoenas - The Senate may summon a Balianese citizen, including members of the Crown’s Duana, government, or royal family for a public senatorial hearing. Sec. III.01 - On Reasonable Cause - All requests or orders of subpoenas must have reasonable cause specifically stated within the published missive. Sec. III.02 - On Royal Privilege/Sovereign Privilege - The Crown may assert their right of Royal/Sovereign Privilege for the royal family. Such a right protects the royal family from a senatorial summon. Sec. III.03 - On Veto of Summons - The Crown may veto a request or order of summons for members of the public or the Duana. All vetoes should be written and published with the reasoning specifically enumerated within. ARTICLE II, SECTION I: Code of Conduct for Senators Sec. I.01 - On Application - All Senators must adhere to the rules and ethical principles enumerated within this article. Sec. I.02 - On Etiquette - Unless otherwise stated by the Crown, Senators must uphold maturity during senatorial sessions. Senators may not belittle, verbally insult, or instigate conflict among senators. Senators are OBLIGATED to engage in only civil debates if necessary. Sec. I.03 - On Integrity - Senators are obligated to uphold a certain level of integrity while in office. Senators may not publicly insult the Crown, Duana, or their fellow senators. Respectful constructive criticism, however, is allowed. Sec. I.04 - On Privacy - Although Senate sessions are conducted in public, all bills and committee meetings must be conducted in private. Once a bill has been finalized however, it must be introduced and passed in public. This is to ensure unbiased conduct, and convenience in the passing of legislation. Sec. I.05 - On Voting of Legislation - A senator may only vote for a bill during a session, or, under recognized circumstances, through mail-in voting. For mail-in voting, the letter must be addressed to the Gran Orator. Sec. I.06 - On Privacy between the Duana and the Senate - Unless summoned to a session, the Senate must uphold the secrecy and privacy of classified national information in any meetings conducted amongst Senators and the Duana. ARTICLE II, SECTION II: Code of Conduct for the Gran Orator Sec. II.01 - On Election - The Gran Orator shall be elected or appointed pursuant to the Edict of Senatus Civis. Sec. II.02 - On Application - The Gran Orator shall adhere to the rules enumerated within Art. II, Sec. I and Art. II, Sec. II of this resolution. Sec. II.03 - On Moderation - The Gran Orator must moderate all procedures, debates, and votes conducted within the Senate. Sec. II.04 - On Recordation - The Gran Orator must record the attendance, minutes and proceedings of each senate session. The Gran Orator has discretion on whether or not to publish the records. Sec. II.05 - On Integrity - The Gran Orator may be a part of any political party within the Senate. However, Gran Orator must be unbiased in their moderation of Senatorial debates and proceedings. Sec. II.06 - On Privacy - The Gran Orator must keep all meetings between the Crown and themselves private. However, with the Crown’s ascent, the Gran Orator may share the details or information regarding the meeting to the Senate in a PRIVATE meeting. ARTICLE III, SECTION I: Disciplinary Action for Senators Sec. I.01 - On Application - This article applies to all senators, including the Gran Orator. Sec. I.02 - On Severe/Continuous Violations - If a Senator continuously violates any code of conduct or rule enumerated in this resolution, the Gran Orator may file a notice of disciplinary action to the Crown. Through the Crown’s ascent, the Senator may be removed from office pursuant to the Edict of Senatus Civis. Sec. I.03 - On Violations amidst Sessions - If a senator violates the rules stated in Article II, Section I during a session, pursuant to the Edict of Senatus Civis, the Gran Orator may remove a Senator from the ongoing session at their own discretion but with good cause. Sec. I.04 - On Violations Conducted by the Gran Orator - Pursuant to the Edict of Senatus Civis, if the Gran Orator violates the code of conduct stated within Article II, Sections I and II the Senate may call for a vote of no confidence. Thus, under the watchful gaze of the Almighty, The Senate hereby adheres to the rules and principles enumerated within this resolution for the betterment of the Kingdom of Balian. AD GLORIAM DEI, Her Royal Majesty, Sybille I, by the Grace of GOD, Queen of Balian, Princess of Providence, Duchess of Helena, Reutov, Sunholdt and Lorraine, Countess of Pompourelia and Kositz, Viscountess of Eflen and Anatis, Baroness of Renzfeld, Brucca, Valens, Malenos, Montcoure and Ciavola, Lady of Portoregne, Atrus and Monterosa, Warden of La Costa Rubinissima, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera Father Ivan var Ruthern, Gran Orator of the Senate, Voice of Her Majesty’s Legislature, Clergyman of the Archdiocese of Lotharia.
  12. Father Ivan’s priest senses were tingling. “I sense a fellow brother of the cloth getting too lost in Ruthern sauce in the force…”
  13. Father Ivan thinks that some of his Ruthern kin from both sides of the family, Balian and Haense alike, should seek Penance for their overcompensating egos.
  14. The Second Senatorial Session Published by the Office of the Gran Orator on 9th of Horen’s Calling, 111 BA HEAR YE! HEAR YE! The Balianese Senate, the legislative body of the Kingdom of Balian, shall convene on the 8th of Owyn’s Flame, in the Year of Our Lord 111 B.A. All senators must be present during this session. The members of the Balianese public are invited to attend and watch at the upper floor of Ledicort’s Hall. LEGISLATIVE AGENDA: This session shall entail the introduction of the proposal of the Senate Resolution Bill I.01, and the Financial Audit Bill. All senators must either discuss or vote for the bill in the Senate chambers, or mail-in their voting to the Gran Orator. Senators may also introduce any other bills on the floor. Future projects and agendas shall also be discussed during the session. May the Almighty grant us the strength to serve our people. IN NOMINE DEI, Father Ivan var Ruthern, Gran Orator of the Senate, Voice of Her Majesty’s Legislature, Clergyman of the Archdiocese of Lotharia.
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