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  1. Karinah’siol’s New Citizenship Census As issued by the Okarir’nor’s Office on the 21st of the Sun’s Smile, Year 70 of the Second Age {Quel’thalas by Peter Lee} Following a period when every back-alley blacksmith had acquired a mold of our city’s keys, The Silver Council has called for a reassessment of our Blessed Bastion’s actual residents, in accordance with our new Constitution’s articles: Blessed Citizens: a) All Blessed citizens shall be granted standing to both challenge for a position on the Silver Council, and vote in elections. b) All Blessed citizens shall be granted a prompt and lawful trial by three Parir’tiran. c) All Blessed citizens shall be granted medical services, housing and protection to further hiylun. d) All Blessed Citizens shall be enabled to study in the Eternal College and, upon request, a laboratory to further maehr’sae. e) All Blessed citizens shall be permitted to bring grievances to elHeial’thilln. Formal Citizens: a) All Formal citizens shall be granted a prompt and lawful trial by three Parir’tiran. b) All Formal citizens shall be granted lodging, medical services and protection. c) Some Formal citizens may be enabled to study in the Eternal College and, upon request, a laboratory to further maehr’sae, on discretion of the Okarir’maehr, Okarir’hiylun and Sohaer. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA [!] Pinned to the bottom was a document, an application waiting eagerly to be filled out - very important
  2. "Set your course by the stars, and not by the lights of every passing ship." A young Miravaris mused as he rummaged through his satchel for his silver quill, idly beginning to scribble his own name below the missive. "Elmalauriran are eternal. Maehr'sae hiylun'ehya!"
  3. "A landslide! The will of the united Haelun'or is made manifest!" A young, aptly-dressed Uhieran cheered as he got news of the results from Elmalauriran, setting out to peform his duty of announcing the great news!
  4. ((Minecraft Name: Kenzo74_) Name: Arasdir Miravaris Age: Over Fifty Vote 1: Alaion Miravaris Vote 2: Alaion Miravaris
  5. A much younger Miravaris peers over the missive in disbelief, skimming over it with intrigue and hope. "A true mali'thill, one proved and tested - with achievements countless." He'd beam a wide smile, a hand reaching so as to lift the parchment closer to his eyes, inspecting his relative's policies with great interest. "A worthy successor for Laurir Idendril, at last! Maehr'sae hiylun'ehya!"
  6. "Never before has the entirety of Elcihi'thilln been so united against a threat. No doubt our new Maheral and Elmalauriran shall answer our call to election, restoring order and silver!" A young high elf cheered, a wide smile tugging at the corners of his lips, his hopeful verdant gaze drifting towards the Silver Citadel. "Maehr'sae hiylun'ehya!"
  7. "To witness all mali'thill unite in such harmony, put aside any disagreements and rise in strenght against invaders. Historical..." A young Miravaris mused, a hopeful smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "Silver does persevere. Maehr'sae hiylun'ehya."
  8. "Untasteful, manic-induced inane babble. Each and every argument you bring is laced with weak venom, you respond to every bit of criticism by ignoring it and instead attempting to accuse me of that which you are guilty of. You appeal to ad hominem repeatedly and make barrage upon barrage of baseless claims, hoping to overwhelm me with so much non-sense to address. You break every single rule the moderator has set into place to keep this civil and diminish this blessed tradition to something more akin to infantile valah squabbling on a playground." The elf offered a heavy sigh, allowing his eyes to fall shut for a moment as he drew in a heavy breath. "Your words, much like your promises, are empty and made to look appealing. You make accusations which mean absolutely nothing and fight armies upon armies of strawman arguments of your own making, keeping them vague enough to seem witty to an untrained eye. Ne, these fictional words did not come from my own mouth, they came from your own, as I am certain you are aware, or too delusional to be. You lack renown which you claim to bear, that is not a deameaning statement, but a fact of the matter - the blessed citizenry, in no small part, has no idea who you are, despite these claims of a wide web of acquaintances. Similarly, your accompishments are something you contradict yourself on, as you both claim to lack any and, in the same monologue make reference to a single vague instance where, for all we know, you perhaps held Elokarir'mali's luggage for her - boasting that as if you are one constantly bringing victories to our shores." The elf shook his head, an appalled look overtaking his countenance as he readjusted his silver headpiece, turning his attention to the moderator, now ready to adress Evo'lur's question. "I intend to continue the pursuits which Elokarir'mali so impeccably performed in the lack of an Okarir'san, working towards the possibility of more embassies, restoring a form of Elemyumiran so as to tend to them and serve Elcihi'thilln's interests outside of our borders. A matter in the forefront of needing to be addressed is the Voidal Taint, in regards to which I have already made progress in bettering our relations with the druii - after that, other mali settlements come, as I've already begun to pursue. Though this shall depend on the will of Elheial'thilln. The tactic employed shall be no different from the one I preach - mere cordiality and eloquence, offers which may suit their needs, mutually beneficial trade, an embassy - if they so please. To pretend diplomacy is not an art of improvisation and to make it seem as if every foreign state or cihi can be approached in the same manner is ignorant - ehya, in regards to the war, guised as a curious traveller, I risked my life visiting both Elvenesse and Fenn in the past, hoping to take weary, slow steps towards peace."
  9. The elf drummed his gloved fingers idly on the lectern, grimancing and furrowing his brows with distaste as he listened. Only when A'eollaja was done would he clear his throat, readopting his amicable smile as best he could, his hands returning themselves to his back. "I had come into our Blessed Citadel expecting much more tact and sportmanship from an opponent." He'd admit, peering about the crowd in near disbelief, drawing in a heavy breath. "You have shamelessly twisted my words to bear no semblance of what I said, Miss A'eollaja - I specifically stated that out of the long and senseless speech of the musin, I was able to find some wisdom in what he said regarding an immortal's being ability to store knowledge and experiences. To claim such discredits books is a rather impressive feat of mental acrobatics, especially when I specifically stated that not to be the case." The high elf paused, bobbing his head from side to side. "I never quite did say a mind polished by scholarly endeavours is unfit for the office of Elokarir'san, nor that knowing the history of Mali'thill Diplomacy is obsolete, despite your rather anecdotal example. Therein lays a quite blatant and ungraceful strawman fallacy, ill-move which could be overlooked, had it been the only one of its kind. Personal incredulity is a second, quite clearly - as, ti, I've found that amongst many things, presenting a foreigner with amicability can indeed do wonders, though such will not apply to the more savage and bizzarre, where wit is indeed a weapon to be employed in improvising and earning their trust and friendship." The elf only shot a brief glance to the moderator, as the elfess fails to follow the rules of the debate, though brings no attention to such and merely continues his rebuttle. "To quoque, I believe is what elvalahan use to refer to answering criticism by ignoring it and rather turning it on the accuser in a rather unsavoury manner. My promises were made rather clear in my nomination - yet hypocrisy is employed here in order to attack one's person rather than one's arguments. While I have made clear what my on-going pursuits are in the realm of diplomacy, your words are empty and merely keep mentioning the same 'will do a good job because I have many aquintances'." The elf shook his head, rather baffled all in all by the barrage of attempted fallacies, his smile down-turning ever so slightly and his brows furrowing. "You put rather distasteful words in my mouth which are a polar opposite of what I say, in an attempt to throw onto me the things you are guilty of, fail to answer the question given to you as the rules demand and break the rules once more by asking several questions in return, none of which quite a testament to your good-will. I specifically spoke of the Okarir'san office not being a necessity in any sense of the word for a mali'thill to represent their Motherland abroad and stated that I have already been engaging in this, though with this position one could far better represent our interests than a mere citizen ever could. You however, clearly demand this position before doing any work, which is... rather ironic considering your outrageous accusations and the fact you applied for it merely because it was open, despite it not being fit for your talents." The elf paused, taking a few moments to ponder her last question, his verdant gaze scanning through those present in the Silver Citadel. "I intend to employ an arsenal of things, Miss Valwynn - out of which a cordial approach is in the vanguard. Had my wit alone been able to carry this Blessed State forward, I would, though I am not that gifted. I intend to offer to the Office of Elokarir'san the same dedication I've offered to Haelun'or thus far, stepping onto the geo-political scene armed with the same proactivity, amicability and starry-eyes which I approached Elcihi'thiln with."
  10. The Miravaris rocked back and forth on his heels a single time, resting his hands on the lectern infront of him. He turned his head so as to adress A'eollaja, a polite smile ever plastered to his lips. "Miss Valwynn - you speak fondly of scholarly endeavours more befit of Elokarir'maher's Office. I ask that you pre-emptively forgive my possible ignorance and rudeness, though while no doubt lingers that you may be an accomplished scholar, your lack of renown within Elcihi does arise a question mark regarding your claims of vast connections and great contributions." He'd offer an apologetic smile, dismissing his own monologue with a wave of his hand. "Tillune - I digress. My question would be : Why the office of Elokarir'san, when you are more qualified for that of 'maehr? Did the seeming lack of opponents seem more enticing?"
  11. The young high elf elegantly promenaded from his seat to the dias, his verdant gaze scrutinizing the crowd yet his countenance bearing a stalwart, amicable smile. Once he would reach the podium, the elf fiddled with and readjusted the golden aiguillletes which adorned his militaristic coat, making certain they were presentable and only halting once his opponent began her speech, clasping his hands together at the small of his back and listening intently and with patience, his brows furrowing and his head recoiling ever so slightly in response to her more bold points. "Sirame ito kae'leh, nae oroment." He'd offer in a solemn manner, one hand lifted over to his chest and his head inclining in a slight bow to A'eollaja, his attention thereafter turned towards the crowd, his smile ever-present. "An introduction, I deem, is in order for me too, albeit few in Elcihi'thilln have not learnt my name. I am Arasdir Miravaris." He would offer, a second bow of his head ensuing, although now directed at the crowd. "Although the works of Malaurir Lucion Sullas have a place in my heart and although I like to carry at times a copy of Fi'haelun's tale by Malaurir Visaj, I am not bold enough to claim the title of scholar. Ne." He'd pause, shifting his weight from boot to boot as he allowed a brief shroud of silence to befall the Silver Citadel. "I met once an amicable musin - one who tried to sell me an animii, claiming tomes and libraries can only hold so much knowledge and are so pervious to flame and decay. Of course, non-sense for the most part, though, inadvertedly, this rodent creature offered insight unlike any other: It is us, mali, whose perpetuity makes us books with endless chapters. Even a valah's short-lived story has its value." Arasdir oncemore paused, a bright smile radiating from his lips and a gloved hand rising so as to readjust his circlet. "I am no bookworm, ne, but if peoples were tomes, I have indulged in no small part in reading. A testament to my claims is my already vast number of aquintances inside the cihi, but the walls of the Blessed Bastion have proved no impediment whatsoever: from boldly and, perhaps stupidly socializing with the citizens of Elvenesse of recent, to befriending the Father Circle's druii. Even in the Orenian Empire, I have had the pleasure of meeting friendly faces. The Blessed Office of Elokarir'san is no door. It is not a necessity. Any mali'thill can wearily step outside our ivory gates and spread the good word of our teachings in pursuit of our betterment. I have, for so long as my Talonnii allowed, done just that. This position would merely offer me a chance to coordinate with and to better represent Elheial'thilln's own interests." With that, the high elf ended his speech, signaling such through a bow of his head and wide smile, grateful to those who listened!
  12. AN ODE TO THE MIGHT OF THE QUILL AN OKARIR'SAN NOMINATION as published on the 15th of The Fist Seed – 66 S.A. Quills do not win battles, nor do blades write poetry. Might is in the hand that knows when to pick up the pen and when to swing a sword. Though as of late the arm of our Motherland found itself reaching for the quill only to find that there is no ink - no Okarir'san. The re-addition of this historical position which often in the past changed the tides of war is a measure in of itself which stands testament to the rebirth and Maehr'sae of our Blessed Citadel. We gaze now upon the dusk of a new Cihi'thilln, in which once more reason and integrity reigns supreme. The policy of isolationism left the world peering suspiciously past our ivory gates, unknowing of the nature of our blessed ilk, and unfeeling towards our kind, whomst they have mostly forgotten share the same mortality as them. The inebriated fantasies told by lesser men in roadside taverns soon became the only lens through which many saw our Blessed Bastion, and so they grew resentful, and so they grew hateful. In return, those of us who bleed silver proved our fallibility and met this hate not with understanding nor patience, as Larihei would have, but with more of the same. A vicious, unruly cycle was born of our mistakes, one which I aim to break. The duties of Elokarir'san are not ones which can only be achieved with this prestigious stamp adorning the bottom of a missive, but rather an endeavour that can be taken up by any and all who seek the betterment of our standing. In my short decades, from the very day I was no longer bound to heed the safety concerns of my Talonnii, I wearily ventured through the frozen tundras by winter sown and the scorching deserts of stone. A mere sparrow leaving its nest, I met countless faces, few of which had not at first greeted me with dagger-eyes. It was through patience and through mutual forgiveness that we forged friendships, for who are mali'thill to claim such blessed silver blood if we hold stubbornly onto pitiable grudges and hate? My foremost self-assigned quest has been earning the favor of our forest dwelling cousins and mustering under the same mutual goal, stopping the advance of the voidal taint. With the resources and jurisdiction of Elokarir'san's office, no doubt lingers regarding the fact that my efforts can be tenfold: I will conduct immediate introductory meetings with any and upon Almaris who would have us. I will continue my pursuits in befriending the mali'ame and securing their support in ridding us of the voidal corruption. I will reinstall the ranks of Elemyumiran as Tilruiran of my Office and appoint the most adventurous of mali'thill to spread the good word of our Blessed Citadel. Working in tandem with Elokarir'akaln, I seek to enrich our unique exports and spread them across the continent. Working in tandem with Elokarir'maehr, I seek to establish ties between our most Eternal Library and the humble, emerging institutions across Almaris, gifting and trading knowledge. In light of this, I, Arasdir Miravaris, announce my candidacy for the Office of Okarir'san. Maehr'sae hiylun'ehya. Signed, Arasdir Miravaris
  13. TAHU’FAESU IYUL NAERE TALIAME’WEHN TALIAME’THILLN’EHYA The Giraffes and The Silver Beech ~A Scientific Study~ Tahu’faesu iyul naere taliame’wehn, more commonly referred to as giraffes in the common tongue, are a hoofed ruminant native to the Silver Island, chiefly towering over any other beast of Almaris in a manner reminiscent of Elcihi’thilln’s ivory towers, they are distinguishable by their extremely elongated legs and necks, spotted yellow fur and the tiny oscionnes proudly crowning them Kings of Haelun’or’s Fauna. [Figure A: A representation of the Tahu’faesu iyul naere taliame’wehn] In terms of the Queens of our Flora, there is no candidate more fitting than the Silver Beech, with its emblematic white bark and thin leaves. Curiously enough however, this hardwood is, to an extent, the only species which has flourished on the isle, its vast canopies providing most of the shade on the island. The question which follows is one most obvious: How did this come to pass? How is it that Silver Beech can thrive under the tyrannical rule of eltahu’faesu iyul naere taliame’wehn, a creature which no doubt should be its natural enemy! Let us delve together into the possible hows and whys! The first thing to take into consideration so as to justify the tahu’faesuan iyul naere taliame’wehn’s supreme rule as the only megafauna of its habitat is the insular nature of Haelun’or, which prevents any invasive species from challenging their majestic rule. The same sea-barrier also prevents the Silver Beech from being contested, proving extremely rare that a sapling or nut makes its way here from the mainland, though, in the event that one does, the small shrub is no doubt devoured by eltahu’faesuan iyul naere taliame’wehn before it has any chance to adapt to this cruel bio-sphere. Inadvertently, the spotted creatures ensure that no one challenges their rival’s rule! - Having reached a satisfactory conclusion as to why exactly the Silver Beech and Giraffes occupy the throne which they do, we now wonder how fragile exactly is this balance of power? How is it that the forests of beech are left unscathed, despite being the only source of food for the tahu’faesuan iyul naere taliame’wehn? The baffling answer is one quite simple: not only have the silver beech adapted in such a way that their leaves are plump enough to fill the bellies of the tahu’faesuan iyul naere taliame’wehn before they decimate the whole tree, but they have also developed several defense mechanisms - the first and foremost of which being their thorny branches: sharp as knives, thin and long, they deter any gluttonous ruminant from taking more than their fair share. In the event however that these thorny perimeters are breached, as is often the case, I have come to find through the scientific method that eating the freshly-ripped leaf of an already scantily-clad silver beech leaves one with a terrible taste in the mouth, and quite the unpleasant dizziness! This is due to semi-poisonous compounds being released by the tree once it nears complete dishevelment, ensuring that it will retain enough leaves to survive, despite gracefully allowing the giraffes to feast: this encourages the mammals to move on to another beech and give each a chance to regrow. [Figure B: The thorny branches of Silver Beech] In conclusion, the two most prominent fauna of the Silver Island live in faux harmony with each other, both forced by circumstance to shake hands (or branch) with one another rather than threaten the other’s reign, which could in turn leave themselves dethroned! Arasdir Miravaris
  14. A young high elf skimmed over the missive, his countenance painted with mild disdain. Recalling his rather unfruitful debate with Evo'ur, he would repeat the same arguments, though now in the form of a response, penned to the bottom of this missive: No matter how blessed nor wise our peoples are, few are competent enough to place the entire fate of Elcihi'thilln into the hands of. A great concern is also the matter of those who would seek to sow unrest and chaos mustering their votes together to bring about the instability or stagnancy of Karinah'siol. Being aware of this, you suggest a system where those who have proven to be laudable enough to deserve the vote should receive this privilege - creating therefore an electoral college where whosoever is in charge of appointing Blessed Citizens with voting rights can create a so called oligarchy of their own, be it Elsohaer or anyone else. This is a flaw so absurd it could cost us centuries of progress and, in the end, would only be a faux, rotten democracy where bribes, ignorance, short-termism and gerrymandering would reign supreme. To sink as low as to call the system an oligarchy is most unbefitting of a mali'thill with a name as revered and ancient as your own, and it disheartens me that despite being aware it is a meritocracy, you use so many logical fallacies worthy of a valah court-meeting. Despite the very few decades I've amassed in this world, it feels as if it is my duty to challenge this irrationality you seek to commit. Ne, perhaps it is my young age which shall serve me well when I seek to remind you of Maehr'sae hiylun'ehya, and that to turn back the clock a few centuries goes against the most sacred pillar of our society. I, Arasdir Miravaris, challange Mister Evo'lur Tartarus to bring this argument to rest in the most fitting way for those who bleed silver: a debate.
  15. Seeing the title of the newly-penned missive, Arasdir boastfully approached the noticeboard so as to get a better look. As he began skimming over the writing and examining the beautiful sketches with scrutiny, his lips would downturn into a frown... "By Larihei!" The young high elf murmured beneath his breath, turning his attention to his proud Miravaris uniform... "No aiguillettes?" He was hesitant to believe this insult to his sense of fashion, though was hopeful yet! "The headpieces are all either hats or wreaths!" He remarked, disparagingly readjusting the proud silver circlet he bore... Was he out of touch?... No! It was Ayliana who was wrong, and he would prove it by winning the contest!
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