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    Alice was born into a quite big family, consisting of her, two sisters, 3 brothers, and her parents. She the youngest at of five, she didn't really get along with her older siblings, and her parents were usually off on some type of expedition. Alice felt out of place at her home, she didn't like any of her sisters and they weren't too fond of her as well, her brothers she barely got along with, the only person she had liked was her mother. Unlike the rest of her family, her mother was a very caring person. When Alice was 18 her parents went out on yet another adventure to their home land Sutica. They wanted the whole family to come but only the two sisters went. Around seven months later, Alice had heard that the ship that held her sisters and her parents had sunk. Devastated, Alice wanted to get far away from her home. Alice had told her brothers that she will be going off on her own. The eldest allowed her of and passed her a few coins, some food and let her go off on her own. Alice had looked at maps and heard some talk about some beautiful places she could go. She wanted to start new, so that's what she did! By the time Alice was 19 she had finally found a place called The holy Orenian Empero to start her adventure.
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